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DADALONE video and caught her mothers hand


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

Title Dad's Alone
Part 1

by the Drifter

Why Did Sherry Leave?

Harry Baker drove his car through the rush of kids who were
honking and hollering wildly. As the traffic made it's way slowly to park
for the first High School football game of the year, he asked himself,
"Why did you let Janie talk you into this dummy?"

Janie Baker was his 15 year old daughter, a Sophomore at the
local high school. This was her debut as a cheerleader and she had
twisted her Dad's arm until he had promised to be there. As he parked
Harry thought how Janie's mom would have loved this. She had been a
cheerleader in the same High School too when the two of them had first
dated here a few years back. They had gone on to college and then
gotten married their senior year. But that was long ago.

Things had changed suddenly after 12 years of what Harry had
thought was a happy marriage. Janie's mom had disappeared three
years before this night, leaving them only a note. A note saying simply,
"Forgive me, I have to go, I love you both but I have to go." With hind
sight he had to assume Sherry had been unhappy. Frequently she
had mentioned feeling smothered in their little town, cramped in her life
style. She wrote erotic stories and sold some of them to women's
magazines. She often wondered out loud what the world out there was
really like. What it would be like to be wild and free....

It had been tough. He, and Janie at 12, had been crushed. Why
had she gone? Where was she? Would she be OK? What were they
going to do? As the months passed slowly, painfully, they had worked
out a new routine that let them "maintain" but they were both still pretty
sad and missed Sherry terribly. They often talked about her as they
wondered where she was and what she was doing? Was she safe?
Was she even still alive? Frequently Harry would hold Janie in his arms
tightly as they cried together.

After the first year had passed, everyone began to try to fix Harry
up with dates. He was 32 and a good looking guy. In good shape from
his regular workouts. But Harry couldn't seem to get into that drill. He
still missed Sherry and the women he dated, though nice and some of
them great looking even, .... they still paled in Harry's mind when
compared with Sherry. Where was she? Was she dating? She had
always had a large appetite for sex, even in high school... Who was
satisfying that for her?, Harry frequently wondered. He knew someone
was. That was usually followed by a trip to his bathroom where he
relieved .his own pent up sexual pressures as he fantasized about
Sherry. Sometime with him, other times strangely enough he imagined
her with other men and was startled to learn that turned him on even

After the second year Janie had turned that corner between a
little girl and a young woman. She was developing into a smaller copy
of her mom and it pulled at Harry's heart strings daily as he watched this
carbon copy of his wife running around the house. As Janie matured
she encouraged her Dad to date... she knew enough about sex to know
her Dad needed a partner. But Harry, though he dated a few times to
get Janie off his back, and even enjoyed a full sexual evening with a few
of his dates, it was just sex... just a release.. and he felt badly that he
couldn't feel more for these ladies.

Then about six months ago things started to get better. Harry and
Janie had developed a relationship that allowed them both some
freedom. They had grown unusually close and though they still missed
Sherry, life was getting better. Harry dated regularly and even
occasionally spent the night with a date at the motel in the next town
down the road.

He and Janie had a good open relationship and talked about
everything pretty comfortably. Janie had shocked him when she had
asked if he was getting adequate sex from his dates. It had been on a
weekend as the two of them had been working in the yard. He had just
stood there and stared at his darling young daughter. She had grinned
up at him like it was a perfectly normal question. After a moment he
had grinned too and then both of them laughed, a little nervously. Sex
was not a new subject and Janie was well informed, but Harry's sex life
was a new topic for sure.

When he could, Harry said, "I think so Janie, why do you ask?"

"I just know you seem happier Dad, after your dates, specially
when you shack up for the night with Barbara over in Milltown."

"Janie.... how do you know so much?"

"Dad you tell me who you are dating. I have seen the motel
receipts on your desk when you spend the night out. I'm not stupid Dad
even if I am a virgin. I know that Barbara does you the best but Patty
comes close."

Harry had just grinned at his baby... his baby who was growing up
fast. She was now an exact copy of her Mom, including her full firm
body. In fact Harry had found Janie in his bedroom one day trying on
some of the clothes that her mom had left behind ... and they fit
perfectly. Harry had made her leave them alone, "Too old for you yet
kitten" he had told her, but he had to admit she had looked dynamite in
the long low cut formal. She certainly didn't look 15 in that dress.

That was when Harry began to have the problem. He still
relieved his horniness occasionally in his bathroom as he fantasized
about Sherry. Only Janie's face and delightful young body started
flashing in his mind after the incident in the low cut formal had made him
realize his 15 year old daughter had the body of a voluptuous woman...
like Sherry.. It troubled him as he realized all of the implications of
this. First he was ashamed of the way he thought of using her full
young body, even in fantasy. He didn't plan it but as he mentally made
love to Sherry as he masturbated, his partner would become Janie.

Second, if he was thinking of her this way, certainly the boys in
school were too. God... was Janie ready to handle this? Was she
already active? After that moment Harry noticed more how Janie ran
around the house frequently in a near nude state. As he noticed he also
notice that he would start to get an erection. Damn he thought... am I
going to have to cut that damn thing off?

Janie was in deed a lush young copy of her mom, with long
auburn hair, beautiful features including deep brown eyes and full pouty
lips. Her breasts were 35c's Harry knew because Janie sometimes wore
her mom's sexy bra's to special parties after getting approval from her
Dad. She also had a tiny waist and full hips, a cute little ass and long
sexy legs. As Harry had taken inventory he had admitted, "No wonder I
get excited. She is one sexy young woman. Too bad she is my kid."

After that event, Harry had invited Janie out to a nice dinner to set
the tone for the conversation to come. Back home they had sat out on
the patio on a small love seat and had a long open talk about sex just as
Harry had planned...almost. Harry wanted to be sure Janie was ready
for what was obviously coming. Had told Janie she could ask anything.

Janie had asked a ton of questions once Harry had told her
anything was OK. Her first one had been a lulu as she had asked him,

"Dad. what all do you and Barbara do on the nights at the

When Harry had recovered a little he remembered he had said
he would answer anything... he swallowed and asked,

"I'm not sure what you mean hon, we have dinner, sometimes
dance and then go to bed and have sex."

"Dad... we have studied about sex... vaginal, anal, oral.. the
works. I want to know what you and Barbara do. You are always so
happy when you come home from those nights. I wanted to know what
Barbara was doing for you."

"Uhhh Kitten....." he stammered and he actually blushed a little.
Janie noticed and almost laughed but she was intent on knowing so she
just sat there staring at him.

"Are you sure you want to know what your Dad does?"

"Yeah Dad... very sure."

"Well hon, Barbara and I do ... it all."

"Wow... that is cool... is she good?"


"Dad you said you would answer anything...."

"I did didn't I... I must have been crazy... but yes she is very

"As good as Mom?"

Tears came into his eyes instantly and Janie knew she had
goofed. She moved over and moved into her Dad's arms and hugged
him to her tightly and said,

"Oh Dad... I am sorry... I didn't mean to make you sad. It's just I
know I am a lot like mom and I was wondering if men would ever want
me... would enjoy me someday. I thought maybe if mom was good, I
would be too I'm sorry ... it was stupid of me."

Harry had wrapped his arms around her and they sat in a tight
hug. Then Harry noticed her full breasts pressing against his chest and
realized his hand was resting on her cute ass. He felt his erection stir
again and knew he had to answer this carefully. he wanted Janie to be
a confident young woman in every department. He patted her cute ass
through the thin material of her dress and said,

"It's OK kitten, let me answer you. No Barbara is no where near
as good as your Mom. Physically your mom had a body better than any
other I have seen. She could have been a bikini model easily. She was
fabulous, and you are taking after her so much it scares me. Your mom loved sex, we used to stay in bed all week end before you came along.
We would hardly eat... just spend the week end making love. Yes in all
the ways you asked about. Now... about you baby.... I don't think you
should worry. You are built just like your Mom. Already you are one
sexy lady. When the time comes I am sure you will love sex just like
Sherry did. Any man lucky enough to share that with you will be one
lucky son-of-a-gun."

Janie looked up at her Dad and glowed... and then kissed his lips
lightly saying, "Thank you Daddy.... I know I can wear Mom's clothes
and all... but I was nervous about all of that. I'm glad you think I am

Harry didn't remember saying that. He looked at his daughter and
had this question on his face. and she continued,

"Oh Daddy... I'm not blind or stupid. I notice how you get hard
when I run around in my bikini or nightie or anything revealing."

Harry was stunned... it was true of course but he had thought he
covered it up.

"Oh Baby I'm sorry... God.... what can I say....I'll be more careful...
forgive me kitten."

"Daddy there is nothing to forgive. I love it. What could build a
girl's confidence more? It makes me feel pretty and sexy and desirable.
Don't you dare take that away from me. "

Harry stared into her eyes and squeezed her ass. She looked up
and their lips met lightly, for longer than normal. Both of their mouths
were open slightly, a first, and Harry felt her small tongue brush his
lightly. He pulled back and smiled at her and said,

"Janie honey... be careful"

"Oh Daddy I love you...."

He just sat there holding her, puzzled at what was he to do with
this precocious young woman. He just laid his head on top of hers and
kissed her forehead lightly and said, "I love you too kitten," realizing he
had a throbbing hard on. Knowing she could feel it as clearly as he

It was some time until he calmed down and they went up to get
ready for bed. That night he visited his hand again only this time his
fantasy was clearly about Janie.

The next morning he vowed to get his act together and called
Barbara for a date.


Now as he walked with the football crowd to his seat in the stands
he looked around at all the young high school girls. He had never seen
so many mini-skirts and cute little asses wiggling around. And so many
of them seem to have great tits he thought. He felt his loins stir as he
looked from one tempting young lady to another. He remembered how
active a number of the girls had been when he was in high school with
Sherry and wondered if it was true that the kids were even more active.
He also wondered... was Janie?

He found his seat, it was on the first row, 40 yard line, and below
him were the line of cheerleaders prancing and jumping and yelling
already. His eyes found Janie quickly and she looked darling. She met
his eyes and smiled and waved. Then she was busy in the next cheer.
Harry looked over the other cheerleaders. They were all darling, great
figures... delicious looking, he thought. Then his eyes stopped on this
one cheerleader at the far end from Janie. She was enough to make
your breath stop. Janie and most of the girls wore sports bras to
constrain their boobs and to support them. This young thing obviously
didn't wear a bra at all. Her full breasts bounced and swayed in only the
way a free breast can. Harry thought he could see her nipples clearly
outlined through her halter top.

Harry was mesmerized as he stared at this darling young woman.
She twirled then and her skirt flew up to her waist and Harry realized her
tights, like Janie's, had worked up and were almost in the crack between
her delightful young ass cheeks, revealing a great deal of her cute ass.
Feeling his cock stir Harry quickly looked back at Janie only to see her
smiling at him like she knew his secret. What he had been looking at.

The game started just as the man with the seat next to him arrived.
Harry watched the game half-hardily, watched Janie a great deal,
enjoying her form and her energy. But he felt drawn back to the sexy
little blonde with no bra. She had just done another twirl and Harry
could swear her pussy lips were clearly outlined as the tight tights were
pulled between them tightly.

Harry groaned and the man next to him turned and asked if he
was OK. Harry looked at him for the first time really. He was a man a
little older than himself, dressed in an expensive sports coat and tie,
very distinguished looking, very fit and trim. Harry assured him he was
fine and introductions were done. Harry pointed out Janie and said she
was his daughter. Robert, his new distinguished looking friend, in turn,
pointed out Julia, the sexy blonde Harry had been ogling, as his
daughter. Then he said,

"I fear I am not quite up to the task of controlling my feisty young lady since her mother was killed several years ago." Harry felt the
obvious kindred spirit as he explained he too was raising his Janie
alone. The two of them talked.. hit it off well. Then Julia was bouncing
and her large tits were entertaining the men in the crowd and Robert
said, "God.. she is so sexy. I see her like that and I know what all the
men are thinking... wanting from her. I saw the way you were looking at
her too Harry."

Harry blushed and tried to apologize. But Robert quickly said,
"Don't apologize Harry. You were only doing what is perfectly natural.
Julia is a very sexy animal. A little wild. As you can obviously tell she
refuses to wear the sports bra like the other girls do. She says she likes
to bounce and show off her body. She is such a sexy young thing. I
can't seem to control her. And not even sure I want to."

Harry heard the desire in Robert's voice for his daughter. Robert's
voice was husky and now as he stared at Julia, his daughter, his look
was one of pure lust. "My God", Harry thought, "I'm not the only one
lusting after my daughter."

At half time Janie came bounding up full of energy. She gave
Harry a big hug and asked how he liked it so far. Harry told her how
great she was and introduced her to Robert as Julia's Dad. Janie
looked at him a little strangely but then smiled and held her hand out to
shake his. Robert held her hand for longer than normal but Janie just
smiled at him. Then Harry noticed he was looking at Janie the same
way he had been looking at Julia. Harry didn't know whether to get
angry or to laugh. He did neither, but just smiled at Janie when she
looked back at him a little guiltily, like she had been caught doing
something.. Then Julia came swaying up. She walked like a cat. Very
sexy. She gave Robert a long hug and then Robert introduced them.
Harry felt nude as she looked at him.

His eyes dropped to her great tits again with their nipples and
even the areolas outlined through her top. Janie caught his look and he
turned away as he realized she was grinning at him mischievously.

The girls left soon after telling their Dads they were all going out
for cokes after the game.... that they would see them at home later.
Robert and Harry both sighed as the sexy young things bounded away.
Robert looked at Harry strangely and said, "Your daughter is a beautiful
young woman too... very appealing."

It stunned Harry as he understood what Robert was saying. He
wanted Janie.... as Harry wanted Julia... The message was clear and
Harry could only nod and say, "Life gets complicated."

"Not if you just relax and go with it Harry." Robert replied

His messages were confusing and yet Harry was pretty sure what he
was saying. Then Harry said, "When the game is over, why don't we
stop and get a drink somewhere."

"I would like that Harry, but my home is near... we can just stop


Seated in Robert's comfortable den they sat and sipped some
great scotch and talked about how difficult it was raising young women.
Especially such sexy looking young women. Harry knew he was with a
like minded individual when Robert said,

"It is tough on me when Julia runs around the house with so little
on. She is my daughter but she is also a very voluptuous woman. I
know she is sexually active and that even makes it worse."

Harry told him he understood fully that he had the same problem..
He said that Janie wasn't sexually active yet but he was expecting that
to change anytime.

"Harry, when you know your daughter is sexually active, it makes
it impossible to think of them as just your daughter."

Harry froze briefly as he realized Robert had just admitted, albeit
subtly, that he was sexually involved with Julia. Or was Harry making it
up cause he wanted to believe that. Harry was instantly envious of
him... wanting Janie... wanting Julia.

Nothing was said for the longest as they sipped their scotch and
looked at each other, both wondering what would be said next They
were spared as the front door opened and soon Julia came bouncing in.

They both stood up and Julia said hi to him and gave her Dad a very
warm hug. A full body hug as Harry watched. Then she pulled free and
said, "I'm going to go get a shower. Then I will be in my bed Dad."

Robert smiled at her and nodded and she was gone. After that
Robert seemed distracted. Harry knew it was time for him to go. He
stood up and glanced up in the direction Julia had gone and did a
double take as he saw her standing at the top of the stairs behind
Robert. She was totally nude. Her great body bathed in light from the
open bathroom door. Harry felt his cock jump and glanced at Robert.
When Harry looked back she was gone.

Robert seemed eager for Harry to leave and Harry thought he
understood why.

As he put on his pajamas and crawled in bed, the entire evening
passed back through Harry's mind. Was Robert really sleeping with
Julia. Her comment about showering and going to bed sure sounded
like an invitation. An invitation Harry would have loved to take Julia up
on... or Janie...
Part 2

What To Do With A Sexy Daughter?

Harry lay in bed, trying to sleep, thinking about the nude Julia,
thinking about his own sexy daughter, when he heard Janie come in.
Harry had never been quite so confused. He knew what he wanted to
do. Understood the feelings he was having for Janie and Julia, yet as
Janie's father he felt he had to back off. He had spent an hour talking to
Barbara on the phone about everything he was feeling, everything that
had happened.

Barbara had been of little help, she was open about all things
sexual. She found the whole idea as exciting as Harry did. The last
thing she said had been,

"Maybe it is time for you to show Janie what it is like. Sounds like
your new friend Robert already has with his daughter. Let me know
sweetheart. Just save a little time for me."

Harry heard the shower start and then stop. Time passed and he
heard footsteps padding to Janie's room. Then he heard them coming
toward his room and he sat staring at the book he hadn't been reading
until she opened his bedroom door and said softly,

"Daddy, can we talk?"

Without waiting for an answer Janie crawled up on the bed beside
her Dad. She had on a long t-shirt and nothing else and Harry noticed
that fact immediately. She lay down beside Harry and looked at him
with her "I think I'm mad at you" look.

Harry tuned in immediately and said, "OK Kitten... what did I do.?"

Janie shifted and her delightfully free breasts swayed nicely. She
saw her Dad staring at her boobs and smiled inside. She frowned and
said, "You spent most of the night ogling Julia. God Dad, why didn't you
take out an ad in the paper and say how much you like her big boobs?"


"Dad you didn't watch me at all."

Harry leaned over and kissed her pouting lips lightly and then
said, "Honey that isn't true. You were great. and sexier than Julia."

"Oh yeah... right."

"You were honey... Julia is pretty obvious with hers and that get's
men's attention pretty quick. But you are far prettier and far sexier."

"Are you being straight Dad."

With that a grin came on her face as she realized the double
meaning and she glanced at Harry's cock to see. At that moment Harry
was afraid he had hurt Janie the way he HAD ogled Julia. Now he just
grinned and said,

"You are terrible Janie... no... not at the moment."

Janie smiled and then said, "Daddy... I love that we can talk so
openly and I love that I excite you sometime."

"I enjoy it too kitten, it scares me a little."

"Why Daddy?"

"Cause it could lead to stuff that might hurt you baby and I would
never want to do that."

Janie got this tender mushy look on her face, Then she met his
lips with hers parted and their tongues touched lightly, briefly. She
pulled back and sighed saying, "Daddy nothing you could do would ever
hurt me." Then she leaned back in for another light kiss of tongues.
This one lasted longer and when she pulled back she moaned softly,
"God I love to kiss you like that.. it feels so sexy."

Then she turned her head and saw that it effected her Dad too.
His cock stood up tenting the sheet. Janie got a big grin on her face
and looked Harry in the eyes and said, "I did that didn't I?"


"I'm glad... it makes me feel like a woman... a beautiful desirable

Harry had noticed her nipples standing out clearly aroused and he
said, "Janie..... you don't have to answer this if you aren't comfortable
but ..... are you..... sexually active yet honey?"

"No Daddy... not yet. You will know when I do it. I think about it
all the time but not yet. I let my dates play around a little but no big time
stuff yet Dad ... I'm saving that for a special guy."

They kissed again and again when they broke Janie looked at
Harry's hard cock and noticed a wet spot on the sheet. She knew about
pre-cum from sex-ed and she smiled knowing her Dad wanted her.

Then Janie rolled over on her tummy, "accidentally" brushing her
hip against her Dad's hard cock as she did. Her cute ass was just
inches from it and she saw her Dad looking at her ass through the thin t-
shirt. She smiled and said, "Do I have a cute ass Daddy?"

"You know you do Janie... very cute and very sexy."

There was a long silence and then Janie said, "Daddy, when you
fuck Barbara does she cum a lot?"

"JANIE!!!!... that's pretty hard language."

"Oh daddy I have heard you say fuck lots of times."

"OK kitten you're right I do... but not in public OK?"

"OK Daddy but does she? Does Barbara cum a lot when you
fuck her?"


Janie grinned, "How about when you eat her?"

"Janie this conversation is getting pretty personal."

"Daddy, you said I could ask anything."

"You are right I did, and yes she does, more when I eat her. Her
clit is very sensitive and she cums a lot that way."

After another pause, "Daddy... I wouldn't mind if you brought
Barbara here for the night. Just think of all the money you would save
on Motels." and she giggled delightful.

Harry playfully swatted her cute ass. Janie screeched and Harry
patted her cute ass softly saying "Sorry... is that better."

"Daddy I love for you to touch me..."

She was staring into his eyes and Harry knew she would be
receptive to anything he might do. Harry kissed her with some deep
tongue and tight hugs. He let his hand drop under the bottom of her t-
shirt and pull it up baring her cute ass. His hand playfully squeezed it
and parted it as his finger lightly played over her tiny rose bud. Janie
gasped into the kiss as he touched her bud. When it broke he said,
"Baby... as is pretty damned obvious, you turn me on a lot. Right now
you better go to bed before I forget you are my daughter and I pretend
you are my wife."

Janie looked at him and her breathing was irregular and she was
obviously ready for a lot more as she said, "Daddy... I wouldn't mind."

Harry stared at her, wanted her... he let his hand drop lower
between her legs. She felt where he was heading and spread her legs
wide. As his fingers touched her bare, wet, virgin pussy she groaned
and met his lips again. He lightly rubbed her labia as she moaned into
his mouth. Without breaking the kiss Janie rolled over facing Harry and
raised her top leg opening her pussy to him. His fingers spread her
labia finding a virgin spring. He found her cunt and eased a finger deep
into his daughter. She gasped again and stiffened as she came. Harry
didn't hesitate but eased another finger in deep beside the first one. He
was glad he found no hymen. His thumb found her clit and as he
rubbed it ever so lightly Janie broke the kiss and moaned , "Oh yesssss
Daddy.... that feels so good. It never felt that good before."

Harry felt her hand wrap around his bare hard cock and begin to
jack him off slowly. He smiled to himself as his 15 year old knew what to
do with a hard cock. She had had a little experience. He felt her shift
as she swapped ends. Harry smelled her young excited pussy near his
face. Then he felt her mouth drop over the head of his cock and he
knew she was experienced at more than hand jobs. She sucked him
expertly and bobbed her head up and down. Then she paused and
said, "Damn it Daddy eat me."

Harry chuckled and buried his face in his daughters tangy pussy and got down to some serious pussy eating as he brought Janie off over
and over. It wasn't long until Janie caught his spurting cum in her
mouth, swallowing it all. As his cock went limp and fell from her talented
mouth, Janie reversed ends again and they kissed deeply and Harry
thrilled as he tasted his cum in his daughters mouth.

When the kiss broke, Janie threw her t-shirt off and on the floor.
Harry stared at her bare tits and Janie smiled, "Like my titties Daddy?"

"Oh you bet baby... you are something else."

"As good as Julia's?"

"Better baby."

Her hand found his limp cock and played with it as he rested. As
she did she said, "Daddy I loved the way you ate me.... was I good at
sucking your cock?"

"Oh honey, so good... obvious you have had a little practice at

She grinned and said, "Some.... the guys get all hot and bothered
and want to fuck me. I suck their cocks and they are happy. A few
return the favor or just finger me but none of them are as good as
you Daddy."

The conversation and Janie's playing with his cock caused a
record response and soon Janie was stroking his fully hard cock. She
smiled and kissed him again and rolled over on her back and said,
"Daddy please fuck me."


When he woke the next morning he looked up to see Janie
staring down at him, still gloriously nude. He returned her beaming
smile and remembered how he had fucked his sexy daughter several
times before they ran out of steam and fell asleep in each other's arms.
He remembered promising her they could fuck a lot in the future. Now
she leaned over and kissed him and said, "Before you start to worry, I
am on birth control so that's cool. I loved everything we did and am
dying to do it some more.. lots more.. so you know I have no regrets
unless you decide we shouldn't fuck any more."

Harry laughed and said, "Oh my hot young thing, no way I would do
without that sweet pussy of yours. You're as good as your mom baby."

Janie beamed and bent over to give her Dad a wake up blow job.
It was Saturday and they spent the day in bed, fucking and talking.
Janie wanted to know everything about everything, Then out of the blue
she said, "You do know that Julia is fucking her Dad don't you?"

"From the way they acted I wouldn't be surprised if that were true.
How do you know?"

"She told me. We were at a slumber party one night last year and
someone asked who our sexiest man was. Well I said my Dad. The
others said movie stars or rock stars. Later as things quieted down Julia
came over and lay down beside me on my sleeping bag. She asked me
why I said my Dad? I told her just cause I thought so. She blew me
away then when she asked me if I was going to get you to fuck me...
said she was thinking about doing that with her Dad. I told her I would
love it if it happened... maybe someday. She kissed me hard on the lips
with tongue, Daddy and then said we should keep each other posted
about our respective Dads. Two weeks later she caught me at school
and told me it had happened. her Dad had fucked her and eaten her
pussy and she had sucked his cock til he came in her mouth. Then he
had fucked her over and over all that week end. She said how much
she loved it. After that she kept bugging me to get it on with you Dad."

Then Harry told her about the conversation with Robert... about
seeing Julia nude waiting for her Dad. Janie rolled over on top of Harry
and arranged his semi limp cock pointing up her tummy with her labia on
either side of it. She hunched slowly for a moment and sighed, "That
feels so good."

Then she looked at her Dad and said, "When Robert held my
hand tonight I sort of got goose bumps the way he looked at me."

"It was pretty clear baby, that Robert would love to fuck you as
well as Julia."

"Wow... I know... I could tell. I got wet just the way he looked at
me. Would it be terrible if I wanted him to fuck me too Daddy? Would
you mind if he did?"

"No Kitten... I suspect you will let a number of guys fuck you in
time. In fact I will insist that you continue to date and if you want to
spread these darling legs for some of your dates I think you should. I
would like to hear about it though. Would be fun I think to hear you tell
about getting fucked."

"Oh yeah... I am getting hot thinking about it."

After a pause Janie said, "Daddy, Julia fucks around quiet a bit. I
know she would love to fuck you. She told me. Would you like to fuck

"Of course I would .... you know we both will probably have a lot
of partners.. we have to be careful about disease and use condoms
when appropriate but I think we have a lot ahead of us."

. Janie smiled, "And in behind of us."

Harry's cock was hard again and Janie reached down and started
his cock in her wet pussy again.

After that every opportunity they had they were having sex. In
every room of the house, in the car, parking on the teen lover's lane.
Janie said she had wanted to get fucked there for a long time. Janie
was insatiable and kept telling her Dad, "I love to fuck Daddy."


Weeks later, as they showered after a fun Saturday of nothing but
sex, they were getting ready to go out to dinner and Janie looked at
Harry a little sheepishly and said, "Daddy could we call Robert and Julia
and see if they want to go to dinner with us?"

"I think so cookie and then bring them home and fuck their brains
out???? Is that what you want?"

"Oh yes could we do that?"

"We can I think. At least we can try."

As they dressed Harry called Robert and asked them to join
them for dinner out and then a quiet evening at Harry's and Janie's
place. Robert was eager to accept the invitation adding he and Julia
had been talking about the two of them just earlier.

Harry said, "Robert, I think I understand a lot that you said much
better about our daughters after the last few weeks."

"Oh... it sounds like something VERY interesting occurred
between you and Janie, am I right."

"That's right Robert, we got a LOT closer... like you and
Julia unless I am very wrong."

"I see... I don't think you are wrong in your assumption. Julia and
I have been close for some time and since you have asked us to dinner
I gather you might like to talk about it with someone else who is there."

"Yes... and possibly more."

"After meeting Janie I can only hope what the "more" might be."

"Well Janie is a little greedy I fear. After getting a good deal of a
sample, I think she wants more. Possible some variety."

"That does sound fine Harry, and Julia found you very interesting.
She would be interested in a deep conversation with you."

"OK Robert, we will pick you guys up in an hour... a nice dinner at
Rufio's and then back here for more good conversation."


Janie had listened into the extension and was about to explode.....

Now they pulled into Roberts drive. Harry had on a nice suit...
Janie had on one of her Mom's very short sheaths that showed off her
body beautifully ... elegant and sexy at the same time. Black sheer hose
that required nothing to hold them up. She had worn no bra or panties at her Dad's suggestion. Her hair was in a french twist and she looked
older and sexier. Harry looked at her and said, "Damn you look

"I hope Robert thinks so. I love fucking you Daddy, but I want to
know how another cock feels."

Harry laughed and said, "I know baby, I feel the same about

Robert was dressed much as Harry and Julia had on a opaque
blouse that showed the dark spots of her nipples... a mini-skirt and hose
and heels like Janie. They were two beautiful women even if they were
teens. At Rufio's the service was elegant, the food perfect, the wine,
yes, even for the girls was superb. They all enjoyed it very much. As
the table was cleared, the charge card returned and coffee served
Robert spoke,

"Julia and I were most pleased when you called and invited us to
join you. Your phone call was most intriguing Harry. I gather that you
and your daughter have also enjoyed the thrill of incest."

"Yes... a most wonderful experience." Harry replied

Janie grinned broadly and said, "Hmmm most wonderful. I almost
had to force him but finally he saw the wisdom of my idea."

Everyone laughed and Robert added, "Sounds much like when
Julia had her way with her father. Since then it has only gotten
better...between us... and a few friends like yourselves. I was amazed
and delighted at how much this is happening."

Julia spoke up as she looked directly at Harry, "Could we go to
your place now, I am still hungry for dessert."

In the car Julia said, "I hope the two of you are free enough that
we can all share the same room. I love to watch and be watched."

Janie spoke up and said, "Hmm I like the sound of that.. I can
hardly wait to watch Daddy fuck you Julia. And have Robert fuck me."

A sigh of relief came from everyone as the last possible question
as to what was ahead was removed and every one laughed comfortably
at last..

It was late the next morning when they drove Robert and Julia
home. Nothing had been left undone among the four of them including
Julia teaching Janie how to 69 with her. Janie loved Roberts big cock as much as her Dad's. Another dinner party at Robert and Julia's had
been set for the next week end.

Driving home Janie went silent... Harry picked up on it immediately
and said, "Having regrets kitten?"

"About what we all did.. oh no Daddy I loved it all... want to do it a
lot more.. I was just wondering what would happen if mom came back
now. Would you drop me?"

Harry pulled the car over and stopped. He pulled Janie into his
arms and kissed her long and hard. Then he said, "Honey, I will never
drop you. When you fall in love and want to stop this with me then I
guess I will have to but only when you say so. Your mom isn't coming
back. I still love her honey and if she did come back I would be happy
but she would have to accept you and I as lovers. Only on that ground
would I even consider it."

"Oh Daddy I love you... I like being your lover... even if mom came
back? wow.... But Daddy, even when I get married I want to continue
this with you... maybe others. Who ever I marry will have to accept that

He held her and kissed her and then she said, "Daddy... take me
somewhere and fuck me in the back seat...."

It was late when they finally got home. They laughed through the
shower they shared and they cuddled up in front of the tv until they
retired to their bed for a leisurely fuck and then, much deserved sleep.

The following weeks were delightful. Janie had never been happier.
Harry went out with Barbara a couple of times at Janie's insistence.
Janie spent those evenings with Robert and Julia. When she got home
Barbara and Harry were in bed, their hair was wet from a recent shower
but the room reeked of sex. Janie smiled at Barbara and said, "I need a
shower and then maybe I should join you two."

"Barbara smiled, "Hurry baby I can taste you already."

Janie dated, sometime double dated with Julia's and her friends.
If she liked her date she almost never said no when he wanted to fuck
her. She would share her experiences with her Dad when she got home
and usually got fucked again as she excited Harry with her story.

And so the time passed. A few other couples that Robert knew
joined them for the dinner parties and then one night as they got home
from a large group party and undressed for bed Janie said, "Dad.. we
are swingers aren't we?. I hadn't thought of that."

"Does that bother you my young love?"

"No.. I like the idea ...... and the reality of it."


A few months after that as they sat watching tv one night and
Janie said, "Mom has been on my mind all day. I can't shake the idea
that she is coming home."

Harry stared at her and said "I have had the same feeling lately .
I wonder.... but I meant what I said Kitten. You are the lady of this
house. Sherry chose to leave. She would have to come back on our
terms. How would you feel about her coming back? If she did?"

"I would love it if she came home. I don't want to stop our games
but I miss mom still. Do you suppose she would join us? Like Barbara?,
Join in with the other incestuous families we play with?"

"Hmm... I don't have any idea. The Sherry I knew when she left I
doubt it. She did enjoy sex. I don't know who she has become now."

"I hope she is safe and happy Daddy."

"Yeah me to... I guess we will always love her."


Their feelings of things to come proved to be correct the next night,
Janie was out on a date when the phone rang. Harry picked it up
wondering if someone was arranging another group party.

"Hello Harry" the voice from the past hit him like a ton. After a
long silence he gathered himself and said,

"Hi Sherry, how are you?"

"Fine I guess Harry. You sound good."

The small talk and the questions about incidental things passed
back and forth and then Sherry said, "Harry, I would like to see you.
And Janie ...I know things can never be the same for us ...but I just
wanted to see you two and explain. To let you know what happened,
where I have been, what I have done. I would like to see Janie and try
to explain to her. Then I will go away and not bother you further."

"Sherry we would both love to see you. We were both angry with
you for a long time but then we calmed down and then we just missed
you. We have talked a lot about you, wondered about you. Janie and I
have gotten a lot closer as we coped. We have missed you and have
wondered. What did you have in mind? "

"I would like to fly in and spend a couple of days with you guys if
that would be OK?"


"How about would tomorrow?"

Harry found himself eager to agree and got the flight times and said
they would be waiting for her at the airport.

Part 3

Where Have You Been Sherry?

The two of them were there at the airport early waiting for Sherry.
Emotions ran high and they were both nervous. Harry hugged Janie
close for the dozenth time and assured her it would be OK no matter.

But Janie was nervous. What if Dad wanted mom back like
before... what would happen to her? Harry had been sensitive to that...
had made long tender love to his 16 year old (almost 17 now) daughter that morning before it was time to drive to the airport. Janie had sat so
close to Harry she was almost in his pocket.

The plane arrived and Harry had his arm around Janie's waist when
they saw her. Harry's first thought was "Damn she looks better than
ever." And she did. Dressed in an expensive dress that loved her
sleek body. She hadn't lost a thing and had picked up a bit of added

At first everyone just stood around awkwardly, not knowing what
to do... then Janie moved toward her mom and into a big hug. Sherry
broke down and began to cry... Janie followed suit and Harry pulled both
of them into his arms. They just held each other like that for some time
then Sherry spoke,

"God that felt nice... can we get out of here?"

As they walked toward the luggage claim area, Sherry held one of
Janie's hands as Harry held the other. As they walked each was
wondering what lay ahead.


Harry dropped Sherry's bags in the guest bedroom. It really felt
strange. Janie had gone to the kitchen to start supper... Sherry broke
the silence with,

"You seem to have done wonderfully with Janie... she is mature for
her age and so beautiful and so delightful."

"It was a tough couple of years at first but we finally worked out a
life for just the two of us." Harry smiled thinking about that life and
wondered what Sherry would think if she knew.

There was a long pause that Harry broke as he said, "Why Sherry...
more than anything else I need to know why you left us? So does

"I will try to explain that Harry. I know I have hurt you and I am so
sorry...I hurt the two people I love the most.... I didn't want to hurt anyone but some things happened and I had to get away. I hope you
won't hate me when I tell you. Should I tell Janie the truth too?"

"Absolutely Sherry... Janie and I are closer than you could imagine.
She will be party to all of your explanation. She deserves that and more.
Tell her just as you tell me. You don't have to pull any punches with
Janie... she is quite grown up."

Harry left so Sherry could shower and change. Downstairs he
walked up behind Janie at the kitchen sink and pressed his half hard
cock into her cute ass as his hands slid around her cupping her full
breasts. As he kissed her neck in a spot she loved, she moaned and
leaned back against him. Then she asked, "Where is Mom?"

"Shower... after dinner I think we will learn why she left, what
happened and all of that."

"Dad..... I need for you to fuck me right now...right here... I need
to know you still want me... She is so gorgeous."

Harry was fully hard now and he unzipped his pants pulling his hard
cock out.... he spread Janie's long trim legs and as he raised her skirt,
and guided his cock into her familiar pussy as he expressed his love
and need for her as his lover.

Sherry had dressed in a low cut blouse and miniskirt. It was clear
she had on nothing under those clothes. Janie looked at her and
excused herself. When she came back she had on one of her swing
party dresses that was cut even lower than her Mom's, had a shorter
skirt and hugged her curves like paint. When she came back down
Harry smiled widely knowing his daughter was trying to fight f fire with
fire. Sherry looked at her daughter who looked about 25 in this outfit.
But she didn't say a word.

The conversation over dinner was mostly small talk, wine was
served and Sherry raised her eye brow as Harry poured Janie a glass
too. But she knew better than to say anything and Janie seemed so
mature for almost 17. She did notice that Janie and Harry exchanges
looks all through dinner. Sherry thought - They have gotten a lot closer,
I wonder just how close?.

After dinner, the three of them cleaned up the kitchen among a lot
of nervous chatter as the moment of truth got closer. Finally three
glasses of brandy were served and the three of them settled in the den,
Harry and Janie close beside each other on the couch with Janie's arm
laced through her Dads. Sherry sat in a chair facing them. She
noticed Janie touching her Dad frequently, very possessively and thought
They look more like a couple than Father-Daughter... and she smiled
over the sexual thought that had popped into her head.

Sherry smiled nervously... She looked terrific and damned sexy,
Harry thought. Just like our daughter.

"OK guys... can't put this off any longer. I hope you don't hate me
after what I have to say but if you do I guess I will understand. I don't
plan on sugar coating any of it. I am what I am so I will just tell it in my
own four letter words. The words that are part of my trade. Janie
honey, your Dad said I should include you in this as an adult. Please
don't get too disgusted with me before my slutty story is told. Where do
I start?

I was happy as a wife and mom for so long... but I started to get
bored from inactivity. That is when I met Bill Bradley. Remember the
ideas I had about writing short stories? I sent several of my stories in to
this publisher... Bill Bradley. My stories were pretty damned sexy with
lots of explicit sexual action. That's the only kind I enjoy writing. A lot of
my secret fantasies went into my stories. Bradley called me here one
day when both of you were gone. He told me he loved my stories and
was very flattering. He especially liked the sexual parts saying I had a
gift for description. He made some suggestions for each of my stories in
pretty graphic language. Well Harry you know how I love dirty talk and
before I knew it I was hot as hell and playing with myself while we

Then Sherry stopped and looked at Janie and said,

"Sorry Janie.. but your mother has always been hot. Forgive me
baby... can't help myself."

Janie replied, "It's OK Mom... I think I may have inherited your genes.
Just tell us everything... I'm really fine with it Mom." If Sherry had known
the truth her story was exciting Janie a lot.

Then Sherry continued, " I thought I was being discrete until he
asked, If I was "playing with my cunt?"

I admitted I was and he said he was hot too and had his cock out
playing with it in his office. We discussed how my heroine loved to
fuck and he asked if I did too. I told him I adored sex. Fucking,
sucking, the works. I don't know why I was telling him all of this but
talking so nasty to this strange man had me hot as hell. We both got off
and then I was embarrassed. He made some more suggestions about
my stories and asked me to redo some and resubmit them. Then he
asked me to send him some pictures of myself... clothed and nude. I
just sputtered and said I would see what I could do and hung up.

At first I felt so guilty about my conversation I did nothing. I was a
married woman with a child. For the next few days I rewrote my short
stories making them even hotter, more pornographic and kept thinking
about the pictures. I had everything ready to send but the pictures then I
couldn't help myself it seemed. I went into our bedroom with the
polaroid. I still don't understand why but I did a full strip tease, taking
pictures of myself at each stage. I used the tripod and the remote
shutter release with the timer and they turned out pretty hot. I mailed in
twenty hot pictures with the stories. I worried about violating the postal
laws on obscenity, some of the pictures were so nasty..

A week later the phone rang in the middle of the day again when you
guys were gone. It was Bradley, he loved the changes and said we
were getting close to something he could publish. Then he told me how
much he had enjoyed the pictures. He said he was looking at the one
with me nude, laying on my back playing with my clit."

She stopped and turned to Harry, "I'm sorry Harry... I loved you
and was faithful to you until this happened.... I'm sorry ...I became an
instant slut. But it gets a lot worse."

Then she looked at Janie and blushed and said, "I'm sorry for the
crude words but they are the only ones that fit the story baby."

Janie shifted in her seat and said, "It's OK Mom, I've heard and
used them all before. Your story is pretty exciting actually."

Sherry felt a little better about her revelations and resumed her
story, "He told me he was playing with his hard cock as he looked at
my picture and talked to me. To my amazement I heard my voice ask
him if his cock was big. He described it to me as 8+ inches and fat and
said he would love to use it on me. I shocked myself then by saying I
had never been unfaithful to my husband but it sure sounded tempting.
He then said he would be in our town the next week, could I meet him at
his hotel to go over some contract stuff. That and get to know each
other face to face. Without a bit of hesitation I told him to make it on a
weekday morning and I could meet him. But I would have to get
home before school was out.

He agreed and sat a date for the following 10:00am at
the Hilton. Those few days were hell. I thought about calling and telling
him to forget the whole thing but I didn't.... Finally the day arrived, at
9:30 the phone was Bradley... confirming he was in town and
eager to see me.

At this point Sherry looked at her ex husband and realized he had
an enormous erection showing clearly. Her story had really turned him
on already and she had just started. Interesting, she thought, he isn't
even trying to hide his hard cock from our daughter. Then she noticed
Janie shifting on the couch obviously restless, and her nipples were large
and swollen with passion. Then she continued,

I was so nervous on the elevator. As I knocked on the door I
couldn't believe what I was doing. The door opened and Bradley stood
there, he was a handsome hunk of a man. He welcomed me and
closed and locked the door behind me. We chatted and he handed me
a Bloody Mary... I took one sip and knew it was strong. I was glad I
needed some courage. He led me to a table and there were my stories in galleys ... there was also some "art" work for the cover and suddenly I
knew I was dealing with a porn publisher. The funny part was I liked
that idea. No fake literature... just fuck books. One cover had a drawing that closely resembled me. She was sucking this huge cock. Another
looked even more like me as the girl rode up and down on this guy's
huge cock. A third one showed my look-a-like in a 69 with another nude

As I studied them I could feel my pussy getting very wet and then
I felt him behind me, his hands on my waist and his hard cock against
my ass. I sighed "Oh my"

His hands slid up and covered my large breasts squeezing and
playing with them as I just moaned softly enjoying what he was doing
and he said, "Do you like the covers Sherry? Pretty fucking hot aren't
they? They were drawn from your pictures baby... like them? "

I was about to explode and I just nodded. I wanted to be fucked
so bad by this almost stranger. I pulled free and walked over to the bed
and started to undress... He smiled and joined me and soon I was
guiding his hard cock into my eager pussy as he crawled between my
spread legs. I don't know what happened but I was now ready to fuck
him or maybe anyone I was so hot. He fucked me for a long time and I
came over and over. He filled my cunt with his cum and I collapsed so
satisfied. I turned and sucked his nasty cock enjoying our combined
tastes. When I had cleaned his cock I lay back...The idea of fucking a
man not my husband... a pornographer... me as a writer of porn... I felt
so slutty and I loved it.

We rested and talked about the business and the money I could
make in porn and related activities. He told me about some of his other
writers and how even one of them was a porn movie star in her own
stories. How another had become a very high priced hooker. There
were lots of stories and I found them exciting. Then Bradley started
kissing me... my lips, my nipples, my navel... I knew where he was going
and I spread my legs to welcome him. He was even better with his
tongue than with his cock. I can't tell you how wild and turned on I was.
I was moaning and groaning and cumming repeatedly. Then he turned
me over on my knees and entered me from behind.

That was when I looked up and saw this other man, as nude as
we were, standing there with a hard cock swinging to and fro as he
caught our action on video. I was in a terrible sexual haze and all I
could see was another hard cock. I remember saying for him to put the
camera down and join us. I had my first threesome that day and loved

Later the three of us lay on the bed and watched the video. It
was so hot. They gave me the tape. I watched it everyday after that
until Bradley came back to town.

That was a few weeks later. I eagerly met him at his hotel again.
He had copies of my books for me with my picture in the back of each
one. The one with me nude playing with my pussy in full color. I was
shocked but Bradley started playing with my tits and my pussy and
telling me no one I knew would see this kind of book. He eased my
clothes off and was slowly fucking me as he talked me out of being
concerned. Later as we lay sated he told me he had another surprise for
me. I had a date with a John in an hour...right there in the hotel, the
room next door... I was going to turn a trick.. just to see if I liked the
idea and the reality of it. He rushed me into the shower and when I
came out he had some really sexy clothes laid out on the bed. The
room next door had a connecting door. I was to meet my John in that
room, get $200 from him, fuck him and anything else I wanted to do and
then see him out the door.

I just stared at Bradley... he smiled and said, "You don't have to
do this but I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it if you do."

I just smiled and started putting on the see through blouse and
the micro-mini-skirt ....

He was right I did love it... the guy was a business type and he
wanted me to suck his cock and then fuck him. It took maybe 30
minutes all told and he walked out. I was $200 richer and it had been
so easy and so fast and I even got off a couple of times too. I was
convinced. After that day I turned tricks a couple a days a week during
the day while you guys were gone. But it grew and soon I was fucking
for money five days a week... usually three or four guys a day. I was
making $4000 in a good week and they were all good weeks. Bradley
arranged it all like the good pimp he was, and got his cut before my
money somehow.

I was still writing and sending my stories to Bradley as well. He flew
through to discuss my writing and fucked me regularly too. At one point
when he came here to the house and we fucked in our bed, he saw your
picture Janie and suggested a mother daughter hooker team could really
make money. I loved the idea but was afraid to even think too much
about it let alone suggest it to you honey.

At that Sherry realized Janie was squeezing her pubis muscles
rapidly, masturbating to her story.

I had over $100,000 stashed away. Bradley called me and asked
me if I wanted to star in a movie of one of my books. That was when I
left... My thoughts kept turning to getting you involved with me in fucking
for money Janie. I knew if I stayed here I would soon talk you into it so I
left. I flew to LA and became a porn Star. That is what I've been doing
since I left here. I've made twenty four movies, all of which I wrote. The
money I have made is in the bank and in investments... I have retired
from that life and have all the money I will ever need and a hell of a lot
more. I plan on traveling.. starting a new life ... but I wanted to start my
new life by setting the record straight with you guys first. I wanted to be
totally honest with you two. Strangely I never stopped loving both of
you. Now I have seen you and know you are doing great. Harry you are
to be congratulated on your parenting and maybe more. I feel better
with no lies between us. I will be gone tomorrow and you guys can go
on with your lives without a porn slut in your midst. I hope I haven't made
it worse between us. I do wonder what all has been going on between
you two.

Then Sherry excused herself to go to the bathroom. While she was
gone Janie and Harry had talked rapidly agreeing to a quick plan and
when Sherry returned and sat down again Janie said, "Did you mean it
Mom, when you said you still loved us?"

"Oh yes honey, I have never stopped loving you. You as my
daughter and you Harry as my husband. I have missed you so much. It
all just snow balled on me and I couldn't help myself. I have to admit I
loved it all. Especially the sex. I will never lie to you guys. I loved
fucking so many men and women. But I am clean, no diseases and I
felt it was time to close the shop professionally."

Harry still sported his erection and he said "Sherry, thank you for
coming back and being honest with us. We never stopped loving and
missing you too. I'm sure you noticed I never divorced you either. You
are still legally my wife But we do have a few things to share with you

He winked at Janie who reached over and began to stroke his
hard cock through his pants as Harry continued to talk and Sherry smiled
as her suspicions of incest were confirmed. . "You see Janie and I have
gotten really close. With each other and with a few close friends."

He paused and Sherry smiled big and asked "Incest?"

They both smiled and nodded, then Harry said, "Have you lost
your love for sex Sherry."

"Oh no, if anything my appetites have grown."

"Well Sherry, you are right, Janie and I have been lovers for some
time. We live as man and wife here at home and with a few close
friends. At one point Janie got worried that you might come back and
she would be left out. I promised her that if you ever came back that you
would have to accept that Janie and I are lovers. Can you do that?"

His arm was around Janie and he was obviously fondling one of her
large breasts. Sherry watched his hand on her daughter's beautiful
breast and she was getting excited, :"Harry, Janie, I think it is wonderful
that you got together. Am I to understand you are into a little swinging

"Yes," Janie answered, "with other's like us, other parents and
their teen kids."

"Did I hear right when you said. If I came back, does that mean
you two would let me come back, even with all that you know? After all
I did to you?"

Janie answered, "We have talked about it a lot. We still love you
mom. It hurt when you left but Dad and I would probably not have
gotten so close if you had stayed. If you want to come back, with the
new ground rules, then we would love to have you back, right Dad?"

"That's right."

Sherry sat there not believing her good luck. She had dreamed
about coming back but never thought it could happen. Then they were
in each other's arms standing in the middle of the living room. They
hugged and kissed for a long time. Then Janie looked at her mom and
said, "You really made porn films?"

"Yes, does that embarrass you baby?"

"Oh no way Mom, unless they are terrible. The ones I've seen
are no plot just fucking."

"Not mine darling. Mine are all based on peoples favorite sexual
fantasies, wrapped up in a decent plot. Plenty of action but not just a
cock in a cunt for hours."

"Can I see some of them?"

"Janie baby, this is really strange for me. Yes you can see them
all ... but remember I wrote and stared in them all. You will see your
mother do everything you ever heard of and maybe some you haven't
heard of, can you deal with that?"

Janie smiled at her mom and said, "I think so, anyway I would like
to try. I might see something new I would like.".

Then Sherry said, "This has made me so fucking horny, have you
guys enjoyed a threesome?"

Janie answered, "Definitely, I think we have tried about anything
up to six people could do to each other.. mom could we go to bed. I
think you are so beautiful and sexy. I want you like a lover. Can you do

"I would love too, can I fuck your Dad again honey?"

"Of course silly, you are his wife."

The reunion was completed in style. It was a couple of hours
before they decided to rest. Sherry got out of bed and said, Harry you
even taught her to fuck great. Would you guys like to see a movie of

Janie jumped at the offer and Sherry said "Come pick one honey,
I have about a dozen in one of my suitcases." They walked down the
hall with their arms around each other and Harry was beaming.

Janie had looked over the tapes. The titles were very descriptive.
There were regularly fuck videos with multiple couples. A couple lesbian videos, some obvious incest videos, one bondage video and one with a
family on the front with a big golden retriever sitting in the middle of the
family. Janie recognized her mom on the cover in a smaller picture with
the dog on top of her doggie style. It's title was The Martins Get A Dog.
Janie looked at her mom and said, "You fucked a dog?"

Sherry said, "I told you I wouldn't hold anything back. Yes I did."

She laughed pleasantly and asked, "Was it good?"

Sherry looked at her daughter and saw no criticism. She sighed
with relief and said, "It was unbelievably good baby."

Janie blushed as she asked, "Do you still have that beautiful

"Yes honey, a friend of mine is keeping him until I get settled.
You sound interested."

"Very interested Mother, will you tell me about it?"

"Maybe I can do better than that, if your Dad agrees I can send
for him tomorrow. I miss him too. And his name is Harry."

Janie laughed with Sherry about the dog's name. Janie picked up
the dog video and caught her mother's hand and led her back to the
bedroom with her Dad saying, "Lets watch this one.".

Sherry crawled back up on the bed on one side of Harry. He
pulled her into his arms and kissed her as Janie put the tape in the VCR.
Harry kissed his wife and said, "Would you consider staying? Janie and
I both would love for you too as long as you are cool with our open sex."

Sherry said, "Harry darling, I love you both and would love to stay
but I can't do that to you."

"Please Mother." they heard Janie chime in.

"I would give anything to stay. I love the incestuous sex we have
had tonight. I have been into swinging. I think I love everything that you
guys do. If after Harry sees this video and still wants me to stay I would
love to my darlings."

Janie hit start and the video rolled. It first showed a typical sex
scene between an older man and a teen girl. She started calling him
Daddy. Later there was one with a teen boy and Sherry and he called
her mother all through their sex scene. Then they caught each other
fucking their children and an orgy started. During the orgy the mother watches as the brother and father double fuck the daughter. That was
when the big golden retriever starts to lick the Mother's cunt. She loves
it and helps him through the scene until the dog fucks Sherry.

The scene ends as the daughter is trying to get the dog to mount
her. It was a short intense video only about thirty minutes long. When it
ended Harry's cock stood at rigid attention. Janie said, "Shit that was

Harry said, "You named the dog Harry?"

"Yes," Sherry said with a big grin on her face, "He was the only
fuck I enjoyed as much as you since I left."

They looked at each other a little shocked, a lot excited. Then
Janie looked at her Daddy and said, "I wish we had a big male dog."

Harry looked at Sherry and said, "Do you own that dog?"


"Send for it, I can see I'm going to need a lot of help around here
from now on. Welcome home sweetheart."

the end (unless you want more of this)

If you liked this and want more, let me know - Drifter


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