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Cruise Boat Shipwreck


Cruise Boat Shipwreck
by Freddy

This story has no copyright, do whatever you want with it. Please leave the
header attached. If you are under 18, don’t read it. If you are over 18 and
take offense, don’t bother me.

Constructive criticism always welcome.
Andres never had a break in his life. Born into a large, poor family in Costa Nostra, Andres had spent his 20 years of life working
backbreaking jobs on the docks and cruise ships docking in his native
country. During the tourist season, 20 hour days were not uncommon as
Andres joined the local workforce is doing all sorts of nasty work
servicing the tourist boats that called at his homeland. Today,
however, was just about the worst yet. Andres had been hired two weeks
ago by the CaribeLines shipyard as an assistant maintenance man, and
was today assigned to bilge duty on the Princess Ana, a 2-year old cruise
ship. Bilge duty, Andres was none-to-happy to find out, was just about
the worst sort of cleaning job there was.

The bilge was about 130 degrees, smelly, dark and just plain old miserable. In between the screams of the crew boss, Jose, Andres
managed to get some of his miserable task complete. He only had to
finish applying the de-greaser to a small part of the gang-plank and he
would be done. Andres hated the degreaser, the smell reminded him of
the oil refinery where he used to work. It always gave him a powerful
headache and made him feel faint and weak.

Andres woke up to the feel of his own blood running down his face. He
had just been slammed into the bulkhead, and was trying to clear his
head and figure out where he was. Some things are so obvious, it just
takes a second or two before the mind believes it, but sure enough,
Andres was sitting on the bulkhead, which meant that the ship was
sideways. As his head cleared, Andres’ instincts reported to him that
first, he had somehow blacked out was now out to sea, and second,
something was seriously wrong.

As with many men who have lived at the edge of poverty and
civilization, Andres had good survival instincts. Without thinking, he
knew which way to climb, and instinctively headed toward the bow of the
ship which usually is lighter and more buoyant than the stern. After
seemingly hours of climbing, Andres was rewarded with a blinding torrent
of saltwater right in his eyes. Andres grabbed for a handhold, and
somehow found his grip on one of the ships rails. Since he was standing
on the rails, Andres figured out that the ship had somehow rolled over,
and was in the worst storm he had ever seen in his life. Just standing
up was a major ordeal, and moving around was impossible. Andres
panicked, let go of the railing, and was immediately swept overboard.
Two seconds later, Andres was bobbing in 20foot seas, barely able to
make out the silhouette of the Princess Ana through the storm and trying to
remember the prayers he had learned from the nuns at the mission.

It has been said that some people save all their good luck for one day
and this was Andres’ day. At first, Andres was terrified when he saw a
dark shadow approaching. “So this is what death looks like”, he
thought, surprised that he was taking it so calmly. He heard the voices
and felt something grab his collar. He was somehow calmed, although he
didn’t want to die.

And he didn’t die. Instead, he was pulled into a small boat with four
other people. Exhausted, in shock and half drowned, Andres fell into
the life-boat and collapsed.

Andres awoke sometime later, and tried to figure out what was going
on. He was in a small lifeboat and it seemed likely that it was only a
matter of time before the boat capsized and everyone drowned. The storm
was horrific and didn’t die down for the rest of the day and the
following evening. Each of the occupants of the boat sat there, trying
to balance themselves and keep from being swept overboard. There was
someone on the boat wearing some kind of uniform that Andres recognized
as one of the ship’s officers. Andres knew the type. Here they were, going
to die and this jeffe was still giving orders, as if it mattered. Andres
complied with the orders given, more out of boredom than any sense of
obedience or loyalty. He baled, shifted his weight, bailed again, and did
whatever just to get it over with. Andres was sure he was going to die and
just wanted it to happen quickly.

At dawn on the next day, Andres had second thoughts about dying -- at
least from drowning. The seas had calmed a bit, although the wind was
still fierce and blowing the small boat toward the eastern sunrise. The
miserable jeffe was still giving orders and Andres continued to do what
the man said -- after all he had kept them alive so far. With the
sunlight, Andres also had a chance to look over his boat-mates. Beside
the self-proclaimed captain and Andres, the rest of the boat was
female. All of the females had the look that Andres know so well.
Typical mainland muchachas, having fun in the sun, treating the locals
like pond-scum. Andres was have surprised they didn’t request that the
ships officer have him removed from the lifeboat. Two of the women
looked to be in about their 30’s, and one had to be in her late teens-
no doubt a daughter of one of the others. Andres didn’t really care.
He was cold, and probably de-hydrated. Andres laid against the gunwale
of the boat and fell into a deep stupor.

When Andres awoke it had to be mid-afternoon. The sun was high in the
sky, and the clouds had rolled out. It was hot, so hot that even with
his darker skin Andres felt himself burning. His boat-mates, all
fair skinned, were in for a miserable time. Andres could already see the
burns on their faces and hands. As a dock-worker, Andres had heard
horror stories of what it is like to starve and dehydrate to death on
the open sea. He knew it was going to happen to him and resigned
himself to it.

Andres awoke to a shout from one of the women. In the distance one of
them had spotted land. Andres had no idea of where they might be, but
he knew that they hadn’t seen any search planes in the past day, so they
were evidently quite a distance from where the ship sank. They were
still being blown in the general direction of the island, but would
probably miss it by a considerable distance.

When they reached the closest point to the island, First Officer Jones
ordered Andres into the water to swim to the island see if it was
inhabited. Andres replied, in his nicest and most pleasant island
native voice, to “go fuck yourself.” First Officer Jones threatened
Andres, but both knew there wasn’t much he could do. Surprisingly, the
lifeboat was caught in a new current, and actually drifted into the
island. Andres jumped out as soon as he could thought he could swim the
distance and was the first on-shore. From the lifeboat, FO Jones
shouted threats and curses, telling Andres he would be arrested and
punished for refusing an order from a superior officer.

When he finally got to land, FO Jones decided to get things under
control. He immediately ordered Andres to gather wood for a fire and
search for freshwater. Andres looked at him, and replied “Don’t go
figgurin’ that I have to listen to any more of your shit, ya fuckin’
jeffe. I’m gonna go find me some water and some mangos. You can do
whatever the fuck you want, but don’t bother me.” Andres turned his
back, and walked away. FO Jones couldn’t stand for being so publicly
humiliated, and ran after Andres, tackling him from the back.

Andres was a small man but spent his life fighting for everything he
ever had. As FO Jones attacked, Andres turned, swung and landed a
roundhouse right hook to Jones’ head. Jones fell, hitting his head against
a large rock. Blood spurted out of the back of his head and mouth. All
three women screamed. Andres turned, and walked into the jungle. He
could hear the sound of a waterfall in the distance. Jones lay right
where he fell.

After a little exploring, Andres felt better. He had lived on tropical
islands all his life and knew how to survive and even enjoy it. He had
a small fire going, was sipping coconut milk and waiting for his freshly
caught lobster to finish steaming over the fire. He had bathed and
refreshed himself in the stream, and was working on a small lean-to in
case it rained. He neither knew n cared about the rest of the people on
the island. For the first time in his life, Andres was at peace, well
fed and relaxed.

His sleep was awoken by someone pushing on his shoulder. It was one
of the women from the lifeboat. “Get up, you! We need help”.
Andres looked at her. She was wearing what was probably an expensive
dress, it was blue in color, and ended just above her knees. The tops
of her breasts were revealed, the fullness peaking out of her dress.
She was the type that Andres had always been limited to admiring from
afar, and not to obviously, or he would catch a beating from the chief
steward. “What the fuck do you want? Can’t you see I’m sleeping you
fuckin’ bitch?”
The woman looked at him with her most intimidating stare. “I am Mrs.
Robert Fletcher, and my husband owns the Playa Roja resort on Costa
Nostra. Get your sorry ass up and help attend to First Officer Jones.
Since you hit him, he has lost a lot of blood”.

“What the fuck do I care about some fuckin’ cruise line jeffe? Why
don’t you call for room service from the fuckin’ Playa Roja and have
some errand boy come. In the meantime, get the fuck away from me”.

Mrs. Robert Fletcher was beside herself. To have this servant talk to
her in that language was, well, uncivilized. The first officer seemed
to be in a very bad way and while she had little concern for the man,
she did want a second male presence. Andres made her nervous. She
looked at him lying there in the sun, screamed, “When we get back to
Costa Nostra, I’ll have you thrown in jail for 20 years” and walked
off. Andres went back to sleep.

An hour later, Mrs. Fletcher was back. “Wake up, you miserable
wretch.” There are people on this island who haven’t eaten in two
days. Go get us some food.” Having spent her entire life ordering
people like Andres around, she couldn’t believe the way he was acting.
She needed to lay down the law and right now.

Andres turned, looked at her, and said “Show me your tits.”
“WHAT? Why you horrible cretin. How dare you? When we get back, my
husband will have you killed…”

Andres went back to what he was doing. Mrs Robert Fletcher stormed

It was quiet for a few days. Andres was convinced they were on a small
island, well off the normal navigation paths and probably on their own
for some time. He wondered how the rest of the people were doing, but
didn’t really care all that much. He had explored the island and found
that while small, a man of his skills could survive indefinitely.
Already he had lobster and crabbing spots staked out, fresh bananas,
coconuts and figs. He hated climbing the trees for fresh fruit but it
was something he had done often enough in the past.

Once again, his dinner was interrupted. Mrs. Robert Fletcher was back
again demanding food and work from him. Andres had just sat down to a
lobster tail steamed over a fire, and was in no mood to be bothered.
“How much do you want for that lobster?” Mrs. Fletcher purred. Maybe
a little charm would work.

“What is your name, bitch?” asked Andres.

“You don’t know who I am? I am Mrs. Robert Fletcher and my husband
“Shut the fuck up. What is YOUR name?”

“Laura”. And with that, Andres knew he had won. Never would one of
these condescending bitches let someone like him know their first name.
But it had been nearly a week, and he suspected Laura hadn’t eaten in
quite a few days.

“Well, Laura, this lobster is not for sale”.

“Please, Mr., er, Mr...what his your name?”

“My friends call me Andres. You can call be Senor Guzman.”

“Please, Senor Guzman. I haven’t eaten in days. My daughter sits
around crying and Mrs. Lake is starting to hallucinate. We looked
everywhere, and there is nothing to eat on this whole damned island,
except for the lobster you seem to have caught.”
“What the fuck happened to the jeffe that was so keen on giving orders
on the boat? Andres was asking, more hoping to hear how stupid the man was rather than out of any sort of concern.

“First Officer Jones is dead, Senor. He lost a lot of blood and just
kept getting weaker. Please, please help us, you are all we have”.

Andres kept the scowl on his face, but thought to himself “Three
fuckin’ cunts, all starving, and me, the only one who knows how to
survive. If this wasn’t to beat all. Imagine the stories to tell back
at the dockside bars…” Time to get started. “Go get the other two
fuckin’ cunts and get back here in five minutes. After that, I eat the
lobster myself”.

It couldn’t have been more than two minutes. Andres chuckled to
himself as all three women came running to the small clearing where he
was sitting. “Well, well, what have we here? Who the fuck are you
other two?”
“I am Mrs. Joseph Lake and my...”
“Shut up. You will give me your names. I am Senor Guzman, and I don’t
want to hear who your husband is, or how he is going to throw me in
jail. Right now, I am the law here, and if you don’t like it, get the
fuck off my island”.

“My name is Karen, and this is my daughter, Lisa. Please, you have to
help us. We need to get some …”.

“I don’t give a fuck what you need. I put up with shit from your kind
for twenty years, and I know exactly what you need. I just never
thought I would have the chance to give it to you. My new amiga Laura
tells me, you are all hungry and figuring you can just come up here any
buy what you need from me. What the fuck am I going to do with money
here? So, we have three ladies, and one lobster. How to make it
Laura couldn’t resist. “Senor, we can share it, it is a good sized…”
Andres didn’t even have to scream shut-up. He just looked at Laura and
she quit here babbling. “I think the lobster should go to the woman
with the nicest tits. How about that”, said Andres.

Karen and Laura looked at each other. They were about to launch into
another futile protest, but Andres just stared them down. Lisa was in
tears, either from embarrassment of hunger, Andres didn’t care which.

“You have ten seconds, or else, this is my dinner”.

Laura looked at Andres, and then reached back and began to undo what
was left of her dress. Andres took the chance to look her over. Her
tits were nice, and complimented her body very well. Laura was about
5-10, with long legs and a shapely body. She kept her hair long, and
Andres liked the way it molded itself to her tits when she walked.
Bright green eyes and a set of full, pouty lips finished off the
package. Andres was pretty sure that Mr. Robert Fletcher, whoever the
fuck he was, had picked Laura with an eye toward the bedroom.

Slowly, Laura unveiled her breasts. She was wearing a blue dress, no
doubt designed for one of the show-off your bimbo wife parties that the
cruise ships had. It barely covered her thighs, and pusher her large
tits up and together, She pulled her dress down, and let her nipples
poke out. Seeing the sneer on Andres’ face, she continued, letting the
dress fall to her waist. Laura walked over to the fire and made a grab
for the lobster. Andres grabbed her hair and pulled her away. “What
the fuck do you think you are doing?”
“You said if I showed you my tits I could have the lobster,” Karen
whispered through the pain. Andres had pulled very hard on her hair
and she was in pain.

“I said whoever had the best tits could have it. Lets see what these
other two sluts have, and then I’ll decide”. Karen was wearing shorts
and a sweatshirt that made her look like a cheerleader. She was shorter
than the other two, at 5’ 2,” but there was a lot of woman packed into
the small size. Her tits were nowhere near as big as Laura’s but had
the classic wineglass shape. Her blonde hair was cut short, and her
blue eyes glistened, probably from the tears she was holding back.
Reluctantly, she took off the sweatshirt, revealing a conservative white
bra that totally hid her charms. She stopped undressing at looked at

“Please, I can’t do this. Don’t make me do this. What kind of man are
you, threatening three ladies?”
“The kind of man I am is the kind that had to watch you and your rich
slutty friends sunbathing on the decks of ships for years, all the while
acting as if I my only purpose in life was to get you a fuckin’ towel.
So now, get those fuckin’ tits out where I can see them or all three of
you can get the fuck out of here”. Andres was rewarded for his speech
by the sight of Karen’s tits. Smaller – probably a 34C or so but well
formed, with big red nipples already getting hard.

Lisa was the youngest and was Karen’s daughter. blonde like her
mother, but with the body of an athlete, Lisa had an angelic little face
with big blue eyes and nice high cheekbones that Americans seemed to
like. Andres knew she must be some kind of athlete. She was only
wearing a swimsuit, and it didn’t hide too much of her. She had the
tightest ass he had seen in quite a while, and small, well formed
breasts. When she took her top off, Andres was in heaven.

“OK, ladies. Let’s pick a winner. For this round, whoever has the
longest nipples will win the best tits contest. You have 30 seconds to
do what you can to make them longer.” All three ladies looked at each
other, but did nothing to compete. At the end of 30 seconds, Andres
walked over to each of the ladies, took their nipple in his mouth to
judge, and declared a winner. “You, slut, you win”. He pointed to
Karen. Her nipples were at least a half-inch long, and were just
begging to be noticed.

Andres directed Karen to step over to where the fire was. He then
pointed at Lisa and Laura. “Get the fuck out of here.”
“What? We thought we would all share” cried Laura. “That’s not fair.”
“Fair is whatever the fuck I say it is. You lost, no lobster. Maybe
next time you will think about how to do better in my contests. For
now, get the fuck out of here”. Andres walked over to the fire. The
lobster was steaming, just ready to come out of the shell. Andres
coated the lobster with a little of the cocoa butter sauce his
grandmother taught him how to make, and served it to Karen. He made no
further demands upon her, but he did not allow her to cover up her
breasts while she ate. When she was done, Karen was allowed to leave
and join the others. She hated to admit it, but it was a damn good

Andres had built himself a nice hammock out of vines and grass, and
except for looking a little like Gilligan’s Island (yes, the reruns were
even shown in Costa Nostra), is was pretty comfortable. He awoke to a
warm sun, and headed off to his favorite spot at the lagoon. Years of
diving to catch his family’s dinner had made Andres a fairly good
diver. He could hold his breath for well over a minute, more than
enough time to dive town twenty or so feet and snag a lobster or crab.
In ten minutes he had enough for the day’s meal. When he got back to
the camp, the three girls were waiting for him.

“Senor Guzman, please, we need to have some food. You have more
than enough there for all of us. Please, if it is a matter of money, we can
make it worth your while” It was Laura again. If he didn’t like her
tits so much, he wouldn’t even think of putting up with her.

“No, it is not a matter of money. Besides, I don’t think you have any
with you now anyway. No, I think once again, the crab dinner will go to
whoever has the nicest tits. But let’s change the rules. This time,
whoever can get their tits to shake the most wins. Get your tops off,
and you have 30 seconds.”
This time, the girls were a little more motivated -- at least Laura and
Lisa who hadn’t eaten last night. All three removed their tops, and
did their best to put on a show. Karen and Laura were handicapped.
While they both had gorgeous breasts, they really had to work to get any
giggles. Laura, doubly cursed by having the smallest and firmest tits,
never really had a chance. Try as she might, she got no more than a
slight bounce, even when she moved her whole torso back and forth.
Karen thought leaning forward and giving Andres a good jiggle would
work, and it was impressive. Her tits certainly put on a show, moving
left-to-right and colliding with each other.

But the day belonged to Laura. Her 40D tits were just too much. She
was so damn hungry, she would have done anything to win. Mostly, though
she jumped. After the first few hops, her tits were flying up and down and
Andres was in heaven. Amazingly, some time they both were in-sync,
going up and down at the same time, and others times they were exactly
out of sync. Amazed, Andres watched, felt a hard-on growing in his pants
and declared Laura the winner. Again he chased the other two
girls away, and got ready to serve up Laura’s hard won dinner. He
wouldn’t let her pull her top back up, and enjoyed watching the show
while she ate. When she finished eating, Laura eyed the banana that
Andreas was eating for his lunch.

“Banana’s cost a blow job, and a good blow job and you better fuckin’
swallow all of it,” Andres replied to her question. Laura looked at
Andres, and silently nodded. Andres motioned for Laura to come over to
him, and pointed at his crotch. Laura unbuttoned his pants and pulled
out Andres’ dick. Andres smiled, Laura cringed. Andres was easily 6”
and wasn’t even close to being fully erect. As she touched his dick, it
began to expand to its full nine inches. Slowly, Laura took Andres into
her mouth, licking the head of the penis with her tongue. Amazingly
enough, Laura actually liked giving head, at least to her husband. Her
specialty was taking her husbands balls into her mouth, one at a time,
and sliding her wet, sloppy lips over them while she licked the
underside of his dick. Almost on instinct, she performed the same
maneuver on Andres, who came almost instantly. A good amount of cum went shooting down her throat, but the rest of it went all over her
lips. Andres looked down, ordered her to lick her lips clean, and then
delivered a hard smack right across her left breast. “When I fuckin’
say swallow, I mean fuckin’ swallow”. Laura’s tit stung from the slap.

Andres handed Laura one banana. She had hoped to take it with her for
her daughter, Lisa, but Andres had a fit. “You fuckin’ cunts just don’t
learn, do you?” With that, he grabbed her right nipple with his thumb
and fore-finger and squeezed, hard. Laura screamed in pain. “When you
finish eating your banana, I’ll let go.”
Andres kept the pressure up, even increased it as he held longer.
Laura’s nipple glowed bright red, especially when he pulled on it.
Andres liked the cone shape Laura’s tits took on when he pulled on her
nipples, although he did let go when she finally finished the banana.
Laura screamed again when the blood flow returned to her nipple after
Andres let go. Andres watched as Laura ran as fast as she could to get
away from him. “Like where the hell does that bitch think she is
Andres knew what was coming next and was ready. Lisa had lost both
“contests” and hadn’t had much to eat in quite a few days. Sure
enough, she and her mom showed up just as Andres was waking up from
his mid-day siesta.

“Senor Guzman, please, my daughter hasn’t eaten. She tries, but your
contests were not fair to her, and her belly growls with hunger. You
have so much food, please, help her.”
Andres looked Lisa over. She was certainly cute. “OK, bitch, what is
it she can do? I gave her two chances, and the worthless little slut
doesn’t even have enough tits to shake. What am I supposed to do? She
is probably still a fuckin’ virgin”. How old is the cunt, anyway?”
Laura gave Andres her most seductive smile. Senor, look I could maybe
work it out with you.” As Laura said this, she pulled her top down,
giving Andres another look at her tits. “She is only 18. Perhaps if I
were to…:

“Look, cunt. For starters, get all of your clothes off. Then we will

With a resigned look, Laura let the dress fall from her, leaving her
clad only in a small pair of black panties. She didn’t even try to
plead and just removed these by sliding them down her long legs.
Andres was pleased to see that her black bush, neatly trimmed in a heart
shape, surrounded her pussy but was cut short enough to see her lips.

Andres looked over at Laura. “Go take her clothes off, all of them.”
Laura went over to her daughter, and untied the halter of her bikini
top, and the two side ties of the bottom. Andres inspected the naked
teenager. “She is kinda small on top but God what a fuckin’ ass.
Turn around, slut, let me see your pussy”.

Lisa was very slow in turning around and it was soon obvious why. She
was completely shaved and it wasn’t clear if Andres or Laura was more
shocked. “Wow, now that’s nice,” said Andres. “OK, both of you, on the
ground, on your backs, legs spread. Finger yourselves for me, three
fingers each”.

Slowly, Laura inserted first one, then a second finger in her pussy.
She was getting wet, and after a little manipulation was able to get the
third finger in. Lisa was having more trouble. She was smaller than
her mother, and only got the first finger in easily and was struggling
to get the second one in. Andres reached over and pinched her clit as
hard as he could, and was rewarded with an ear-piercing scream, and the
third finger in Lisa’s cunt; What a sight, he thought, the two of them
wide open and exposed to him.

“OK Lisa, here is a game you can not lose. Take your hand out of your
cunt. Now hold your right hand out flat.” Andres grabbed her hand and
drew an imaginary line around her wrist. “Now, when that much of your
hand is in Laura’s cunt”, you win. Get started. One other thing -- I
will be spanking that tight little ass of yours until you get it in.”
Lisa was about to resist, but then the spanking started. Without even
thinking, she put one finger in her mother’s snatch. It was wet and warm
to the touch and so she easily slipped her middle finger in as well.
Turning her hand to its side, she got her ring finger to penetrate,
although this was a little harder. Andres was going to town on her ass,
with one slap every second or so and every one harder. She couldn’t
take much more and pushed her pinky in with more force. Laura screamed
in pain but Lisa was the one getting spanked. Andres was really
hauling off on her now, and both cheeks were red. To try to get away
from the spanks, Lisa had instinctively moved her ass lower, and her
cheeks were becoming more spread. Andres was now not only spanking
her cheeks, but rubbing his hand across her anus with every stroke. She
hated to admit it to herself, but it was painful and pleasurable at the
same time.

Andres was enjoying himself. Spanking this tight little ass had him
hard as a rock, as did the show of Lisa trying to expand Laura’s pussy enough to get her thumb in. Finally, he couldn’t take any more of it.
He loosened his pants, let them fall, and brought his dick out. It was
hard as a rock, and without any warning, he shoved it up Lisa’s ass-
right at the same moment as Lisa, unable to take any more spankings,
forced her hand the rest of the way into Laura. Laura screamed, Lisa
screamed, and Andres shot cum in Laura’s ass. “Jesu Christo,” thought
Andres, “what you can get for a couple of fuckin’ fish.”.

The rescue boat never showed up. Andres’ biggest worry was that he
might run out of things to do. He never got over his anger and never felt the
least bit sorry for the three wenches and never let them learn any
survival or food gathering skills. They remained totally dependent upon

Andres was a man of good imagination, but even he ran out of ideas.
There were peeing contests -- he was amazed that Karen could hit a target
(Laura’s mouth) from 5 feet away. He had come in every orifice on the
island, and had bit, nibbled, spanked, and fondled every part of all
three girls. pussy lip stretching was his new favorite spectator sport
and he loved the banana hiding contests, and the nipple pinching
inflicted upon the loser.

Andres had always enjoyed sneaking a peak at the aerobic classes help on
the cruise ships and how he had his own which he personally
instructed. Besides keeping the girls in shape, thirty minutes a day of
Laura bouncing her tits and ass in front of him was a real boner
booster. Andres had always watched with interest when yoga classes
were taught on-board ship, and again served as instructor. After a few
weeks, Karen and Lisa could stand on their head, and spread their legs
180 degrees and let him fuck them. Karen could even stand on the
ground, raise one leg over her head, and fit his cock in her pussy.

One night, Andres heard a boat engine in the distance. It seemed to be
coming closer to the island and eventually stopped in the lagoon.
Although the boat was quiet, the airplane was not. Andres heard the
propeller plane fly over the island several times, then fly away. He
knew enough about the islands to be suspicious.

The girls did not. When they heard the plane, they ran to the beach,
and were surprised to be greeted in Spanish by three men in a small
boat. The girls were sure they were rescued, and went running to the
men. Andres wasn’t so sure, and stayed in his hiding spot.

Suffice it to say that these men were not from the Coast Guard. When
they finished loading the bails that were dropped from the plane into
the boat, they returned to the spot on the beach where the girls were
tied up. Evidently the drug-running business does not have much of an
R&R program, because the three men spent the next three hours raping all
three girls- doing things that Andres hadn’t even thought about. The
men all carried police nightsticks, and Andres never heard screaming
like he did when the gunmen inserted their nightsticks in various
openings. When they were done, they loaded the girls onto the boat,
and headed off toward the north. Andres never saw them again.

About a year later, Andres, who had gained 15 pounds, was spotted by a
US Navy ship in the area, and rescued. He was returned to Costa Nostra
courtesy of the US taxpayer, and never has to pay for his own drinks in
any seafront bar. He still works the cruise ships, and still watches
the pretty girls that show up on his island. Whenever he is out on a
cruise, he always prays for a hurricane.


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