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Cutterscreek part 5


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Cutters Creek 5 (MF, MC, Preg.)
Homer Vargas

Alice barely heard the chime that signaled supper in a
half hour. Sluggishly she opened her eyes. She was
embarrassed to realize the dildo still in her moist twat.
Slowly and a bit reluctantly -- it did feel good -- she
removed it. How could she have gotten so horny as to fuck
herself into a stupor? She was vaguely aware of an
excitement but not the overpowering arousal that had sent
her to her bed to seek release from a sex toy. Her head
clearing, Alice opened her suitcase to find something to
put on. She regretted her choice in the clothes she
packed; most of them seemed to conservative for the
informal atmosphere of the Bed &Breakfast. Her eye fell
on a short summer frock. She smiled as she picked it up.


Alice couldn't believe all the food she had eaten. True,
she had only had a half tuna sandwich and diet coke for
lunch. But did that explain her putting down three pieces
of fried chicken, a plate of black-eye peas with
cornbread, a helping of turnip greens, and two ears of
corn dripping with butter? Plus she washed it down with
huge glasses of the local buttermilk. On top of that she
had said yes to an enormous slice of pecan pie with ice
cream on top. She had been ravenous, but part of the
explanation was trying to stay busy and avoid embarrassed
stares at the goings on around her.

Clem sat at the head of the table like a minor prince
flanked by Jennie and Annie on either side. Farther away,
the Prentice sisters (as Alice had learned who the two
blond girls were) sat next to their new "aunts." The big
boy said little, basking in the rapt adoration of four
women for the man who had given each the baby she was
carrying. Jennie and Annie were like schoolgirls on a
date, giggling and whispering things to in Clem's ear,
clearly vying for his attention. Occasionally Alice
noticed one of the sisters close her eyes and purse her
lips in a way that told Alice the boy had just fingered
her to orgasm. And the aunties, in turn, were keeping the
girls at their sides happy with a finger or two where a
horny pregnant teen needs it most. The smell of sex was

"I guess it's the healthy country air," Annie had
explained when Alice expressed her concern about her

"But I'll explode if I keep eating like this! How do you

"Oh we don't worry about THAT!" Jennie laughed. men her
like their girls on the chubby side, even when they don't
have us eating for two."

Alice could not keep from noticing the change in the two
sisters. While "dried up" was perhaps unkind, back in the
city both women had been quite thin, especially upstairs.
Alice supposed it was the pregnancies, but each woman now
must wear at least a D cup. Their hips had become wider
and more womanly as well. Both were radiant with health.

"With all the walking up and down the hills around here,
you won't have any trouble keeping your figure at least
you won't get fat from overeating, right Clem darling?"
Annie replied.

Alice could see him reach over and put his large hand on
Annie's new bulge. "You's got the kinnda figger Ah likes,
Miz Annie," he said. Noticing a flicker of hurt in her
eyes, Clem diplomatically patted Jennie's smaller belly
and added, "Yore's , too, Miz Jennie." Alice would have
sworn the two women orgasmed slightly at his expression
of approval.

When her eyed uncrossed, Annie looked to her two
"nieces." "Mary Lou and Angie Mae, could you hep Clem out
back fer a spell; Your Aunt Jennie and me needs to talk
to Miz Alice."

Hearing this backwoods diction come out of the mouth of a
woman with two masters degrees astounded Alice. Clem
beamed as the two girls jumped up and skipped over to
their brother's chair. "Sure'uf, Aunt Annie, we'll help
Clem REAL good."

"Now you be careful how you 'help' Clem," Annie joked. I
don't want him geittin' you girls any more pregnant that
you are already"

"What's wrong, Aunt Annie," one giggled. "You jealous
'cause Clem ain't give you twins yet like he done us?"

Alice rolled her eyes at these "McCoy-esque" attempts at
humor as the two girls led Clem away, stroking the bulge
in his pants. She was pretty sure he wouldn't have it
much longer. Those two minxes would fuck the poor boy
until he was a noodle. Now if SHE were taking care of
hi... My god! What was she thinking?

"I suppose you want to talk, Alice," Annie said turning
to her former boss who was watching Clem disappear with a
hand under the dress of each of the girls.

"Huh? Oh, ...talk ... yes" Alice stuttered.

"Well, shall we go to the parlor? Jennie, honey, bring a
bottle of 'Sprit d'Val and we'll have a nice girl to girl
chat." Before she could react, Annie had taken Alice's
arm and was leading her from the table. She still felt a
bit slow and stuffed with food when Alice drew her down
onto the sofa. Moments later Jennie was standing before
her with a bottle and three glass of wine.

"We bottle it her from local grapes," Jennie announced
cheerily. "It's really good."

Alice wasn't convinced, but took a glass for politeness.
Jennie slipped in beside her, closer than Alice was used

"So, Alice, what do you need to know that wasn't in the
reports I sent back?"

"Why, everything, Annie." Alice managed to reply,
collecting her thoughts. "You told us WHAT was happening,
but not why? Why do girls of 11 and 12 get pregnant? Why
do women in their fifties and sixties start having babies
again? Why do the teachers who come here... why did YOU
give up a career to rusticate in this backwater? Do you
have any explanation?" Alice's voice was rising in pitch.

"Calm down Alice, girl, we can explain everything. Take
your wine; we have all night."

Jennie passed lifted her the glass and smiled. "To life?"

Annie raised her glass in agreement. "Yes, to new life."

Alice took as sip, but Annie and Jennie poured back as
good slug. Alice had to admit the wine was good. She took
another sip. The sisters sat on either side of her and
smiled. "You knew I never married, never had had a
boyfriend, didn't you?" Annie asked

Alice nodded.

"And you knew Jennie and I lived together, too? Did you
think we were celibate?"

Alice's jaw dropped.

"We thought we didn't need men; we had each other,"
Jennie added, giving her older sister a squeeze. "We
shared everything, including our bodies. I was as shocked
and astounded as you when Annie told me she had met a man
in Cutters Creek."

"Exactly, Annie!" Alice exclaimed. "You had a good job
and a stable life, why give it up for this...BOY?"

"You say my life was stable, Alice? How about boring?"
Annie replied "I was a single, middle age, sexually
frustrated woman. My chances of marriage and children was
less than of being struck by lightning. I found comfort
in Jennie's arms, but even then, I knew something was
missing. I was getting old, Alice. Now look at me! I feel
years younger, and more of a woman than I've ever been.
I'm nursing a beautiful baby daughter and have another
baby on the way. After Catherine was born and Clem did
this to me," Annie stopped, grinned, and patted her
belly, "my waist measure had shrunk by two inches, but my
hips and bust had expanded by four. I'm a damn sexy woman
and I have a horny sixteen-year-old boy fucking my lights
out every day to prove it."

"And he's got enough left over to keep me plenty
satisfied, too," sighed Jennie.

"I get more sex in a day, Alice, than most women get in a
month! When I go up to bed tonight, Clem will be there
waiting for me. He may be asleep, but his cock won't be.
When I pull back the covers to get in with him, my pussy
will get wet just to see that hard young body and those
delightful blond curls. Hell, my pussy's wet right now
just thinking about him. Although it really isn't
necessary, I'll give his half-hard cock a kiss to stiffen
him up. I love the taste of that little drop of precum
that's always on the time of that wonderful woman-
pleaser. Then I'll lower myself onto him, feeling him
fill me up, stretch me with his manhood. Even though
those slutty Prentice sisters have had him filling their
greedy little pussies for hours, Clem always has enough
for me. I can fuck myself to orgasm after orgasm on his
sweet cock and then he'll reward me with a blast of

"Tomorrow morning I'll wake up with his head between my
legs. He'll climax me at least twice before he craws on
top of me and blasts me full of his thick delicious come.
I'll still be leaking boy spunk at noon."

"You gave up everything, just for sex?" Alice asked

"Just?" Annie smiled.

"I understand, Alice" Jennie interjected. "I asked almost
the same thing. For a couple of weeks after she moved
Clem in with us, I turned up my nose at my 'sex-crazed'
big sister. I tried to ignore the cries of ecstasy every
night coming from her room. I pretended not to notice my
sister's happy, satisfied face every morning and the
semen running down her leg. When I found out she was
pregnant, I had a fit. I tried to confront her, then
Clem. He had no idea why I wouldn't be overjoyed that my
forty-year-old sister was going to have a baby with a
high-school boy she wasn't married to. And looking at
them, both so happy, I couldn't think of any reason not
to be. A few days later I was in bed with Annie kissing
my titties while Clem fucked me silly. We like to think
he got me pregnant that first time se fucked."

Alice was terrified by these tales, but her flowing pussy
reminded her that she was excited, as well. "I can't
understand. It can't be!" she cried. "It makes no sense!"

"It's a lot to absorb in one day, Alice," Annie said
sympathetically. "Look around Creek for yourself. Talk to
people. Relax and enjoy the scenery and the friendly
folks here in Cutters Creek. Now, if you will excuse me,
there is a sixteen-year-old boy upstairs who is waiting
to fuck my brains out" Annie grinned and winked at

"Yes, I know you must be very tiered. Have a good night's
sleep. It'll all make better sense in the morning,"
Jennie added.

That was the first sensible thing anyone had said all
night. Alice realized just how sleepy she was from the
food and - had she really drunk three glasses of wine?
The slightly tipsy State Superintendent of Education
stood up to make her way back to her room and fall into

"Let me help you," Jennie smiled and slipped her arm
around the older woman. Somehow, it felt good. The air
was heavy with the scent of night-blooming flowers as
Jennie guided Alice unsteadily toward her bungalow. The
radio was on to some religious broadcast when they
reached the room, but Alice was too sleepy to pay much
attention. She stood and looked around the room as if not
knowing what to do next.

"You've had a long hard day, Alice," Jennie whispered.
You must be very sleepy." Gently she began to unbutton
the blouse of the dazed woman.

"No, 'salright," Alice slurred.

"Of course it'll be alright, honey," Jennie purred and
she continued to disrobe the older woman. "All that wine
and talk about Clem fucking us so good and giving us
babies just has you aroused. I'll help you relax so you
can really sleep. Jennie was kissing Alice's neck as she
unclasped her bra.

"'s Kay, Jennie, but I don't need ..."

Jennie's kiss full in the mouth stopped Alice's protest
even as the young woman began to feel up her older
companion. "Yes, you DO need. Such beautiful breasts,
baby. So much bigger than Annie's or mine were before.
These will plump up really nicely." She was toying with
Alice's nipples now. "And already quite sensitive. You're
going to love it here."

Something was wrong, Alice knew. Everything! She had been
horny since she arrived at this benighted backwater. She
had fucked herself silly with an artificial cock before
supper and now was letting this young bisexual seduce
her. But if it was wrong, why did it feel so good?
Jennie's hands were making her breasts glow with
pleasure. Involuntarily, she relaxed into the young
woman's arms.

"Poor horny baby," Jennie cooed. "Need to come so bad.
Let's get these off of you." Alice had been unaware when
Jennie had removed her dress and her own. She just
realized they were both stripped down to nothing but
their panties Jennies hand was in hers. Alice attempted
briefly to struggle, but Jennie calmed her with a quick
brush of her clit. "That's a good baby." She felt her
last remaining protection fall to her ankles. "Step,
honey. Don't want to trip." Amazingly, Alice obeyed.

Jennie was kissing her again and her fingers were playing
wonderful games in her pussy. "So wet for me, aren't you?
Let's get you in bed so I can give this juicy puss the
loving she needs!" Effortlessly, Jennie guided Alice to
the bed. Kissing her again, she and lay her out, gently
spreading her legs and opening her to Jennie's attention.
"What a beautiful pussy you have Alice, hot and wet, the
kind men like. You're going to make someone very happy,
darling, but me first!"

Alice had never felt a woman's lips on her sex before,
but the jolt of pleasure almost made her pass out. She
felt her pussy clench and an orgasm took her! Jennie
stopped to admire. Alice was as beautiful as Annie had
told her, especially her pussy. There was nothing that
makes a woman more special than her pussy, Jennie
thought. She had seen and tasted plenty of them. They
came in all different sizes, colors and shapes; some were
tucked inside like a little girl's cunnie and some had
thick luscious lips that come out to greet you. Some were
nested in bushes of fur and others are covered with
transparent fuzz. She appreciated Alice's wild, unused
qualities and told her, although not in those words.

Jennie knew women are a good deal more verbal than men,
especially during lovemaking. Clem could make her come
just by telling her what he was about to do. "Oh, Alice,
baby. You have the cutest pussy. Let me make it wetter
for you, so wet," she whispered all the time she was
petting and stroking the woman. "That's it, honey, let me
love your beautiful quim."

Gently Jennie pulled the lips apart and nosed Alice's
inner lips, giving them their first, playful lick The
older woman shuddered. Next Jennie spread the tops of
Alice's unvisited pussy until she found her clit. She
blew it a soft salute, but avoided touching her there
yet. Jennie would work up to that slowly. Before she had
Alice sufficiently aroused, her clit would be too
delicate to be handled. Cooing endearments, Jennie
stalked Alice's pussy slowly, knowing that women, even
more so than men, love to be teased. She zeroed in on the
inner part of her victim-lover's thigh, a most tender
spot. She licked it, kissed it, made designs on it with
the tip of her tongue. Jennie came maddeningly close to
Alice's pussy, then floated away. She never let Alice
know just when she would strike.

Suddenly Jennie was licking the crease where Alice's leg
joined her pussy. She felt Alice quiver as she nuzzled
her face into Alice's untamed bush. Brushing her lips
over Alice's now flowing slit without pressing down
further excited the inexperienced woman. Jennie knew she
had her! Soon Alice was bucking up from the bed,
straining to get more of Jennie to her. It was time.
Jennie put her lips right on top of Alice's slit.

Gently, Jennie kissed her sex, then harder. With her
tongue, Jennie separated Alice's pussy lips and when she
opened up, her seductress ran her tongue up and down
between the layers of Alice's pussy flesh. God she loved
the taste of a horny pussy! Almost as much as having her
own tasted. Gently she spread Alice's unresisting legs a
little more with her hands.

Gently, ever so gently, Jennie began to tongue-fuck the
woman. Alice's moans of arousal and frustration told her
she was teasing her partner unmercifully. Now, far from
rejecting the sweet manipulation of her sex as degrading
or perverted, Alice was dying for some attention her
clit. Jennie took a quick look. Alice's clit had gotten
hard enough to peek out of it's covering. Alice wailed
when Jennie licked it and again when she licked harder,
pressing into her skin.

Pulling the pussy lips gently aside, Jennie flicked her
tongue against Alice's uncovered bud. She did it quickly.
Alice's legs shuddered. Sensing that Alice was
approaching orgasm, Jennie made her lips into an O and
took the sensitive flesh into her mouth. Starting to suck
gently, Jennie looked up at Alice's face for her
reaction. She could handle it so she began to suck
harder. Alice was responding enthusiastically. "Typical,"
thought Jennie. The frigid ones are always the hottest,
once you cracked their shell. She sucked he clit harder.
Alice lifted her pelvis into the air with the tension of
her rising orgasm. Jennie hung on, keeping her hot mouth
on Alice's clit. "Don't stop. Please! Don't ever stop!"
Alice wailed.

Jennie had no intention of stopping. She was pleased with
Alice so far but she wanted to do something else to
intensify the načve woman's pleasure. She began to
finger-fuck Alice who was enjoying her teacher's cunt-
licking talents. Jennie made for the sensitive area at
the roof of her vagina. This is what drove Jennie crazy
when Clem fucked her. Well, there was no cock handy so
her fingers would have to do the fucking.

Wetting them with Alice's flow, Jennie slipped one then
two fingers into her pussy. She slid them inside, rubbing
slowly at first, then a little faster, massaging Alice's
G spot rhythmically with a "come here" motion. Paying
careful attention to Alice's responses, Jennie speeded up
only when her pupil did. Alice's ragged breathing told
the young woman what to do. sucking her clit and finger-
fucking her at the same time, Jennie was giving Alice far
more stimulation than any man could with a cock alone.
She could feel Alice's almost uncontainable excitement
build. The aroused State Superintendent of Education
turned red and began to tremble.

Even when Alice's orgasm broke, Jennie didn't let go of
her clit, hanging on for the duration. When Alice started
to come down from the first come, Jennie pressed her
tongue along the underside of Alice's clit, leaving her
lips covering the top. Gently, she moved her tongue in
and out of her cunt. Her fingers were still inside and
she began to move them a little too, gently though,
knowing how sensitive Alice would be just now. Bingo!
Alice was off towards another orgasm.

Not content just to make her lover come, Jennie wanted to
make Alice a love-slave. She didn't leave her leave her
alone for a second. She talked to Alice, stroked her
body, caressed her breasts, pinched her nipples. She
continued making love to her quietly until Alice had
floated all the way down into a deep, exhausted sleep.

Jennie was tired, too and gathered the post-orgasmic
woman in her arms. They would nap for a while before
their next session when she hoped to show Alice how to
return a favor. Jennie reached over to adjust the volume
of Rev. Breed's "Nocturnal Reflections." The program
always helped her sleep. She knew it would help Alice
even more.


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Homer Vargas

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