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D.PAMELA hidden away from the public eye


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 22 Oct 1996 01:36:59 GMT
From: d <d@abc.efg>
Subject: <*> Repost "Pamela" (mf)
Well, it's been about two years or so since I originally posted
this story, and I could either use the ego stroking (insert obligatory
'stroking' joke here) or the constructive criticism needed to give me
the momentum to rewrite the other story I have but never finished or
posted. [If you're still out there, (and he knows who he is). Yes it's
me and yes it's that story I'm referring to.]

Disclaimer : This story is fiction. Period. It also contains
explicit descriptions of sex between consenting adults. If such
stories offend you, then simply ignore it. Any messages about the
morality of such stories will go unread; Instead teach someone to read
or feed the hungry. Constructive criticisms and comments are of
course welcome.

Permission is given to freely distribute/archive this story electronically so long as : Its content is unaltered (the disclaimer
and copyright MUST be included and it is not distributed for profit
without permission of the author.

Also, a single *Nondistributable* hardcopy may be made for
private use *only*.
(C) 1994-5 by d
I had just settled in for the night with the latest in a long
series of texts when the doorbell broke my concentration. Annoyed, I
quickly scanned the rest of the paragraph and then sat upright on the
couch. Gently placing the still open book face down onto the coffee
table, I pulled myself to my feet.

When I opened the door, I found a disheveled figure standing
zombielike; her clothes were soaking wet from the rain, pulling down
on her posture like the weight of the world. The wet mass of curls
fell partly over her face, but failed to obscure her eyes. "Mark?" She
sobbed as she stumbled on the doorstep. I managed to put my hands out
to support her as she fell forward. Pamela - Those deep brown eyes
could only belong to her.

Her skin was frightfully cold to the touch, and she was shivering
as I first steadied her balance, then led her slowly into the living

After placing her on the couch, I quickly retrieved a blanket
from the hall closet, and wrapped it about her shoulders. She leaned
toward me as I sat beside her and I pulled her close, cradling her
head to my chest. "Want to talk?" I spoke softly. She nodded, but
remained quiet.

A sense of deja vu began to creep up from the corners of my
mind. Marie had always liked the rain, and she would love to lead me
on long walks in summer showers. Dancing in the downfall, she would
entice me onward as I attempted at first to avoid stepping in the
puddles. At long last when my socks had finally soaked through and I
had loosened up, she would kiss me, long and deep.

I pushed the rest of the thought away and focused on Pam. We had
been friends forever and even at her lowest, I'd never seen her like
this. Her normally bright and cheerful face was pale and
hollow. Unlike 'Rie, she would never be mistaken for a model, and
though she never used much makeup to enhance the looks that she did
have, I never tired of the smile that was conspicuously absent.

Her hair felt a little less cold against my cheek as her body
began to warm up. I could feel her breathe through the arm I had
wrapped around her. Her breaths were strong but fast as whatever
haunted her raced through her soul. The beat felt familiar; much like
'Rie's, when we would at last stumble home from those walks. Soaked
through to the bone, we'd ...

Pam took a long deep breath and held it for a moment, pulling
herself upright. She was still shivering a little. "I took off from
work early today so I could surprise Glenn," she paused as her eyes
fell downward, "I was ready to cook him dinner and all."

As long as I had known her, she had never been the domestic type;
I must have looked a little surprised, because she almost smiled
before continuing. "He wasn't supposed to be home 'til late, so I just
went in. There were some noises coming from the bedroom." She closed
her eyes and gulped, staring at an image burned into her mind. "Glenn
was with some ... woman!" She choked and looked down at her lap, "they
were ... they were ..."

She couldn't finish the sentence. I pulled her close expecting a
burst of tears, but none was coming. It was now late-evening. That
meant she must have been crying for hours now - there were just no
more tears left.

I think I remember feeling her heart beating as I held her. She
felt awkward in my arms - the contours of her body just didn't match
mine - not like 'Rie. I felt a sudden cold spot develop on my chest
and I realized that the water in her clothing had soaked through the
blanket. I pushed her away and avoided meeting her eyes. "You're
soaked ... why don't you change into some dry clothes," I said as I
rose and ducked into the bedroom. Moments later, I emerged and handed
her a dry T-shirt and sweatpants. "You can borrow these."

I paced as she changed in the bathroom; I wished I couldn't feel
her pain, but my own was still fresh. I closed my eyes and could
almost feel Marie beside me. She was beautiful by anybody's standards;
There was just something about her that drew men to her. She used to
say that if she had been born blonde, she would have been a beauty
queen. I never replied; considering myself lucky that she would
choose to be with an average joe like me. I sometimes wondered if it
would have made any difference if I had.

Pamela emerged and disrupted my thoughts. She was still pale, and
didn't even move when I brushed the hair away from her face. I almost
led her back out to the couch, but she looked numb. I pointed her
towards the bedroom. "Get some rest and we can talk in the morning," I
instructed her.

By the time I retrieved some extra blankets, I found her fast
asleep on the bed. Carefully I pulled the sheets from under her and
tucked her in, gently laying the extra blankets over her.

I went back out to the living room, and pulled back the curtain
to stare out into the rain. I started to wonder if Marie was staring
out at the same storm, thinking the same thoughts - but no, she had
made it perfectly clear how she felt about me now. I started to turn
away, but there was something disturbing about the scene I viewed, so
I stared for long moments before I figured what it was; Pam's car. It
wasn't in the driveway, nor on the street. I turned around and stared
across the living room and down the hallway. She had walked from her
apartment and judging from the distance, that's what she had been
doing all evening. She was always full of surprises.

I sighed and made my way over to the couch and sat next to the
wet blanket still lying there. It hadn't registered earlier, but it
was Marie's favorite. I reached out and pulled a corner of it up to my
face. The faint smell of her perfume invaded my thoughts.

After those walks in the rain, we would shower together and
retreat to the couch, wrapped snugly in the blanket. Those were the
times I loved her the most. The rain washed away her vanity, and it
was when - hidden away from the public eye - she was the most real. It
was probably no coincidence that it all fell apart in the dead of

I let myself fall backward into a supine position, pulling the
blanket with me. Why was I still crazy about her anyway? Towards the
end, all she did was pick fights and complain. I should have been glad
when she left, but instead, I went to Glenn and Pam and ... I pulled
my head up and stared down the hallway. Full circle - in more ways
than one.

I thought about Glenn. He had fallen in love with Pam the instant
he met her; not that I blamed him. She just seemed to know exactly
what to say in every situation. That was the part of our friendship
that I treasured the most.

I hadn't really realized how much I cared for her until she met
him. It took some time to get over the initial jealously I felt
watching their relationship grow, but it was clear that she cared for
him, so I distanced myself. Still, we remained close, even after they
became serious - she and I would spend long hours on the phone just

Of course 'Rie entered my life and changed all that. Not only did
she monopolize my time, but in fact she had me wrapped around her
finger. I let her get away with it all as I reveled in the attention;
her soft voice and soothing caresses drew me so deep into her
spell. Yet somehow Pam and I kept the deep bond of trust we developed
over the years; we confided our problems and sorrows in each other.

In the end 'Rie had been deeply distrustful of that friendship;
It was yet another thing she could hold against me. I began to wonder
if that same thing drove Glenn to another woman.

No, we had all made our own choices. Pam's pain was his
responsibility, and judging by the fact that he hadn't tried to find
her here of all places, he didn't care.

I closed my eyes and let the sounds of the rain wash over
me. "'Rie," I sighed. She used to lie on top of me with her head on my
chest, her brown curls draped over me, her gentle breath flowing
... Black ... 'Rie's hair was jet black and straight. She would have
killed me if she had ... what? As I watched her walk out the door, she
didn't even acknowledge me. Not a word, not a glance ... not a hint of
the love we once shared ... nothing.


I turned over and shaking out some of the cobwebs, and looked at
the clock. It read 6:03AM. I had some time before my alarm went
off. The events of the previous night dawned on me slowly, but when
they did, I groggily pulled myself off the couch and made my way into
the bedroom. Quietly I made my way over to the far side of the bed
and turned off the alarm before turning to leave.

"Mark ... wait," Pamela cried out after me, "don't go."

I turned to look at her. In the early morning light, I could
barely make out that her eyes were red. "Yeah?"

"Just don't go."

"Ok," I made my way over to the bed and sat down beside her. She
sat up straight and placed her head on my shoulder.

"Why?" she burst out, half in tears.

"I don't know. Sometimes it happens, no matter how much we love
them." The words sounded just as hollow as when I heard them, but I
didn't know what else to say. I wrapped my arms around her and fought
the awkwardness of her body. It just didn't fit right, but I didn't
dare push her away.

She eventually took a long breath and broke the long silence that
followed. "I suppose I should have seen it coming..." She raised her
head, and I looked at her puzzled. "For the last few months, he's been
leaving home earlier and coming back later. I don't remember the last
time we sat and talked ... or ..." She looked down at her lap, where
she was fiddling with the bottom of her shirt.

"Compared with you, I can't possibly imagine what he sees in

"Oh, Mark. You always know what to say"

"You know, that's what I've always thought about you."

"Thanks," she smiled weakly. "I ... Mark, I should have
... chosen you."


She looked away guiltily, and I stared at her, trying to
contemplate what she had just said. The top of her shirt was still a
little damp from her hair and the front clung to her and showed a hint
of her cleavage, enhanced by the soft early morning sun. She turned
back to me and leaned forward slowly. I froze as she kissed me softly
on the cheek. When I didn't resist, she wrapped her arms around me and
pulled herself close. "I should have chosen you," she whispered

I felt myself returning her embrace and I whispered into the
crook of her neck. "I've always wondered ..."

She pulled back and put a finger up to my lips. "I know." She
leaned into me and we kissed lightly. Her lips were soft and I
welcomed the once familiar warmth. I started to run my fingers through
her long hair, "Oh Marie," I moaned.

She pulled her head suddenly back and broke our embrace. I was
terrified, but she only led my hands up to her chest. "Make love to
me," she said.

Her breasts were more amazing than I could had ever
imagined. They were firm, but supple, and I began to massage them
thoroughly. Apparently they were also quite sensitive - she closed
her eyes and began to moan when I pinched her nipples through the thin
shirt. When she threw her head back and fell backwards onto the bed, I
leaned forward and pulled the shirt up and began to suckle her
fantastic melons. I started by licking large circles around the
boundaries of her left tit, and spiraled in toward her dark
aureole. When I reached the center, I took her nipple softly between
my teeth and began to saw my lower jaw back and forth slowly opposing
the motion with my tongue. After it became stiff, I repeated the
motion on her right breast and she rewarded the attention by arching
her back, wrapping her arms around my head and pulling my face into
her chest. She let out a cry of passion, so I replied by again
munching on her nipples.

I was hardly done however. I reached up and pinched a nipple in
each hand between my thumbs and forefingers. I started to run my
tongue up and down her cleavage, pushing her breasts around my face.

I worked my way downwards, running my tongue all over her tight
stomach, all the while fondling her mams. I pulled off the sweatpants
she was wearing and I found myself staring at her wet and wonderful
pussy. She wrapped her legs around my neck and pulled me in toward her
honeypot. But I had other ideas; this had to be done right. I began
teasing her, by running my tongue along the soft contours of her inner
thighs and lavishing soft kisses on her belly.

"Oh yes," she gasped, as she began to fondle her own tits. She
began to move her hips around in an attempt to find my tongue with her
slit, but I continued to tease her thighs until her voice had an edge
of desperation, "Oh ... Please. I need you."

She moaned loudly as I gently touched the tip of my tongue to her
slit, then began to lick her in slow, deliberate strokes. "Please,
don't stop." She reached down with one hand and gently nudged my face
into her dripping cunt. This time I didn't resist. I quickly found her
engorged clit and grasping it between my lips, I let a low throaty
hum, escape my throat. She responded instantly, bucking her hips up
and down through a volcanic orgasm as the vibrations pierced her

When it was over, I disentangled myself from her legs and lay
down on her limp body. I kissed her softly, as my throbbing dick
pressed against her thigh.

She returned my kiss with a contented moan. "Mmm," she sighed,
"Now make love to me." I smiled and reached down to pull her knees up
toward her chest. Using the weight of my upper body, I pinned her legs
to her body, which prevented her from moving her hips. Then I
continued my teasing game by placing the tip of my engorged penis up
to her slit. She gasped at the contact and closed her eyes in
anticipation of my thrust, but it was a long time in coming. "Oh!" she
moaned, as I nudged against her clit, her excitement growing with
every passing second.

Slowly I began to penetrate her, but I still had her legs pinned
so she couldn't move to thrust against me. Gently I pushed into her,
prolonging her rapture as well as my own, until I was finally buried
all the way in. I leaned forward and kissed her and released my hold
on her legs. She began to move in time with my thrusts as I made love
to her. Closing my eyes, I could almost feel Marie returning my kiss.
Her lips became less responsive to mine as my pumping continued.

"Yes, oh yes," she began to cry out as her vagina pulsed around
me. I couldn't hold back as she milked a load of hot cum deep into
her. I collapsed onto her limp body and as we lay there for a long
moment I could feel her heart beating hard against my chest. "I love
you," I whispered into her hair.

After catching her breath, she began to kiss my ear. "That was
incredible Mark, but I hope you're not done yet."

I was so startled that I barely noticed when she pushed me off of
her and onto the floor. She crawled off the bed onto me, and kissed me
deep. I was almost lost in her when she pulled off me and stared deep
into my eyes. "You know ... nobody's ever ... Glenn doesn't like going
down on me." I started to reply, but she just put a finger up to my
mouth. "That's why I never do this for him," she said as she began to
kiss my chest, then my belly, then my penis. Her lips revived me
quickly, and my dick stood straight up at attention. She rewarded me
by taking my balls into her mouth and sucking them like candy.

"Yes, yes" I moaned, desperately wanting to fuck her mouth. "Not
yet," she replied, turning my game around. "Sit down on the bed."

Mesmerized, I responded, pulling myself up to the edge of the
bed, with her head between my spread legs. She smothered my crotch
with light kisses, until I was nearly lost in passion. "Pamela" I
moaned, as I ran my hands through her long hair. I would almost feel
her smile as she took my rod between her lips and began to slowly take
my manhood into her face. I gasped when my head touched the back of
her mouth, but she started to pull off me. Slowly she began to make
love to me; each time she took me deeper and deeper until my head was
touching the back of her throat. I placed both hands firmly on the
back of her head, intending to fuck her face, but she had other plans.
Pamela pushed my arms off and resumed her rhythm, taking my staff into
her throat, the gentle cadence of her mouth pushing me closer to

Suddenly she stopped, and I looked down to see her look back me
with a knowing grin. "I've always wanted to do this," she said as she
smiled and pulled herself up to a kneeling position, with her chest up
to the level of my penis. It was wet with her saliva, so when she
wrapped her tits around it, she was able to slide her chest
effortlessly. I closed my eyes and let myself get lost in the slow
hydraulic stimulation. She paused as the head of my dick pressed
against her heart before reversing her direction.

"Oh my god!" I cried out, as the breasts that had been so
wonderful to suck on were now sliding up and down my shaft.

Dual shivers flew up and down my spine in time with both her
lunges and her heartbeat. The subtle gestures pushed me deeper into
excstasy - I swear I could feel every pore of her chest rub against my

The only thing that pulled me out of my reverie was the sounds of
Pam's passion. I opened my eyes and looked down and saw the mirror of
my state. Her eyes were closed and her head was tossed back, she was
bouncing up and down at a frantic rate, moaning in desire. Her cries
came to an incendiary peak as we both climaxed. She hugged my dick
tight to her chest as I exploded all over her neck and chest.


It's been almost two years since that day, and although we've had
a few difficulties along the way, Pam agreed to marry me in the fall.
Reflecting on things, it was probably inevitable. I've always cared
for her dearly, and after everything we'd shared over the years we
just had to be there for each other then, when we each needed it most.

No, let's be honest. Even though we finally found each other, it
wasn't the other we needed that night, but someone ... anyone. You
see, we talk about everything, we always have ... except we never talk
about that first time together. Not about Glenn or Marie, not about
that night, and never ever about that morning.

I know I'll never bring it up. It's not that I don't ever think
about it. In fact I can remember every detail of that morning
... almost. For some reason, I can never seem to remember her face
with any clarity. Sometimes I can distinctly recall the sharp angle of
Marie's cheekbone, other times it's Pam's soft eyes that I see.

I know she will never bring it up. She heard me when I moaned out
Marie's name - I heard the hesitation in her voice. But that's not
all. At the very end, as I was cumming for the second time, I was
watching her very closely (and this part above all others is very
clear in my mind) I could swear that I saw her mouth silently, "I love
you Glenn."


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