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DARKFAQ model for the chief God


.The Darkside Universe FAQ.
FAQ Version: 0.17
FAQ Updated: 02/07/2000
Covering up to Episode: USAN 17.
* Indicates new material since the previous FAQ.
I. Darkside's Motto and Theme.
1. What is the Motto for the Darkside Stories?
2. What is the Theme of the Darkside Stories?
II. About the Author.
1. Who is KTM?
2. What does she have to do with this 'Eileen Stone' person?
3. Why are her favorite kinds of stories?
4. What are her favorite kinds of erotic stories?
5. Why is KTM writing the Darkside Stories?
* 6. Does she write any other kinds of Fiction?
* 7. How can I contact the author?
* 8. Where can I find the Stories?
III. About the Stories.
* 1. Does KTM just 'wing' the stories, or is there a plan?
2. Has the plan been altered?
3. Will the stories be published?
4. What are the planned episodes and Volumes?
5. Can anyone write fiction based in the Darkside?
6. Can I draw fan art based in the series?
IV. About the World of the Darkside.
* 1. Who are the characters in the different Volumes?
2. What can the Power Team members do?
3. What are the Towers?
4. What is Imperial Law?
5. What are some of the Codes?
6. What is the Imperial Justice system (in a nutshell)?
7. What's the deal with these Observers?
V. About the Observers.
1. What is the Rod?
2. Huh? A what-laced whosit?
3. And it was sent by whom?
4. So what are Master Types?
5. Who are the Observers? ["Ugly", Rider, & Kruegar]
6. What is Ultra Energy?
7. What is the Multiverse?
8. Why was the Rod placed on the Darkside?
9. What about Rebecca?
10. What is The Experiment?
11. Why are the Observers off-limits?
VI. Q & A section.
1. Author's questions for the reader.
2. Questions from readers; answered.
I. Darkside's Motto and Themes.

(1) What is the Motto for the Darkside Stories?

To Quote from Nicolo Machiaveli's "The Prince", 1513 C.E.:

"There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of
success nor more dangerous to manage than the creation of
a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who
would profit by the preservation of the old institutions
and merely lukewarm defenders in those who would gain by
the new ones. The hesitation of the latter arises in part
from the fear of their adversaries, who have the laws on
their side, and in part from the general skepticisism of
mankind which does not really believe in an innovation
until experience proves it's value. So it happens that
whenever his enemies have occasion to attack the innovator
they can do with the passion of partisans while the others
defened him sluggishly, so that the innovator and party
are alike vulnerable."

(2) What is the Theme of the Darkside Stories?

An exploration of the concepts of "good" and "evil" in an
atmosphere that doesn't shy away from the sexual elements of those
concepts. The attempt is to see how the definitions can change
according to the context. Or, as an astute reader said: "a synergy
between relativistic good and evil".
II. About the Author.

(1) Who is KTM?

KTM are the initials (sorta) of the author of the Darkside series.
It is the way she signs the drawings she does for her own pleasure.
She use her initials because she wants to publish professionally
someday in the "straight" fiction field.

(2) What does she have to do with this 'Eileen Stone' person?

"Eileen Stone" is the psuedonym/handle that KTM uses online.

(3) Why are her favorite kinds of stories?

She prefers to read Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, but isn't
afraid of trying other genres if they're well written.

(4) What are her favorite kinds of erotic stories?

She likes Science Ficion and Fantasy erotica, as well. However,
she doesn't turn away any sexy story if it has a good plot, well
described characters, and displays a good command of the language
(and basic text formatting).

(5) Why is KTM writing the Darkside Stories?

KTM loves to write, and wants to do so professionally. She writes
the Darkside series in order to hone her craft. It's her first try
at erotica, and it's her way of giving something back to the USENET* hierarchy from which she has derived much enjoyment
and inspiration.

*(6) Does she write any other kinds of Fiction?

She does write short stories and is working a novel or three in
the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres (big surprise, there). She's
also in the Critters Online SF/F/H Workshop. She's won a couple of
online contests for her shorts stories that she'd proud of.

*(7) How can I contact the author?,, or ICQ #2117093.

*(8) Where can I find the Stories?

[PLEASE! Do *NOT* write and ask for any of the episodes. As a
rule KTM will *NOT* send them, as that would leave her liable if a
minor is on the other end of the mail. All you'll get is a form
letter that gives you the information that's included below...]

* First off, try the ASSTR archives for stories and Art:
"" Some
author created artwork relating to the stories can be found there.
The Web version of the author's site can be found at

The author is pleased the Darkside stories can be found at a
classy private archive called the Domain of Darkness, at:

* Search the web for "The Grey Archive", currently located at:
"" Look under the "Paranormal"
Category for the Darkside.

Try DejaNews under "Darkside: USAN". If the most recent database
doesn't show it, try the older one. Another way would be to search
for "Eileen Stone" and look for the* newsgroups.

And finally, check periodically.
III. About the Stories.

*(1) Does KTM just 'wing' the stories, or is there a Plan?

There is an detailed, overall plan in outline form, that carries
the stories not only through this Volume of 20 stories, but two more
besides. (Several Mini series were also in the plan, but it's doubtful
that she will get to them. Instead she will expand the current story (like with #16) to give sufficient background. #13 will probably be
next elaborated on; the short version made the story suffer.) The plan
goes decades into the future, and covers the way the characters change
and grow. (Something that is considered vital by the author for a
good story.)

(2) Has the Plan been altered?

Nope. Things are progressing right on schedule. The Darkside was
first created as a freeform Role-playing game, with adult nuances.
Such an environment encourages character development. The stories are not session by session, of course. A great deal of editing and
alteration was needed.

(3) Will the stories be published?

Unsure. Print publishers don't like to publish stories that can be
found for free on the net. The main Darkside storyline was KTM's
way of giving back to the net. She didn't write it with the
expectation that it be published, but she would be pleased if it was.

(4) What are the planned episodes and Volumes?

This is for the current Volume: The United States of Anarchy.

Vol: EP: Episode Title, [Notes]. * = Released on the net.
USAN 01* The boy in the Attic.
02* Indian Cavern.
03* Robert's Revenge.
04* The Dark Palace [Inital Control, Springfield, Iowa].
05* Gifts of Power.
06* Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned.
07* The Spreading Darkness, [1st Expansion: SW of Great Lakes].
08* She Blinded Me With Science, [Planning for the Future].
09* A little Power is a Dangerous Thing.
10* When the Cat's Away, the Mice will Play.
11* Within The Fist of Darkness, [2nd Expansion: NE America].
12* Braving The Fimbul Winter, [First Trucker Society].
13* Un-Pleasant Valley, [Testifiers].
14* The Slither-Thing, [Finally explained].
15* Green Eyed Wanderer.
16* The Charge Keeper, a & b [The Mage Clans].
17. They're Coming to Take me Away, [Mind Control].
18 The Mystic Woods, [Second Trucker Society].
19 The White Tower, [Rebecca & Imperial Law].
20 Imperial States of America, [3rd Expansion: USA].

USAN's aim was to show the pre-Imperial anarchy, and how Robert
starts to tame it. The next Volume will be called the Imperial States
of America (ISAM), and will cover what America under the Empire is like,
and shows how he moves on the rest of the world. A third volume would
be Imperial Earth (IMER), and show what happens to the Darkside once
Robert gets his wish. What's next? Maybe the Empire will head for
the Stars.

(5) Can anyone write fiction based in the Darkside?

Hmmmm. Perhaps later, when more is revealed. If you'd like to
do so, and you are using characters KTM invented, they will be
considered Alternate Histories, and should be labled as such. A
Story may be declared "Canon" if KTM decides that it fully fits in
the story World. Secondly, The Observers themselves are off-limits
unless they are depicted in the act of Observing from the Bubble.
The Rod, however, is not off-limits.

(6) Can I draw fan art based in the series?

This would be welcome. If anyone wants to sent the author their
drawings, feel free. Just be aware that by submitting the art, you are
granting permission for the work to be posted freely to the asstr site,
but that such submission doesn't constitute a guarantee that it *will*
be posted for whatever reason. The Characters are copyright of KTM,
but the Artwork will be copyright of the creator.
IV. About the World of the Darkside.

(1) Who are the characters in the different Volumes?

Vol: EP: Character, (Episode #) Further information, [Notes].
USAN 01. Robbie Black, (2) Robert Black.
01. Mom, (3) Maggie Black.
01. Sissy, (3) Susan Black.
01. Wolf, (3) granted Power, [Wolf Morphed], (11) [Power Team].
01. Skull, (3) Deceased.
01. Bear, (3) Deceased.
01. Red, (3) Rodney, (3) Deceased.
02. Rod, The. [Item/Character].
04. Traci, (Kitten), [Cat Morphed].
05. Jerry Conners (7) Blur, [Power Team].
05. Mr. Duncan, [Townie, from Winneshiek County, Iowa].
05. Rebecca White, [White Power holder].
05. Slither-Thing, The. [???] (14) [Revealed].
06. "Ugly", Destructionist MT, [Observer]. (14)
06. Rider, Creationist MT: TM, [Observer]. (14)
06. Kruegar, Ultra-Entity, [Observer]. (14)
07. Titan, (9) Hank Dodds, (10) Stripped of his power.
07. General Stark. (11) Deceased.
07. Lt. Dan Jenners (10) Converted to the Empire. (12) Captain.
07. Mr. Miller, Iowa's Govenor, [Iowa Administration].
07. Don Corello, Mafia, [Illinois Administration].
08. Liz Tyler, [Imperial Science Minister].
08. Mariko Michaelson, [Chemist].
09. Karen Fischer, Osprey, [Power Team].
09. Charity Jones, [Power Team].
09. Zechiel (Zeke) Peters, Teke, [Power Team].
09. Ali "Luke" Al-Raji, Sapphire, [Power Team].
09. Joanne Barrett, Lady Web, [Power Team].
09. Tim Melaui, Warp, [Power Team].
09. Paris Simmons, Seeker, [Power Team].
10. Alyssa, (4) Orphan, (10) Abused by Titan,
(14) Slither-Thing bait, [ex-Imperial Page].
11. Sergeant Brad Donovan, [Stark's Rat Platoon].
11. Corporal Steven Leigh, [Stark's Rat Platoon].
11. Corporal Benny "Mac" MacFee, [Stark's Rat Platoon].
11. Private Doug Renes, [Stark's Rat Platoon].
11. Private Kyle Simms, [Stark's Rat Platoon].
11. Tom King, [Town Councilman].
11. Tanya King, [Tom King's daughter].
11. Carol King, [Tom King's niece].
12. Gary Miller, [Captain; Knights of the Open Road Society].
12. Candy Kane, [Member; K.O.R.S.].
12. Kieth Thomas, [Sheriff; Eagle, CO].
12. Sondra Eriks, Healer, (14) [Minster of Health, & Lady Healer].
13. Janelle Masters, [Winged Flyer].
13. Josh Masters, [Telekinetic Flyer].
13. Benjamin, [Charismatic Power].
13. Reverend Browne, [Fundamentalist Christian].
13. Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Israfel, Azrael, Sariel.
14. Tari Bates, Telepath, [Minister of Psionics].
14. Henry Black II, newborn son of Robert and Maggie.
15. Rodger ?, the Green Eyed Wanderer, [Gaea cursed].
15. Sasha, Rodger's daughter [And pregnant by him].
16. Elias Dusten, [The last Battery].
16. Brock and Mark Medford.
16. Justen St. Ives, and his gardener, Marge.
16. Joshua Cross and Hyacinth Storm, descendents of Elias.
* 17. Phillip Carmichael, [Mental Patient/Mind Controller].
* 17. Rex Harrison Timmons, [Mental Patient/Healer].
* 17. Christina Spenser, [Daughter of a Boston Senator].
(2) What can the Power Team members do? [] = Part-time member.

Blur: A standard super speedster, with a superhero complex.
Titan: Strong & nearly invulnerable; a "brick". Dis-empowered.
Osprey: "Winged" flight & semi-invulnerable; slight telekinesis.
Charity: Receptive and projective empathy; a Sensitive.
Teke: Telekinetic; levitates, lifts, shields, and shoves.
Sapphire: Controlled powered flight, & blue energy blasts.
Lady Web: Truth-teller & mind-linker; Not fully telepathic (yet).
Warp: Line-of-sight combat teleporter teen with packet bombs. ;>
Seeker: Long range, detailed clairavoyance; slightly precognitive.
[Wolf: Half-animal morph; strength, speed, & natural weapons.]

(3) What are the Towers?

They are colored Towers of the Black Palace that represent the
Headquarters of different branches of the Imperial Government.
Whether they stand for the Administration, a Ministry, or Institute,
or both, the branches will use the colored Towers as their symbol
throughout the Empire. [A Ministry is dedicated to the Control and
Direction of a thing, while an Institute is dedicated the Study and
Propagation of a thing.]

Vol: Ep: Tower: Function, Supervisor, [Notes].
USAN 07 Black Administration Robert Black [Government].
08 Copper Science Ministry Liz Tyler [Science Research].
14 Silver Mental Health Tari Bates [Psionic Institute]
14 Gold Ministry of Health Sondra Eriks [Healer Institute]
16 Blue Ministry of Magic Joshua Cross [Magic Institute].
[19 White Ministry of Justice Rebecca. -Forthcoming]

(4) What is Imperial Law?

As post-Colonial American Law was based on British Common Law, the
Legal Code of the Empire is based on 'American Common Law'. This is
the foundation that Robert is using to govern his Empire. He changes
aspects of this Code as the situation seems to warrant, and is having
his decisions recorded for future reflection and application.
Punishments are generally; overseen public service, or public works
(a chain gang). Severe punishments may merit death, immediately
delivered by the Justice at the end of the Accused's appeals.
Sometimes a more creative punishment will be crafted to fit the crime.

(5) What are some of the Codes?

Vol: Ep: Law Code: Status, [Notes]. (LEO=Law Enforcement Officer)
USAN 4. Indenturement: Legal, [Used to pay public or private Debts].
6. Drug use and sale: Legal, [Now, it's regular commerce].
6. Sex-acts, Consenual, for pay: Legal [Regular commerce].
6. Sex-acts, Consensual, *Any*: Legal.
6. Child Abuse, (under 12): Illegal, [Harshly punished].
10. Sex-acts, Non-consensual: Illegal, [Harsh punishments].
12. Abuse of Power by Military/LEOs: Illegal, [Harshly punished].
13. Murder: Illegal, punishable.
13. Property Damage: Illegal, punishable.
13. Preliminary Court System established
14. Recognition of 'Sensitivity' as a mental condition.
17. Abuse of Power by Medical/Caregivers: Illegal, punishable.

(6) What is the Imperial Justice system (in a nutshell)?

Courts are presided over by a Justice. Major court officials are an
Accuser, functioning as Prosecutor, and an Advocate, functioning as the
Defense. Also a Truth-teller's or telepath's services are recommended
but the right of a witness not to testify under that service has been
affirmed. However, such unconfirmed testimony bears less 'weight' than
testimony that is truth-verified by Psionic or other means.
"Instant" appeals (taking no more than a few days) of guilty verdicts
are allowed, if NEW information not previously considered is available,
but a frivolous appeal will result in the severity of the sentence being
increased by each step of Appeal. Robert is the last step of the
Appelate process. He has the final word.

"Not a Court of Law, nor a Court of Fact, this is a Court of Truth."
-- Robert Black.

(7) What's the deal with these Observers?

They are the Deus Ex Machina that explains why the Darkside's
history has diverged so radically from our own. They also provide a
larger point of view of the World. One from "outside of the box",
if you will. They provide a way to comment on the story from out of
it's context.
V. About the Observers.

(1) What is the Rod?

It is a Meta-laced Destructionist artifact-weapon designed to
corrupt a mortal to darkness, and to take his world with him.

(2) Huh? A what-laced whosit?

Meta. A term borrowed from Wizards of the Coast's RPG Supplement;
"The Primal Order". Used in this case to indicate a level of power
that is above that of the Godly 'Primal' energy. Above Meta is Ultra.

Magic/Psionics/Super Powers = Mortal level powers.
Primal = Godly. Mortal powers cannot effect them.
Meta = Master Types. Primals cannot effect them.
Ultra = Creators/Destructors. Meta powers cannot effect them.

(3) And it was sent by whom?

The Destructionist branch of the Master Types. Above the Gods
and beneath those that Create and Destroys all are the class of
beings that are in-between. Those who report to the Creative side
of Ultra are the Creationists. They are dedicated to the ideals of
Life, Order, and Anti-Entropy, but their execution is sometimes less
than perfect. Those opposed to them are the Destructionists; bent
on causing Death, Chaos and Entropy, and with a similar caveat as to
their performance.

(4) So what are Master Types?

Another borrowed term, this time from Michael Moorcock. In his
works it refers to a single godlike being who "represents" a kind
of animal. In the mythology of the stories, every kind of animal,
even humans, has a whole race of meta-powered beings to represent
them. The leader of each kind is called the Type Master, who is
the chief of their Type and Clan.

(5) Who are the Observers? ["Ugly", Rider, & Kruegar]

"Ugly": Don't quite know, yet. A non-humanoid Destructionist
Master Type, but not the Type Master of his kind.

Rider: The Hom (Humaniod) Type Master.

Kruegar: A lesser Ultra being in service to the Ulimate Powers.

(6) What is Ultra Energy?

The kind of energy possessed by the Ultimate Powers. They are the
Multiversal Creator, know as Lord Shadow, and 'His' (It's) opposite
and other face, Lord Kaos. Each Universal dimension in the Multiverse
has a piece of this energy as it's Spark. Sometimes this is embodied
as a Universal Creator, who is the model for the chief God of every
mythos. Sometimes it is merely an abstract 'Force'.

Ultra power always assumes it's opposite half. The Destructor's
goal is to bring the untimely end of everything, and serves the whole
by destroying what is unneeded. The Creative force brings new life
and energy to what has been recycled. In a young Multiverse, the
Creative force is the predominate, but inevitably, the Multiverse
will wear down, succumb to Entropy, and Chaos will reign until the
cycle begins anew.

(7) What is the Multiverse?

Go watch some Sliders. Every bit of Fiction, every single
possibility is a distinct Dimensional Universe. The Multiverse is
the sum of all the Universes. They are arranged by the Master Types
by which power is predominate in them, whether the positive side or
the negative kind. "Midpoint" is the theoretical middle point on
this scale. It's where the balance shifts from one to the other.
The clan with more of the scale on their side of Midpoint is the
ascendant power. The Scale has Moebius properties, as well.

Creation Destruction
^ Midpoint

(8) Why was the Rod placed on the Darkside?

The Rod was an attempt to shift the dimension to the negative side
of the scale, thereby shifting the Midpoint without a costly (and
painful) battle. It was a tactical point in a cosmic turfwar.

(9) What about Rebecca?

She was empowered by Creationists in order to try to counteract
the influence of the Rod. A tactical counterpoint; far more subtle
than the first.

(10) What is The Experiment?

The dimension has been declared "out-of-bounds" to both sides.
An observing body of Creationists and Destructionists chaired by
Kruegar has been appointed to oversee the results. They have
shielded the Universe with an impenetrable, isolating bubble, and
will occasionally comment on it's progress from a Council room in
a smaller bubble attached to the Shield.

(11) Why are the Observers off-limits?

Because KTM plans on using them in regular fiction some day, and
needs to control their usage.
VI. Q & A section.

(1) Author's questions for the reader.

* What do you like or don't like about the stories?

* What kind of characters or situations would you like to see?

* What kind of sexual content are you looking for in the stories?

* What other kinds of reactions have you had to the stories?

* What to you see happening in the future of this world?
(2) Questions from readers; answered.

* Will Robert ever become a Good-Guy?

Kinda depends on your definition of "Good-Guy" now, doesn't it?
From Robert's point of view, he *is* a good guy. Everything he does
is because he believes it's the best choice to further what he
perceives to be important and beneficial. He doesn't believe in
any standard of morality other than his own conscious.

* Will Robert and Rebecca ever get together?

Now, that would be telling. :)

* Is Rebecca Robert's foil, or is it the other way around?

That has yet to be decided.

* Are full edit/rewrites planned after each Volume's completion?

Yes. It's a first release, that's already been through several,
but a major, comprehensive edit is planned for the future.
The Darkside FAQ.


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