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Cutterscreek part 3


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Archive name: cutter3.txt (MF, mc, preg)
Authors name: Homer Vargas
Story title : Cutterscreek

This work is copyrighted to Homer Vargas (c) 2000.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
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Cutters Creek 3 (MF, mc, preg)
By Homer Vargas
As she and Carlos waited, Alexi began idly thumbing
through "Single Mother." To her surprise, the
magazine did not deal with the financial and emotional
problems of bringing up a child alone. Rather, it was
dedicated to advising a single woman how to get
pregnant even if she did not have a boyfriend or he
did not want to father a child. It even included a
humorous story by Homer Vargas, one of Alexi's
favorite internet pornwriters. "Principles" was about
how a woman tricks her husband into getting her
pregnant time after time after time. Alexi grinned,
seeing that pages of near nude women with paunches of
varying sizes in "Pregnancy Today" were giving Carlos
a tremendous hard on. She suspected that dinner might
be later than usual that night.

Alexi and Carlos were so engrossed in these strange
periodicals they hardly heard Cindy waltz in. When
they looked up, Alexi was stunned! Gone was the
slightly sourpuss expression Cindy had displayed in
weeks past. She was radiantly happy and her clothing
showed it. Rather than faded jeans and baggy
sweaters, Cindy had on a cute little sundress, cut
four or five inches above her knee and a surprisingly
translucent blouse. Her usual gym shoes had given way
to smart white pumps.

Alexi and Carlos looked at each other in astonishment.
"She's not wearing a bra!" Carlos' eyes said to Alexi.

"Hell, she's not even wearing panties!" Alexi's eyes

"Well, I guess we can get started," Cindy sighed,
"Although I can't see what you people are so worried
about. Folks around here are just having babies."
Did Alexi hear correctly? Three weeks ago Cindy had
been incensed about the "animalistic behavior" of the
"savages" here. Now she found noting out of line?

"What do you mean, Cindy"

"I went to see Rev. Daniels and now I understand
everything," she replied angelically.

"Cindy! You didn't really go see that man, did you?"
Alexi asked apprehensively.

"Of course I did. I said I would and I'm glad I did.
Jack really straightened some things out between us."

Alexi and Carlos exchanged glances but Cindy was
bubbling over and proceeded with her story.
Now on to:


Cindy's Story:

Cindy had decided she would just ignore the silly
Alexi's "warning." She wasn't going to be dissuaded
by a woman with such little control of her own slutty
desires as to let a sixth-grade boy make her pregnant.
No, she was determined to have it out with the source
of all the trouble here in Cutters Creek, that
ignorant, benighted preacher of the Church of the
Spirit. From what she could tell, it was even worse
that the Unity Church of Fertile Valley of which it
was an offshoot. The local preacher, John Daniels,
was apparently the little brother of Luke Daniels of
Fertile Valley.

"Hi, Miz Morrow" came the cheery greeting as Cindy
walked into the Church office.

"Lou Ann! What are you doing here?" Cindy asked,
surprised. "You should be in school." Lou Ann Harris
and her mother were one of the few bright spots in
Cindy's work recently. She had convinced Peggy Harris
to leave her, ne'er do well husband and use the money
she used to give him for beer to help Lou Ann to stay
in school.

"Oh, I don't need to go to school, no more Elmer
Baxter told me it was alright to drop out. I can make
us some money."

"And why would you be doing something just because
Elmer Baxter told you to?" Cindy asked.

"Oh, me and Elmer are gonna to get married," the girl
gushed "Least I hope he'll marry me. I'm a little

"Pregnant? But how, Lou Ann? Don't you remember
talking about not letting any boys have sex with you?"

"And I didn't, 'least I didn't know what we were doing
was 'havin' sex.' Elmer said he wanted to show me
something he learned at the boys Auxiliary from
Church. I asked him what but he wouldn't tell me. He
said he would show me, but I had to pull up my dress
and pull down my panties. I didn't want to do it, but
I figured if he learned it in Church it must be OK."

"It was better than O.K., Miz Morrow He got down on
his knees and started licking me, right between the
legs. I got real wet, you know, like when I play with
myself. Elmer said I tasted real good. He kept
licking and kissing me and made me feel real good. I
got sorta trembly, so Elmer said I should sit on the
couch but keep my legs spread wide open."

"He went back to licking me but then he started
sucking on something he called my 'zlitty' and that
made me feel even better. Pretty soon I was buckin'
and shakin' all over. I didn't even feel it when he
put is big ole prick in me and by the time I felt him
shoving in and out, it felt too good to make him stop.
He did that a bunch of times that night and sure
enough three weeks later I missed my period."

"But how could that happen, Lou Ann? I thought you
and your mother were both going on the Pill 'in case.'

"Well," she grinned, "I reckon Elmer and Daddy just
have really strong baby juice."

"'And Daddy?'" Cindy asked.

"Yeah, one night a few weeks after me and Elmer
started going at it, Daddy came over to visit me like
Mom promised him. Daddy started lookin' at my breasts
and Momma got real mad at him. "I cain't help it
Peggy, you know how I love seein' the titties of a
pregnant girl." They got to arguing. mom said I
wasn't pregnant (I hadn't told her) and Daddy said she
shouldn't be jealous, 'cause she had bigger, prettier
tits than I did and he wanted to see them. Momma was
still mad and was trying to keep Daddy from getting
his hand in her blouse. I guess she didn't try hard
enough because I heard her start to giggle. When I
peeked in at them, Daddy had Momma down on her back
playing with the nipple of one or her big old boobies
while he was sucking on the other one. Then Momma go
to enjoying it. She had one hand holding Daddy's head
to her breast and was fingering herself with the other
one. I guess mom already knew about her 'zlitty.''"

"Then Daddy whispered something about showing her what
he had learned a Men's Fellowship. Oops! I knew what
that was, but Momma didn't. Soon Daddy was licking
her between the legs and he must have found her
zlitty, too, 'cause Momma started bucking and moanin'
just like I had with Elmer. I knew what was about to
happen and kind of wanted to warn Momma, but when I
saw Daddy pull that big prick out and start to shove
it up in Momma, I could tell it was too late. And
besides I was playing with myself to beat the band.
Then Momma started screaming for him to fuck her, fuck
her good. I guess he did, 'cause Momma shore made a
lot of racket that night. Daddy came over a few more
nights to fuck her some more and she turned up
pregnant again a couple of week after I missed my

Although Cindy' wanted to find out more about Lou Ann
and her mother, the time for her appointment was long
past. "Who is taking so long in there with Rev.
Daniels, anyway? she asked.

"Judge Finster," Lou Ann replied

Cindy almost laugher out loud. This was worth waiting
for! Ruth Finster was Rev. Daniels's nemesis on the
County Board. Whether it was zoning for a bigger
parking lot or tax exemptions on Church businesses,
Ruth fought the Church at every turn. "This is not
Rev. Daniels's day, she remarked with a grin. "Here I
am waiting to give him an earful and Judge Finster
must be in there doing the same.'"

"No, I don't think so. I believe it's a prayer
meetin' or sumpin'," Lou Ann said seriously.

Now Cindy 'really felt like laughing. Ruth Finster
was a friend of hers - on of the few professional
women in the county -- and a very reserved
Episcopalian. She was not likely to be in prayer with
a Holy Roller. "You must be mistaken, Lou Ann."

I don't think so, Ma'am. I was listening to then
before you came in. Wanna here?" she replied and
turned on the intercom.

"Oh, Lord! Yes! Oh yes! Give me more. Oh, God! I
need it! Fill me with the spirit. Fill me again!"
Ruth was screaming.

"Didn't I tell you?" Lou Ann announced. "Judge
Finster is praying."

Cindy wasn't so sure. Her doubts only increased
fifteen minutes later when the Judge wandered out of
the preacher's study with a big dreamy smile on her
face. She didn't seem to hear Cindy's greeting at
first. Her blouse was buttoned up crooked and half of
her bra was hanging out of her purse. She didn't seem
to care that her skirt was turned sideways.
Fortunately, Cindy didn't notice and something white
and slimy was trickling down the inside of her thigh.

"I hope you gave him a piece of your mind, Ruth" Cindy
said uncertainly.

"Oh, did he ever get a piece … of my mind." The judge
grinned weakly.

"You can go in now" Lou Ann smiled.

The Reverend John "Jack" Daniels looked exactly as
Cindy expected -- 100% tv evangelist. His expensive
cream suit, string tie, long slicked-back hair and
soft low heel boots confirmed him as an oily charlatan
in Cindy's eyes. "Well, if it isn't the pretty Miss
Morrow from the Welfare Department. What can I do for
you ma'am? How have you been?"

"I'm fine thank you, but I didn't come to chat," Cindy
replied, none too politely.

"Sure thing, Miss. Can I offer you some iced tea?"
Cindy was a Diet Coke fan and had never gotten into
iced tea that most people in Cutter's Creek drank
constantly. Most women, anyway. The men mainly drank

"I don't think ..." The preacher reached across the
desk and was already pouring her a big glass. "Oh, I
guess so. Thank you. This isn't a social call, Rev.

"Any visit from a pretty woman is call for Cutters
Creek hospitality, Ma'mn. Especially a lady who is
helping so many or our flock in need" he smiled,
looking at Cindy and the tall glass.

Seeing no way to avoid the local ceremoniousness,
Cindy took a sip of the tea. "That's exactly what I
came to talk about Rev. Daniels. You see, …"

"How do you like it?"

"Hmm. An … interesting flavor," Cindy admitted,
trying to turn the conversation to business.

"Made with our own Font of Blessing Springs water,"
the preacher explained. The Church has been bottling
it for about a year now."

"That's very nice," Cindy replied, taking a larger sip
of the beverage.

"So what bring you here, ma'am?" the Reverend smiled.

Cindy took another sip. Surprisingly good stuff, she
thought. No wonder so many women drank it. Anyway,
down to business. Reverend Daniels might be a little
backward in his social views, but he was certainly
polite. And kind of cute, now that she noticed. She
realized that she no longer felt quite the ire as when
she walked in. "Reverend Daniels, I have come to
speak with you about your spreading of these absurd
and retrograde notions about the place of women. How
can you preach that a woman's highest duty is to
propagate. Surly you can see the results. You are
turning the community into a rabbit hutch and welfare
rolls are expanding obscenely like ..." Cindy stopped.
She was about to blurt out "like the belly of a
pregnant twelve year old." It was just the first
thing that popped into her mind, but it did seem a
little harsh.

"Now I don't believe that you mean that, Cindy. Can I
call you Cindy?" he smiled.

Cindy was about to object but Jack's devilish smile
made her stop. "Sure, uh, … Jack." She said,
somewhat unnerved by the man. She took another drink
from the glass to steady her.

"Thank you, Cindy. You need to look at it from the
believer's perspective. We at the Church of the
Spirit are just proclaiming our faith. We believe
Motherhood is the highest calling for a woman and
bearing children is a sign of the spirit's favor.
Many have heard our message and have been blessed by
our work."

"Excuse me, Rev., er, Jack, but the things you preach
just sound like outworn justifications for keeping
women home in sackcloth, barefoot, and pregnant."

"That's not true, Cindy. We realize many women need
to work out side the home. Given the economy around
here, in fact, most women are the principle
breadwinners for their families. And we do NOT want
our women wearing sackcloth. A woman's body is the
most beautiful object in Creation. She honors it by
allowing others to see as much of it as possible."

"I was speaking metaphorically, Jack. Indeed, the
clothes that I see women wearing to church are
practically obscene. Why most can hardly walk in
those high heels and short, tight skirts. And the
blouses! They leave little to the imagination."

"Why encourage vain imaginings, Cindy? We just
encourage the ladies to make the most of their
endowments. And fortunately, around here, most women
are pretty well endowed." Jack grinned. "If you
attended Services, you would understand that Church
women mainly use short skirts or long skirts with a
high slit for a reason. During the sermon, many good
church women often feel the stirrings of the spirit.
When they do, they like to be able to commune with
their font of desire, or better still, have their
husband or boyfriend do it for them."

Cindy was astounded. This slick-talking Neanderthal -
- a damned handsome Neanderthal -- was practically
admitting that he encouraged women to go around in
short skirts and no panties so they could get
themselves off anytime they got the urge or let some
man finger then to orgasm at the drop of a hat. Of
course Cindy could see the advantage in that. She
rather wished she could get to her pussy for a little
relief right now. Suddenly aware of how inconvenient
her baggy slacks and pantyhose were. And the
sneakers! How dowdy she must look to Jack. Well, she
could change that. In a mini and sheer blouse, she'd
knock his socks off! Wait, she was getting off track.

"Well, yes, but the pregnancies..." she sputtered,
gulping more tea.

"That's true. We teach there is no higher form of
praise than for a husband and wife to create new life.
What can be more beautiful that a woman's flat tummy
starting to swell, her breast grow round and full"

Cindy shifted uncomfortably, unable to stifle a
thought of what she would look like with a baby or two
growing within her. This man and his retrograde
notions was menace. Too bad he was so cute, Cindy
thought. If I got him in bed, maybe I could enlighten
him. No! She took another swig of tea and forced her
self to continue. "If the couple can afford it, Jack!
Many can't and they're forced onto welfare, especially
when it’s a fourth or fifth or sixth child. And
besides, it's not just husbands and wives that have
'heard your message.' The out-of-wedlock pregnancy
rate here is astounding."

"The Church does not condemn that, Cindy. We
understand that unmarried women, too, may find
themselves moved by the spirit to join in the great
work of co-creation. When we see the Signs a
Churchman will eagerly lend himself to the Work."

"What do you mean, 'Signs'" Cindy asked a little fear
cracking her voice?

"I think you know what I mean, Cindy. I feel the
spirit moving here today. I see those signs."

"No!" Cindy gasped.

"Yes, Cindy. The spirit is at work. Even beneath
those unsightly clothes, I can tell your body feels
the inspiration. Your breasts, breast made to suckle
new life, Cindy, are they not getting hard?"

"Of course no ..." she hesitated, realizing her
breasts were hard as rocks. If only she could reach
in and give then the kind of good squeeze they needed.

"Do not resist the will of the spirit, Cindy. Are you
ready for the laying on of hands?

"Of hands?" the confused woman asked.

"Hands!" Jack Daniels had now left his desk and was
standing behind Cindy. "Yield to the urgings of the
spirit, Cindy. Let the Work begin," he whispered,
blowing in her ear as his hands found their way inside
her sweat top and magically released her bra. "You
have wonderful breasts, Cindy, breasts made to nurture
babies. Do you not want that blessing?" He had now
come around to stand in from of the speechless young
woman. Smiling down at her, he removed her top
completely and leaned down so his mouth could begin to
tease one of Cindy's engorged nipples.

"Blessing, blessing!" she gasped.

"I think you are, Cindy" he whispered as he made it
his business to find out. Quickly, the preacher's
hands unbuttoned her baggy jeans and slipped into her

"Taste and prove," he whispered and dropped to his
knees, lowering his mouth to her dripping sex.
Proceeding slowly at first he licked her inflamed
thighs as he stealthily approached her lips -- the
other ones. Cindy moaned as his tongue found its way
into her steaming hole, lapping methodically, making
it impossible for her to think. Suddenly her body was
wracked in orgasm but the sprit-worker's tongue kept
up its delicious assault.

"Thy cup overflotheth, Cindy. Your promised land is
filled with milk and honey," he mumbled into her muff
as he drank from the writhing woman's pussy. Drank
and tasted and smelled. Was such a marvelous
coincidence possible?

Cindy lurched with disappointment when she felt his
mouth leave her pussy just seconds before she felt one
and two and three fingers being re-inserted.
Continuing a gentle friging, Rev. Daniels kissed her
breast and whispered "Cindy my child, you may be truly
blessed this day. Tell me, what day is it for you?"

"What day ... huh?" the dazed woman could hardly

"You are so open to the spirit, Cindy; the spirit is
flowing. When did you have your period last?"

"Dunno ... two, yeah, two weeks agooooo" she moaned
again in orgasm as Jack accelerated his persistent
manipulation of her clit.

"As I suspected. And an upright unmarried woman like
you wouldn't be on the Pill would you?"

"No, no, oh yesssss" she gasped, coming again.

"Then Cindy you can not only receive the spirit, you
may be filled with the sprit this very day. Do you
want it? Do you wish to be filled?" His mouth had
found her clit again and begun sucking and flicking

"Yes. Oh fill me! Fill me!" she screamed as a final
orgasm washed away her little remaining consciousness.

Gazing down at the vacant smile on Cindy, Jack reached
for the intercom. "Lou Ann, come in here and help me
get Miss Morrow onto the daybed next to my office.
She has had a religious experience and need to recover
for a while. Better bring another pitcher of tea as
well. Oh, ... and then call all the deacons to tell
them there will be a special meeting of the Board this
afternoon. We will hold a special rite of initiation
for the newest member of the Church."


Alexi and Carlos couldn’t speak for a few seconds
after hearing Cindy's tale. "Cindy, you little twerp,
do you mean to tell me that less than a half hour
after walking into that preacher's office you were on
your back letting him fuck your lights out?"

"Well, I wasn't on my back the whole time." Cindy
protested "Several of the men said I should get down
on my elbows and a couple of them liked it when I sat
in their laps."

"So you pulled a train for the entire Board of

"Uh, I guess so. Jack talked about a train, a soul
train or something. But I couldn't pay much
attention. Every time another man laid hands on me, I
felt the spirit move again and ... it was wonderful!
I don't know how many times I received the spirit that

"This is terrible, Cindy. I hope you haven't had any
further contact with the church crowd."

"Crowd?" Cindy giggled. "I guess it was a little
crowded with all the deacons standing around in Jack's
office, waiting to help initiate me. But no, since
then I just have to go over to Jack's office every
evening for my private catechism."

"I'm afraid to ask what goes on," Alexi said, rolling
her eyes.

"I don't remember much about it either, but Jack says
he doesn't think I'll need many more classes. He just
wants to continue until he sees signs I have been
blessed with a 'filling with the spirit.' Did I say
something wrong?"

Alexi and Carlos just looked at each other. "Cindy,
don't you know what happens to women who get "filled"
without protection, or in this place, even with it?"

Cindy was silent for a minute, then she smiled
broadly. "Oh, Alexi, Jack said that I might find
favor. Do you really think I might be blessed with a

... to be continued ...

Well, you don't need me to tell you the answer to that
question do you? So first Alexi and now Cindy has
fallen victim to the mysterious forces loose in
Cutter's Creek. Can no one bring this abhorrent
little community into line? Well, if anyone can it
would be Alice Wells, State Commissioner of Education
who is determined to find out why Cutters Creek
Consolidated School is in chaos. Read more in Chapter

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