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D WIFE1 video looked like his wife Beth


Sexually Explicit Material -Not Intended for Minors

Dream wife
by Drifter

Part 1:

Jim had been married to the woman of his dreams for nearly five
years now. She was ten years younger than his 38 years but they were
nicely compatible at just about everything it seemed..... especially sex.
After a great first couple of years, things just got more and more
interesting. The five years since, five unbelievable years, have been
punctuated by sexual adventures that make most couples love lives
seem pale by comparison. Beth had always been a free spirit. But now
married to Jim, given Jim's love of "watching" her heavenly body and
her ability to use it freely, all sorts of "new" things had happened to
them. It was easy for Jim, after that one short bad period, after the big
doubt and fear passed, to then take it all in stride and enjoy the
adventures with his darling wife. But I am getting ahead of myself.

* * * *

For the first two years of their marriage, they tried everything two
people could do together in bed (and everywhere else the urge hit
them). They had both had their share of romances and affairs before
they met each other so none of it was new. But now together they
eagerly explored each other in every sexual way imaginable. They had
found each other extremely open and receptive to new ideas. There was
no opening of hers or his that they had not fully exploited to both of their
delight. It seemed to the two of them that their love life could not be
any richer.

But Jim had learned early in their relationship that he loved it when
other men eyed his young and sexy wife and he encouraged her to
wear brief, very revealing, and sexy clothes to attract that attention from
other men. Beth loved showing off her full charms as much as Jim loved
her doing it. She enjoyed the stares and comments and the frequent
secret touches from other men. It turned them both on when men ogled and
flirted and tried to hit on Beth. After one such evening at a party at a
friends house, as Jim and Beth had fantastic sex, they both reveled in it
as Beth slowly told him all that had happened to her that night. men looking down her dress, feeling her up when they danced, suggesting
secret rendezvous. Their sex life seemed to reach a new height that

* * * * *

Not too long after that night at a stag party for a friend getting
married, Jim was kicked back with a beer as the obligatory porn film
began. It was a story about this guy and his wife who both loved for her
to be taken by other men while he watched and sometime joined in. It
matched one of Jim's favorite fantasies but what really shook him was
how much the female in the video looked like his wife Beth. Several of
the other guys, his best friends, Bob, Charley and Pete commented on
how it looked like Beth, teasing Jim about his wife really liked to fuck
around. That teasing turned Jim on even more. The idea of all of his
buddies with Beth kept running through his head.

At the end of the evening he "acquired" a copy of the video and took
it home with him. When he arrived Beth was waiting up for him and Jim
immediately took her on the living room floor, making love with her
with unusual vigor. As they lay spent afterwards Beth commented about
his ardor appreciatively. Jim without a word got the tape and put it in the

As the action started Beth said, "My God... it looks like me". As the
scene progressed the couple in the video went to this stag party and
soon all the men were lined up taking turns fucking the Beth-look-a-like
in every orifice while her husband watched.

Jim noticed how turned on Beth was getting and soon she was on
her hands and knees in front of him, still nude, and as she continued to
watch the video she guided Jim's hard cock into her hot wet oven again.

As Jim slowly stroked deeply into her, she moaned and said, "Oh
yes Mister, whoever you are, fuck me... fuck me..."

Once again sated they turned the VCR off and headed for bed. Jim
kissed her goodnight and sighed, "God that was hot... it was like I was
watching you with those men..."

"Hmmm I know... maybe I have a twin out there..... I almost felt like
it was me.... damn so good...."

* * *

In the days that followed Jim began to fantasize even more about
watching other men with his wife. For a while he thought of nothing else,
especially every time they had sex. And they watched THAT tape over
and over, each for their own reason. He didn't know how Beth would
react to the idea but he longed to bring the "fantasy" out into the open.
He shouldn't have worried for her favorite fantasy was now the same as
his. Finally one night after sex, as they lay in each others arms, he
asked her,

"Hon... do you ever fantasize about being with other guys in
the tape?"

She paused looking at him hesitantly then sighed and said softly,

"Tell me about it"

"I can't honey... I feel a little unfaithful even thinking about doing

"It's OK... really... I like the idea too... it's not like you're actually
doing it."

"Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Positive ... tell me please ... is it like the tape where a bunch of guys take you?"

"No.... I'm sure not ready for that... it's just one at a time, sometimes
Bob, sometimes Charley or Pete .... but mostly it's Robert."

"Your boss?"

"Yeah ... oh honey he is so damn .... virile.."

Jim smiled to himself... Robert was his age... good looking and
pretty damned dynamic. he understood why.... then he had a sinking
feeling in the pit of his stomach.... at the same time he was getting
excited at the idea of his wife screwing around with her boss.

"You haven't..... really done anything ....have you?"

"Jim..... of course not.... I just think about it occasionally. Usually
when you are talking about me being with someone else."

"Do you flirt with him a lot?"

"Certainly not in the office.... and I have never seen him anywhere

Jim was warming up... and he said "What is your fantasy like?"

"Oh my sweet ... are you sure you want to hear this?"

"Yes... please.."

"Well it is with both of you.... you have arranged for him to join us in
bed and the two of you take turns in me till I pass out..."

"It might be fun to see if he is interested .... Why don't you flirt.... a
little..... with him and see what he does... you know ... wear something a
little sexy... short skirt... low cut blouse no bra... and flash those
gorgeous legs or boobs at him.... would be interesting to see what he

"It sounds like fun sweet... if you are sure you don't mind .... but what
if he tries something."

"Who knows my sweet wife.. maybe your fantasy will come true."

"Jim you really want me to let him .....fuck me?"

"Yes... No ....Maybe.... I don't know... if you like the idea too... Shit it
turns me on so damn much to just talk about it."

* * * * *

The next morning the two of them carefully chose her outfit for the
day. A short skirt, black tiny sheer panties, a blouse that was low cut.
Jim had wanted her to go without a bra but Beth refused so they
compromised on a very small wisp of a bra that matched her sheer
panties. She looked fantastic.

That night Jim was waiting so turned on he was pacing like a lion in
a cage. When Beth got home he gave her a hell of a kiss and then said,

"Tell me... what happened."

Beth smiled at her husbands excitement and replied.

"He didn't take his eyes off of me. He was at my desk most of the
day. I caught him looking down my blouse at my breasts repeatedly.
He told me I looked so good he could eat me." And she giggled

Jim scooped her up and carried her to their bed where they both got
some badly needed release. Afterwards he asked, "Did he make you
hot honey?"

"Oh Jim don't...."

"Did he?... tell me..."

"Yes... couldn't you tell...?"

"Did you want him to fuck you?"

"JIM... you are embarrassing me."

"Well did you?"

She grinned and answered,

"Yes damn it.. are you satisfied?"

Jim smiled and cupped her full bare breast in his hand and bent over
to nip at her swollen nipple. She gasped and pushed his head down
between her parted legs. He was delighted to accommodate her. After a
moment she moaned,

"Oh yes... yes Robert...."

* * * *

After dinner Beth sat beside her husband on the couch and slid her arm
around his shoulder,

"Honey... how would you like to go to a party at my boss' house
Friday night?"

"That's tomorrow... yeah sure... what kind of party?"

"Just a few friends together for drinks around the pool, swimming if
you want to."

Jim smiled, "Give you a chance to show off in your bikini... that little
tiny one."

Beth looked at him with a strange, thoughtful look on her face and
then said,

"You really want me to let Robert.... fuck me ......don't you?"

Jim noticed her look and sat silent for a moment too before

"The idea ... the fantasy... makes me so hot I almost cum just
thinking about it. I imagine watching you with Robert or Bob or Charley
or Pete or even someone we don't know, and I get crazy. I don't know
how I would feel if you did it for real. My hard cock says yes. I love you
and that will never change... maybe it would be fun to try something...
someone new."

"Do you want to... is there someone you want?"

"No not really... oh hell I like to look at them all and some of them
maybe... but right now it's just the idea of you with another man... I
even dreamed last night that Bob, Charley and Pete all three were with
you... all of you naked and all three of them fucked you at the same

"Wow...." was all she could say....

Then she said,

"Let's go to the party. I expect Robert will be "very attentive",
especially if I put on my bikini after we get there. Maybe we can just see
what happens.. He may not want me."

"Hell Beth.... you are gorgeous ... built like a brick out house... he
wants you.. all the guys want you...."

"What if he tries to....?"

"I guess that's up to you. Know I love you and if you do it won't
effect that at all..."

"Oh Jim I love you too.... all this talk makes me so hot... take me to
bed and make me happy sweetheart."

And he did...

* * *

As they walked up the sidewalk to he boss' home Beth was
extremely nervous.. thinking she might do something she had never
dreamed she would do, be unfaithful to her husband .... in her gut she
knew she was dying to ... and Jim wants me to, she thought.....

They rang the bell and Jim asked,

"Your bikini?"

"I have it in my purse... it doesn't take up much room." and she
giggled nervously.

The door was opened by Robert and he welcomed them warmly,
shaking Jim's hand and giving Beth a big hug. Then he held her at arms
length and looked her over. She had dressed in a very short mini skirt
and a low cut blouse with a wispy little bra almost covering her nice large
firm breasts. She did look hot and Robert grinned and said,

"Jim your wife is such a gorgeous woman."

Jim smiled and replied,

"She is... in a lot of ways..."

The way Robert was looking at her and the two men talking about
her made Beth tingle. She smiled at her boss and said,

"I need a drink boss."

He took them to the bar and introduced them to several other
couples and excused himself. They got their drinks and strolled around
looking. There were lots of people neither of them knew. The house
was huge and soon they saw the pool through a glass wall....

Just then Robert walked up with a great looking woman on his arm.
He introduced Gloria and said,

"Jim, you're an architect aren't you.? So is Gloria... bet you guys have a lot in common."

Gloria had on a swim suit under a cover up. Her suit was brief and
she looked great. The cover up she wore stood open not really hiding
anything. Beth noticed Jim's eyes covering this beautiful woman and
also knew Gloria noticed it and liked being appreciated. The two of them
were talking shop and Robert smiled at Beth and said,

"Did you bring your suit?'

She held up her small purse, "In here."

Robert raised one eyebrow and Beth laughed saying,

"It is pretty small... I'm almost embarrassed to wear it."

Robert glanced over to where Jim and Gloria were talking animatedly
and then back at Beth,

"I can hardly wait to see you in it."

She put her hand on his chest lightly and looked up at him.

"Since you have Jim busy at the moment why don't you show me
where I can change."

Robert smiled and then nodded. Beth told Jim she was going to go
change, He winked at her and Robert took her hand in his and led her
toward the staircase.

As they walked slowly up the wide stairs Beth glanced over her
shoulder to see Gloria and Jim strolling out into the back yard toward the
pool. She wondered where she was going tonight... what she was going
to let Robert do. He had been looking at her like she was something to
eat. She almost giggled thinking about him eating her. She looked at
Robert and said,

"Where is your wife tonight, I haven't seen her?" Beth had met his
darling young wife several times at the office.

"Oh janet isn't here .. at her folks for a visit, plus her tenth High
School Reunion is this week end. She let me off the hook and went by
herself. I'm sure she will have a better time there by herself.. actually
she will be gone a full week until next Friday. No one to check up on
me tonight, right Beth?"

Beth laughed softly. "Do you need to be watched Robert?"

"Maybe I do ...especially with the new you around... I do love the
change Beth."

"Jim suggested it and I sort of like it. I feel so much more free

As they reached the top of the stairs and turned down the hall he slid
his arm around her waist as they walked. She leaned into him
comfortably and he said,

"My bedroom is at the end of the hall, you can change in there."
then he looked at her for a moment and then said, "You are a very
beautiful, very desirable woman Beth. I hope Jim isn't the jealous type."

"Oh not at all .... he is pretty sure of me actually. I do love my guy

They stood before the bedroom door and he opened it and led her in,
closing it behind them.

"Hmmm Robert? Am I supposed to change with you here?"

"I would love that Beth."

"Well my sweet man that is tempting but...."

He stepped closer and pulled her into his arms lightly and said,
"Beth... you know you drove me crazy the other day... with your new
clothes and all... you were so sexy to look at. "

Beth relaxed and let him hold her in his arms. Slowly she let her
body mold into his. She was so excited she was about to scream with
the desire that had been building all day. She smiled up at him and said

"I noticed the way you looked at me all day. You were naughty."

She could feel his manhood grow against her and she knew she was
going to have trouble saying no to him if he asked..... wasn't this what
Jim wanted her to do..... to let this sweet man have her anyway he

Robert knew she could feel his hard cock against her. She didn't
seem to mind at all. He pressed harder and let his hands drop down on
her cute ass cheeks through her dress. Beth grinned at him and said

"Robert... this is dangerous... I'm not exactly dead to your charms.
It's nice but I'm not sure janet would approve."

"Janet is hundreds of miles away... you are right here."

And he pulled her tighter against his cock.

"Robert... what are you doing.. oh damn....."

He kissed her then and their tongues met and played... The kiss
was long and breathtaking for both of them. She felt his hands under
her skirt on her cute ass. Then inside her brief bikini panties on her bare
ass. He was slowly dry fucking her and she was so hot she thought she
would explode as she thought, you told me to do this Jim... and now I
think it's going to happen

The kiss broke and she said huskily, "Robert honey... God you are
making me so hot but someone could come in."

His hand moved inside her panties to the front and found her curly
hair and the very wet opening between her swollen labia. Two fingers
easily slipped into her open sheath and she gasped.

"Oh Robert baby... what are you doing to me? Oh damn...." and she
squeezed his arm and hand pleasing her so.

"I'm going to strip your beautiful body and fuck you my sweet Beth...
if you tell me to stop I will try but I sure hope you don't. Gloria will keep
Jim occupied honey... don't worry about him." and he started undressing

"Robert ... darling Robert... oh I wasn't even thinking about my
husband, I'm too far gone for that... oh damn I need you..."

He pressed her nude form down on the bed and said as he stripped,

"I would love to take my time and eat that darling pussy of your and
then fuck you every way I could think of but we don't have much time."

"I'd love for you to do all of that but I need you to just fuck me now."

As he moved over her she lay back and spread her legs guiding his
large hard cock into her demanding void. He drove hard and deep the
way she loved and as she wrapped her legs around his ass and met his
thrusts with her own, she thought.. I did it Jim... I let him fuck me... so
good... so deep, so full.....

It didn't take either of them long to reach an explosive climax.
Collapsing in each others arms they lay there feeling the small twinges of
after pleasure. In a moment Beth sighed

"That was wonderful Robert.. I loved it.... but we better get back..."

"God Beth that was fabulous. I love the way you fuck. I sure hope
this isn't a one time thing... just think of all the fun we can have on slow
days at the office... no more crossword puzzles for sure..."

Then he looked at her and asked softly, "This isn't a one time thing
is it Beth?"

She looked at him and squeezed his limp cock still in her and said

"Not as far as I'm concerned... I love the way you did me. If it
will feel that good you can have me anytime... and often I hope..... but
Jim mustn't suspect...."

* * * *

Robert went down the back way and Beth the front. She had
washed up and redressed, fixed her hair and as she looked in the mirror
she thought, No one would ever know she carried her lovers gift in her
warm interior. She could feel it and she smiled. Someone other than
Jim.. I was fucked by someone other than my husband.... He said
he wanted me to do this..... can he handle it for real? Oh it felt to
good.. so naughty... I loved his cock... he wants me again... yes

Now as she stepped into the room at the bottom of the stairs, Jim
came to meet her with a look of almost panic in his eyes.

"Beth honey..... I missed you... you were gone pretty long ... I
began to wonder.. did you.... I mean did you and Robert......"

She read the look in his eyes and leaned over and kissed his cheek
and said "No silly... of course not... he showed me where to change
and left. I put on my bikini and then sat there trying to decide if I wanted
to walk around in so little. I mean it shows everything. So after a while
I took it off and dressed again and here I am. Actually I would like to go
home if it's OK with you?"

"Sure sweetheart" and she read the relief in his eyes. He wasn't
ready she knew ... not yet... even if she was...
On the drive home Jim talked almost constantly with nervous relief.
Beth sat beside him silently as she thought about how good it had felt...
how much she loved being fucked by her boss tonight. God she had
been so easy. He kissed her once and she let him fuck her. Jim had
talked her into it before they ever got there and it happened. It did. She
had fucked her boss. God it was so good. She could hardly wait until
Monday. Then she said,

"That Gloria was something... very sexy. Was she really an
architect? Did you like her?"

"Yeah she is... nice looking too I agree. She wants to have lunch
sometime and talk business. Has some ideas we might get together on."

Beth almost laughed as she hoped maybe they would get together
on more than ideas. Why should I have all the fun? she thought.

Beth went straight to the shower and dumping her "nasty" panties in
the dirty clothes bin as she stepped under the spray. Later she slid into
bed nude beside her husband and she said,

"Honey.. I am so horny... I want you baby.. I want to suck your big
cock to start with...."

* * * * * *

The next morning she woke him up with his hard cock deep in her
mouth again. Saturday mornings were often spent in just sex. That
Saturday was no different.

After lunch the phone rang and Jim answered it and handed it to
Beth, "Your boss."

Jim sat down just across from her looking at the sports section of the
morning paper as Beth said,

"Yes sir, what can I do for you?"

"You can suck my cock to start with."

"Yes sir I think I could handle that."

"Jim's right there?"

"Yes sir but please tell me more."

"You are a hot lady... is your pussy wet?"


"You were so incredible last night. I loved fucking you Beth. I'm glad
you aren't having second thoughts about more... you're not are you?"

"Not at all ....I feel the same way sir. Once I agree to something I
rarely change my mind. No I haven't changed my mind on that contract."

"Good... damn I want you right now. I am so hard."

"I'm glad. I feel the same way. If you need me to I guess I could
come to the office for an hour or so... let me ask Jim"

She turned to talk to Jim with her mouth still at the phone so Robert
could hear,

"Honey, would you mind if I went to the office, this big thing came
up and he needs me to help him finish it?"

Jim answered, "Bob, Charley, Pete and I talked about playing golf
this afternoon so go ahead if you want to."

"Robert... that's fine.. I'll meet you at the office in twenty minutes...
you don't mind that I'm wearing shorts and a halter do you?"

"Beth honey, I plan on having you bare ass so it doesn't matter. Just

"Yes sir that sounds like an excellent idea. I will leave immediately."

"Did you fuck Jim last night?"

"Why yes that did happen... twice."

"Did you like fucking two different guys the same night."

"Yes that was very nice."

"Can you keep us both well fucked?"

"I think I can handle that... and maybe more.", and she hung the
phone up as she fought not to smile.

Shortly she kissed Jim good bye, grabbed her purse, and started for
the door. Pausing she turned and said, "What time will you be home
honey?... we need to continue what we started this morning."

Jim's eyes lighted up and he assured her he would be home before
dark, eager to continue. Then with his eyes twinkling said,

"Should I bring the guys home with me.. maybe I could use some

She grinned and answered as she went out the door, "Good idea
hon.. whatever you think best."
* * * *

Robert was waiting, he stood in the middle of his office in shorts and
polo shirt. She looked down and saw clearly that he was hard already.
Locking the door behind her she slowly stripped the few garments she
had, dropping them on the carpet. Standing there in front of him she
unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts letting them drop to the floor. He
had on no underwear. As she wrapped her fingers around his hard
cock she said,

"What did you say you would do when we had more time?"

He eased her to the floor as his mouth covered her furry treasure,
just as promised.

Soon she returned the favor but didn't let him finish. For that she
straddled him and eased down moaning with pleasure as he entered and
stretched her so nicely.

Later they lay together and Robert said,

"What happened Beth? You know, what made you change. You
were always so proper around here and then last week you changed. I
love it but...."

"My husband.... he had this fantasy about watching me with other
men. He talked about it .. .a lot... brought home a porn video about it, it
was like he slowly convinced me that was what I should do. Then he
asked me who I fantasized about and I told him you. He suggested I
dress differently and maybe seduce you. So I did."

"I am surprised and flattered .... Does he know?"

"No... not yet... when I came down last night after we were done, he
seemed to be having second thoughts so I lied and told him nothing had
happened. I hated lying but I don't want to hurt him ever. I do love my
husband.. but damn it he started this, he got me interested in other men and especially you what is ... is..."

"Are you sure you are OK with this Beth. I really don't want to cause
you trouble. I am truly fond of you. I would hate to not continue what
we have started but if that is what you need?"

"Oh no you don't mister. I will handle my husband. I don't plan on
stopping what we started last night. Not for a long, long time."

And she crawled on top of him and mounted his reawakened cock

* * * * *

She just had time to shower and dress and start supper when Jim
came home. He smiled at her and kissed his lovely wife held her in his
arms with her back to him and his semi hard cock against her trim ass
and said,

"The guys will be here later. They are dying to fuck you baby. Are
you ready for all four of us?"

"I guess I could try my husband, if that's what you want me to do. It
might take all night." and laughed seductively...

He kissed her deeper and toyed with her full breasts, one in each
hand as he said, "I was afraid maybe you had fucked Robert so much
you would be too tired for the four of us."

She looked hard in his eyes to see if he was suspicious and fishing
but he smiled and she knew it was only the fantasy back in full force. In
fact his cock was hard and pressed into her ass insistently. She hated
lying to him and knew it had to be resolved.

"Honey... we need to talk.. seriously about this. You have been
playing with this thing of other guys fucking me for some time now. I
know it makes you so hot you could die. You had me so hot at Robert's
party, talking about him fucking me, I was about ready to let him if he
tried. Fortunately or unfortunately, he didn't try but when I came back
down stairs you seemed so concerned that I had let Robert have me. I
am a little confused. I was happy and content with my sexy husband
before all this started. I love only you and always will no matter what we
do.. But if you keep talking ... something could happen... probably will
happen. What do you really want? If you want me to fuck Robert I am
sure I would enjoy it. He really is sweet. If you want me to fuck your
three buddies I guess I could do that too and enjoy it. I want you to be
happy and if that is what you want, well I guess I want it too."

"You would really do that for me."

"Not just for you sweetheart.. you know how much I love sex. So if
that's what you want. Robert looked at me like he could eat me last
night. I know he wants me. He makes me hot too. Your buddies have
been careful to never show much about sex with me but they do look
when they can.... if they wanted to and you want me to...."

She could feel his cock about to explode. She reached down and
wrapped her fingers around it in his pants. She stroked it and said

"Damn honey... I think it would be so hot if you shot off in your pants
over this."

She stroked faster... harder and soon he stiffened and flooded his
jeans. Beth continued to stroke him until he finished... then she kissed
him tenderly and said,

"Go shower cowboy and think about what I just said."

* * * * *

Dinner was on the table when he returned in fresh jeans and t shirt.
They ate and talked about his golf game, the weather and everything
else except his fantasy. Beth was about to accept that he was no longer
interested in acting it out and she would just have to be careful that he
didn't learn about her affair. She never considered stopping the sex with

After dinner they moved into the den with their coffee. As they sat
on the couch, Jim pulled her into his arms and kissed her lightly. Then
he said,

"First I want to stay calm and not get all turned on about this. When
I'm turned on anything sounds sexy as hell and wonderful and OK. I
want to know exactly how you feel about being with another man or
maybe other men honey. I am pretty sure now how I feel on the
subject. My love I really do want to try it. If you do too. With Robert I
think for starters.. Charley Bob and Pete could be a problem if you
decided you didn't like it after you tried it. I don't think they could ever let
go once they sampled you. With Robert, or someone else I don't know
so well it might be easier to "test drive". I know I will be nervous as hell
but that's cool. I may be jealous for a while so I need you to love the
shit out of me, after .... so there. I've said it... it's out in the open....
honestly at last...."

She just stared at him lovingly for a while. Kissed him and said,

"Jim I adore you. I love how caring you are and how loved I feel all
the time. How you take care of me. If we do this it has to be like a sport,
like tennis or skiing, just a heck of a lot more fun. No big attachments
no secrets about anything we do. Since you have put it out there so
nicely I will try to do the same. I really think it would be so much fun.
We both love sex and I think having other partners would be great and
won't effect anything we have now. In short I am ready to do it ... do
your bidding on this my sweet husband So what do you want me to do."

There was a long pause... then "Let's start by inviting Robert to
dinner while janet is still out of town. If we are lucky he will spend the
night and you will have two toys to play with. And I will get to watch
while he fucks my wife."

"Honey, are you very, very sure?"


"Tomorrow night?"


* * * * *

Sunday morning she picked up the phone and dialed Robert at
home. Jim again was sitting across the kitchen from her. "Robert,
Beth here, how are you this fine morning?"

"Horny now that I hear your voice."

"I see ... yes well I will try to take care of that as soon as possible.
The reason I called is could you come have dinner with Jim and I
tomorrow about 6-ish... nothing fancy."

"Can I eat you while Jim watches."

"I think that may be on the menu... in fact I'm sure of it. ."

"Are you for real darling? I know Jim is near and you can't talk but
did something interesting develop?"


"His fantasy is back?"


"He wants to go through with it?"

"That's right... that is definitely on the menu... dessert actually."

"God I can hardly wait..."

"Yes I look forward to it too."

"Come early if you like and we can chat and have a drink."

"Are you ready to have one cock up your ass and another in your
sweet cunt?"

"Well I have never had that dish before but it sounds yummy .... I am
eager to try it with your help. Shall we say tomorrow?"

* * * * *

The next day they both were pretty quiet. Chores were taken care of
quietly and efficiently. At one point Jim caught her in his arms and


"Yes.... and excited.... I keep wondering what it will be like, you

Jim suggested they go back to bed but Beth said "No.... I want
to be on edge like this... It is so hot... I have been wet ever since I
talked to Robert last night. I am so primed for this honey... don't you
dare back out on me..."

"No way my hot lady. The idea of you letting Robert fuck you... and
I get to watch has me in knots...."

"I am your hot fucking wife aren't I. I feel so wonderfully naughty and
so sexy. I was even wondering about Bob, Charley and Pete..."

"Beth I love it.. most guys would think I'm crazy but I would love to
see you fuck all three of them at the same time."

When it was close to time Beth took a long hot bath... when dry and
perfumed she slipped into a pair of tiny panties. They were sheer black
and her lips could be seen clearly through the material. She turned
looking in the mirror and liked her cute ass in the brief panties.

No bra... she had decided to show Robert her big firm tits a lot that
night. Of course he had seen them and played with them a lot lately but
not in front of her husband. Her mini skirt was the shortest one she
had and just barely covered her ass and her cute furry pussy. The
blouse was loose and low cut making it easy to see down all the way to
her naval. Jim watched as she came downstairs and whistled...

"You are so hot sweetheart.... Robert doesn't have a chance."

She smiled and answered "I know...."

Finally Robert arrived, with a nice bottle of wine. Jim met him and
welcomed him. Beth was busy in the kitchen. Jim fixed Robert and
himself a strong drink and as they stood by the bar Jim spoke,

"Robert... I don't know exactly how to say this but..... Beth likes to
dress pretty sexy at home. She may shock you a little... certainly
different from her work clothes."

Robert smiled and replied,

"That sounds interesting Jim... I have always thought Beth was a
beautiful desirable woman. She used to dress so conservatively in the
office until very recently. She said her new clothes were your idea. I
don't want to sound rude Jim but I thank you... really brightened up the

"Robert if you liked those, wait until she comes in tonight.... I guess
I'm weird but I love to show her off... I love it when men stare at her......
I know they want her.... and that makes me horny as hell. I love it when
they look down her dress at her big boobs.... sometimes I ask her not to
wear a bra."

"I understand... I feel the same way about Janet..."

"Cool... glad I'm not the only one...."

Then Beth came in and ... They both stared, ogled appropriately and
Beth tingled all over.

"Get me a drink darling."

Jim moved behind the bar and Beth sat on the stool beside Robert.
Her blouse exposed a lot of both of her perfect breasts and the guys both enjoyed the view. What Jim couldn't see as he was busy fixing her
drink was Robert's hand between Beth's legs under her skirt as he
stroked her damp pussy. Beth smiled and said

"Robert I hope I don't shock you tonight but I do love to dress sexy
for nights like this. My husband and I like to be real naughty

"You look fabulous Beth.... how naughty?"

Then he pulled his hand to his nose and smelled as Beth watched.

Beth sighed and said, "Jim honey.... can we just do it....?"

Jim was flushed and he looked at Robert and said "We have this
fantasy .... or rather I do and Beth has agreed to help me with it. You
see Robert... I want to see Beth with another man.... and we hoped
you would help us with that."

Robert played the part well looking at Jim and then Beth and back at
Jim as if he hadn't heard right. Then he said,

"Are my ears playing tricks on me? It sounded like you just offered
your wife to me.... to fuck..."

Beth leaned over and kissed his lips. Her tongue found his and they
kissed long and hot as Jim thrilled at watching his wife do that with
another man. When the kiss broke Beth said, "Jim got me interested
in this Robert and when he asked who I would like I said you. I hope
you approve."

"Approve? damn right... Beth I have fantasized about you a lot. In
my fantasy I have fucked you at my party, in the office, everywhere."

Beth walked over to the middle of the room and pulled her blouse
over her head.... her breasts bounced and swayed fantastically. She
slid her little skirt off and stood there her legs spread in just sheer black
hose and panties. She looked at Jim and said, "Is this what you
want honey.... Robert can see my tits and my pussy clearly.... do you
like me showing him all I have. Wait let me get these off."

And she slid her little panties off and kicked them away,

"Robert unless Jim stops you please get your clothes off and come
fuck me... I want it so bad."

Robert looked at Jim and he smiled and nodded. Robert stripped
and walked over to his host's striking wife. Jim watched open mouthed
as Beth caught his hard cock in her hand and kneeled in front of him
taking his cock in her mouth. Then pulling it out and licking it all over
before taking him back deep in her mouth sucking and bobbing her head
up and down the length of it. Then she pulled him free again stroking
him in her hand as she looked over at Jim and said,

"Do you like watching this sweetheart? Do you like seeing your wife suck her boss' big cock?"

Jim gasped as he said,

"Oh God yes baby,,, do it.... do it all"

Beth smiled and kissed the head of Robert's cock and said,

"Oh I will honey... thank you..."

Soon Jim stripped and came around to sit closer as his wife sucked and then fucked her boss..... Soon Robert came filling Beth's tight cunt.
When he finally pulled out, Beth had cum several times but she looked
at Jim and said,

"Honey.. I want more..."

And Jim mounted her as Robert rested. As Jim stroked deep in his
wife she groaned,

"Oh yes baby... like that... so good... Robert has a nice cock too my
love... Very nice.... can I have lots of both of them?"

Jim thrust harder and gasped out,

"Hell yes.... anytime... but if I'm not there you have to tell me all
about it....."

"Yessss .... yessss... lots of stories baby...."

And she had a screaming orgasm.....

The night was full and so was Beth... They doubled fucked her every
way possible and Beth loved it... The guys became a great fucking

* * * *

Robert left about midnight. As they showed him out he was the
only one with clothes on. Robert hugged and kissed Beth and shook
Jim's hand saying,

"It was great... Jim I thank you, Beth I thank you... but Jim just so I
don't take advantage of your hospitality... are you OK if Beth and I play
at the office?"

Jim smiled and said

"I hope you will... but as I said, I want to hear all about it."

* * * *
They locked up and slowly headed upstairs completely spent but
happy, arms around each other. In bed Beth said,

"Did you like it honey? Are you glad we did it?"

"Hell I loved it."

"Are you glad I fucked Robert?"

"Yeah honey... you know I am..... and I'm really OK if you guys have
fun at the office... I don't see how you could resist after tonight. So are
you OK... why all the questions?"

"Well I wanted to be sure you were happy about it and.... I wondered
how you felt about asking Bob, Charley and Pete to dinner soon?"
the end part 2


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