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Cutterscreek part 6



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Cutters Creek - 6
School Daze
Homer Vargas

Thanks to Billy Breed for the inspiration and the used
of one very hot scene.

It was a struggle for Alice to get up the next morning.
She and Jennie had made love - well, Jennie had done most
of the making -- for most of the night. Now Jennie was
lying curled in the bed they had shared, tuckered from
her exertions. Alice had never been with a woman before,
but it had been wonderful. Her younger companion's long
years with Annie had taught her just how to please a
woman. Alice had never come so many times in one night.
She was tempted to awaken Jennie and start again, but
reason prevailed. She had come to Cutters Creek for a
purpose, not to let this beautiful bisexual woman fuck
her silly.

She had to get to the bottom of the absurd behavior of
everyone in this crazy town. No reason to beat around the
bush. Alice decided to go to inspect the school first.
She really didn't have time for a big breakfast but
allowed the Prentice sisters to prepare her a "little
sump'n." That turned out to be a mountain of waffles
drowned in thick strawberry syrup and served with pounds
of the local cream cheese, platters of bacon, over easy
eggs and a pitcher of freshly-squeezed orange juice
spiced just right, although Alice didn't know it, with
several slugs of the brandy. By the time she pushed
herself away from the table, Alice was feeling sleepy and
- amazingly, considering how she had spent the night -
horny again.

The school LOOKED normal enough, set back on the top of a
hill, circular drive and flagpole out front. Alice though
she might find out more if she did not announce herself
to the principal. She strolled through the halls as if
she were the mother of a student there. There was only
one distinctive thing about Alice, although she was not
aware of it: she was the only woman who was not pregnant
or nursing or both. Poking her head into several
classrooms, she saw sums being done, maps being explained
and spelling words written on blackboards. Nothing looked
out of the ordinary until she reached what appeared to be
a sex education class.

On these walls were large posters showing in rather more
detail than Alice thought necessary, the parts of the
human reproductive system with the female erogenous zones
well marked. Even more shocking were other posters
showing couples actually Doing It. Each lifelike picture
was labeled, "Missionary," "Doggie," "Riding St. George,"
"Ankles-to-Ceiling," "Shoulder Drape," and numerous other
positions Alice had never heard off. Were they using the
Kama Sutra as a text, she wondered. Another wall had
drawings of a nude young woman - a girl really - in
various stages of pregnancy. Neither the instructor, a
handsome young man in his late twenties or the normally
rowdy students seemed to be paying much attention to the
lewd images on the wall.

"Settle down now students," announced the instructor.
"Today we are going to have a class on making a baby."

Alice was so astonished she was not sure she had heard

"Aw, Mr. Johnston. We did that last year," complained one

"Yeah, we know all 'bout makin' babies," a girl added.
Everyone giggled as she patted her own bulging tummy.

Even having read all the reports that Annie had send in,
Alice was still not prepared to see a young girl so
enormously pregnant. The child was HUGE. Alice didn't
know how the girl could stand with a distended belly
poking so far in from of her. Why, the size of her tits
alone would have unbalanced a larger woman.

"Just because you got yourself knocked up, Molly, doesn't
mean even YOU know all about it. Besides, not everyone
has a couple of uncles and a brother in the house to show
them how, like you do. For example, who knows how to tell
on which day a woman is most likely to get a baby in her

"That's easy, Mr. Johnson," a tall boy answered raising
his hand.

"Alright, Ebeneezer, tell us"

"The day she gets a man to put his thang in'er and
fill'er up with baby juice."

The class exploded in laughter and Mr. Johnson looked a
little cross with himself at having set up the smart-
Alec's reply. "Yes, and how does a man decide which day
to do that, Ebeneezer?" the teacher tried to recover.

"'Which day?' I don't know what you mean, Mr. Johnson.
Sally May says I gotta do it every day a couple of times
at least. I guess she don't want to take no chances." A
nervous titter from a pretty pregnant girl in the back of
the class confirmed the boy's surmise.

"That's all very well, Ebeneezer, when you've got just
two or three wives or sisters or girlfriends and you can
keep all of them filled up, but when you get older, you
may have dozens of women that you will want to keep
knocked up. You can't fuck them all every day, can you?"

"Gosh, Mr. Johnson, I never though about that," the boy
admitted as the other students giggled at his

"So you have to be able to tell when a woman is
'fertile,' you can fuck each one on the best day and make
them all pregnant."

"Wow!" exclaimed a thin little girl, thin except for her
belly and rack, that is. "And I thought Pa was just lucky
with me, and Ma and my twelve sisters."

"You see, class; that's why you go to school, to learn
thing that will help you when you grow up. Now who can
tell me what 'fertile' means?" he paused to write the
word on the blackboard.

A lanky boy in the front row grinned and raised his hand,
"Does it mean a guy can preg up a girl the very first
time you do her, like I did Emmy Lou?"

"No, Elmer, I believe you are thinking about 'virile.'"
Mr. Johnson wrote V-I-R-I-L-E on the board, too. "Anybody

"Ah knows," a young giant from the back said. "It's when
a boy's pecker gets real big and hard anytime it's near a
good pussy. Like mine when I'm with Bonny. You want us to
show you, Mr. Johnson?" A tiny girl beside him with the
merest hint of a belly brightened at the thought.

"Er, no, Jeremiah, that won't be necessary during this
lesson. The condition that Jeremiah is describing is
called 'potency.'" P-O-T-E-N-C-Y was added to the list.

"I remember you told us that a boy and girl can make a
baby when the boy fucks his baby juice into the girl's
pussy and his sperms find her eggs," a blond girl said.
"So I guess 'fertile' is when her eggs are in the best
place to get found."

"Very good, Cindy Dee! Did you know that you were fertile
the day you got pregnant?"

"No, sir. it just kinda happened. A few months ago Jody
came into us girls' room one night purdy soon after we
heard Ma start getting' it from Pa. Jody said Pa was
gonna fuck another baby into Ma and he wanted to fuck one
into me. His pecker was so big and hard I just opened up
my legs and let him put it in me. Didn't hurt 'cept a
little the first time. Then it shore did feel good! We've
been doin' it every night since. Seems me and Ma caught
'bout the same time."

Alice was in a state of shock hearing this class and, to
tell the truth, she was getting rather turned on by it.

"You see, class, neither Cindy nor Jody really knew how
to make a baby because they didn't know which day Cindy
was ..." he paused.

"Fer-tile" the class chorused.

"Very good! OK so now we know WHY it's important to find
out when a girl is 'fertile.' Now what girl would like to
volunteer to help me show us HOW to tell she is

Suspecting that this might result in having their
handsome Sex-Ed teacher's reportedly very large prick in
them, all the girls tried to jostle their way forward.
"Juanita, Linda Sue, Becky Jane, ya'll just step back,"
the teacher admonished. "You know you're already

To a disappointed chorus of "Aw, Mr. Johnson!" most of
the eager girls returned to their seats. Only two
remained, looking quite uncomfortable.

"Well, Jill Finch and Sarah Reiley," he smiled. "I guess
it's no surprise that you girls who have not been in
Cutters Creek long would have some "catching up" to do.
Neither one of you are pregnant are you?"

Both girls shook their heads.

"But you have been fucking, haven't you?"

"Oh, yes Mr. Johnson!" Sarah exclaimed excitedly. "Jason
Miller did me on the hayride last week and he's..."

"That's alright Sarah. We can all imagine what Jason has
been doing to you without your telling us. What about you

Jill shook her head, to the surprise and dismay of the
class. "I'll do'er," rang out a voice from the back of
the class, but the teacher ignored the interruption.

"Well, this is a little out of the ordinary. We usually
cover deflowering virgins in the elementary school
classes, but I guess a review of that topic wouldn't be
out of order. Is that alright with you dear," Mr. Johnson
asked kindly.

Jill didn't know what to think but her friend Sarah was
mouthing "Yes." She nodded.

Mr. Johnson pulled the young teen into his lap while
continuing to face the class. "Well, the preliminaries
are all the same, whether you want to check a girl's
fertility or you already know you are going to fuck her.
The first thing is to arouse her," he instructed.

"Why, Mr. Johnson? Shit, my Francine is 'roused all the
time, anyhow," Abe Stoval remarked.

"Yes, Abe, but you have Francine already knocked up. Not
all girls and women are that horny, at least not all the
time." Johnson sensed some incredulity at this last
statement and indeed it did seem rather hypothetical here
in Cutters Creek where all the women WERE horny all the
time. But he continued on "by the book."

"Do you have any special erogenous zones, Jill, honey?"

The excited girl looked at him uncomprehendingly.

"I mean what really turns you on?"

"I don't know," Jill said, not entirely truthfully.
Lately almost everything turned her on, especially Cliff
Cooper. Jill liked Cliff, but she didn't have a chance
with him. He already had a girlfriend named Mandy whom
Cliff had knocked up recently and the pregnancy had given
the girl huge tits. Jill envied those tits; all the boys
in school stared at the girls with big tits. Hers had
grown from an A to a C since she moved here, but they
were still a lot smaller than Mandy's or most of the
other girls.

"Well, what to you do when you masturbate?" Her teacher's
question brought her back from her reverie. "Where do you
touch yourself to get off, you know, to please yourself?"

Jill turned bright red. "I don't DO that, Mr. Johnson!
Mamma always told me ..."

Jill's words were immediately drowned out by a roar of
disbelief. cat calls of "No, way!" and "Liar, Liar, Pants
on fire" filled the room.

"Class! Class!" Johnson spoke up to restore order. "Is
that anyway to behave with a new student? Jill isn't from
around here and outlanders have some funny beliefs about
sex and trying NOT to make babies. Jill just hasn't been
in Cutters Creek long enough to lean our ways. You all
studied masturbation in third grade. Outlanders let their
children learn from other children and sometime the girls
don't learn until they are fourteen or fifteen!"

This revelation left the class thunder struck, as they
briefly tried, unsuccessfully, to imagine how a girl
could have survived without masturbating several times
daily since she was were nine or ten. Derision was
instantly replaced by sympathy for the poor girl sitting
in Mr. Johnson's lap.

"OK honey we'll take this nice and slow. You've go a lot
to learn today," Mr. Johnson whispered as he began to
lick Jill's ear as his fingers started removing the
girl's blouse.

"One of the most important erogenous zones for most women
is their breasts." Johnson continued as the girl's bra
fell away and he cupped her modest tits in both hands. He
sensed a bit of surprise at how small they were, probably
no more than a C cup, but her areola were large and dark
and promised fuller development later. Jill's eyes were
closed as she absorbed the strange wonderful feeling of a
man's hands on her boobs.

"Breasts are very sensitive and should be felt up gently,
at least initially. Although women enjoy having a man's
hands on their breasts felt, especially the nipples,"
Johnson paused as Jill moaned and wiggled her little butt
in response to her teacher's fingers pinching and
twisting her nipples, "it's much better to kiss and suck
them with your mouth."

The class watched intently as Johnson buried his face in
the girl's breasts and began alternately to kiss and lick
and suck each firm globe as the hand continued to
stimulate other. Jill didn't surprise anyone when she
started moaning more loudly. When she began to buck and
cry out, however, they were impressed.

"Wow, Mr. Johnson's making her come just by working on
her boobies!" one boy remarked

"What a little hotie SHE's gonna be," Jody Wren remarked
in admiration.

"Maybe I could be a hotie, too!" Cindy Dee spat. "Why
ain't you never gone nice and slow and made ME come like
that Jody?" Several other girls likewise frowned at their
boyfriends in agreement.

By now, however Mr. Johnson was ready for the next
segment of the lesson. This was so much fun, Johnson
considered requesting a transfer back to sixth grade
where this was a regular part of the curriculum.

"We'll have to remove you skirt and panties for this part
honey," her teacher whispered to the still post-orgasmic
girl. Jill was too blissed out to resist when her skirt
fell to the floor and her white cotton panties were
pulled down over her slowly spreading hips and dropped to
her ankles.

"A girl who has been properly felt up and had her titties
well sucked, should be quite wet here," Johnson explained
as he slipped a finger into Jill's pussy, which spasmed
in gratitude. "But even if she's already come before,
it's still nice to let a girl you like have another
orgasm or two on your fingers." Mr. Johnson had hardly
said the words when Jill began to bray and buck and
babble about wanting to get fucked. It was tempting to
skip ahead in the lesson, but Johnson's pedagogical
training served him in good stead as he gently lifted the
delirious girl and lay her on the bed that was part of
the standard equipment of the Sex-Ed class.

"Making the woman come repeatedly before you actually
fuck her is very important, whether you intend to breed
her that day or just want to make sure she will be
willing when you do. Direct stimulation of her pussy,
especially the clit, with tongue or lips is the surest
way to make a woman come and come and come" he explained.

Jill's howls of ecstasy as soon as Mr. Johnson's mouth
touched her hot little pussy proved their teacher's point
to the delighted class. Jill was getting close again and
didn't care who heard her this time. But suddenly the
tongue was removed, leaving only the fingers in her pussy
to please her. Although they were nice, the orgasm that
had been building began to fade. Distantly she heard the
voice of her Sex Ed teacher speaking.

"Ok everyone gather around. You see she's almost ready."
The fingers moved up to circle her clit. "You all know
the parts of the pussy, so we won't need to go over
that." There was a round of chuckles. Then the teacher's
voice continued, "Boys I want you to get a whiff of her
scent. Does it smell different than other pussies you've
smelled before?" There was a general murmur of ascent.
"Can anyone tell me why?"

The skilled fingers were driving Jill back toward orgasm;
she concentrated on the sensations and heard the voices
as if from far off. "She's ready to accept the spirit
today?" a strong young voice replied. Distantly Jill
recognized the voice as belonging to Cliff Cooper.

"That's right," the gym teacher's voice replied. "But,
them, you should know; you already knocked up Mandy
didn't you?" Again there were chuckles. "I'd say Jill is
mid-way through her cycle and probably dropped an egg
last night."

"Gosh, Mr. Johnson, you can tell that just from sniffing
her pussy?" an amazed boy asked.

"When you've had as much experience as I have, almost,
especially if it's a woman you're used to fucking. The
smell and the taste," Johnson smiled as he dramatically
licked a drop of Jill's pussy juice that clung to his
lips "is so much sweeter when woman's ready for a baby.
But that's not the only way. Look here." Briefly the
teacher removed his finger from Jill's dripping fuck hole
and touched it to his thumb and then drew them apart.
"What do you notice about her juice?" he asked.

"It's THICK!" someone responded.

"That's right. Sort of makes you think about "egg" white
doesn't it?" There was a giggled murmur. "But that's not
all. Put your finger in here." The teacher moved so that
several of the boys and two or three of the girls could
run their fingers in Jill's gushing pussy. "How does it

"Oh, it feels soo good, Jill moaned."

"Not you, honey," Johnson shushed. "What about it,

"She's really slick," a girl said.

"That's right. He pussy has made her juice especially
slick so the man's prick can slide in extra deep and dump
all those sperm as close to her womb as possible. Now did
anyone notice anything else about Jill today?"


"Does anyone remember what happened as soon as I put my
finger in her?"

"Yeah, she started coming in no time," a girl laughed.

"That's it; her climax was very quick. So ... Remember.
When a girl is ready have a baby, her cum is thicker,
slicker and quicker!"

The class was laughed, but Johnson was loosing interest
in them. There was a beautiful, aroused, fertile girl
with her legs spread before him. He was going to nail
her! "Move to where you can see, I'm going to give a
demonstration of how to knock a girl up."

There was the sound of people moving around and the
fingers left Jill's pussy. She opened her eyes to watch
the teacher climb on top of her. Jill had always admired
her Sex Ed teacher's thin muscular frame with blond hair
and enchanting blue eyes. Jill liked the idea of him
putting a baby in her. "Everyone move so you can see my
cock entering her. See how I stretch her vaginal

Again there was the sound of general assent, but this
time Jill heard a girl give a high moan. Mr. Jackson must
have heard it to because he said, "what's the matter Miss

"Ooh nothing, nothing's wrong sir," Sarah gasped. "Ooh
God yes! Jacob was standing behind me and I guess he
liked the demonstration so much he just got so turned on
he had to shove his cock in me." The girl then dissolved
into a series of low moans and grunts.

Alice, who was observing everything, knew she ought to do
something to stop this obscene perversion of public
education. A minor girl was about to be fucked and
impregnated in a classroom SHE supervised! But she was so
turned on herself, she could do nothing. Quite without
her realizing when, her right hand had found its way
under her skirt and into her panties and was softly
stroking her clit while her left had was inside her
blouse teasing her right breast. Her breath had become
ragged as her orgasm approached.

The teacher chuckled under his breath. "There are always
a few who get so turned on they can't wait," he said to
Jill under his breath. Then he began shoving his massive
cock inside Jill, inch after delightful inch stretching
her wider and wider. When she felt his massive balls slap
against her ass Jill's world exploded in a massive

"Some very fertile women are so ready for impregnation
they orgasm as soon as they're fully penetrated," the
teacher commented casually as he began working his
massive tool in and out of Jill's tight cleft. "Remember,
the more she orgasms the more easily she'll be
impregnated, so take your time and make her enjoy it.
Some times all it takes to make her cum again is to point
out what is happening to her."

Mr. Jackson brought his face close to Jill's right breast
and his tongue snaked out to tease her nipple. "If I come
in you, honey, pretty soon my baby will be doing this.
Would you like that, like to have a big baby-filled tummy
and nice milky tits" he whispered. Jill convulsed in
another orgasm. The teacher pulled his face from back and
continued pumping as Jill recovered from her back to back

After a minute or so he said, "Another good way to ensure
repeated orgasm is to change her position." With that he
pulled Jill's legs from around his waist up to his
shoulders and began pumping furiously. Within seconds
Jill was cumming with a delighted yell. As she came down
Mr. Jackson casually asked, "How do you want it for your
first one?"

Jill hadn't thought about that, she'd only found out she
was getting a first baby during the demonstration.
Looking at Sarah writhing as Jacob pounded her from
behind she cried, "Doggy style, Mr. Johnson. I want you
to put a baby in me doggy style!"

Mr. Jackson grinned as he flipped her over and sank his
man meat into her again. Soon Jill was groaning again as
she felt her teacher's cock swell within her. She joined
him in his orgasm, squirming and panting as sperm filled
her cervix. It was the hardest cum in the young girl's
life, and she wondered if this was how other women felt
as they had new life poured into them.

A panting Alice Walker, who had slid to the floor outside
the classroom, having just experienced four of the
hardest orgasms of her life, was thinking the same thing.

To be continued
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