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______________________________ Judy's revenge is the last story in a
four-part series. Although you will be able to enjoy it on it's own, I
recommend that you read the series in the following order: Don, the
Professor; Lisa's Hobby; Dave's Erudition; Judy's revenge
______________________________ Judy's revenge "Revenge is a dish best
eaten cold."- Anonymous

I was a good girl. I knew because father Thomas told me, "Judy, I'm
glad that you're not like some of the other girls. You're so respectful.
When you grow up, I'm sure you'll be a fine wife and mother." He told me
this at the Catholic Camp at Smith's Ford when my CDC class went there in
fifth grade. I remember that he told me this on the banks of the stream
near a pretty little bridge. You remember things like that. Somehow, I
felt that I didn't even let him down while I was lying naked with Don,
waiting for my husband to come home with his lover. Throughout parochial
school, I always did exactly what the nuns told me to do. My mother and
father told me how proud they were of me. When father Thomas taught us
religion, I listened as if my life depended on it. There was never any
doubt that I would go to Catholic High School, even though my father suggested that maybe I should go to a public school and find out what life
was like. Even in a Catholic environment, there were problems with
undisciplined children. I remember some of the girls snickering when the
nuns told us in Health class how we should have marital relations. When
one of the girls dropped out during Christmas break, I heard that she was
pregnant, and I thought that served her right for not listening in the
class. Oh, I dated a few boys in high school. I even let John Saunders
kiss me after the prom. But I knew I had to be careful so that my husband
would respect me when we got married. I had good looks, a nice face, my
body developed nicely and my breasts never got as large as some of the
girls did. I was glad, those things just made guys fall over themselves. I
let my brunette hair grow long, below my shoulders. In the thirty years
since then, I haven't changed my looks very much. Unfortunately, even
though I was good, I wasn't particularly bright, except in English where I
got straight A's, except for two B's. When it came time for me to choose a
college, the baby-boomer and Vietnam situations meant real competition for
the good schools. The only acceptance I got was from the State University.
In the second session of my freshman English class, there must have been a
hundred kids in the class. Two boys were talking and carrying on, and the
professor was getting irritated at them. He gazed at them and asked if
they knew what a sonnet is. The boy that was sitting next to them and was
being very respectful thought he was being called on, and gave the correct
answer. The boy was tall and handsome, and I knew right then that this man would be my husband some day. The next session, he noticed me and
introduced himself. His name was David. I let him invite me to the
Freshman mixer that night, and we went steady almost immediately. Now
understand what I mean when I say 'go steady.' We always dated, and I let
him kiss me on occasion, but that's all. Oh, once in awhile he'd try to
get fresh with me, but I carefully let him know what wasn't appropriate. A
few times he thought about dating other girls, but he always came right
back to me. We both lived in the same city, and I soon had him to dinner
with my mom and dad. They approved of him, even if he wasn't Catholic. I
didn't worry, we had plenty of time to work on that problem. Through our
Junior year , I could see that he was getting a little frustrated. This
was the period when war protests were going on, and some of the less mature students were talking about 'free love.' Well, some of them were doing more
than talking about it. This attitude was bound to affect David, even
though I ignored it. The summer before our Senior year we saw a lot of
each other. When we were alone in the car, he tried to pet me a lot; most
of the time I stopped him, but after awhile, I figured it wouldn't hurt if
I let him touch my breasts. We both had Tuesday, August 17, 1971 off of
our summer jobs, so we decided to go for a swim at a lake north of our
city. We had a great time, I wore my cute little white two piece swimsuit,
and David couldn't keep his hands to himself when we were in the water.
That night David decided to drive his Chevrolet back a different way. We
came upon Smith's Ford, and I had him drive across the bridge so that I
could see it again. No one was camping there that week, and he turned the
car so that we were facing the stream in the moonlight. We started
kissing, and then he proposed to me. Now David didn't have a ring because
money was so tight, and he had a problem verbalizing it, but I knew that's
what he meant. I accepted right away, of course. Now, I knew sex before
marriage wasn't right, but things were getting so hot that I decided to let
him have me. We got into the back seat, and I allowed him to take my
panties off and put his thing in me. It hurt quite a bit, but I'd heard
that it did the first time or two. After we were done, he told me how it
was so much better than he had ever anticipated. I got a blood stain on my
skirt, but David was so in love with me that I didn't care. When I got
home, my mother saw the red mark on my clothes and asked what happened. I
told her that I just started my period a little early, that's all. Neither
David or I wanted to make our engagement public yet, so I kept it to
myself. David and I went back to the camp a couple of more times, and sat
on a blanket. I let him take me those times too, but David had
prophylactics. I knew that birth control was wrong, but I figured it was
better than begetting a child. I decided that if David wanted to touch me
while we were kissing after we got back to school, I would let him, but I
wouldn't let him put it in me anymore. We had to keep some mystery for
after the wedding, didn't we? But he missed me so much after we got over
there, that I let him rent a motel room for the night, and I let him do
whatever he wanted. I'm sure you can imagine the love we made that night.
My period should have happened in early September, just before school
started. I spotted a little bit, but not much. I worried all through
September, and in early October when I still didn't have my period, I knew
what was wrong. I was heartsick for the next two weeks, and I wondered
what I was going to do. I had to have the baby, of course. Even though I
knew that some girls had an abortion, I couldn't kill a baby. Finally, I
told David about our problem in his dorm room. He recognized we had to get
married right away. The next weekend, we drove down to the city to tell
our parents. My mom and dad were quite understanding, and we all made
plans on how to get us married. In the long run, we decided that it would
be best if we had a quick civil service; there wasn't enough time to get
David converted so that we could have a Catholic marriage. I remember
going to see father Thomas about my problem. By this time he was an old man, but he understood. He told me that I and my parents were making the
best decision, and he told me that the most important thing in my life from
now on was to make my husband and my baby happy. When I took confession,
he assured himself that I would never have carnal relations with a man I
wasn't married to, and gave me absolution. I remember the tears in my
fathers eyes as he gave us enough money to go to West Virginia. My parents were also nice enough to pay for an apartment off-campus so that David and
I could live together right away. We couldn't have much of a honeymoon,
due to our class load, but we did go to a hotel near the campus and
reserved the bridal suite. Although we were careful of the baby, I let
David make love to me anytime he wanted to, which was a lot. Neither David
or I cared that we couldn't go to our graduation because of the size of my
stomach. Our daughter, Jennifer, was born on June 10, 1972. David was a
good student, and got a good job doing engineering on a farm soon. I tried
to get him to find a job closer to our home, but he really wanted this job
in a city about 150 miles away. We were very happy, and a few months later
we were with child again. Mary was born on July 17, 1973. I kept a good
house for David and the children. David didn't want me to work, he felt
that a married woman with children should stay at home and take care of the
family. I let him have his way, and realized that with my education
degree, I could ensure that Jennifer, Mary and all the other children we
would have would be better off. David, Jr. was born on March 28, 1975. I
expected to have many more children, but I was never able to conceive
again. David took care of us very well, and in 1981 he had an idea that he
could invent something and make a lot of money. He told me it was a large
risk, and I knew how worried he was. I was concerned, but I let him do
what he wanted to do; you have to let men have their heads sometimes. At
first, it seemed to be very successful, but then something happened and his
business failed. I took care of him when he was so depressed that he was
almost sick. He didn't know how he was going to make enough money to feed
and shelter us. My mother told us she'd be happy to let us live with her;
with my dad gone, she had this big old house and no one to live in it.
David took us home, and I'm so glad he did because it gave the children a
good chance to get to know their grandmother before she passed away eight
months later. David got another job, and after two years had passed he
decided that he had enough experience to try his invention idea again. I
remember how he kept explaining it to me, even though I didn't understand.
He told me that it would be different this time, and I encouraged him, even
though I was so worried about it this time. I even let him take out a
mortgage on my parents home. On the second attempt, my wonderful husband
did it right. He told me that his partner, who knew all about business,
was a large part of the success but I knew it was David's invention.
Without it, the company wouldn't have anything to sell! I knew that David
was just taking care of us, and I tried to tell the children why they
didn't see their father a lot. I'm not sure they quite understood, but
after awhile they got used to it. It takes a lot of work to be a
successful mother and wife. All of the people in the family want something
different, and if you let them squabble over it, you'll have nothing but
constant arguments and hurt feelings. It was my job to keep not only a
neat house, but a happy home. I became expert at telling my husband and
children only things that they needed to know, and changing things around
so that they saw problems in a completely different light. Occasionally,
one of them would catch me in a little white lie, but they knew I was just
trying to keep problems to a minimum. Eventually, I got caught less and
less. The children always came to me when they needed to give their father bad news, and I was always able to make him see the silver lining. A few
short years later, David told me we were rich. He showed me the bank books
and stock certificates, and he told me we would soon be worth over a
million dollars. I didn't quite believe him. He bought us both new cars,
and made arrangements for the children to go to only the best colleges. He
decided that we would buy a new house; I wasn't happy about it, as the home
we were living in was the one I had grown up in. But the neighborhood was
going down hill, and I could see it was best for David, so I made the
children happy with his decision. I made sure that we bought a residence
in the same school district; our children were still in school, and I
wouldn't let him rip them from their friends. The children loved their
father. He didn't spend too much time with them because of his work, but
when he was there he gave them a lot of attention. Sometimes, the wrong
kind. For example, I've tried to cultivate a love of classical music in
the children, and keep them away from rock and roll. David knew this, and
usually supported me in the home, even though he let them listen to that
music when he was alone with them in the car. But one day he brought a
record album home by somebody named Pot Roast or something, and played it
over and over again. There was one song on it that had to do with having
sex in the back of a car that I just hated. After about three weeks I hid
the record on them. A few years later, David Jr. graduated from High
School and went off to college. I was left with very little to do. I
always loved the fine arts, and allowed David to subscribe to the ballet
and symphony, but he was much too busy with his work, so I took one of my
friends when he couldn't make it. David wanted to travel, but I was a
little afraid of going too far in case the children needed me. I started
volunteering for charity work twice a week, but still didn't have enough to
do. Even worse, I had to stop being so active in the parish. They had
found out that we were now well off, and the new priest (Father Thomas had
passed on,) was interested in little but how much money you could
contribute to the Church. Luckily, David had joined a country club a few
years earlier, and I decided to start taking advantage of the facilities.
They had a wonderful swimming pool where I could exercise in the summer and
watch the children at play. The rest of the year, I could work out in the
women's locker room and take steambaths there. I found a group of nice
women who played bridge on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings after
they all had dinner together, and I took up the game. I haven't missed a
Thursday night in four years. The club also had another advantage. David
really liked it there, and had found some golfing friends. Eight times a
year or so there were dinner-dances that we went to. If it wasn't for
these, David and I would never meet other couples. We go out to dinner
regularly, now that we can afford it, but it's a lot more fun when you're
with people you know. David even dances with me, something I know he
dislikes. But married couples do little things for each other, don't they?
David tried to get me to take up golf, but it just didn't appeal to me.
There's another group of people at the club. Some of the wives aren't as
respectful as they should be. They drink quite a bit, don't wear enough
clothing and sometimes shamelessly flirt with other women's husbands. I
was sure there was some sleeping around going around, but not with my
husband; I was sure he was immune to that kind of temptation. He loves me
too much. --------------------------- We have a problem during the summer.
Usually we have two good tables for bridge, eight wives. But during the
summer, some of us go on extended vacation, and we can't round up enough
players. Thursday, August 6 was one of those days. We met for dinner at
our regular time, 6:00. Five of the regulars were there, which meant that
one of us would have to sit out a rubber in turn. I've done that in the
past, but it's not my favorite way to spend the time. As we sat there, I
thought that it might be nice to go to a movie. A new Sally Fields show
was out, and I know David likes Sally. So I told the girls that I was
going home to get David, and to have a good night. When I got home, David
wasn't downstairs, which isn't like him. I wondered if he was sick. Then
I heard some noises coming from the bedroom. I wondered what David was
doing up there. Maybe he was repairing something in the bathroom. I
walked up the stairs and opened the door to the bedroom. I was shocked to
find my husband completely naked, and on the bed with him, with just a pair
of scandalous panties on, was one of those women from the club. Of course,
I started crying. I never expected my loving David to cheat on me, never
even suspected him of it. I just looked at him, and wondered what I should
do. I thought about throwing something at them in anger, but decided
against it. Finally, I just turned around in confusion, closed the door
behind me and walked down to the family room where I sat in a dark corner
and sobbed. A few moments later I heard footsteps coming down the stairs.
They weren't heavy enough to be David's, and then I heard the front door
open and close. At least the hussy had enough consideration not to
continue her seduction while I was in the house. For a long time, I tried
to think about what I needed to do. I guessed I was going to have to
divorce David. The children would be so disappointed in their father.
Finally David came into the room. He was dressed. I sounded so trite when
I asked him, "How could you?" David explained to me that this was the first
time that he had ever cheated on me, and that the affair had just started
in the last week. He promised that he would never do it again with another
woman. I could see that he still loved me, and that he had just made a
terrible mistake. I asked him how he had met the woman (I knew that her
name was Lisa,) and he told me that she had started flirting with him
unexpectedly. Well, I had always thought that those women were nothing
more than homewreckers. I didn't ask for details, and with every word he
said, I could see his regret, and how much he still cared for me. I still
wanted to hurt him. I've never wanted to harm anyone more in my life. He
had betrayed me and the children! But in the end, I decided that we would
just have to live through this, just like the time Mary's puppy died. In
the end, I just got up and went up to the bedroom which she had sullied. I
started to strip and make the bed. I certainly wasn't going to sleep on
those sheets, and wound up tossing them in the garbage. As I finished, I
noticed a pair of earrings, a diamond bracelet on and a necklace on the
stand next to the bed. I just slipped them into my dresser drawer, until I
could figure out how to get them back to her. I certainly wasn't going to
let David hand deliver them. I was still angry with David, and decided to
sleep in the guest bedroom that evening. ------------------------- The
next day, I made David breakfast, and after he went to work, I sat around
and thought about my predicament. I don't watch the soap operas or talk
shows, but I had the tv on, just for noise, and there was one of those
shows on. The topic that day was men who cheat. I got fascinated, and
then one woman stood up and said, "The reason men cheat is that wives don't
give them anything to stay home for." My first reaction was disgust at any
person who could misunderstand human emotions that way, and then I thought,
'what didn't I give David that he went to another woman for?' I turned off
the tv and got a sheet of paper. On one side I put down all the good
things that I did for David. The sheet was full of entries such as 'caring
mother', 'supportive', 'good cook,' and the like. There were at least 25
notes on that side. On the other side, I could only think of three
negatives: 'not attractive,' 'not interesting,' and 'poor sex.' I guess I
always knew these things about myself. I knew I didn't dress very well.
In my defense, for many years we weren't able to afford nice clothes for
me; we were too busy making sure the kids had good things. But I thought
back to high school, and even then I must have appeared dowdy. I looked at
my face in the mirror. A few sags here and there, and even worse, no
highlights, no allurement. My long hair, straight and fine, wasn't
something a man would enjoy. I hadn't cultivated myself over the years, or
gained new interests which a man would enjoy. Oh, sure, I was
conversational in classical music and dance, but who would care about that?
I'd learned bridge, but even I knew that it was a game for the elderly.
The few times that David had suggested that I take up golf so I could play
with him on Sunday afternoons, I told him I wasn't interested. I didn't
like to go to movies that had sex or violence in them. I could appreciate
a joke, as long as it wasn't dirty, but I didn't tell them well. The last
entry was painful when I considered it. I had rarely turned David down
when he desired me, but I didn't ask him for it either. When he did come
to me, I usually let him climb on top of me. If he asked me to do
something different, I'd try it a little, and then tell him I didn't like
it, just like a child who won't eat their asparagus. I'd heard about
orgasms, and early in our marriage I wondered why I didn't seem to have
them, but as the years wore on, this concerned me less and less. Could it
be that my inability to climax had an effect on David, too? Then my mind
wandered to the sight I had witnessed the evening before: The woman was
sitting, leaning up on her elbows with her breasts exposed and nipples
protruding. My husband had his rear up in the air, and was kissing the
area between her legs. Before they saw me, both of them had smiles on
their face. No, I knew nothing about the art of sex. When I observed all
of this, I began to weep, huge racking sobs coming from my throat. I
realized that I had let father Thomas down. He had told me the week before
I married, "Make your husband happy." I'd made him content, I'd satisfied
him, but I hadn't made him happy. I realized then why my husband had been
with another woman. I took the argument one step further. Last night my
husband had told me that he would never have another affair, and I had
believed him. But I knew now that he'd tasted of the forbidden fruit, and
that he'd found it sweet. If I did not provide more fruit for him, he
would find someone who would. And then my marriage surely would be over.
The doorbell rang, and when I answered it, there was a boy with a dozen
roses. I was so mad and disgusted with myself and David that I just threw
them in the wastebasket. I got up, washed myself and went to Borders. I
purchased two books and three magazines: The magazines were for young women
and had articles on how to dress yourself. The books were an introduction
to golf, and an illustrated manual on how to have sex. I waited until a
female sales clerk was available rather than go to a man, and even then I
blushed as she scanned the last book. In the afternoon, I went to the club
for a swim. I was hoping that tramp Lisa would come to pool, see me, and
then get embarrassed and leave, but I didn't see her. During dinner, David
wanted to know about our near-future plans. He was planning on going on a
week-long business trip a week hence, and suggested that either he cancel
it and take me somewhere, or else that I go with him. I knew his business
was important, so I requested that he please just take care of it; I was
sure I would be all right. Afterwards, David and I had a long talk about
the situation again. I asked him why he had done the despicable act with
Lisa. As I suspected, he told me that he was just bored with everything in
his life at once. It wasn't just me, it was his work, the fact that the
kids were finally completely gone, everything. I requested that he tell me
about his affair, and he did. How he had met Lisa on the golf course and
they had just had a good time. How he wanted to meet her just to talk, for
a little companionship, and how passion just took them. How he had taken
her to a motel one night, and then they had gone to another place last
Monday night, and then how they had come to the house on Thursday night.
"David, how could you? I think I can understand how you would go with her
to other places, but why here, to this house?" "Judy, I don't know quite
how to say this. I mean, for years I've dreamt about having a sexy woman
in my bed, and then Lisa came along . . ." This hurt me more than anything
else he'd said, almost more than actually witnessing his adultery. I
started to cry. He tried to come to me and hold me, but I pushed him away.
Then, all of a sudden, I heard the voice from the talk show in my head,
"The reason men cheat is that wives don't give them anything to stay home
for." I took his hand, and went with him up to our bedroom, and let him
make love to me. As we lay there afterwards, hugging each other, I asked
him about something that had been bothering me. "David, what about Lisa?
What if her husband finds out about you and her? Will he make trouble for
us?" I was worried about my family. "Uh, well, you see . . . well, he
already knows." "What?!" "Well, they have an arrangement. Don and Lisa can
have affairs if they want to. They tell each other about them so that they
won't be surprised." "Then Lisa goes to bed with anyone she wants?" "Pretty
much. Oh, I don't think either of them do it very often. Lisa told me
that I was her first man other than Don in over a year, and she told me
that I was the only guy she had ever been with from the club." "Then we
don't have anything to worry about." "I don't think so dear," and he kissed
me tenderly. He just held me, stroked my hair and back, and whispered to
me that he loved me, that he would never cheat on me again, that he wanted
me to take him back, to forgive him. I decided not to completely forgive
David yet. That night I went to the guestroom, read the magazines, and
attempted to follow the one on golf. I sent David off to his Saturday golf
game the next morning, and just bumped around the house. Realizing that I
wasn't doing myself any good, I decided to take a ride. I got out on some
country roads up north, and soon I recognized the area. Yes, there it was,
the old Catholic camp. It seemed to be in good repair, and some boys and
girls were running around. I parked the car and started walking around.
When a priest found out that I'd been there as a girl, he told me to enjoy
myself; if only he knew. Soon, I found myself on the bank of the stream.
It was there that father Thomas told me that I was a good girl; where David
had proposed to me, and I had first let him make love to me. I was so
confused, I wished that I had my parents or father Thomas to talk to, but
they were gone now. Despite my best efforts, would David be gone soon,
too? I drove back to the city in despair. Later, I sequestered myself in
the sewing room, and began to read the sex book. I realized that I needed
to be kinder to David if I was going to keep him. I suggested dinner and a
movie, and then shocked him by telling him I wanted to go to an R-rated
movie. We'd never seen one of those before, and it had a couple of sex
scenes in it. When we got home, I came to David in just my underwear, and
made love to him. I remembered a picture in the book, so I got on top of
him and moved around until he had his orgasm. I sort of liked that
feeling. Sunday was a wonderful day. I woke up long before David did, and
I started to read the book on sex. Some of the things that the man and
woman were doing actually looked interesting. In the afternoon, David took
me to the Art Museum, and then to a wonderful dinner at an expensive,
romantic restaurant. That night, David and I made love again. Monday
after I cleaned the house, I thought about what I was doing. I realized
that I needed to learn how to dress, what kind of jewelry to wear, things
like that. I decided to look at my clothes to see if I had anything that
David might like. As I hunted, I found the jewelry that Lisa had left. I
started sobbing again. I put the earrings and bracelet in a box, and put
them back. The reminder of the woman's visit haunted me all the rest of
the day. I went to bed early that night while David sat up. The next day,
I decided that I needed to get the jewelry out of the house. I thought
about just throwing the stuff away, but I decided that wasn't the right
thing to do. I wasn't going to call Lisa, I didn't have enough strength to
face the 'other woman.' Finally I thought about Don. Perhaps, if I met him
to return them, he could tell me what I could do to get my husband back. I
found his office number in the club address book, and dialed the number.
"Hello, Don, this is Judy, David's wife. You remember me from the club?"
"Oh, hello, Judy, certainly I do." "How are you?" "Just fine, how are you?"
"Oh, just fine. The weather's nice, isn't it." "Certainly is." This was
getting silly. "Don, I'm sorry to bother you, but I've got something that
belongs to your wife, and I'd like to return it to you." He seemed to know
that I was referring to her jewelry. "Thanks, Judy. Should we meet at the
club?" Oh, that was the last thing I wanted. If anyone at the club saw me
with him, they might find out about David and Lisa. Anyplace else! "No,
I'd like to meet somewhere where you and I could talk for a little while,
if you don't mind." I could tell he didn't want to talk to me, and started
to interrupt me. I just kept going, "Don, please. I just want to talk to
you and get a few things straight. Maybe you can even help me with a
problem I'm having. Please, could you meet me someplace for cocktails
tonight?" After a pause, he said, "Well, alright, where should we go?" Oh,
my, I hadn't thought that far ahead. Then I thought about a place that Don
had told me about where he sometimes met clients. I figured that was a
safe place, so I mentioned the name of the restaurant. Don said that would
be fine. We arranged to meet after he finished work that evening. I
placed Lisa's earrings and bracelet in a small bag. I thought that there
was another piece, but I couldn't find it. I figured that I was so upset
that evening that I'd imagined it. I left David a note telling him that I
was out shopping, and that I would be home before 7:30 for a late dinner.
-------------- I got to the restaurant a little early, and walked into the
lounge. I expected, as a single woman, to be accosted, but the four men who were in there watching a baseball game just looked at me, and then
ignored me. I sat in a booth, and ordered an iced tea. Soon after, Don
walked into the place, and I greeted him. "Hello, Don, I hope you don't
find this situation as difficult as I do." He admitted that he felt
awkward, too. I told him of my predicament, and how I needed to figure out
how to get over it. I referred to his and his wife's living arrangements,
and told him I was open-minded enough not be concerned about it. I told
him that I really didn't want a scandal, and hoped he agreed. He of course
agreed, and told me that their policy was never to discuss their affairs
outside of the marriage. I was glad to hear that. Then Don asked me if I
was going to divorce David. I told him that I didn't want to, and how much
our love for each other meant to us. Then I asked him how I could make
myself more attractive to David; I really wanted his opinion. Don is a
very attractive man, and has had some affairs, and would be able to speak
to my problem. He told me how beautiful I was, not as a come-on, but as a
blatant lie intended to make me feel better. "Nonsense," I replied, a
little sharply. "I'm plain, and I don't know how to be anything more. Now
that the children are gone, he's going to find something that he's
interested in. If it's not me, it will be some other woman. A couple of
more times, and he'll be gone. I've got to learn how to stop that." "Why
don't you find a teacher?" That was exactly what I was thinking. He
continued, " You know, a friend who will help you out, help you buy some
new clothes, maybe give you a few hints on how to act." I told him that I
would certainly consider it. I asked him about Lisa. He told me that she
was out of town for two weeks. I immediately began to worry. Later this
week, David was scheduled to leave on a golfing trip with a number of his
clients. Was he lying to me? Was he going to sneak off with Lisa again?
When I told Don of my concerns, he told me that Lisa and David were going
to be on opposite sides of the country; I would have David's number, I
could check on him, and he gave me Lisa's office number, so I could call
there and ensure myself it was true. Don tried to reassure me that the
affair between Lisa and David was over, but somehow, I felt a premonition
that they hadn't seen the last of each other. Finally, I gave Don the box
with the jewelry, and he walked me to the car. He opened the door for me,
and I thanked him and shook his hand. When I got home, David already had
drunk two martinis, and he was in a playful mood. "Where did you go? Did
you have an affair?" Oh, how could he even joke about something like that.
I began crying, and just went to my bedroom. I didn't even care if he got
dinner or not. Later that evening, David came up and apologized for the
insensitive remark. He was so sincere that we wound up making love again.
When I got up the next morning, I thought about what Don had told me, that
I needed a teacher. I considered who that teacher might be, but didn't
have a clue. None of my friends would work; not only couldn't I tell them
of my problems, they didn't know how to dress any better than I did. I
considered Lisa or one of her friends briefly, but dropped that line;
they'd just laugh at me, like all the good looking girls did in high
school. Then I thought about Don. He'd been very kind the night before.
Maybe . . . I took the sex book out, and looked at it again. I was
getting to the back of the book now, and there was a chapter on
alternatives. I admit that I became titillated by it. After a few pages,
I read about how many men fantasize about their wives making love to other
men. I thought about the comment David made last night. Was it possible
that he wanted me to go to bed with someone else? The more I thought about
it, the angrier I got. At dinner, I brought up the subject obliquely. I
asked him about Don and Lisa, and if he thought Don got excited about
Lisa's affairs. David said he thought that it was probably true, that many
men did. I asked him if he ever thought about me that way, and he denied
it, but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he did think that. It
was true. Then David said, "Well, you wouldn't ever do anything like that
anyway, would you?" I didn't even answer. After David left for work the
next morning, I reread the chapter. And then I realized what I wanted to
do. David had been unfaithful to me. He wanted me to be unfaithful to
him. Alright, I'd do it, just once! On top of that, I'd do it in our bed,
I'd do it with the husband of the woman he did it with, and I'd let him
catch me at it. The rest of the morning, I plotted my strategy. That
evening, David went into his study to do some work before his trip the next
day. I went to the phone in our bedroom, and called Don. "Don, am I
disturbing you?" "Why, no." "Don, I've been thinking about the advice you
gave me. Now you are a very attractive man, and I've seen you look at the
ladies on the putting green. From what I know about your lifestyle, I'm
sure you know what is attractive and what isn't. I was hoping, Don,
considering what's happened between our families, that you might help me
out by being my tutor." If he only knew what I meant by those words. "What
exactly do you mean?" "Oh, nothing much. Tell me what men find in women
that they like. Maybe go with me to buy some clothes. Critique my
efforts." "What would Dave think about this?" I knew exactly what David was
going to think about this. "As you know, he's leaving on his golf trip
tomorrow afternoon. I thought that since you were unattached for the next
week as well, we could start this off without his knowing. Depending on
how it goes, I could tell him when he gets home or not. Since it's going
to be perfectly harmless, I don't think I need his approval. After all,
I'm doing it for him as much as for me." Don agreed to meet me for dinner
the next evening at a restaurant in a nearby shopping mall.
---------------------- The previous night, I'd let David make love to me
for the last time before his trip. I realized that I had to make him dream
of me while he was absent, so I took his thing in my mouth. Oh, I'd done
that before when he asked for it, but that time I did it without his
bidding. Then, when he ejaculated, I kept it in my mouth, rather than let
it spill all over him as I normally did. I gagged a little, but the taste
wasn't too bad. Afterwards, we just laid there for awhile, and David
became excited again and had me the proper way. In the morning, I made
sure that David was packed, and then kissed him a wonderful goodbye. I
told him I'd have something sensational waiting for him when he returned
next Friday evening; little did he know how surprised he was going to be,
if I could arrange it! Before I met Don at the restaurant, I dressed in
one of my older outfits. I never cared for it even on the day I'd
purchased it, and I made sure that my makeup was plain, and my hair, though
clean and brushed, wasn't teased at all. For my first evening with Don, I
wanted to give him plenty of things to improve. When we arrived, I could
see in his eyes just how unattractive he felt just being with me. I knew
that given enough time, I could easily change his attitude; I'd been able
to work with the children often enough, and men were just big kids. He
asked me if I'd like an iced tea or lemonade. For the first time, I
startled him a little by ordering the same drink he did. I knew he'd be
astounded many times in the next week. We discussed how Don had gone on
his trip, and that I didn't expect to see him until the following Sunday.
Then, I let Don know that he had to be absolutely honest with me, and let
him 'teach' me about how women should look. He told me little that I
hadn't discovered in the magazines, or the short chapter in the book on
appearance, but I acted as if I'd never heard these things before. I
listened raptly; Don became interested, as all men think they're experts in
everything. I told Don I'd enjoy a glass of wine with dinner; did he mind,
I didn't want to get silly? He bought it. Over dinner and then on a short
walk through the mall, I let him point out the things that women did to
make themselves attractive. Now this was interesting, because although the
book mentioned techniques for flirting, I understood it better when I was
able to observe a woman attempting to manipulate a man. I remember one
girl looking briefly down when her boyfriend said something, then in a few
seconds looking him directly in the eye and raising her chest; the boy got
a big smile on his face. I asked Don to help me buy some new clothes the
next afternoon. He agreed, and we parted. I decided to start the physical
process, and gave Don a little hug and a kiss on the cheek. He seemed to
enjoy it. -------------- On Saturday morning, I got up and checked into a
beauty parlor. I'd made this appointment a week earlier; this was one of
the top parlors in town, and you didn't just walk in. I told them that I
wanted to completely change my image and was going to a party that evening.
They cut nearly half my hair off, and teased it into something soft and
wavy. They did manicures and pedicures, and then put me through a
wonderful make-up process. I asked them what types of cosmetics they
recommended, and let them outfit me. In total, I spent 4 1/2 hours, and
over $650. David had told me I wasn't spending enough money on myself, I
rectified that error! I wore another old outfit to go shopping. When I
walked back into the bar, I used a slightly different posture. That, and
my new look, got me a few gazes by men; it excited me a little, as I knew
the magic I was trying to produce was working. I sat at the bar, and let
one admiring gentleman get a good look at me. When Don came in, he scanned
the bar, and his eyes went right past me, then quickly back. He came over
and told me how wonderful I looked. The other gentleman seemed a little
crestfallen that I was meeting a man. As we walked to the clothing stores,
I reviewed the lessons from the magazines, but as we entered I went
immediately to the browns and patterns. I allowed Don to instruct me and
show me the clothes he liked; bright colors, and garments that promised a
view of flesh. In the second store, I was wearing a rather loose blouse,
and when I got into eyesight of Don, I leaned over so that the fabric
spread. I knew that Don was getting a view of my bra, but I didn't look
directly at him. After a few seconds, I stood up, and then I noticed a red flush on Don's throat. We hit four stores, buying something in each, and
then I insisted that we go to a shoe store. I would have shopped all
night, but I realized that Don was getting bored. I told him I wanted to
buy him dinner as a thank-you for the afternoon. Over the meal in a rather
romantic place, we discussed the ways that women can excite men. I let him
'instruct' me, and then I reached over the table and put my hand in his.
In a little while, I started rubbing the back of his hand with my other
hand. This was a little gesture that David loved while we were dating; it
worked just as well with another man nearly 30 years later. As he opened
my car door for me, (Don really is a gentleman) I hugged him. This time I
got very close to him and made sure that he felt my bosom against his chest
as I briefly kissed him on the mouth. I saw him looking after my car as I
drove away. A few minutes after I arrived at home, I tried to call Don.
His line was busy, but I tried back a little while later, and he answered,
"Hello, Beautiful!" I assumed that he'd been talking to his wife, and
expected it to be her again. I quickly said, "Don, do you really think
so?" When he recognized my voice, he choked a little bit in surprise, but
then replied, "Yes, I do; you've made a great deal of progress." I knew I
was getting to him. "Well, where do we go from here, teach?" "Let's see,
you've got clothes, shoes and a few belts and such. How are you fixed for
jewelry?" I had plenty of jewelry, but if he wanted to show me what he
thought I'd look good in, I'd oblige. "I can always use some more. Would
you come with me to the mall again tomorrow afternoon, and help me pick out
a few pieces?" We made the arrangements. In bed, I re-read the chapter on
masturbation. I didn't like to touch myself down there, but I followed the
instructions in the book, and after awhile I noticed that I started
breathing faster and that I was getting a warm sensation through my abdomen
and breasts. Was that what an orgasm felt like? ----------------------
Sunday afternoon, I wore a little yellow number we had purchased the day
before, and met Don at the mall again for jewelry shopping. I let him talk
me into a few inexpensive pieces. Then I mentioned dinner again, thinking
we would again enter a restaurant. Instead, he invited me to his house.
Was he going to make a pass this quickly? I didn't want him to get too
excited too soon, but this might be a good occasion to start a little
romance. Don turned out to be an adequate, if uninventive chef, and the
sauvignon blanc was excellent. After dinner, we entered the living room,
and sat on the couch. I put my feet on the furniture and curled them under
so that Don got a view of my legs. Don opened up a bottle of sweeter
chardonnay, and I let him enlighten me about women's underwear. He didn't
tell me anything that I didn't see in the advertisements in the magazines.
For some reason, perhaps it was the wine, I began to discuss how David and
I made love. I knew it wasn't exciting, but I wanted to let him know that
I cherished being with David, even though I never had an orgasm. Then I
let Don tell me about his escapades. I questioned him about what he liked
in bed; this information could be crucial later. My legs started to get
stiff, so I stretched out. In the process, I realized that I was moving
close to Don on the couch. Perhaps it was the wine, but I really wanted to
kiss him, so I did. He was a little reluctant at first, but then he
cooperated; he's a much better kisser than David. He held me tightly, and
then one hand came up to stroke my hair and ears, then it started to get
lower on my throat and he started tracing a path with one of his fingers
into my bosom. This was going much too fast! I quickly stopped it, but
ensured Don that I wasn't offended. I left quickly after that. That night
in bed, I let my hand go to my genitals again. As I stroked myself, I
became very warm, and with my other hand I started pinching my nipples. I
felt my vagina begin to throb, and the heat became almost unbearable. I
was really having my first orgasm. I heard someone screaming softly in the
distance, and then I realized it was me! -------------------- I considered
calling Don on Monday, but thought better of it. I was really enjoying his
company, and yet I didn't wish to appear overly eager. I called Lisa's
office, and got her voicemail. She gave a number where she could be
reached in emergencies. It had an area code of 415. I looked it up, and
she must have been in San Francisco. I cleaned the house that day. As I
was vacuuming the bedroom, I notice a glint under my chest of drawers. It
was Lisa's necklace. I realized that I must have dropped it on that
Thursday evening, and realized that I needed to return it, too. Upon
further regard, I felt I knew when and where I could restore it to the
rightful owner. I called David that evening, and we talked for awhile. I
told him about my new hair style, and that I'd bought a few new outfits.
He seemed excited about that. I asked him if there were any girls down
there; you would have thought that I'd zapped him with electricity. "You
still haven't forgiven me, have you?" "Not completely. There's still a
part of me that wants to get even with you, and I'm worried about the
fantasy you told me about, the one with other women in this bed." "Judy,
that was just a dream." "Yes, one that you tried to make come true." After
I let him talk me into being unmad again and we said our goodbyes, I drew
myself a hot bath. As I was washing myself, the washcloth touched my
vaginal area, and I felt a twinge of pleasure. I laid back and started
fingering myself again. I thought about what it would like to have Don's
penis in me. On the side of the bath, there was a thin plastic container
filled with bath soaps. I picked it up, and started rubbing myself with it
under the water. As I was getting more and more excited, I put the tube
inside me a little bit, and then some more. It felt so wonderful. I moved
it in and out, and then began to climax. It seemed like it went on
forever, and the heat in my body was intense. I started yelping, it made
gave me heightened sensations. I realized I was getting pretty good at
masturbation; could I get as good at intercourse? ---------- When I woke
Tuesday, I donned a pair of panties and a bra. As I was putting them on, I
realized they weren't very attractive. I got out all of my underwear and
looked at it. I only had three colors: White, black and flesh. I decided
to go to the women's shop in the mall that afternoon and purchase some
frilly garments. As I was finishing my chores that morning, the phone
rang, and Don was on the line. An idea struck my mind, "Don, would you go
shopping with me one more time?" I could almost hear him groan. "Oh, come
on, you've had fun the last two times. This will be the last stint, I
promise." "What else do you need?" "Oh just a few little odds and ends.
Will you meet me, please?" He agreed, and we set up the time. I called
Lisa's voicemail, and left a message for her to call me late that evening.
At 7:30, I pulled into the mall, and Don was waiting excitedly for me. We
walked to the store, Victoria's Secret, and Don took in the sight of the
bras and panties on the mannequins in the windows. I asked him if there
was anything he liked. No reply was necessary. We walked into the store,
and there was no one there except for the two young sales clerks. They
didn't even bother with us, and continued discussing their boy friends. I
knew what I wanted, and when Don saw me pick out five or six candidates for
purchase, he nodded his approval. I went into the dressing room in the
back of the store, and started trying the outfits on. The fourth thing was
a little bra with matching panties of blue lace that were cut quite high on
the hip. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, and I thought it
made me look pretty good. I had always kept myself trim, and the events of
the last two weeks had left me with little appetite. I now weighed only
three pounds more than the 'optimum weight' in the pamphlet my doctor had
given me. The only thing that I didn't care for was how some of my dark
thick pubic hair showed around the edges of the panties. I wondered if Don
would find me attractive. Then I looked over the door sill, and saw that
Don was fingering through some of the racks. I couldn't see anyone in the
store. I called softly, "Don, come over here, please." When he had
strolled into the dressing room, I opened the door to the cubicle, and let
him have a good look at me. I could tell he was getting excited as his
neck flushed pink, and his pants suddenly got a little tighter. I chuckled
a little, and closed the door again. I tore the tags off of the outfit I
was wearing, and got dressed again, keeping the blue bra and panties on. I
felt so good in the new clothes that I decided I didn't want to put my
pantyhose back on. After completing the purchase, Don walked me out to the
car. I suggested a little drive, and let Don get behind the wheel of my
Chevrolet. I directed him out to the country, and before too long, we were
crossing over the bridge at Smith's Ford. Camp was over and the parking
area was deserted; I worried that some other couple might have beaten us to
this spot. I had him turn the car around so that it was facing the stream.
It was a clear moonlit evening, and you could easily see the rushing brook
in the darkness. I opened the window, which let in the woodland smells and
the sound of the water. I cuddled up to Don, and we began kissing. In a
short while, his hands were traversing my neck, making a path for my bosom.
I now had to make a decision. What was the proper response here? If I
stopped him again, he might think I would never let him go any further. On
the other hand, if I just let him feel me, would he think I was overly
eager? I hesitated until I found his hand cupping my breast. Then I
realized that I wanted him to feel me, that I was excited by him. I
pressed his hand tighter to my bosom. He fondled it, and pinched my nipple
with two layers of fabric between us. I wanted him to touch me all over. I
reached to my blouse, and unhooked a clasp that was keeping me modest. His
hand was inside my blouse immediately, and the only thing separating us was
the thinnest of bras. I let him unbutton my blouse, and did the same to
his shirt, rubbing his chest. He unclipped my bra, and it fell away so
that my bosom was now completely exposed. I leaned back, and Don began to
touch and kiss my naked breasts. It felt so lovely. I began to become
very warm, and then I realized that if I let this go on much longer, I
might have an orgasm. I wondered if women could have a climax just from
stimulation of their nipples. I began to dream of his hand reaching
between my legs . . . "Don, stop!" I cried, even though I didn't want him
to. He listened to me, and moved slightly away from me. "Have I done
something wrong?" he asked. "Oh, no, dear, I'm enjoying this so. But you
must understand that I'm new at this, and this is happening so fast. I
want you, I know you can tell. But not tonight, dear, you've got to allow
me to prepare myself." "Judy, if that's what you want, it's fine by me. I
wouldn't rush you into doing anything you didn't want to do." We sat there
for a little while, just holding each other, with his naked chest touching
my breasts. We started kissing again, and my hand couldn't keep away from
his body. Of course, he started fondling me again. I was beginning to
think that I was going to come just from him pinching my nipples, when he
stopped and said, "Judy, I know you don't want to have intercourse with me
tonight, but would you let me make you feel better?" "What do you mean?
You're not going to try to put it in me, are you?" He assured me that he
wouldn't. I considered it, and then said, "Alright, you may do anything
you want to me, short of that." We began our romance again, and then I felt
his hand creeping up the outside of my thigh, and then under my skirt. I
spread my legs open a little bit, hoping that he'd touch me down there.
When he finally did, I gasped a little and then just kissed him harder. My
free hand was all over his chest, and then I let it slip on top of his
trousers. "You can feel it, if you want to," he said. I decided I did.
We were going much further than I planned to tonight, but I didn't care. I
wanted to feel him, to see if there was any difference between he and
David. I unbuckled his belt, unclasped his pants, and unzipped him. I
couldn't see what color his briefs were, but I knew that they were a
synthetic nylon fabric. He was hard in the pants, and then I stuck my hand
inside to grab it. It didn't feel as thick as David's was, but it seemed
much longer. While this was going on, Don had reached around to my rear,
grabbed the back of my panties, and was taking them off me. I raised up so
that he could get them over my knees. There we were, both of us half
naked, kissing and feeling each other's private parts. He put his hand on
my clitoris and started rubbing it. I was getting warmer yet. Then he
reached down, all the way between my legs, and put a finger into my vagina.
I started moaning, it felt so good. As he slowly began to pull his finger
in and out of me, I began to scream. It felt so wonderful, I was coming
with a man! He let me settle down a bit, and then he started again. The
second time felt even better than the first. I was still rubbing him down
there, and I felt some fluid on my wrist. I stopped and wondered what it
was, and then I realized he was ejaculating into my hand. I went back to
rubbing him, and kept it up until I started to feel him go a little limp. I
got out some kleenex from my purse, and cleaned the wet substance from his
groin and my hand. We kissed a few more times passionately, and then I put
my panties back on, re-clasped my bra and buttoned my blouse. I got out of
the car, and walked to the edge of the creek. All of a sudden, I became
confused. I was standing on the very spot where father Thomas had told me
what a good girl I was. Just over there was the spot where David had
proposed to me and then taken my maidenhead. Nearby were the spots where I
let David have me under the stars. I wondered what either of them would
think of me now. But I felt so good, so alive. I knew my skin was still
glowing from my recent orgasms. This, I thought, is not evil, it's not
obscene. A man cares about me, wants to make me to feel wonderful, and
wouldn't do anything to me that I didn't want him to. Don came up behind
me and kissed my neck. I took his hand, kissed it gently, and then placed
it on my breast. As we drove back to the mall, we talked about the
different ways that men and women view sex. When we broke up that evening,
Don was expecting a lot more than a kiss, I think. After I got home, the
phone gave a ring, and it was Lisa, returning the call that I left her.
"Hello, Lisa, thank you for calling me. I need to discuss something with
you. I hope you're not too tired." "No , Judy, it's only 9:00 here, I've
just gotten into my room and I'm relaxing with a drink." (With who? I
thought.) "Lisa, I want you to know that I don't bear you any grudges here.
I know that my husband did what he wanted to do. That he did it with you
is immaterial; if you hadn't been available, he would have found someone
else sooner or later. I know how good you made him feel, and that's
actually helped us. After that evening and before David left for his
golfing trip, we made love a few times, and it was much better. I feel I
should thank you for that." "Well, Judy that's very kind. You're husband
is a very nice person. I'm glad you two aren't going to get a divorce or
anything, he needs you very much. And I want you to know that I won't ever
get in between the two of you again." "That's what I wanted to talk to you
about. I was confused at first; I could understand why he wanted you so
badly, but I couldn't believe that he would bring you here to this house
where there was any chance of my catching him. But he explained that to
me. I know that I'm not very exciting sexually, and he just wanted another
woman here so that he could pretend it was you when he and I made love. I
understand that now. "But that leaves me with another problem. I want to
learn how to love him better, to satisfy him. It may take years for me to
overcome my bad habits. In the meantime, I suspect that he'll continue to
think about you, and that he was never able to complete his fantasy. I
think that this will drive him to attempt to take another woman here, if
not you, then someone else. You see, he's got a compulsion to finish
everything he starts. If I happen to catch him in the act again, I'll
almost certainly have to divorce him; I'll never be able to trust him
again." "I understand that, Judy. What can you do about that?" "It's not
what I can do, it's what you can do. I was hoping you'd do me a great
favor. If you would be kind enough to bring him back here again, when you
knew I'd be out of the picture, I'm sure that his fantasy would be
complete. Then he would have that over with, and be able to concentrate on
making a new life with me." "Judy, do I understand you correctly? Do you
mean that you want me to take your husband to your bed and let him screw
me?" "That's exactly it." "I'm not sure that Dave would want me again,
after what happened." "Oh, I'm sure he would, Lisa. David thinks the world
of you." "Would you tell him you approved? I mean, there's no way I'd do
it if he thought he was sneaking around on you." The little trollop! Did
she think I knew about their affair before? "That's very shrewd, Lisa.
Yes, I think I should call him up, and make him aware of the plans." "Well,
if you can talk him into it, I'll participate. But only because it means
that much to you. Understand that I'm doing this as a personal favor to
you, not to Dave. And I would like this to be the last time we're
together." "And I thank you for the favor. It's the only way I can keep my
husband, I think. I believe we should do this as soon as possible. When
are you returning home?" "Friday evening. I'm planning on arriving at the
airport about 7:30. My husband, Don, doesn't know that yet; he thinks I'm
taking a later flight. But my plans changed today because of a business
situation in Denver." "That's perfect! David's arriving from his trip an
hour or so before you. Why don't I go out of town to a play in New York?
That would ensure privacy for the two of you, and you could still be home
to your husband that night." "Well, I still want to talk to Dave about
this. But if he agrees, I'll go ahead with it." "Fine, dear, I'll call him
tomorrow morning and discuss it with him. Then I'll have him call you.
What time would you like him to give you a ring?" "Oh, between 6:00 and
6:30 here would be good." "That's about 9:00 East Coast time? He'll call
you then, no matter what the situation. And Lisa, I don't know how I can
thank you enough. Goodbye." Everything was working perfectly.
----------------- I arose nice and early the next morning and took a shower
and a walk around the neighborhood. I wanted to be very alert for the next
step. I called David. I knew they were leaving the hotel about 8:30 for
the golf, so I called him at 8:15. Sure enough, he was in his room. "Good
morning, sweetheart, how are you feeling." "Oh, a little bit hung over. We
were out late last night." "I'm sorry. I wish I were there so that I could
rub your temples." Start him off with a little TLC. "Anybody there?" "No,
but I think all the guys are down at breakfast." "Well, I was thinking
maybe you'd have invited one of those girls that they have down there."
"Judy! Oh, you're just teasing aren't you?" "Maybe a little. But,
dearest, I've been thinking. You know, I'm really sorry now that I
surprised you so early that evening?" He made a little sound that let me
know I had him off balance and began to apologize again. "I know, dear,
why you were here in the house with her. You explained it all to me. And
I disturbed you before you got to fulfill your fantasy." "Judy, that's not
important now." "But I think it is, my love. You wanted her so badly in
our bed, and I didn't let you have her. I shouldn't have come home early.
It was all my fault." I could tell I had him going. "No, don't bother to
deny it. I've gotten over my tiff. You were right, I haven't been
responsive to you in bed, and I'm going to get better, a lot better. But,
dear, I know I'll never be able to come close to Lisa's abilities in bed,
and I'm afraid that you'll think of the opportunity that you never got a
chance to sample her here. David, my only true one, I've decided that
there's only one thing to do -- you've got take her again, in this bed and
nowhere else, while you have the chance so that you won't wind up hating
me." Of course he argued. He told me how much he loved me, that he never
wanted another woman in his life, that he was sure I'd be able to satisfy
him for eternity. For each of his objections, I had a response, all the
time bringing it back to the idea that he had to take Lisa here in our bed
for the good of our marriage. The other men came looking for him in the
room, and I heard him tell them that he was busy with an important concern,
and would join them as soon as he could. Soon, he capitulated. "Judy, are
you sure this is what you want for us." "Certainly, dear, it's the only
way." "Well, alright, but you must understand that I'm doing this only
because you want me to." "I'm asking you to do it for us." "Why do you
think that Lisa would assist in this." "Because I talked to her last night.
She's in Seattle, and we discussed the situation for 45 minutes." I could
hear him gulp. "She was very kind, and willing to assist us. As a matter
of fact, she told me what a wonderful lover you are, and how lucky I am. I
told her that I'm not the only one that needs to be lucky. I'm afraid you
are going to have a little problem, dear, dropping her after you have your
last evening with her. I think she'd like the affair to go on for an
extended period, but you know you mustn't do that to her, or to us." He
asked me how we were going to carry this off, and I told him of the
logistics that Lisa and I had set up the night before. "So dear, you come
home on Friday, meet Lisa at the airport, and spend a few hours here, in
this house and nowhere else, before she goes home to her husband." I told
him that I would fly to New York with a girlfriend on Thursday for some
plays and would be back on Saturday afternoon. After I was sure that he
had the plan down (sometimes he forgets things, or gets them backward, ) I
told him to call Lisa in Seattle quickly, giving him the number of the
hotel. I told him I loved him, then hung up the phone. I called him back
a few minutes later, and sure enough, the line was busy. He was talking to
Lisa, setting up his rendezvous. And what a rendezvous it would be. I
took a shower, and thought seriously about my relationship with Don. We'd
traveled down the road I wanted to take faster than I thought we would. As
I thought about the way he'd touched me and I'd handled him, I began to get
warm again. I touched myself a little, but I didn't let myself come. My
original plan was to get him to wait until Friday, but I found myself
wanting him as soon as I could get him. I considered that my original plan
was to have him only once, but then I thought about what David did with
Lisa; he'd been with her three times. Surely I deserved at least that
much. As the noon hour rolled past, I picked up the phone and dialed his
office. "Good morning, this is Don." "Do you have any idea of how much I
appreciate what you did for me last night?" He chuckled, and then said,
"You know, I'd love to send you a dozen roses, but I wouldn't know how to
get them to you without some one suspecting what they're for." "I'm really
glad you didn't. Anyway, I haven't really earned them -- yet. Meet me
tonight?" "I'd love to, the same place? What time?" "No, I was thinking of
a new place. I've heard that Johnson's on the other side of the mall is a
popular after work spot. I'd like to see how the secretaries meet the
business men. What about 6:30?" "Sure, see you then." "You certainly
will," I promised. I called a hotel next to the bar and connected to the
mall and made a two-night reservation. Late that afternoon, I dressed in a
tailored blazer and slacks outfit that he had helped me purchased, and
checked into the hotel. I thought about protection, as the book had made
quite an issue of it. I knew by now that the Church's position on birth
control was just silly, but it didn't matter as I was already through the
change of life. I of course considered disease. It didn't seem to matter;
not because I didn't care, but I realized that since Lisa and David had not
protected themselves, if she had any diseases, I was probably already
carrying them; it wasn't likely that I would pick anything up from Don.
Not that it was likely; he seemed so clean. I went up to the room, and
ensured that all was well there. I ordered from room service, waited for
the bellhop to arrive and set up the service, then went back down to the
desk, told them I'd accidentally left the key in the room and asked for a
duplicate. After receiving it, I went into the bar. Don hadn't arrived
yet, so I ordered a glass of wine. When he slid into the booth across from
me, I could see he wanted to kiss me, but he decided to preserve propriety.
I took his hand in mine. He asked, "What are we shopping for tonight?"
"Anything you want. It's your turn tonight." "Anything??" "Sure. And I've
got the perfect place to shop for it, too." I slid the extra room key to
him, along with a note that had the room number on it. I left the booth
immediately, and went to the room. Stepping into the bathroom, I disrobed
except for my red underwear and waited for him. He was there just a couple
of minutes behind me. I gave him a few seconds to look around the room,
and stepped out of the bathroom and posed for him to take my body in. I
walked to him and kissed him as well as I knew how. I rubbed my entire
body against his, and could tell that he was ready for me. "See anything
you like?" I questioned him. "Everything I see here has too much wrapping
on it." "Bull! Weren't you the one who told me that a little bit of
clothing is much more effective than simple nudity? And besides, you've
got a lot more on than I have." I led him to the bed. "Any restrictions
tonight? Maybe I can only touch you with my left toe, for example?" "You
can touch me anywhere you want, as long as you touch me everyplace." We
started kissing, and I took off all his clothes. Then I crawled into the
bed, with Don chasing me. As he came in, I told him how bad I wanted him,
and took off my bra and panties. He tried to engage in foreplay, but I was
getting very warm and wanted to lose my second virginity as quickly as I
could. I urged him between my legs, grabbed his penis, and helped him to
enter me. He moved quickly, and I urged him on. I was getting very, very
close, and I waited for orgasm, but he exploded into me before I climaxed.
As he began to get a little soft, I realized I wasn't going to come, and
started crying. Perhaps I really was frigid, and that a man couldn't
satisfy me. I was also afraid that I hadn't shown Don a good time, that he
might not want to do it with me again. If that was true, all my plans were
ruined! Don was really upset about my tears. When he asked me why I was
crying, I told him of my difficulty, and my fears. He suggested that it
was the position we were in that was at fault, not my ability. "What do
you mean? We did it the right way, didn't we?" "Well, that's one way to do
it, but there are other methods, and many of them might stimulate you
better." "But in health education in high school, I learned that man on top
was the best way." We discussed it a little bit more, and I immediately
knew that this was a situation where I needed to make Don think he was
teaching me things. He cracked open the champagne, and I told him that we
should wait until we had something to celebrate. He toasted us anyway,
something about what was still to come. I drank the toast, and then Don
came back to bed. He started gently stroking my body, not just the
erogenous zones (as the book put them,) but also the other parts: my face,
throat, arms and midriff. While this was going on, he described some of
the positions I'd seen in the book, and then started tickling my nipples. I
could feel myself getting warm again (Don really has a way with my
breasts!) and then he went down to my labia and clitoris. I was really
ready, and let myself start screaming in orgasm. Don said, "Well, that
certainly didn't sound like a frigid woman to me!" I just smiled at him.
When he got out of bed to get some more champagne, I took a very good look
at Don's penis. I'd seen David before, of course, but the other times when
Don had it unsheathed it was either dark, under the covers, or I was too
upset to concentrate on it. I found that I really would like to examine
his closely, to see how it was different from David's. So I asked Don to
explain fellatio and cunnilingus. Now, look, I hadn't done it much because
it hadn't appealed to me. But I did tell Don when he asked me that in High
School, the girls had said it was something dirty. So I had him describe
to me how he liked to have his penis done. This was my chance. I gently
pushed him unto his back, and then put my face close to his sex. I
examined it, and saw that it was very similar to the one that I was used
to. It was just semi-erect at this point. When I started smelling it, I
really enjoyed it, so I took it in my hand and started licking it. Then I
just put the tip of it in my mouth to taste it. Soon, I had Don very
interested, and he was telling me to put it all the way in my mouth. Don
was very hard by now, and I started sucking on it as hard as I could. I
felt a tickling on my sex, and out of the corner of my eye I could see that
Don had put his hand down to my vagina. I was really enjoying this, and I
thought that Don was ready to come again when he stopped me. "What's
wrong? Was I doing it badly?" I knew I wasn't, that he was ready to
explode. "No dear, not at all. I was just about to come. You were great.
But we can't waste that wonderful hard-on on your mouth, not when you've
got a pussy that needs to be filled." What a nice man! The few times that
I had gotten David to come that way, he had seemed more interested in his
pleasure than what he could do for me. Don wanted me to enjoy it as much
as he did. I asked him if he wanted to have intercourse again, or if he
had other ideas. Without answering, Don had me lay down on my back. I
thought about the positions that we might take from the book, but then
feigning lack of knowledge I asked, "I thought you said there was a lot
more than the missionary position?" "Trust me, I promise you'll like this."
I saw that he was getting me into the position called 'woman on back, man enters from side,' and I was happy because that was one of the first ones I
wanted to try. When I let him enter me, it felt heavenly. Not only was my
vagina being well massaged by his penis, he was also able to rub my body
with his hand. I was getting very warm, and when his finger touched my
clitoris, it set me off. I let myself just climax, a big one, and I was
sure I was screaming again in pleasure. I thought I still had the presence
of mind to feel his sperm feel enter me, but I didn't feel him release.
When he withdrew, I looked at it and he was still hard; the darling had
stopped himself from coming. He looked at me, and said, "It's your turn to
do the work, I'm tired." "What do you mean?" I let him teach me about
'woman on top' and then climbed up on him. I pushed myself down on him,
and felt the wonderful pressure of his penis in my vagina again, and
started to move my hips in an effort to let him release. I was getting
warm, and I remembered the part of the book that discussed bed talk. I
decided to use some dirty words, and they had their effect; soon I felt the
moisture of Don's sperm enter me. I told him how good that felt, and then
went back to utilizing his remaining firmness to pleasure myself. I
decided not to scream this time, and the resulting climax didn't seem so
intense; okay, if possible, I decided I was going to be a vocal as I could.
We just laid there for quite awhile, with him still in me and the two of us
kissing and stroking each other. As he became soft, I tried to tighten my
muscles so that he would stay in me, but finally he slipped out. I felt
sticky down there, and so I went into the bathroom, wiped myself
thoroughly, and then brought a clean, wet washcloth into the bedroom and
cleaned Don's groin. He seemed to appreciate the attention, and I was able
to appreciate it in the flaccid state. About this time, I needed to
relieve myself. As I sat on the toilet, I realized I hadn't closed the
door! Oh, well, no harm was done, as Don couldn't see me. We laid on the
bed, eating food from the cold tray I had ordered, and playing with each
other's body. I found that I wasn't body conscious with this man at all;
in fact, I enjoyed it when he observed me. This was now my lover, and I
opened my legs when his head was near my feet so that he could look at me
all he wanted. Then I wanted to know what his opinion of my body was. I
got out of bed, replaced the tray on the table, and made sure that I was
moving as seductively as I could. I walked around the room, turning on the
other lamps, and finally asked him for his opinion. With a bit of a joking
voice, I told him how much of a help he'd been to me in fixing up my
appearance, and then I asked him what he thought of my naked body. He
began by telling me the things he did like. Although I'm not twenty-two
any longer and have had three babies, I didn't think I looked badly. Don
told me that the various parts of me looked very good to him; either he
agreed with my conclusion, or he was sweetly fibbing. He did make a
suggestion about my pubic hair. Apparently it was a little long and thick for my lover's taste. I asked him to demonstrate how much hair he thought
I should have, and he motioned me back onto the mattress, and turned around
so that he could have access to my groin area. He sketched the area where
he thought I could cut back to, and I opened my legs again to let him have
a good view of my labia. He took the hint, and began to lick that area.
Now I had let David do that to me on occasion, but hadn't really enjoyed
it; I thought it was dirty. But Don was my lover, and any thing I did with
him was illicit by definition. I found that the thought of him kissing me
down there was exciting. When he realized that I wanted him to do that, he
started licking the exterior of my opening, and then putting his tongue in
as far as it would go. He would lift up and tease my clitoris with it, and
soon I was ready to orgasm again. Keeping my resolution, I let myself
scream. It was a very good one. When I stopped screaming, and he stopped
licking, I asked Don why I had ever thought it was dirty? Don didn't
answer, and I considered the surprise my husband would have then next time
he attempted to do that to me. I scooted around until I had my face at his
groin again, and started licking and sucking it until I had it hard again.
When it was ready, I decided that my favorite position that we had
attempted that evening was 'woman on top.' I tried that again, and this
time got Don to climax again at the same time I did. It was getting late,
and I knew I needed to go home in case David phoned. I didn't want him to
suspect anything; I'd let him know what I was doing soon enough. Don and I
showered together, and I savored the feeling of him cleaning me. Of
course, I did the same for him. In the shower, as he had a wonderful view
of my naked body, I asked him if he wanted to have me again the next
evening. He told me he did, and we started dressing. I dressed more
slowly than he did, and after he was completely clothed again, I kissed him
goodnight, and told him that I was looking forward to seeing him again the
next evening. I went over to the chair and picked up the telephone. The
last scene Don had that night was me talking on the telephone in only my
red bra and panties; the desk clerk was mystified when I asked for to stay
for another night when my reservation already was in. -------------- On
Thursday morning I called David in his room; I wanted to ensure that he and
Lisa had made the arrangements. "Yes," he said, "we talked, and we're
going to go ahead. Judy, are you really sure this is what you want? I can
always cancel." "We've already discussed this; I really think this is the
only way our marriage can last. You're going to enjoy it, aren't you?
Think, this may be the last time you ever have a woman other than me." He
admitted he was looking forward to the evening. "Alright, then, I'm going
to have a little surprise for the two of you in the bedroom." We talked
about the trip I was taking to New York, and he wished me well. "Enjoy
yourself, dear," I told him as we hung up the phone. I went back to the
hotel that afternoon, taking an overnight bag with me. I decided that I'd
sleep all night with Don, if he wanted to. When I got into the room, I
went into the bathroom, got my electric razor out and gave myself a nice
shave. When I got to the pubic hair, I cut it short, and tried to trim
around the edges. The razor jammed and I couldn't do a neat job on it.
The time was getting close to when Don should be there, so I left the room;
I didn't want him to think I was too eager. I went down to the mall, and
started looking at the women's clothes in a golf store. I found a very
nice outfit and decided to wear it. I went to a shoe store and purchased a
few more pairs, and then to Victoria's Secret, as I needed a strapless bra
for the golf shirt I'd purchased. I changed into my new outfit in the
changing room there. Don was waiting for me there, watching golf on TV.
"What do those guys have that I don't?" "A golf game. But they don't have
what I really want." I knew what he wanted, so I sat in his lap and kissed
him. I asked him what he thought of my new outfit. He approved, I could
tell, as the blouse showed one shoulder off, and was tight across my bosom.
As we sat there, we began petting, and soon were both naked again. Don
leaned me back on the bed, and knelt on the floor between my thighs. As he
put his mouth to my labia, I wrapped my legs around his upper body and let
myself enjoy his attentions. I was ready for him, and before too long I
was into a loud orgasm. When I recovered, I sat him in the chair to return
the favor. I had reviewed the instructions in the book that day, so I
started licking him on the scrotum, which he enjoyed, then lapped the
length of his penis with a lot of pressure. He was telling me how much he
enjoyed that, and I took quite a bit of the penis into my mouth. I applied
my tongue to the underside of his member, and could tell it was having the
effect I wanted by the intense throbbing. He told me he was going to come
soon, and I kept the pressure up. He spent into my mouth, and I continued
to suck until the liquid stopped spewing. I liked the taste of it; it was
a touch salty, and made the sides of my tongue tingle a little. I got a
kleenex and emptied my mouth of his sperm, and then went back to him and
cleaned him by licking the excess semen off of him. We returned to the bed
and began fondling each other again. I asked him how well he enjoyed my
fellatio (I used the common term for it,) and he told me that I was quite
good at it. I wanted him to think that I was studying technique, which I
was, so I told him about the book, and showed it to him. He wanted to know
about how I'd purchased it, so I told a little white lie about getting it
earlier that day. He asked me if I masturbated while I was reading it, and
I playfully told him I had and that I didn't require him anymore, as I
could satisfy myself. I asked him about the trim I'd done on my pubic
hair, and, as I'd expected, it didn't pass muster. I told him I'd try
again, and suggested that he'd see it tomorrow, letting him know that I
assumed the affair wasn't over. We decided to go to a restaurant for
dinner. After all the sex we'd had in the past 24 hours, I could tell that
it would take Don a while to get ready again. The place we chose was full
of men in town for a convention in the hotel, and I could tell they were
looking at me and wishing they were Don. After dinner, we walked to a
drugstore, and he purchased some shaving supplies and a pair of scissors. I
asked him what he needed them for, and he told me that he was going to trim
my hair himself. I really thought this was romantic, and got excited just
thinking about it. When we got back to the room, I got the book out and
showed him some pictures of women in it. The amount of pubic hair varied,
although none of them had as much as I'd had the day before, and a couple
of them had no pubic hair at all. I was curious about this, as the book
didn't mention it at all. Don told me that some men, including himself,
thought this was a real turn-on, as he put it. I questioned him about
Lisa's grooming, and he told me she didn't normally keep it that short, and
that currently it wasn't shaved. I knew then that David had never seen one
without hair on it, and I could tell that Don was getting very excited just
talking about it. I asked Don to shave me completely. We went into the
bathroom, and I completely disrobed. It felt a little silly, with me
completely nude and he with all his clothes on, so I had him strip too. He
began by shaving my legs again with the new razor, and it felt much better
than the electric razor did. He cut as much of the pubic hair off as he
could with the scissors, and then shaved me in that area. As he was
shaving me, the blade pulled and tugged a little, pinching me. After he
was done, he told me to rinse off, and then he shaved that area again with
a new, sharp blade. This time it felt silky, and after Don toweled me off
and applied lotion to the newly shaved area, he told me to touch myself.
As soon as I did, I could feel the why men prefer very little hair. The
difference was similar to a person who had been wearing an overcoat to one
who was naked. As I lightly touched my clitoris, I jumped a little from
the sensuous feel. I couldn't wait to feel my lover's penis touching my
mons of venus. I dragged him into the bedroom and begged him to show me
something else that was new too me. Don could tell I was in an adventurous
mood, and he asked me what the limits were, what he couldn't touch. I
wondered what he was thinking, but wanted to find out; I could always stop
him if I didn't like it. I told him that as long as he didn't cause pain,
I would play along. He began by moving the furniture so that the
overstuffed chair in the room had it's back to the window, darkened the
room, and opened the drapes so that the suite was bathed by the soft lights
of the downtown buildings a few miles distant. I sat in his lap in the
chair, and we began to make out again. Don asked me to suck on his
nipples; I was amazed, as a man's chest didn't look like a erogenous zone
to me. When Don explained that his breasts were probably as sensitive as
mine, and asked me to treat him just the way he aroused me, I knew what to
do. I used my lips and tongue to excite him and then started to apply my
teeth. First just with the edge, and then to nibbling, and finally to
biting. I kept at it until he squealed in pain so that I could gauge his
tolerance, and I went back to a more gentle arousal. While I was applying
erotic senses to Don, he was using his hand to kindle a fire within me.
When he touched my clitoris, I again had that little electric shock because
of the lack of pubic hair. He kept at it until he brought me to orgasm.
This time, I tried again not to scream, and again I felt that the crest of
my orgasm was a little short of maximum; I'm a screamer and that's it. My
lovers will have to deal with my noise! Don stood up and had me kneel on
the arms of the chair. My bosom was exposed to anyone who could see into
the window. I began to become shy, but then realized that if anyone could
see into the room, they certainly wouldn't be able to identify me. I
concentrated on what Don was doing behind me, which was to lick my labia. I
was getting very excited when I felt his tongue go a little higher to the
area between the vaginal lips and the anus. I began to get nervous, and
Don moved his sucking and nibbling all over my exposed rear. He kept
getting closer and closer to my unprotected fanny, and I wondered if he was
going to touch it. "You aren't thinking of . . " I began. "Only if you
want me to," he replied, and I began to consider this. While he kept
getting closer and then further from it with his mouth, I knew how gentle
he could be. If he wanted to do this, then it must be alright. After a
few moments, as he got close again, I moved so that my arse came in contact
with his tongue, and he began to lick me more aggressively. I loved it,
and when he parted the ring with his muscle, I began to think that perhaps
he would put his penis into it. I was getting very excited about that
possibility when he stood up and entered my vagina with his tool. In this
position, it went deeper than it had ever gone before, and I felt the
length of it bump gently into my cervix. I cooperated fully with his slow
movements, and began to scream. After ages, he became swift and hard in
his movements, and I felt a gush of moisture enter my hole. Don was in so
much ecstasy that he began to lurch, and I was a little afraid that he
might fall. When he was done, he tottered onto the bed and laid there in a
lather. After kissing him and ensuring that he was alright, I got a clean
wet cloth and bathed him with it. We laid there for awhile, enjoying the
glow of the outside light and of our satiated bodies, and I began to
discuss our future. I explained that I felt that I still wanted to get
even with David, and that he could help me by coming to our house the next
evening and making love to me in our marriage bed, as David had wanted to
do with Lisa. He gained the impression that since no one would ever know
about it, it couldn't hurt anyone. He agreed to the plan, and we made
arrangements for him to enter the house without the neighbors suspecting.
We fell asleep in each other's arms, and in the middle of the night, Don
showed me that I can scream in missionary as well as any other position!
Don was so wonderful the next morning. We showered together and ordered
from room service, and he was concerned about the neighbors seeing me come
home early in the morning. I told him that I had suggested to a neighbor
that I was visiting my daughter. As we parted, we told each other how much
we were looking forward to the evening. If Don only knew what it was that
I was looking forward to . . . --------------------- All that day, I was
understandably nervous. I looked for something, anything to do to keep my
mind busy, and started reorganizing my sewing room. I came upon a record
that I'd taken from the children years earlier, and remembered how David
had enjoyed it. I made a tape of it, thinking to surprise him with it at
some point. Late that afternoon, I went out to eat; I didn't want any
smells of cooking to be in the house. Returning home, I parked the car a
block away in a cul-de-sac and strolled home, thinking of what the evening
would bring. I took a long, hot bath, and spent a long time doing my hair
and applying make-up. I donned a flimsy black negligee which matched the
necklace I had found earlier that week, which I also put on. I took a good
look at myself to the full-length mirror; I decided that, baring any
silliness such a reconstructive surgery, I looked as good for my lover as I
possibly could. I made myself a drink, and waited in the living room for
my lover to arrive. Don's taxi pulled into the driveway just after sunset.
Letting him into the front entrance, I took him into my arms and let him
kiss me deeply. I could tell from the bulge in his trousers that he was
ready for an evening of romance. After refreshing my drink and fixing him
one, I led him to the master bedroom. I had the quarters arranged for love
with a few dim candles burning, the smell of perfume, and the bedclothes
drawn back. I closed the door behind us. I encouraged Don to take off all
of his clothes, and then had him lie on the bed. I kissed him, and rubbed
his body with the fabric of my lingerie. Don used his hands and tongue to
bring me to a state of excitement, and then began to kiss and nibble
between my legs. Although I was becoming excited, as always, I urged
myself not to give into his ministrations easily. I tried to think about
other things. father Thomas and his advice to me came to my mind. I
considered the situation, and realized that what I had been doing would
make my husband love me and make him happier than he had ever been in my
marriage. I realized that, in a very strange manner, I was following
Father Thomas' instructions. As Don was attending to me, we heard the
sharp closing of an automobile door. Don looked up, and I explained to him
that it was only our next door neighbors. I rolled Don onto his back, with
his head at the foot of the bed, and kneeled on top of him, inserting his
penis into my vagina. I was slow and gentle so that we could make this
last a long time if need be. I bent over so that my mouth was near his
ear, and began moaning softly in pleasure. When I heard a low giggle
outside of the bedroom, I straightened up, and the door opened. My husband
entered the room with Lisa behind him and turned on the overhead light. I
made certain that my posture was such that there was no question as to how
excited I was. David just looked at me slowly and silently, and then his
eyes drooped to see my shaved pubic area and the gentleman below me. I
pulled Don out of me enough so that David could not help but see the shaft
of my lover's penis inside of me. Lisa, who had been playing with David's
nipples from behind looked up to see us, and gave a little gasp. Below me,
Don craned his neck so that he could see what the noise was, and viewed the
unexpected (to him) intrusion. I anticipated that Don would go soft when
he realized that we'd been discovered, so I moved one hand to his nipple to
pinch it hard, and the other hand to caress his testicles. "Keep going,
sweetheart," I clamored to Don, and to the others I said, "Come sit down on
the bed and watch us." I was unsure what David's reaction would be at this
point. He'd never had much of a temper, so I didn't expect any violence,
but I didn't know if he would yell, walk out or watch. I could see by the
look on his face that he wasn't sure what was happening. Lisa, however,
showed a mischievous smile, and led David to the side of the bed where he
could sit and watch us. Lisa studied the two of us with amusement, and
then helped David to become as unclothed as her husband and I were. She
quickly stripped to match us, and I was able to see the body that David had
wanted more than mine; I could understand his feeling, as she was quite
beautiful in the nude. Lisa then came on to the bed. For a few seconds, I
wasn't sure if she was going to join Don and I, but she laid down on the
mattress beside her husband, and brought David between her legs. I could
see David's erect penis penetrate his lover, and then I concentrated on the
feelings in my groin. I climaxed noisily in a short time, while David was
making the grunting sounds that I knew to be the trademark of his orgasm. I
wasn't able to feel Don's sperm entering me, and I could tell that Lisa
wasn't quite ready to come yet herself. When my husband, who still looked
confused, began to get off of Lisa, I slowed my movements and began to come
down myself. I leaned over to Don as he was still kneeling between Lisa's
legs and kissed him with a welcome. Lisa was able to manipulate herself so
that she could kiss her husband. I truly wish that I had set up a video camera in the closet so that we could all watch the tableau. I rose from
the bed and put my transparent robe on. Telling them that I was going for
refreshments, I suggested that they talk amongst themselves in my absence.
I went to the kitchen, pulled the champagne bucket out of storage, put two
cold bottles of Domaine Chandon in it and filled it with ice. Getting a
tray of appetizers that I had prepared that morning out of the
refrigerator, I carried the food and drink to the bedroom. Lisa was
divulging how she and David had agreed to make love in this bedroom at my
request. While she was doing this, Don was playing with her upper body
while David was enticing her vagina with his fingers; I could see that
there was nothing shy about Lisa. I opened and poured the champagne,
placed the tray of food in easy reach of the bed, and went to sit on a
small couch to listen to the rest of the story. When Lisa completed the
saga, she begged for oral sex. David knelt between her legs and began to
attend to her. Don came over to sit with me on the settee, and said, "You
set this all up, didn't you." "Some of it, my sweet. I wanted you to be my
lover last week, as a revenge for the hurt that my husband caused me. I'd
planned to keep you on the edge, and let you have me tonight. "But I want
you to know that your sweet, loving care caused me to want you to make love
to me much earlier than that. That's why I took you to the hotel, and I'm
so glad you did. You were the first man ever to make me orgasm, and you
showed me how to please you with my loving. Oh, how can I ever thank you
enough?" "You've already thanked me, Judy. I'm just sorry that it has to
end now." Lisa was coming to climax in earnest. After a few moments, Lisa
looked at the two of us and asked Don what he was doing in my bed. I
explained to Lisa and David about how I had manipulated the circumstances,
and how I'd been swept away by them. I got up and walked to the bed.
After kissing David's lips, I took off my robe, and started fondling David
as Don had shown me how to do. He responded in kind. I noticed that Lisa
and Don were gathering their garments. Just before Lisa shut the door, I
knelt on top of David and began to climax almost immediately. Lisa looked
at us, gave me a wink, and left the room. David was still confused. I'm
not sure that he realized that the woman he was in bed with was his wife.
As he didn't climax immediately, but stayed hard, so I utilized different
positions that Don had taught me and I had learned from the book until he
reached a good orgasm inside of me. As we laid there, he began to realize
that he was with me, and that Lisa wasn't there any longer. When it began
to sink in, he ran his hands over my body, feeling it again and again, and
smiling in amazement. I listened to the sounds in the house around me, and
heard noises coming from the guest bedroom; Lisa and Don must have gone in
there. What is the protocol in a situation like that? I got David out of
bed and dressed, and suggested that he knock on the door and offer to drive
them home. I put on a lime and black pantsuits I'd purchased (without Don)
and went to the kitchen. David came to join me, and hugged me lovingly
from behind as I worked. When Lisa and Don descended, we went to greet
them and asked them if they'd like coffee or something to eat, but they
thought it was best that they'd be going. I quietly slipped Lisa a jewelry
box with her necklace in it, and told her that I hoped she'd have as much
fun in it as I'd had. I considered letting Don kiss me, but decided that
Lisa might take offense, so I just shook his hand and thanked him for
everything. When he returned, I knew that David was satiated. I didn't
want him to be under undue pressure, so I just undressed him, got him into
bed, stripped my clothes off and laid with him naked under the covers. I
held him tenderly until he dropped off to sleep. I woke early and silently
slipped out of our bed. Taking a opaque but frilly blue nightgown, I went
downstairs, put a jogging suit on and retrieved the car. When I got home,
I changed into the nightgown. Quite late in the morning when I heard Don
wake up and fiddle around the bedroom, I began to prepare a fresh breakfast
for him. He took a seat at the table, and I could tell he was looking at
my curves underneath the fabric. "Who was that woman I was with last
night?" he asked. "Which one?" "The only one I care about." "Oh, Lisa!" I
teased. "Well, I guess I care about her too, but I was thinking of you,
wench!" I giggled. David asked me to explain again what I'd done, as he'd
been in no condition to understand all the nuances of the story the
previous evening. I gave him all the details he wanted, and let him know
that the relationship between Don and myself had started off innocently.
"David, I'm so sorry that it turned out the way it did. I didn't plan on
him becoming my lover. We just found ourselves more and more attracted to
each other, and things just happened . . ." "I know, dear, don't be upset.
That's just the way it happened with Lisa and I. There's no harm done. As
a matter of fact, there's a lot of good that's come out of this. I know
that we can make our relationship stronger for this." While he went on
about the positive aspects of our affairs, I climbed up on the counter and
flashed the tops of my legs at him. He got the idea, and came over and
made love to me there in the kitchen. As we were slowing down, we heard
the doorbell. I hurriedly put my nightgown back on and went to the door;
there was no one there, but someone had left a gift wrapped package. We
opened it to find a copy of another sex manual with an inscription from
Lisa and Don. What sweet people! That evening, we drove north to Smith's
Ford, and I got him into the backseat where we made passionate love to that
rock & roll tape I'd made. For the next few weeks, David and I made love
at least four or five times a week, occasionally twice a day. David told
me how much he enjoyed the new little things I did, and he asked me to
explain all of the things that Don and I did together. He wanted to tell
me about the things he and Lisa had done, and I encouraged him to, as we
needed to be done with the jealousy that might have festered without
communications. One night, David asked me if I would like to have Don
again, or some other man. I told him truthfully that he was enough man for
me. I did suggest, however, that a foursome with Don and Lisa might be
fun. He said that if we could ever get that to happen, it would be great;
neither of us thought that such a fantasy would ever come true. The next
Wednesday evening, we decided to go to the club for dinner. There was only
one other car in the parking lot, and we could see that the club was very
quiet. Entering the dining room, we found Lisa and Don just getting their
first drink before dinner. Greeting us warmly, they invited us to sit with
them. At first, Don was trying to flirt with me, and I wanted to give it
back to him, but I wasn't sure how David would take it, so I just ignored
him. Dinner went smoothly, with no friction at all between the couples.
Between courses, Lisa and I went to powder out noses, and Lisa asked me how
Superman was. I told her that I could barely sit down anymore because my
bottom was so sore from all the sex. Then she said, "I really found Dave
to be pretty good after he got over being nervous. If you ever get tired
of him, let me have another shot, will you?" We just laughed at the joke,
and I told her that I'd swap him for Don and a share of her sex appeal.
She and I laughed about how she would see me with my friends on Thursday's
when she came in for her steam after work, and how she always thought that
I could never be a threat. We were seated at the far end of the dining
room against the windows, and could see whenever our waiter came out of the
kitchen to see if we needed anything. Over desert and coffee, the
conversation somehow got around to the dual affairs. David told Don how
much we appreciated his help, and asked if there was anything we could do
to repay him and Lisa. Of course, he was gallant and refused, but the seed
had been planted. We had a few after-dinner drinks in the bar, and then
said good night to each other. This time, I let Don hug me and I gave him
a kiss on the cheek while reaching around his back to put my hand lightly
on his rear. He gave a little start, but covered it quickly. That evening
David wanted to make love to me; I'm sure he was thinking about Lisa's low
cut gown and what was in it. I tried a new technique on him so that he was
quite satisfied. I got him to tell me another detail about Lisa's
technique while we were going at it. Afterwards, he asked me for another
detail about Don, and I told him about his desire to have two girls at
once. He wondered about how he could make that happen, and I suggested that
I might be the second girl with Lisa. I expected David to reject the idea,
but to my surprise he seemed to become excited at the idea. He told me to
go ahead, if I could set it up. I went to the club the next afternoon, and
happened to meet Lisa in the steambath. There was no one else in the room,
so the subject turned, as always, to sex. "You know," I said, "Don told me
once what he'd really like." "A threesome," Lisa answered, "just like a
typical male. Their eyes are always bigger than their stomachs." "Well,
what do you think about making his fantasy come true? I'd be willing to
assist in it, if you didn't mind." She considered it for a few minutes, and
then said, "You know, you're right. I was thinking of what I could give
him for our anniversary, and this is going to be perfect." We made
arrangements for a week Friday, and ensured each other that it would be a
surprise for Don because neither of us would tell him. When I told David
that I was going over to Don and Lisa's for dinner, if he would have asked
me not to go I wouldn't have. It was his decision. Instead of being
concerned about it, he simply made me promise that I would give him every
last detail when I got home. On Friday morning, he was so excited about
what was going to happen to me that he helped me prepare. I met Lisa at
their house on Friday afternoon. We went to the bedroom to put on our
outfits, and after we had both stripped down, I realized that the
transparent bra and panties I had brought was a set that Don had already
seen. Lisa didn't think that would do, so she insisted that I go through
her chest of drawers until I found something that I liked. I found a
little black and white maid's outfit, and she insisted that I wear it. The
bra was just a little large, but I didn't think I'd have it on long. When
Don pulled into the driveway, Lisa waited for him in the living room. He
knew something was up from the way she greeted him, and when I entered the
room acting like a proper English maid serving tea and crumpets, he went
wild. The three of us rolled around in the living room, and then retired
to the bedroom for some serious sex. Don had his fantasy fulfilled, and
both Lisa and I came multiple times. As the three of us were laying naked
in their bed, I was playing with Don's limp penis, and remarked, "Too bad
this things a party pooper. See, Lisa, I told you we should have had two
men, instead of just this one." "Well, what's Dave doing?" Don asked. I
could see Lisa begin to get interested in the conversation. "I told him to
stay at home, be a good boy, and not to do anything I wouldn't do; I mean,
anything that's not proper." Lisa spoke up. "Why don't we invite him over?
It'd serve you right, Don, for being such a wimp." In an attempt to prove
us wrong, Don tried to muster strength in his member; it wasn't working
well, however. "Alright, let me call for the reserves." He dialed our home
number, and when David answered the phone, Don screamed for help, as if we
were abusing him, and whimpered for assistance. Lisa took the phone and
let David know he was welcome to join us. While we were waiting for him,
Lisa went down to the living room and left the door ajar so that David
could just walk in. Meanwhile, I got some of Lisa's scarves and tied Don
to the bedframe. We turned off all the lights, and waited. Before long,
David entered the house and found his way to the bedroom, following the
sounds of Don's tortured screams. We were waiting on either side of the
entrance, and when David entered the bedroom, I grabbed him from behind and
Lisa turned on some bright lights, allowing him to view her naked body.
David let us 'capture' him, and we tied him to the bed next to Don and had
our way with him. He was ready to go, and first Lisa and then I had sex
with him. We didn't ignore Don; at one point while Lisa was on top of
David orgasming, I was fondling David's nipples and put my vagina into
Don's face so he could lick me. Finally, David was as limp as Don had
been, and we let the two of them loose. Lisa and David went to the kitchen
to get refreshments, and Don began to fondle me. When the two of them
returned and found what we were doing, Lisa took David to the bookshelf to
find another sex manual and invent a new position. When the evening ended,
I asked Don and Lisa if they'd like to come by our house for dinner in two
weeks, and they agreed. Before they came over, Lisa and I talked, and we
assured ourselves that we both wanted to continue the foursome. When they
arrived at our house, David and Don were acting a little shy, as if they
weren't sure if we were all going to have sex again. Lisa and I solved
that problem by going into the kitchen, stripping off our clothes and
putting aprons on our naked bodies. When the boys saw that, the evening
festivities started. Since then, whatever the group wants to do is fine.
When Don went out of town, I told David to go over and keep Lisa company.
Of course, I did the same when Don was a temporary bachelor. Basically,
anything goes. One night when Lisa and I were alone, she told me about a
new boyfriend she had; apparently he had a very large penis. Lisa
suggested that she'd set up a date for me with him, but I declined; two men are enough for me. I'm sure that David hasn't fooled around with anyone
else since, either. I never did take up golf. I tried it once or twice
with Lisa, but she's so much better than I, that I know I'd never get as
good as her, so I won't even try. At golf, that is, I think we're about
even when we go to the mattress. One evening, the four of us were at our
house, playing a game. I won the round, and that meant that Don had to do
anything that I wanted. I started thinking about the things I like best,
and then said, "You know, they say revenge is a meal best eaten cold. Don,
that's what I'd like you to do to me, but thanks to you, I don't think
anyone will ever call me cold again."


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