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DD2LISA hurt feelings none which


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______________________________ Lisa's Hobby is the second story in a
four-part series. Although you will be able to enjoy it on it's own, I
recommend that you read the series in the following order: Don, the
Professor; Lisa's Hobby; Dave's Erudition; Judy's revenge
______________________________ Lisa's Hobby A proof of strength she
could not publish more, Unless she said, 'My mind is now turned whore.'

William Shakespere

Troilus and Cressida, Act 5, Scene 2

Let's get this straight right off. I am not a loose woman. Neither am
I a slut or a nymphomaniac. Promiscuous, you suggest? Alright, I won't
argue with that. A whore? A friend of mine defines a whore as someone who
has slept with more than 100 men. I hope to be a whore someday. But I
want to be an ethical whore. What's ethical about being a whore? Well,
ethics are simply rules for dealing with other people, right? I have my
rules. Here they are: 1) Thou shalt not do anything which might cause harm
or pain to thy husband. Robert A. Heinlein defined Love as the condition
which exists when another person's happiness in more important than your
own. That's how I feel about Don. 2) Thou shalt not have sex with a
person who is unable to accept the risks. If they don't know what the
risks are, they're immature. If they know, but don't care about them,
they're foolish. Either way, they're trouble. If they know the risks,
care about them, and are unwilling to accept them, they won't bother with
you. 3) Thou shalt not go to bed with people with bad breath. It's likely
that other parts will be dirty also. 4) Thou shalt not pursue a man. If
he's attractive, I'll let him know I'm available. If he doesn't make an
effort to come and get it, it'll wind up that he's got good reasons for
passing it by, or he won't be very exciting when he gets there. 5) Thou
shalt not have sex with a new lover on the spur of the moment. When you're
horny, you'll do anything to get it. So don't. 6) Thou shalt not go to
bed with somebody who you don't enjoy being with. Life's too short. 7)
Thou shalt not have one-night stands. It's a lot of work to live with
these rules; this one is simply about productivity. 8) When the sex starts
getting boring, cut off the affair clean. If you leave old lovers lying
around, they have a tendency to bite you like a snake. 9) Remember Rule 1.
This story might make a little more sense if I tell you a little of my
history. Let me freshen your drink? I 'lost' my virginity as a senior in
high school. Even then, I realized that sex was not only something to
enjoy, but something that was dangerous, too. Used unwisely, it led to
pregnancy, disease and hurt feelings, none of which I wished on me or any
of my male or female friends. So I waited until I was fairly sure that it
wasn't dangerous. I slept with only one other guy before I graduated.
When I got into college in the late 60's, I realized that sex was less
dangerous, as many people didn't take it so seriously. Pregnancy and
disease were just as problematic however, so I slept around enough to get a
reputation as easy, but not enough to get one as a slut. Getting into my
pants was considered by the guys to be a prize, not a rite of passage. I
continued this tradition until I met Ray two years after graduation. I
immediately fell for him; he had that puppy-dog aura, and I guess I needed
a pet. We had a fun time for a couple of years, but when he found me in
bed with another man, he couldn't take it. Look, it's my fault that the
marriage failed. I was too young and wasn't committed enough. I'm just
sorry that I hurt Ray so bad. And I'm thankful that we never started the
family he wanted. We got divorced in the bicentennial year, and for the
next eight years I had a ball. Sex was free and easy back then, as there
were no diseases that couldn't be cured with a shot of penicillin. (Not
that I had much to worry about, I had learned to follow rule 3; men that
taste nice with their clothes on have a tendency to have clean gonads. I
only caught the clap once.) Birth control concerned me. The pill put me
through hell with it's side effects and concerns about cancer; all the
other methods worked, IF you did everything exactly right; finally, in
1982, realizing that children was the last thing I ever wanted, I had my
tubes tied. I dabbled in everything that was outside the norms; group sex,
S/M, lesbianism, the works. After awhile, I found out that I was
interested in only five things: * Cock in cunt * Cock in Mouth * Cock in
Ass * Man's tongue in cunt * The various kissing, touching, licking and
sucking that lead to the above four. This life-style came to a screeching
halt in the mid 80's when first herpes and then AIDS raised their ugly
heads. Luckily, just about that time, Don came along. He made me feel
just the way I wanted to feel, he was adventurous when it counted, he
allowed me the freedom I needed (not just about sex, but with my career and
other life choices too.) Fifteen months after I met him, it turned out that
we had both been 'faithful' to each other for over eight of them, and we
figured that we might as well make it formal. Children? My dear, I'm
telling you that Don is perfect; he'd gotten a vasectomy the same year that
I got fixed. I realized that this was going to be a major life-style
change. We never mentioned being faithful for the rest of our lives, and I
don't think either of us dwelled on it, but for the first two years we were
married neither of us made any efforts. We did all the things newly wed
couples do: got the china we needed, bought a house, joined a country club,
the whole yuppie works. Then we started pillow talk not only about all our
old lovers, but about our fantasies for the future, too. It was soon after
that I sat down and figured out my ethical rules; if and when Don ever let
me loose, I knew I needed a chain to keep me in the neighborhood. One day
we received terrible news. We had some very good friends and next-door
neighbors and Fred, Jill's husband, was killed in an auto accident. Jill,
of course, was devastated, and relied on us to help her and her two young children after all the relatives had gone home. The three of us became
best of friends. She came over whenever she had a moment just to talk to
me, and Don was always over there playing with the kids or fixing stuff
around her house. One day, Don came back and said to me, "Lisa, Jill just
hit on me." "Did you nail her?" I asked. Nobody's ever accused me of being
subtle. "Lisa! She's going through a real tough time now. The last thing
she needs is more complications." "The last thing she needs is more
negative feelings, like being horny and alone. You should give her what he
needs." "But what about you? What about our marriage?" "Do you think that
I'd be upset with you because you choose to be sweet with one of our
dearest friends? I think the next time she comes on to you, you should
just let her have it." The next day, when Jill came over I turned the
conversation to sex and love, and let her know indirectly that anything she
did with Don was okay with me. After a week of the two of them mooning
over each other, they still hadn't done anything about it. One evening, I
arranged for a baby-sitter for Jill and told her she was coming over to our
house for dinner and relaxation. Over salads and wine, I told them that I
thought they were being silly, that I was going to go to a movie, and would
be gone for at least two and a half hours. I told them that what they did
was their business. And then I left. When I got back, the downstairs was
dark, and I heard noises from the bedroom. I got a drink and a book, and
sat down in our rec room. After awhile, Don sauntered nakedly out to get
some cold drinks from the refrigerator and found me. "Oh, sorry, I didn't
know you were home." "Don't sweat it. You look pooped," I remarked,
observing his anatomy. "Are you and Jill enjoying yourselves?" "We sure
are. Are you still okay with this?" "Absolutely. The two of you don't
have to rush out on my account. Let her stay in there as long as she
wants." Of course, they were out twenty minutes later. Jill started to be
embarrassed, but I just hugged her and let her know that I cared for her,
and that anything she needed was fine by me. Soon after that, Don walked
her home and came right back. Don was too fatigued that night to get it on
with me, but his tongue worked just fine. For the next eight months, it
was a regular menage a tois. Don was with her five or six times a month.
Sometimes Jill would farm the kids out to her relatives, and a few times I
baby sat for them. After awhile, Jill met a divorced man and Don quickly
stepped out of the way. Jill and Bob got married after a few months, and
still live next door in a strictly monogamous relationship. They're great
friends, but not as close as Jill and Fred were. Threesomes? Oh, Jill
wasn't in it for the sex, she needed companionship. If I had inserted
myself into the formula, it might have screwed her up big time. The single
time that Don suggested it, I just ignored it. See rule #2. A couple of
months into Jill and Don's affair, Don asked me what I was doing about the
lack of attention. "What lack of attention?" "Well, you know, I mean the
physical side of things." guys can be such dorks. "Oh, you mean I'm not
getting laid as much as I used to." "Well, yeah." "What am I supposed to
do, Don? Take on a lover myself? How would you feel about that? I'd
never do anything that would hurt you, and you never told me it was okay."
After discussing it for awhile, we set up some ground rules. It was okay
for either of us to have other lovers as long as we were inconspicuous, and
that we didn't keep secrets from each other. I didn't do anything. A
couple of weeks later when Don mentioned it again, I just told him that I
thought it was just pillow talk, nothing serious. Don told me that it was
serious, and that he was disappointed. "Why?" "Well, two nights after our
talk, you worked really late at the office. I figured that you'd gone and
gotten a guy and weren't telling me about it." "No, dear, I wouldn't do
that. When I do have an affair, you'll be the third to know. I promise."
And that set a binding contract down. I didn't wait to be told a third
time. I'm climbing the ranks of a Fortune-1000 company in the Human
Resources department, and part of the dues are serving on industry councils
and the like. I was on a committee, and at the next meeting, when they
asked for volunteers for some silly report, Brian, a married guy I liked a
lot, stepped up and said he'd do it, but he needed one other person to
help. I agreed to serve as his assistant. We met at my office after hours
a few nights later to work on it, and I was wearing the right amount of
everything. A red blouse that wasn't too tight with a little cleavage, a
white skirt that had a slit up the side to show lots of leg, red pumps and
jewelry. As we worked, I let him see some leg, and I would bend over once
in awhile so that he could take a peek at my sheer red bra. I could see
him getting hot, and as we were nearing the end of the evening's work, I
stood up, went behind him to point at some figures, and let my tits rub his
arm. Of course, we started kissing and after awhile, he grabbed my breast.
I'm sure he thought he was going to get laid right on my desk. I stopped
and said, "Brian, what would your wife think about this?" "The same thing
your husband would, I guess." "Really? My husband knows everything about
me, and if we have an affair I will tell him about it within days. Don
doesn't mind that I fool around, but he wants me to be safe. Can you say
the same about your wife? And if you can't, will you be okay if she finds
out about it?" We kissed a couple more times, and I told him to think about
it. If he decided to get serious, let me know. He didn't call me back, so
I figured it was a bust. When I saw Brian at the next council meeting, I
said hello and asked, "So how's it hanging?" "Pretty well, I think. I'd
like to talk to you about it sometime." "Anytime you're ready." He called
me at home the next evening, and Don answered the phone. Handing it over
to me, I said, "Hello, Brian." "Hi, Lisa, you know I've been thinking."
"About what?" "Well, you know, how we were acting that night and how
beautiful you are, . . ." "Oh, and how you'd like to fuck me?" "Lisa! Is
your husband listening to this?" "He sure is. Do you have a problem with
that?" Don had picked his ears up at the F-word, and was giving me a
quizzical look. "Well, no, I guess not, as long as he doesn't." "He
doesn't, I told you that. So, have you finally decided that you want to
get into my pants?" "Well, I was thinking of how I could put it a little
more romantically, but since it's out on the table, yes, I'd enjoy that."
"Oh, I know you will." Don was listening intently now. "And what about
your wife, what are we going to do about her?" "I've decided that I'm a big
boy. I'm willing to accept the chance that she'd find out. Or were you
planning on calling her up?" "I wouldn't do that. I don't kiss and tell,
except to my husband. Okay, it's your move, what should we do?" "Well, my
wife is going out of town this week to visit some relatives. I was
thinking that you could come over to my house . . ." "No, Brian, not a good
idea. Your wife could easily find out. Why don't you get a room at a nice
hotel, and I'll meet you in the lounge? Say, 7:30 on Friday evening?" We
agreed, and I hung up the phone. Then I went over to Don and said, "Well,
I told you you'd know. Is this still okay, I can back out if you want me
to?" Don's prick was as hard as they get. As I was talking to him, I took
it out and started playing with it. "Oh, no, Lisa, you won't get out of it
as easily as that. You made a date with him. But I'd sure like to be a
mouse in the corner." So I told Don what I was planning on doing to Brian,
and did it to him instead. For the first time in a long time, Don came
twice with me that night. Afterwards, I said, "Well, you can't be a mouse
in the corner. I've tried it, and I don't care for exhibitionism. But
would you like to meet him before we screw?" He decided that he would, just
for curiosity's sake. Friday night rolled around, and I had Don drive me
to the hotel. It was summertime, and I wore a serious trolling outfit,
tight halter top and shorts that were painted on. We got a booth in the
lounge, and I sat where I could see the door. Don took a seat across from
me. When Brian walked into the bar, I got up and stepped up to where he
could greet me without seeing Don. I gave him a kiss that promised a lot
more, and then sat down. When I introduced Brian to Don, he nearly shit!
The three of us sat there, drinking our drinks and making small talk.
Brian was a little confused, and I reached over to hold his hand.
Underneath the table, I started playing footsies and then reached under the
table to rub his leg. After awhile, I took his hand and put it on my
thigh. The chicken didn't have the nerve to move it higher, but he sure
wasn't taking it off either. Finally, I gave Don a prearranged signal. He
swallowed the rest of his drink, got up and said, "Brian, I'm sure that you
two have a lot of work to do on that report. Would you do me the favor of
driving Lisa home when you guys are finished?" Then he left. It didn't
take Brian long to get us out the bar and up to the room he had rented. I
knew that he thought we were going to just take off our clothes and bang,
but I wanted to have some fun with him. I had finished the report, and it
was perfect. Except, that is, for four glaring errors I had placed in it.
I kissed Brian, a deep sloppy kiss, and then told him that I wanted him to
look the report over and see if he could find anything wrong with it. He
thought I was joking, but I was serious; we had to finish our work before
we could play. I laid down on the bed, and made him sit in the chair to
review my work. When Brian found the first error, I took my sandals off.
When he got the second one, I stood up and peeled off my shorts, revealing
a tiny G-string. I told him to go on reading the report, and laid back
down on the bed. He couldn't take his eyes off of me, and it must have
taken him 10 minutes to find the next mistake. I told him to come over to
the bed and take my halter top off. In a shot he was over, stripping it to
give him a great view of my tits, and he was sucking and feeling me
everyplace. I started stripping his clothes off until I got to his
underwear, and then stopped. "You've still got one more mistake to find."
I had him lay on his side on the bed to read the report, and then I cuddled
up beside him. I was rubbing my body all over him, and my hands were
freely roaming over the front of his body, putting my fingers into his
mouth, pinching his nipples, and leaving no part untouched, except for his
dick. I came close, but wouldn't grab it. Brian was unable to concentrate
on the paper, and I gave him a couple of hints. Finally, he spotted it,
and I grabbed his pecker. Rolling him on his back, I put a tit into his
mouth, and started serious manipulation of his tool. Then I started
kissing him starting at the mouth, going around to his eyes, ears and neck,
down to his nipples and finally got down to his briefs. I stripped them
off, and there was one of the stiffest tools I've ever had the pleasure to
know. I got it into my mouth, and got him going until he almost came, at
which point I stopped my ministrations. Getting up, I pulled off my
panties, sat on the dresser, and told him, "Okay, Sparky, let's see what
you can do for me." He wanted to come over and put it in me, but I told him
that he couldn't until he made me come first. Pushing his head down
between my legs, I let him eat me. Now remember, this was the first man (other than Don) that I'd had in almost five years. I don't know if Brian
was really that good, but he had me coming in no time. I was seeing stars
when I got him up and guided his cock home. In about two minutes, we were
both grunting and groaning, and his sperm was going up into my twat. I
loved it! We got down from there, and I said that I wanted a hot bath,
would he like one too? Surprise, surprise, he did, he did! After drawing the bath, I let him get in first, and then sat with my back to his stomach.
I gave him the soapy washcloth, and told him to get me clean. He got the
idea, and started rubbing all of my body that he could reach with the
cloth. When he got down to my pussy, he let the washcloth slip away and
started finger fucking me. I just relaxed and let myself come. By that
time, I could tell from the lump in my back that he was ready to go again,
so I turned around and sat on top of him. I moved very slowly, so that we
wouldn't start a tidal wave, and it wasn't long until he was spending
again, with me joining him in the fervor. We stood up, soaped each other
all over again, and then rinsed in the warm shower. Then we toweled each
other off, and got under the bed clothes. We were just kissing and
nibbling each other. He made me come once more by eating me, but I
couldn't get him to come in my mouth. We finally fell asleep. I woke
about 4:30 in the morning, and it wasn't long before Brian was up too, in
more ways than one. I finally got him to come in my mouth (I love the
different tastes that men's sperm have; in a strange way, it's like the
different varieties and vintages of wine.) Afterwards, we nibbled and
sucked some more, and then he was getting ready again. I let him climb on
top of me in missionary, a position I detest, but before he could spend, I
turned around, laid on my side with my back facing him, and let him enter
me from the rear. Before too long, it was starlight for both of us again.
Getting out of bed, I suggested that it was time that he drove me home. On
the way, I agreed to let him take me out again the next week after work.
When we got to our house, I kissed him good morning, went into the house,
stripped off my clothes and got into bed with my husband, who was snoring
soundly. When he woke up and smelled the ruttiness, he took charge and
kissed me all over, eating my still-wet pussy. When he was done, I got on
top of him, and told him all about the evening while I slowly fucked him.
When I made him breakfast before he went to the golf course, all I wore was
the G-string that Brian had me in. Although I had left plenty of time, Don
was late for his tee-time, and had to meet his partners on the second hole.
This started our tradition. Don knew about most of my affairs before they
even started, and I told him all about my dates as soon as I could.
Sometimes, I had affairs that were out of town at conventions and such, but
I never had a man that I didn't know I wanted before I left town. Don
sometimes wondered why not, but I'm very cautious about this. If I know
what I'm going to do, I can plan it so that I won't be surprised. I like
to be in control, not only of the guy and the situation, but also of
myself; sometimes, I'm afraid of what I'll do. In the ten years since
Brian, I've been in bed with about one guy a year, two at the most. Most
of the guys have been married, but there was one single guy that I trusted,
a couple of recent divorcees that I took on as charity cases, and one
sixty-seven year old widower who I really enjoyed. The men I dated never
knew Don and I socially before the affair, and I never dated men at the
office. I like to keep my life into three separate cubby-holes: my life
with Don, my career, and all the other great fucks in the world. This
means that a few men that I'd like to get to know have to be overlooked,
but it's a small price to pay for peace. How do I meet them? I flirt,
shamelessly and openly. Most men take it for what it is, simple social
lubrication that good-looking women use with men that they find somewhat
attractive. Women who I trust and respect don't have any problems with it
either. Am I a tease? Absolutely not. A tease is someone who won't come
through when she's given a man reason to believe that he just might find
his way in. If a man who is not verboten has the guts to make a pass at
me, he's got a fairly good chance of finding himself flat on his back while
I have my way with him. If he doesn't make the pass (and most guys who I
flirt with don't) he never played his cards, so how could he call me a
tease? Most of my liaisons have been in hotel rooms, but I'd bring them to
our house once in awhile, when I didn't think Don would be home. (Once Don
came home unexpectedly and caught me with a guy on the living room floor.
Don politely excused himself and left. The jerk was so upset, even though
I'd told him that my husband was cool about the arrangement, that he put
his clothes on and left. He never got laid by me again.) I never went to a
married man's house; that's a good way to get in serious trouble. Nor did
I do it outside or in a car. My husband can have me wherever he wants me,
but I try my best not to get caught shamefaced with my boyfriends.
Occasionally, I'd introduce Don to a guy I was boinking, but we never did
the meet-my-husband-before-you-fuck-me routine again. My affairs never
last long. I just don't find much interest in doing the same things over
and over again, so when I realize that I know what the guy is going to try
to do to me next, I break it off politely and cleanly. I never just stop
seeing them, I let them know that this is the last time. Then I fuck their
brains out. Threesomes or foursomes? Well, I kept on the lookout for a
guy that I could bring home for that purpose, but it just never panned out.
Don dated a married woman for a long time who also has an open
relationship, and we went out socially with she and her husband a couple of
times. Unfortunately, there was simply no spark between the other guy and
I. I would have had group sex with them just to give Don the experience,
but he told me that he'd rather I only did it with people that I want to;
he's a wise man. ------------ Actually, I've left out a piece of me that
I'm really passionate about. Twelve years ago, Don and I joined a country
club, and I took up golf. I love that game, it's as challenging as they
come, and I've gotten quite good at it. I'm down to a fourteen handicap
(which means I can beat most of the guys), and I've done well in some of
the tournaments at the club. Don and I won the mixed couples championship
once, but I'd never won the Women's Club Championship. It was getting
close to the Championship the first weekend in August, and I was practicing
my ass off. I skipped out of work early and got to the club about 1:30. A
guy I knew slightly, Dave somebody or other, was putting on the practice
green as I was getting ready to go out by myself. He stepped over and
asked if I would mind if he joined me. I agreed, and he told the
caddy-master to put his clubs on the passenger side of the cart. We rolled
off the first tee after a couple of nice tee shots, and we got to talking.
I knew his wife Judy slightly, and asked about her. Without his saying a
single word about her that wasn't positive, I knew she was a pain in the
ass, and that he thought I was much more exciting than she was. Can't say
that I was surprised, most married men feel that way about me; it's not so
much a recommendation for my skills as a condemnation of the way many wives
treat their husbands. Judy kept to her little clique at the club, talking
their gossip, making up their little rules that I always ignored (and
getting the cold shoulder for my efforts) and basically being a road-bump
on the highway of life. Whenever I played against one of those girls, I
always tried a little harder. When I told Dave that I didn't think I'd
ever played golf with Judy, he told me that she didn't think much of the
game. He made it sound like the pronouncement of the death sentence. By
the third hole we were laughing and joking. Dave told a couple of jokes
that his wife probably blushed at. I told him a couple that would have
burned her ears. I found him to be a very attractive man, and by the time
we got into the woods on the back nine, I was flirting and Dave was
reciprocating. Nothing serious, just some looks, I let my leg bump up
against his in the cart, one time as we were both pulling clubs out of the
bag my tit got caught up against his forearm. When we got off of 18, I
gave him a little hug and kiss on the cheek. Done one way, this is just a
way for friends of opposite sex to greet each other. The other way
promises nirvana. I told Dave that I hoped he have a good time with Judy
that night. Oh, my practice round? I'm now the Women's Club Champion!
After the final round on Sunday afternoon, everybody gathered in the
grillroom and was buying me drinks in celebration. I saw Dave eating
dinner with the lovely Judy on the other side of the restaurant, and I blew
him a little kiss. When we got home that night, I received a phone call;
it was Dave. Don was passed out on the sofa, exhausted from the rigors of
getting me around the course (which means he'd been in the clubhouse all
day drinking beer.) Dave congratulated me on my win, beat around the bush
for awhile, and then asked if I'd like to have a drink with him sometime.
"Why, Dave, I'm flattered. But why would you want to have a drink with
me?" "Oh, we just seemed to have so much in common. I thought maybe we
could learn a little bit more about each other." ('Yeah, sure', I thought.)
Now before I answered, I let the situation run through my mind. If we met
at the club, he'd just wimp out on me. But if we met someplace else, he
might make a pass at me. Did I want that to happen? Was I able to stop it
without hurting him, because I sure as hell wasn't going to sleep with
anyone from the club? Finally, he broke me out of my considerations, and
said, "You still there?" "Oh, I'm sorry Dave, I just dropped something.
Now what did you ask me? Oh, yes, about the drink. Sure, I enjoyed your
company the other day, too. I'd love it." Then I decided to find out how
far he was likely to go. "Where should we meet?" When he suggested a bar
near the hotels, I was pretty sure what highway he was on.
--------------------------------- I told Don on Thursday morning that I
might be home a little late that night; now look, I was not doing anything
wrong here. Since I didn't expect to go to bed with Dave my tradition
about telling Don before I did anything didn't come into play. Yes, this
guy was from our social life, but I figured with his wife, the last thing I
had to worry about was him telling stories about me. Thirdly, Dave didn't
ask me where I'd be, and I didn't offer; I didn't lie to him. When I
dressed for work, it was one of my more conservative business suits, only a
muslim woman would have shown less than I did. Dave was already at the bar
when I got there that evening. I greeted him with a hug and kiss; this
time, it was the chaste version. He bought me a drink, and then led me
back to a booth. I was tempted to ask, "Okay, Dave, why are we here?" but
instead took a more circuitous route. "How's Judy?" His face flushed a
little bit, and he cast his eyes down. Not a good sign. "Fine," he said.
"Will she be joining us later?" I was almost ashamed of myself. "No, I
don't think so." "You two make such a nice couple." I wondered if he would
get the sarcasm. He didn't. "Yes, all our friends tell us that, but they
don't know." Ah, the old my-wife-doesn't-understand-me ploy. But then it
took a change. "I love Judy. I don't know what I'd do without her." guys who are trying to jump your bones don't usually tell you that. "But we had
so much fun the other day, I just wanted to spend a little more time with
you." For the next forty-five minutes, he told me his life story. I
actually started to sympathize a little bit with Judy, as apparently her
upbringing had a lot to do with her circumstances. They were married in
college after she became pregnant, and she'd done the best she could.
Tough times early in Dave's career had caused Judy to become very tight
with money, and the recent good luck that Dave had in business just didn't
seem to matter to the way Judy lived her life. No matter how much money
Dave made (and he was now worth a bundle, thanks to a patent he'd made
pay,) Judy wouldn't spend much of anything on herself. The only luxury she
allowed herself was tickets to the ballet and opera, and a riotous time
every Thursday night when she and her friends would go to the card-room in
the club, drink lemonade and play bridge until they were all in a frenzy.
After awhile, I started getting bored with all this, and decided to mix up
the formula. "So, Dave, how's Judy in the sack?" I could see I shocked
him; nice girls like his wife don't ask that kind of question. "Well, not
so good. She's never been interested in sex at all. I'm not sure if she's
clinically frigid, but she can be a real cold fish." "And you've been the
world traveler, sneaking off behind her back everytime you get the chance?"
"No, Lisa. You might not believe this, but I've never been with a woman
other than Judy. Not that I haven't had opportunities, I just felt I owed
it to Judy not to do anything while we still had kids at home or in
college." I challenged him on his "opportunities," and he told me a couple
of stories about women literally throwing themselves at him. young girls,
in particular, will do anything to hump a rich bugger and get something for
their efforts. I believed him. "Well, why here, why now?" I challenged,
destroying the myth that we were here just for a drink and a conversation.
"Our last son graduated from college in June, and the onus I put on myself
is over. Judy's not interested in satisfying me, and I'd like to find out
what other things there are in the world. I'd really like to meet an
intelligent, sexy woman who wasn't impressed with my money, so I wanted to
spend some time with you." "What would Judy do if she found us together?"
"I don't know. Perhaps divorce me, perhaps not. I hope she wouldn't, but
I've tried to get her to become more interesting, and she's not responding.
At the very worst, I'd give her enough money to last her for the rest of
her life. At the best, she might get shocked into changing our lives."
This was an answer I liked. He was making a tough choice, and I found him
stimulating for that. I asked Dave to go get us another drink, just so I
could think for a moment. After reflecting, I decided to go ahead. It was
obvious that he was going to jump someone sooner or later, so the morals of
breaking up a marriage were on him, not me. Also, I found myself wondering
what a guy who'd never had a good lay in 40-some years would be like. It
was time to set the ground rules. When he got back, I said, "Well, what am
I supposed to do about Don?" I wanted to make him think. "What do you
mean?" "Would you be willing to look him in the eye if he knew that you'd
been with his wife." "Will that happen?" "Yes, it will." Dave was shocked.
"You see, Dave, you've picked the right woman. Don and I have an
arrangement. I'm allowed to fuck anything I want, as long as I'm safe and
I tell him everything. You can bet I'm going to be safe, and I'll tell him
what's been going on, and with who. So the next time you bump into him on
the putting green, he'll know which hole you've been chipping into. Now,
can you stand that? Or will you try to avoid him?" He thought for a
minute. "And Don's fine with this? I mean, he won't try to punch me out,
or make a scene or anything?" "He hasn't with the other guys that I've
screwed. Of course, none of them have been from the club." "Okay, I can
live with that, then." He then waited for me to do something. I just sat
there. "Well, what do we do now?" "Hey, it's your nickel, sport." I
retorted. "But I tell you what, I'm going to walk out the door. You can
either walk out with me, in which case I'll let you drive me to a motel, or
you can sit here, finish your drink, and be home in time to watch your
favorite sit-com." I got up, and just started walking. I honestly didn't
know if he was behind me until I got halfway to the car. Then I felt his
arm around me. I figured I'd better start turning on the sex appeal; up to
this point, we'd talked too much. "Um, that feels good." We got to his
Cadillac, which was parked in the back out of eye-sight, and he opened the
door for me. As I started to get in, I 'tripped' a little and he had to
catch me. "Ooh, your arms feel good." I put my face up to get kissed,
which he did, a little tentatively, but it was a first effort, after all.
When he got in the car on the other side, I flowed up to him and let him
kiss me seriously. He didn't know how. It took two or three minutes to
get him to open his mouth enough for me to get my tongue in it. Almost
immediately, his hand went to my chest. I'd found a real rookie here,
folks. I broke it off, and said, "Okay, where are we going?" He drove to a
motel and got us a room. When we walked in, I closed the door, and let him
kiss me again. Then I said, "Listen, I need to use the bathroom." I went
in, tinkled, and took my pantyhose off. When I got back to the room, he
was already in bed with the lights off. "Up out of there, sport, I've got
plans for you." I threw the bedcovers back to reveal him in his tee-shirt
and boxer shorts and turned the lights up. "Go sit over there." and
pointed to the chair. I sat down on the bed. "Listen, you've told me you
are not experienced with other women. Is that the truth?" "I swear, Lisa,
I've never had anyone other than Judy." "Okay, well, what's your favorite
position with her?" "Position? You mean sexual position?" I nodded.
"Lisa, this is the God-honest truth. She's never let me have it except
with me on top." "You mean missionary? You guys have never done it with
her on top, or doggy style, or any other way?" "That's the sum of it."
"Well, you're going to have a good time tonight!" With that, I stood up and
took my jewelry off. I hate getting hair stuck in jewelry. "Stand up." I
came over to him, and stood next to him. "Kiss me like to mean it." He
tried. It wasn't good enough. "No," I said, "kiss me like you've got
nothing to do but kiss me. Don't think about what we're going to do, don't
think about the fact that you've got a raging hard on, don't think about
the fact that I'm fully dressed and you're half naked. Just concentrate on
your lips on my lips, your tongue and my tongue, and how good it feels." He
tried again, and it was much better. Not world class, but not hopeless.
"Okay, now you may do anything to me that you like, with one exception.
Your dick can't touch any part of me, not my hand, not my leg, not my
mouth, and certainly not my pussy. When, and only when you've satisfied
me, I'll take your cock in my hand and show it the time of it's life."
"What do you mean, satisfy?" "Orgasm, buster, and I want a good one. We're
doing this to get both of our rocks off, not just yours." With that, he
started to kiss me again. His hands began roaming around my chest, and he
kept this up for way too long. I was starting to get bored, when he got
lucky. You see, I have this thing about having my ears nibbled. Drives me
nuts. Dave started nibbling my ears, and I started making the little
sounds that I do. That excited him, so he unbuttoned my blouse on the back
and got it off me. I was wearing a bra from Victoria's Secret, nothing
real sexy, but I could tell he liked it. He started kissing me around that
neighborhood, and I said, "Pinch them." He got the idea, and started gently
pinching my nipples, then started chewing them through the bra. His hands
went to the zipper on my skirt, and after a few aborted attempts, finally
got it off and had me down to my panties. "You're beautiful," he said as
he gazed at my body, and he said it so touchingly that I almost cried.
After awhile, he had both of my pieces of underwear off, and was gazing at
my naked body. "Are you a real redhead," he said, "or do you dye yourself
down there, too?" "That's a question that you must never ask a lady," I
explained. "But since I'm not one, I'll tell you that my topside has
highlights that are compliments of my hairdresser, but below decks it's all
natural. You like it, I take." I could see that he did, and I said "Okay,
come take a closer look." I went over a laid down on the bed and motioned
to him to lay beside me. "Kiss me all over," I commanded. He did, and
finally got down to the honey pot. I threw my legs wide open, and by this
time I was getting a little wet. He sniffed it, and really went after it.
He was licking and sucking on it like he had never tasted a pussy before.
He just wasn't being effective, and finally, I faked a little orgasm so
that we could move on. When I was done 'coming,' he came back up and
started kissing my mouth. Dave was a real gentleman, and kept his
still-hidden dick away from me. I took off his shirt and boxers, and there
was his hard on, ready to go to work. I figured that he hadn't had any in
years, and that it would be easier to go to real work if I just took care
of him quickly. I kissed him and went down to his shaft. After a couple
of quick licks to get it lubricated, I took him in my mouth and started to
suck him while rubbing the rest with my hand. About 10 seconds into it, he
let go. I swallowed it as it came and just kept sucking until he was done.
I laid down beside him, and he told me how fantastic I was. And he hadn't
seen anything like my best work. Then I said, "Dave, while you're getting
reloaded, would you mind if I gave you a few suggestions on eating pussy?"
He said he didn't, so I had him try it again. I told him where to lick,
how to gently nibble, how to finger fuck me, and when I had him go into 69,
he started eating me really well. I was getting nice and hot, and he was
starting to come to life again, when he got off of me. "Lisa, would you
mind if we had intercourse now?" "Of course not, that's the reason we're
here, isn't it? What we've done up till now is just foreplay." So he tried
to get me into missionary. I just sat up, said, "No sir! You've had
enough of that to last you the rest of your life." I got up on my hands and
knees, and he figured out we were going doggy. Up he came, and started
away. By this time, I was pretty ready, so after a few minutes I finally
got to a fair orgasm. Nothing to write home about, but I was pretty sure
that he could feel my pussy muscles going to it. Pretty soon after that, I
felt him coming. I laid down on my side, and motioned for him to come up
beside me and hug me. I started moving his hands around my body, and
pretty soon he got the idea. He started playing with my nipples and I was
a little surprised at a little flicking motion that he was making that was
really getting to me. In a little while he moved one of his hands down to
my cunt and started playing with it, all the while nibbling on my neck and
ears and flicking my tits. I was getting excited, and another little
orgasm sort of surprised me. By this time, he was ready to go a third
time. About right, I thought, making up for lost time. I figured that we
should finish up the three basic positions (he already had missionary down
pat,) so I climbed up on top. This time it took him a long time to come,
and I had fun bouncing up and down while he played with my nipples and
tried to hang on. I think I shocked him a little bit when I put my hand
down to my clitoris and started to rub it. Soon thereafter, I had myself
into a really good come, and he came right with me. As we came down, I
whispered, "Sport, you were really great." Well no one ever said that bed
talk had to be truthful. I got up, went into the bathroom and cleaned up,
and then went back into the bedroom and started putting my clothes on. He
got the cue, went and took care of himself, and soon we were leaving. On
the way back, he asked if he could see me again. As I already explained, I
don't do one night stands. I said, "All right, one more time, but that's
all. Next Monday night? I'll make the arrangements, and phone you in your
office, okay?" I decided that I wouldn't tell Don until after I was done
with the affair next week; that way, he wouldn't have to worry while he was
at the club. -------------------------- I felt better when I woke up the
next morning. I'd done my good deed. One more time, and I'd send him on
his way. I decided that the next time would be so fantastic that he'd
never forget it. I phoned a bed and breakfast in a small town about a
half-hour away and made a reservation. I'd been there before, it's one of
the most romantic places I've ever seen. I thought that after this was all
over, I'd take Don there as a 'thank you.' I called Dave, and told him to
meet me there at 6:00. On Monday, I skipped out of work about 4:30 to
drive over, checked in, and let the innkeeper know what Dave looked like
(we were old friends by now; I'd taken quite a few of my guys there.) When
I got up to the room, I closed all the blinds so that the room was
completely dark, got out two dozen candles and lit them. I filled up the
large jacuzzi in the bathroom and put it on heat cycle. I got out a
portable CD player and put on some soft music. Then I got dressed in a
beautiful green boustiea, g-string and a sheer wrap. I put on some
matching high heels, and checked myself out; I was looking good. Dave got
in, and came up to the room. He saw me and looked me over quite thoroughly
before walking to me and kissing me passionately. I handed him a small
package, and told him to go into the bathroom and change into the contents.
When he came out, I could see that he had put on the skimpy g-string that I
had purchased for him. It covered him just enough to get me excited. I've
discovered that the most important thing to good sex is being in the mood.
The previous Thursday, I'd been nervous about the situation and Dave's
inexperience. As a result, although Dave had a good time, it was pretty
much of a bust for me. Tonight I was in control, and I found myself
getting so excited that as soon as Dave came over to hold me, I felt the
electricity. We laid on the bed, and just explored each other's bodies
with our hands and mouths. Then Dave started slowly stripping my costume
off. By the time he had everything off but the panties, I was ready. He
went down on me while he took them off, and this time he paid attention to
what I had told him. It wasn't long until I was having a serious orgasm.
Dave didn't let up after I was done, and soon I was coming again. I got up
and had him to sit in a high backed victorian arm chair. I started kissing
him from head to toe. I sucked on his toes, and bit his nipples hard.
Then I got to his groin, and just licked around the edges of the g-string.
The head of his cock poked out, and I nibbled it a little bit. Then I
stripped him of his cloth, and started seriously sucking on his scrotum.
He was loving it, and then I slowly licked his cock. I could tell that he
was getting excited, and I took the whole thing in my mouth, getting very
deep. In that position, unless you tickle the underside of the shaft with
your tongue, it's unlikely that he'll come, but it feels very good for him.
When he was getting close, I took it out of my mouth, and climbed on the
armrests facing him. I lowered my cunt onto his cock, very slowly, and
told him to hold my back so that I wouldn't fall. I then moved my calves
up on to his neck. In this position, I could feel it half way up my
vagina. Then I started moving my pelvis slowly, all the while playing with
Dave's nipples. He figured out what was happening and grabbed my ass to
help me move. We went on like this for a long time, coming close, but each
time either of us approached climax I would slow down to give us a
breather. Finally, I let us both come. It was fantastic for both of us
this time. We extricated ourselves from the position, and I led Dave into
the steaming jacuzzi. We sat in it for awhile playing with each other. I
showed him how I liked my nipples to be kissed and chewed, and Dave started
getting real good at it. Then he put his finger into my cunt, and I was
seeing stars again. We went into the shower and washed each other. I
thought that Dave would try a shower scene, but apparently he thought that
was a little athletic. We went back to the bed and I told him to lay on
his stomach. I produced some oil, and started rubbing his back, legs and
ass. When I started to rub his anus, he gave a little start and then
relaxed. I bent down to tongue it, and then put my finger, gently, all the
way up. You could tell he was in heaven. After awhile, I took my finger
out, and turned him over to oil his front. I then gave him the oil and let
him apply it to me. I let him do my front first, and then turned over to
let him work on my back. When he got to my ass, I wondered if he would go
for it, and he did. I love having my ass kissed, and Dave didn't hold
back. The difference between boys and girls (alright, another difference,)
is that girls can climax from being finger fucked in the ass. I don't
think Dave knew that when he got there that night, but he did when we left.
Heavenly! Dave was ready again, and this time we did it side saddle, with
me controlling my movements by putting my heels on the wooden side of the
bed, and grabbing the canopy supports on the roof of the bed. This room
was built for romance. After we calmed down, we laid on the bed. I
started talking to Dave, and asking him what his plans were. The
underlying assumption when we arrived that night was that he would never
see me romantically again. But after this evening, if Dave really wanted
to continue it, I was willing to let it go on a little bit more. Dave told
me that he'd thought about it, and come to the conclusion that he would go
back to Judy and try to get her to be more interesting somehow.t He knew
she'd never be in my league, but he'd had a good life with her up to now,
and he really didn't want to break that up. I was disappointed that this
was ending so quick, just when I'd gotten him broke in, but I told him that
I was glad he was satisfied now, and he said, "Well, really, I'm not, quite
. . ." "What do you mean?" "Well, there is one fantasy that I've had for
many years. I was hoping that you'd help me finish it off. It would mean
just one more time with me, and then, I swear, I'll never ask another thing
of you again." "Tell me about it. I might be willing to help." "It's
simple. I've laid in my wife's bed for twenty-six years, and never had a
good time in it. I've fantasized for years about having another woman in
our marriage bed. I'd love to get you in there so that whenever I went to
bed with her, I could think of you. If I could make sure that you were
safe and wouldn't get caught, would you come with me to my house?" Now,
this was really breaking the rules. If we were surprised, there'd be hell
to pay. I really wanted to help Dave out, as the rest of his life was
going to be a really, really long time. But this seemed to be asking too
much. Then Dave started explaining how it could work. Judy played bridge
every Thursday night. She left the house at 5:45, and didn't come home
again until 9:45 or 10:00. Dave told me that in the past four years, she
had never been home before 9:30. We could get there about 6:30, make love
for an hour or so, and be gone long before she ever got back. I was
hesitant, but then Dave played his ace card -- he started nibbling on my
ear. When he put his hand down to my vagina, I agreed, but I made him make
me come again before I told him. We showered again, and Dave told me that
he had told Judy that he was on a business trip. "Do you think you could
stay the night with me?" he asked. "Oh, Sport, I'd love to, but . . ."
"But your husband would be upset, wouldn't he?" "No, that's not it.
Actually, I haven't told Don about us yet, but I could phone him and let
him know that I was having fun . . . I've done that a couple of times, and
he's never objected. But the real reason that I can't stay is that I'm
going out of town for two weeks soon, and I've got a ton of work left to
get ready for the trip. If I stayed here you wouldn't let me get any
sleep!" I finally got him to agree to let me leave, but before I left I
tucked him into bed. When I got home, Don was playing with his computer,
so I didn't get to tell him what I was doing that night. For one reason or
another, the next two nights weren't good for that talk either. It's
possible that I was just nervous that this affair was so close to home, and
I thought Don might be upset about it. ------------------- Did I trust
Dave about this idea of sleeping with him at his house? Absolutely not! I
went over to the club, and started chatting with the hostess who I knew
well. I told her I wanted to make a reservation for Thursday night, and
then got a look at the book. There were the biddies, including Judy. Safe
as houses. Thursday evening I drove my car to a park about 5 blocks from
Dave's house. I parked my car in a secluded area in back, and when Dave
drove by I got into his Caddy. He had me scoot down so that no one would
see me as we drove into the area. When we got to the house, he opened up
the garage and drove in. Only after the garage door was closed did I get
up. We walked in, and went straight to the bedroom. Before I let Dave
touch me, I took a good look around, and tried to memorize how everything
was; I was planning on not letting any suggestion of my visit remain.
After work, I'd changed into a cute little black dress with a bare midriff
connected by straps. I took off my earrings , tennis bracelet and choker,
and put them on the nightstand. Dave pulled my dress off me to find
matching panties. I stripped Dave down completely, and proceeded to give
him the blow job of the century. I was just done, and getting ready to let
him eat me, when all of a sudden, the door flew open. There was Judy,
looking at us. It was only 6:50. I knew she recognized me. She just took
in the scene, and you could see tears starting to stream down her cheeks.
She turned away, sobbing, and closed the door behind her. I was upset, but
Dave was nearly hysteric. I got dressed, and told him to get dressed too.
After we pulled on our clothes, I just told Dave it would be all right and
to go to his wife. Then I just walked out the front door (Judy was nowhere
in sight) and walked the quarter mile back to the car. Only after I got in
and closed the door did I allow myself to be a nervous wreck. I cried for
fifteen minutes, cursing myself for being such a fool. Our nice life was
going to be ruined; the affair would be gossiped all over the club and we
would have to resign; Don was going to suffer the reputation of a cuckold
when he wasn't, and it was all my fault! Then I discovered that I had
forgotten to put my jewelry back on. I thought about calling Dave, or
going back to his house, and then I just decided to forget it. Some things
are just too expensive. Finally, I pulled myself together and drove home.
When I got there, Don knew immediately that something was wrong. I figured
that now was better than never, so I told him the whole story. He was
thoughtful, but not angry or upset. He kept telling me that everything was
going to be okay. He pointed out that I was going out of town for a couple
of weeks, and that maybe everything would blow over by the time I got back.
Eventually, we fell into a sexless, fitful sleep. ---------------- The
next morning at work, I prepped for my trip. An H/R convention was
starting in Anaheim on Sunday, and I was flying out to the coast on
Saturday as I was on one of the committees. After it ended up on Thursday,
I would bump around the west visiting some of the corporation's branches
and factories, explaining the new benefits package to groups of employees.
I was glad, it would do me good. When my boss looked in on me, he figured
that the stress I was evidently feeling was due to the pressures of the
trip, and he told me not to take it too seriously. I got a message from
Dave, but was much to busy to respond. I figured if it was important, he'd
get me at home that night. I got home, and Don made a nice little dinner
while I packed. Later on in the evening, I got myself all dolled up for
him, and we made love for a couple of hours. Yes, we talked about Dave,
and I told him all about he turned from Mr. Nothing to SuperStud. We had
fun. I took a midday flight to LAX (I hate that airport. Come to think of
it, I hate that whole city.) After I settled into the hotel, I gave Don a
call. We aren't the kind of couple that keeps tabs on each other, but I
wanted to find out if there had been any concerns at the club; I knew that
Dave and Don both played golf on Saturdays. It turned out that they had
had a short, civilized conversation, and that Dave thought that Judy wasn't
going to make a fuss. I was a little relieved, but still not relaxed yet.
The convention started, and I was involved in all the hoopla. When I got
back to my room about 8:00 on Tuesday evening, there was a message from
Don. I called him back, and he told me that he and Judy had met so that she
could give him my jewelry. He told me that she was adamant that there
would be no scandal and no divorce. Everything was okay! I felt so good,
that when I went down to the bar and I met a guy that I'd had a
relationship with at this convention three years ago, I let him know that
if he came up to my room later, he wouldn't be disappointed. You're
shocked? But this wasn't breaking the rules! Sure, it was on the spur of
the moment, but Mike had already been my lover. And I told him before we
started that I only had this one night free. My fondest memory of that
trip is being screwed in the Hilton while being illuminated by fireworks
from the Magic Kingdom. The trip went along successfully. I spent the
weekend bumming around San Francisco, where my Monday appointments were.
No, I didn't bump into anyone I liked, and there was no sex. Disappointed?
I called Don once from a pay phone out on Pier 39 where you could hear the
sea lions in the background. No further news, all was calm. Tuesday
evening, when I landed in Seattle, (Portland was Tuesday, Seattle was
Wednesday,) I was surprised to get a voicemail from Judy. She asked me to
call her at home as soon as I got into my hotel. By the time I got there,
it was after 9:00 Pacific time, and after midnight back home. I returned
the call anyway. Now this conversation really shocked me. 10 days ago,
Judy had found me in bed with her husband. To all outward appearances and
on the sworn statement of her husband, Judy was the original prude. After
we had talked for a few moments, Judy asked me to please fuck her husband
one more time. (Those aren't her words, I think the exact phrase was to
'have sexual relations.') The story she gave me was that she was trying to
get over this incident and figure out a way to make herself more appealing
to him. ('Learn how to screw,' was what I suggested, but under my breath.)
She was worried that she'd interrupted us just as her husband was filling a
lifetime fantasy. She knew that because Dave had explained to all to her
and what it meant to him. (I gave him two gold stars for honesty, one
demerit for stupidity.) It was her feeling that if he blamed her for this
failure, she'd never get the chance to turn her life around. So would I
please boink him one more time, at their house, so that we all go back to
living wonderful lives? Yes, I was skeptical. Wouldn't you be? But I
couldn't turn her down flat. Instead, I bounced the ball back into her
court. I told her that I might consider it if her husband called me and
substantiated her story. I didn't just want to show up and say, "Hey, Dave
remember the last time? Let's forget your wife and keep going!" She told
me that she agreed to that, and when was the soonest we could arrange this?
Well, luckily, the manager of the Denver office had called me up and told
me that Friday afternoon had turned bad. Would I mind just doing the
morning session; I could catch an earlier flight back? I figured that I
could get into town on a flight that landed at 7:45. If she could convince
Dave, I'd take a taxi over to their house, meet Dave, take care of
business, and then call another cab to take me home. I could get there
8:45 to 9:00, have a nice screw (no, I didn't say that, I was being very
refined,) and still get home by midnight, which was the time Don was
expecting me to get in. She thanked me, and told me that Dave would call
me either way. The next morning as I was doing my morning calisthenics,
(not those, I knew no one in Seattle,) my room phone rang. It was Dave.
He was on a golf trip in North Carolina, and had talked to Judy. He
thought that she was over-reacting a little bit, but she was being awfully
nice about the whole thing. If I wanted to, he was sure he could go round
with me one more time, just to appease Judy, you understand. I could
almost feel the drool over the phone, feels like you're just next door. We
talked, and agreed that Friday was the optimal time. He was scheduled to
arrive at the airport at 6:30 Friday night. He'd just wait for me at the
baggage claim, and then drive me home. If I wanted to catch a taxi from
his house to mine, okay, or else he'd drive me home. That night I took the
flight to Salt Lake. Of course not, nobody gets laid in Utah! The next
night I flipped over to Denver, and I could tell that I was getting horny.
I'd been without sex for 10 days. When I got into the airport Friday
night, there was Dave just like we'd planned. He drove the car around
while I got my luggage out of hock, and then we drove to his house. On the
way, I let my hand wander to his thigh; it might have touched his cock. He
tried to get at my boobs, but I moved to the other side of the car, just to
torment him. As we approached his house, we got to talking about how nice
Judy was being. Dave suggested that I might help him and Judy out by
taking her out, getting her some new clothes, show her how to make herself
up, things like that. I suggested that maybe her husband's lover wasn't
the proper person for this job, but that I'd keep my mind open. When we
got to his house, we were both ready for some serious sex. Judy's car
wasn't in the garage, so we figured we were home free. We drove into the
garage, slammed the car doors, went in the side entrance and attacked each
other up the stairway until we got to the bedroom. Dave opened the door,
and walked in before me. He stopped cold, and I looked over his shoulder
to see Judy sitting on top of a guy. Her beaver was completely shaved, the
universal sign of a woman who doesn't care what she fucks, as long as she's
fucking something. The only thing she was wearing was the choker I'd been
wearing the last time I was in this room! Then I looked at the guy, and it
was my husband. I gasped in surprise. Judy told Don to keep going, and
ordered the two of us to sit on the bed and watch. 'All right!' I thought,
'live sex shows!' Dave was in shock, and I led him over to the bed, and sat
him down. Judy was grinding away, and I could see that Don was nice and
hard as his dick slithered in and out of Judy's slippery vagina. I looked
down at Dave, and could see that he had a raging hard-on. I started
kissing him on the neck, and finally got his attention. I got him out of
his clothes, then stripped mine off, and laid down on the bed next to Don.
Dave was on me in a flash, in the missionary position. I put my legs
around him, and grabbed his ass. It didn't take him long to come. I was
close, but I was too interested in the noises that Judy was making. She's
a world class screamer! This was a frigid woman? What had gone on in the
last two weeks that I didn't know about? As Dave was getting off me, Judy
reached over, hugged him while my husbands dick was still at attention
inside of her, and kissed him. I bent over and gave Don a kiss with a
question mark attached. When we all started to get up, Judy put on her
transparent robe, told us all to laze around , and left us to get some
drinks and snacks. Don asked us (US!) what we were doing there. Dave gave
a befuddled answer; it was clear that he wasn't thinking too well due to
the shock of the situation. While I was filling in the story, Judy walked
back into the room, poured us all a glass of champagne, and sat down on a
fainting couch to watch us sort the story out. I figured I fix her, so
while I continued, I got both of the guys to work on me with their hands.
After all, I brought Dave off earlier, but hadn't gotten any myself.
Eventually, I got Dave to eat me, and had a pretty good orgasm, but it
didn't seem to make much difference to Judy; in fact, she urged Dave on.
After we were done, I just looked at Don who had gone over to sit with Judy
while this was going on, and asked, "Okay, loverboy, what in the hell WERE
you doing here, fucking Dave's wife?" Judy didn't let Don answer, but
started giving us the story herself. It seems that when Don had met her to
get my jewelry, she asked him how she could make herself more exciting, Don
had said that she needed a tutor. He took on that duty, and Judy started
in on the process of seducing him. ('Conniving little bitch!' I thought.
It was that moment that I really started to like her.) She planned the
whole thing so that we would pop in at the exact moment she was being
deflowered. But, instead, she had found out that sex could be fun for it's
own sake, and the two of them had spent Wednesday and Thursday nights
screwing each other. I hoped Don had had more fun the first time than I
had with Dave. (Yes, I keep score. I like to win, too, but it's much more
important to play the game, if you know what I mean.) After she was done
with her story, Judy started to screw Dave. I would have liked to stay and
watch, but then I figured it was sort of like a honeymoon for them, so I
snuck out of the room, taking Don with me. We were thinking about just
leaving, and then realized that neither of us had a car Judy's screams from
the master bedroom were making me horny again, and Don told me that he
hadn't come yet tonight. Seems he was about too when we popped in, and
then he was too interested in watching Dave screw me to get off. So we
found a guest bedroom, and fooled around in there until Dave came out to
take us home. As we left, Judy was dressed in a jumpsuit that I would wear
in a second, but I never thought Judy would slip herself into something
like that. After seeing that outfit, and having watched her screw Don's
balls off, I knew she didn't need much help. She gave me a jewelry box,
and told me to have fun with the contents. As I confirmed a few minutes
later, she'd returned my choker to me. The next morning as we were eating
breakfast, I got a few more details out of Don. It seems that Judy really
had been inexperienced until a few days earlier, when Don had taught her
what I had shown him over the years. We decided that Dave and Judy were on
a second honeymoon, and that they needed a 'wedding' present. I wanted to
get her a vibrator, but Don won out, and we got them a copy of 'Joy of
Sex,' and dropped it off on their porch so that we wouldn't disturb them.
That evening, I was going to take Don out to dinner. I donned the same
black outfit that I wore the first time I was in Dave and Judy's house,
including the choker. Don recognized it, and got so excited that we wound
up making love in the parlor. We decided just to call out for Chinese, and
discussed the affair of Dave and Judy for the rest of the evening. I saw
Judy from a distance at the club over the next few weeks. She was dressing
smartly now, and she waved to me, but we never got a chance to say more
than, "Hi, how are you?" Then one evening, when the club was beginning to
slow down for the winter, we were over there having dinner, and Judy and
Dave came in. We invited them to join us, and Judy was in fine fettle.
She'd loosened up a lot, and I really enjoyed her company. Dave was giving
me the sexy eye, but I just ignored him, and finally he stopped, realizing
that what we had was over. When all the staff were out of earshot, Dave
and Judy thanked Don for saving their marriage. (What, I did nothing? Oh,
yeah, now I remember, I'm the 'other woman.') They wanted to give him
something, but Don, always the gentleman, turned it down. I kicked him
under the table. They said they'd get even somehow. The next day, I was
taking a steam at the club, and Judy came in. It was only the two of us.
We started talking, and Judy told me that she knew what Don really wanted.
"A threesome," I answered. Judy laughed and asked me how I knew. I told
her that was all guys ever wanted, more girls when they couldn't take care
of the one they already had. Well Judy said that if I ever wanted to give
him his wish, she'd be happy to be the third party, with Dave's blessing. I
thought, screw Don, he's had enough, but then I thought, 'Hey, I can get
some fun out of this myself.' So we set it up for the next Friday evening.
Judy came over as soon as I got home from work, and Judy asked to see my
costumes; Judy found one she really liked, so I told her to dress in it.
It was a little large for her, but I knew Don would never notice. I didn't
think that Don had ever seen it, as I'd got it as a gift from a guy who had
a fetish. When Don came home from work, I was sitting in the living room
in a green outfit I'd gotten from Fredericks. Don started getting
interested in me, and I asked him if he wanted a drink. I called for the
maid, and Judy walked in, wearing my little maid's outfit. Don's eyes
bugged out, and then his tongue did too. For the next two hours, Judy and
I took turns fucking his socks off. We did it, too. He got too pooped to
pecker, and then I put a bug in his ear that he should call Dave for
assistance. He did, and then we tied Don up. When Dave walked into the
bedroom, the two naked bitches jumped on him and tied him up too. While we
had our way with Dave, Don just had to lie there and watch. Poor Don!
After we released them, Judy started playing with Don, and I showed Dave a
copy of the Kama-Sutra, which he hadn't studied before. We tried a couple
of positions, but Dave's got to be a lot more flexible before he'll be good
at it. Since then, the four of us have been a joint item. Dave graduated
from sex high-school, and he's working with me on his bachelor's degree
now. Sometimes the four of us get together, sometimes it's a threesome
(especially if one of us goes out of town for awhile,) and we always like
to swap just for the fun of it. Don, Dave and I have created a little
tradition. We play a three-way golf match once a year. The winner gets to
do me while the other one watches and acts as a caddy. And if I win? They
both pay. Judy doesn't get into that match -- she thought about taking up
golf, but it never clicked for her. And, yes, Judy and I do go shopping
together. She shows me the right thing to do as often as I do for her.
Me, men other than Don and Dave? Don't be silly, I still have my goal to
be a whore before I'm sixty. I'm pretty sure I'll make it.


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