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DD1DON split about that time But


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Don the Professor is the first story in a four-part series. I recommend that you
read the series in the following order:
Don, the Professor; Lisa's Hobby; Dave's Erudition; Judy's revenge
Don the Professor
HIGGINS [becoming excited as the idea grows on him] "What is life but a series
of inspired follies? The difficulty is to find them to do. Never lose a chance:
it doesn't come every day. I shall make a duchess of this draggle-tailed
- George Bernard Shaw
Pygmalion, Act II

Lisa was having another affair. I could always tell because she started changing
her habits. This time, she was tickling my nipples a new way when we made love.
I wasn't worried though; I knew she'd let me in on the fun when the time was
You see, Lisa and I had what used to be called an "Open Relationship." Back in
the late '70's and early 80's, when we were both divorced, both of us had
relationships with a lot of people. I met Lisa when I was doing an managerial
training seminar for the training company I was working for; she was one of my
students. After one of the classes, she came up to me and asked me if I was
available for outside consultation, as there's nothing more rewarding than a
good education. A few dates later, she started educating me, to hear her tell
When we got married in '86, I didn't think that either one of us would give up
other people permanently. After a couple of years of married bliss (and it was!
Still is, for that matter.) we discussed the situation and decided that, as long
as nobody got hurt and we didn't keep secrets from each other, that we could
both have other friends. In the decade since then, Lisa has had twelve or
fourteen trysts, most of them lasting just a few days; the longest had gone on
for a couple of months. I'd only had two affairs; one went on for six months,
and the other had ended only after she moved to Boston when her husband was
transferred. I still see her whenever I'm in New England if she can get away.
Lisa and I love to tell each other our stories in bed.
One Thursday night in early August, Lisa came home a little later than usual,
and I could tell that she'd been crying. I got her a drink, and asked her if
there was anything wrong, anything that I could help with.
"Don," she said, snuggling up to me so I could hold her, "I think I've really
blown it this time."
"Well, it's nothing that we can't fix, I'm sure. Tell me about it."
"You know Dave at the Country Club, don't you?"
"The good looking guy with the mousy wife? What's her name, Jill?"
"Judy, that's him. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I got out of work early and went
over to the club to play a practice round. Don was there, looking for a game,
and since there was nobody else around I told him I'd be happy to play with him.
We started laughing and having a good time, and I started flirting with him. Oh
I know I shouldn't have; I never did think it was good to start anything so
close to home. But Don's such a straight arrow, and I thought this was just
harmless fun. After the round was over, we went our separate ways, and I just
figured he'd boink his wife that night and think about me."
"I got a call from him a couple of days later. He asked me if I wanted to have a
drink. I got curious and agreed. He suggested a lounge near the motels, and he
told me his life story. Seems that he and Judy had to get married in college.
Since then he's been bored with her, he says she's frigid, but he never had the
guts to have an affair. It took him two drinks to get that far, and I started
feeling sorry for him. I told myself that this would be a short fling, that he'd
get what he wanted, and I'd have done my good deed for the day. I told him about
us, and that I always told you everything. I wanted him to know that we wouldn't
be going behind your back, and that even though he'd have nothing to fear, he'd
have to look you in the eye. I figured he'd split about that time. But he hung
in there, so I asked him if he was going to sit there for the rest of his life,
crying in his beer, or was he going to get a motel room?
"Don, the first night was awful. He was so inexperienced that I had to lead
everything. I'm surprised he knew which hole to put it in! I decided to let
him have one more shot at me, and set up one of those romantic evenings at the
Bed & Breakfast. I told him that would be the last time, because I was afraid
of causing a scandal at the club.
"He agreed, and we got it on over there last Monday night. This time, he was
really good. Maybe it was because he was more relaxed, I don't know. I began
to reconsider my decision, and let it go on a little longer, but I didn't
mention it.
"As we were breaking up that night, he asked me for one last favor -- he told
me that he'd fantasized for years about having another woman in his marriage bed
(those were his exact words!) and he asked me to help this one come true. He
promised me complete safety, as Judy goes over to the club every Thursday night
to have dinner with three of her friends and play bridge. Hell, I've seen the
bunch of them in there many a time, sipping lemonade. I was a little nervous,
but Dave told me that she always got home at 9:45 on the dot, and we'd be out of
there by 8:00.
"Now, I know I shouldn't have, but hell, he wanted it so badly. I knew that it
would be the last time he ever had another woman in his life, and I couldn't
resist. At 6:30, I parked my car in the back part of a park about 5 blocks from
his house, and he picked me up. He made me scrunch down as he pulled his car
into the garage so none of his neighbors would see. We got up to his bedroom and
I let him start to undress me. He had me down to my panties, and Boom! the door
opens and in walks Judy. She just looks at him and me, starts crying and walks
out. I was so upset that I just put my clothes on and bolted for the door. Dave
didn't know what to do, so I told him not to worry about me. I walked back to my
car, and just sat in it and cried for awhile. It wasn't until I was almost home
that I realized that I'd left my jewelry on the nightstand."
"Don't worry about it, honey," I said. "I've met Dave a number of times, and he
seems like a good joe. I'm sure that he won't let a problem start."
"But what about Judy?" she replied. "I'm sure she'll make his life a living
hell. What if she comes after us, too?"
"You've got a good point. Now, if there's no further questions, let's go to
bed." All we did that night was sleep.
The next morning, as things normally do, things looked a little brighter. Lisa
was getting ready for her trip. As a director in the Human Resources division of
a large company, she was going out to the coast . Sunday through Thursday she
was going to an H/R convention in Anaheim. Then she would spend the rest of the
time visiting the plants and branches in the west. She was planning on getting
back very late on Friday night two weeks hence.
When she got home, she told me that Dave had left her a message, but that she
hadn't been able to phone him at his office. She sure wasn't going to call him
at home! Later that evening, we made mad, passionate love. Okay, okay, we'd been
married for twelve years, and sometimes passionate means that we light a candle
for some different lighting and we take more than fifteen minutes. But we both
enjoyed it, and figured it would keep us for a couple of weeks.
She got up and called for a taxi to take her to the airport. I kissed her
goodbye, and meandered over to the club for my regular golf game.
I was out on the practice range warming up, when Dave came rolling up in a cart.
You could tell how embarrassed he was by the way he hung his head, but he
figured he'd have to just deal with it. I walked up to him, stuck my hand out,
and said, "Well, at least you're still alive!"
He didn't quite know how to take that. He shook my hand and said, "What do you
I just laughed. "Judy let you live after Thursday night. That's good. Your
partners would be really pissed at me if they found out it was Lisa's and my
fault that they'd lost a good pigeon!"
He smiled and said, "Oh, you know then."
"Sure I do. Lisa told me that you knew we don't have secrets from each other."
Dave started to apologize, and I cut him off. "Don't worry about it . I'm sure
sorry it ended that way. How's Judy taking it?"
"You know, this is the really strange part. She cried for awhile, and then just
talked for a long time. She wanted to know all the usual things. I told her
that this was my first, and last, affair. That I still loved her, that I don't
want a divorce, all that stuff. Then she went up and changed the sheets on the
"She seemed to take it really well. She doesn't want anything from me. I even
suggested that I cancel my golf trip next week and take her to a nice resort,
and she told me that it's not necessary. I find her weeping every once in
awhile, and once she cracked that she was going to figure out a way to get even
with me, but other than that, it was business as usual last night, except that
things are still really strained. She's slept in the guest room the last two
nights, but I guess I deserve that.
"Well, I hope she gets over it soon. Dave, do you have Lisa's jewelry?"
"Her jewelry? No, I thought she'd taken it with her. Oh, shit."
"Well, if you can get it back, I know she'd really appreciate it."
He told me he'd try, and if he couldn't he'd replace it. I headed off for my tee
time, thinking that we'd dodged a bullet. Shows you how wrong you can be
The next Tuesday morning, I got a call in my office. It was Judy. After a few
awkward pleasantries, she said, "Don, I'm sorry to bother you, but I've got
something that belongs to your wife, and I'd like to return it to you." I
figured she didn't want to give the jewelry to Lisa herself; I was glad for
"Thanks, Judy. Should we meet at the club?"
"No, I'd like to meet somewhere where you and I could talk for a little while,
if you don't mind." I started to tell her that it would be fine with me, but she
stopped me. "Don, please. I just want to talk to you and get a few things
straight. Maybe you can even help me with a problem I'm having. Please, could
you meet me someplace for cocktails tonight?"
I was a little worried, but then I thought that this might be the best thing
after all. If she was going to cause a scene, at least I might be able to get it
away from the limelight. I agreed, and Judy suggested a place and asked me if we
could meet about 6:00. It was only after I'd hung up that I realized that this
was the same lounge where Lisa and Dave had met before their first liaison.
When I got to the lounge, Judy was already there, with a glass of iced tea in
front of her. There's nothing really wrong with Judy's looks. She's medium
height, and she has a long face that her long, straight, brunette hair just
accentuates. I couldn't tell you about her breasts, as I couldn't remember ever
seeing enough of them to notice. The clothes that she wears are always plain,
and usually white, black or dull brown or pastel colors. She isn't much for
jewelry or other accessorizing. In short, she's like a female bird, dull and
colorless, in the hope that she won't get noticed.
As I sat down, she greeted me and said, "Don, I hope you don't find this
situation as difficult as I do."
"Well," I said, "I must confess there are times when I've felt more at ease. I
guess I'd feel better if I knew what it was you wanted to talk to me about."
"I never thought that my husband could be unfaithful to me. It never even
crossed my mind. Now that he has, I've got to come to grips with it. I
certainly can't talk to my girlfriends about it. David told me that you knew the
whole story, and I guess I thought that you might be able to help me deal with
all of this.
"I don't blame you for what's happened, and I don't blame Lisa, either. At
first I was confused as to why she wanted David, but after he told me about the
arrangement you two have, I was able to figure out that this was just some sort
of recreational activity in her mind. Sort of like golf, I guess."
We talked about the situation, and it turned out that Judy was concerned about a
scandal, too. I explained that neither Lisa or I ever discussed our affairs
outside of our marriage, and that seemed to comfort her.
"Have you figured out what it is you want to do about this, Judy? Are you
thinking of separating or . . ."
"Oh, no, never. I've loved David since the moment we met as freshmen in
university. We waited until we were seniors before I let him make love to me;
we were both virgins. I thought we were taking all the precautions, but a
couple of months later I'd missed my period. David never even thought about not
taking care of me and the baby; three weeks later we 'eloped.' In the last
twenty-six years we had two more children. The youngest boy will graduate from
college this spring. I never thought seriously about another man, and David
said that the only other woman he's ever been with is Lisa. You don't throw
away something like that.
"I'm over the shock now. I would like a little revenge, but that can wait, I
guess. My priority now is to figure out how to get him back to a point where he
won't stray again. I think I know why he tried it the first time; I'm not
exactly beautiful or sexy, like Lisa is. Do you have any ideas on how I can go
about this?"
"Judy, you're a beautiful woman," I lied. "Dave told me that he doesn't want a
divorce either. I really don't think you have anything to worry about."
"Nonsense. I'm plain, and I don't know how to be anything more. Now that the
kids are gone, he's going to find something that he's interested in. If it's
not me, it will be some other woman. A couple of more times, and he'll be gone.
I've got to learn how to stop that."
"Why don't you find a teacher?" When she gave me a puzzled look, I continued, "
You know, a friend who will help you out, help you buy some new clothes, maybe
give you a few hints on how to act."
"That's an idea, Don. Let me think about that."
We chatted for a little while. It came up that she was worried that Dave was
sneaking off to meet Lisa while he was out of town, and I had to tell her that
Lisa was out on the coast. But she calmed down when I pointed out that he was
heading for a resort in the mountains of North Carolina. She said she had the
telephone number, and that she'd check on him a few times. I also gave her
Lisa's business number (it was printed in the club book, anyway) so that she
could call the office and check. I assured her that Lisa would never be with
Dave again. When I said that, Judy got this far off look on her face and said,
"I want to believe that, but I'm not sure it's true."
Judy gave me a box with Lisa's jewelry, and we got up to leave. When we got to
the car, she thanked me for being so civilized, and shook my hand.
Thursday night I was sitting around the house, drinking a beer and watching a
game on the tube. The phone rang. On the other end was Judy. "Don, am I
disturbing you?" she asked.
If it had been one of the guys, I would have said, "Hell, yes! Lisa's out of
town and all the dancing girls are over. What are you doing calling me at a
time like this?" But I thought better of that line, and just said, "Why, no."
"Don, I've been thinking about the advice you gave me. Now you are a very
attractive man, and I've seen you look at the ladies on the putting green. From
what I know about your lifestyle, I'm sure you know what is attractive and what
isn't. I was hoping, Don, considering what's happened between our families,
that you might help me out by being my tutor."
"What exactly do you mean?"
"Oh, nothing much. Tell me what men find in women that they like. Maybe go
with me to buy some clothes. Critique my efforts."
"What would Dave think about this?"
"As you know, he's leaving on his golf trip tomorrow afternoon. I thought that
since you were unattached for the next week as well, we could start this off
without his knowing. Depending on how it goes, I could tell him when he gets
home or not. Since it's going to be perfectly harmless, I don't think I need
his approval. After all, I'm doing it for him as much as for me."
The words "perfectly harmless" had a good effect on me. I figured after what
he'd done with my wife, he couldn't very well argue that talking with his wife
was going to upset him. I agreed to meet her for dinner at a restaurant the next
evening, and hung up.
Friday evening, I met Judy at a megamall on the far north side of town, fifteen
minutes or so from both of us. I knew the manager of the Ruby Tuesday and had
called him up and asked him to reserve a quiet booth for us. I thought it was
perfect, public enough so that it wouldn't seem like we were sneaking around,
but quiet enough to talk privately. Judy was waiting for me in the lobby,
wearing a traditional Judy outfit; white blouse with violet trim on the crew
neck showing absolutely nothing of the reasons that a man would fight for, a
violet skirt to her knees, some non-descript shoes. The only jewelry was her
wedding band and a thin gold bracelet.
As we sat down, I asked her if she'd like an iced tea. "Oh, no, I'd really like
to have a cocktail. I don't often drink, but I think this is a special
occasion." I ordered a Gin and Tonic, and Judy said she'd have one also.
We started talking trivialities. She told me that she'd sent Dave off to North
Carolina, and that she wouldn't see him until next Sunday afternoon. After a
little of this, she looked at me and bluntly asked, "Do you think I'm sexy,
Don?" I didn't know what to say. I mean, I hardly knew this woman, and I didn't
want to hurt her feelings. She saw my hesitation, and said, "Don, if you're
going to be my tutor, you've got to be honest with me. Now please, tell me why
I'm not sexy."
I figured that since she was going to be adamant about it, I'd just be blunt.
"The reason you're not sexy, Judy, is that you don't dress sexy, you don't act
sexy." She asked me to go on about her clothes. "Guys like color, Judy, and
they like to see a little skin. It doesn't have to be overdone, but something
should show."
"What about my hair, my face?"
"You've got a nice face, and beautiful long hair. It's just that they don't go
together. Also, you choose to wear very little makeup."
We chatted all through dinner. Judy let me buy a bottle of wine. While we were
eating, I pointed out some women at other tables and critiqued their 'sex
quotient.' Judy was fascinated. Apparently, these were things she had never
considered before.
When we had finished, it was about 45 minutes until the shops closed. Judy
suggested that we go into the mall and do some people watching. After a while,
Judy observed that I was partial to women who wore reds or deep blues. I told
her that most men were. We stopped back into the bar for a nightcap, and said,
"What's next, teacher?"
I told her that a good place to start was clothes, makeup and hair. She asked
me to help her with that, and I told her that I knew nothing about them. She
told me that I knew what I liked. What if we met tomorrow afternoon, and I
could escort her while she purchased some new clothes. Although I hate shopping
as much as the next guy, I figured I owed it to her. After we finished our
drinks, I walked her to her car. As I opened the door for her, she gave me a
little hug, and a quick kiss on the cheek. Then she drove off.
Saturday seemed to bode well. I played some of the best golf of the summer, and
took $24 and lunch off of my partners. After showering, I met Judy in the same
bar by the mall. I almost didn't recognize her. She had gone to the beauty
parlor and her hair was much shorter and curly. Then she had gone to one of the
department stores and got a consultant to teach her how to make herself up.
Even though she was wearing a plain white dress, she had become very attractive.
She was so excited because one of the gents in the bar kept looking over her way
before I got there; she was certain that she was being checked out!
We started towards the clothes stores, and Judy started out by going
immediately to the racks of pastels and patterns, and I just stood with my hands
on garments that were red, blue, green, or anything bright. Between stores, she
queried me about the cut of the clothes; should she let it all hang out or what?
I told her that clothes should be an advertisement, and should show just enough
to ensure the viewer that there was more in there that he'd like to see. In the
fourth store, she tried on a great outfit for her; a red silk blouse that showed
a little cleavage and a great navy skirt with a slit up the side. When the
salesgirl suggested a golden belt to go with it, Judy was hesitant, but went
along with it on my recommendation. She wore this outfit out of the store. For
the first time, I was noticing that Judy had boobs. Not big ones, but well
proportioned. In the next store Judy bent over while she was wearing a very
loose blouse, and I caught a glimpse of her bra. You guessed it, playtex, white
and formless. By the time we were done, Judy had purchased five new outfits,
all with my seal of approval.
I made her wear one of her new outfits along with a pair of red high heels that
we had purchased. She looked quite good. I took her to a restaurant nearby,
the kind that has soft music and is very quiet. Over dinner, we discussed how a
sexy woman acts. She had been under the impression that the only way to be sexy
was to throw herself at a man. I explained that was the last thing. Perhaps a
glimpse of leg, or a nicely upturned arm. When I told her that one of the
sexiest things a woman can do in public is to hold a man's hand, she was
incredulous. I told her to look at some lovers across the way, and she observed
what I meant. Then she reached over the table, took my hand, and started
massaging it gently. I told her that Dave would really enjoy it when she did
that, and she asked, "And you don't?"
I again walked her back to her car, and she gave me a very nice hug. I could
feel her breasts rubbing just a little over my chest, and she gave me a quick,
chaste kiss on the mouth with a "Thanks, Don. I've enjoyed it."
A few minutes after I got home, the phone rang, and it was Lisa. We don't
bother keeping in touch with each other much when we're on the road. Maybe one
or two calls a week. This time, there was some noises in the background, and
Lisa told me she was out by some seals in San Francisco. I asked her how big
they were; she told me it didn't matter, she wasn't into bestiality. When she
asked me what I was doing with myself, I just said, "Not much of anything." I
guess I just didn't want to tell her about Judy, no particular reason. We
talked for fifteen or twenty minutes. Just a few seconds after we'd hung up, it
rang again. I figured it was Lisa calling me back to tell me something she'd
forgot, and I answered, "Hello again, Beautiful!"
Judy's voice replied, "Don, do you really think so?"
I quickly thought about it, and then candidly retorted, "Yes, I do; you've made
a great deal of progress." She was quite pleased to be given a compliment; I
could tell that Dave and Judy didn't talk to each other very much in a loving
"Well, where do we go from here, teach?"
"Let's see, you've got clothes, shoes and a few belts and such. How are you
fixed for jewelry?"
"I can always use some more. Would you come with me to the mall again tomorrow
afternoon, and help me pick out a few pieces?" I agreed , we set a time, and
then said goodnight to each other.
When we met the next afternoon, she was looking very good. I said, "You know,
if you weren't here, I'd be getting awfully sick of this mall. But since I've
got something so nice to see, I sort of like it here." Once again the
compliment excited her, and she blushed a little. She was wearing a bright
yellow dress that we had purchased; although the hem was almost to her knee,
there was a slit that showed her legs seductively as she moved, and it was a
little tight in the bodice.
In the two jewelry stores we visited, she let me point out things that looked
good to me, and then tried them on for my yea or nea. In the end, she purchased
two new necklaces, three bracelets and a brooch, none of them truly expensive.
I suggested dinner again, and suggested that she come over to my house. I was
getting tired of restaurants with Lisa gone, and I figured we could talk a
little more candidly. Judy was a little nervous about that, but I told her that
I was allowed to entertain friends of mine. She followed me home, and drove
into the garage while I parked out in the driveway. Apparently she thought she
had something to hide. We walked into the kitchen and I got a bottle of white
wine out if the fridge, and grilled some chicken on the deck. Over dinner, she
said that she felt so much better in her new clothes and makeup. I explained to
her that she was on the road to truly being sexy; it's as much what a woman
thinks of herself as what she wears.
After dinner, we took another bottle of wine into the living room, and sat on
the couch. She asked me what lingerie did for a man. I talked for awhile of
the mystery of wrapping, and how a man's senses are enhanced by the sight of
lace on a woman's body, a whiff of perfume, or the feel of silk covering a
woman's breast. Judy listened with interest, and asked a few questions.
Finally she told me that she was going to throw all of her old bras and panties
out and start over.
Then, without my prompting, she began to tell me about her lovelife with Dave.
I was a little embarrassed, but just let her talk. Since Dave was the only man
she'd ever been with, she doubted that she really knew what good love making
was. They'd only been together a few times before she got pregnant, and on the
short honeymoon they had she'd been so careful about harming the baby, that she
couldn't let herself go. Early in their marriage, it was a case of too many
babies, not enough sleep, his work, anything but concentration on sex. Recently,
Dave and she had rarely found enough interest in it at all. When I asked her
how often she climaxed, she confided that she wasn't sure if she had ever had an
orgasm; if she had, it was so little that it surely didn't count.
Then she began asking me about my sex life, how many women I'd been with, were
there differences between girls? Without being obscene, I satisfied her
curiosity. She asked about technique, and about the things that lovers do to
each other. When she talked about oral sex, she couldn't use the word 'cock'
or 'penis.' She asked me if I liked to go down on women, and I said I certainly
did, that was most of the fun for me. She said she never liked it when Dave
used to do it to her, but that she let him occasionally.
As we were talking she seemed to get a bit closer to me. Soon, she was holding
my hand, and put her mouth up. I didn't know that a closer relationship was
something either one of us wanted to start, but when she leaned over to me and
kissed me, I just went along with it. At first she was just rubbing her lips
over mine, but soon she opened her mouth and I found out that, considering her
lack of experience, she was a very good kisser. After a little while, she
started kissing my neck, and I let my hands begin to rub her back. She
responded very well, and leaned over backwards. I moved over beside her, and
started to kiss her ears and neck, and felt her neck with my hands. She held my
hand, kissed it, and then put it back on her neck. Judy was starting to make
little moaning sounds and my hand started to go a little lower on her exposed
chest. When I was just about to put my finger into her cleavage, she sat up
very suddenly.
"Don, I like you. I'm enjoying this, but I'm not sure that we should go any
further tonight. It's just moving a little fast for me. Do you mind?"
"Of course not. You need to be comfortable with what you do, and actually, I
shouldn't even have tried to get fresh with you."
"Nonsense. I started it. But right now, I'd like to stop." She kissed me once
more, deep and wet and yet not very inviting, and then went to her car. As she
drove out of the garage, she told me that she'd give me a call.
Seventy two hours later, I never would have thought about a cold fish like Judy.
But that night, I laid in bed and masturbated thinking of her.
I expected a call in my office on Monday, but nothing came of it. The phone was
silent in the evening also. This gave me some time to ruminate on the
situation. On the one hand, I really shouldn't be messing around with another
man's wife if it would cause problems between them. That's the biggest problem
with adultery, that someone would wind up feeling cheated or used. On the other
hand, Dave hadn't had any problems messing around with my wife. Even though he
knew about our open relationship before Lisa let him in, he certainly was trying
to get into her pants before he knew the score. I figured that (should anything
develop, I really didn't think that Judy would let it go that far) it would be
fair turnaround in the end. I decided that I would discuss the situation with
Judy before I let anything really serious happen. That way, she would be as
culpable as I.
During lunch on Tuesday, I decided to call Judy and check to see how she was.
After a few minutes talk, she said, "How about one last shopping trip?"
"What do you need my help with now?"
"A few little odds and ends. Come on, it'll be fun."
She told me to get dinner on my own, and meet her at the bar about 7:30. When I
got there, she was in a booth with a glass of white wine. Once again, she'd
dressed to kill in a off-white silk blouse that flowed down her body, a short
green skirt and matching high heels. A beautiful gold necklace surrounded her
neck, and the diamond brooch that we had purchased kept her blouse from opening
too far. After looking her over (she blushed a little, but smiled,) I ordered a
matching drink, and she reached over to hold my hand. "I don't know how to
thank you enough for all the time you're putting into this project." I assured
her that I was enjoying it, and after we finished our drinks, she stood up and
led me to the final store - Victoria's Secret. As we got to the window, she
queried, "Don, do you think you'll know the kind of sexy underclothes I'd look
good in?" I told her that I thought I had a pretty good idea.
I was impressed with the way she went to the right racks; apparently she'd
learned the lessons that we'd been through. She showed me lacy and frilly
things in bold, bright colors. She stayed away from thick garments, and didn't
go near the patterns that looked like wallpaper.
She picked some combinations of bras and panties that I approved of, and went
into the dressing room to try them on. The store was U-shaped, with the
dressing room all the way in the back. The store was deserted except for the
salesclerks, and I was in the next room, looking at some negligees, when I heard
her voice, "Don, would you mind coming in here for a minute?" I went in, and
the door to her cubicle opened. She was wearing a matching bright blue
combination, and I was treated to a good look of her body. The bra barely
covered her nipples, and the panties showed her ample ass in the mirror to it's
best effect. "Do you like this one?" Figuring by my look that I certainly did,
she gave a little giggle and then closed the door. When she came out, she was
fully dressed, and decided to take all the outfits but one. After she had paid,
she handed the clerk a little bag, and asked her to put it in the wastebasket.
As we were walking out, I asked her what was in the bag. "My old brassiere and
underpants," she beamed, "I'll never wear things like that again."
We walked immediately to her car, and she went around to the passenger's side,
threw the car keys to me, and asked me if I'd take her for a drive. I opened
her door for her and then got in the drivers side. As I sat down, I noticed
that she was showing a lot of leg, and that she wasn't wearing pantyhose.
As she directed me out into the country, we talked about her lessons. It was
her opinion that dressing sexy wasn't such a mystery; you just had to think
about it a bit. She was surprised that she'd never realized it before, and
thanked me again for giving her the male perspective. I then brought up the
subject of what Dave would think about us taking a moonlight drive. Her
reaction was that we were both consenting adults, just as Dave had been with
Lisa. I wasn't to be concerned about it. In about 20 minutes, she directed me up
a country road. By this time, it was quite dark, and soon she directed me to
turn off onto a dirt road. About 60 yards in we crossed over a small bridge,
and she had me turn the car around facing a small stream. She opened up her
window, and after I turned the ignition off, you could hear the roar of the
brook. The sky was clear, and a half moon illuminated the scene after our eyes
Her car had a bench seat, unlike the buckets of the smaller coupe I drive around
in. In a very short time she had moved across the seat, and was kissing me
tenderly. As we had the evening before, my hand started wandering a little bit.
I was making little movements down her cleavage and Judy's kisses started
getting more passionate. I moved my hand down the outside of her blouse and was
feeling the area just below her breast. Judy took my hand and pressed it to her
right tit. I kissed her and started massaging her breast and in a few minutes,
she reached up and unclipped her brooch giving me full access to her chest. I
slipped my hand inside, and could tell immediately that she was wearing one of
her new bras. I could feel that her nipple was firm through the sheer fabric,
and I could hear her gasp as I pinched it. Soon, I pushed her back against the
car door, and began kissing her cleavage. I unbuttoned the rest of her blouse
and opened it completely, then kissed her breasts and nipples through the bra.
It unfastened in the front, and I soon had it open. As I licked and sucked her
nipples she once again began to moan, clearly enjoying the experience.
Soon, she was unbuttoning my shirt and letting her hands feel all over me. I
began feeling her bare legs, and she opened them to allow me access into her
inner thighs. I was massaging her slowly, higher and higher, and finally came
to the edge of her panties. She was moving her lower body slowly, waiting, I
thought, for me to get all the way there. When I finally gently touched her
pussy through the wet underwear, she stifled herself and then stopped kissing
"Don," she said, "Please stop for a few moments." I took my hand off her leg,
and waited for the rest. She cuddled up against me, pushing her bare breasts
into my chest. "You know, we're going very, very fast here. I can't tell you
that I don't want you, because I'm sure that an experienced man like you would
know I'm lying. And I think that I'll give myself to you very soon. But, if
you don't mind, I'd like to just let you kiss and touch me tonight. I don't
want to be a tease, but I'm just not quite ready yet."
One of the things I've learned is that if you don't push a woman too far,
they'll be much more willing when they're ready. "Judy, thank you for telling
me that. I would never want to make love with you unless you truly wanted to.
Whatever you want to do tonight is fine with me. Shall we head on back now?"
"If you don't mind, I'd just like to sit here with you awhile, enjoying this.
Would that be all right?" I assented, and we sat there for awhile, just holding
each other. Soon, she began kissing me again, and was rubbing her hands over my
naked chest. I took the cue, and started playing with her nipples again, which
became crinkled and firm in no time at all. When I began nibbling on her ear
lobe, her breathing became very fast. Her hands were getting lower and lower,
and finally, she put her palm on my trousers and could feel my stiff cock.
I whispered into her ear, "I know you don't want to have intercourse tonight,
but would you mind if I made you feel good?" She asked me how I would do that,
and I told her that she'd have to trust me. After thinking about it through a
few kisses, she said that anything I did was okay, as long as I didn't put it
inside her.
Slowly, I continued to play with her nipples, and then leaned down to suck on
them. When I did, I let my hand slide down over the outside of her skirt, and
come to rest underneath it, feeling her panties under my palm. As I began to
trace the upper edge of the panties, she began to rub my cock harder through my
pants. "Go ahead and take it out, if you want," I said. She didn't wait to be
asked twice, and soon had my belt unbuckled, my pants unzipped, and my cock
released from the briefs I was wearing. In the meantime, I was stroking the
tops of her panties, and finally put my finger between her legs. She opened her
legs wide, letting me do anything I wanted to. I asked her if I could take her
panties off, and she again asked me if I were planning on putting it inside.
"Of course not, you asked me not to." She lifted her ass up a little bit, and
soon I had those beautiful Victoria's Secret panties over her knees and on the
seat beside us.
I could tell how nervous she was, and I started kissing her and playing with her
nipples with both of my hands again. When she started moaning again, I put my
left hand down between her legs and started playing with her thick pubic hair.
Moving down to kiss her breasts again (there's only so much you can do in the
front seat of a car,) I moved my finger to her wet snatch and put that in her.
She was moaning even harder, and when I started to finger fuck her, she was
going crazy. Finally, I pulled my finger out, and put it on her clitoris, and
started moving it quickly in a circle. It didn't take long until she was
screaming in my ear. After I knew she was done, I slowed down, and moved up to
kiss her lips, only to find that her face was wet with tears.
"Don," she said between sobs, "that was so good. I've never, ever felt like
that before. Thank you." She started kissing me madly again, and my hand went
back to her clitoris, and soon she was coming again. This time, she kept
rubbing my cock until I couldn't help it, and let my cum blow. She felt it on
her wrist, and stopped rubbing me for a moment, but then realizing what I
needed, started again until I stopped coming. Slowly, I brought her down,
gently rubbing her clit, and then putting my finger slowly into her twat.
After we were both calm, she reached into her purse and got out some kleenex.
She gave one to me, and seemed amazed when I used it to wipe her soppy pussy.
She let me do that, and then started wiping up my semen.
We just sat there for awhile, and then she put her panties on, buttoned her
blouse, and opened the car door and got out. I zipped up and reorganized
myself, and got out of the car myself. She was standing on the bank of the
creek, facing away from the car. I went up behind her and put my arms around
her. She turned around and gave me a long deep kiss.
"Thank you so much. You were right -- I wanted and needed that. You're so
sweet. Tell me, did you mind very much that we didn't go all the way tonight?"
I'm not sure what she would have done if I said I wanted to. Would she have
slapped my face, or taken off all of her clothes on that bank and let me ravage
her. Which was, after all, exactly what I wanted to do. But, being a 'good
guy,' I said, "Of course not." We stood there for a few minutes, looking at the
beauty of the stream, and kissing gently every once in awhile. Once, I cupped
her breast in my palm, and she pressed it with her hand.
In a short while, we got back into the car, and she got into the drivers side.
When the lights were on, she looked down at her kelley green skirt only to find
a large stain on it. She smiled and said, "Looks like I'm going to have to dry
clean one of my outfits already."
On the way back, Judy pumped me about Lisa and my living arrangements. She
seemed to understand that I didn't mind who was screwing my wife as long as she
was safe and remained in love with me. Somehow, she got the idea that we spent
the time having orgies with other couples, and was surprised that we'd never
done anything like that.
"Wouldn't you like to have two women at once, like all men?"
"Sure, I fantasize about it. But we've never found another couple, or even a
single guy or girl that we've been comfortable with. Neither one of us were
into that scene between our marriages, either." Judy seemed to accept that.
As I got out of Judy's car to get into mine, she gave me a kiss that promised a
lot more.
The next day , a Wednesday, I got the call as I was eating lunch in my office.
Everyone seemed to be out, so I said, "You know, I'd love to send you a dozen
roses, but I wouldn't know how to get them to you without some one suspecting
what they're for."
"I'm really glad you didn't. Anyway, I haven't really earned them -- yet. Meet
me tonight?"
So I turned her down flat. Sure I did. And Antarctica is really, really warm
in the summer.
She told me to meet her at 6:30 at a bar on the other side of the mall. Over on
that side, there's a convention center, four or five bars and restaurants, and a
hotel. When I got there, she was dressed in another outfit we had picked
together. A navy jacket with white piping and tailored slacks to match. As I
slid into the booth, she gave me a smile and reached for my hand.
"What are we shopping for tonight," I asked.
"Anything you want. It's your turn tonight."
"Sure. And I've got the perfect place to shop for it, too." She handed me a
key-card and a note that said '724.' She got up, and told me that she had to
go. I finished my drink, and then went through the hotel lobby to the elevator.
Getting off at the 7th floor, I found the room and opened the door.
Walking in, I noticed a ice bucket with champagne in it, a platter of hor
doerves on the dresser, but the room seemed to be missing the one thing I really
wanted -- a girl. I walked over to the window, and was looking out of it, when
I heard a door open behind me. Looking around, I was treated to a sight of this
now beautiful woman (had I really said 'mousy' less than two weeks ago?) dressed
in nothing but a red bra and panties. Walking up to me, she kissed me
passionately. "See anything you like?"
"Everything I see here has too much wrapping on it."
"Bull!" she exclaimed. "Weren't you the one who told me that a little bit of
clothing is much more effective than simple nudity? And besides, you've got a
lot more on than I have."
I agreed with her, on both counts, and she led me over to the bed.
"Any restrictions tonight? Maybe I can only touch you with my left toe, for
"You can touch me anywhere you want, as long as you touch me everyplace."
We started kissing and playing, and it wasn't long before she was taking my
shirt off, unzipping my fly, and getting rid of all of my clothes. Judy flipped
the comforter down and crawled between the sheets. I got in beside her, and her
hand immediately went to my stiff penis. "It feels so good, so hard. I want it
in me."
I stripped her bra off, and then pulled her panties down. I played with her
clit to the point where she was just about ready to come. I was gently chewing
her nipples, and started to put my head down further. But she pulled me back
and said, "No, I really don't like to do that. Come on, give me what I want."
Then she laid on her back and spread her legs wide open. It was clear that she
wanted the missionary position, my least favorite placement. But I knew that
she was new to this game, so I climbed up onto her. She reached down, grabbed
my cock and put the head directly on target. Pushing my dick into her wet cunt,
I started slowly to move in and out. She said, 'faster, faster,' so I did her
bidding. She didn't seem to be reacting, but every time I tried to slow down,
she just said 'faster.' Finally, I couldn't take any more, and came inside of
her. But it wasn't a very good one. When I did slow down, she was sobbing
"Dear, what's wrong," I asked, getting off of her.
"Oh, I just hoped it would be better. You really are sweet, and you gave me
just what I wanted, but I just couldn't climax. I came close, but I didn't get
there like I did last night. Maybe I really am frigid."
I let her cry for a little while, holding her gently, and then said, "Judy, have
you thought that maybe it wasn't you, but the position we were in?"
"What do you mean? We did it the right way, didn't we?"
Finally, it dawned on me. She and Dave had never done it any other way. When I
asked her directly, she said that was the only way that she had ever had it.
That blew my mind, as I couldn't see Lisa having sex three different times with
Dave and being in missionary more than once. And that one time only if
absolutely necessary. Apparently, in some early sex training, Judy had got the
idea that anything other than missionary was dirty.
Finally, she calmed down, and I got out of bed, opened the champagne and poured
us both a glass. She remarked that she didn't feel much like celebrating now.
I told her to raise her glass and then toasted, "To a beautiful woman, and to
what is yet to come, not what is done." She drank the toast, but I could see
that she was dubious.
I climbed back into bed, and began to stroke Judy's body slowly. Then I began
to explain the different positions. Judy's eyes began to get wide, and after
awhile she was breathing hard again, mostly from her imagination running wild on
sex for the first time in her life, but also from my ministrations to her tits
and nipples. Finally, I moved my hand down to her pussy, and started on her
clitoris. In about fifteen seconds, I had her screaming again. She was loud!
After she started coming out of it, and I was slowing my finger slowly massaging
her pussy lips, I said, "Well, that certainly didn't sound like a frigid woman
to me!" She gave me a great big, beautiful satisfied smile, and just asked for
some more champagne. When I refilled her glass, and got back into bed, she took
a sip and then began to question me about fellatio and cunnilingus.
It seems that, early in their marriage, Dave had wanted to eat her, and also to
give him a blow job (she didn't use those words), but this was somehow mixed up
with her notions of 'dirty' sex. When I explained that the feelings given by a
mouth are completely different than those of the genitals, she seemed a little
dubious. But then she asked me directly how, if she wanted to, she should take
it into her mouth. I explained that, like traveling, getting there is half the
fun. How I liked to have it licked from the base to the tip, how I liked to
have my scrotum gently sucked on, and then, finally, how she could simply put
the head into her mouth and use her tongue and sucking pressure to please me.
When I finished, she just looked at me for a few minutes, and then slowly pushed
me back on the pillow, got up on her knees to the side of me, and then put her
head between my legs. She was obviously inexperienced, but decided she was
going to be willing to please. After licking my shaft for a little while, she
took it in her hand, and started licking the tip. In a few minutes, she took
just the very tip between her lips, and started sucking. After a few moments of
this, she stopped, looked at me and asked if that was okay. I explained that I
would like her to put a bit more of the shaft into her mouth. She did, and
suddenly, it seemed that she got the idea. She swallowed as much as she could
of my cock, and started sucking hard. My hand went up to her pussy, which was
in reach, and I stroked her clit. By now she was going wild on my tool, and I
could tell she was about to come again, when I gently pulled her head away.
"What's wrong? Was I doing it badly?"
"No dear, not at all. I was just about to come. You were great. But we can't
waste that wonderful hard-on on your mouth, not when you've got a pussy that
needs to be filled."
She seemed a little shocked at my language, but then she decided to stop being a
prude. "Okay, which way should we, uh, screw?"
She was clearly disappointed when I moved her onto her back, and said, "I
thought you said there was a lot more than the missionary position?"
"Trust me." I got her legs up in the air and then moved onto my side, with my
cock pointing right into her pussy. "I promise you'll like this." I had her
lower her legs so that they were resting on my hip and thigh, and put my hand
over her leg to grab my dick. I gently moved further into position, and started
rubbing her cunt and clit with the tip. I could see her eyes get real big as
she realized what was coming, and then they closed as I pushed just a little of
my shaft into her. As I slowly entered her, my finger went to her exposed clit,
and, as always, the moaning began in earnest. I was very slow and deliberate in
my movements this time, and my free hand was moving back and forth between her
cunt and her breasts. I never allowed myself to speed up, and finally, after
ten minutes of this heavenly friction, I heard her start screaming for the third
time. Her pussy muscles were contracting hard on my shaft, but I thought about
how I had bogeyed the third hole last Saturday, rather than let it come. She
seemed to go on forever, but finally she began coming out of it. I still hadn't
come, and withdrew. I kissed her, and then laid on my back.
"It's your turn to do the work, I'm tired."
"What do you mean?" She seemed astounded when I positioned her on her knees,
straddling and facing me, and then, when she realized what it was pointing at,
she grabbed my cock, and slammed our pelvis's together. I was grabbing her hips
and helping her in her movements, when finally, instead of screaming, she just
started to say, very slowly, over and over again, "Screw me. Come on, screw
me. Screw me . . ."
It wasn't long until I had to let it loose, and as I did, she opened her eyes
and stared at me. "I can feel that inside of me. Oh that's good." Then she
went back to fucking me, and kept at it, moaning and groaning until finally I
was too soft to do her much good.
Then she laid down on top of me and started kissing me. We just stayed in the
afterglow until finally my dick got so soft that it plopped out of her,
releasing a wad of cum on to her thigh and my leg. She finally got off of me,
went into the bathroom and got a wet, hot washcloth, and came back in and
cleaned my dick.
After she had gone back into the bathroom, I could hear a little tinkling sound
and the noise of the toilet flushing. I wondered if she had ever peed with Dave
in the next room without closing the door.
She came back into the bedroom, and brought the tray of food onto the bed. We
laid there, eating with our fingers and touching each other in sensitive areas,
keeping each other alert. Finally, when we had our fill of the food, she took
the tray back to the dresser, turned on the light so that I could get a good
look at her, and said, "Okay, you've helped me with my hair, my makeup (which
seems to be ruined right now, no thanks to you!) my outer garments, my shoes, my
jewelry, and finally, my lingerie (which you disposed of in no time at all, you
cad, you.) You've shown me that there's more to life than the missionary
position, and lastly, you showed me how loud I could scream when I wanted to.
There's only one thing left, (I think.) How can I improve my body?"
This was a good question, given the material that was available. She realized
that she was in her forties, not seventeen, but still her body was in good
shape. Her breasts didn't droop too much (luckily for her, they weren't giant
sized, just nice sized.) Her ass was a good shape from exercising regularly.
And I enjoyed the shape of her legs, even though they didn't come from a girl
that was 6'2". After I told her all that, she told me that surely, there must
be something that I would change?
Finally, I got to her body hair. She had shaved her legs and underarms with an
electric razor earlier in the day, so I wasn't uncomfortable, but she had a very
thick, very black bush. Much more hair there than she needed. When I told her
about that, she asked me how much she should cut back. I told her that I liked
it short, no longer than a half-inch or so, and trimmed on the sides and top.
She asked me to show her where the lines should be, and I moved around until I
was leaning on my elbow, with my feet sticking off the bed and where I could
touch her easily, facing her so that she could see both my face and my hand at
the same time. "Take it to at least here and here," I said, "trim the top of it
to here," tracing a rectangle about three inches by four inches. "Less is
definitely better." By this time, my hand was resting on her pussy, and I could
smell her beginning to get hot again. I put my face down for a better smell,
and this time, Judy didn't pull my head away. I went for it, and got my tongue
down to her clit. This time, Judy just leaned her head back, spread her legs
wide open, and let me have all I wanted. Of course, I wanted a lot, and I moved
around to where I was kneeling between her legs. In no time at all, I had her
screaming again, louder than ever.
After she was done, I went back up and I kissed her, letting her taste her own
pussy flavor. She really enjoyed that and asked me why she had ever thought
that was dirty? I, of course, had no answer for her.
By this time, I was surprised to find that I was ready again. Judy realized
that, and went down to lick and suck me a little. Then she looked up and asked
if she could get on top of me again. When I just smiled, up she came, and it
wasn't long before we were both coming again. I think she had found a new
favorite position.
By this time it was well after ten, and I began to wonder where we were going to
spend the night. Judy solved that problem by getting off the bed and asking me
if I wanted to take a shower before we went home. While we were soaping each
other up, she asked me if she should keep the room for another night. I just
smiled my agreement. When we had toweled off and dressed, she kissed me for the
last time that night, and told me to go out first. As I left, she was on the
phone to the manager, asking for an extension.
Immediately after work on Thursday, I went back to the hotel room. Judy wasn't
there, but a message on the room phone from her said she'd be there soon. I
turned on the tv (the golf tournament was on ESPN,) sat in the easy chair that
was in the room, and waited for her. When she got there, she walked in and
said, "What do those guys have that I don't?"
"A golf game. But they don't have what I really want." She seemed pleased with
the retort, and came over, and sat in my lap. I turned the tv off.
Today, she was wearing something that we hadn't bought together. A pair of navy
tailored shorts, and a frilly small white blouse that was held up on top by a
thin strap on just one side. Underneath the blouse, her tits were enclosed in a
strapless bra, white but lacy. Sexy sandals with laces that wrapped up her legs
completed the outfit. She told me that she figured that she had to have
something to wear to the club; what did I think about this outfit.
"Perfect," I said, "you've picked up just the right amount of conservatism,
while showing your assets off in a refined way."
We started kissing and it soon turned to petting. We slowly stripped each
other, and after we were both naked, I leaned her back on the bed, with her feet
dangling over. She had trimmed her bush during the day, and I wanted to get a
good look. As I got down on my knees on the floor, she grabbed my head and
pulled my face to her pussy. "Yes, I've been thinking about this all day. Do
it!" As I started to lick her lips, she reached down and started playing with
my ears, rubbing my lobes with her fingers and putting them inside the ear.
When I put my finger inside her cunt and then nibbled on her clit, she was gone.
I hoped that no families were walking down the hall; the noises she was making
would be hard to explain to a six year old!
After she came down, she had me sit in the chair. Kneeling in front of me, she
began licking my balls, and then up and down the shaft, slowly. The girl
definitely didn't need to take a refresher course! Finally, she swallowed about
three or four inches of my cock, began massaging the underside with her tongue,
and kept squeezing the shaft with her fingers. In no time at all, I was ready.
"I'm going to come pretty soon," I gasped, thinking that she would stop.
Instead, she just kept going and let me explode in her mouth. She kept sucking
me until I had stopped coming, and then reached over to the nightstand and got a
kleenex. After she spat the cum into it, she came back to me and started
licking me to clean me. I was astounded.
We went onto the bed and were just holding and fondling each other when she
asked me, "How was it? The, er, blow job, I mean?" I told her that it was
fantastic, that it seemed she had a natural talent.
"Well, I've got a little confession. I sort of figured out what you wanted last
night, but today I went into the book store and got a book about how to please a
man. It was very specific about the technique, and I studied it here in the
room today." She got it out, and I was a little surprised. It had quite a few
pictures in it. I asked her if she was embarrassed to buy it, and Judy told me
that she'd purchased a few other books, and then had told the clerk that one of
her friends that was having a bachelorette party. "I'm glad the clerk was a
girl. I think I would have chickened out if it was a man."
"Did you masturbate when you were reading the book?"
"You bastard," she giggled, "how did you know? It was the first time that I'd
let my self come to orgasm that way, too. See, I don't need you anymore." I
pretended that I was crushed. "But I want you anyway," she claimed, massaging
my dick.
Then she changed the subject to her bush. By this time Judy didn't seem to be
body conscious at all with me. I told her that although it was a good first
try, it was still a little bit long, and was ragged at the edges. "I know," she
said, "all I have at home is an electric razor, and it didn't seem to want to
cut the longer hair. I'll just have to try again, tomorrow. Then you can look
at it again and see if I pass."
After a little more kissing, Judy asked me if I was hungry. "What, you want me
to eat you again?"
"No, no! Well, yes, yes! But I was thinking that I must be wearing you out,
and you need some sustenance. I'm hungry too. Let's go down to the
We got dressed, she fixed her makeup and hair, and we took the elevator down.
Over dinner, Judy kept looking around. "Nervous that someone might see us?"
"Oh, no, I can see that I'm getting checked out by some of the guys. They look
like they're from out of town. I wonder if they are fantasizing about what they
could do to me tonight." I told her they probably were, and might be jacking
off in their room tonight thinking of her. Her nipples showed quite plainly
when I said that, even through the bra.
After dinner, I strolled over to a nearby drugstore, and purchased a razor with
three blades, a can of shaving creme, and a small pair of scissors. As we were
going back up to the room in the elevator, Judy asked me what I was planning.
"You're not going to make me wait another day to see that beautiful pussy all
cleaned up, are you? I intend to trim it up, if you'll let me." Once again,
her nipples got hard.
"Don," she began, as we walked into the room, "in that book, there are some
pictures of girls down there. Some of them have a little bit of hair, but some
of them look like they are bald. Why do they do that?" I explained the
attractiveness of a completely shaved pussy to some men. She asked me if Lisa
groomed herself that way. I told her that occasionally she would do it, to give
me or some other guy a special treat, but normally she kept it a little longer,
and nicely trimmed. "Did she do it for David?" Judy queried.
"No, she hasn't been shaved in the last couple of years. I would have noticed
something like that."
"Good! Don, since you're going to trim me up, would you like to shave me
I had her take all her clothes off, and then go into the bathroom. I had her
sit on the side of the tub, then wet and soaped her legs. Then I shaved her
legs with the razor, taking my time, letting her feel the comfort of a razor
shave done slowly and with a sharp blade. After I had done both of her legs
from toe to top, I cut as much pubic hair off as I could with the scissors, and
then shaved her pussy, making sure to get all the hairs inside the thighs.
Then, as the blade was getting full of hair and dull, I rinsed her off and then
shaved her again with a new blade. Finally, I turned the shower on, soaped her
with the washcloth all over her groin and ass making sure that I got into all
the cracks and had her rinse thoroughly. I toweled her off, and then, as she
sat on the toilet seat, I used the little bottle of hand lotion to moisturize
the areas I had just scraped. Afterwards, I took her hand and put it on her
pussy, letting her feel the difference. She got very excited, and dragged me
out into the bedroom. "Teacher, show me a new position!"
"Is there any part of your body that you'd rather I not touch?" I asked.
"No, I don't think so."
"Are you absolutely sure?"
"I'm not sure what you're thinking of, but as long as it doesn't hurt me, I'll
trust you."
I moved the easy chair so that the back of it was to the window, turned off the
lights in the room, and opened the curtains wide. We had a beautiful view of
the city in the distance. I sat down in the chair and motioned her to sit in my
lap. We sat there for awhile, kissing and licking, and I asked her to suck on
my nipples. She hadn't thought of this before, but (like everything else, now
that she realized that sex wasn't dirty or forbidden) started to kiss my chest.
After a few ineffectual strokes, she asked me for some pointers.
"Do you like the way I suck and kiss your tits?"
"You know I do."
"Then just do to me what you'd like me to do to you."
That did it. She started nibbling and sucking one of the nipples, all the while
playing with the other one with her hand. Gently at first, then getting a
little harder until finally she bit it so hard that I yelped. Then gently
While she was doing that, I let my free hand roam across her breasts, and down
to her groin. As soon as I touched her clitoris, she jerked as if an electric
shock had traveled through her body.
"Oooh, that's so sensitive without the hair!"
I started to bring her to climax quickly, but instead of screaming, she just
kept on kissing my chest. After she was done, I stood her up, and then had her
kneel on the arms of the chair, with her arms on the back. Kneeling there, she
had to have the idea that anyone outside could see her, when in fact the glass
would reflect all light so that we were perfectly private.
I kneeled down and started to eat her nicely shaved pussy again. She was still
hot from the finger fuck I gave her, and she started moaning almost immediately.
I let my tongue slip up her slit and licked the area right above it. Then I
started nibbling all over her ass, getting closer and closer to her anus.
"You aren't thinking of . . .?"
"Only if you want me to," I replied. I kept licking near it. Finally, she
moved her ass so that my tongue came into contact with it. As she felt the new
sensation, she pressed backwards into my mouth, and I lapped deep into her anus.
I could tell she liked it. After awhile I stopped, stood up, and started moving
my penis around her pussy area. As always, it was quite wet, and I slipped my
dick into her cunt. The moaning and screaming began almost immediately. I was
very slow, and reached around her to squeeze her titties. She just came and
came, and after about five minutes of that, I was ready, so I sped up and
exploded into her.
It felt so good that my toes started to curl down and I could barely stand up.
After I was through coming, I staggered off her and fell on the bed. She was on
top of me in a minute, hugging and kissing me, telling me how much she liked
that and what a great lover I was.
After she got the warm washrag and cleaned me up, we crawled into the bedsheets
and just held each other.
"Don, I think I know how I want to take revenge on David for what he did."
"Don't you think that being with me like this is enough?"
"Oh, I'm even with him now, but I want to be ahead of him. The best part of my
idea is that he'll never know, unless one of us tells him. It's perfectly
"What are you going to do?"
"It's what we are going to do, if you'll help me. Do you remember why I caught
David and Lisa?"
"Sure, he wanted to have Lisa in your bed. Because you are such a cold, frigid .
. . ouch! You didn't have to squeeze it that hard!"
"Yes, dear, I used to be cold and frigid, but now I'm not, thanks to you, and
David will so much enjoy the education you're giving me. But, think, he never
got to have his fun. By accident, I caught them before they had a chance to
make love in our house. If we make love there, it will be like I'm one up on
him. Why don't you help me with this?"
"Well, how do we get into the house without the neighbors seeing us?"
"That's simple. Simply wait at your office until after dark, and then call a
taxi to bring you to my house. The neighbors will simply think it's David
returning. After we're done, I'll drive you back to your car."
It sounded like something she had thought out, and I figured she deserved to
have a psychological edge over her husband. I agreed, and after some more
hugging and kissing, we fell asleep.
In the middle of the night, she woke me up in desire. I felt that she needed
one more lesson in positions, so after I prepared her with my mouth, I climbed
on top of her in the missionary position. As I moved slowly within her, she
began to come. Yes, she screamed.
The next morning, as we were preparing to leave, I asked her what the neighbors
would think about her coming in so early after having been out all night.
"Oh, that was easy. I just told Mrs. Grundy across the street that I was going
to visit my daughter across the state line, and asked her to keep an eye on the
house until I got back this morning. I can't wait to see you tonight."
As I worked that morning, I reviewed the weekend's schedule. That evening, of
course, I'd be with Judy. Lisa was going to catch a red-eye from Denver, and
would get home by Midnight. I'd be home before then, not that Lisa would be
concerned. Dave would return from his golf trip with his buddies Sunday
afternoon. It seemed like there was enough slack in the timetable that it would
all turn out alright.
I left the office about 2:00, and went over to the club for a round with a
couple of my friends. They knew that I was a bachelor, so I ordered a sandwich
in the grillroom while we were having a couple of beers. Afterwards, I drove
back to the office and putzed around until it started getting dark around 8:15.
I called a cab, and he took me to Judy and Dave's house. Judy met me at the
door, and passionately kissed me after she had closed it behind us. Judy was
wearing a sheer black robe that showed her figure exquisitely with matching
panties, and a black and gold choker around her neck.
She took me on a quick tour of the downstairs, poured me a drink and then led me
upstairs to the bedroom. It was a gorgeous house with a traditional master
bedroom suite. You know, cathedral ceiling, fireplace, reading nook, his and
her walk-in closets, a spa that they denigrate to the status of 'master
bedroom.' Judy, as I expected, had some interior decorating blood in her, and
the room was quite nice, if a little sterile. There was a king-size bed, and I
remarked on such a playground.
"It hasn't been a playground. I insisted on the biggest bed I could find, so
that we wouldn't have to bump into each other as we slept. Now, I think the
function is going to change."
She laid down on the bed, and started told me to undress myself. I took her
negligee and panties off, leaving her dressed in only that black choker, and
put then started to eat her pussy. She was getting into it when we heard a car
door slam.
"Don't worry," she said, "it's just the next door neighbors."
Then she told me to lie on my back with my head at the foot of the bed. She
climbed on top of me into her favorite position. As we were really going to it,
I heard a gasp from over my shoulder. I strained my neck, and there was Dave,
staring at his 'cold, frigid' wife on top of me with her breasts flying and her
shaved pussy grinding on me. Then I realized that he was half undressed, and on
the other side of him was my wife, Lisa, with her blouse hanging wide open
exposing one of my favorite camisoles.
"Don't you dare stop, Don," she cried, "and you two can just sit on the edge of
the bed and watch us."
I began to droop a little bit from the shock, but then Judy started twisting my
nipples and my old cock got hard again. I sure am glad he's a free thinker. If
it was up to me, I'd have bolted right there.
Dave was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching the show, and Lisa went up
beside him and started kissing his neck. She seemed to be taking this right in
stride. He looked at her, looked at his wife, and then said, "What the hell,"
and started kissing my wife back.
By the time Judy was screaming in climax, Lisa and Dave were completely naked.
Lisa laid down beside me and motioned Dave to enter her in missionary. She put
her legs all the way around his back and had him coming in no time. By the time
he had come (didn't take long,) Judy was starting to cool off. I never had a
chance to come; I'd never seen my wife with another man before, and I was too
busy watching all the gyrations around me to concentrate.
As Dave got off of Lisa, Judy hugged him without getting off of me, said,
"Welcome home, dear," and kissed him. Lisa bent over me and gave me a wonderful
kiss. Judy climbed off of me, passed kleenex all around, and said, "I'm sure
you're all thirsty. Let me go get something to drink. Is champagne all right
with you? No, don't get up, why don't the three of you laze around and catch up
with each other?" Then Judy got out of bed and put on a flimsy little robe on
that showed her figure very effectively.
I just looked at my wife and her lover, and asked, "Now before the two of you
ask me the same question, What the Hell are you two doing here?"
Dave said, "We're here to have sex. Judy told us we should come here because it
was the right thing to do." Dave looked a little out of it right then, and I
just looked at Lisa.
Lisa laid down on the bed and said, "Perhaps I'd better tell it, but I'm still
frustrated. While I'm talking, I want you to touch me!" Not knowing who she
was talking to, we both put our hands on opposite nipples. Dave was shocked for
a minute and pulled his hand away. Lisa grabbed it and put it where he could
tease her cunt. "I got a voicemail Tuesday afternoon from Judy, asking me to
please call her. I got a hold of her here at the house." Just then, Judy
returned with a tray of champagne and various finger foods. Pouring us all a
glass and putting the food within reach on the nightstands, she took a seat on
the couch and just listened. Lisa continued, "Judy told me that she understood
why Dave had strayed, and that she felt that if he didn't complete his mission
that she would never be able to get him back. She begged me to have one more
tryst with him here at the house, and asked me if I could possibly meet him at
the airport on Friday evening. After we had talked for over an hour, I thought
she was sincere, and I decided to help her out of the mess in her marriage that
I had helped to create. Oooh, a little faster please, Dave. I checked my
schedule, realized that I could slough off my Friday afternoon meeting, and I
could meet Dave at the airport.
"About 6:30 West Coast time Wednesday morning, I got a call from Dave in my
hotel room. Dave you sounded so excited! Keep going! We agreed to meet at the
airport, as Dave found a flight that got in about the same time as mine. Would
one of you eat my cunt?"
I motioned to Dave to go ahead, and he put his head between Lisa's legs. I got
off the bed and went to sit next to Judy, who was smiling and watching. She
cuddled up next to me and started tickling my dick while I kneaded her breasts.
I said, "But Dave, you were supposed to play golf in North Carolina until
Sunday. Did you cut it short?"
"No, I wasn't. It was a seven day package, and today was the last day." We
just looked at each other, and then the truth dawned on me. Judy just said,
"David, I think you help should Lisa. I think she's ready to come." He went to
back to work with his tongue, while I went back over to sit with Judy.
We were sitting there, watching Dave work on Lisa, and Judy whispered into my
ear that she'd set the whole thing up, but she was glad for the way it was
working out. She made me feel good about being her lover.
After Lisa climaxed, much more quietly than Judy did, they both sat up, grabbed
a gulp of champagne, and then looked at us. Lisa looked at me and said, "Okay,
loverboy, what in the hell WERE you doing here, fucking Dave's wife?"
Judy began, "It's my fault, not Don's. I set this whole thing up. I talked Don
into helping me with some clothes and jewelry, and started leading him on a
little bit. By Monday evening, I was pretty sure he'd go to bed with me if I
played my cards right. I was planning on keep putting him off until tonight,
when I would get him over here so that the two of you would find us in bed
"But on Wednesday night, my plans changed. After we had gone shopping once
more, I got Don to drive us out to Smith's ford."
"You mean the creek up north?" asked Dave. "The place where we first made love
in the back of my Chevy?"
"Yes, that's the one. But something happened. While I was letting him kiss me
a little bit, I realized that for the first time I was enjoying what was
happening. Don was such a gentleman that I thought about taking a blanket out
in the field and letting him have me there, just like you did with me the next
couple of times, David. But I couldn't be that unfaithful to you.
"David, don't be upset with me, but the last two nights I've spent the time with
Don in a hotel room. I tricked him into coming over tonight; he didn't know
you'd be walking in on us. He's taught me so much about making love, and I know
I'll be a better wife to you for it, David."
With that, Judy got off the couch, and went over to the bed, and put her face
close to Dave's and asked, "Can you forgive me, dear?" They began to kiss, and
then to feel each other up. Lisa came over to me, and we watched them for
awhile. Then, Lisa grabbed our clothes and started for the door. The last
sight I had as I closed the door to their bedroom was Judy sitting down on
Dave's hard cock.
Lisa and I found a guest bedroom down the hall and started making love
ourselves. I enjoyed making my wife come, and coming myself, as we listened to
Judy's screams.
After about an hour, Dave knocked on the door and asked if we'd like him to take
us home now. After we got dressed , Judy was waiting downstairs for us, fully
dressed in a new, exciting outfit. She shook Lisa's hand and thanked her, and
then shook my hand too!
Dave drove us home, four miles or so, and very little was said. When we went to
get out of the car, Lisa gave him a nice kiss. Dave shook my hand and said,
"Thanks for everything, tiger." I just told him, "You're welcome. Anytime."
The next morning, I skipped my golf game and Lisa and I just stayed in bed,
screwing and talking. She wouldn't let me out until I gave her every last
detail. Then she made me waffles. Over breakfast, we figured that we should
get them a little something, sort of a re-marriage gift.
We went to a bookstore and got a copy of The Joy Of Sex. We inscribed the title
page, 'With much love from Lisa and Don,' and then had it wrapped. I drove up
to their house, Lisa got out of the car, put it inside their screen door, rang
the doorbell and ran like hell back to the car. We were gone before they ever
got the door opened.
For about six weeks, there was no contact between the two couples. We were
having dinner at the club by ourselves on a Wednesday night in mid-October, and
the two of them passed by as we were just getting our drinks. Judy was wearing
a very sexy black and white strapless outfit with a serious slit up the side. We
stood up to say hello, and Lisa said, "Why don't the two of you eat with us?"
We were sitting in a quiet corner where no one could hear us, and eventually the
conversation turned to how they were getting along. Judy beamed, and said
"Screwingly, just screwingly!" Two months before, she would never have made a
joke like that.
A little while later, Judy said, "Don, David and I really want to thank you.
When David and Lisa had their affair, I was afraid that our marriage might be
over. Lisa, I'm not blaming you; on the contrary. I simply didn't know what my
husband needed or wanted, and you were able to give him some of that. But Don,
being such a gentleman as he is, gently tutored me so that I could make David
love me again. Oh, he wasn't shy about getting into my pants," she said, giving
me a little pat on the hand, "but his original motivation was to help us, to
show me how to go about getting me my husband back again. Without him, I'm sure
we be in divorce proceedings now."
Dave countered, "She's right. We like to thank the two of you. What can we do
for you" Of course, I told them that the pleasure had been all mine (quite a
bit of it was,) and that they should just forget it. Dave told me he would like
The evening ended with the four of us sitting in the bar buying each other after
dinner drinks. I think Dave won, 1 up, but I put up a good match. As we left,
Judy gave me a kiss and a pat on the ass!
About a week later, I got home after work on Friday night, and was surprised to
find Lisa's car in the garage. Normally she works later than I do. I went into
the kitchen, and heard Lisa's voice from our comfortable living room, "I'm in
here, dear."
I went in, and was surprised to find her lounging on the couch in a bright green
negligee. I went over to her, kissed her, and asked what I did to deserve that
"Oh, I thought you'd like to get the weekend off to a flying start. Would you
like a drink? I'll get up and get it for you. You know, we could really use a
maid around here."
Just then, I heard a voice from the doorway cry, "Right away, 'mam!" I turned
around to see Judy carrying a tray with Gin and Tonic's on it, dressed in an
outrageous maid's costume. I'm sure you've seen the kind in magazines or
Frederick's of Hollywood stores. A black and white bra with a little collar
above it, and a G string with ruffles across the waist.
As we drank, the two girls started feeling me up, and then Lisa and Judy led me
up to the bedroom, both got in bed with me. As they were stripping my clothes
off of me, Judy said, "David was serious about getting you something that you
wanted. I remembered you telling me that you'd like to have two women at once,
so with David's permission, I called Lisa and asked her if the two of us could
make your fantasy come true."
Lisa piped up with, "and if we don't, it'll be your fault."
Lisa started kissing my nipples, and Judy went to work giving me a blow job.
I'll never tell Lisa this, but Judy is better at that job. As I was just
about to come from Judy's sucking, she stopped, and climbed on top of me in her
favorite position. Lisa came around the other way, and put her pussy right over
my lips. I exploded into Judy's cunt while Lisa came from me licking her.
I turned over and started to eat Judy while she was laying on her back, and Lisa
was licking my ass and putting her finger into me. For the next two hours, the
two of them did everything I could think of to me. I fucked Lisa once, and then
still had strength to let Judy give me one of her fantastic blow jobs.
When we finally began to slow down, Lisa was cuddled up to me on my left side
while Judy was clinging to my right. One of them had my cock in their hand, but
I don't remember which. I asked, "Well, what's Dave doing tonight with you over
here, Judy."
"Oh, I think he's just sitting around the house. I left him a tv dinner and
told him to be good."
I asked for the phone, and called their house. When he answered, I moaned,
"Dave, help. I'm being made into a sex slave here. I need your assistance!"
When Dave finished laughing, I said, "No, really, I'm serious. They've got me
tied up and everything. You've got to come and rescue me."
Lisa took the phone and said, "Yes, really Dave. Why don't you come on over and
join in? Judy and I would love to have you. Don's being a party pooper. He
hasn't been able to get it up all night . . . Fine, see you in 10 minutes."
While we waited for him, we decided to continue the scenario. The girls got
some scarves, and tied me to the bed. Lisa went down and opened the front door
so Dave could just walk in. When he entered the house, I screamed, "Dave, up
here. Help!" When he came into the bedroom, the two naked women jumped him
from behind. Judy held his hands behind him while Lisa stripped his clothes
off. Then, to my surprise, instead of them releasing me, they tied him up next
to me! They both took care of him for awhile, while they waited for me to
regain my strength. Then they released us. The last thing I remember about
that night is doing it to Judy doggy style, while Lisa got Dave to help her
with some damn Kama-Sutra thing.
Since then, we get together as a foursome for an orgy once a month or so. If
one of us has an extended period out of town, the other couple will take care of
the single. Sometimes as a threesome, but more often, the opposite sex will
just sleep over.
We've taken a couple of trips with them to vacation spots. Both times, Judy
came as my wife and Dave does Lisa's bidding. I like it that way; I don't have
to listen to Lisa's snoring. I still don't get much sleep then, however; Judy
keeps me up all night. We're even talking about buying a couple of lots next to
each other on a golf course down in the Carolinas and using them a summer homes
and eventually retirement places.
As I said before, nothing is as rewarding as a good education. The question I'm
still trying is answer is who was Professor Higgins, and who is Eliza?


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