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DAVSDELT movie when Sarah shifted


{ } New Story: Dave's Delight

This work entitled 'DAVE'S DELIGHT' is the
intellectual property of the author and he claims
the copyright to it in it's entirety. The work may
be copied for personal use only and no profit may
be made from it without the authors express

x This work is of a sexual nature and if you are x
x under the legal age of x consent where you live x
x please do not read further, but delete it and x
x read Enid Blyton instead. x
This posting is taken from a very long story. I am
posting it in this format to see if it is worth
preparing the rest of the volumes, (31 chapters,
596 pages and 2.6Mb ), I wrote for my own pleasure.
As this work is of an adult nature and would have
an 18 certificate if it were a movie I must ask
anyone under the age of 18 not to proceed any
further. I know I cannot prevent it but I have done
my duty and warned you.


Dave Thomas was a successful business man, owning a
number of vehicle repair shops and gas stations
with big name franchises, around the county. He had
just secured a huge contract for fleet servicing
and fuel accounts with a large company that was
relocating in the area. His wife Vera was a
housewife that did a lot of local charity and
committee work. His daughter, and only child
Sarah had recently escaped being severely raped by
the timely intervention of a neighbor, Jack Bowman,
and his family, who happened to be walking in the
country park at the time. Sarah recovered from her
ordeal very quickly due to the efforts of Jack and
his youngest step daughter Sue. ------ read on:-

Dave had called and told Vera he would be late home
as he had to finish off a session with his
accountant so they could finalise the half year tax
returns. As a result it was almost seven thirty
when he got home, tired and very hungry. Vera and
Sarah had got everything ready and they sat down
ten minutes after Dave got home, and had a quiet
meal together. Once it was over Vera told Dave to
go and have a shower and come back down ready for
bed, as they had no plans to go out and were
expecting no visitors. As he'd had a hard day Dave
agreed and while Vera and Sarah were doing the
dishes he did as Vera had suggested.
By the time he was sitting down on the sofa in the
family room with a beer in his hand and the tv on
he had woken up a little and no longer felt like
collapsing into bed. It was not long before Vera
joined him, also dressed in her nightie and
bathrobe, sitting down beside him and snuggling up
close so he could put his arm round her as she lay
her head on his chest. "Hmmmmm this is nice
darling" said Vera as she looked up at her husband
with a sweet smile on her face "We should do it
more often". Dave lay his cheek on her head and
murmured softly "It's nice to relax together
darling, especially after a hard day like today.
I guess I've been spending too much time on the
business just lately, but I really had to get this
new contract sorted" Vera hugged her husband "I'm
not complaining my love, I just wish I could help
more, but you know me and business, I'll just have
to keep on looking pretty for you at the company
functions when we entertain" Dave grinned at
this and bent his head and kissed her tenderly.
So engrossed were they that they didn't hear Sarah
come in and gently sit beside Dave on the sofa.
"WOW, I wish you'd kiss me like that Daddy" Sarah
said with a giggle as the kiss was broken, "In fact
I wish anyone would kiss me like that, what do you
have to do to get treatment like that Mom, bribe a
guy?" Vera chuckled "No Sarah darling, you just
have to find someone that loves you enough, and
that you love, then let nature take it's course". A
few minutes later they were all relaxed and
watching a movie on tv when Sarah shifted her
position and leaned against her Dad, lifting his
arm across her shoulders as she snuggled up close
to him and heaving a huge sigh of contentment as
she relaxed.
Dave also relaxed and revelled in the warm feeling
of the closeness of the two women in his life.
Not really watching the movie Dave's mind began to
wander back to his business and the fact that
Sarah had stated her desire to join his company as
soon as she had finished her education, and take it
over when Dave retired. He was smiling as he
wondered how some of the mechanics would take
being given orders by a young woman when he felt
Sarah shift her position and curl up on the sofa,
laying her head on his lap. As he opened his eyes
Dave saw that his left hand had shifted from round
Sarah's shoulders to under her armpit and down on
to her chest. Before he knew what was happening
Sarah had taken his hand and pulled it down so she
was pressing it on to her breast, holding it in
place with her arm and hands. The feel of his hand
on her soft warm breast with it's hard pointed
nipple pressing into his palm was enough to form
the beginnings of a slowly emerging erection and
he started to lift his right arm from round Vera's
back when she took hold of his hand, place it on
her right breast and hold it there. Turning his
head to look down at his wife Dave whispered
"Vera, I've got to move. Look where Sarah's head
is" Vera looked up, smiled and pulled his head down
so she could kiss him, "Let her sleep darling, and
just enjoy being close to you, it's not hurting
anyone is it?" Dave shook his head and frowned,
but stayed where he was, hoping his erection would
subside very soon. Not a chance! Sarah shifted a
little and removed one of her hands from Dave's
and placed it under her cheek as she lay on her
Daddy's lap, the fact that she placed it firmly
on to his half erect cock didn't seem to concern
her, or Vera who he saw was watching the whole
thing. Before he could say anything to Vera she was
sitting up and whispering in his ear. "DARLING,
let's you and I go to bed, we can leave Sarah
asleep here if we're careful, I can see having
her this close has got you all hot and bothered"
Dave grinned and gave a quick nod of his head "OK
darling, help me lift her a bit so I can slide out
from under her". Between them they managed to move
Sarah and lay her back down without waking her.
"What on earth has Sarah been doing to get so tired
Vera honey, I never known her to sleep like this
before" Vera chuckled softly "She's a healthy
young girl darling, as you have noticed. She's
obviously been working and playing very hard today,
just leave her, if she wakes before we're done she
can get to bed without our help". Very quietly
Vera and Dave made their way to their bedroom and
closed the door silently behind them and, as Dave
went to get into bed Vera turned him round and put
her arms round his neck and kissed him. "David
darling, if I asked you to do something unusual
would you agree?" Dave smiled, "It depends how
unusual darling, do you want to bring a crowd of
your friends in to watch?" Vera blushed, "Don't be
silly darling David, you couldn't handle more than
one extra. No, I just wondered if you would let me
tie you to the bed and make love to you like that,
nothing strange, I won't be whipping you or
anything, just getting on top and making love to
you that way" Dave kissed her "So long as you
promise not to inflict any pain darling, you know
that turns me off, I like it gentle and loving,
then I agree".
As Vera stripped her robe off and then removed
Dave's he interfered with her by trying to caress
her breasts and butt, eventually though they were
both naked and Dave lay in the middle of the bed
with his arms and legs stretched out. Vera tied
his ankles and wrists to the corners of the bed
with soft silk scarves, telling him to hold the
ones on his wrists, in his hands for comfort, "If
you pull on them with your wrists darling, you
might hurt yourself, and I wouldn't want that for
anything". Laying there naked Dave smiled at Vera
as she came and sat beside him, lean over and kiss
him tenderly running a hand down his stomach and
carefully took his shrinking manhood in her
fingers, "Goodness me David, all this delay seems
to have made you go off the boil, what can I do to
rectify that I wonder?" before Dave could answer
Vera reached over to the night stand pulled out
another scarf and tied it tight over his eyes,
blindfolding him very efficiently. "What're you
doing Vera?" said Dave in a panicky voice, "I can't
see a thing". Vera lay her cheek close to his "Not
seeing will heighten your other senses darling,
like touch and smell, see what I mean?" and she
took her finger from between her pussy lips and
held it to his nose, where he took a deep breath,
"Ohh yes, I know where that's been, can I go there
as well please darling?" Vera placed her finger on
his lips as she whispered "Later darling, when
other parts of you can no longer manage. All right"
very slowly Vera started kissing Dave's naked body
starting at his neck, working her way across his
shoulders until she could kiss him under his arm
and take a deep breath to savour his manly body
odour. Across his chest she went with her tongue,
stopping off at his nipples where she suckled and
nibbled them, making him cry out with pleasure as
she lashed them with her tongue. Vera let her
kisses range down his rib cage and across his still
firm belly, pausing to lick deep into his navel,
before continuing down to the base of his now rigid
and wildly throbbing penis as it stood upright like
a palm tree waving in a storm. Ignoring his manhood
Vera shifted off the bed for a few seconds before
returning on the other side and continuing her
treatment by working her tongue up the inside of
his thighs, until she reached his groin. Vera had
been right, thought Dave as he lay there in
darkness, his sense of touch and smell were
sharper, her hands certainly felt a lot softer
and her touch much lighter as she began to kiss and
lick up and down the shaft of his pulsating prick.
"Is that nice darling?" Vera asked as she stopped
for a moment "Wonderful darling, I never felt you
so tender and gentle before" "Just you wait"
replied Vera and a second or two later he felt her
soft warm lips surround his throbbing prick and
take him deep into her mouth where she began to
lave the purple head with her soft moist tongue.
Before many minutes of this treatment had passed
Dave began to issue low moans from his tight
clenched teeth as he tried to prevent his orgasm
from reaching unstoppable proportions, he was
loving the treatment so much he didn't want it to
stop. Unfortunately his body decided differently
and with a mighty jerk that almost dislodged Vera
he gave a loud cry of "YESSS…YESSS, I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG" and he shot a huge stream of hot
sticky semen deep into his wonderful wife's throat
as she tried to suck and swallow at the same time.
He thought he must have cum more then than ever
before because Vera didn't seem to be able to take
it all this time like she normally did, and he felt
some escape and run down on to his groin. Dave
suddenly felt a cold breeze over his prick and knew
it had been released from the warm haven he had
just filled with his cum. Obviously Vera didn't
want to waste what had been spilled because she
was licking it all up with her tongue. When he had
been cleaned he felt Vera's head beside his, "Was
that nice darling?" she said softly and he nodded
"Yes darling, the best for a long time, this
blindfold thing really works" and accepted a kiss
tasting of his cum, from her soft warm lips.
As Vera sat back up she said "Right darling, I'm
going to make good use of this flagpole, sit on it
very, very slowly, and hold you tight as I do, are
you ready?" Dave just nodded and gasped as he felt
her legs straddle his hips. His prick jumped as he
felt her take hold of it, then he gasped as she
began to lower herself and take him in to her
pussy. God! He thought, she's certainly holding
herself in tight today, and gasped as he felt the
head of his prick scrape against the walls of her
vaginal passage like never before. As soon as
he felt the soft touch of pussy hair on his pelvic
region he began to gently thrust his hips so his
prick moved in and out of this tight pussy
surrounding him, and felt it as she bent forward
and humped her pelvis against his as she tried to
get more friction on her clit as she moved. For
what seemed ages Dave thrust at Vera then suddenly
she sat up, leaned right back and screamed "YESSS,
DADDY I'M CUUUUMMMIING fuck me, fuck me fuck me
Daddy please fuck me". At this moment Vera whipped
off his blindfold and he saw Sarah writhing on his
penis as he pumped a stream of semen from his cock,
this time deep into the body of his daughter. Dave
began to thrash about himself as he tried to throw
Sarah off him, unfortunately this only made her
orgasm continue longer as it felt as if he was
fucking her hard, and she hung on tight to him with
her thighs and her cuntal muscles. When she was
spent Sarah collapsed on to Dave's chest and lay
there sobbing "Oh thank you Daddy, that was
wonderful, I've waited so long to do this. I love
you Daddy, I love you so much". Vera smiled down
at her wonderful husband, then went and lay
beside him, "David darling, I'm so sorry I had to
trick you like this. Sarah did so want to make love
to you, and I knew you would never do it
voluntarily, so we fixed this little charade up
between us. You're not too mad at me are you
Dave turned and looked at Vera, "You're damn right
I'm mad at you, you know how I feel about incest,
...." before he could continue Sarah pushed herself
up on to her hands and looked down at her father,
"Don't be so silly Daddy, no one will ever know,
except you mom and me, and we're not going to call
social services are we? Now did you enjoy it, or
were you faking your orgasm Daddy, if so I'll try
and find an Oscar for you, because you sounded
like it was just great" Dave gave a rueful grin "OK
baby, I did enjoy it, but this is the last time, I
don't want you to get pregnant, understood?"
"David darling" said Vera "Don't you think we took
that into account, Sarah is due to start her
period in the next couple of days, and I have
already made an appointment to get her on the pill,
so she won't have to abstain for too long, nor will
you, all right" Dave just grinned, not wanting to
argue at the moment, "OK darling, but I'm afraid
you're going to have to be punished for tricking me
like this, you do understand that don't you
darling?" Vera nodded and looked abashed, "Yes
David, I understand you're going to have to spank
me for being naughty" Sarah sat upright quickly
"What!, Mom, are you telling me that Daddy spanks
you and you like it?" Vera turned to Sarah and
smiled as she nodded "Yes darling, we have done for
a long time, it can be very... stimulating, if done
correctly, why do you ask?" Sarah pulled herself
off Dave's shrinking penis and knelt down beside
him, "Daddy, I was just as naughty as Mom, does
that mean I have to be spanked as well?" Dave
looked at his baby and smiled "No darling, I've
never punished you, and I won't start now, I'm
afraid this is something between your mother and me
that we do to make sex a little more exciting for
us, not to actually punish one another for doing
Sarah sat back on her heels and look very
crestfallen, "Please Daddy" she said, "I won't mind
being spanked the same as Mom". Dave shook his
head as best he could, still being tied to the bed,
"Sorry baby, I couldn't do that to you". As Vera
sat up and began to untie Dave, Sarah got off the
bed and picked up her robe, dragging behind her as
she walked to the door. "OK Daddy, I understand"
then she held her head up and took a deep breath,
"Don't worry Daddy , I'll just ask Sue if she can
get Uncle Jack to do it for me, he spanks Kelly,
Lisa and Susan all the time, and they all love it,
I'm sure he would show me what it's like and see if
I'd enjoy it". Vera lay back on the bed and smiled
as Dave sat up "Sarah, wait a minute, do you mean
you'd go and ask a stranger to spank you just to
see if it's something you might like?" he said.
Sarah turned round and looked down at her feet as
she murmured "Why not, you don't love me enough to
show me, I know Uncle Jack does it because he
loves his girls, because Sue told me about it. He
spanked her because she told me about tummy
rubbing and we tricked him into doing it for me,
before he showed you how to do it. That was
because he could have gone to prison if people
found out he touched me". Vera sat up and kissed
Dave lightly on the cheek and whispered "Got you
there lover" then beckoned Sarah to come back and
sit beside her father. As Sarah sat on the bed
Vera pulled the covers open and they all got under
them and at Vera's insistence lay down, Vera and
Sarah in Dave's arms with their heads on his chest
and a leg laying over his thigh each side. Dave
turned to Sarah, "Do you think Uncle Jack would
do it for you baby, I mean he's not even family is
he?" Sarah got up on one elbow and looked at Vera
who gave a little nod, "Well Daddy, he has done an
awful lot for me already you know" Sarah said
softly "I know darling, he stopped you being
raped, that means more than anything to me, my
love" replied Dave as he caressed his daughters
hair and cheeks. "Yes, and he showed us his tummy
rub, that's almost as good, I know I love you to
rub me when I have period pain Daddy" Dave nodded
"OK, and the tummy rub, but I still don't see why
he might give you a spanking my dear. I don't get
the connection". Vera signalled for Sarah to lay
down, "David, can I ask you a couple of questions
please, and get honest answers" she said with a
smile that Dave knew well, "What are you working
round to Vera, I don't trust that look, but yes,
OK I'll be honest" he replied, "OK" said Vera "Did
you hear Sarah cry when you popped her cherry
tonight?" Dave shook his head "No, but then I
wasn't listening for anything like that", Vera
grinned "OK, if you didn't do it, when did it
happen?" Dave frowned again and looked at Sarah
"Have you been fooling about with boys at school
young lady, I thought we taught you better than
that, it's so stupid to take risks like that
especially as your mother tells me you have no
protection yet" Sarah hid her head in the pillow
she was sharing with her father and he saw her
shoulders heaving as if she were crying. Before
he could comfort her Vera hit him hard on the arm.
"David you are so stupid some times. Of course she
didn't take silly risks like that. She came to me
and we discussed it like adults. Then I made
special arrangement for her to get the best
treatment possible" she said forcefully. "What do
you mean special treatment, what treatment, where,
who treated her". Vera placed a finger over his
lips to silence him, and all the time Sarah was
sobbing next to him, "David, will you trust me and
promise not to get mad at what I am going to tell
you, at least not before we've had a chance to
talk about it, please!" Vera looked at her husband
with doe eyes and he smiled knowing he could never
resist that look, or display any lack of trust in
her "OK, I promise, but if you cheat me I'll never
forgive you". Vera grinned "To be honest darling,
I was very worried that Sarah would have the sort
of experience I had when I first discovered sex. In
the back row of a movie theatre or the back seat
of a car, is not the place to have ones cherry
popped. I know I had an awful time, as did most of
the girls I knew. I just didn't want Sarah to go
through that sort of experience if I could help
it. That's why I talked to Jenny about it, and
ended up asking her if she could get Jack to do
it for her". As she paused Dave tried to sit up
but was held down by Vera and Sarah being on his
arms. "WHAT! You asked a woman if her husband could
rape my daughter" before he could go further Sarah
turned over and got up on her elbow again "Daddy,
shut up please, you promised not to get mad before
you heard it all" and she lowered her lips to his
and kissed him lovingly "Please Daddy, let mom
finish, then I want to say something" and she
placed a finger on his lips and pressed hard.
Dave gave a nod and turned to Vera "Sorry darling,
carry on" he said in a strained voice, "Well"
continued Vera "It seems that Sarah and Sue had
already decided to try to seduce Jack in their own
way, Jenny and I had taken a couple of weeks to
convince him that you wouldn't do it for her, so
in the end he agreed on the understanding you had
to be told as soon as possible, he didn't like
going behind your back like that, especially after
saving Sarah from being raped. He thought it more
than a little ironic" Dave couldn't help grinning,
"So do I" was all he said. "Anyway, eventually
Jack was convinced by Jenny and I to do it and he
also agreed to let Sue and Sarah believe they were
seducing him" "Mom, do you mean YOU set that up,
not me and Sue?" Vera nodded "Yes darling, sorry
we didn't think you would actually manage on your
own, Uncle Jack is a very honourable man darling,
he never did like the idea from the start. Anyway
David, it happened, exactly what, I can't tell you,
but I do know the day it happened, Sarah was on
another planet when she came home, talk about
glowing, we could have run the heating for a month
if we'd been able to harness it" Sarah blushed "I
didn't think you would notice Mom, but you're
right, it was wonderful". Dave turned to Sarah "How
many boys have you been with since then Sarah" he
said in a worried voice "Only one Daddy" Sarah
replied softly "Who was it, do I know him, did you
use a condom?" Dave said sternly, Sarah shook her
head "No Daddy, I didn't use a condom, I didn't
think it necessary". "Damn it girl, what where you
thinking about, being so irresponsible, now tell me
who it was before I get really angry" Sarah smiled
then kissed him "It's you darling. Honest Daddy, I
haven't been with anyone else, I promise. If I
could have got you to be the first it would have
been just one man I had been with, because I love
you so much". Dave gave a huge sigh of relief, as
Vera placed a finger on his chin and turned his
head to face her "Don't jump to conclusions
darling, now, are you OK with all this , or shall
we drop the subject" Dave grinned "No Vera love, I
guess I'm lucky to have a friend like Jack, and I
mean that, I'm not being ironical. I'll get used to
it, and I won't get mad at him, just take him off
my Christmas list for a couple of years". Vera
kissed him then said "Sarah, why don't you tell us
what happened that first time, so we can share it
with you" Sarah looked at Dave and he nodded so she
settled down into the crook of her fathers arm and
began to describe in detail how Uncle Jack took her
virginity "It started the day Aunt Jenny and Sandi
went to see their parents, Uncle Jack asked if Sue
and I would like to go for the ride and we agreed.
We behaved ourselves on the way out, and on the way
home we sat in the corner of the back seat planning
what we could do with Uncle Jack being alone with
us for the rest of the day. Sue thought we
wouldn't have a better chance for simply ages, so
we decided my day had come and I had the chance to
become a woman. Uncle Jack was working in the Den
on your program for work Daddy, and Sue went down
after about half an hour and.......

Dave's delight Pt.2(MFff,cons,inc,spank,oral,slow)

This work entitled 'DAVE'S DELIGHT' is the
intellectual property of the author and he claims
the copyright to it in it's entirety. The work may
be copied for personal use only and no profit may
be made from it without the authors express

x This work is of a sexual nature and if you are x
x under the legal age of x consent where you live x
x please do not read further, but delete it and x
x read Enid Blyton instead. x
This posting is taken from a very long story. I am
posting it in this format to see if it is worth
preparing the rest of the volumes, (31 chapters,
596 pages and 2.6Mb ), I wrote for my own pleasure.
As this work is of an adult nature and would have
an 18 certificate if it were a movie I must ask
anyone under the age of 18 not to proceed any
further. I know I cannot prevent it but I have done
my duty and warned you.

By davidb234

"Daddy, could you come and help Sarah and me out
for a moment please, we've got a bit of a problem"
I swung round on my chair and said "Is it urgent
darling, I do have a lot of work to get done
today", "Oh yes Daddy, it's something that can't
wait, otherwise I wouldn't have disturbed you" and
with a sigh of resignation I put my work down and
said "All right darling, but I hope it's not
something silly" and followed her up to her
bedroom where I found Sarah sitting in the middle
of the bed, her knees drawn up tight to her chest
held by her arms and with her head resting on her
knees. As I walked over to her I could see a small
patch of white cotton covering her young pussy and
had to sit down quickly before my erection showed
as I looked at her soft smooth thighs running down
to her tightly stretched buttocks showing from
under her short skirt. As an exercise in arousal
it was pure Susan, and Jenny was going to love
hearing about this later on tonight. As I sat
beside Sarah I placed a hand on her knee and said
gently "What's the matter Sarah my love, you don't
look very happy, do you want me to take you home
dear?" for a second her eyes opened in panic and I
heard Sue gasp behind me as Sarah shook her head
"No Uncle Jack, I... I was sort of hoping you... I
could talk to you about something, something very
private I can't talk to my Dad about". I shuffled
a little closer to her and she also moved and
knelt beside me on the bed, allowing me to place my
arm round her waist, "All right Sarah my dear,
come and tell old Uncle Jack, what your problem
is, if I can help I promise I will, so long as I
don't have to rob a bank or anything against the
law" and gave her a hug. I saw Sarah give a quick
glance across to Sue and open her eyes wide as if
wanting inspiration to deal with my last statement,
and appearing to get none. As I pulled her head
to rest on my chest I lay my head on hers and said
"Well my dear, what's this big problem your Dad
can't help you with?" Sarah sat back on her heels
and took a deep breath "Uncle Jack, did you know
I'm the last virgin in our class, I feel such a
fool and I want you to help me!" she said firmly,
she's got courage this little girl. I looked at
her for a few seconds then said "Ahh, I see, you
want me to find a nice boy to help you out do you?
I'd have thought you knew plenty of boys that
would do that for you darling, if not surely Susan
knows one or two that would be only too willing". I
suddenly saw tears in her eyes as she said "No
Uncle Jack, you don't understand. I want it to be
YOU that does it for me. I don't want a silly boy
that's going to shoot off as soon as I touch him or
he touches me. I want YOU". And she collapsed in
my arms sobbing "Please, Uncle Jack please help me
be grown up, I want you to make me a woman, Sue
told me all about it when you did it for her and I
want it to be the same for me, please help me". I
sat for some time rocking Sarah in my arms and
managed to move round far enough to see Sue's face
out of the corner of my eye, she had a wide self
satisfied grin on her face, as if a plan had come
together. Very soon Sarah was looking up at me
through tear drenched lashes, and very alluring she
was looking too; I bent down and kissed her tears
away and whispered "Come and stand in front of me
my love, I want to have a serious talk with you".
Quick as a flash Sarah was standing with her
knees touching mine and her hands clasped in front
of her hips, as if protecting her sex. I took her
hands in mine and looked her in the eyes, finding
it very difficult not to smile, as I said with
mock severity "Sarah my love, what you're asking
me to do is allow you to give me something you can
only give once. Your body will never be the same
again and if you find some one to love you will
not be able to give this most precious of woman's
gifts to that man, do you understand what I'm
saying?" Sarah looked at me and nodded "Yes Uncle
Jack, and I've thought about it for a long time,
I wanted you to touch me when you did my first
tummy rub and I had an orgasm when your hand
touched my pussy hair". I smiled "I did recognise
what had happened darling, was it nice?" Sarah
grinned "It was wonderful Uncle Jack, almost a
wonderful as when it happened later when Daddy
gave me one, that one made me wet my pants with my
cum, I was scared he wouldn't do it again, but he
did, he just didn't get close enough to my pussy to
do me again", I squeezed her hands "Never mind
darling, just be patient things might change. Now
are you quite sure you want me to do this special
thing for you?" Sarah nodded "Yes please Uncle
Jack, I really do" she said and gripped my hands
in hers "Right, some rules first, first of all you
understand I will have to take some of your clothes
off, you might end up undressed with me looking at
your naked body, is that all right with you?"
"Yes" she said in a hushed voice "Right the
second thing is I will be touching you in places
you may not have been touched before, will you
mind me doing that?" this time she could only
shake her head. "Right, the last thing is that I
will need you to touch parts of my body you may not
have touched on a boy before, how does that sound
to you " "OK" she gasped and I could feel her
trembling through the contact between our knees.
"Now I want you to understand I do not know the
meaning of the word NO when I'm making love to a
beautiful woman, so there has to be a word that
will stop me doing something you don't want me to
do. This word works every time and I never carry
on after it is said do you understand what I mean
darling?" "If I say the word you will stop
whatever you are doing, is that right Uncle Jack?"
I smiled and nodded "Yes darling, whatever I'm
doing, I will stop straight away. The word is
'Washington', can you remember that?" Sarah giggled
"I cannot tell a lie Uncle Jack, I'll remember
it". "All right Sarah, now a final thing, do you
want Susan to stay close in case you need help, or
you feel scared and want her to hold your hand?"
Sarah's eyes opened wide "Do you mind if she stays
Uncle Jack, I thought you'd want to do it in the
dark and in private" I chuckled "Sarah darling, I
hate sex in the dark, I like to look at who I'm
making love to, especially if it's someone as
beautiful as you. Sue can stay in the room if you
like and only come to us if you call her, how does
that sound?". Sarah stepped round and sat herself
on my lap "It sounds wonderful Uncle Jack can we
start soon please". Setting Sarah on her feet then
standing up I took both girls by the hand and led
them into the spare bedroom, Sue went and sat
quietly at the side of the room where Sarah would
be able to see her, while I sat on the edge of the
bed and stood Sarah in front of me. "Now Sarah I
would like you to undress slowly for me, and
maybe you could ask me to take some of your
clothes off for you" and I sat there as she undid
the buttons of her shirt and stripped it off as
quick as she could "Take my bra off please" she
said softly and stood close so I could reach round
her back and snap open the catch then pull it
forward over her shoulders to reveal her firm
young breasts. They were the size of half a
grapefruit with one inch aureoles and pencil
eraser sized nipples that were standing proud and
rigid before my eyes.
Sarah looked me in the eyes "Touch them please, I
want to feel your fingers on my titties Uncle
Jack, please" she gasped and I reached out and
stroked my fingertips round the contours of her
firm young breasts then up to press her nipples
into her flesh, allowing them to pop out under
their own natural springiness. This brought a loud
gasp from Sarah, and a softer one from Sue as she
sat against the wall. Next I gently pinched her
nipples between finger and thumb and rolled them
back and forth for a couple of seconds before
dropping my hands to my lap. "No, please Uncle
Jack don't stop" she moaned as I sat there
looking at her naked breasts and smiling. "Take my
shirt of please Sarah" I said and opened my knees
to allow her to get close. Almost as quickly as
removing her own did she take my shirt from my back
and as soon as my chest was bare she was caressing
it with her soft warm hands, treating my swollen
nipples the same as I had hers, this girl was a
fast learner it seemed. After a short time I took
her hands off my chest and closed my knees again
"Now your skirt darling" I said and with a flick
she had the clasp open and it was falling to land
in a pool at her feet as she stood there wearing
only the white cotton panties I had seen earlier.
"Can I take your pants of Uncle Jack " she
gasped as she stepped to one side of my legs and
stood close to me feeling for my belt buckle.
I stood up and allowed her to undo my belt and run
my zipper down so she could pull my pants down to
my feet where I stepped out of them, kicking them
to one side. Sarah knelt in front of me and said
"WOW" as she saw my erection tenting my shorts.
She looked up at me and said "Can I..." and as soon
as I nodded she was dragging them down over my
throbbing penis, jerking her head back with a cry,
as it sprang free almost hitting her on the nose.
Quickly discarding my shorts she stood up and
stepped a couple of feet away from me "My turn now
Uncle Jack" she said and very slowly she turned
her back on me and opened her feet half a yard,
bent down at the waist locking her knees and
agonisingly slowly pushed her panties over her
bottom and down her thighs to stop just above her
knees. As can be expected my prick jerked like a
springboard and I came closer to shooting my rocks
off than I had for a long time. I heard what could
have been a stifled chuckle from the side of the
room and knew Sue had told Sarah what to do here.
After displaying herself to me for a minute or so
Sarah stood up and out of her panties saying, "WOW,
Uncle Jack you sure are big". Sarah took the two
steps necessary for her to put her arms round me
and press her nipples into my chest and her groin
on to my pulsating prick as it stood erect between
our bodies. She looked up at me and suddenly
seemed a little unsure of herself, "Will it fit
Uncle Jack, it looks awfully big, I only ever had a
finger there before now" "Show me" I said simply
and scooped her up in my arms and placed her in
the middle of the bed, opening her thighs wide so I
could lay down and see her sex.
Shyly Sarah moved one hand down to open her pussy
lips and push a finger just inside her passage to
moisten it then she moved it up to her clit and
began to rub it for all she was worth until I
placed a hand on hers and stopped her "No darling,
do it slowly" and before she could do anything I
had placed my lips on her labia and was searching
for her clit with my tongue, as soon as I touched
it she yelled and her hips bucked against my mouth,
her thighs slamming tight round my ears as I tried
to move my mouth down so I could push my tongue
inside her. As I slipped it in she screamed out
for Susan and I heard scrabbling feet as Sue
joined Sarah on the bed, giving her no respite I
put the tip of my finger into her wet hole and
moistened the tip of another which I placed on her
tiny puckered anus and gently but firmly pressed
in against the tight rubbery ring holding it
closed. This brought another scream from Sarah and
again her hips bucked against my still trapped
head as I twisted my finger in her anus and sucked
on her juices that were flowing like a river from
her virgin pussy. Suddenly her body stiffened like
a board and she gave one last scream and then
collapsed on the bed gasping for breath as she held
Sue to her heaving chest.
Sitting up on the bed I pulled at Sue's arm and
signed for her to leave Sarah alone. I sat still
as Sue came and licked my lips and chin clean of
Sarah's juices "Hmmm.. tasty" whispered Sue as she
went back to her chair and I crawled on to the bed
to lay beside my young virgin. "God, how did you
do that Uncle Jack, I thought it would never stop,
I just kept cumming and cumming 'til I thought I
would explode" "Practice" I whispered "Ready for
something different, this time I'll allow you to
refuse to do as I ask if you think it too dirty",
"You want me to give you a blow job" she asked
breathlessly "Only if you feel you would like to
darling, this is something I never force on a
woman" "Ohhhh.. pleeaassseee, I want to Uncle Jack,
I want you to cum in my mouth please, I never did
it before but lots of my friends tell me it's
nice, but what do I do?" I smiled "Ask your friend"
I said simply and lay back with my butt on the
edge of the bed and my feet firmly on the floor.
Sarah looked over to Sue and said softly "Help me
Sue, show me what to do please" and Sue came over
with the widest smile I had ever seen on her
beautiful young face.
"First of all Sarah put some pillows behind him so
he can see what you're doing, that'll make it
better for him" and suited the word to the deed by
banking me up so I could look down at my thighs.
Sue knelt on one side of me and told Sarah to get
to the other and just copy what she did. First of
all Sue kissed the tip and ran her tongue from
base to head on the underside then right round the
top, leaving a trail of saliva where she'd been.
Sue removed her head and allowed Sarah to do the
same telling her to hold the base gently in her
hand to stop me thrashing about too much. Sue then
showed Sarah how to take me deep into her mouth
without gagging and Sarah showed how good she was
by taking more than half of me before she had to
come up for air. Sue then got down to the main
event and showed Sarah how to get me off by a
combination of sucking, licking and head movement
while she was cupping my balls in her soft warm
hand. Between them these two young girls soon
had me groaning "Sue darling, I'm going to cum
soon" and she removed her mouth from my swelling
prick and guided Sarah's on to replace it just as I
yelled "NOW.. I'm cumming NOOOWWW" and jerked my
hips as I shot wad after wad of hot sticky semen
into Sarah's soft warm mouth.
Try as she might there was no way that Sarah was
going to take all I was shooting at her throat and
most of it ran from the sides of her lips as she
swallowed desperately. As she lifted her head I
could see she had a mouth full of semen and she
smiled as she closed her lips and gulped down all
she had, wiping her face with her fingers and
licking them clean as well. During this episode
Sue was down on my groin lapping up all that Sarah
had left behind 'til she finally lifted her head
and leaned over to Sarah kissing her and licking
the inside of her mouth, "you're right Sue" said
Sarah "It is better fresh" and they giggled as
they knelt beside my legs playing with my
recovering manhood. When she saw I was hard again
Sue said softly to Sarah "It's time darling, are
you ready?" Sarah nodded shyly as she stood up
"Help me Sue please" she said as I shuffled up to
the head of the bed and placed the pillows in the
right way so I sat half upright with my legs
straight out in front of me. Sue whispered to
Sarah and told her how to position herself over my
throbbing penis then showed her how to hold me
and open her pussy lips at the same time. As she
lowered herself on to the head of my prick I said
softly "Take your time darling, there's no rush",
and she smiled as she pressed down, then gasped as
she felt the head slip in past her lips, "It's so
huge, it's filling me up Uncle Jack" she gasped as
she slowly pressed down a little further stopping
suddenly as she felt the tip touch her maiden
barrier. "Sarah darling, this is it, do you want
to do it or would you like me to take your
maidenhood for you" "Uncle Jack, I've dreamed for
ages that you would be the one to do it for me.
Please make my dream come true" so I took her
hands in mine and held them firmly on her hips and
smiled as sweetly as I could then gave a sharp
upthrust of my hips driving my rigid prick through
her hymen and deep into her cuntal passage. Sarah
gave a short cry of agony as I burst through and I
saw tears form in her eyes as she fell forward on
to my chest. I quickly rolled her over on to her
back without breaking contact and began to gently
pump my prick in and out of her pussy until I felt
her responding to my movements and begin to gasp as
she started to get pleasure from what she was doing
"Fuck me Uncle Jack, fuck me hard darling, I'm not
a virgin now so you can fuck me as hard as you
want and I want you to cum in my cunt Uncle Jack
fill me with your cum like you do Susan and Lisa
and Kelly, make me one of your women darling I
want you to fuck me every week fuck me fuck me
fuck me I'm cuummiinngg NOOOWWW" and she threw her
legs round my back and her arms tightened on my
neck as her pelvis thrashed about under mine.
I kept on humping at her pussy as she was coming
down from her climax until I was so close and said
softly "Sarah darling, I'm going to cum are you
ready to be filled up I'm cumming NOOWW, YES, YES,
YES" and once more I was shooting semen into a
virgin pussy as Sarah cried out "Yes, yes, yes I
feel it burning into me, more, more keep cumming
don't stop Nooooo.." the last cry was as I slipped
out of her having shrunk rapidly after cumming
twice in so short a time. I rolled over and pulled
Sarah on top of me as she gasped for breath. After
a few minutes I lifted her off and laid her beside
me as I sat up to look across at where Sue was
sitting transfixed at what she had witnessed. Sue
looked at me and said softly "I think Sarah
enjoyed that daddy, I know I did and I was only
watching. She's a very sexy girl isn't she
darling?" I smiled and nodded then bent over Sarah
and whispered "Come along darling, we need a
shower, I'm going to have to go and collect Aunt
Jenny and Sandi very soon, would you like to
shower with me?".
"So I had a wonderfully sexy shower with Uncle
Jack, we dried each other and got dressed. I went
back to Sue and we spent hours talking about what
it was like and how much I screamed as I had so
many orgasms. I felt so safe Daddy, not just
because Sue was there but just because it was
Uncle Jack. I know he said he'd never hurt me, and
I suppose he did a bit when he popped my cherry,
but that's not being hurt is it Mom?" Vera smiled
and shook her head "No darling, not the way we
normally mean hurting you" she said softly. "Well,
that's about it Daddy, it was really wonderful, and
I don't think I will ever be able to let one of
those silly boys at school get near me, until they
get someone like Uncle Jack to teach them how to
treat a girl". Dave looked from Vera to Sarah "It
seems you two had this worked out as a long term
strategy, didn't you?" Vera smiled and nodded, "Yes
darling, but only in theory, all the details came
along in the past few weeks. I really wanted it to
be you, but you were so very reluctant I decided to
chance using other methods, and hope you understood
I was doing it for the best, for all of us". Dave
grinned "OK, I accept that and I concur with what
you did and why you did it. But that doesn't mean
you get away without being spanked, and I mean
BOTH of you, understand" "Yes darling"- "Yes Daddy"
they replied with big grins on their faces as Vera
put out the light and they went to sleep in each
others arms. By the end of the week Vera and Sarah
were ready for their spanking, Sarah would have to
wait for hers because her period came on Wednesday
and she was in a lot of pain again by the time she
got home from school. That evening after dinner
Dave sat down with Sarah, who was dressed in only
her bathrobe, and gave her a wonderful tummy rub to
help ease her pain. This time though was much more
enjoyable for both of them as Sarah opened her robe
as she lay back on Dave's chest and smiled as he
gasped at her naked body. "Sarah, is this wise
darling?" Sarah looked round at him and smiled
sexily "Of course Daddy darling, why not, I'd love
to have you caress me all over, it might even make
my pain go away faster. Just don't be afraid of
touching me please Daddy, you know I love you
to do that". Dave began with the intention of just
rubbing Sarah's tummy as before but it wasn't long
before his fingers touched the underside of her
breasts and ruffled the hair on her pubic mound,
both of which made Sarah gasp and wriggle with
In the end Dave succumbed to temptation and began
to caress Sarah's firm young breasts and gently rub
her mons as he stroked her abdomen in between.
Being young, healthy and very horny it wasn't long
before Sarah was grasping Dave's hand and holding
it tight to her swollen mound while she writhed
in ecstasy as she climaxed under his caresses. When
she eventually regained the power of speech Sarah
turned to Dave and said softly "Thank you so much
Daddy, that was soooo wonderful, I bet mom would
like it too", before Dave could think of an answer
they heard Vera say "You just better believe it
darling, especially if it's as good as yours
sounded from the kitchen". Dave turned round and
looked at his wife blushing bright red, "I'm sorry
Vera darling, I didn't mean this to happen, it just
sort of crept over us. I won't let it happen again
my love I promise". Vera smiled and leaned over the
back of the sofa, "David darling, you just better
make damn sure do don't keep that promise.
No way do I want you to think you need to have my
permission or presence to do something so wonderful
for your daughter. Just promise to do the same for
me in a few days time, all right?" Dave grinned
like a schoolboy, "You mean you don't mind me
bringing Sarah off like this, even if you're not
there to protect her?" Sarah sat up and turned to
face her father, naked and proudly displaying her
body to him, "Daddy, I do not need mom to protect
me from you. I know you'd never do anything to harm
me, the same as you trust Uncle Jack never to harm
me, correct?" Dave just nodded, "Right then, what
other reason is there for mom to be present?" Dave
took a deep breath, "Sarah darling, I just don't
want your mother to get jealous thinking I might be
making love to you more than her, that's all" Sarah
laughed as Vera kissed his cheek, "Don't be so
silly Daddy, I couldn't take you away from Mom, we
both know that. Uncle Jack has the same problem
being convinced Aunt Jenny won't get jealous when
he makes love to any of the girls, she's too much
in love with him like mom is with you, for there to
be any chance of either of you losing your wives,
so stop being so silly and let's get back to this
tummy rub, I want to cum again before I go to bed
please Daddy darling".
Vera came and sat beside Dave and kissed him "This
I have to watch darling, just in case I can tell
any of my friends how to get their sex lives spiced
up a bit".

When Friday came round Sarah had asked if Sue
could sleep over for the weekend, Vera said yes
without asking Dave, forgetting she was to
be spanked, until Sue and Sarah came in from
school. Vera tried to explain why Sue would have
to leave it until another weekend, "No Mom" said
Sarah firmly "Sue has to stay because she wants to
take my place tonight, for everything" "WHAT" said
Vera "But that might mean Dad…" "Yes Aunt Vera "
said Sue "I know what it means, and I'd really
like to do it, not just for Sarah but for Uncle
Dave, if you don't object that is" and gave Vera a
sweet smile as she sat down. "But what about your
Mom darling, won't she mind you offering yourself
to a grown man?" Susan smiled as she shook her
head "Of course not, Daddy's a grown man isn't he,
and I've made love to him lots of times, it's just
boys I've not had any experience of, they're no
good at all after my Dad" Vera laughed "That's
what Sarah told her Dad the other day, all right
but we must keep it from Uncle Dave 'til the last
minute, OK?" Sue and Sarah nodded and disappeared
upstairs 'til dinner. Dave was surprised to find
Sue invited for the weekend but Vera told him she
was going to watch tv while Sarah and her did some
private business upstairs a little later. When the
time came Sue just waved a hand as she watched
TV and Dave took Vera and Sarah up to the master
bedroom. While Dave got the chair out Vera and
Sarah stood by the door 'til Dave called Vera
over, told her to bend across his lap and, began to
slap her skirt covered bottom. As the first one
landed he was interrupted by Susan entering the
room, "No Uncle Dave, not like that" and came to
stand behind Vera, lifted her skirt and ripped her
panties off her bottom to sit halfway down her
thighs, "Now, on her bare bottom and real noisy,
like this" and brought her hand down hard and flat
on Vera's naked flesh. This made Vera jump and give
a mew of pleasure that surprised Dave.
Nevertheless he did as Sue said and soon had
Vera's butt bright red and glowing as she grunted
with the landing of each blow. After twenty Sue
stopped Dave's hand and placed it on Vera's pussy
lips where they peeped from between her thighs.
Dave gasped, Vera had enjoyed spanking before but
had never got this wet. As he was stroking Vera's
butt and thighs Sue whispered in his ear and she
then took Vera's hand and pulled her up, taking her
to lay on the bed with her bottom on the edge and
her legs wide apart, displaying herself to all
those in the room. Sue then stood in front of Dave
and said in a quiet voice "Uncle Dave, as Sarah
has her period now I'm here to take her place for a
spanking, on the understanding she has one when
she is finished, please spank me as you would have
done Sarah" and she lay herself across Dave's
lap, flicked up her skirt and pulled her panties
down to below the swell of her firm round buttocks.
Dave looked at Vera but she was laying on her back,
he then looked at Sarah who was still standing by
the door, completely mesmerised by what had
happened to her Mom. Dave took his courage in his
hand and brought his hand down hard on Sue's
naked bottom and received a nice muted cry and a
hard twitch of her body. Nineteen time more Dave
spanked Sue and after the last one he caressed her
thighs and butt, getting a soaked palm as her
pussy gushed moisture all over it. Sarah came over
and helped Sue to her feet and lay her beside Vera,
as Dave gave a loud gasp of surprise as he saw
Sue's shaved pussy when she opened her legs wide to
his gaze. Sarah then turned to her Dad and said
softly "Come on Daddy, it's their turn now, you
have to bring them to orgasm by fucking them" "I
can't do that darling, not with Susan in the room"
he gasped, Vera raised herself up on her elbows and
said firmly "David, if you don't fuck us both now
I'll take Sue home and get Jack to do the job
properly, do you agree Susan?" Sue got up and said
"Yes Aunt Vera, I said I was here to take Sarah's
place for everything, and that means EVERYTHING,
please Uncle Dave, hurry up, I cant wait much
longer" and she and Vera lay back down as Sarah
pushed her father in front of her mom and quickly
undid his pants and stripped him from the waist
down. "Why you old fraud" said Sarah with a chuckle
"You're as horny as a goat, come on Dad, get to it
and I'll help where necessary, or where I see a
chance" she then gave Dave a push in the back and
he fell forward between his wife's wide spread
thighs. Before he could do anything he felt Sarah's
cool hand round his prick aiming it into Vera's
pussy, then jerked his hips as Sarah slapped him
hard on the butt. As he was thrust into Vera she
gave a loud cry of pleasure when she felt the head
of his prick hit the mouth of her cervix, she then
threw her legs over his back locking him in close
so she could get maximum penetration as she humped
away at him while he thrust like a piston at her
hot wet grasping vaginal passage.
They were both so aroused by the spanking and
sights that within a couple of minutes Vera was
crying out as she climaxed all over Dave's
thrusting penis then she yelled again as she felt
his hot cum spurting deep into her cunt and
burning it's way to her body. Dave rolled off
Vera and glanced across to where Sue lay red hot
and waiting for him to service her, "I'm sorry Sue
darling, I just can't manage you as well, I need
ages to recover" Sue smiled at him "Sarah, give me
a hand darling, your Dad needs waking up" and Sarah
dived to kneel between Dave's knees and took his
limp prick in her hand then opened her mouth to
swallow it whole. As Sarah sucked her Daddy's
prick Sue and Vera could see his prick beginning to
slowly get a little stiffer then suddenly Dave
gave a yelp of surprise and Sarah had to move quick
as his prick rose to it's full length in a flash.
Sarah looked at Sue and smiled as she opened up a
condom, rolled it down Dave's almost rigid penis
then pulled him over and said softly "Come on
Daddy, please don't let the family down like this"
and she watched him roll between Sue's thighs and
helped him get his cock into Sue's sopping wet
pussy. Dave gave a few jabs of his hips at Sue then
stopped as if to give up when he gave another yelp
and began to thrust at her like a teenage hormone
bank while Sue picked up his rhythm and was very
soon crying out in ecstasy as she climaxed over and
over again. Dave was unable to cum so soon after
his last and could only lay there totally spent as
Vera and Sarah rolled him off Sue and turn him
round to lay in the middle of the bed.
The girls sat in a group on the end of the bed and
Vera and Sarah were all apologies to Sue because
Dave couldn't last the pace. "It doesn't matter
Aunt Vera, I guess he's not used to having more
that one good looking woman to service, he'll soon
be fit enough, with a bit of practice" and she
giggled at her own cheek. "What I want to know"
said Vera "Is how you made your Dad suddenly come
to life like that Sarah, what happened?" Sue and
Sarah giggled then Sue gave Sarah a nod. "Well
Mom, I did as Sue suggested, and jammed three
fingers in his bottom, that woke him up!"
Dave not only forgave Jack for taking his daughters
cherry, he thanked him for it. "To be honest Jack
I couldn't have found the courage to do it, but
once I knew she was happy with it done I reasoned
that as long as I didn't coerce her and Vera was
always around I could live with it. I must say
your Susan is a wonder isn't she" Jack smiled and
gave a nod. He certainly had to agree with that.

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