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Cutterscreek part 4



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Cutters Creek 4 (MF, MC, humor, preg.)
Homer Vargas

The further she drove into the backcountry that hot July
afternoon, the less Alice Wells liked the task she had
imposed on herself. The map showed Cutters Creek a mere
95 miles from her office in the state capital, but on
roads like these - some no more than mountain tracks - it
could as well be half a continent away. It even felt like
she was going back in time. For the last hour she had
seen few other motor vehicles, although she had passed
several horse-drawn wagons.

The State Superintended of Education had not wanted to
have to investigate personally the disturbing situation
in Cutters Creek, and especially not to have to take four
weeks of accumulated leave to do so, but there appeared
to be no alternative. Sending emissaries had resulted in
nothing - in less than nothing.

She still shook her head at what had happened at last
year to Annie Boone, one of the most reliable civil
servants of the Department of Education. You couldn't ask
for a more levelheaded woman. Annie was unmarried; some
might even call her a spinster, although at forty-five,
still slim and attractive, who was to say she might not
still decide to get married. Annie lived with her
slightly younger sister Jenny, also unmarried. Alice had
been sure that if anyone could get to the bottom of the
problems that had made Cutters Creek a black hole for the
Department's budget, Annie could.

She was there for the opening of school. The first
reports sent back merely gave additional details about
the state of the disaster. The school age population in
Cutters Creek was exploding but practically no girls were
finishing high school. Not many were even entering. Fifth
and sixth graders were getting pregnant and by age
sixteen or seventeen most girls were far too busy with
three or four or more children to think about further

What scandalized Annie most was who the fathers of the
babies were. Although she could not get proof that would
stand up in court, Annie was sure that in many cases the
girl's own father knocked her up the first time or two
before a brother or an uncle would put another bulge in
her tummy. Finally, when she was fourteen or fifteen, she
would marry someone from outside the family and start
making babies with HIM. You could hardly blame the girls
given the example set by their mothers and grandmothers.
Annie wrote that it was not uncommon for grandmother,
mother and daughter to have children in the same school
grade and each to be expecting again. Apparently there in
Cutters Creek, women as old as sixty five and seventy
were still getting pregnant.

Not only were the locals breeding like rabbits, Annie
said, there was an influx of outsiders - or rather, of
the trickle of outsiders who stayed in Cutter's Creek for
long, few ever left. Most of young men sent to build the
new schools and day care facilities that were eating so
heavily into Alice's budget decided to stay on when one
(or more) of their girlfriends - and the Cutters Creek
girls were VERY friendly - turned up pregnant. And as for
the phalanx of young women the Department had to recruit
each year to teach in Cutter Creek's burgeoning
Elementary, Kindergartens, and Pre-school classes, few
made it through the year. Most seemed to get pregnant
within weeks of arriving and by Christmas all had bellies
that were slowing them down. By the end of the term they
were ready to go on State-paid maternity leave. The lucky
ones were planning June weddings with the man that
knocked them up (if they knew who it was!), but most had
to settle for moving in with the man and his other wives,
or, more often than not, the boy and his parents. Junior
high boys seemed to have no difficulty getting their late
twenties teachers to drop their pants and let the little
fuckers impregnate them.

By the second week Annie's messages had become less
frequent and the shocked tone disappeared. At the end of
her scheduled three-week stay, she sent word that she
would be taking a few weeks of vacation before returning.

The woman who re-appeared in Alice's office six weeks
from her departure was hardly recognizable. The formerly
serious, conservative matron was now smiling and
outgoing. Her hair had been cut, colored and curled,
giving her a much more youthful appearance. Little by
little Alice noticed a change in Annie's wardrobe, too.
Baggy trousers loose, mid-calf skirts in somber colors
that Annie used to favor gave way to tight pants and
shrink-wrap miniskirts. Sensible flats were abandoned for
flashy, strappy 4" heels. Suddenly country and western
music could be heard coming from Annie's office instead
of Vivaldi and Pochable. Perhaps it was the frilly
blouses she had started wearing, but Alice had the
impression that Annie's bust size had increased rather

Naturally all the girls in her office speculated about
the causes of the boss's transformation. Everyone
suspected a new man (the first man, as far as any of them
knew) in Annie's life, but no one had met him. It was
Alice who accidentally uncovered the secret. One evening
when she was working late, she suddenly remembered a
report she had left in Annie's office. Finding the door
closed, she knocked. She heard grunts and moans as Annie
gasped, "Yes, oh yes! I'm coming. I'm coming!" When Annie
opened the door several minutes later, she was flushed
and disheveled. Her tiny skirt was a mess, the frilly
blouse was half-buttoned wrongly, and only one stocking
had been pulled hastily into place. A blond giant was
grinning sheepishly and fastening up his overalls.
Alice's shock only deepened when she realized the man
Annie had been fucking was in fact a boy of no more than

Annie saw Alice staring at her young swain. "This is my,
er, friend, Clem," Annie said breathlessly by way of

"Mighty proud to meet yah, ma'am," the boy drawled,
offering her his huge callused hand.

Suddenly, everything became clear. Annie had become
infatuated with this boy, spent three weeks shacked up
with him in Cutters Creek, and brought him home with her.
He was the cause of the youthful behavior, the sexy
dress, and the silly grin plastered on Annie's face when
she arrived each morning. Alice had never imagined Annie
was capable of such things but as she stared at the boy,
she got an inkling of what had happened. Notwithstanding
his age, he exuded a powerful masculinity. He was
beautiful, clear skin, broad shoulders, narrow waist and
even through the overalls it was clear he had a massive
cock. No wonder Annie had been screaming in ecstasy; Clem
probably had her bent over screwing her silly! Alice felt
her heart begin to pound and an unfamiliar wetness invade
her pussy. What was she thinking? Turning, she fled to
the safety of her office.

A few weeks later Annie's wardrobe underwent another and
more ominous change. She still wore her skirts short, but
now they were becoming looser, just hanging from her
definitely expanding chest. When it was already evident,
Annie confirmed that indeed she was expecting a baby in
June. "Right on schedule," Alice though ironically. From
then on, Alice could see it was a matter of time. Annie
slowly lost all interest in her job. She arrived happily
late, rushed away early. She did little work; hardly able
to talk about anything but the baby Clem had given her.
Just before Christmas, her belly already bloated
enormously, Annie confirmed that she was taking early
retirement the first of the year. "The cost of living is
so low in Cutters Creek, my pension will go a long way
and Jenny has her savings, too."

"Jenny?" Alice asked, knowing Annie's sister had been
elected Sate Prosecutor at a by-election last summer.

"Yeah, she's about six week behind me, but she's coming
with us. Clem wants us to bring the babies up together.
Besides," she grinned, "Clem is eager to start us on a
couple more as soon as these two are born."

The sight of a young man standing out in a field brought
Alice back to the present. He looked a lot like Clem:
blond, tall, barrel-chested but with slim hips. She
realized he had noticed her staring at him and he waved.
She wondered it she was getting close to Cutters Creek.

Around the next bend was her answer. Alice had to brake
abruptly for the wagon in front of her. As she drove by
carefully, very carefully on the narrow road, she had
plenty of time to observe the occupants. In the middle,
holding the reins was a man of maybe no more than 25 with
a young woman, presumably his wife snuggled close to his
side. Wait, at his other side was another woman who
looked like the twin of the first and she was sitting
just as close as the other woman and looking just as
wifely and just as pregnant - hugely pregnant. If Alice
wasn't mistaken, they were wanking him. In the back were
their offspring. The phrase "children having children"
popped into Alice's mind as she saw two gawky boys
energetically fucking away at two younger and very
pregnant girls.

A little farther along she came to the outskirts of the
little town. Pulling her Lexis into a dilapidated filling
station complete with rusting tin roof, unpainted plank
walls, and ancient pick-up truck upon blocks over to one
side, Alice inquired about lodging. "Do you have a
Marriott Courtyard, or Best Western in town?" she asked
the man filling her tank. The blank look was answer
enough. "Or maybe a Days Inn or red Roof?"

"If them's hoe-tels or moe-tels, we ain't got none
hereabouts," the grizzled old-timer replied.

"Where do visitors stay, in that case?"

"Mainly they stays with kinfolks, 'cept the couples that
comes to spend time in the Honeymoon Heaven. You got
yourself a man? People that stays with at Honeymoon
Heaven always leaves happy," he leered.

"Oh! Is that some sort of a bed and breakfast," Alice
remarked, trying not to feel put off.

"Don't know about no breakfast," he smirked, "but they
shore must have some good beds over there. Most of the
wimen are startin' to get big bellies 'time they leaves."
The man gave her another look that made Alice
uncomfortable, as if he was sizing her up for some
purpose. "You looks pretty hot, ma'am. Can I gitcha
somethin' to drank?"

Alice ignored the no doubt unintentional double entedre
and smiled at this backwoods courtesy, although she
wished now she had not worn the skirt that was clinging
to her hips rather revealingly. "Why, yes, thank you.
I'll have a Perrier lemon." The man's blank look
indicated another misstep.

"We's got some mighty fine Spirit Springs water, bottled
right over in Fertile Valley. Lemme gitcha some. Emmy
Lou," he shouted, "git some water fer the lady." Moments
later a girl appeared with a frosty glass of water and a
large unopened plastic bottle. Alice almost dropped it,
as she gaped at the largest, most over-stretched belly
she had ever seen on such a small girl; she couldn't be
more than twelve. "Emmy Lou, gonna give us 'nother set o'
twins, purdy soon," the man announced proudly, pulling up
the little girl's dress to caress her tightly stretched

"Why this IS delicious," Alice agreed taking a sip to
avoid staring at the girl's down-covered pussy. She had
not realized how thirsty she was; she drank the entire
glass. "Thank you. How much do I owe you for the gasoline
and the bottled water."

"Eighteen fifty for the gas. The water is free. The
Church distributes Spirit Springs water fer free. It's
part of their evangelization work."

Alice smiled. She didn't need evangelizing, but the water
was good. She supposed these crackpot religious groups
did do SOME good. She got back into her car feeling
distinctly better than before she had stopped. Most of
the bottle of water was gone by the time she found
Honeymoon Heaven.

The establishment was larger than Alice would have
thought. It was newly built but of logs in a faux-rustic
style. A large front veranda greeted visitors. Apparently
this was a pretty slow day; two women, probably the
proprietors were sitting in rocking chairs near the
entrance. Alice could see their happy expressions as she
walked up; then she saw why. Both women had their blouses
open and were nursing babies from their enormous tits.
Then she did a double take; it was Annie and Jenny Boone.
Annie's baby was larger than Jenny's, but even the
younger child seemed too large for it's age. If Alice
remember correctly, Annie's due date was only about two
months ago. These babies looked like they were four or
six months old. The explanation, slightly obscene, came
to her in a flash. "No wonder the children are overgrown;
look a the size of the udder's on those women. Those
babies must be gorging on breast milk."

"Alice! Alice Wells as I live and breath," exclaimed
Annie, shifting the baby around to allow her to stand up.
That gave Alice her second shock. Annie was very
obviously pregnant again! "Come up here and set a spell."
Alice was amazed at how quickly Annie was picking up the
hillbilly dialect.

"Hi, Alice," Jenny added. Although not so obvious, Alice
was pretty sure the bulge under Jenny's skirt also meant
a baby on the way.

"Mary Lou, Angie Mae," Jenny called out, "y'all hep Miz
Alice with her bags."

Almost immediately two large blond girls that looked
amazingly like Clem appeared. "Yes'am Aunt Annie," they
said as they hefted Alice's bags inside, apparently
unconcerned they might harm the child each was so
obviously carrying.

"I's pleased as..." Annie seemed to catch herself. "I
mean how nice you decided to drop in on us, Alice. What
brings you all the way out here to Cutters Creek?"

"Annie! Look at yourself, at your sister, at those two
girls. Do you have to ask why I came? I've got to find
out what is going on here and put a stop to it. This
little town is going to bankrupt the State."

"But Alice, I explained all that in my final report. The
people here are just extremely healthy, probably because
of the pristine environment, and attractive. What is so
strange about them having babies?

"Annie! You can't mean that. We're talking girls of 12
and 13 and even of 9 and 10 having babies, not
mention..." Alice caught herself before she said "women
your age," and continued diplomatically, "older women."

"Alice, let's not discuss this right now. You've had a
long trip. Let's get you to your room so you can relax.
Then you come right back down here at suppertime and we
can talk all you want. What do you say you stay with us
at no charge? THAT will help the State's budget that you
are so worried about, won't it?" Annie laughed.

Alice had to agree. She was tired. One of the double-name
blondes appeared again to take her to the room. "This
way, Miz Alice, " she smiled. As the pregnant girl led
Alice along the narrow corridors, her feminine aroma
filled the confined spaces. Alice could smell the girl's
arousal and it affected her as well. She had heard that
some women became incredibly horny when they were
pregnant. This one must be a little minx. Probably as
soon as she was finished here, she would rush off to find
the man that gave her the baby to beg him to pour more
cum into her ravenous pleasure chute. Alice wondered if
she would be constantly aroused and in need of constant
sex when she was pregnant, when her belly was as blown up
as this girl. And how big would HER tits get? If a dried-
up, flat-chested wisp like Annie Boone could develop the
set of knockers she had, her own would be gargantuan,
Alice thought.

"Your room, Miz Alice."

Alice was shocked to realize she had been following the
girl like a zombie, lost in an obscene daydream. How
could she be even thinking about being pregnant? She had
no husband or boyfriend and had never wanted one. How
could she be fantasizing about childbearing? The warm
wetness between her legs that such thoughts produced was
even more disturbing.

The room with a nice bucolic view was surprisingly
comfortable for such a hick town. A throne-like bed was
the centerpiece, of course, but there was a television
with VCR player, a well-stocked mini-bar and even a small
bookshelf with a few books. Alice was picked up one of
the Honeymoon Heaven brochure she found in the room. The
establishment promoted itself as a place where couples
who were having trouble conceiving could come for help.
According to the literature, the peace and quite of
Cutters Creek, the clean air and water, and the friendly
surroundings would help relieve stress that prevented
pregnancy in so many cases. Some of the references quoted
were incredible.


Dear Honeymoon Heaven,

"Mable and I had two children when we were first married,
but then she decided to return to work and postpone
having more babies for a while. The "while" turned into
twenty years and I was becoming more and more concerned
about her ability to have more children, although her
fertility was not being seriously tested. She was making
sure we only made love for a day or two during her safest
period each month and always insisted that I wear a
condom. I had the impression that the infrequent sex was
not as much of a torture to her as it was to me."

"Then I heard of Honeymoon Heaven. It wasn't easy to
persuade her to come. She wasn't too keen on a "second
honeymoon" considering she got pregnant on the first one.
Your rates are a little steep, but was it worth it! By
Tuesday night she didn't push me away when I cuddled up
to her and on Wednesday night she rubbed up against me
and asked me to make love to her. I put on a condom and
she seemed to enjoy it very much. Thursday night she was
even more eager and told me to 'fuck her.' She enjoyed
that even more. On Friday night she was almost crazy and
wanted me to 'fuck her brains out.' On Saturday night she
ripped the condom right off and pleaded with me to 'fuck
her pregnant.'"

"For the next two weeks Mable hardly wanted to get out of
bed. When I couldn't get it up (and we were both
pleasantly surprised how often I could), she let me eat
her, something she had always refused me up until then.
To make a long story short, by the time we left, Mable's
tits were already getting bigger and she had acquired
that delightful little bulge in her tummy that I thought
took a lot longer to appear. Moreover, I'm happy to say,
her horniness did not decrease we got home. She demanded
hot frequent sex right up until the day our daughter was
born. Since then we've had three more children and
yesterday Mable told me she's expecting again."

"Thank you, thank you, Honeymoon Haven


Satisfied Husband

Thanks, too, for persuading us to sign up for the monthly
shipments of Spirit Springs water. Mable just loves it!"


Other letters told of husbands whose virility
miraculously returned when wives finally got hubby to
Honeymoon Heaven, shy wives who became sexual athletes,
and grandmothers producing little aunts and uncles for
their grandchildren to baby-sit. It was all very strange
and it is made Alice very hot.

She decided to seek to cool off with some light reading.
To her horror she but found that the books on the shelves
all dealt with pregnancy themes, "Mother Times Two"
(about the birth of twins to a happy single woman) "He
Didn't Want Children!" (trials and tribulations of a
woman who has difficulty persuading her husband to make
her pregnant), and worst of all, "The Vargas Reader" (a
collection of stories by an obscure internet porwriter in
which virtually every woman character in every story gets

Switching on the TV, she found that there was no
reception this far from the city and there was no cable.
Fortunately there was quite a collection of videotapes.
But on closer inspection they were all of a very
particular self-help kind: advice to women on the best
ways to get pregnant (positions, foods, fertility cycles,
overcoming hubby's reluctance), sex during pregnancy
(scene after scene of hugely pregnant women enjoying sex
- and were they enjoying it! -- in different positions
and venues) and exercises during pregnancy (which led to
more sex during pregnancy, see above).

By now Alice was frantic. Was there nothing in this room
that didn't have to do with pregnancy? Thankfully she
remembered the mini-bar. She found it open and found with
relief that in addition to the ever-present Spirit
Springs water, there was collection of wines and liquor,
although they were local brands she had never heard of.
The beer and the liquor proudly proclaimed being brewed
with Spirit Springs water ("Life-giving Water") and the
wines were a product of Church of the Spirit wineries.
Deciding she needed something stronger than water, Alice
opened a bottle of "New Life" whisky, pored herself a
double over ice and tossed it down.

Alice was sitting, admittedly in a better frame of mind
after a second double whisky, wondering what kind of a
place she had come to when there was a knock at the door.
It was the one of the blondes. "Aunt Jenny said bring
this to you. She said it would help you relax.," the girl
smiled handing Alice a box tied with a large bow.

"Thank you," Alice replied, taking the box and waiting
for the girl to leave. Instead, she just stood there,

"Aunt Jenny said maybe I could help."


"With the box"

Alice stared at the bow and began to untie it. The lid of
the box opened easily. Alice's eyes grew wide with
astonishment. There in carefully laid out rows were a
series of dildos of various sizes and textures. Alice
tried to re-close the lid rapidly, but her fingers didn't
coordinate well enough as she turned beet red. "I, er, I
don't need any help" she said, trembling slightly.

"If you say so," the girl smiled.

Alice had heard of things like this, but had never even
though about using one. Only occasionally did she
masturbate to orgasm. But she realized she needed to.
This crazy day, the boy who waved at her, the husband and
wives and the children fucking in the wagon, the aroma of
the pregnant girl, and all the bizarre things in the room
had Alice in a frenzy. She looked at the objects in the
box and selected a medium size phallus-shaped dildo.
Shuddering, she replaced it - and picked up the longest,
thickest, knobbiest of the lot.

"Why am I so fucking HORNY?" she moaned. Alice didn't
bother to remove her dress; she just pulled down her
panties, lay back on the bed and slid the artificial cock
into her amazingly well lubricated snatch. It felt s much
better than any man she's ever had, not that there had
been many. Her fingers flew in and out, quickly
establishing a rhythm that would slowly bring her to
CLIMAX! Her body was wracked by orgasm almost as soon as
she inserted the device. Panting, she began again.

A half hour later Alice was bathed in sweat and
profoundly asleep, her legs splayed and the dildo between
her limp fingers still in her pussy. "Guess she DIDN'T
need no help," the blond girl thought when she looked in
on the new guest. Moving silently, she switched on the
radio. She didn't want the older woman to miss Rev.
Breed's "Evening Reflections."

Comments, please, to
Homer Vargas


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