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Cyber Conversations 1 of Many


Author: Wickedways Title: Cyber Conversations Part: 1 of ongoing Summary:
Email exchanges with penpals on the discovery and exploration of sexual
knowledge. Keywords: mg*, inc, growth
==== Yep, I was going to tell you about my first time ...

My brother is 3 years older than me. He was 14 at that time. We used
to stay in a 2 bed apartment with our parents. It was a small place, but
nice. My brother and I used to share the 2nd bedroom. Both parents were
working, so we used to get a lot of time together after school. We have
always been good friends, even though he is older.

I guess there is always some curiosity about others, especially when one
is young. I would always try to peek at him when he was changing or
sleeping. The bulge in his shorts always fascinated me and I used to try
my best to get a look! Sometimes I would catch him looking at me as well!

We had two bathrooms, one for our parents and one that we shared. The
door on our bathroom was a bit difficult to bolt (required more strength
than I had) and I always used to rely upon the sound of the shower or my
singing/humming to prevent my brother from coming in. One day after school
I was in the shower when he suddenly ran in. I had just finished drying
myself and was not making any noise, so he did not notice me behind the
shower curtain. I remember that day so clearly, it is amazing! He was
obviously in a hurry because I heard a long stream of pee. I could not
resist and just parted the curtains enough to be able to see what was going
on. Although I could only see a little bit, it was such a lovely sight I
watched as he finished peeing and then shook his wee (that's what I called
it at that time) about a few times.

That's when the real trouble started. He locked the bathroom and
started stripping! I realised he was going to take a shower! I had no
choice but to make a bit of noise in behind the curtain (so I could try and
squeeze out without much explaining to do). He immediately stopped and
pulled the curtains aside. I stood there with my bath-towel wrapped around
me. I remember feeling quite scared. He asked me why I hadn't shouted
when he came into the bathroom and I told him that I was so busy drying
myself I did not hear anything. But I knew he was not going to buy that.
He asked me if I had been watching him take a pee - I had to admit that I
had been. After a few more questions, I had told him that I had enjoyed
watching him and was quite curious to find out what his wee really looked
like. I was expecting to be told off and sent out of the bathroom when he
said OK, and took off his shorts! He had a lot of hair around it, but it
was really nice to look at - pink and long and thick. I was getting quite
bold, so I touched it and it felt heavenly! He must have enjoyed my touch
as well, because he did not stop me - it was also getting a bit longer and
harder! He let me bend down and look quite closely at it ... I must have
spent more than five minutes just exploring what it looked and felt like.
By then things were pretty hot as far as he was concerned and he was
touching and fondling himself as well. He guided my hand around his wee,
and stroked my hands up and down and asked me to keep doing it, as fast as
I could. My shoulder started aching after some time, but I could see from
his face that this was leading somewhere, so I did not stop. Sure enough,
he suddenly gripped my hand and started shuddering ... and the white stuff
poured out. I was stunned; I thought he was peeing differently!

As soon as he stopped oozing, he wiped everything with some toilet-paper
and asked me to get back to our room and get dressed. He made me promise
not to tell anyone. Nothing happened for a few days then .. it was as if
this episode had never taken place. He did not mention it, and continued
to take great pains when changing when I was nearby. I wanted to do the
whole thing again, but he had gone very serious and I was a bit afraid of
bringing up the topic. It took quite a bit of time before I got the chance
to enhance my knowledge more! More about that when I write next ... how
about writing back and telling me about some of your experiences? What do
you like? What turns you on? I am really kinky and I love wicked stuff!

Do write back ....



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