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Cutterscreek part 7



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Cutters Creek
Homer Vargas

Chapter 7

The obscene spectacle of a young teen being bred in a
Sex Ed class as a "demonstration" of how to make a baby
shocked the Superintendent of Education deeply. Even
harder for her to understand, however, was her own
reaction to it. Instead of rushing in to prevent this
outrage, Alice had been so aroused, she thrust her own
hand into her snatch and brought herself to three
powerful climaxes. Even as she attempted to sneak away
in shame, she was immobilized by the final act in the
obscene drama.

"Did you come good for me honey?" the teacher asked with
concern as he at last withdrew his massive cock from the
girl's grasping pussy. The dazed teen nodded wordlessly,
grinning vacantly up at the man who had just filled her
fertile cunt with his seed, making her come as never in
her life and. "That's good honey. Good comes help the
sperm go deep into you and make that little tummy swell
and get this filled up with milk." He gently tweaked the
girl's still hard nipple.

"Cindy Dee," he addressed one of the girls who had
gathered around to watch, "would you bring Jill a little
pillow for her butt. We want to keep all the sperm,
where?" He turned didactically to the class.

"Where it'll do the most good," the class replied in
unison. Soon Jill's slim ass was propped higher than her
head and, sure enough, only a few globs of her teacher's
thick sperm were leaking from her puffy slit.

Mr. Johnson kissed the girl and said, "We have to
continue with the class honey, but Linda Sue and Bonny
will keep you coming a while longer to help you catch.
And you be sure to come to see me after school; I want to
put another load or two in you, just to be on the safe
side, OK?"

As Alice at last tore herself away from the scene, one of
Jill's pregnant classmates was sucking on one tit and
worrying the other while the other girl, who's tummy was
just as big, was slowly fucking the moaning girl with a
huge curving dildo that looked remarkably like the
teacher's cock.

By now it was early lunch period and, surprisingly, Alice
already felt hungry, notwithstanding the gargantuan
breakfast she had devoured. Perhaps she might regain her
composure by visiting the cafeteria. Here, at least
things looked normal. Laughing, noisy students were
packed in rows on each side of long tables, their plates
piled with wholesome-looking food. boys and girls alike
were scarfing burgers and fries and washing it all down
with large glasses of milk.

The quantities of food were enormous and reminded Alice
of the huge amounts the State was spending on lunch
subsidies in the county. But it was obviously necessary.
All the boys were big and amazingly well-build, broad
shoulders and firm, narrow waists. Alice was thinking
they probably had had great asses and huge cocks, too,
when she caught herself. And of course many of the girls
were "eating for two."

But when she began to take notice of the snippets of the
children's conversations, all semblance of normalcy

"Hey, Martha Nell, guess what? I Did my EPT last night,"
said one girl who looked no more than 11. "Looks like I
got another baby coming."

"Well good for you, Lindy Lou, but I did mine last week.
Looks like I beat you again," her companion replied a
little cattily.

"Yeah, but I got this on is from a real boyfriend, not
one of my little brothers, like you," Lindy spat back.

"Not my brother's," Martha Nell replied defensively, "Paw
did me this time."

At this point Alice's attention was drawn away to a
commotion at another table where a teacher was trying to
restore order. "Elmer, you know the rules. You can't
bring out your penis and masturbate at the table; you
know it just makes the girls around you want to suck you

"It's not fair Miz Purdy. Ellie May was rubbing me under
the table and telling me she was O-view-latin' and I
could fuck her this afternoon after school."

"Ellie May is that true?" the teacher asked, then looked
around. Ellie May? Ellie May, where are you?

The question was answered when the boy suddenly went
rigid and bellowed in obvious climax. Moments later the
grinning, semen-coated face of a pretty blonde senior
appeared from beneath the table. "I couldn't help it Miz
Purdy. Elmer's just sooo yummy!"

"That's no excuse, Ellie May, all the boys are yummy."
The teacher paused, realizing she had let something slip.
"This is the third time this week you've blown someone
during lunch period. You have to learn better self-
control. I'm going to have to put you on detention."

"Really?" the excited girl replied. "I hope it's with
Coach Smuthers. He knocked me up during a detention my
sophomore year!"

"As a matter of fact it is, not that you should be
concerned about that in your condition," the teacher
remarked eyeing the girl's small but evident bulge.

"Don't matter; he's a good titty fucker, too," replied
the girl, cupping a huge set of jugs to make her point.

Alice decided she had seen enough in the cafeteria.
Hurriedly she finished her second burger and gulped
another glass of the delicious local buttermilk. As she
walked back toward the classrooms, she heard voices
coming from the bushes. "Oh Donny, Donny <gasp> you're
making me come againnnnn!" We've go to stop. You promised
you were just going to "help me out" while by boyfriend
was away on the field triiiipppp," a girl's voice moaned,
obviously in the throes of orgasm.

"I know, Janey <pant> I was just goin' to eat you, but
when I tasted how sweet you were and how thick and sticky
your cum was, I just knew you had to be O-view-latin'.
<grunt> If Sammy really loved you, he wouldn't have gone
off and left you where you were ready to make a baby! And
you'd be so beautiful with my baby stretching your belly
this time."

Alice was already walking away when she heard the girl
screaming her surrender. "Yesssss! Give it to me Oh,
fuck, I want a baby. Give me your baby Donny, your

The State Superintendent of Education had never really
recovered from what she saw in the Sex Ed class, then the
outrageous scenes in the cafeteria, and now she had
overheard another school girl getting her lights fucked
out and likely knocked up. Alice was boiling. In the main
building now, she ducked into the toilet in the teachers'
lounge for some relief, momentarily regretting she had
not brought along that long thick vibrator she had used
the first afternoon. Fortunately, no one was around;
quickly she entered stall and dropped her skirt. Moments
later she was sitting with her panties around her ankles
and three fingers thrust deep into her gushy, throbbing
cunt. The first orgasm took her almost immediately and
she settled back for a next more leisurely one, wondering
briefly why she had chosen to wear the panties. They just
got in your way when you needed to get off in a hurry.
She unbuttoned her blouse, unclasped her bra, which
seemed very tight, and got down to business.

After a fourth come, Alice was breathing hard but
starting to feel more levelheaded. Why was she so horny
all of a sudden? She almost never masturbated back in the
city; here, she could hardly go more than a few hours
without needing to climax. She was about to get back into
her clothes, when she heard giggling female voices. At
first Alice thought they were schoolgirls who had sneaked
into the teachers' lounge, but no, it seemed to be two of
the new teachers. She decided to listen.

Voice 1: "God! Seems like I have to pee between every
class now." A soft swish of liquid confirmed this.

Voice 2: "I know. It's all of that delicious bottled
water they have here. I just can't get enough."

Voice 1 "Yeah! And that's not all you can't get enough
of, is it, Martha?. You'd better watch out, honey. If you
keep fucking Coach Roidan, you'll be peeing all the time
for another reason."

Martha: "I try, June, believe me. I heard what happened
to the teachers who came here last year; not a one of
them finished the year without getting knocked up. But
Johnny he's so much bigger than my boyfriend from back
home, I just can't help it. And he cums buckets and never
wants to use a condom. That's why I'm taking my pills
without fail."

June: "Well, it's not just the girls from last year,
honey; haven't you heard? Joyce Field told me she is
pregnant and she swears up and down she hadn't missed a
pill when the paper turned blue."

Martha: "Wow! Who is the father?"

June: "She isn't saying, but her whole senior biology
class is boys, every one of them a hunk. They must have
been screwing her eyeballs out! Not that I blame her.
Every time I see those boys I get wet! I hear she took
them on a field trip and came back having let each one
fuck her three times."

Martha: "It's those cow tits she's developed. Have you
seen her? She had just exploded upstairs. And those mini-
skirts! She wears them without panties and it drives the
little studs crazy!"

June: "Who are you to talk about 'cow tits?' You must
have increased two cup sizes since school started,

"Martha: "I have! I was happy with my 34Bs. Now I'm a 35D
and my damn bra is getting tight again."

June: "I know, and that's not the worst part. The bigger
mine get, the more sensitive they are. Why, all Billy has
to do ..."

Martha: "June! You're not letting Billy Suggs fuck you!
He's only eleven and in your class!"

June: "Well, it was an accident. I made him stay after
school for staring at me and he was so cute and sincere
standing there with this huge, painful looking erection,
telling me how I turned him on, I just had to ease his
discomfort. I intended just to give him a blow job, but
he tasted so yummy and I got so horny when he came in my
mouth, I ended up bent over my desk with him giving me a
delightful reaming from behind. He's been sneaking over
to my house every night since to do me."

Martha: "Let me guess; you don't make him use a condom."

June: <giggle> "Do they sell them here? I'm glad I'm
teaching fifth graders. I can almost believe Joyce was
protected. Those twelfth grade stallions look like they
could pump enough semen into you, your little white pill
would just surrender."

Martha: "Better not be overconfident. I've seen your
class; there are some nice big bulges between the legs of
those darling little boys. They say that little Joshua
Gauntt in your class knocked up his mother."

June: "I know! Oh, shit, I'd better get off before I go
back to class or I'll fuck one of those budding little
studs in from of everyone; I'm dripping!

Martha: "Me, too. Ahhhh, that feels good." Alice heard
the soft hum of a, no of two of vibrators begin.

The two women's orgasmic cries signaled Alice, who had
her own hand back in her twat, that it was safe to leave.
On a whim, Alice stepped out of her cum-soaked panties
and stuffed them in her purse. Much more convenient with
her pussy uncovered, the thought. Again, shamed by her
inability to do anything but watch, Alice slinked away
back to her car.

One of Clem's sisters was on the veranda of the little
B&B when Alice drove up. She tried to ignore the cheery
greeting of the girl who looked up from nursing a huge
infant. Alice felt too ashamed of her self to be with
anyone. And if truth be told, she was eager to get to her
room, have a drink and plug a vibrator in her sopping
pussy. Although she must have come a dozen times today,
she was randy as hell.


An eventful day, what? And I probably don't need to tell
you about Alice's night? You'd only get bored if I
described how Annie and Jennie got Alice drunk again and,
it being Jennie's night with Clem, how Annie spent the
night with her ex-boss. You no doubt can imagine how
Annie reaped the fruit of her sister's having taught the
older woman about muff munching and how the two friends
made love to each other all that night and half the next
day. No, I'm sure you'd much rather hear about Alice's
visit to Judge Finster.

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