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Cutterscreek part 2


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Archive name: cutter2.txt (MF, oral, preg)
Authors name: Homer Vargas
Story title : Cutterscreek

This work is copyrighted to Homer Vargas (c) 2000.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Cutters Creek 2 (MF, oral, preg)
By Homer Vargas

A while back I wrote to tell everyone about things
in Cutters' Creek. To really understand what's going
on, you really ought to read not only "Cutters Creek,"
but Jimmy Davis's yarns about "Fertile Valley,"
because Cutter's Creek is just up the mountain from
there. In the first chapter we learned that
practically all the females from 10 to 70 are either
have newborns, are pregnant or are about to be. In
Chapter 1 Alexi, the Public Health nurse in Cutters
Creek, told her stuffy friend Cindy, the Welfare
Department representative, how she let herself get
knocked up, too, not that she could have done much to
help it. She also warned her younger colleague to
mind her own business. Let's see what has happened


Several weeks had passed since Alexi's tension-filled
conversation with Cindy. Alexi hoped that her
headstrong young friend would take her advice to steer
clear of the Church of the Spirit crowd, but she
hadn't been able to keep much in touch.

Partly it was work. The day after her talk with
Cindy, both of the Meador twins had their triplets on
the very SAME DAY. Sally Mae and Ruthie Joe, the
girls who normally helped Alexi at the clinic, were
both out that day with morning sickness and Alexi
wasn't as nimble as she used to be with her own little
bulge getting bigger by the day. To say she had her
hands full was an understatement!

And the delivery was only the beginning of the
problem. Soon Alexi had six hungry babies and only
four milk-filled titties - huge, well-supplied
titties, but still only four. Fortunately the twins'
older sisters had just given birth, too, and they had
had only one baby each. A quick call got the two new
aunts down at the clinic and soon four happy women
were being sucked by eight happy babies.

The story had a happy ending in another way, too. The
near crisis finally convinced the State Health
Department to send Alexi some help. She almost jumped
for joy when she saw the reinforcements that turned up
the next Monday morning.

Dr. Carlos Gonzalez was a hunk. Alexi grinned almost
hungrily as she took in the curly black hair, the
smooth olive skin and the piercing blue eyes of the
young doctor. Actually, Carlos wasn't quite yet a
doctor. The Department sent him to Cutters Creek as
part of his internship. Although Alexi was happy
about it, Carlos was not. He let it be known that he
would rather be back in the state capital at the
university teaching hospital doing research. But he
had a commitment to the state and had to fill in
during the emergency. Carlos also let everyone know
that Becca, his hot, blonde, society-girl fiancee,
wasn't too happy about not having her Latin lover to
keep her satisfied morning and night, either.

Neither of these facts unduly concerned Alexi. She
was pretty sure what seeing dozens of pregnant young
females would do to the young man. She intended to be
the one to reap the benefits. Carlos might not intend
to be unfaithful to Becca, but Alexi had some ideas
about how to change his mind.

By Wednesday afternoon things were quieted down and
Alexi and Carlos were taking a rare break. Carlos was
still in shock about why so many women and girls in
Cutter's Creek were pregnant. Trying to be casual,
Carlos asked Alexi about her own pregnancy.

Alexi grinned. This was going to be her chance. "You know
I'm not married, don't you? I guess you think that makes
me a 'bad girl.'"

"Of course not, Alexi. I see plenty of cases of unwanted
pregnancy. Contraception is never 100% certain."

"Would you think differently if I told you it was a twelve
year old boy who knocked me up?" she grinned.


"Yep! A scrawny kid with a donkey dick. And while he had
it in me, there was nothing I wanted more than him to put
his baby in me."

"You WANTED to let a twelve year old boy make you
pregnant?" Carlos asked incredulously.

"I'd better tell you the whole story."

[See Chapter 1 for Alexi's story.]


"And that the way I got my belly full of babies," Alexi

"Babies?" Carlos gasped, still trying to absorb Alexi's

"Yeah he pumped me so full of jiz it put two in me," Alexi
patted her pregnant paunch and grinned as Carlos's eyes
fastened on it, . She could see what hearing about her
experience was doing to him and she smiled. "Did you like
my story?"

"It - er -- demonstrates a different dimension of the
phenomenon. We'll need to go deeper to find out what's
really going on," Carlos stammered.

"But I mean, you 'enjoyed' hearing how that donkey-horse-
hung boy knocked me up, didn't you?"

"It was ... er, edifying."

"So," she snorted, "your prick was 'edified' hearing how
that boy got me so horny I let him put a baby in me?"

"Alexi, it's not that at all ..."

"Isn't it? I saw you get that big hard on when I talked
about getting a big pregnant belly. Don't you enjoy
thinking about getting women pregnant? I'll bet you're
looking forward to making your fiancee's tummy swell,
aren't you?"

"Yes, but ..."

Carlos couldn't speak both from the arousal he felt and
some guilt about his conduct with Becca. Both as her
fiancee and her gynecologist, he hadn't been totally
ethical. Child bearing was very important to Carlos. He
had ten little brothers and sisters. He could hardly
remember his mother NOT having a big belly. Carlos wanted
a houseful of kids, himself. He was concerned that Becca
would not be able to have children; several female
relatives of hers had not. Besides, he figured her father
couldn't object to their getting married if he knew his
daughter was pregnant. Therefore, without her knowing it,
he had switched Becca's contraceptives for fertility pills.
If he were back home, he would be waiting for the rabbit to

"And what about afterwards?" Alexi's amused voice brought
him back from is reverie "Once you've got your sweetie's
belly huge and pregnant, do you intend to keep fucking

"Of course. The orgasms are very good for both mother and
baby." Carlos replied, happy to be clinical and have a
moment to think, not that it did him much good.

"Would you prescribe the same treatment for me?" Alexi
grinned and rubbed her belly.

"Alexi, don't ..."

"Don't what, Carlos? Don't pull up my smock and show you
how smooth and tight my baby filled belly is already?
Don't show you how wet and pouty my pussy is? Surely you
know that pregnancy makes some women really horny, don't

"Er, yes."

"Ever eaten the dripping pussy of a horny woman with a
bulging belly?"

"Er, ... no," he admitted.

By now Alexi was standing in front of the gaping galen.
Slowly she lifted higher the hem of her ridiculously short
maternity dress. "But if you had the opportunity to get
your mouth on the juicy cunt of a knocked-up woman, you'd
take it, right?" she said, sticking her belly in his face.
The aroma of her overheated twat hit him like opening an
oven. He fought it for as many nanoseconds as he could,
then plunged his face into her moist muff.

It didn't take Carlos long to have Alexi screaming in one
orgasm after another. His skill at pleasuring Becca with
his mouth was one of the reasons she had chosen Carlos over
many richer suitors. But -- surprise, surprise -- soon
neither Alexi or Carlos were satisfied with eating and
getting eaten. "I've got to get fucked, you wonderful
cuntlicker. I want you cock in my pregnant pussy."

"Alexi??" he pleaded.

Without saying a word, she bent over and offered him her

That was too much. Carlos lunged for her, but Alexi broke
for the examination room. In moments she had clambered
onto the low table and dropped to her elbows. "Woof,
woof!" she grinned back at him, raising her ass in the air.
God what a sexy bitch though Carlos as he bunched her
maternity smock above the now noticeable bulge in her
tummy. "Babies love it when mommy cums," she cooed. "Make
my baby happy, Carlos. Make mommy happy! Make mommy come
with that beautiful cock of yours!" she cried, quite
unnecessarily now, as Carlos had her firmly by the hips and
was pounding her vigorously.

"Yes, baby! Fuck me. Oh, shit, I need it! Fuckkkk
meeeeieieieiei!" she screamed over the excited man's
grunts, coming hard as Carlos unloaded enough spunk in the
rutting woman to impregnate fifty fertile nurses. His
pecker didn't know she'd already been done and continued
pumping jism into her hot pleasure hole. Not that Alexi
minded. She loved it and loved knowing she'd be getting a
lot more of this from now on.


A few days later Alexi called Cindy to ask if she could
bring Carlos along to the next Health/Welfare inter-
departmental meeting. Cindy seemed rather distracted, but
agreed to the usual time at her office. Alexi and Carlos's
arrival together was not a coincidence; they had spent the
afternoon together. Yeah, doing exactly what you are
thinking. Since she had seduced him that first week, Alexi
spent every night and as many odd hours as possible with
Carlos's prick in her.

Alexi was shocked at the change she saw at Cindy's office.
The gray walls had been redone in pinks and blues. Gone
were annual reports of the Welfare Department and the
pamphlets on how to get a job. In their place were
magazines and books about pregnancy and childbearing.

As she and Carlos waited, Alexi began idly thumbing through
"Single Mother." To her surprise, the magazine did not
deal with the financial and emotional problems of bringing
up a child alone. Rather, it was dedicated to advising
single women how to get pregnant even if their boyfriends
did not want to father a child. It even included a
humorous story by Homer Vargas, one of Alexi's favorite
internet pornwriters. "Principles" was about how a woman
tricks her husband into getting her pregnant time after
time after time. She grinned, seeing that pages of near
nude women with paunches of varying sizes in "Pregnancy
Today" had given Carlos a hard on. She suspected that
dinner might be later than usual that night.

Alexi and Carlos were so engrossed in these strange
periodicals they hardly heard Cindy waltzed in. When they
looked up, Alexi was stunned! Gone was the slightly
sourpuss expression she had seen in weeks past. Cindy was
radiantly happy. Her clothing showed it. Rather than
faded jeans and baggy sweaters, Cindy had on a cute little
sundress cut four or five inches above her knee and a
surprisingly translucent blouse. Her usual gym shoes had
given way to smart white pumps.

Alexi and Carlos looked at each other in astonishment.
"She's not wearing a bra!" Carlos' eyes said to Alexi.

"Hell, she's not even wearing panties!" Alexi's eyes

"Well, I guess we can get started," Cindy sighed, "Although
I can't see what you people are so worried about. Folks
around here are just having babies." Did Alexi hear
correctly? Three weeks ago Cindy had been incensed about
the 'animalistic behavior" of the "savages" here. Now she
found noting out of line?

"What do you mean, Cindy"

"I went to see Rev. Daniels and now I understand
everything," she replied angelically.

"Cindy! You didn't really go see that man, did you?" Alexi
asked apprehensively.

"Of course I did. I said I would and I'm glad I did.
Jack really straightened something out between us."

Alexi and Carlos exchanged glances but Cindy was
bubbling over and proceeded with her story.

To be continued:

Read Cutters Creek 3

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