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This story is mine and is copyrighted by me, The Purple Herald.
Please don't copy it and add it to your website and make a profit off
of my hard work. Please don't strip my name off of the story and claim
it for yourself. Please don't be an asshole.

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"Crystal Impalement"
By Kelly
Diary, July 22, 2002.

My ex-boyfriend had mailed me a parting gift. At first I thought
it was uncharacteristically sweet of him. Henry hadn't been the
greatest boyfriend in the world. He was a bartender with no future,
extremely possessive and obsessed with sex. Maybe obsessed is too
casual of a word. He could go for hours in bed and he belonged to some
sort of book group that collected information on the topic. Right
before we broke up, he had hung this horrible painting of some alleged
Sex God into my bedroom. Right above the bed! How juvenile can you
get? The 'God' had two dicks for Christ's sake. It made me realize I
was dating a man with the libido of a teenager if his ideal God was
someone who could jerk off twice.

When I opened his gift I just started laughing. After breaking
up with a man because of his sex addiction, what does he send me? A
dildo. I shit you not. Granted, it must have been expensive because
it was made completely out of some sort of crystal and it was a good
eight inches long. At first I thought it was plastic, but it had a
certain gemlike hardness to it and it refracted the light beautifully.
I wasn't sure how he could have afforded such a thing. On the other
hand, it was just like him to sink so much money into a sex toy for
someone he wasn't even dating anymore.

I had to return it. It was beautiful, but it was also kind of
obscene. How could any woman use that on herself and not feel silly?
As large as it was, would it even fit? I kept looking at the thing and
the questions kept stacking in my mind.

Fuck it. I figured I could always wash it afterward. Besides,
it had been two weeks since Henry moved out, and despite being
immature, he was a tremendous lay. That boy knew how to fuck.

I went into my bedroom and stripped off my pants. It had been a
long day at the office and I could use something to unwind. The
crystal felt warm in my hands as I checked it over. It was completely
smooth with no sharp edges at all. Leave it to Henry to find a good

As unique as it was, it was already turning me on. It was exotic
and a little naughty. Crystal shouldn't be used for things like this.
Crystal was meant for wine glasses and delicate works of art, maybe
that was what was arousing me. So sitting on my bed I spread my legs
and placed the tip against my pussy. It felt warm and I prepared
myself for a few moments by rubbing it against the lips of my sex. I
enjoyed just looking at the thing as it was about to enter me. It had
a faint purple tint to it that I hadn't noticed before and for some
reason, that just made me more wet.

I parted my lips with my fingers and slipped the tip of the dildo
into me. Good God, it was so thick! My lips stretched to take it in
and I shuddered as I kept pushing. The dildo expanded me from the
inside, pushing and filling me with a liquid smoothness that plastic
could never compete with. Slowly I kept pushing it inside me and it
was a guilty satisfaction I felt when I had pushed all of it inside me.

That's when I felt a pulse. It might have been from my stuffed
pussy, clenching in tense delight. I didn't think it could have come
from the crystal dildo because the thing was transparent and I didn't
see any machinery inside it. All I know is that something pulsed once
and the feeling had almost brought me to climax right there.

My fingers couldn't hold the dildo anymore because most of it was
inside me. What I could do though was push at it with my fingers, and
my natural resistance would push it slightly back out. It was only a
slight movement but God, it was wonderful. I looked down at my pushed
apart lips and wondered what it would look like from down there. Just
seeing the small end of the dildo emerging and then returning from my
pussy was driving me crazy.

I had never been filled so completely before and the crystal was
as warm as flesh inside me. Little shocks were running through my
body; exciting my nipples all the way down to my curling toes. I fell
back against the bed and brought my knees up as I diddled myself
faster. My clitoris begged for attention so I rubbed it with my free
hand. That little extra attention was everything my body craved. The
bedsprings creaked decadently as I fucked myself to gratifying orgasm.
By the time I had my second, third and fourth orgasm, the headboard was
banging the wall as if Henry was back in bed with me.

When my body was exhausted, I pulled the dildo from me and moaned
as I felt it's wonderful girth leave. The crystal glistened with my
juices and I felt a little ashamed by how slick and wet it was. That
was also when I noticed that the crystal now had a blue tint. I didn't
think anything of it. When my knees could support me, I got a towel
and gave it firm cleaning.

Completely fucked and loving it, I went back into the living room
to catch some TV. My mood had improved and I was no longer upset about
my day at work. Henry was a pervert but he did have his good points.

HBO was playing a movie I had seen a dozen times and I settled in
to watch it again. I'm a sucker for George Clooney movies. Halfway
through the movie, I started to get an itch. Right down there. It made
me laugh. I mean my nipples were hard underneath my shirt and I had
caught myself cupping my breasts absent-mindedly. I could feel a
stirring in my pussy that defied logic. I had just fucked myself and I
was still horny.

"I guess it has been awhile since I got laid," I laughed.

So slipping my fingers down to my clit, I casually started
playing with myself. George was on screen, looking handsome and suave
even in a desert. I pictured that chin between my thighs and those
eyes were looking up at me. My fingers sunk deep into my pussy and I
fucked myself hard for a few horny minutes.

I couldn't get off. Even when his cute co-star, Mark, appeared,
I still couldn't get off. I was right on the edge. My fingers were
slick., my pussy was clenching in rhythms and I was biting my lips with
desire but I just couldn't climax.

Then I realized it. My pussy felt empty. I knew what I wanted
and I jumped off the couch. It was waiting on my dresser, and in one
motion I grabbed it and pushed it into me. The result was
instantaneous. My pussy felt complete again and I fucked myself
standing up. I caught my reflection in the dresser mirror and I was
amazed by how horny I looked. I shook my head. My red hair got in my
eyes and I didn't care. My mouth was grunting. My eyes were half
closed and my throat was swallowing hard.

I climaxed once standing up, and then again on the bed.

And again after dinner.

And three more times in bed before I could finally settle down to
go to sleep.
Diary, July 23, 2002.

This morning I opened my eyes to see the crystal dildo lying
where I had left it. The sunlight was shining through it, casting a
rainbow on the wall. The dildo itself had a green tint to it now. I
also noticed that I was incredibly horny.

But I refused to use it. Self control was something I prided
myself in, but this morning, staring at that obscene thing, I just
couldn't hold out. So instead, I reached down, determined to get myself
off on my own. I played with my nipples and I rolled my hips into my
hand. My eyes closed and I thought of George, I thought of this
amazing blonde guy I had a one night stand with, and I even thought of
Henry. All I succeeded in doing was getting myself aroused and

So I reached for the dildo, and when I placed my fingers on it
everything was right with the world again. I couldn't explain it. I
felt silly. And the crystal slid right in, like it was made for me, and
not at all like the night before. I moaned as I fucked myself to the
orgasm that I craved.

What a way to start a morning. I actually managed to get through
breakfast and the morning news without needing to fuck myself. Self
control was the key. And by then I was feeling so sexy that I put on a
green summer dress for work. The one with the spaghetti straps and
that didn't even touch my knees. My body was in a relaxed state of
ecstasy even though my clit was sensitive from all the handling I've
given it lately. On the freeway, I found myself singing along with
every song that played on the radio no matter how lame it was.

Ten minutes on the road, I felt the craving again. My voice died
in mid-chorus as I felt the hunger between my thighs. As if a switch
had been thrown, I felt my body ache for an orgasm. My hand was
halfway between my thighs before I remembered it wouldn't be enough.
Fingers didn't do it anymore. I had a bad feeling that even a cock
wouldn't be enough. What I needed, no, what I demanded was the crystal

I moaned in frustration as I continued to drive. The heat built
up inside me to unbearable levels. My thighs rubbed together in
desperation. My nipples grew hard against my green dress as if trying
to signal me. I chewed my lip as I tried to figure out if I had enough
time to turn around and go home before I had to be at work.

A turn in the road brought the sunlight on my purse and I jumped
as a rainbow blinded me. Poking out of my purse was the crystal dildo.
I didn't remember putting it there and I certainly had no intentions of
taking it to work. For a moment I had a full body shiver but only for
a moment. I needed it too badly.

Driving at seventy miles an hour is no time to push a dildo into
you but I somehow managed it. I had to push my now soaked panties to
the side to do it but I thanked God that I had chosen to wear a skirt
today. My legs spread for the filling touch of the crystal dildo
while my hand gripped the steering wheel till my knuckles were white.

I gasped as my pussy stretched easily to accept the dildo. My
knees wanted to curl but I somehow managed to keep my feet planted as I
fucked myself. The dildo filled me, lifted my spirits and soothed my
urgent need. I fucked myself clumsily but my body didn't care. I
didn't even need to touch my clitoris this time to climax. All my
pussy needed was the thick dildo inside it and the vibrations of the

At the point of climax, a driver beside me watched as I threw my
head back and moaned. When I opened my eyes I saw him staring at me
and I blushed at his knowing smile. I sped up and changed lanes till I
lost him. In my rearview mirror I could see what he saw. My cheeks
were flushed till they were as red as my hair. As humiliated as I was,
I couldn't deny how glad I was to have masturbated just now.

I left the dildo inside me for the rest of the drive but the
craving didn't return.

For three blissful hours, I was fine at work. Some co-workers
joked about the flush on my face or the way I would groan every time I
sat down but I could live with that. My boss, Mrs. Bennicks, kept
frowning at me for some reason and I suspected that she had heard the
rumor that I had been royally fucked last night. Despite my
predicament, this made me smile. Let the old bitch be jealous.

Right before lunch, disaster struck again. I was typing up an
expense report when my mind wondered away from numbers and speculated
on how much company time it would cost to fuck every man in the
building. The positions that flashed through my mind brought a fresh
blush to my cheeks and an ache between my thighs. My hand was already
moving to between my legs before I realized what I was doing.

I snatched up my purse and walked as fast as I could to the
restrooms. Just the act of walking was frustrating me for my panties
seemed painfully tight against my pussy. The restroom felt miles away
and as I walked, I kept imaging that everyone could see the way my hips
shifted and my breath was increasing.

The restroom was mercifully empty and I went into the farthest
stall. As soon as the door was locked I was ripping my panties down to
my knees. I gathered my skirt in one hand while my other hand dug
through my purse for the crystal dildo. It had a yellow tint to the
crystal as I plunged it into my sex.

"Oh," I moaned as I sat down on the toilet seat. God, it was
worse than when I gave up smoking. Just putting the dildo in completed
me again. The size didn't even bother me anymore as I took all eight
inches into me.

My toes curled inside my shoes as I fucked myself wantonly in the
bathroom stall. I slipped my hand into my dress and grabbed one of my
tits. My nipple was painfully hard and I found new delights in
twisting it between my fingers. I leaned back against the toilet as I
fucked my pussy; using the hardest thrusts I could manage.

I froze in mid-thrust as I heard the restroom door open. In
walked two women, chatting and complaining about the world in general.
My pulse pounded as I debated what to do. My pussy had no such
problems. My sex clenched tighter and tighter against the crystal
dildo that impaled it. They washed their hands and as the two women
continued to chat, I continued to masturbate.

The sound of my sex being fucked was incredibly loud but I didn't
care. I shut my eyes and just kept pushing the dildo deeper into me.
When the ladies stopped chatting, I didn't stop. When the women turned
off the water in the sinks, I kept thrusting. Even when they stood
silent in the restroom, trying to place that squishy noise they heard,
I kept fucking myself closer to orgasm.

"Fuck!" I whispered when the climax struck. My foot lashed out
and kicked the door as the spasms wracked my body. I released my sore
breast and pulled the sticky dildo from me. The restroom door slammed
behind the retreating women.

I stumbled back into the office and closed up my desk.

"Where are you going?" Mrs. Bennicks demanded.

"Sick day," I said. My hands were trembling.

In the car, I called Henry on my cellphone. The asshole laughed
when he heard my voice.

"I told you Lord WetTongue was for real," Henry started.

"You shithead," I said. "You mother-fucking, cult-worshipping,
juvenile, asshole!"

"Now, now, don't be rude. I did it for us."

"Henry, there is no us," I growled. "All we had was sex, which
is all I'm doing now. Tell me what is going on with this damn dildo!"

"It's magic," Henry said. "It's a magic dildo. My group helped
me summon it. After its been inside you, you'll never live without it

I drove faster. "Dumb-ass. I'll just throw your precious magic
out the window and watch it smash on the highway."

"Fuck," Henry whispered, fear plain as day in his voice. "Listen
Kelly. That would be the worse thing you could do. If you break the
dildo, you will never satisfy that craving again. You'll try to fill
it with cock, toys or anything you can get your hands on but it will
never satisfy you. Do you want to end up in the hospital as they try
to pull the flashlight out of your pussy?"

I thought about that. "Why the fuck would you do this to me?" I

I heard his swallow on the phone. "I did it for us. After you
dumped me, you wouldn't even return my calls. There are two ways to
break the curse. Let the man who summoned the dildo take its place in
your pussy and you'll be free of it. Give me one more chance and I'll
show you I can be a good boyfriend."

"What's the other way?" I demanded.

He growled. "Fuck, Kelly. I'm trying to help us out and you
won't even listen."

"Good-bye, Henry," I said.

At home, I was forced to use the dildo three more times. Each
orgasm was getting stronger and the craving was getting worse. I even
fucked myself during dinner; stroking myself as I ate. Lucky for me,
the same magic that compelled me also prevented me from rubbing myself
raw. Every time I mounted the dildo, I was always wet and always

I could see why a pervert like Henry wouldn't see this as a bad
Diary, July 24, 2002.

My exhausted body fell asleep on the couch. I had a bizarre
dream of someone sitting on the couch with me. He looked just like
that stupid painting Henry had of his 'God', right down to the two
heads and the two stiff erections. Being a dream, he didn't seem so
ridiculous. There was an aura of lust around him that reminded me of a
sweaty George Clooney or the cologne my first boyfriend used to wear.
One head had a blond beard that looked angelic while the other head had
a red beard that suggested guilty pleasures. The part I didn't
understand is why he looked sad.

"You're the male fantasy Henry is always worshipping," I said.
"Have you come to harass me too?"

"This is wrong," one head growled. "The Crystal Phallus was
meant to be a toy."

"Or a gift," the other head agreed.

"It was never meant to be a collar or a cage," the first head

"Or a punishment," the other head added.

"Then remove it," I said.

Both heads shook. "There are rules to our gifts," they both
said. "Only two things can release you from this curse."

"Henry told me that I would have to let him inside me. What's
the other method?"

The head smiled and he leaned down over me. I felt his cocks
press against my thighs and throbbed. My body recognized the shape of
his cocks and I realized the crystal dildo was a pale, poor imitation.
One head whispered in my ear while the other head nibbled at the other.

When he told me the secret of the Crystal Phallus, he released my

"Now, so you won't forget it when you wake up," he whispered.
Before I could ask, both heads dipped down to my bare breasts and sank
their teeth into me. I cried out as sharp fangs encircled my nipples.

I awoke from my dream with hickeys around my erect nubs. He was
right. I did remember what he told me. I got dressed, put the dildo
in my purse and smiled at the mercy of Gods.

Henry was surprised to see me at his door, especially bearing
gifts. He took the wine from me with relish and tried to kiss me but I
dodged his hands.

"We need to talk first," I told him. "Which is why I brought the
wine. We need to discuss our relationship before we can get back

Henry rolled his eyes but he agreed. He just wanted to have
make-up sex but he accepted talking as a necessary evil. Being a pig
on several levels, he didn't mind me pouring the wine and serving him.

We talked for an hour on the couch. I don't remember exactly
what we said. Henry tried to tell me that I would be happier if I
joined his cult and I tried to tell him that I needed more in life than
just sex. We went around in circles like this until the drug I slipped
in his wine began to take effect.

"Oh shit," Henry said as the glass slipped from his hand.

"You have that right," I said as I unzipped his pants.

"What's going . . .?" he slurred.

"Your Lord gave me the phone number of one of your cult members,"
I told him. "Once I told him what your Lord told me to say, he was
only too happy to cooperate. I don't want to think about why the
asshole had stash of sleeping drugs but I have to admit they worked
pretty well."

"My Lord . . .talked to you?" Henry said with hurt in his voice.
"He never has . . . appeared to . . . ."

"Any of you? He must just like me," I gloated.

Henry's pants were down and he offered no resistance as I rolled
him over. He groaned a little as he rolled onto his hard cock but
that was nothing compared to what he was about to experience. I took
the damned dildo out of my purse and pressed it against his anus.

"Oh Fuck!" Henry groaned.

"Exactly," I said. I plunged the dildo into him. It wasn't
easy. Eight inches is a lot to put in a man without lubrication. On
the other hand, it was extremely gratifying. I knew I had put enough
of it into him when the crystal changed to a red tint. At the same
moment, I felt my sex unclench from the unbearable tension of the past
twenty-four hours.

"Pull it out!" Henry begged.

I was happy to. I rolled him back onto his ass when I was done
and I laughed at the huge erection he was sporting. From experience I
knew how badly he needed to climax and that made me feel all warm
inside. With henry watching, I placed the dildo on the table before

"I'm sorry," Henry offered.

"I'm not," I said as I took the hammer out of my purse.

Every fragment of the shattered dildo had a different tint of
color to it.

I didn't hear from Henry ever again. It would have been nice to
see him trying to fill his ass with a replacement for the dildo, but
revenge isn't everything. I was just glad that his new fate kept him
out of my life and my life got back to normal. No more masturbating in
the restroom for me.

The hickeys never healed on my breasts. But as parting gifts go,
I could think of worse.

The end.

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