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DAU FRND2 sucked till was close


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

Title My Daughter's Friend

Part 2

by the Drifter

I lay in my bed nude, waiting for my Linda. My Linda... I liked the
sound of that. My door was wide open and the bathroom light was on so
the room was light enough to see well. I lay there thinking about
everything that had transpired and somehow it all seemed right. Then the
other thought hit me... My daughter wanted to fuck me???? That was a
curve ball but I knew I had wanted that too for a long time. It took Linda
to open my eyes. Now I knew I would have them both.

After some time I heard soft steps coming my way. My cock was
as hard as I could remember. Then my beautiful Linda walked into my
bedroom completely nude. She stopped and let me drink in her beauty
briefly and she said, "I gather your open door is a full invitation."

I held out my arms to her and she came to me. She straddled my
body and I felt her wet bush against my cock. her full breasts came to
rest on my chest and her open lips met mine. As we kissed I noticed her
mouth tasted like pussy. It had to be my daughter's pussy. She broke
the kiss and said softly with a huge smile on her face, "How do you like
the taste of Jane's cunt my sweet John?"
I smiled back and felt her hand on my cock and she raised up and
started my cock in her. As she eased down I moaned out loud it felt so
good. When she had it all the way in, all 8 inches, she looked at me and
I said, "My darling Linda, Jane tastes delicious and you feel so good."

We fucked until I came, damn near passing out. She was the best
I had ever known. She was somehow massaging my cock with her
talented cunt and I adored it. She had gotten off several times and was
wonderfully noisy at it. I knew Jane could hear us and I was glad of that
too. After I lost my first load Linda went down on my shrinking cock and I
moved her into a 69 position. She tasted as good as Jane. Soon we
both came again and collapsed. Later as we rested in each other's arms
she raised up and said, "John my love, I love you so much. I want you
anyway you will have me. Now that you know all about me do you still
want to be around me?"

I kissed her and said, "More than ever sweetheart. I have dreamed of
this and a lot more. Like an old fool I had thought about proposing to
you. I wanted you for my wife. But now I know you could never be
happy with just me. You have the whole world out there. Why would you
settle for me."

She sat up in bed and looked at me like I had slapped her. She
started to shake all over as she cried silently. I sat up and pulled her into
my arms. After a moment she stopped crying and said, "John I love you.
I have dreamed about being your wife. I would love to be your wife. I
could understand that now that you know I am bisexual and open
sexually you might not want to marry me. But would you continue as my

"Linda, none of that matters to me. I love you and want you any
way I can have you. I would love for you to be my wife. I guess that
would cramp your style wouldn't it?"

"Not necessarily John."

I looked at her and waited. She smiled and said, "As I said I would
love to be your wife John. But I don't want to be limited to any one
person sexually, male or female. I love the variety possible with multiple
sex partners of both genders. I adore threesomes and "moresomes". I
seduced your daughter and then talked her into her first threesomes and
a lot more since then. I could tell you I would be just yours but I couldn't.
Would you still want me as your wife knowing I would be with others
frequently? Could you consider joining me in that?"

It seemed every time I crossed one bridge, another was there waiting
for me. I looked at my Linda and knew I never wanted to be without her.
Could I share her with other men? The idea of her having sex with my
daughter excited the hell out of me. I looked at her lush nude body and
thought of her with another man. To my delight I started to get hard
again. Linda noticed and said, "What are you thinking about my love?"

"You with another man."

"That made you hard?"

"Yeah, weird isn't it. ...."

Linda caught my cock in her hand and she covered the head with
her mouth. I came so fast it shocked both of us as I thought of watching
Linda and Jane being fucked by others as Linda sucked my cock.
Watching Jane had been exciting and now the idea of Linda was too.

When she raised her head she kissed me and I tasted my cum fresh
in her mouth. After a long wet kiss she broke it and said. "Would you
fuck Jane now while I watch darling? I think we need to move into this
one step at a time. I adore you John and will be open to you for
anything. But I love men. Plural darling. Variety, two and three at the
same time. And women the same way. If you want to break it off at any
time I will understand but I hope you don't. I do love you and only you
and I always will but I am just a little different. "

I smiled as I hugged her tightly to me. "I love you Linda. I want
you and will do my best to accept this life style with you. It isn't
completely new to me. The idea excites me, truthfully I don't know how
I will react the first time I watch you with another man or men or Jane

"John honey, let me go send Jane in to you. We should shower so
you will be fresh for her and then I will send her in. I will join you in a
little while and you can enjoy us both. We are damn good together
honey. You know you aren't the first lucky guy we have double fucked."

We showered and my head continued to spin. Then in the shower
I said, "If this works out, will you marry me?"

She kissed me and said "I would love to John but I won't say yes
until you see me being fucked by several other guys at once and you
join us to make it a real orgy. Then with several women. If after all
that you ask me again I will joyfully marry you. I think I already have in
my head."

We dried each other and she kissed me and said, "Enjoy your
daughter. Don't be shy, she sure isn't. I will join you two when I hear
her cum. Oh sweetheart, she cums very loudly. Enjoy." and she turned
and headed for Jane's room.

I straightened the sheets and was amazed that there were no wet
spots. I lay back nude with this huge hard on as I waited for my
gorgeous daughter that I had wanted for so long, just like I had waited
for Linda earlier.. She stepped into the room and her eyes widened as
they fell on my erect cock in my hand. She looked me in the eyes and
said softly, "I love you Daddy."

"I love you too kitten,"

She smiled and slid on the bed from the foot, between my spread
legs and her mouth engulfed my cock. The whole 8 inches. She deep
throated me and I groaned out loudly, "Oh fuck yes Janie...."

She sucked me till I was close to cumming then she slid up higher
and sat on my face. I threw her over on her back and dived into her
sweet cunt. I tongued and licked and sucked and fingered everywhere I
could, everywhere I got a positive response from my darling. She was
loud and she came and came and came and screamed every nasty word
I had ever known as she fucked my face. Then after one very loud
climax I slid up and drove my cock all the way into my daughters wet
cunt in one stroke. She came and blacked out falling limp on the bed
beneath me.

I lay there with my cock throbbing in her. She was only out for a
few seconds then she opened her eyes I slowly stroked in and out,
After a moment she began to meet my motions with her own and she
groaned, "Oh Daddy that is so fucking good."

I sensed a movement and Linda eased on the bed beside us saying,
"Damn you guys are fantastic to watch. I couldn't stay away, I had to
see all of this. Isn't he the best Jane."

My daughter smiled as we slowly fucked and looked at Linda, "He
is, he really is. He is the best fuck I have ever had and he eats pussy as good as you do sweetheart." then as I stroked my cock to meet her
sweet pussy Linda and Jane kissed deeply. Watching them kiss thrilled
me. Then Linda kissed me as passionately and finally I kissed my Janie
to complete the circle.

The night went on and on. I watched my two ladies eat each
other's pussies, both full of my cum. The night was spent in doing
everything we could including me butt fucking both of them. I finally
collapsed and slept the sleep of the totally exhausted as I dreamed of
future days and nights.
* * *

I awoke the next morning and it took me awhile to register on all
that had occurred. I eased out of bed from between my two lovers,
slipped into a robe and made it to the kitchen. I made coffee and sat
and sipped on it as I tried to sort things out. I looked out the large
window overlooking the pool. It was a beautiful day and I had no second
thoughts. I was delighted with everything that had happened. I sat there
smiling at nothing when I heard my sweet Linda say softly, "You
certainly look happy this morning sweetheart. Any regrets?"

"Not a one." I said as I pulled her into my lap and kissed her
tenderly, lovingly."

"Are you sure? You sure enjoyed fucking your two women."

"And watching them eat each other." I heard Janie say as she
walked in on us. She leaned down and gave me a deep tongue kiss and
then the same for Linda. Then she said, "God Daddy but you sure know
how to please a woman. It sounds corny I know, but you really are the
absolute best I have ever had. Every hole I have still tingles from your
cock. I thought I had been well fucked and eaten before my sweet father but you are the best."

Linda grinned and kissed me and said, "I don't want you to get the
big head but I second that."

We laughed and Jane poured more coffee and we sat and talked
the previous night over. Then I said softly, "Jane honey, do you know
a male we can trust? Someone to include in our parties?"

"Why Daddy, we don't need anyone but you?"

"Thank you sweetheart but I need to watch someone else, another
male, fuck Linda."

Jane looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. Then she
asked what was going on. I told her about my proposal and Linda's
response. She looked at Linda and said, "You two married? Hey that
would be great but what will that do to us? To Dad and I?"

Linda spoke first, "Nothing Jane. I told your Dad I wouldn't marry
him unless he could deal with me being with you and others, male and
female. And I want you and John to continue too."

Jane turned to look at me and asked, "Can you deal with that

"Well honey, I did before, that's why we need another male. I
need to see if I still can."

Jane looked at me hard and said, "Still??? you've done this
before??? You and Mom???"

I smiled at my shocked daughter and then at Linda and said, "You
guys didn't think you invented open sex did you? You would be so
wrong. I told you Linda reminded me of your Mom. I can't believe I
now have a second chance with a woman like her.... and you in the
bargain too."
There was a long silence as everyone thought over the situation.
Then I said "Janie, do you know an available male we could trust to keep

Jane smiled and nodded, then said , "Are you sure Dad?"

Linda was still in my lap and I cupped her large breasts and said,
"Tell her what you are sitting on hon."

"Jane, John is so hard and his cock is deep in my pussy. It feels
so good. Call someone and lets party tonight. Can you imagine having
two guys and one of them being our John? Our Daddy. Oh shit I love
I managed to speak in spite of what Linda was doing on my cock
"Jane who did you have in mind?"

She blew me away when she said, "Dan Phillips." Hell he was her
High School Gymnastic coach. He was my age. Maybe a hell of a lot
better shape. I considered him a good friend."

"You and Dan?"

"Yeah Dad, since I was a freshman in High School. We can trust
him. He couldn't afford for anything to get out either."

She picked up the phone and dialed from memory. It was interesting
listening to one side of the conversation.

"Hi Bonnie this is Jane. Is Dan there?"

"Yeah I'm home for the holidays, how are you guys?"

"Thanks Bonnie, see you I hope."

"Hi Dan, yeah it's me. Still as horny as ever. Can you talk?"

"I understand, your wife is near?"

"Yeah I have missed you too, especially one part."

"Yes I am still cock crazy. You should know you have been
fucking me for almost five years."

"Yes I have loved it too. Can you get out tonight?"

"Well try hard, my sexy room mate is here with me and we both
want you. Plus I have a surprise for you."

"About seven should be good, my house. For as long as you can
keep it up."

* * *

We were all nervous as we waited for Dan to arrive. We were all
freshly showered and wore thin robes. The girls looked fantastic. I had
trouble keeping my hands off of them. We had talked and I was going to
stay out of sight until the three of them had been at it for a while. That
way I could watch my daughter and my possible future wife in action with
another guy. I had watched my first wife, Jane's mom, in this situation
many times. Could I do it as easy with Linda and Jane?

When the door bell rang I moved into the kitchen after a deep kiss
from each of my ladies. From the kitchen I could see and not be seen
easily. Jane opened the door and Dan walked in. I saw his eyes run
over Jane and then Linda and I knew he was getting hard. I sure would
have been. After closing the door Jane slid her arms around his neck
and they kissed like old lovers. I watched as his hands disappeared
inside her robe. Then the robe dropped to the floor and Jane was nude
and Dan's hands were full of her darling bare ass. Soon she broke the
embrace and introduced Dan to Linda. Linda smiled and dropped her
robe too. Dan gaped and smiled like the lucky sob that he was. Linda
melted into his arms like Jane had and my cock jumped as I watched
Linda with him.

Dan was handsome, fit and charming. Also a great fuck according
to the many stories Jane had shared with usa all afternoon. It didn't
take them long and they had Dan stripped and on his back with Linda
easing down on his hard cock and Jane sitting on his face. I was so
turned on I couldn't stand it as I watched Linda stroke his cock before
guiding it to her wet oven. I dropped my robe and stroked my hard cock
as I watched the action. Linda was really into it and it was clear she
loved cock. Even a strange cock she had just met. I laughed as I
remembered some of the parties Jane's mom and I had been too and
now I looked forward to more.

Then to my surprise Linda stood up, letting Dan's cock fall free.
Jane bent and took it in her mouth as Linda walked toward the kitchen
and me. As she walked in she smiled as she saw me playing with my
hard cock. She kissed me deeply and then said, "Darling, are you OK?
All I could think of was were you OK watching me fuck another guy."

I held her and said, "I am fine darling, weren't you enjoying it?"

"Oh yes I was honey, but I needed to see about you. Come in
with me so I can see you while I fuck him."

She led me back into the room and I sat in an easy chair where I
had a front row seat. She tapped Jane on the shoulder and Jane sat up
so Linda could mount Dan's cock again. As she eased down on it she
looked me in the eyes and blew me a kiss with one hand as the other
guided Dan's cock into her cunt. Jane and Linda fell into a deep kiss as
they both fucked Dan. The girls came often and Dan did have staying
power. Finally he went wild thrusting hard up into Linda and she looked
at me and said "He is cumming in me John. Feels so good."

Linda got up and came and sat in my lap and I felt her cunt dripping Dan's cum onto me. Then Jane stood up and said, "Now for
your surprise Dan, you remember my Dad don't you?"

He looked at me and the shock on his face was funny to see. I
smiled as I stroked Linda ass and said, "Hi Dan"

"John, oh shit, what does one say in a case like this. I sure like
to fuck your daughter?"

We all laughed, then Jane asked Linda to get up saying, "I want to
fuck my Daddy while Dan watches." and she did.

When we finished Dan was eating Linda's pussy and she was
moaning loudly, he must have been doing one hell of a good job."

Then I watched as he fucked her dog style and I knew I was going
to love this all over again. We fucked and sucked until time for Dan to
go and then the four of us showered. Dan dressed and left asking us to
call him again soon and he was gone. The three of us turned out the
lights and went to bed. As we cuddled, with me in the middle, we talked
about everything. We were all comfortable that everyone had enjoyed it
and looked forward to more of the same in the future.

I looked at Jane and kissed her and then Linda. Then I said,
"Linda, I still want you to be my wife. You will be free to enjoy whoever
you wish just as I will. But I love you and want you to be mine. I guess
I could adopt you but I would rather you be my wife."

Jane smiled and hugged me giving her approval. Then Linda said,
"I guess you really are OK with me the way I am. Ok John dearest. I
am yours. Nothing else is required unless you want a ceremony. The
three of us are family and you are my husband and we can both fuck our
daughter or anyone else that turns us on.."

We all laughed and I said, "Maybe after you graduate we can
consider making it official. Til then it might be simpler the way you say."
We had a long threeway kiss to seal it.

Then I suggested the two of them look for a large apartment near
campus, for them to live in and for me to visit in. They thought that was
a great idea and then Linda asked if it would be possible for me to move
in with them totally. I hadn't thought of that but I could work from there
as easyas here. I didn't want to sell the house, it would be better for
after graduation, but I could keep both. Business was really good and I
could afford it. I could spend time at both places. I liked that idea.

The next day I packed some things in my Lincoln town car and we
drove back to school. We found a great place near the campus, with
four bedrooms. One for each of us and a study for work.

As we started moving their stuff out of the dorm a pair of young men stopped in. Jane and Linda greeted them warmly and it was
obvious they were more than friends as they hugged and kissed. Then
they saw me and Jane introduced them to me. They acted like they had
gotten caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Well they had actually
but it was OK with me. They offered to help us move and they pitched
in. Jane and Linda each had a car that we filled, my Lincoln, and the
guys, Tom and Bill had a pickup. We got everything loaded and headed
for the new place.

We unloaded the stuff and Linda and Jane pulled me into my
bedroom and closed the door. Linda said, "John, these are two of the
guys we feel safe in fucking regularly. Are you ready for another party,
including them?"

I smiled and nodded my approval. Then Jane said, "I will get them
to take me back to the dorm to clean up and I will break it to them that
my horny Dad is fucking both of us too. That ought to blow their minds.
While I'm at it I may thank them for their help."

We laughed and Jane left Linda and I. A quick shower and we
were in Linda's bed. She spread her long gorgeous legs and said,
"Come fuck me my husband."

As I did it was a slow leisurely fuck and Linda groaned and said,
"Honey, how do you want me to behave when you aren't here?"

I kissed her and said, "My sweet, you are free to do anything that
pleases you. I would enjoy hearing about the ones I'm not here for I

"And I would love to tell you John."

* * *

The guys and Jane returned and pulled right into the garage. They
came in and I understood why, they were all three bare ass. Linda and I
met them the same way and the party stared with a bang. I watched
Tom and Bill double fuck Linda's pussy and ass as I fucked my daughter on the floor beside them. Yeah I could definitely deal with this.

I left a few days later just before classes started. I had met a
number of their intimate friends. I had fucked several more young coed friends of theirs and watched my two girls with a few more men and
women. As I left, I was thinking I needed the rest but half way home I
was hard and wanted both of them again.

I called them that night. We missed each other terribly and I
vowed to get my business ready so I could come back soon.

Each night late Linda called me and shared everything that
happened. She really did have a full sex life and I loved her stories.
Then I would talk to Jane and she started telling me stories about her
sex life as well. I was dying to get with them.

Then something interesting happened at my end. Dan Phillips
called me out of the blue one morning. He beat around the bush for a
few minutes and then said, "John I feel like we are pretty kindred spirits.

I was wondering if you would like some female company since Jane and
Linda are gone back to school." He said he had a couple of young ladies that were a lot of fun and were eager to get together in a
foursome with us. I told him it sounded interesting and he said, "They
are young John, both only 15 but they look 21 and fuck like minks. Built
like crazy John... you interested?"

I was hard as hell. I asked him when. He said they could come
over tonight if I was ready. I was.

* * *

The day went slow. I called Linda mid afternoon to tell her, and
Jane, but got no answer. I left word on the machine that Dan and a
couple of young friends were coming over that night. I would call again
to tell them all about it later that night after they left.

Finally I showered, had a bite to eat and waited for them. I didn't
have long to wait and I heard their car in my drive. I watched as Dan
and a pair of identical twins, playmate look-a-likes, got out of his car. I
knew them and was shocked, surprised and damned turned on. They
were my boss' twin daughters. I had watched them develop for years
and had been impressed to say the least. I couldn't believe they were
here for a foursome. But they were.

The door bell rang and I answered. Dan hurried them in and then
one of the twins walked over to me so confident and hugged me saying,
"John, we were both thrilled to hear you wanted to party with us. Dan
asked us if we were up for a sex party. We always are up for sex. When
he told us you were the other male we couldn't believe our good luck."
She kissed me deeply and I felt my cock jump to the ready. Across the
room her double was slowly stripping what few clothes she wore. They
were gorgeous, full bodied 15 year olds with lots of experience already.
And eager to get more. Soon Dawn showed me how to tell them apart.
Dawn had a small rose tattooed on her left breast just above the nipple,
Shaun did not. Shaun had a small skunk just above her mons. I wasn't
sure how I would know in public.

It was a wild night and when they left hours later we were all fucked
out. They promised to return soon. During that night I learned that they
also fucked their Dad and wanted to know if I fucked Jane. I admitted
that I did and that fact made me even more popular with them. It also
gave me some new ideas. Dan shook my hand at the door and said he
had a lot of talent available for us. High school girls do love to fuck he

After I showered again I called Linda and Jane and shared it all
with them. Linda went silent as Jane seemed thrilled over my night.
Then I told Jane goodnight. She understood and hung up leaving Linda
and I alone.

"Linda sweetheart, you OK?"

"No, you know I'm not."

"Honey, what is it?"

"You with those fucking little sluts."

"What? Linda... you're jealous?"

"Yes you bastard."

"But sweetheart, my darling, I thought you were OK with this.
When did you get fucked last?"

"Tonight, one of my professors."

My cock grew with excitement and I said, "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes but...."

"Do you want me to be celibate while you are messing around?"

"No ... yes... no.. oh shit John I miss you. I need you. I don't
really mind that you fucked those little bitches. I just want you too."

I looked at my watch, it was midnight, I told her, "Honey I will be
there in three hours. Can't stay long but I will wake you when I get

"Don't wake Jane, not at first. I want you all to myself for a little

* * *

I left a message on my secretaries answering machine and
grabbed some things and headed for my one true love that I wasn't
related to. I made record time.

When I let myself in I went straight to Linda's room. I passed
Jane's room and the door was wide open. Tom and Bill were in bed with
her, all three naked. I smiled and closed their door and then Linda's
door behind me..

I undressed and slid in bed beside my nude lady. I woke Linda
with a kiss. Her eyes opened and as she recognized me she wrapped
her arms around my neck and held me tight. "Oh John I have missed
you so much. I don't think I can live here without you."

I slowly kissed my way down to her nipples and lower to her belly
button and then lower still. As I tongued her pussy it was wet and had
the familiar taste of cum. in it. I was accustomed to that lately and dove
in. She came quickly and as I continued she moved around to take my
cock in her mouth. Then she raised her head and said, "You bastard,
your cock tastes like those twin pussies."

I laughed and said, "And I just got a lot more familiar with one of
your professors than I needed to be."

We laughed and changed ends again and I slid my cock where
she wanted it.

Later as we lay satisfied for the moment she said, "This isn't going
to work. Either I have to come home with you or you have to come here
with me. I can't stand being separated from you. It isn't that I mind you
fucking those twins, I just want to be there. I will quit school and come
home with you if that's OK with you."

I lay there shocked, and delighted. I assured her it was fine with
me and she cuddled up closer and said, "You are fucking mine. Nobody
else's. You can play all you want to but don't you forget whose man you
are. You rotten bastard." and she kissed me deeply. I could have
floated on air.

We woke Jane the next morning. Tom and Bill said Hi and went to
shower. Linda told her what she was going to do. Jane looked at me
and then Linda and then back at me and said, "Can I come too?"

Later that day, having gotten out of the apartment lease with a few
bucks, and checked the girls out of school for the rest of the semester
we were driving the three cars full of their stuff to OUR home.

* * *

I was a free lance computer chip designer and made an obscene
amount of money on royalties. I had this idea that would require a
couple of helpers. At a rest stop I shared my idea with the two of them.
We could form our own company. Linda and Jane loved the idea. As
we drove I mentally put the company together. I knew it would work and
we could all stay at home as long as we wanted to. And our fun had just

Linda had her own bedroom but she basically moved in with me.
Jane slept with us as much as not, ignoring her own bed too. Life was
good. The girls were both sharp at business and soon we were making
even more money. I made an appointment to sever my work relations
with the twins Dad. I wondered if they had told him about us. I went to
a lawyer friend and had my will changed so Linda and Jane would split everything should I die. Then I had us incorporated.

When I got home I pulled Linda and Jane into the den and told
them about the will and the other legal business. Linda looked at me
strangely and said, "John are you sure you want to do that will thing.
You know I keep the books and honey I was surprised to learn you are
worth several millions of dollars with a lot more coming in every day. I'm
not sure you shouldn't leave it all to Jane."

I hugged her and told her she was my wife and I did exactly what I
wanted to do. If anything should happen to me they would both be
independently wealthy. There was more money than either of them
could spend and I wanted to be sure they were both set for life. Jane
agreed with me and Linda laid her head on my shoulder and cried softly.
I just held her and Jane came over and joined our group hug. Before
long Linda stopped crying and said, "Lets go fuck." and boy did we ever.

* * *

The next day I made an appointment to talk to Robert Townsend,
father of Dawn and Shaun and my boss up til then. I wondered as I
walked into his office what the twins had said to him.

Robert told his secretary not to interrupt us as she closed the door
behind me. Robert is very successful. His bank account makes mine
look sick. He smiled as he shook my hand and then he said, "My
daughters said they saw you recently."

I smiled and wondered what else they had said. He continued,
"You know John, men like us, with such beautiful daughters, have a
different problem than others."

I knew where he was going. He knew I had fucked his daughters
and well as my own. I knew he knew it. As our eyes met we both knew
we had in common the fact we fucked our own daughters. After a
moment I looked at him and said, "We are damned lucky aren't we?"

Robert nodded and said, "We are. My girls are quite active and
they had high words of praise for you."

"Well Robert you trained them well."

His eyes twinkled and he said, "Perhaps you and your daughter might have dinner with the three of us some night soon?"

"We would love that. And my daughters college roommate too. I
think we all have a lot of common interests." I smiled as I realized I had
just set up a swing date for the six of us. I hoped Robert and I could
satisfy the four of them. If not we could call Dan for help. Or some of
Jane's other local boy friends.

The subject changed and the talk about me quitting surprised Robert.
He recovered quickly and asked if his lawyer could chat with mine about
a mutual marketing arrangement. That meant a lot more money for our
young firm and I told him I would be delighted and gave him my
attorney's name. I made a mental note to have Linda hire my part time
attorney as a full time rep of ours reporting to her. He was thirty and
good looking and I thought Jane and Linda might enjoy him. He also was
a damn good attorney.

As I got up to go, Robert shook my hand warmly and asked if we
could join them the coming Friday night for dinner and whatever else.
To bring our swim suits and maybe a change of clothes. Who knows he
said you might wish to stay over rather than drive back.

I nodded and told him we would love to join them. Then he handed
me a manilla envelope and said, "Protect these John."

I nodded and left. In my car I opened the envelope and there were
dozens of pictures of his daughters. Mostly nude, some with him
fucking them, eating them, them eating each other, some of them with
Dan and him and the twins and a few with beautiful young ladies I didn't
recognize. Then I was surprised to find several of me with the twins. I
guess Dan had taken them.

My car phone rang. It was Robert and there was a lilt in his voice,
"I'm sure you have seen the pictures by now. In case you are concerned
about the ones of you with my daughters don't be. You also have some
very incriminating picture of Dan and myself. Now we all know where
we stand and what we intend to do so no one has anything to worry
about. See you Friday my friend."
end part 2

(to be continued ... maybe)

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