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D WIFE2 split showing lot her


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended For Minors

Dream wife
by Drifter

Part 3: (Second Thoughts Maybe? Betrayal?)

Jim stopped and starred at his lovely wife who had just said,

"Well I wanted to be sure you were happy about all we did tonight,
all I did tonight with Robert, and ... I wondered ... how you felt about
asking Bob, Charley and Pete to dinner soon?"

He looked at her strangely as they slowly continued up the stairs.
When he didn't reply for a moment she smiled up at him and asked, "I
thought you wanted to see me with the three of them? I was just saying
that after all that took place tonight I guess I could try that if it's what you
really want."

He stared at her unseeing and the thought struck him, 'Can she
ever get enough now?' then he replied, "We'll see darlin', we'll see."

Beth wondered at his lack of response as they continued up the
stairs. She wondered what was wrong suddenly and hoped he wasn't
having second thoughts... not now... not when she was feeling so good
about it..

Soon cuddled in bed ready for sleep she moved closer and kissed
his cheek as she settled. Beth was wonderfully tired from all the
pleasure her two men had given her that night. She was warmed in the
feeling of for once being completely sated sexually. As they lay there
quietly Jim said softly, sounding like he was in pain, "Do you still
respect me at all Beth?"

Beth sucked her breath in like she had been hit. She sat up and
turned the light back on and looked at her husband laying there as nude
as she was. He was looking away from her at the wall.

"Jim... Jim... what is wrong baby? Of course I respect you... I
love you so much. Oh god, what have I done? What have we done?"

Jim turned to look at her and she saw fear in his eyes, She
moved closer and kissed his lips lightly asking, "Honey... what is the

"I was thinking that perhaps now that you had let Robert fuck you,
maybe you would lose respect and your need for me."

Beth pulled back again like he had slapped her. She sat there
silently for a moment then said, "You can't possibly believe that.
Remember my darling husband, this was all your idea to start with,
remember you wanted this to happen. I admit I really got into the fun of
it, and loved the sex, but that is all it was. A good healthy fun fuck. No
more, no less. Robert is just another cock that feels wonderful in my
pussy when it gets hot. I don't love anyone but you. And as far as
respect, I respect you more now. Few men could do this. I don't need
anyone but you. If this bothers you it is over. I can be perfectly happy
with only you my husband."

Jim smiled weakly and reached out and touched her cheek
lovingly. "I guess I was worrying a little about how you felt now that you
had actually fucked Robert. I'm sorry, of course I want it to continue. It
thrilled me to watch you with Robert. We both loved it Guess I just
needed to hear you say all that. I mean after all it isn't like you have
hidden anything from me with Robert. You haven't done anything
behind my back so that I need to worry. You are right I was being silly.
Sorry sweetheart. Forget I said anything. I just guess it takes some
getting used to. We are both very tired so goodnight honey."

As she turned the light out again Beth felt her stomach turn over
as she thought of how she let Robert fuck her at the party and then told
Jim nothing had happened. The basic tenet of their marriage was never
to lie to each other. And then to make it worse, sneaking off to the
office the next day to fuck Robert again. Hiding it from her husband.
She had lied that first night to keep Jim from being hurt. Then it had
been so tempting she had wanted Robert's cock again so she lied the
second time. But now what?" She heard Jim breathing deeply as he
slept. She slipped out of bed and into a warm robe and headed for the
kitchen and a cup of coffee. What the hell was she going to do now?
Everything that had gone so well, had seemed so wonderful, now looked
in jeopardy because of her dumb lie. She should have told him
immediately that Robert had fucked her, just like Jim had wanted.

True Jim had agreed to her fucking Robert later, but that was after
the fact. She had lied to her husband. If he ever found out he might
never trust her again. What was she going to do?. She could bluff it
out and hope Jim never found out... but that would be another lie.
Should she tell him everything..? ask him to understand? She had
done what she thought he wanted her to do. So why did she lie?

She sipped her coffee and tried to clear her head. Then she
broke down and cried as if her heart was broken, thinking, 'If I lose Jim I
will die....'


That was where Jim found her the next morning, asleep with her
head on the kitchen table.

He had waked up and assumed she was downstairs getting the
coffee started as usual. He had showered and dressed as he rethought
the previous night, how sexy Beth had looked with Robert between her
long trim legs fucking her like crazy. her moaning with pleasure. He
decided it was all great. Just what he had hoped for. He really did love
watching his wife with other men. Maybe it was time to have his three
pals over for a one woman orgy.

He went downstairs and finding Beth woke her gently, "Honey,
what's going on? Why are you asleep here?"

Beth opened her eyes, red from crying, and she started to cry
again as she ran from the room. Jim followed her but she locked herself
in the bathroom. Jim stood at the door and pleaded with her to open up.
Asking what was wrong? After some time she said in a tearful voice,
"Jim, go on to work. I have to decide something by myself. We can talk

Worried, Jim reluctantly complied... Beth could be stubborn when
she was upset like this.

He had been gone just long enough to get to his office when the
phone rang. Beth came out of the bath and answered it.

"Beth honey, it's Jim... what is wrong baby? Are you having bad
reactions to last night?"

"No Jim, it's not about last night. Well not exactly. We will talk
tonight. I'm not going to work today but please, don't come home early.
I have to think this through."

She hung the phone up and dialed her office number. Robert
answered, he was always in early, "Robert, I won't be in today. In
fact I may not be back at all."

"Beth, what's wrong baby? What happened?"

"I can't talk Robert, I will be in touch soon."

And she hung up the phone. She showered and slipped into a
loose sweat suit and poured herself a fresh cup of coffee. She
pondered, Would Jim understand? Would he forgive her for lying. She
knew it was OK with her husband that she had fucked Robert... it was
the lie. What was she going to tell Jim? and Robert? She thought
slowly over all that had happened. As she thought about the great sex
with Jim and Robert the night before she started to feel that familiar stir.
Oh god, she thought, if she had just not lied it would all be so wonderful
and she could fuck anyone she wanted. She knew Jim would agree to
that now. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was getting wet. She
slid one hand under her top and she toyed with her sensitive nipples as
the other hand found her rigid little clit.

The door bell rang seconds later and she jumped pulling her hands
free. She recovered her composure somewhat and went to the front
door. As she opened it Robert brushed past her. She closed the door
and he swept her up in his arms. He covered her lips with his and she
surrendered to the kiss. When it broke she knew she wanted him
again. In spite of her problem she wanted him to take her right there.

But instead he broke the kiss and said, "What on earth is wrong
Beth? Did Jim get upset after I left last night?".

"No Robert, I just realized last night how I had lied to my
husband. And I betrayed him when I met you at the office. That was
something we said we would never do. Now I fear if he finds out he will
have nothing to do with me."

"Is it because we had sex last night? Is that what it is about?"

"No, the first night, at your party, remember after you fucked me
on your bed, remember I lied to Jim and said nothing happened. And
then the next day I lied again to come to the office so we could fuck
even more. Strangely Robert, it isn't because we had sex, Jim loves
that, it is the lies I have told that I'm afraid Jim will hate me for."

He pulled her to him closer and kissed her cheek, then her nose,
then her lips lightly and he said, "I was afraid you were sorry about the
sex. I loved that so much. I hoped you did too."

She looked up at him and smiled a little and answered, "Oh
Robert, I adored the sex. Especially when you fucked me and Jim
watched... then joined in and the two of you doubled fucked me. I loved
it all but that was the best. If I hadn't lied to Jim there would be no

She felt his cock growing against her and realized he was getting
a hard-on rapidly. He kissed her lips softly, lingeringly, and she
responded, in spite of herself, sliding her arms around his neck. letting
her full body mold against his. After a few more seconds of the deep
kiss he said, "Oh god, Beth I want you so bad." and she felt his hand
slide under her sweat top onto her bare breast. She moaned and
realized he was sliding her pants down. She offered no resistance but
stepped out of them and let him lay her down on the carpet. She felt
him spread her legs and his cock head part her wet cunt lips. She
groaned and shifted to help it line up to enter her completely.

As he pumped in and out she thrust up to meet him and heard
herself say, "Oh fuck me Robert....I can figure it out later."

She came over and over and finally Robert came inside her well
used pussy. They collapsed in each other's arms and just lay there.
Moments later he got up and helped her to her feet. He kissed her
tenderly and she slipped her sweat bottoms back on as he put his cock

She walked back into the kitchen and poured them both a cup of
coffee. As they sat there she smiled at him and laughed as she said,
"I'm such a slut. I'm worried about my marriage and all you have to do
is kiss me and I spread my legs for you to fuck."

"Beth stop being so hard on yourself. If you explain it all to Jim
I'm sure he will tell you to forget it. Anyway, he said last night we could
fuck anytime we felt like it."

"I know Robert. It really isn't the sex. If I just hadn't lied to him. If I
hadn't gone to the office to meet you. Now I have to tell him everything
and hope for the best. Lies are big things to him. He might actually
divorce me over that."

"Listen to me Beth. I don't believe he would divorce you. He
loves you just like you love him, and appreciates what a jewel he has in
you. I wish my janet was willing to open up sexually like you. I would
love to watch someone else fuck her."

"Have you ever asked her? She looks pretty hot to me. Maybe
Jim could get her in bed. He is very good at that."

"That would be fun, a foursome... I will ask Jim to try. Maybe
next time I'm out of town. janet gets real horny."

Beth was surprised when Robert leaned over and kissed her
deeply again as his hand cupped her large breast. She smiled at him
and said, "Don't you ever get enough?"


She smiled and stood up and took him by the hand and led him
to her bed. They were stripped and in a torrid 69 when the phone rang.
Beth let his cock fall out of her mouth and reached for the phone.

It was Jim. He asked if she was better. She admitted she was
but that they had to talk that night and she said, "Honey I told you a
small lie about something to keep from hurting you. And there is more. I
well tell you all about it tonight. Please don't be too upset with me."

She was stroking Roberts cock as he paused in his oral loving of her
pussy. Then having trouble talking she said, "Jim darling, I love you
and hope this isn't too big of a deal. I did screw up and I know
how you feel about that but I had a good reason. At least for most of it."

Then she sent him a kiss and hung up the phone, lowering her
mouth over the head of Roberts hard cock again she tried to forget it for
the moment.


She was showered and wore a simple dress when Jim got home.
She met him at the door and they kissed warmly. She thought, He
doesn't seem upset.... She took his hand and led him into the den,
handing him a scotch. She sat down on the couch as he sat beside
her. She grimaced and started, "Honey, the night of Robert's party,
remember? Remember how you gave me the go-ahead to let him fuck
me that night? While you were talking to Gloria, Robert showed me
where I could change into my bikini. Well that's where the lie comes in
my love. Robert took me to his bedroom to change but he kissed me
and the first thing I knew he had me spread out on his bed and was
driving his cock in me. He fucked me. Then when you came up and
asked me if anything had happened you looked so fearful I said nothing
had happened cause I was afraid you would be sorry."

Jim looked at her silently for the moment and then said, "And
that's why you were up all last night and so upset today?"

"Yes, that's part of it.....can you forgive me."

"I don't see what is the big deal, there is nothing to forgive about the
sex You just did what I asked you to do. How could I be mad about
that? The lie is a little one to keep from hurting me. Not good,
remember we promised we would never do that. Somehow that hurts. I
can even understand about telling me you didn't fuck him at the party. I
was pretty unsure at that moment. But when you went to the office the
next day ... was that work or just to fuck him some more.?"

She stared at him silently, not wanting to answer the damning
question. He looked at her hard and said "Well, what was it to work or
to fuck?"

She started to cry softly and her head dropped as she stared at
the floor. Finally in a soft voice she said, "To fuck."

"That hurts. I guess I could understand all the rest. But there was
no passion of the moment the next day. You just wanted to fuck Robert
again. Tell me bitch, what did you do that day in the office?"

She winced at the name he had called her. She continued to cry.
Jim asked, "Did he fuck you again?"

In a soft voice she responded, "Yes."

"Did you suck his cock?"


"Did he fuck you in the ass?"


"Did you cum?"


"A lot?"


"Why Beth?"

"I'm not sure, I went crazy for his cock Jim. I don't know why."

"Has he fucked you since the night here?"


"When was the latest?"


"Today? When?"

"He was here most of the day, .... while I talked to you on the

"You really made a chump out of me didn't you. Well I guess I
asked for it. I talked you into the sex. But the lies. I'm sure you and
your boss had a good laugh at my expense. It was to be my fantasy but
I guess it got away from me."

She looked at him, wondering what was next. He had a hurt,
vacant look on his face. She said softly, "It wasn't like that. I love you
Jim. No one else. It was just fun with Robert."

He laughed softly, "Yeah? Is that another joke for your boss.?"

He turned and headed for the door. At the door he stopped and
turned and said, "It really isn't the sex. I really dug that. Watching you
with him... but you sure played me for the fool." and he turned and
walked out the door.

Beth ran to her bed and fell on it crying. When she calmed down
she recalled what she and Robert had done on her bed that afternoon.
In spite of all her worries about her husband she felt her pussy getting
wet. She thought, I am such a cunt.

The phone rang and she jumped for it. It was Robert, "How did
your talk go with Jim?"

"Not good, he walked out. My meeting you upset him like I was
afraid it would. He feels like we played him for the fool."

"Not intentionally Beth. We just wanted to have sex. It was so
fantastic with you."

"I know Robert but now what am I going to do? I don't want to
lose my husband."

"Can I come over Beth. Maybe I can help. When do you think he
will be back?"

"I have no idea when or if he might come back. I could use the

"I'll be right there."

* * *

Robert arrived in record time. By the time the front door closed
behind him he had Beth in his arms. She was crying softly, "I think I am
losing my husband Robert, what am I going to do?"

Robert held her and couldn't miss the feel of her full breasts against him, her pussy he had enjoyed so much. She was a wonderful
lusty woman. His cock was growing and he said, "Beth honey we will
fix it." as his hands began to roam over her body.

In spite of herself she responded to his touch. Then she felt his
hands cup her breasts and she moaned, one hand dripped under her
skirt and she spread her legs for him. Less than five minutes after he
walked in he was between her legs driving his cock deep into her for the
second time that day.

Afterwards they lay in the living room floor still and Robert said,
"Janet.... somehow we have to get janet involved with us... with Jim.
She got home this afternoon, we have to make it happen."

* * *

Two hundred miles away, while Roberts party had been going on,
while Robert escorted Beth to his bedroom and made love to her, Janet,
his voluptuous wife was sitting at a table with three other women. They
were all four stag at the High School reunion dance. They had been
drinking and having a good time talking, talking about the boys they had
dated in high school. janet had just asked, "Well confession time ladies.
We are all happily married now so we can tell. Did any of us get out of
high school a virgin?"

Everyone laughed at the question but no one said anything. Then
Janet said "Well I sure didn't, three different guys made sure of that. By
the time I graduated my cherry was long gone."

Each of the others admitted they too had left it behind and gladly.
Just then a tall good looking guy headed toward their table. janet heard
someone say "Look here comes Ted Baxter." janet smiled, Ted had
been her first lover. He had talked her out of her cherry. Bless his heart
Janet thought, it was so damn good. Then she felt a tap on her shoulder
and turning she looked into Ted's gray eyes.

"Hi Janet, dance?"

She stood up and gave him a hug hello and they headed for the
dance floor. As she settled comfortably in his arms they moved slowly
across the floor. "God janet you look gorgeous. The years have made
you even more beautiful."

janet laughed softly as she felt her nipples swell against his
chest. "Ted you haven't changed a bit. You used the same line when
you talked me out of my cherry about twelve years ago."

"That was a fantastic night. But I'm being straight honey. You are
one gorgeous lady. And I believe your boobs are even bigger and they
were a hell of a hand full in high school."

"Behave Ted, I'm a married lady now."

"And where is your husband?"

"He couldn't get away, business. Besides I decided it would be
more fun by my self."

"That sounds promising. Were you wanting to renew some old connections?"

Again she laughed, "You are a real shit Ted." but she hugged
him closer and felt his growing cock against her. She felt her loins
tingle and her panties were getting very damp as she leaned back and
looked into his eyes and they both grinned.

"He still likes you. Janet, how many times do you suppose we did

The drinks were effecting her nicely and she giggled "A lot. I think
we must have done it a couple of time a night after that first time until we
broke up four months later. That was the night I caught you with Sandy.
You prick, I wasn't enough for you."

"Truce honey. Please forget Sandy."

There was a pause and Ted said, "That would make four months,
maybe forty times a month, that's at least one hundred and sixty times.
Not counting oral."

"Wow, I think we better change the subject. Really 160 times.
That's a lot of sex. I'm not sure I've fucked my husband 160 times."

They broke up on that and janet felt his hard cock pressing into
her now wet pussy. Ted said, "I would love to make it 161 tonight

She looked at him and said "That might be fun. but right now I
need to go to the ladies rest room. I'm soaked you bastard."

"She still gets that wet for me?" he asked

"I guess she does, now escort me to the ladies room and wait for
me. Don't run off chasing another Sandy."

In the rest room janet went in a private booth and pulled her skirt
up and her panties down. Her panties were dripping almost. She dried
herself and took her panties off completely and put them in her purse.
As she pushed her short skirt back down it felt so sexy without panties and she thought, what would it hurt if it were 161 instead of 160?

He was still standing there waiting when she came back out. She
smiled up at Ted and she said, "Where are you staying Ted. I had to
stay with my parents."

"Three of us have a room here in the hotel. Would you like to see

She grinned and said, "I think I would Ted, for old times sake."

In the elevator they were alone and he pulled her into his arms
and kissed her. Their tongues melded and it was like years before. His
hands were on her cute ass and he slowly dry fucked her. When the
kiss broke she said, "I can't believe you fucked me 160 times."

"You were great. I remember you loved to fuck as much as I did."

"That's true Ted, and I still do."

"Can you still suck cock as good as you did then?"

"Better. Do you still love to eat pussy?" she said as her voice got
so husky.

The car stopped and they pulled apart as the door opened.
Walking down the hall he laughed and said, "We can start with that and
you will see."

In the room their clothes flew.and they ate and fucked like crazy.
A little after cuddle and they dressed to return to the dance. Ted kissed
her later and said, "Maybe we could do this again later. Would you like
to make a night of it?"

"I might Ted. You were still great at everything. Talk to me later.
I need to put in an appearance." but she was horny again already. The
suggestion that they fuck all night turned her on quickly

She had barely sat down when she felt another touch on her
shoulder, it was Bob Barret, the guy she had started dating after she
and Ted broke up. The first guy she ever fucked on their first date. Ted
just had her so used to good regular sex that she had melted the first
time Bob had kissed her. His nickname for her after that was Easy.

On the dance floor he held her close and danced smoothly with
her and then he said, "Hi Easy how are you?"

"Great, I had forgotten your name for me. I guess it was
accurate that night."

Already she felt his hard cock against her. God this guys are
horny, she thought. She smiled at him and said, "Oh fuck Bob. I must
still be. Take me somewhere. I don't know what you do to me. Every
time you touch me I'm ready to fuck."

Up the same elevator. Down the same hall and into the same
room. The one bed was a mess where janet and Ted had fucked.
There was a huge wet spot. janet laughed and said as she stripped,
"Bob you are naughty, am I your second conquest tonight?"

"No honey." he stood nude his cock hard and pointing at Janet,
"I'm sharing this room tonight with Ted Baxter and Mel Brooks. I guess
one of them got lucky. I know you dated Ted in high school but didn't
you date Mel also?"

janet looked up sharply, the three guys she had fucked in high
school were sharing a room? Could that be a coincidence? She
acknowledged to Bob she had dated all three of them..

janet crawled on the dry bed and held out her arms as she
spread her legs for Bob. It was even better than Ted now that she was
getting warmed up and she came several times before Bob blew his
deep in her. This time she took her purse with her into the bathroom
and douched. She didn't want two loads of cum running down her legs.
Besides the way the night was going she wasn't sure who else she might
run into. She wondered where Mel was.

Dressed, back to the dance, tap on the shoulder, dancing close
and Mel said, "God janet you are still so damned sexy. Would you like
to go up to my room and fuck?"

janet led him off the floor without another word, to the elevator,
she punched the floor as she kissed him passionately, led him to the
room and inside stripped and lay down on the soft carpet. He buried his
cock in her well used cunt and as they fucked lazily Ted and Bob came
out of the bath room naked. janet squealed with delight and they didn't
leave the room that night.

Later the guys admitted they had been in touch and had shared
the fact they had all fucked janet in high school. They had planned it all
including the three on one. janet loved it and said, "Do you guys all live
here still? I was thinking I drive up here about once a month to see my
folks, maybe we could...."

And they all agreed. All the way home janet had a grin on her
face as she relived her night with the guys and looked forward to her
next one.

* * *

Now janet was back home fresh out of a shower and dressed in a
short thin silk robe that displayed her sexy body nicely. Beth and Robert
were at Beth's house, naked, fucking on the living room floor as Beth
kept saying she was worried about Jim. And Jim was driving around
trying to think of some way to get even with Robert and Beth.

Jim had looked up the address and shortly after he left his house
and Beth, he drove to Robert and Janet's address. He sat in the car for
sometime trying to decide what he had in mind but all he could think of
was to get even. Even with Robert, even with Beth.

He rang the door bell and nervously moved about. At that
moment janet looked out the peep hole in the door to see who was
there. She had met Jim a couple of times at office functions.
Recognizing him she opened the door and asked him in. As he walked
by her she could tell he was upset. She smiled as she liked the looks
of him, even upset.

As Jim paced the floor janet smiled wondering what had this
handsome man so pissed. She had just showered and slipped into a
robe when Robert rushed out of the house saying one of his employees
had a problem. janet had wondered if the problem was Roberts cock.
Not that she objected. Why shouldn't he have fun too.

Now Jim looked at her and finally said, "I can't do it. I'm sorry to
bother you Janet. I came her to rape you. But that isn't my style. My
wife fucked your husband several times while you were gone. Truthfully
I put her up to it cause I wanted to watch another man fuck my wife. But
then she did it and lied to me. It is sort of complicated." And he told her
all the details.

janet smiled at him and calmly poured them both a stiff drink.
Handing one to Jim she sipped hers as he threw his down with one
swallow. He was surprised she didn't seem upset at all. janet sat down
on the couch and her robe split showing a lot of her great long legs. Jim
noticed as she knew he would. She patted the couch beside her and
when Jim sat down she said, "Jim I am really sorry you are so upset.
Let me understand, you wanted Robert to fuck Beth? You pushed Beth
into it? And now you are upset cause she did what you asked her to do
and told you a little lie to keep from hurting you, and another cause she
wanted more of what you told her she could have."

"Yes..sounds silly the way you put it. I loved watching them.
Then I found out they had been playing me for a fool and frankly it hurt.
I loved Beth before this."

"Jim, I suspect you still love your wife. Your pride is hurt. That's
all. Maybe we can fix that."

"How Janet? And how can I trust her again?

"Oh silly never trust us women. At least about sex." And she told
him how she had spent her week. Then she said, "Robert doesn't know
that I fucked all three of them at the same time and loved it."

She dropped her hand on his thigh and said, "Jim, I have always
found you attractive. It is a long drive to my hometown, even for three
guys. Maybe you should "rape" me. I think I would help. Strip me and
make me fuck you right here on the floor. Maybe Robert will come home
and catch us. Wouldn't that be fun." She undid her robe and Jim's eyes
drank in the view of her lovely breast and their hard nipples. Her lovely
bush now obviously wet and ready for him.

Shortly he heard janet moan from under him on the floor, "Oh yes
honey, hmmm love your cock in me. I think we are going to have a lot
of fun."

the end?

If you liked this and want more, let me know - Drifter


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