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DEBT sucking between lips and

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Archive name: debtpaid.txt (mf,in-law,cheat,prost)
Authors name: Alden Bradley (zzztopper@aol.com)
story title : "A Debt to be Paid"

Copyright August 1998
This work is copyrighted to the author, with all rights
reserved. -- This work may be archived and displayed on
non-commercial web sites without permission, but please
do not remove the author name or address. Thank you
A Debt to Be Paid
by Alden Bradley

When Laura walked into my office, I knew some-
thing was wrong. She was dressed to the nines and
looked like a million bucks.

Laura is twenty-eight. She stands five-six in
her stocking feet, and in the two-inch heels she was
wearing, she looked like an Amazon goddess. Her blond hair was pulled back tight in a bun and shone like
gold in the early afternoon sunlight. She wore a
white blouse, opened almost to her navel, and a tight,
black skirt that showed off the superb curves of her
hips. The single strand of an ankle bracelet accented
her black stockings.

"This is a surprise, Laura," I told my sister-
in-law of six years. She had married my brother,
Stephen just after he had gotten his CPA from Ohio
State. She had her BA in marketing. She sure as hell
knew how to market herself, I thought.

"Thank you for seeing me with no notice," she
said, her voice a low, thrilling, virtual whisper.
"I'm fairly desperate, and you're the only one I could
think of who might be able to help me."

"Please," I interrupted. "Sit down. Can I get
you a drink? Coffee, soda, or maybe you'd like some-
thing with a little more character."

"Yes, thank you. A scotch, please, with just a
little soda."

My bright office on the thirty-second story of
a downtown office building was equipped with a well-
stocked bar, glass and ebony. I walked to it and made
my sister-in-law and relatively stiff drink. The ice
tinkled in the glass as I carried it to her.

"I think I'll pass for now, if you don't mind.
We've got a board meeting at three. I should stay
fairly sober for that, I think," I joked.

A wan smile flickered across her face; a face
that looked like it had been sculpted out of the
finest marble.

"So, what kind of help do you need?" I asked.

"To be frank, financial."

I was surprised. Stephen was very successful.
The two of them lived quite comfortably.

"To the tune of?" I inquired.

"Thirty-two thousand," she almost whispered.

"A fairly hefty sum. I know Stephen's stocks
are doing well. He would have that much."

"Stephen can't know. If he knew, it would kill

"You want to tell me about it?"

"I've had," she paused a second, "an affair.
A young man of incredible build and absolutely no

"An interesting word for an adulteress," I said.
"But, I'm not your judge."

"The thirty-thousand is his payoff to keep his
mouth shut. The two sent him to Rio with papers to
allow him residency."

"I see."

"The whole thing was an awful mistake," she
said. "Stephen was working all the time. I had
nothing to do. It just seemed to happen."

"Well, that's all in the past now. The question
is, how will you repay it without Stephen finding out?"


"You can't repay a loan like that in fifty
dollar increments, Laura. How will you repay it
without Stephen noticing the draw down on your funds?"

"I thought...well, that you would make it a

"Laura, I'm a businessman. I'm the CEO of a
large investment house. This seems like a large
investment to make as a gift. I'm afraid we're going
to have to work out some sort of a repayment plan for
you. Mind you, I'm a generous man. Let's see if we
can't run some numbers."

She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. She
re-crossed her legs; the action causing a most
delightful swishing sound as her stockings rubbed
against each other.

"What would you say to, oh, let's say, two
thousand a month? That would give you a sixteen month
payback period." I smiled at her. "Sixteen months
and no interest? I'm sure you'll see that as very

Her voice was choked. "It is generous. But, I
can't manage that. I just don't get enough to hide
two thousand a month. There has to be another way."

I looked at this gorgeous woman across my desk.
My heart began pounding as the bud of an idea blossomed
in my mind.

"Well," I started, "you know I've always been
very jealous of Stephen because of you. You have the
classic beauty that every man dreams about."

"Thank you," she said very quietly.

"And," I continued evenly, "since it was sex
that got you into this mess..."

She gave a short, sharp intake of breath.

"Perhaps sex will get you out of it."

She stared at me for a long moment.

"Surely you're not suggesting that I sell

"Not to just anybody, Laura. You're not a
common whore. No, to a very small, very influential,
and very affluent clientele."

"You don't understand..." she began.

"Oh, I think I do, dear," I cut her off. "You
are in need of thirty-two thousand dollars, on the sly,
so to speak. I've got it and can lend it to you. All
you have to do is pay it back. I'm offering you a
method. You've already demonstrated that you can be
an unfaithful wife. Why not capitalize on that?

"In fact, depending on the demand, you could
pay this whole amount off in less than a year. And
Stephen, your devoted husband would never know a thing
about it."

"I don't see that I have any choice. What are
the details?"

"Well, let's see. Let's start with the rate
for your services. A really good call girl gets about,
what, five hundred from each client? I think that's a
fair starting point."

"A thousand," Laura said. "As you said, I'm no
common whore."

"Seven-fifty," I offered.

"No, Larry, a thousand. That's thirty-two, uh,
clients. In a year's time, that's nearly three a

I smiled. "For eleven months, only. Three a
month for ten months, then two for the last month."

"So, I could pay you off in less than a year.
Where do the "clients" come from?"

"I'll take care of that. I'll call you with
the dates and times. All you have to do is make sure
you look as good as you do now. As a matter of fact,
I can give you your first booking right now."

"Oh, really?"

I reached for the intercom and pressed the

"Mrs. Northrup. Hold all my calls for the next
say, forty-five minutes. I'm going to be dealing with
a family crisis and am not to be disturbed under any
circumstances. No calls, no visits, no interruptions.
In fact, I am out to everybody but the President, Vice
President or Speaker. Understood?"

"This afternoon's speaker, sir? For the board
meeting?" the intercom squawked.

"The Speaker of the House of Representatives,
Mrs. Northrup. No calls."

I clicked off the intercom and stood up behind
my desk. I walked around to where my sister-in-law
sat in her chair. I lifted the half-empty glass from
her hand and placed it on my desk.

"You're first client," I said, my heart pound-
ing, "is me. You can begin working off your debt this
very afternoon."

She stood up and looked straight into my eyes.
Her hands moved to release the three small buttons
holding her blouse on. I watched as she unbuttoned
each one and then shrugged her shoulders to release
the garment from her shoulders.

The lovely mounds of flesh on her chest welled
up from the lacy, white bra she had on. Her hands
found the clasp between those marvelous breasts and
unsnapped it. As she slowly pulled the ends out and
away, her firm, white tits came fully into view. Her
areolas were a light brown. My heart pounded as my
hand brushed along the top, side and bottom of her
generous breasts. I let my finger slide over the
hardening nipple."

"You can stop right there, for now," I said.
"I want to savor these beauties for a few minutes."

I leaned over and kissed the top of one breast,
then the other. I weighed them in my hands, then
lifted one and then the other to my lips. I gently
kissed the nipple, running my tongue over the protru-
sion in my mouth.

"I never dreamed," I said, my hot breath on her
growing nipple. "So ripe. So tender. So delicious."

I let my tongue circle the areola. I flicked
it lightly, sucking it between my lips and teeth. She
moaned as my teeth rubbed across the engorged little

"So!" I said, pulling back a little. "You do
enjoy it."

"Yes," she replied. "It feels like electricity
running from there all the way through my body."

"I know you might find this hard to believe,
Laura," I said softly, "but, I want this to be as good
for you as I know it's going to be for me. It's not
my intention to use you, but to amuse you, arouse you,
and to please you."

I cupped one breast in each hand and gently
massaged them.

"You can continue, now," I said.

Laura reached behind her and unzipped her skirt.
She pushed it over her incredible hips and let it slide
down into a small, black puddle around her ankles. I
saw she was not wearing pantyhose, but a garter belt
to hold up her stockings. My cock started to throb at
that sight, as well as the vision of her black panties hiding under the garter belt.

"Oh, my dear," I said. "You are exquisite."

She reached for the garter belt and I stayed
her hand.

"I like it. Just the panties."

She slid her fingers under the waistband and
tugged at the black fabric of her bikini briefs. She
unhooked her hose to allow the panties to pass over
her stockings, then re-attached them. It was incre-
dibly sexy to watch her hook up her stockings. My
dick was fully hard now in anticipation.

She stood up and faced me. Her pubic hair was
shaved to a small strip, about as long and wide as my
thumb. The tiny hairs were golden brown, attesting to
her claim of being a natural blonde.

"What about you?" she said. "You intend to fuck
me with all your clothes on?"

"Of course not," I answered, slipping off my
jacked and tugging at my tie. Laura went to work on
my pants as I wrestled with the buttons on my shirt.
She unhooked my belt, then released the catch. I felt
her fingers slide over my erection as she unzipped my

"Let me," I said, kicking off my shoes and
sliding my shirt off at the same time. I pulled the
T-shirt over my head and tossed it onto the chair.
Laura looked at my chest and then placed both her
hands on my pecs. She rubbed them slowly and reached
her hand around my neck. Her lips came up to mine and
she kissed me passionately. Her tongue slid between
my lips and teeth and teased at mine. Her glorious
breasts were pushed into my chest, and her breathing
was becoming quicker.

I pulled away from her kiss and looked at her.
"You seem to be very much into this."

"I've had dreams," she said simply. "Call it
the realization of a fantasy."

"Indeed." I let my pants slide to the floor,
then pulled my briefs off. I led her over to the
sofa. She sat down and took a hold of my nearly stiff
cock. She held it in one hand, passing the other over
the tip. Her fingers played a little tattoo on it as
she caressed my manhood. Then she stuck her tongue
out at licked off the drop of pre-cum that had formed
on the end. I had never seen anything so erotic.

My sister-in-law kissed the end of my rod as
if it were her lover's lips. She gently sucked it,
tongued it, and held it between her lips for what
seemed like minutes. Then she kissed it's length,
little tiny sucking kisses all the way down the side
to the root, then back up the other side to the tip.
I shuddered with the sensation as one hand grasped
my balls and she lightly scratched behind them. It
had the effect of pushing me forward, and as I moved,
her lips and mouth engulfed me.

It was all I could do to breathe; the sensa-
tions were so strong. As she held most of me in my
mouth, her tongue beat upon the underside of my shaft.
Then she locked on it with her lips and pressed me to
the roof of her mouth with her tongue. I could the
feel little sucking motions of her tongue as she held
me there, all the while scraping her fingernails under
and around my balls.

"You are just marvelous," I said through short,
heavy breaths. "But, really, you must stop. I will
surely come in just a few moments. I want to save
that for later."

"But, I like it," she said. "You're so hard,
and the skin is so smooth and soft. And, I like those
little ridges the veins make."

"There will be other times, Laura," I said,
"for I fully intend to use a lion's share of the
allotment of your services."

"Oh, I see," she said. "Well, it might not be
so bad, then."

I instructed her to sit down on the couch. When
she did, my fingers slid over her belly and across her
garter belt, into the soft, wet folds of her pussy.
She gasped as my finger found her little love bud. I
removed it, licked it, and slid it back to find her
clit. As I circled it with my finger, she began to
moan, or hum, I really couldn't tell which.

As I slid my finger around her hot, wet love-box
she arched her back and pushed her hips upward. My
finger found her hole and she moaned softly as it slid
in. I circled it lightly then slid out to encircle her
little bud again. Three times I made the circuit and
then slid it back into her. She put her hand on top
of mine and said, "There. Leave it there."

She began to hump my fingers, making them slide
in and out of her. Her moans became grunts and her
pace quickened. She put both her hands on mine and
pushed hard. She was firing off like a rocket. Her
head rocked downward and the back against the sofa.
Her hips arched upward and I could feel her cunt com-
pressing and releasing as she came, her voice making
a low "oooohhhhhhh" sound. She collapsed her hips
down one the sofa and I removed my hand.

I went to kneel in front of her. My tongue was
trembling for the contact with her sweet pussy. I
lifted her knees over my shoulders and pulled her damp,
sweet love-box to my lips. I kissed her labia,
tonguing the inner and searching for that throbbing
little clit. Her hands grabbed the back of my head
and pulled me into her. I finally achieved the mar-
velous position where my tongue was fucking her hole while my nose stimulated her clit.

"Oh, Larry," she moaned. "Stephen never does
me like this. Mmmmmm. Please make me come on your
tongue." Of course, that was my intention. I swirled
my tongue inside her, licking up her juices. She had
perfumed her inner thighs, and the scent mingled with
her natural musk. My hard organ throbbed and my head
swam with the sensation. I licked at her furiously
while she humped on my face, the tip of my nose press-
ing her clit.

She began that low moaning, almost a growl.
Her head rocked down, looking at me, but not looking,
her eyes glassy with a far away stare. Her hands were
clasped behind my head as she fucked my face. She
rocked backward again. I could see her marvelous tits vibrating ever so slightly with her gyrations. This
time, when she came, the sound was more guttural,
almost animal. She growled and moaned and I felt her
cunt compress my tongue. She almost turned inside out,
pressing against the wave of her orgasm. When she was
spent, I gently licked up and down her slit, tasting
her delicious essence, and lubricating her for the
main event.

"How do you want me?" I asked. "Missionary,
you on top, or what?"

"No, no. Like this," she said, rolling her
body around on the sofa, kneeling on it and presenting
her back to me.

"Animal-style," I said. "Appropriate."

I stood behind her, taking my cock in my hand
and sliding it around her slit. I found her hole and
slide in very slowly.

"Oh, yessss!" she whispered. "Yes. Just like

I held very still and let the sensation and
excitement subside. But, my sister-in-law, kneeling
there with my cock inside her was desperate for sen-
sation. She began to rock her hips, causing my dick
to slide partially out of her and rub the front of her
pussy. She moaned and rocked backward, taking me
fully inside her.

"Slowly," I commanded. "I want the complete
feeling of your cunt wrapped around my cock."

She slowed but continued to move. I put my
hands on her delicate waist and slide them down to
those glorious hips. I needed to control the rhythm.
I rocked my hips forward to greet her backward thrust-
ing. Then released her partially to slide away from

"Mmmmmm," she moaned. "Just there. So good."

I set the pace. Three partial strokes and then
the full. Three and the full. Three and the full.
She started to growl again.

"Are you cumming?" I asked.

"Yes," she said through gasping breaths, "Yes,
I'm cumming."

When I felt the constrictions begin inside her
I dropped the three short strokes and just plunged
into her time and again to my full length. Her groans
turned into growls, and then into a louder yell. She
closed her mouth and made grunting and moaning sounds
through her nose. When she opened her mouth again it
was with words I'd longed to hear.

"Oh, fuck me, Larry. Fuck me hard. I'm coming!"

I drove my cock into her, time and time again,
fighting against the contractions in her pussy. I felt
the orgasm begin to build behind my balls. I pulled
her hips to me and pounded away. She was virtually
screaming now as her orgasm continued, her interior
muscles milking my cock. My own orgasm rushed down on
me like a huge wave. I plunged as deep as I could
into her and started spewing my seed inside her. My
own grunts mingled with her screams and we came in one
terrible and tremendous rush of emotion and elation.

When my cock had stopped shooting, I gently
caressed her back. I slide my cock slowly in and out
of her sopping pussy. I didn't want this to end. I
told her so.

"I know," she said. "Me either. Just keep
doing what you're doing."

My cock slid in and out slowly. I could feel
her voluntarily contracting her muscles to hold and
squeeze me while I was inside her.

"I'm very close to another, if you can keep it
up," she said. "Just slowly, like your doing." I
complied. My cock didn't seem to want to go down.
It stayed relatively hard, though overwhelmingly
sensitive. I thrust softly forward, then back,
feeling the heat and soaking wetness of her cum-laden

She called out, "Now, Larry, fuck me hard, now!"

I renewed my efforts and drove into her. Again,
my hands held her hips as I pounded her. She mewed a
little bit, then growled. Finally, there came the low
voiced, "oooooohhhhhhhh" and the contraction of her
pussy became involuntary. She pounded back on my cock
as the wave of her orgasm overtook her. When she
slowed, I pulled back and released her. She turned
her head toward me and asked for tissues. The cum was
dripping down her thigh toward her stockings. I raced
across the room to the bar and grabbed a handful of

"I'm sorry," I said. "Next time, I'll be better
prepared." I handed her a bunch of the napkins, keep-
ing several for myself.

"You know, Larry," she said, standing and
cleaning herself, "we should have done this a long,
long time ago."

"I'm glad to hear you say that, Laura. It makes
the money seem much less of an important issue."

"I'm sorry about the money. I know now that I
should have never been involved with that scumbag,
especially with you around and available."

I found my briefs and pants and pulled them on.
As I shrugged into my shirt I walked behind my desk,
opened the drawer and pulled out my checkbook. I wrote
out the check for thirty-two thousand, leaving the
payee line blank. I handed it to her.

"Fill in whomever you want on the pay to line."

Laura took the check and looked at it. She put
her right hand behind my neck and pulled me close to
her. Her lips locked onto mine. She sucked lightly
on my tongue and then released me.

"This is the second best thing that's happened
to me today," she said.

"Oh really? What was the best?"

"You and me, together on that couch. That was
the best."

I helped her gather her clothing and showed her
the door to my private bathroom.

"There's even a shower in there, if you want
it," I said.

"Not this time, Larry. Like you said, next
time, we'll be better prepared." She kissed me lightly
on the lips again and disappeared into the bathroom.

While she dressed, I retied my tie, tucked in
my shirt, and put on my shoes and socks. I used the
sink at the bar to wash my face and hands, then shrug-
ged into my suit coat. When Laura came out of the
bathroom she looked as stunning as when she had

"Call me when you need me," she said. "I'll be

"I'll call you, Laura. You owe me thirty-one
thousand dollars."

"You'll get your money's worth, Larry. I pro-
mise. And probably more, if you want."

Laura turned out to be one of the best invest-
ments I had ever made. She was directly attributable
for five huge contracts for my firm. Her style, beauty
and enthusiasm made us more than two hundred fifty
million. Six others enjoyed her company but signed
only smaller investment deals. I used the other twenty
visits with her myself. She paid off her debt in four
months. On her last "service call" we spend an entire
weekend at the company condo in West Palm while
Stephen, her husband, my brother, was in Toronto on
business. Had she charged me, I would have owed her
eight thousand after that weekend.

Since that time she has volunteered her services
to the company six more times. I can't count the
number of times my sister-in-law has been with me.
Needless to say, it is a relationship that is mutually
satisfying to both of us...

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