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ADULTS ONLY (Adult Public Domain -- if file is unaltered)

This account is recorded for Adult readers only. The account was
related to me by a little man and it relates to his fetish for large
vaginas. It is written in '.txt' format.

Please exit now if you are under the legal age for reading adult type
material in your State or region.

By all means, exit now if you do not enjoy reading about very large
"My Friend Jim... A Small Man's And His Fate"
Transcribed by: A. Nony Mous


I am a normal sized male Court Reporter. I have know a rather small
man since -- even before his parents died (I used the names 'Jim and
Ann' as pseudonyms for purposes of this document). Jim and I have
been good friends for many years. I was Jim's only school buddy and
his only real friend through junior high and high school. We grew up
in a medium sized town near a large city, and now we have both moved
to live in the larger city.

I was worried about Jim for several years, as he seemed depressed.
I feel much better about Jim these last two years. I have been
especially pleased about his situation during this past year -- now
that he related to me the intimate details about his personal life.

About a year ago, we were drinking at my place and Jim got very
drunk. All he would talk about was his sex life. This went on for
several hours. He would stare blankly into space and just talk and
talk. It was a pure monolog and I never spoke for hours while Jim
just talked and talked as he drank. I was fascinated and even took
some notes. Jim seemed to pay no attention to my note taking, but as
a Court Reporter, I am always taking notes. I am sure Jim does not
remember telling me this account. He was much too drunk to notice me
taking the notes as he talked. He always had amnesia for these
alcoholic episodes whenever we drank this much before. I would have
stopped his sipping booze, but I wanted him to finish his fascinating
account. I drove him home after he finally passed out. His big wife scared me a little when I delivered Jim back to his large mansion of
a home. The next day he had recovered and was doing fine when I
brought him back to my house, so he could pick up his little car.

This is Little Jim's account as taken from my notes and from my best
recollection of his drunken soliloquy. In parts of what follows,
I tried using quotes whenever he indicated direct statements. If you
should guess his identity, please do not distribute this account to
Little Jim, or even to anyone he knows. I certainly do not want Jim
to know I recorded this about his personal life.

Jim's erotic account has stirred my imagination, and I now find
myself having fantasies that almost parallel Jim's strong fetish and fantasies.

Jim's Account:

Little Jim was the smallest boy in his high school. He even grew up
to be the smallest man in his medium sized hometown. I only know of
one other man so very small in this huge city we now live in. We
graduated from the same college, but in school, many people were
always joking about Jim. This bothered him immensely as he could
hear others say what a little guy he was. They even made fun of his
little head. He overheard a girl in his physics class tell another
girl, "His little head isn't any bigger than my 9 month old cousin!"

This made him angry and he went up to them stretching his 3' 5"
frame to his highest (by slightly standing on his toes) and said,
"I'll have you know my head is over 17 inches around!" The big
girls just starred at him and smiled -- which made him even madder.
He had actually lied, as his little head was only 15 inches
circumference at its very maximum. Jim's parents only had the one
child, and both of them were very small people. Jim was very much
smaller than either of them. He only weighed two pounds at birth.
Even though Jim was a very small infant, he was not born premature,
he was just a very small person. He never seemed to grow fast.
I was never embarrassed to be Jim's best friend -- even though the
top of his head only came up on me a little higher than the middle
of my belly. Unfortunately, both Jim's parents were killed in an
auto accident when he was twenty two. His parents inherited their
money and they had invested and saved quite well. Their last will
left their entire estate to Jim.

Jim got a good job after college, working as a financial analyst
for a large banking firm. With his inheritance, he really didn't
need more money, but wanted something to do. Jim never seemed to
meet many people and mostly stayed to himself. He wanted to date
but was rather shy, as he always found that he was soon rejected
when he asked big girls for dates. To make matters worse, he loved
very big and tall girls, but none would think of dating such a
little guy. He wondered how could a financially stable, and rather
wealthy little man, get the huge girl of his dreams? That is, how
could he get such a girl, without telling her that he inherited
lots of money? At work he never mentioned his inheritance and
drove a special but cheap little car to work. He made it a point to
never invite anyone [other than myself] to his huge estate home he
built near the edge of town -- lest they became suspicious he was
quite wealthy, and take advantage of him.

Once a heavy tall girl and fellow worker in his firm let him take
her on a date. When they got back to her apartment, she agreed to
have sex with him. After a lot of foreplay, they were both very hot,
and they tried penile sex. Jim tried and tried, but his thin 2 to 3
inch penis was way too small for her to feel him. She then held his
little hand down to her moist pussy and moved it over the wetness
there. He rubbed her soft moist labia, not knowing how to please
her. When she suggested 'firmer' suddenly with no real pressure
from his little hand, his whole hand easily slipped inside her
vagina and she moaned. He started to remove his hand, but she said
"No," and reached down to hold his hand inside her. He then massaged
the inside of her vagina and found she wanted him to rub the walls
of her vagina very firmly. Jim became very stimulated by doing this
for her. He again started to remove his hand, but she said "No, do
More!" He then dropped between her legs and soon found that his
other small hand easily slipped inside her large moist opening. He
was amazed she liked him doing this and he only felt a mild
tightness from her vaginal muscles around both his wrists. His
two little hands were deep inside her and he found that he could
push them very deep inside. He even pushed his little arms far past
his elbows before he reached her maximum vaginal depth. He was so
little that even though this seemed extremely deep to Jim, the
actual depth he pushed inside was about thirteen inches. She was a
very large girl who enjoyed a big and very long penis. The lady
friend had several huge orgasms and little Jim fantasized he was
just diving into her pussy with both arms. He fantasized he might
just keep going and going -- deeper and deeper until his whole body
slid completely inside her.

He then thought to himself that maybe this strong urge that he
felt to go insider her was why he loved huge and tall ladies -- as
this brought out a 'back to the womb' fantasy in him. This fantasy
gave him a huge orgasm like he had never experienced before. At
almost the same time, the big lady had an orgasm and her vaginal
muscles tightened around Jim's arms above his elbows. This excited
Jim even more, and he was very pleased he could orgasm at the same
time she did, without any direct penile stimulation.

Immediately little Jim thought the big lady would become his mate
and he would ask her to marry him. He made plans to buy her a ring
and propose marriage. Even though the lady friend had several more
orgasms and thanked Jim for the wonderful experience, when Little
Jim asked her at the office to go out with him again, she refused.
She told Jim that she liked him very much but would not date him
again. Jim at first though about telling her he was very rich, but
his best friend [ME] had advised Jim never to let someone marry him
for money alone. Jim had always agreed that he wanted people to like
him -- just for himself alone -- and especially not just for his
money. Jim was very depressed about this rejection, and became
worse when his lady friend soon married another employee at the
banking firm where Jim worked. Her new husband was well over six
feet tall and Jim felt very jealous. After this experience, Jim
continued to fantasize about very large vaginas and how much his
new fantasy stimulated him. He wondered if a financially secure
little man could find the Huge lady of his dreams -- without
revealing he had lots of money.

Jim spent all his time at home on the computer, and after awhile
discovered many chat programs and internet sites that had the type
of girls he admired... big tall ones! He would chat and tell the
ladies that he was 6' 8" tall. He soon had many ladies that he was
chatting with. When things got intimate, he tried revealing the
truth, and told them that really he was only 3' 5" tall! When he
would do this, invariably the big tall lady would just cut him off
and never chat with him again. He began to just lurk on the clubs
and chat rooms, but not enter into the conversations. He continued
to feel rejected and depressed, but because of his hot sexual desire,
he still got some comfort from looking at pictures of big tall ladies
and their huge female parts. If only he could meet a huge and tall
lady with a capacious vagina, he knew he would be very happy!

By chance he ran across a club called 'Huge Ladies Who Love Dildos'
and looked around. There were pictures of many very large ladies
using all sizes of vaginal dildos and various other means of large
vaginal stretching. He fantasized how he would love to be with one,
but knew his little organ would not satisfy any of them. He then
found other clubs with huge vaginal stretching -- and this even
stimulated him more. He imagined he would use his little hands and
arms to be their dildos and that he could make them very happy.
Surprisingly that allowed him to orgasm quite easily. Jim would
mentally re-live the experience he had with his one 'Big Date' and
then he would look at the pictures of large vaginas on the internet.
Soon he belonged to many such clubs.

One day he posted a message to a club called 'Huge Fisting and
Vaginal Stretching' saying, "I am a very huge man with extremely
huge hands who would like to please a very huge lady -- a lady who
can enjoy my great size."

He just was trying out a message to see what others would say,
but surprisingly a single e-mail reply to his message came back,
"I am 'Little Ann'... Signal me."

He knew he was in trouble, but maybe this 'little' lady would chat
with him even if he later on told her the truth. He wished that
someone very huge had replied, but this was his only response.
He checked and found 'Little Ann' was also on several of the same
clubs he belonged to. He crafted a message telling her he was
6' 8" and had hands that were extremely huge -- and much too large
for a little lady to do vaginal fisting -- much less the double
fisting that he enjoyed doing. In his message, Jim told her -- if
she wanted -- they could still, "... just chat."

He was amazed that she signaled right back saying, "Great,
I love big men, even though I am only a very tiny 4' 2" lady.
I would very much like to know more about you."

Jim told Little Ann that he was single and had an average paying
job, telling her he would love to chat. He lied to 'Little Ann'
about his job and finances. He was trying to see if someone would
like him -- just for himself alone -- and not for his money. He
told her that he always admired very huge and very tall ladies. They
agreed that because of his sexual preferences, they could only
have a purely 'platonic' chat. He thought that they could still be
friends, even though there was nothing at all about a 4' 2" woman
that would sexually appeal to him. He told her that since she was
not his 'fantasy type' that even though their friendship might
become great -- naturally that friendship could not include romance.
About some things, he told Ann the truth, and said he was very
lonely for someone to chat with. Ann insisted that she fully
understood, but still wanted to be his chat partner. Soon he
found Little Ann to be very intelligent and a wonderful lady to
chat with. She could converse about any subject with insight
and seemed to enjoy the same things he enjoyed. Ann said she
didn't get out much, and was paid to do computer work from her
home. Ann told Jim she loved to chat. And suggested that even
though she worked from her home during the day, she would still
love to chat with Jim at night. She asked him about his sex life,
and Jim partially lied, saying that he had done fisting, double
fisting, and very huge vaginal stretching for 'several' very huge
ladies. He said only the huge ones could take his giant hands.
Ann did not reject this and said that his sexual pleasures were
good for him, and no matter what sexually stimulated him, he
should not be ashamed of his desires, pleasures and fantasies.
Ann told him she was just a little tiny girl, but was curious about
the club that showed ladies with huge vaginas. She said she just
looked in on the club to see what others did. Jim told her he
liked it because it showed the very type of things he had done
for years -- stimulating very huge vaginas -- that he just loved
doing. He did not tell her that he also found her name in the
membership lists of several such clubs that he belonged to.
He thought to himself, she must be 'very curious'.

After about three months of chatting almost every night, the two
had a good platonic relationship. There were many things they both
liked in common. As to knowing all about what each other liked,
they were mostly in agreement -- except for Ann's sex life. She
would change the subject whenever they came to that particular
subject. Jim thought that maybe Ann was turned off by his liking
for big vaginas and large vaginal stretching. One night, Jim had
been drinking. Jim never could restrain himself when drinking.
Just a little alcohol was like a truth serum to Jim -- so he always
became more talkative and just had to tell the truth -- even with
only a little alcohol. If he drank a lot, he would never even
remember what he said while he was drunk. Jim had been drinking
this time -- but not a lot. He then started telling Little Ann that
he could no longer go on without revealing the truth to her. He
said, "You know Ann, you have been so nice to me, I feel compelled
to tell you the truth! I have been lying to you about my great size,
but I do still love very huge and tall girls. I am a very small
person, and am only 3' 5" tall and only weigh 38 pounds." Jim
expected another rejection. Ann then wrote nothing back to Jim for
a couple of minutes.

At first Jim thought Ann had decided to quit chatting, then to
Jim's surprise, Ann's reply did not reject him at all, and she
wrote, "Thank you Jim, I accept everything you said. Well, part of
what you told me was true. Your confession was great and even
gives me IDEAS. Your little size and fantasies are just fine with
me!" He did not fully understand what she meant by 'gives me
ideas', but went on to tell Ann that he had always been rejected
by women because of his height and even rejected because his little
head was only near 15 inches around. He told her how girls had made
fun of his stature and his little head. Instead of acting more
turned off by him, Little Ann just seemed more and more supportive
of him! She even seemed a great deal more interested in him than
before! Jim could not understand this, but he thought that until he
could find a huge tall girl, he might just continue being a platonic
friend with Ann. At least he could have a friend until some huge
girl would accept him for what he really was.

During the next few days, little Jim found a face sitting site on
the internet that showed huge ladies sitting on men's faces and
heads. One huge lady made her boyfriend's head just disappear, and
Jim thought if only I had a girlfriend like that! I would just
disappear inside that huge lady, and he had a great orgasm! He did
some internet research and found that other people had such a 'total
body' back-to-the-womb fantasy -- or 'unbirthing fantasy' -- as it
was more commonly called. Jim knew it was impractical, and he could
never do it. Jim had seen several images of vaginas that stretched
around things that were larger around than the circumference of his
little head. Jim told himself, "This 'vaginal head insertion' -- that
is called 'Partial Unbirthing' on the Internet -- will now be my
fantasy. With my little head, this is actually something that I know
I can do." He further told himself, "Now that I know for sure vaginal
insertions as large as the size of my little head have been done by
several small to medium sized women (that he viewed in many internet
pictures) it should be easily possible for a small guy like me to do
it -- and I can find a really big lady that will like to do it with
me." Jim had studied vaginal measurements and sizes and found a
statistical study that showed one woman out of a hundred tested
could stretch around a 13 inch circumference with a test dildo,
even without any discomfort. Jim used statistics a lot in his job
and he calculated that because this size came close to his 15 inch
head size, at least one lady out of every thousand should be able
to quite comfortably stretch enough to fit his little head inside
her vagina without nearly stretching her limit. He knew a lot of newborn
heads were normally born measuring larger around that his little head.
Jim then thought, "My fantasy is now one that is very practical and
easily realizable. All I have to do is find someone that large who will
accept me for what I am!" He felt very happy about this, and he returned
to the face sitting site several times to fantasize about his new 'partial
unbirthing' fantasy. He decided to make partial unbirthing his fetish -- as
a practical and realizable fetish. At times he continued to think about the
'impossible total unbirthing' fantasy. The next time he chatted with Ann he
decided to end their chats by telling her more about his strange fantasies.
He felt sure that Ann would finally just go away then -- whenever he told
her. Jim was ready to search for a really 'huge girl' even though he liked
Ann very much, but he made up his mind to end their chats.

The next online chat, Jim told Ann about his one 'big date' and then told
Ann that he had several strange fantasies. He finally admitted he fantasized
about stretching a vagina so big he could get his little head inside. He
told Ann how he had found some women on the internet that were very large
from the pictures he had seen, and some said their vagina stretched around
things over 16 inches in circumference. He mentioned he had even seen
pictures of things that big around inserted vaginally -- which were larger
than the circumference of his little head. He also mentioned he had seen
video clips on the internet of ladies that large. He said that he now knew
for sure his little head would go inside such a woman if he could ever
find one. He even told her about how he fantasized about his whole body
just going all the way inside a huge vagina. He quickly added that he knew
that idea would remain a fantasy, as he would never find anyone quite that
big. He told Ann he felt an overwhelming and uncontrollable urge that made
him even want do total vaginal unbirthing -- if that huge size were only
possible. Jim apologized for his strange ideas -- expecting Ann's immediate
rejection. He then told Ann, "This is just the way I am. I will never change.
I will always be this way. I wanted to tell you this so you would know why we
must part ways and end our chats."

Jim was very amazed when instead of rejection, Ann was still extremely
supportive of him and his fantasies. She replied, "Jim you have very nice
fantasies. I think they are healthy for you to have them, and it is wonderful
you have these desires and thoughts. I will continue to be very supportive of
you and all these lovely ideas!" Jim was astonished she accepted him so readily;
fully expecting to end their chats so he could spend more time looking
for someone very huge.

After a few days, to Jim's surprise Ann told Jim that even though she lived
over two hundred miles away that she sometimes came to his city. She
told him that she might even come to his city soon, and would like very
much to meet him. This made Jim both happy and sad, as he really wanted
someone who was not so very small for his girlfriend. Even though he knew
Ann was a wonderful friend.

During the next few chat sessions, Little Ann would cheer up Jim and tell
him she would like to visit him. Jim mostly chatted about things he found
on the internet and how some things he saw made him want to have his
fantasies happen -- even in real life. Ann was supportive to the extent
that she would ask Jim about the new things he found on the internet to
stimulate his fantasy. Then one day Ann started ending each chat with two
numbers that confused little Jim. She first ended it with "... bye, 16
and 22." After a month she finished the chat with "... bye, 22 and 24."
About a month later she signed off with "... bye, 26 and 26."

Jim asked Little Ann why the numbers, and Ann said, "Just nothing, it is
something I think about -- please don't worry about it." Then Ann did not
give other numbers for many chats afterwards. Two months later Ann told him
she was coming to his City and they could meet. Jim was a little nervous
to meet such a small girlfriend, but still she was a great friend who supported
his every thought! Jim told her he had a vacation at the same time she was
coming to his town and gave her his address. Ann told him the exact time she
would arrive and said, "I will not be online to chat with you again, but I
will arrive at your house right on time." Then Little Ann said, "Jim I am
proud of you and now I am even proud of myself -- bye, 30 and 28 -- and love!"
That ended their last chat.

Jim was totally confused and had no idea what the two numbers meant. He
didn't think much about it, as Ann said not to worry about it and that
the numbers were just something that she alone thought about. The day
before Little Ann was to come to his city, he almost e-mailed her that
he would be away on business, as he was reluctant to go ahead with meeting
such a small lady. He thought about this but decided it would be impolite
to treat such a great friend that way! He told himself, "I will just have
to wait to find my huge dream girl -- later." Jim then thought, "The
Internet is very huge with over two hundred and seventy million people that
use it. If my statistics are right, and one in a thousand women could take
in my little head inside their vagina without even practicing vaginal
stretching, that would make a hundred and thirty five thousand women on the
internet that could easily do it! Hardly any of them know they could do
it -- as they probably never even thought about such things! I must stand
a very good chance to find such a huge person in this extremely huge World!"

On the day Little Ann was to arrive, Jim went home to start his vacation,
and turned on the Internet site with the Huge ladies sitting on the heads
of their boyfriends. He was about to relieve himself with his fantasy, when
he heard a loud rumble in his driveway. He looked out and a very huge oversize
Black Van was there in his driveway. He thought it strange that he could see
no light through the driver's side of the Van, as though something was
blocking the view, and then he noticed the front seat seemed to be very far
back. That seat was visible through the first back window of the Van. The seat
appeared to have been mounted far backward from the usual position of a front
seat should have. Suddenly the big black door popped open and the largest
human leg Jim had ever seen slid all the way to the concrete driveway without
even a body following it. Even the lower leg was very big, the upper legs and
hips looked unbelievably huge. What followed was amazing. Hips, wider that the
Van's doorway, had to come out sideways -- with the lower body still rubbing
front to back on both sides of the Huge Van's wide doorway just to squeeze out.
As the giant lower body squeezed sideways through the wide opening of the
Huge Van Jim felt a little dizzy. Then the rest of the body had to bend over
to get out -- revealing hanging breasts as big as basketballs as they came
out. A huge big head covered in blond curls next came out. As she straightened
up Jim gasped. She was much taller than the Huge Van. Jim thought to himself,
"She has to be well over six and three quarter feet tall... maybe even seven!"
At first Jim was unable to speak he was so amazed. He just stood there looking
at a woman he had only dreamed might exist. She at first appeared plump, but
with her huge frame Jim noticed that she did not have any folds of fat he
could see. Only her breasts showed evidence of extra padding. Jim had never
seen so huge a woman but guessed to himself that she had to weigh a lot more
than a 660 pound lady (which was the largest size woman Jim had seen in internet
pictures). Jim could just not believe his little eyes. Her most amazing feature
was her hips which were unbelievably large. He thought that big hips must mean
lots of fat attached to the pelvis. And Jim wondered why her belly was _not_
protruding. If those giant hips had lots of fat he thought -- her belly should
protrude, and he saw no extra fat other than her breasts. He had never see a
woman with so large a hip and lower body region, even on the internet. He had
seen other women with a huge lower body size due to thick fat, but they always
had a huge belly of fat. This lady had a flat belly. He just stood in amazement,
as she was both gigantic and had a very different body build from any he believed
possible. Jim thought she had to be just one out of many millions of ladies --
maybe even a rarity considering the 270 million people on the Internet. "How
lucky I am!" raced through his mind.

As she stood upright, she shouted, "Hi Jim; you are just as I
pictured you!" and Ann strode over to Jim. She picked Jim up by
placing her hands under his arms and lifted him up first very high
above her head and held him there, admiring him. She then slowly
settled him down between her huge basketball sized breasts to kiss
him on the mouth. It was as though she lifted a tiny infant with no
effort at all. Her huge mouth covered his mouth and chin as though
she were about to take a huge bite from his lower face, but then the
soft wet feel of the inside of her mouth and tongue made Jim feel a
tightness beginning in his little pants.

She then placed one arm under Jim's bottom as though he were a small
child and carried him to the house with him sitting on her right forearm
with his face against her breast. As she walked, he tried to hold on but
could only get his arms to the sides of her huge right breast. He regained
his senses and asked, "Am I pressing the sides of your breast too hard?"

She answered, "Press harder as I can hardly feel it." She stooped and
had to turn to wiggle through the doorway, first stooping and then bending
her knees and twisting her huge hips sideways. Her hips were wider than
his doorway, but she fit through sideways just fine. All the time she was
balancing little Jim on her forearm and against one of her huge breasts
to get inside the door.

Jim thought to himself how glad he was that he installed an extra wide
front door when he had his big house built. Jim then told Ann, "I am sorry
about my ceilings, as you just about touch them!"

Ann said, "I have an old house with 10 foot ceilings, but these will do.
I always have to duck and go sideways through doorways." Ann exclaimed,
"I will sit on one of your couches, as my hips are much too wide for chairs."
As she leaned back she took up almost all of a couch, but held Jim on her lap
to have plenty of room for them both. Jim was glad he had such a large front
room and such a huge house.

They chatted for a long time. All the while Jim was self conscious about the
bulge in his pants. Jim told Ann, "You are not the 'Little Ann' I imagined,
but you are my ideal woman instead." Ann smiled broadly and just kissed him
again this time getting both his chin, mouth and nose all inside her soft wet
mouth at once! The opening was even wider than before. Jim was in heaven. He
wanted to crawl on inside that huge mouth. He placed a hand inside her blouse
and felt the upper part of her right breast. Ann unbuttoned her blouse and
then took her blouse off, revealing the largest bra Jim had ever seen.

She then leaned forward and asked Jim to climb behind her and unsnap the back
of the bra. Below her waist, Ann's huge lower backside was like a huge ledge
to Jim -- as high as the back of his couch. Ann's back side or sacrum was so
high and pointed some backward making a ledge that Jim could stand on. As Ann
leaned forward, Jim had some trouble climbing so high, but finally stood with
both feet on that ledge along the back of Ann's tall pelvis, being careful not
to fall, while he undid the bra as fast as he could! Out plopped two of the
largest breasts Jim could imagine, with aureola much bigger than Jim's head
and nipples just barely small enough to fit inside Jim's mouth. Even when Jim
opened his mouth as wide as possible, one nipple would barely fit inside.
Still, Jim could not resist fitting Ann's nipple inside his mouth. Ann
Oooohed and Ahhhhhed with delight. He had to squeeze the nipple into his
mouth by biting it just a little, as his mouth was almost too small for it
to fit between his teeth. They lay back on the couch with Jim on top trying
to reach both arms around just one of Ann's huge breasts. Ann unzipped Jim's
pants and fitted all of his organ together with his balls into just part of
one huge hand. She intermittently squeezed his organs very gently. Jim then
kissed her again and she pushed his head lower between those huge bare
breasts. Each one was many times larger than his head, and Ann then pressed
and molded the sides of her breasts tightly around Jim's head making his
head totally encased -- front, sides and back -- between her breasts. His
head was surrounded and invisible. There was a little pathway for air and
Jim soon had a huge orgasm. Ann caught his ejaculate in her one hand and
started to lick on it saying, "Ummmmmmm Jim, you taste good."
After awhile Jim said he had King Sized Beds in all 5 of his bedrooms, in
case he ever entertained large people. But he apologized that the big beds
would be too small for her. Ann said, "No problem! I will move some mattresses
into this very huge front room." Then with great difficulty Ann then squeezed
her body sideways through two of the bedroom doors almost sticking in the last
one. One side of the door's frame had stuck between her buttocks as the front
of her pelvis was rubbing other side of the door frame. After sticking, Ann
shortly popped out sideways through the doorway and laughed, "I am used to this
happening." Even his front door was too narrow for her hip width going face-on,
but Ann fitted through it just fine without sticking -- going sideways. She
pulled out one mattress from each of two of the 5 bedrooms. Then she grasped
the two mattresses, both at once, by pulling with one in each of her hands
and dragging both of them at the same time to the middle of his gigantic living
room floor. The living room was the largest Ann had ever seen, and there was
plenty of room for both mattresses near the middle of the floor. Jim could
not believe how strong she was and that each big hand could hold a king sized
mattress. Jim marveled at how she easily moved several heavy couches around with
just one hand at a time. She fitted the two big mattresses together while Jim
smiled broadly. Ann said, "... and now our vacations can begin". Ann told
Jim she was hungry and asked if she could cook the dinner. Jim said he planned
to take her out, but Ann insisted on dinner at home. She cooked the best meal
Jim had ever known, but way too much food -- it seemed to him. Soon Jim knew why.
Ann just kept eating and eating until it was all gone and she seemed to eat
well over fifteen pounds of food. Then they ate dessert, while Jim mostly just
watched as he never saw anyone eat so very much. Ann said, "I brought a lot of
food with me in my van as I knew you would not be prepared for a guest like me!"
Jim was just amazed how she could eat so much, but then realized how extremely
big she was. Ann told Jim, "when you weigh over 760 pounds, you have to watch
your diet, laughing."

Jim, who had been studying her size, quickly figured that she probably weighed
even more than she said, and he made a quick mental calculation that she must
weigh well over 20 times as much as his proud little 38 pounds. He smiled at
his great luck in finding this girl, who even exceeded his wildest dreams. Jim
said, " I weigh 38 pounds but your great size would make more than 20 of me!"

Ann Joked back, "Well then if I ate you -- all at one sitting -- I would only
weigh slightly more."

Jim's face flushed at the thought! He replied, "I dream about such size in a
lady, but never thought I would find one."

Ann said, "I may appear to be very fat, but actually only my breasts are
that way."

Jim laughed, "My doctor told me that for my height, 38 pounds was borderline
overweight, but that weight would be about right for a 5 year old child my
height." He continued, "My head is smaller than most 5 year olds because I am
built more like an adult, but I should be a little thinner built -- than a child
my height. I have tried to diet some."

Ann smiled and said, "I have most of this weight in my lower body due to my huge
boney hips and pelvis. My huge hips are not extra fat -- just boney and
extremely big."

Jim said, "Why didn't you tell me you were so large?"

Ann replied, "I thought we might meet, and it was a surprise that I wanted to
keep until we met. You are the only one that I ever chatted with on the internet
that now knows about my huge size. Like you, I kept my size from others. I knew
from our conversations you loved extremely huge ladies -- and I think I know
other things you like too!" whereupon Ann produced a big smile.

Jim then followed with, "... and I love tall ladies."

Ann replied, "I have always been tall, but with this very huge butt and heavy
lower body, I could never play basketball well... even though I grew to be
6' 10" tall. There a lot of doorways I can't even get through sideways. I love
your nice wide front door. My mother was the runt of my family as she was 6' 5"
tall, but her pelvis was also very very large and out of proportion for her
height -- even without her being fat. I weighed over 20 pounds at birth and
and my head was a lot bigger than yours is now -- as my head was over 19
inches around at birth. mother said she had no pain with my delivery -- no pain
at all! The doctor that delivered me told my parents that in my mother's case,
he had never seen such a large pelvis or such a simple delivery. My father
said he told the Doctor that he thought about my mother's very huge hips even
before he married her. Her great lower body size led him believe that her
huge boney pelvis would allow her to have an easy childbirth, and he was right.
He was so very big himself -- seven feet tall -- that he knew she might have
very large babies. My mother later got cancer when I was twenty and died. After
that things got terrible, and my grieving father committed suicide when I was
twenty two years old. I was in shock for a long time. I still lived mostly like
a hermit... even now."

Jim said in a sad tone, "I can sympathize with you, ever so much, as I lost
both my parents in an auto crash."

Ann gave Jim condolences, then continued, "I must have inherited Mother's huge
pelvis; mine is even much larger than hers. I asked my doctor about my condition
with huge pelvic region. He said this rare condition is usually inherited from
the mother. He
also said, he looked the condition up, and that there is only one woman in about
a thousand that has an extremely large and out of proportion type pelvis. He
indicated that as far as he could determine, about my huge pelvic size, that I
must be only one of just a very few such people... anywhere! He told me that he
was considering both my extreme degree of pelvic enlargement -- and the fact
that I am so very tall. That combination is what makes my giant pelvic size so
very rare. It is a rare coincidence to have both great height and a pelvis so
enlarged out proportion... compared to the rest of my body. He told me that a
lot of my 6' 10" height was due to my extreme height in my pelvic bones. They add
greatly to my height, making me much taller than a person with a normal
proportioned pelvis. I would not be nearly this tall if my tall tall pelvis were
not so huge." Jim then remembered how high he had to stand on the back of Ann's
pelvis to work on her bra. Ann continued, "He gave me the example that if the
rest of my body had grown in proportion to my huge tall pelvis; then I would be
'several feet taller' and maybe the tallest woman that ever lived. I would
really hate that. Going sideways through doors is bad enough. Until I met you,
this big pelvis has been a curse." At this, Jim took a deep breath -- and smiled
broadly. Ann continued, "This pelvic height I have seems to go along with my
pelvic bones being so extremely wide, and also so very deep from front to back.
I inherited most of my height from my father who was 7 feet tall, but he had
normal sized hips."

Jim loved Ann's rare gigantic pelvis, and he was overjoyed. He thanked Ann
for coming -- saying, "Ann, I am the luckiest man in the World to have found
you. Do not be ashamed of your body build. I just love it. I am so lucky that
I found you. You are truly 'just one' out of many millions of people with the
very body build I love the most."

Ann replied, "Thank you Jim, people your size are not quite so rare, but I
love your size! If I stay a few days with you, then you will have to do the
shopping until I am familiar getting around your neighborhood. A lot of places
have doors I don't even fit through. I make a living working from my home using
a computer, and mostly I order the items I use or need sent out to me. That
way I can avoid the stares and the problems fitting this big body through
normal sized doors. Chairs are impossible for me. Your home is wonderful.
I just love your huge mansion, Jim."

Jim said, "I had it built with big people in mind -- but not your great
and wonderful size." He then smiled and said, "I will be greatly pleased to
do any shopping and please; Please! Stay!"

Ann replied, "Thank you Jim, I don't get out in public much as the public view
of me creates a disturbance sometimes."

Jim thought, "I bet it does!" but was afraid to tell Ann his thought. Instead
he said, "We seem to have found a comfy little nest -- right here at my home.
I get very lonely in this big place." Ann smiled broadly and began to cover the
two king sized mattresses with sheets and pillows.

Jim began to stare in amazement as Ann stretched out to lie down on the two
king sized mattresses. To him it seemed that even though she was twice as tall
as him and weighed 20 times as much, the greatest part of her size was in her
hips. She was even much larger than any girl he had ever fantasized about.
Many things crossed Jim's mind as he thought to himself about his conversations
with Ann. He remembered the times that he told her he fantasized about huge
women, and how he was attracted to an extremely huge pussy like a magnet.
Thinking Ann was just a very little woman, he was amazed in their chats that she
nurtured his fantasies and supported his very wild sexual dreams. She seemed to
even encourage his flights of fantasy -- especially when he told how he would
love to just stretch a vagina to huge size and told her that such an opening
would be like a magnet that drew him on inside it. Now he wondered if she was
thinking about her own great size when she encouraged his ideas.

Ann asked Jim to completely undress, but he was very embarrassed to do so. "I
don't mind how little you are -- I just love your size, Jim," she said! Jim then
slowly undressed as Ann encouraged him. She then removed her dress and beneath
was the largest panties in the World -- it seemed to Jim. While he was thinking
that these have to be the most gigantic panties in the World, Ann commented, "I
have to make my own cloths, as I can't find anything my size to buy."

Jim said, "I love your lovely pink panties! And I love their size too!" at which
point Ann removed them and threw them over Jim. They swallowed him many times
over, and Jim thought that they would surround at least 10 or more little men like
himself... all at once. Jim held them up in front of him and they were much wider
than he could reach. From the panty bottom to their waist was almost his full
height. Jim thought, "More than half of Ann's weight must be in her hip and
pelvic region where the gigantic panties had been." He just marveled at her
hips and pelvis, they were so large, and still had no rolls of fat. At first Jim
thought there was no way she could have such gigantic hips and pelvic region
without being extremely fat.

Ann said, "Sit on my belly." Jim had to actually climb upward a very long
way upward to get onto her lower belly. In doing this, he noticed he could
feel the high climb was over mostly bone and 'not over fat'. The front
of her lower pelvis at her pubic bone was so high it was well over two
and a half feet off the surface of the bed. It was all boney with very
little fat.

It made Jim think, "Ann's pelvic opening below where I am sitting, must be
one of the World's largest." He was also amazed he had to climb so very
high to get onto her lower belly. While he sat on her lower belly he found
that he actually could sit with his feet propped up on her high pubic bone
below his body, while he faced her feet. Then his rear would make Ann's
flat lower belly sink even lower. With his back to her head, he could
easily set his entire body below Ann's belly button in that 'bowl like'
sunken in area of Ann's lower abodmen. The lower part of Ann's belly he
sat on did not protrude like the many fat ladies Jim had seen. It was
as though his whole body was sitting inside the brim of a gigantic pelvis
with her belly skin sinking downward some into the concavity. When he did
so, Ann then tightened her belly muscles, and the concavity he was sitting
in jumped up and bounced him all the way off the surface of her belly. It
was like a trampoline and he would shoot up and down on her lower belly.

Ann just laughed and said, "This is fun."

Jim squealed, "I love you doing this, I thought when you first came in
the house, your hips and pelvis were so wide and thick, that this huge part
of you, I am sitting on, would all be fat. Now I know it is mostly just a
huge boney pelvis I am sitting on, and even your bones are about as wide as
I am tall -- no wonder you have to go through doorways sideways. You are
truly the girl of my dreams!"

Ann said, "Even when I was very young my hips and pelvis were huge. I had to
have home schooling as I was too large for classrooms." Ann then smiled and
reached down and pulled little Jim up between her huge breasts. Little Jim
was about to have an orgasm when she brought both breasts together above
him completely covering his head and his upper body under her breasts. Soon
he made a gasping sound trying to breath, and Ann said, "I am so sorry; I
must restrain myself and let you breath!" Jim again put one nipple into his
mouth -- even though he could hardly fit it in -- it was so big. Ann OOOHED
and AHHHHED with pleasure as Jim reached a hand on each side of her breast
and pulled his face into her dinner plate sized aureola with the nipple still
in his mouth. He found his head pressed so deep that the aureola surrounded
most of his little head and even the back of his head was surrounded by more
of that same single breast when he pulled the sides to his ears and then
backward. He could bury his whole head and make the sides of just one breast touch behind his head -- making his head completely surrounded by the flesh
of just that one breast.

After what seemed to Ann like an eternity, he surfaced, gasping for air and
said, "I wanted to show you how long I could hold my breath."

Ann said, "You must not scare me like that, as you might let your fantasy
hurt you."

Jim said, but it excites me and I want to do it!"

Ann replied, "I must make our love safe for you." at which Jim was a little
confused as to what she meant, but he said nothing. Ann then lifted Jim up
and turned him belly down with his face on her upper belly between her
breasts while she fitted her mouth over his little hard penis together with
his balls. She fitted all of his genitals at once into her lips. She then
sucked them all inside her huge mouth and even used her tongue until he had
a great orgasm. Jim reached down as low as he could, trying to reach her
clitoris, but was much to short to reach that low.

After Jim recovered some from the orgasm, Jim said, "I must now have sex
with you so you can orgasm too."

Ann smiled broadly and said, "Now Jim the time comes that I must tell you my
secret!" Jim was a little startled at first, thinking she might be celibate
or something? Ann continued, "I love sex, but I have been with men on dates,
and none were endowed enough for genital sex. It was not their fault. Even
though I could easily take any man's penis size, I am built huge down there,
like my mother was... and even much bigger. There is no width or length of
penis that could possibly be wide enough or fit deep enough for me. Besides,
the men I went with didn't like me so extremely large, and I have not dated
since. I even asked my doctor about this problem -- of being too large in
my vagina. He told me that my pelvic height and width and depth were all
over 3 times the usual pelvic size -- and that made the space inside my pelvis
so gigantic that I would never be able to have sex that filled me up."

Jim answered in amazement, "But that would make the volume inside you to be
3, times 3, times 3, or 27 times the usual volume inside you! I have a library
here in my home and many medical books that might tell us more about this rare
pelvic condition you have. It seems that there is a name for your type pelvis
I read somewhere in a book. I do know that the pelvis is shaped like a box
made of bones with openings at the top and bottom, and the inside volume of
such a container proportionally goes upward as a cube! That means that twice
as wide would be eight times the volume... so your 'three times as wide' size
would make you have 27 times the usual inside volume. But Ann! ...I just love
your big pelvis and your size!"

Ann answered, "Thank you Jim, I don't think about the math, but to me I think
of myself as some kind of freak, and it has made life extremely miserable for
me. My big pelvic organs are a curse! I even thought about following my
father's tragic course... but _now_ it is wonderful that I found someone who
likes this great size -- You!" Ann smiled very broadly. She then went on, "For
years I have masturbated. I found I am so large that to orgasm I need to use
other means of stimulation to feel full and enjoy sex. I knew that locally I would
not find a man to suit me, so I went to the internet clubs where they had clubs
for huge vaginal fisting and stretching. I am so glad I found you there. At first
I thought you were the very huge man you said you were, who might do fisting
and huge vaginal stretching for me, and give me better sex than I could possibly
achieve by stimulating myself. But I had my suspicions early in our chats. I knew
you loved doing vaginal stretching and vaginal play, but at times you slipped up
a little, and I guessed that you were not nearly so very huge like you acted."

Jim was aghast, and said: "I am so sorry I fooled you!"

Ann replied, "Everything is great with us, Jim! I know you well, and you can
make me very happy." Jim thought this sounded strange being less than a 20th
Ann's huge size, but didn't reply, deciding not to press his good luck. Ann then
continued, "You can make love to me Jim, but first, I wanted to warn you: that
I am Very Large!"

Jim said, "I love that" and smiled.

Jim then crawled over Ann's belly to her high pubic bone and looked down
down -- to the distant surface of the bed below. He was so high he thought of
how it reminded him of looking over a cliff. He remembered the one lady he
had given the orgasms to and realized Ann must be vastly larger -- and quite a
challenge to please! Ann then spread her legs and let little Jim climb down to the
bed level between those huge legs and see what was below her huge hips that
were 4 feet wide. Jim had tried laying sideways on her lower belly
earlier and noticed Ann's hips were wider than he was tall. He thought that
even the width of just her pelvic bones must be near his own height. Ann raised
her legs and in doing so, the pubic area with her clitoris rose even higher as she
bent her legs up. With Jim on his knees between her legs, Jim had to look upward
at her clitoris -- which was higher than his head. Jim then looked and saw the
largest slit he could imagine. The distance from the clitoris to the lower part of
her slit was greatly over a foot long. From there to her anal opening appeared to
be another 8 or more inches. From her anus on to the surface of the bed was
even another long distance. He noticed Ann had huge wide and pink inner labial
lips along each side of great slit. He was just amazed and wanted to spread Ann's
labial lips and go on inside her. He partially straightened one of his bent legs. He
wanted to increase his height without having to stand erect so he could stretch
upward and reach his mouth up to the level of her clitoris. This did not work well
so he had to stand up and lean forward to reach her clitoris. Then he then saw the
clitoris. It was well over an inch long. He began licking it while Ann began to
moan and purr. Soon it grew to be over twice as long as it became hard and
swollen -- it was as long, or longer than his own little penis. He sucked on Ann's
clitoris with her moaning deeply. The clitoris was over Ann's pubic bone, and as
he licked, he began pressing forward and he slightly lowered his face downward.
Soon his face began to part the huge inner labia below that high pubic bone. His
face started sinking into a wet musty opening just below her pubis and clitoris.
He had only dreamed about doing this and never did his wild fantasies present
him with such a large place for his face. As he pressed his face harder, There was
very little resistance, and his face became covered in a slick and fragrant mucus.
He felt like he could just sink and slide inside much much deeper. He then pressed
his chin downward, so his chin would rest just inside Ann's vagina on her lower
vaginal rim. With slight downward pressure, his chin just kept stretching the lower
rim of Ann's vagina downward. Jim then felt upward with his hand above his head.
Ann's clitoris was now felt high above the top of his head -- and he could even feel
more open slit between her clitoris and the top of his head. Her open slit was then
higher than the height of his head from top to bottom. Jim took hold of the middle
of Ann's huge wide labia with his right and left little hands and pulled sideways.
The slit was over a foot high and Jim opened it some to see inside. The unstretched
opening inside the silt was still very large. The opening itself was a pink, huge,
and deep cavern between those huge labial lips. To Jim, it was awesome! This
made Jim a little frightened to know a vaginal opening could be 'that big'. He had
a frightened urge to press forward with his face, and for a moment he
hesitated -- then he did!

He started to easily sink his face into the pink wetness -- first up to the front of
his ears with no resistance. He was starting to go all the way inside Ann's vagina
when he heard Ann say, "Not so deep -- not now!" He was now more frightened
by knowing how really big her pussy was. Jim knew he had to do something to
bring Ann to orgasm. He remembered the other lady and tried one hand into her
vagina -- then put in that arm. With that arm inside her it felt to him like his arm
was just going into a moist, soft, and warm place with no resistance at all. It was
not at all like the other lady felt. He could feel soft, pliable, slick, warm flesh as
far as he could reach. Then he tried the other hand and arm. He felt very little
pressure from Ann's vaginal muscles even with both arms inside. He was
amazed that she was so lax, but then he remembered that he was in front of a
very tall pelvis that had hips 4 feet wide -- and still was not very fat. It was
mostly made of bone and vagina with a very huge boney opening, surrounded
by soft stretchable female parts. He also knew that Ann was trying to relax for
him. Jim was intent on finding the bottom of this vagina, so he pressed both his
arms deeper and deeper. Soon he was into her as far as he could reach. He had
both arms up to his armpits, but still could not reach bottom. He though, "My
reach must be over sixteen inches deep inside Ann already." Jim told Ann, "The
only lady I did this with before, I could push over thirteen inches before I could
find her vaginal depth. My arms going into her would stop before I reached
shoulder depth. I must be over sixteen inches into you now, and you are still

Ann replied, "Yes Jim, it feels wonderful, but my big pelvis might be twice
as tall and wide and deep as she is."

Jim said, "I love your size and I know for sure your bones are definitely
over twice as wide and deep -- as her pelvis was small compared to yours."
Jim tried moving his arms apart and to the sides, with as much separation
as his strength would allow, Jim would then pull his arms in and out of her
giant vagina -- back and forth trying to stretch and stimulate Ann by rubbing
the side walls of her vagina. Ann moaned and encouraged him to continue.
Even without trying to separate his arms widely, the tapered width of his
arms up to his shoulders would also move the sides of Ann's vagina apart
when he pressed both arms all the way up to his chest, sliding deeply into
her fragrant opening. Soon with each inward push, the middle of his chest
would rest, and even bang, against her huge wide and very moist vaginal
opening. He could tell Ann was making more vaginal mucus-like fluid the
more he stimulated her. His face and chest by now were covered with slick
fragrant mucus. Ann began to moan deeper and louder as Jim would push his
arms in all the way in and smack his chest against her opening. He noticed
that now he could separate his arms more -- even wider than his own
chest -- and that Ann's vaginal opening looked like a pink cave. Holding
Ann open was fantastic as was the view of the deep pink cavern between his
arms. He began to bend over more and bring more upward toward his neck so
he could try to get Ann's clitoris into his mouth each time he pressed inward and
all the way forward. Back and forth, he would move until his wet chest was up
to the huge vaginal opening with each inward push, and then his mouth covered
Ann's clitoris when he pushed forward. His hands were still not finding the total
depth of Ann's vagina. After doing this awhile, Jim felt a sudden strong tightening
on both his arms from Ann's vaginal muscles, causing his widely separated arms
and hands to slam tightly together. Then Ann let out a scream that hurt his ears.
He stopped and exclaimed, "Did I hurt you?"

Ann gasped and squealed, "I just had my best orgasm ever!"
Strangely, Jim had another orgasm just at the same moment that Ann did -- even
without having penile contact.

He told her, "We both had our orgasms together!"

Ann replied, "Jim you are a he-man and to me you are a giant of a man -- I love
you so very very much." and she said, "Do you want me to do oral sex for you?"

Jim replied, "Ann, with you I have orgasms without even penile contact and I
just now had a great wonderful one. I love you so very much. I think it is my
fantasy that brings them on when we do this!" It was getting late and Jim and
Ann went to bed with Jim smiling and sleeping between Ann's huge soft breasts.

During the next three days Ann and Jim stayed in the house and just had fun.
Ann brought a huge amount of food in from her Van and Jim went to the store
for even more groceries. Ann just ate and ate many pounds of food at every meal
to Jim's amazement. They had sex many times each day and Ann would often give
oral service to Jim even though he could orgasm without penile contact. Jim
would stimulate Ann by using his little arms inside her. Ann would orgasm
several times during each session and kept asking Jim to hold his little arms
as wide apart as he could during his double fistings. Jim rubbed his arms against
Ann's vaginal walls in many ways. All of them Ann just loved. Jim began to
realize that even though he could reach into Ann to his shoulder depth, Ann
must be much much deeper than the other lady he could reach over 13 inches
into. What amazed him the most was the huge gaping space between his arms
that his chest could pound upon -- as he pushed both arms all the way inside
her giant vagina. He wondered how Ann had been able to get orgasms without
such stimulation but was afraid to ask. He finally asked Ann, "Am I making
you feel full enough?"

Ann replied, "I have been much fuller, but you are making me have the greatest
orgasms I ever had."

Jim answered, "I thought you gave up on men stretching you?"

Ann replied, "No man ever gave me an orgasm until now... but none of the men
I went with would do 'This' for me! You are the only man who has stretched me.
I always managed to stimulate myself for relief before now."

Jim replied, "Since you said you have been fuller, I will be glad to do anything
you want me to do to make you feel fuller. I love you and your pussy is like
a magnet that makes me want to crawl into it. When I see your wonderful
opening between my arms as I push them all the way in I know my little head
would fit between my arms and I could even squeeze into you deeper with my
head fitted right between my arms. Just my head alone would slip into you very
easily. On the internet, I saw two little 5 foot ladies and neither would hardly
weigh much over a hundred pounds -- but they could stretch so wide they could
take in a 3 liter pop bottle. I then measured around a three liter bottle. It was
16 inches around. I realized that their size was an inch around 'Bigger' than my
little head! I knew right then -- that there are even little ladies who could easily
take my head inside them."

Ann replied, "Yes on the clubs I found pictures of little gals stretching that large,
and even watched a video clip of one doing it with a 3 liter bottle. She could only
slide it back and forth into her vagina a few inches, but she was just a small lady.
It stimulated me very much to watch her. When my doctor told me he measured
across my pelvic bones and found that my bones were three times as wide as most
women and even much wider than someone else my height, I began to understand
why I am so large inside. I knew for years I had a very big vagina, but had never
really tested my opening size. The video with the 3 liter bottle made me want to
experiment so I first tried a 2 liter bottle which was 14 inches around. That is
almost the size around as your little head Jim. That bottle went all the way inside
me very very easily. It did not feel at all tight. I immediately got out a 3 liter
bottle -- and for a few days I could feel it to be slightly tight going through the
muscles in my opening... but it would still easily go inside me... even much more
than all the way in. I have such a deep and tall pelvis that my deep pelvic size gives
me a very deep vagina -- as you might imagine. After a few tries, my 3 liter bottles
would just slide inside me. I found these big bottles were great for giving me
orgasms especially when I pushed them far back into me -- then I would push
them back outside of me again! I liked them full of warm fluid, and the weight
made it feel even better."

Jim answered, "Then let me try putting my little head into your vagina, as you have
already been much much bigger, and I know it will very easily go inside you! I
just want go inside you so very badly!"

Ann replied, "Jim, I love the thought of you doing it, but better not. No, just
press your face in up to your ears, but no farther, as it might be very dangerous
for you to go deeper inside me."

The next few times Jim would push his face into the huge opening. Soon Jim
even tried a new position by setting a low stool between Ann's wide legs. Jim
would sit on it backwards to Ann. He would then try leaning backward to press
the back of his head into Ann's vagina, while reaching above his head to rub her
clitoris. Ann liked this. He would just lean his head backward as far as his ears
and nose -- with his mouth still outside. He begged Ann to let him push his head
all the way back into her opening, telling her, "My 15 inch head would not even
stretch you as much as the 16 inch 3 liter bottle did -- I want to do it." Ann
continued to refuse to let him, saying it might be too dangerous. Jim wanted to
go in deeper, ever so badly, but obeyed Ann's wish during their next few sessions.
He did not want to upset her. Ann would then have huge orgasms when his head
was mostly inside her and he could feel her vagina strongly tighten when Ann
had an orgasm -- pushing his little head back out of her. After a few minutes the
tightness would greatly relax again. Ann's vaginal muscle tightness with her
orgasms would usually make her opening close very fast, and would quickly
push his head back out of her vagina, as her muscles around the opening were
very very strong.

On one session Jim decided to try leaning the back of his head all the way back
into Ann. This was a position he had read about that extremely rare adult heads
try on a very huge vagina. He had read that in this position used by those rare
(one in a million) couples that had done this head insertion. They found out the
back of the head, using this method, required the very least vaginal stretching
size to get an adult head to fit inside a vagina. That way, the very smallest
circumference of their head would fit inside, and the smallest possible stretch
was then required. He had read that they would lean the back of the head back
and then move it both up and down and side to side -- until the opening would
allow the head to start to enter the vagina. Some even took half an hour or more
to get it into the tight opening. Even though they found this difficult to do -- he
read that about one couple out of a million found they could use this method to
get a full sized adult head to fit inside their lovers vagina. Jim read that this adult
head-in-the-vagina was known as 'partial unbirthing' by chatting on the internet.
It was the very fantasy that Jim thought he could 'actually realize' in at least one
woman out of a thousand could do it the first try without any practice at all
stretching. He knew that it might take even one in a thousand or more to have
the pelvic bone opening size for most adult heads, but then those would never
try the stretching except for the one in a million couples that actually do that.
As Jm's little head size was much smaller than most adult heads he knew finding
a lady large enough for his small head would not even require convincing her to
practice vaginal stretching. Ann's vast size was so much more than he needed, he
wondered how even his head would satisfy Ann. Even though Jim knew it would
be very very easy to slide inside Ann, he felt the approaching event and his heart
began to beat very fast.

Jim sat backwards on the narrow bench between Ann's legs and gently leaned the
back of his head against Ann's vaginal opening, hoping she would not know how
deep he was trying to go inside. He rubbed the back of his head around and
slightly into Ann's opening and soon his head was very wet and slick. After that,
he just leaned his head more backward. Jim found, as he slowly pressed backward,
his whole
head would slide very smoothly and easily inside with very little pressure. Ann's
vagina up to his neck. It was so easy to do that Jim did not even tell Ann how
far inside he was going. By then leaning forward; his head would slide right back
out of her vagina again -- and Ann gasped. He thought this is very very much fun!
No only was it giving Ann pleasure, but it greatly excited Jim to know he finally
realized his fantasy, now that his head went all the way inside a vagina.

Ann said, "Whatever you are doing feels wonderful to me! Be careful Jim" as she
could only feel and not see what Jim was doing. He tried several times just
leaning backwards to get his head all the way in, and sliding it forward again to
get it back out. Jim was getting good at doing this at different speeds -- just lean
backwards to slide the back of his head all the way inside Ann -- then slide
his head and face forward -- all the way back out again! He loved the way it felt
as the vaginal rim opened and the feeling of the rim of the vagina sliding over his
face -- then closing around his neck -- as his head went all the way inside Ann's
vast opening. Mostly Jim loved the feeling of the dragging and sliding of the
opening rim of the vagina over his face when his head came sliding back out again.
He loved the soft warm inner sides of Ann's vaginal walls enclosing him! Ann
kept saying how great it was feeling, and suggested to Jim a very slow movement
might be very stimulating. Jim tried this and found he liked keeping his head inside
longer at a time by holding his breath when he was completely inside. When he
needed to breath, he very slowly slid his head forward to get just his mouth barely
outside her vagina. He found he could then breath -- before leaning backward
to slide fully back inside Ann again. Ann began to breath deeper and louder. On
one occasion as Jim was very slowly sliding his head back out, and his upper lip
was just starting out of her opening, Jim opened his mouth and started to breath
deeply. Just at that very moment Ann began a huge orgasm. Immediately, the
vaginal opening muscles closed very tightly around Jim's lower face which was
now only slightly out of her opening. Before he could get another breath, Jim
could feel her muscles pinching his lower face, and his head quickly slipped and
was squeezed backward -- much deeper into her. Her opening had been around
the smaller part of his head and her ring of vaginal opening muscles suddenly
pinched his slick head like a squeezing a grape -- suddenly back inward -- inside
Ann's huge vagina. The slick mucus covering his face allowed Ann's muscles to
instantly squeeze his whole head completely back inside her vagina. It happened
in less than one second. Jim could not believe what had happened in just an instant's
time. The spasm even closed down very quickly and tightly around Jim's neck. As
his head was squeezed inside very deeply, it frightened Jim and he placed his little
hands up onto Ann's inner thighs on each side of her opening. The little stool
fell to one side and Jim thought his weight would help pull his head on out. With
the stool gone, he could feel his weight helping him pull his head out, but he
could still feel the opening tight around his neck and he pushed strongly, trying to
get his mouth and chin to slide back out. Ann's tight muscles were very strong
around his neck, this tactic was not at all moving his head outward. For a long time.
Jim could not breath and he was very frightened. A million thoughts crossed his
mind -- like, "Will this spasm keep me inside Ann?" and "Will I now die of
suffocation?" It took Jim almost two minutes to finally get his head back out
of Ann as her vaginal muscles slightly relaxed. Ann finally realized what had
happened. With Ann straining to push his head out and Jim's body weight pulling
downward as he was pushed on her inner thighs near her opening... his head
suddenly popped all the way back out. He had been hanging there -- head
inside and those strong muscles around his neck holding his head in. It was
not like the slow smooth in and out of his head -- when her ring of muscles was

After Jim's head popped out, Ann comforted Jim and said, "Honey Baby, I told
you not to get into me past your ears! You are lucky to be alive. My muscles
always tighten strongly when I orgasm. I love you and am so very glad you can
please me, but I don't want to harm you! When your head finally came back out
of me, I even had another huge orgasm -- just as strong as any that I have
experienced. I usually don't have two that close together! You must remember
that with orgasm, my vaginal muscles close my vagina very quickly, and when
they tighten I can not relax again for awhile."

Jim also had an orgasm even though he was so very frightened about getting his
head back out and worried he might suffocate. Jim told Ann he would even risk
dying to please her again. He insisted that he loved putting his whole head inside
her. Jim and Ann spent the rest of the day having fun with several orgasmic
sessions but Ann would not let Jim insert his head 'totally' inside her again
and Ann installed a mirror to watch how deep Jim slipped inside her.

Later when Jim went shopping for even more groceries, Ann said, "Stop by a
hardware store and get a new drain plunger. The one I found in your biggest
bathroom has a small narrow rubber end and looks old -- it is even 'old
fashioned' looking, so get they type with the 6 inch wide end."

Jim said, "Ok, I will, but I thought it was still looked ok. I never used it but just
one time."

Ann said, "Just get one of the new types with the larger rubber end on it." Jim
then went shopping. That night they had even more fun. Jim had trouble sleeping
that night, and he went to his big library room during the night.

A few months earlier Jim's interest in large vaginas was so great he wanted to
buy everything on the subject he could. Jim called several new and used
medical book stores and told them to seen him all the old and new books they
had on obstetrics and gynecology -- and price was no object! He never
dreamed now they would send several hundred such books and he had only
looked through a few of them. During the next few hours he tried to find out
more about women with such a large pelvis. He found that there were rare
cases where about one in a thousand women had what was called "Justo-Major
Pelvis" or "Giant Pelvis" by the medical books. In these Justo-Major cases, the
pelvis was hugely out of proportion to the rest of the body size being very much
larger than normal. Jim remembered walking in a shopping mall behind such a
lady who was not fat, but had a very huge wide and tall pelvis. He wondered why
her pelvis seemed to be so much wider and taller compared to the rest of her
body and it stimulated him to walk behind her. In hundreds of books he searched
and found that this was not a common condition, and usually was inherited from
the woman's mother and only one lady in a thousand or less tended to have the
condition. He found that those women who had this condition also had a much
larger vagina and it was reported that they had very very easy and quick vaginal
deliveries. Their babies were said to just 'squirt out' with only a slight push, and
sometimes these women admitted to having orgasms as their baby just slid out
of their big vaginas, so very easily with an erotic feeling. He even found one
account about a woman with this who passed her normal sized baby completely
outside her womb at birth and into her huge vaginal cavity. Her huge
pelvis allowed her female parts to be very large. The baby had enough room
to remained inside her large vagina after leaving the womb without being
born to the outside. The doctor described how he was amazed when he inserted
his arm into her vagina so far that his hand passed on by the baby -- and he felt
the cervix that the baby came out of. He could feel the cervix was now almost
closed, and the cervix now was a small opening with only the umbilical
cord coming out of it still attached to the baby. He was amazed as he had never
before seen an infant that was completely born outside the womb -- and still
totally resided inside a big vagina without reaching the outside. The doctor
reported that the lady with this big pelvis had not been pushing. He reported
that he easily inserted both arms to help remove the baby and asked the
mother to push. Then suddenly she did so and both his arms and the infant
came squirting out of her with an arm on each side of the baby. He could
hardly believe she stretched so easily. She had no problem pushing out the
infant along with the doctor's arms, all together, as her huge vaginal size and
her opening were so very much larger than needed to pass a normal sized

Jim was very pleased to find this information and it stimulated him to think
about it. He thought finding this information alone, was more than worth the
cost of the many books he purchased. He then thought about his own size
analogy with Ann. He quickly figured that 20 times a newborns weight would
be the relatively the same size difference that his little body held in relation to
Ann's huge body size. If a woman with this rare pelvis type could hold her entire
infant within her big vagina and Jim's own size ratio was that very same or greater
ratio with Ann's big body -- he knew that he might even be able to do the same
thing. Ann had that same huge type -- out of proportioned -- "Justo-Major pelvis"
that he read about in his books. Only in her case, Ann herself was extremely
huge making her vagina even very much bigger. Jim then knew his size to
Ann was just like the size of the infant completely inside the vagina of the other
lady who also had a Justo-Major pelvis. He was overjoyed at the thought. He was
then able to go to sleep and had very pleasant dreams. Jim dreamed about easily
realizing his total unbirthing fantasy, that he once thought impossible, and just
fitting his whole body inside Ann's huge vagina.

The next day, Ann said, "I have a confession to tell you Jim. When you finally told
me of your tiny size it took me a long time to answer our chat -- I was just shocked.
My mind started working and a wicked idea hit me right after you finally told me
your tiny size. Later when you told me about your fantasy of getting your whole
body totally inside a huge vagina, that made me very very hot! My wicked idea
was also your fantasy. I could not wait to masturbate after we finished chatting.
I couldn't get it out of my mind how badly you wanted to just go all the way inside
a big vagina. Immediately I began to fantasize about getting you totally inside
me, and that gave me huge orgasms. I rationalized that since this was your
supreme fantasy, that I might be your only chance in real life -- for you to
actually realize this wonderful fantasy. I then though that you alone might be my
only chance to stretch enough to get my entire lover inside me.

"You see Jim, I had long ago thought about this when I found out my pelvic size
was so much greater than any woman I read about... even ones that had 30 pound
babies! I knew the depth and volume of my vagina was so much larger inside me
that anyone I ever heard about. I even though, that I might hold as much as a 60
pound person inside me. In the past I used that '60 pound' size fantasy
to masturbate. I only considered it a fantasy until you came along! It hit me
like a ton of bricks when I found out how 'Little' you were. My previous fantasy
being 60 pounds... and here you were at 38 pounds! I thought this is our 'mutual
fantasy' without even telling you that at the time. I thought about it so much, that
I wanted to know if it were even possible to actually get you totally inside me,
and then 'give birth' to you... you know, the 'unbirthing fantasy' you told me about.
You Jim! You became 'my fantasy'. I rationalized that here I am with a pelvis -- that
I have been told is one of the very biggest ever -- and I have no real purpose in life.
Why do I have one of the largest ones? What good is such a huge pelvis? I searched
to find out what was possible! I found on the Internet that one woman -- who was
very tall, but had a pelvic size that was normal for her great height. She gave birth
to a 29 pound baby! She stretched easily, and had no trouble. They described her
delivery as being very easy, and the infant's 19 inch circumference head, and a
good part of its body, was outside her womb and was inside her vagina when the
doctor put a hand in to examine her -- just before the infant finally emerged from
her vagina.

"I knew that my big vagina would hold much more than her sized infant. For some
reason that made me very horny. I thought I could give birth to you without even
first being pregnant! The big woman I read about did not even have my huge type
of disproportionately large pelvic size. I knew I had to be much much larger inside.
With my over sized, out of proportion pelvis, I should be able hold several times
the volume inside my pelvis and vagina, than she did. I even figured like you
did, that if my pelvis is three times the ordinary size by height, width, and depth
then my inside volume size had to be very huge. I didn't do the math like you did to
calculate the 3, times 3, times 3, makes 27 times as big a volume... Jim, you have
such a beautiful mathematical mind. I knew right then it might be possible to do
it. I read some women practice vaginal stretching right up to the very size of the
opening in their pelvic bones.

"I knew what a huge opening in my pelvic bones I had. Even when I was quite
young, a bicycle seat would just sink into me... up high between the bones of
my big pelvis. Later when I was older, and tried sitting on stools, sometimes I
felt like the stool seat was just trying to go on up inside me as it pressed between
the bones of my pelvic opening. With this huge pelvis, I rationalized that my life
now had no meaning and no real purpose. But you came along! You! gave me
purpose. That purpose would be to fulfill our mutual desires and our mutual
fetishes. I just love vaginal stretching. When I would fully insert that 3 liter bottle
and push it back out, I would imagine that I was giving birth to You. However,
I wanted something much much bigger and wanted to feel what it would be like.
I needed something to really stretch me.

"I read on the internet about some very large ladies using the balloons from
blood pressure cuffs to stretch their vaginas for fun by pumping the balloon up
inside their vagina. I knew a regular inflatable type dildo would be much too
small. I already had a blood pressure machine with a huge oversize cuff that fits
my big arm. I took out the balloon from inside its cloth cuff. I took the balloon
out of the hole in the cloth made for removing the balloon. They are made that
way so the cloth can be washed. I then threw away the cloth cuff part and washed
the rubber balloon. I connected it's pump-up-bulb to one of the two hoses that lead
to this balloon. That way I could pump it up. I then tied off the other hose where
it connects to the balloon -- as I didn't need a pressure gauge on the second hose, at
least not for what I wanted it to do with it. I got rid that second hose -- at least I
got rid of the long part of that hose, which I did not need. What I had left after
cutting most of the second hose and tying off, was a flat balloon with one rubber
hose to it and a pump-up-bulb on the end of that hose. I rolled up that flat rubber
balloon sideways and then inserted it inside my vagina. I soon found that by
pumping up the balloon while it was all the way into my vagina, and then by
pushing the inflated balloon back out again, that I could feel what giving birth
to it was like. This gave me great orgasms.

"The first time I just pumped up the balloon to the same size as the 3 liter bottle I
had tried before. I then measured how deep I could push it inside me. When I
pushed it back out I always measured the distance around it! That first day I told
you 16 and 22. The first number was the inches I measured around the balloon, and
the second was the depth I was able to press in into me. I found a way to measure
my vaginal depth after I bought a new drain plunger at a plumbing store. I then
used that plunger to push the balloon back inside me as deep as I could. That
way I could measure my depth. The first day that I did this, I measured the big
end of the plunger and found it to be even bigger around than I pumped up the
balloon -- but it still went inside me. The rubber plunger end I bought was about
6 inches wide. Soon it would go inside the opening of my vagina easily, with very
little effort. I then took the distance across the balloon and added how much farther
I could push back the balloon with plunger -- each day. That way I knew my total
vaginal depth. After awhile I signaled you 22 and 24 -- so I was getting out a larger
size balloon, and pushing it a tiny bit deeper also. When I got to 26 and 26 I knew
I was about big enough, but I kept on going so I would be sure.

"The last time I finally got the balloon up to 30 inches around and I could then
push the filled balloon in to a depth of 28 inches. I just figured the balloon width
and the plunger depth to get the total depth. I had huge orgasms when I pushed the
swollen balloon back out. It seemed the bigger I got it, the stronger the orgasms
became. I used a mirror below me to watch the big balloon come out. My fantasy
was to see what size you would be and then get a little bigger than your size. Just
knowing I was big enough to hold you inside me and give birth to you made me
very hot and stimulated me very much. I found on the internet that children more
than your weight had gotten inside pipes and other things that were later measured

in size. I found their entire bodies had slipped through openings only 22 inches
around and even bigger ones fell into 8 inch wide wells. I wanted to get much
bigger than that your size; just to be sure I could achieve our fantasy. When I
got bigger than I thought you were, my orgasms were even better.

"Of course I never really expected to actually do this with you, but my fantasy was
so great it gave me better orgasms just thinking about it; especially pushing out the
balloon when it was so large. I wasn't going to tell you this, but now I have told you,
and you now know that we both have the same exact same fantasy! In my mind I
just kept it as 'our fantasy' because I knew you probably would not actually want to
actually do it -- in reality."

Jim was simply and totally amazed at Ann's long confession. Before, he had only
dreamed that he "actually" could fit inside a huge woman -- he just thought it was
his impossible 'total unbirthing' fantasy.

Ann went on, "We must not ever do this as it could be very dangerous!"

Jim quickly divided the 30 inches around that Ann had stretched by 3.14 and
figured her opening could stretch to over 9.5 inches across, much wider than he
was. Jim was ecstatic and out of his mind. He ran to a drawer and brought out a
tape line placing it around his chest. He said, "You see, it is only 20 inches around
my chest." Then he raised his arms high above his head and squeezed his shoulders
to his ears saying, "Ann measure around my shoulders while my shoulders
press tightly against my ears." When she did, he then screamed, "Look it is only
22 inches around my shoulders when my head is squeezed between them... and
my hips are much smaller! I will fit inside you! You already stretch 8 more inches
around than my greatest measurement! I will fit easily!"

Ann said, "I can see that your size is adequate, but the risk is too great. I am sorry
I even told you about having this same fantasy."

Jim would not let it go, saying, "But you stretched 30 inches around -- much
'More' than my biggest part -- I want to do it I know we can do it!"

Ann said, "I still will not let you -- it is just too risky for you."

Jim insisted that he did not care and would be very careful. A further thought
suddenly hit Jim, and he uttered, "Well, I am three feet five inches tall, and you
are only 28 inches deep so I would only go inside you as far as two thirds my
total height. Then I would touch bottom. My head would still be outside your
vagina, and I will be very safe!"

Ann replied, "Yes, but in my fantasy you 'bent up your legs'... up into a fetal

Jim gasped and said, "Ohhhhhh Yessssss -- I want to do it." Suddenly Jim put one
end of the tape line under his foot and assumed a bent-up fetal position with the tape
line taunt; then he shouted, "In this position I am less than 19 inches top to bottom!
I would have a full 9 more inches of room figuring the 28 inch depth inside your
vagina. That would even be enough room to make it very easy for me to move
around inside you!"

The thought of this made Ann gasp, and she lowered her hand to press on her big
clitoris... but she said, "We must not do this; it is not safe!"

Jim said, "Then I will keep my legs straight while inside you, and it will be very

Ann blushed and said, "Well, it is getting late and we will wait until tomorrow to
think about it." They both had dreams of the coming
day -- all through that night.

Jim was very excited about completely entering Ann the next day, but Ann only
allowed the same type of sex during the day they had been having the day before.
Later during the day she told Jim, "I want to be sure and must make sure I can
stretch once again that large! Even if I can, you may only try going into me with
your legs straight!" She then went to her Van and brought out the largest blood
pressure device Jim had ever seen. Jim exclaimed, "This rubber balloon you have
taken out of your blood pressure cuff is so very large, I didn't even know they made
them so large!"

Ann replied, "Yes they make all sizes. It once had two tubes but you see, I tied
off and removed the rest of one tube. The other tube I use, with this pump up bulb
attached to the far end. I just count squeezes to know how big the balloon gets
inside me."

They went straight to the huge floor bed and this time Ann inserted the rectangular
shaped huge balloon inside her without even rolling it up, like she had done before.
She inserted it completely into her vagina before pumping its size larger. Ann told
Jim, "I once tested this balloon outside my body to see if it would burst and pumped
it much larger than a beach ball."

Jim said, "Wow, these things must be made of good rubber!"

With one hand on the pumping bulb, Ann began to squeeze over and over and over
counting each squeeze. After about a hundred and thirty squeezes Ann whispered,
"I can feel it getting bigger. It is now about the size of an ordinary head."

Jim was amazed and said, "but I can't see anything, just the little tube running into
your slit. You don't seem to be getting any bigger."

Ann replied, "...just wait." Ann pumped and pumped on the bulb.

To Jim this seemed like an eternity, and then Jim said, "Look, your lower belly
is starting to bulge forward slightly. Always before I noticed your lower belly
region seemed to sink in some below the level of your huge pelvic bones. You look
a very slightly pregnant now." He laughed.

Ann smiled and replied, "Climb aboard." At first, Jim did not understand, but then
he climbed back up onto her lower belly. It was not like before when he sunk
into a concavity. It was little more rounded and he tried bouncing on her. Ann
screamed in delight, "That feels so very good. Just keep bouncing on my belly!
With this balloon in my vagina your bouncing pressure makes it feels wonderful"
Ann pumped a little more and her lower belly became a little harder for Jim to sit
on... as it bulged slightly outward and it felt firmer to Jim.

Jim straddled the bulge and poked his head over her high pubic bone to look down
toward her opening. He saw the giant slit where the rubber tube went into her. Jim
said, "You don't show any bulging down there."

Ann pumped a few more times and told Jim, "This is the most times I ever squeezed
this bulb, so I must be about big enough."

Jim looked down over the high rim of her pubic bone and still could not see any of
the balloon, just her enormous slit and said, "I can't see any balloon yet."

Ann replied, "At home I used my plunger to push it even much deeper. Now it feels
so very good I will not try to stretch any more. Put your arm in me and see how deep
it is, as I pumped it larger this time than I ever did at home."

Jim said, "It must be too big for you to push out now."

Ann replied, "I must try to do so, then I will know it will be safe should we go
further -- with our 'mutual fantasy'!"

Jim climbed off his high perch on her high pubic region to move down between
her wide legs. He bent forward and inserted his arm up to his shoulder and said,
"Wow, I can easily feel it and even move it and push it in as deep as my arm.
When I go inside you, if I can move this easily, it will be wonderful!"

Ann said, "It will push backward and forward now, while it is deep inside, but
this swollen balloon gets tight when it reaches my vaginal opening. Only then does
it meet the resistance of my vaginal opening. If I orgasm before it comes out, my
opening closes and it takes some time to relax again. At least, I have to relax
awhile before my tight muscles will let me push it back out."

Ann began to strain and Jim said, "You pushed the balloon so hard it moved my
arm out even though I was trying very hard to hold it back!"

Ann laughed, "Now you know how hard women in labor can push! Get the new
plunger you bought to see how deep I am."

Jim did so, and took his tape line to measure across it's big end, "Wow this heavy
rubber end is 6 inches across -- just like the one you told me you bought. It also
measures about 19 inches around and it is wider than those 3 liter pop bottles! The
whole thing is twenty inches long," Jim exclaimed. Jim found it was easy to insert
the big end into Ann's huge opening, and after it passed the opening, he felt the
balloon push deeper and met the spring like resistance of the balloon with only two
inches of the handle still outside Ann. He pushed and pushed, but it would go no

When he told Ann she replied, "Yes Jim, it seemed to stop going with.two inches
of the handle still outside me, when I measured at home. That is the same measure,
as when I checked it at home. Remove the plunger Jim, and I will now push!" Jim
did so, and Ann began to strain while Jim watched between her legs as she strained
and pushed. Ann said, "let me push some more, and you should soon see it."

Very soon Ann's huge slit started to open wider and wider. To Jim it was almost
unbelievable that her slit was opening to seven inches across, and still only part of
the swollen black balloon was showing. Ann began to hold her breath longer to
strain and push. She would make Ummmmmmm and Ohhhhhhh sounds and Jim
was worried it was hurting her.

He asked, "Are you in pain."

Ann replied, "It just feels so big this time, but it feels good!" Finally the rim of
Ann's vaginal opening seemed to thin out some more, and her anal opening
seemed to shift downward toward her tail bone, to make room for her larger
vaginal opening.

The vaginal rim around the balloon looked thinner, and the rim of vagina was
bulging forward and outward about three inches more than usual. Jim measured
the round opening now, and found it was showing 9 inches across the balloon.
Jim thought the reason the ring of vagina pushed outward was because the balloon
was pushing outward against the resistance of Ann's opening ring from the inside.
To Jim it looked just like pictures of the top of an infant's head bulging outward, as
it stretched a vaginal opening right before coming out. He had seen pictures and
videos of this on the internet and also in his library books. Now, this outward
bulging and opening size was vastly bigger than in those images. The balloon had
still not reached its widest stretch, and the distance across it was simply amazing
to Jim. He just sat there between Ann's legs and watched as this huge thing (bigger
than he was) emerging from Ann. He told Ann, "I wouldn't have believed it could
be so very very huge." Ann was now pushing very hard and making a noise that was
much louder.

Suddenly the huge balloon blew out of her with great force -- like a beach ball shot
from a cannon. Jim, who was sitting balanced on one foot, was knocked over by
the force of it. He was dazed at first and recovered to say, "Ann are you all right?"

Ann was moaning so loud it hurt Jim's ears. "Wow!" Ann replied, "I didn't think that
an orgasm could be that strong. I know it was stronger this time, because I imagined
I was pushing you through my vaginal opening and you are right here beside
me now!"

Jim pushed the huge moist balloon to one side, as he watched the now closing
opening. To him it was like he was looking into the giant pink mouth and throat of
a huge python... ready to move forward and swallow him. He was so fascinated he
just wanted to go on inside it -- right now, so very very strongly!

Ann said, "I think I will rest awhile now."

Jim grabbed his tape line. He ran it around the now very round and mucus covered
balloon, then he screamed out, "Wow, it is 33 inches around and that would be
over 10.5 inches across. That makes you 28.5 inches deep, as I pushed the plunger
to 18 of its 20 inch length! You would have nine and a half inches more room than
my whole body if I were in fetal position."

Ann said, "I am glad about the depth, but my width may be a bit smaller than the
balloon coming out, as I think my vaginal opening squeezes on the balloon as it
comes out, so I needed to be sure this time that I was big enough."

Jim told Ann laughing, "Well squeezed or not, I measured about 10 inches across
it just before it knocked me over!"

Ann laughed and said, "To make sure it was big enough, I even pumped it up a
few more squeezes bigger this time. It felt so very good with you right here beside
me Jim."

Ann decided to rest awhile, and then did some more cooking. She ate a huge meal
and told Jim she wanted to wait until the next day before any more sex. Jim slept
next to Ann and awakened under one of her breasts a couple of times during the
night. Whenever she slept on her side Jim would try crawling under a breast. He
thought he was in Heaven.

The next day Jim begged Ann to let him try putting his feet into her. She told him
that he could only try if he would not bend up his knees, to keep him from going
too deep. They decided to do this on a large blanket on the floor. Jim was so excited
he had a great hard on and Ann noticed it and saying, "Ummmm that will be nice as
it starts going into me, Ha Ha!" Jim produced some tubes of KY lubricant purchased
on his last shopping trip, and used it over his little body. He even produced a length
of rope he handed to Ann.

Ann said, "What ever is this for?"

Jim replied, "I will hold the middle loop of this rope in my hands, and once I
start in, you can pull on the two ends to help pull me deeper inside you."

Ann said, "That might help, but be very careful."

Jim suggested Ann rest her legs up high with her lower legs resting on chairs.
She placed one lower leg on one chair and the other leg over a matching chair.
Jim said, "With your legs up, I don't want you to get tired holding them up, as
this may take some time."

Ann smiled and thanked Jim saying, "This could last awhile... at that."

Jim then laid down on his back between Ann's legs in front of her huge slit. He
adjusted his body to be elevated up on some thick pillows covered with plastic
covers, in order to raise his body height. The floor level was just too low to lie on.
He still had to bend his knees so his feet were at the level of her opening. He
was surprised how easily he got both feet going inside even up to his knees. At that
point, his body was lying lower than the opening where his lower legs were inside
Ann. He was unable to move deeper in because his knees were bent. He then took
hold of the bent middle of the rope and he told Ann the problem.

Ann had forgotten to use a mirror to view Jim and said, "I can't see down there, but
I will pull on the rope when you tell me!"

Jim held the loop end of the rope and said, "Ready!"

With Ann pulling and Jim straightening his knees, he then started to rise up and
on into her opening at an upward angle. When he was in up to the middle of his
thighs, his progress became slower, and Ann pulled some stronger, while Jim held
on the middle loop of the rope.

With Jim holding his legs straight, Ann's strong pull was helping to move his body
at an upward angle. This was making Jim slide in right up to his penis level... which
now had a very hard erection.

Jim proudly told Ann, "Now for the first time my penis will enter your vagina."

Ann pulled a little harder and then said, "I feel something on the front side of my
vagina -- what a nice penis." Ann may have been just being nice, telling Jim that,
but he was ecstatic. Jim was in total Heaven as his little penis bent up and
backward going into Ann's huge vagina for the first time. Finally his whole pelvis
was sliding inside her.

Jim said, "Wow, I am half way in now!"

Ann moaned, and said. "I am having an orgasm."

Jim also had an orgasm at that same moment and he felt a much tighter feeling
as Ann's vaginal muscles tightened around his hips. The tightness was so great it
suddenly pinched and squeezed Jim's hips and pelvis about another 4 inches deeper
into her vagina. The muscles had squeezed him in to his mid waist level. It was a
very tight pinching Jim felt around his waist. Jim joked, "Now I know how women
feel wearing a tight corset around their waist! I never knew you could squeeze so
tightly." They rested a few minutes with Jim a little over half way inside Ann at his
waist depth. Jim and Ann both were in ecstasy. Jim told Ann, "I never really thought
I would be over half way inside a vagina!"

Ann replied, "You feel so good I wish I could swallow you all the way in... but you
must not bend your knees."

Jim replied, "I can feel you relaxing more now. You can start pulling again now.
I still have not felt the far end of your vagina with my feet."

Ann said, "You can't be far from bottom HA HA!"

Jim said, "Nice joke Ann... I am now 'in your bottom'!" After Ann relaxed, Jim
held the loop of the rope and Ann pulled some more. Jim thought to himself,
"Wow, with my hips inside, and her relaxed again, I sure slide in more easily." Jim
was soon up to his chest and just about even with his nipples. He felt his little feet
hit bottom and he again thought to himself, "Ann was right, her depth is two thirds
of my height." Jim did not tell Ann those thoughts.

Ann said, "you feel very deep inside me now, I can not see you as I forgot to put
up a mirror."

Jim replied, "Well, my waist is almost into you now." Jim was fibbing to Ann, as
he had been holding 'longer out' on his rope to make Ann think he was not is so
deep! He didn't want Ann to be able to tell any difference in his progress inside her.

Jim slowly bent up one leg and Ann said, "Wow I feel movement inside me."

Jim quickly replied, "It must be the big meal you ate shifting through you."

Ann stated, "Possibly but it was a great feeling to me!"

Jim smiled but Ann could not see him. He thought if he just could now bend up
the other knee he could fit all the way inside Ann without her even knowing it!
Jim slowly did that very thing, and soon both his knees were bent, as he was
slowly bending them upward toward a fetal position. Jim knew that would make
her huge vagina plenty deep for him to slide inside -- all the way.

Ann said, "You must be moving and it seems to me like my lower belly is starting
to bulge forward." Ann did not realize that the bulge was from Jim bending
himself up wider into the fetal position. Jim had thought out how to do this
during the night. He kept the loop of the rope about the same distance away
from Ann's pull, all the time, in order to keep her from knowing his progress
deeper inside her. He wanted it to be a surprise. Ann could not see what he was
doing. His chest slid easily deeper in all the way to his arm pits -- as he had
his arms above his head. He still held the rope loop as far away as possible with
his outstretched hands above his head and squeezed each of his little shoulders
very tightly against each of his ears to make his circumference very small.

Jim loudly commanded, "Ann, you need to pull very hard, as I am not making
any progress!"

Ann replied, "Well you feel wonderful inside me and I think we should stop now."

Jim said, "Just a little more and I will touch bottom." With each shoulder tightly
squeezed against each side of his little head, and holding the rope in his
outstretched hands, Jim said, "Now pull very hard."

Ann did so, and very very quickly his shoulders and head slid on inside Ann as he
coiled into his fetal position -- letting the top of his head move deeply inside Ann.
Even his elbows had suddenly slid inside her several inches past her opening. Just
a little of his lower arms and hands remained outside her huge slit.

Suddenly Ann screamed in delight and said, "Ummmmmm I'm having another

But for Little Jim, this was trouble. Her vaginal muscles were squeezing his arms
tightly together and everything was dark. He had no air and he was very frightened.
"It is not supposed to be like this." he thought. Jim thought he could keep his arms
up and a little apart to get an air pathway between them. Jim's plans went wrong,
as Ann's muscle contractions had squeezed off all of the opening around his lower
forearms. He tried bending down his legs and knees to get out of the fetal position,
but he could not press outward against her tight vaginal opening muscle spasm. He
tried separating his arms to get an small air passageway. This went on almost two
minutes with no air at all except for what little was around his body and Jim was
getting very dizzy. He just knew he would die, but 'what a way'. Gradually the
tightness relaxed and Jim could bend his head backward to make his face between
his shoulders point more outward. Using all his strength, he then spread his arms
barely enough to get a tiny pathway between them. There was just a tiny opening
to some outside air. Ann was recovering from her giant orgasm and knew something
was very wrong.

Jim made some gurgling sounds, "Blurrrrrbbbbb, Blaaaabbbbb, Gurgle," through the
tiny little air pathway he had opened, and he was beginning to breath slightly better.
With a muffled sound, he gurgled, "I made it all the way in but I can't breath well
in here!"

Ann was very frightened for Jim and noticed a dark glass front to a cabinet across
the room. She took her elevated legs down from the chair backs and turned her
hips to face toward it. To her amazement she saw the reflection of two little
hands holding a rope just outside her huge slit. She knew she had to do something
and scooted over to the leg of a huge divan where she tied both ends of the rope
she had been using to pull Jim inside with around one of it's heavy legs. Then she
screamed for Jim not to let go of his rope and she would try to scoot away from the
divan. Jim could not hear her well enough, but still held onto his loop of rope. By
doing this and with Jim holding onto the rope loop, for dear life, Ann scooted
away from the divan. The rope tightened and Jim's arms gradually moved back
outward somewhat. Soon he could talk and breath, but not hear very well. Most
of his arms were outside, but his head was still inside Ann between his
outstretched arms.

Jim said, "let me stay in here a little longer as now I know I will live! I love
being completely inside you."

Ann gasped in relief and said, "No Jim, it is time for me to give birth to you!" and
with that, she began to strain and strain.

Jim could feel the great pressure and also feel he was moving outward a little. Finally
he decided to help Ann and pulled on the rope attached to the divan leg again. With
Ann pushing and Jim pulling -- and Ann scooting backward some -- the combined
action began to work. Jim was soon sliding back out of Ann very fast.

Ann gasped and screamed, saying, "This feels even better than I imagined it would...
I am really giving birth to you!"

Very quickly Jim slid all the way out and to his surprise, he had a wonderful orgasm
just as he rapidly slid all the way out of Ann's vagina. Ann was much louder than ever
and when it was all over and Jim lay exhausted between Ann's huge legs.

Ann said, "Look what I just gave birth to! Jim, I never dreamed I could have such a
huge orgasm. I didn't even think I was capable of one like this! You are the most
wonderful thing in the World to me." Ann then moved around to Jim, and she used
a towel to wipe her slick mucus off his little body. She then began to kiss Jim all
over his body, and even lick him like an animal might lick her newborn.

Jim was in absolute heaven. He finally regained his composure and said, "I also feel
this is the most momentous thing that ever happened to me, and want to do it
again... very soon."

Ann said, "You lied to me about not bending your legs, but now that it is over we
must not do it again -- as it will kill you."

Jim replied, "I don't care, it is well worth dying for."

Ann was way ahead of him and said, "Well, we will have to think about it some, but
we can not do it again... unless of course, we can make it very safe indeed."

Jim wondered what 'make it very safe indeed' might be, but they refrained from
further sex the rest of that day... mostly just lying together, side by side.

After a restless night, fantasizing about the previous day, Jim and Ann awakened
and Ann had prepared another huge breakfast-- eating even more than usual. They
lay naked on the huge floor bed and watched tv and chatted most of the morning
with mostly fondling and oral sex play. After another huge noon meal (at least huge
for Ann) they took a nap on the bed and Jim awakened first. Soon Ann was awake
and Jim said, "I have been thinking about our fantasy and how to do it safely."

Ann replied, "I also have tried to think about it and we should put our ideas

Jim said, "if I were safe inside you I would want to stay inside a longer time."

Ann said, "that would be wonderful as I want that, but wouldn't you get too hot in

Jim said, "it is very warm but maybe something would help that. I thought that
a little rubber tube to the outside would let me stay in and breath through it easily
for a long time."

Ann replied, "Yes, I read on the internet about those very rare cases where adults
inserted their whole heads into vaginas. The man first leans backward and gradually
works the back of his head inside. It said he presses the back of his head against
the opening very hard, and rocks it back and forth and side to side, as it usually
takes some time to slowly work inside. After she stretches the rest of the head will
move a little faster, going all the way inside her vagina. If the vagina is deep, the
vaginal muscles usually close down tightly around his neck, so without such a tube
he would quickly suffocate and die, before he had time to work his head back out
again. They overcome that problem by wrapping adhesive tape near one end of a
rubber air tube. That way, there is a large lump at the mouth end. With the lump
inside his mouth, the little tube will not slip out from between his teeth. It would
be very dangerous if it slipped out."

Jim replied, "Yes, I read those accounts. There is not a lot of information about it,
as most would not talk about doing it. I read where the news services reported
two cases where men died with their head inside before they could work their heads
back out -- but those two had no air tube! They thought one case was a first try
'accident' -- and the other was a 'murder'! I even read about another such death
case under investigation."

"Various articles said that only about one in a million couples ever do this for sex.
That is what made me think of it... because Ann, You!... are one in a billion!

"You know Ann, I think that if I a short small tube in my mouth, and connected
it to a large tube and then I ran the the distant end of the large tube to my air
conditioning vent, the cold air would keep me cool longer."

Ann replied, "Jim, that would probably work as cool air will help you to stay cool
inside me. I want to be able to feel you in there a long time!"

Jim said, "Using the rope to pull me inside worked fine before, but I want my hands
to be free to stimulate you."

Ann said, "Oooooohhhhhh, that would feel good, but you must then not lose the rope,
so we could tie your loop end, but still make it loose around your neck, so as not to
choke you, and then we can make it longer so you can always find it and use it."

Jim said, "Good, and I have a pulley, so besides making the loop around my neck
have a knot so it will not choke me, you will have two ends of rope to pull on to do
different things."

Ann said, "I don't understand what you mean by 'a pulley', and 'different things', Jim?"

Jim replied, "I mean you could pull on one end to directly pull me in and then pull
on the other end that goes around the pulley on the other side of the room -- to pull
me out. I will attach the pulley to something below your feet, so when you pull on
that end of the rope it will pull me back out. It would work both ways, and you would
not have to scoot backwards like before... you just have to know which of the two
rope ends pulls me inside you, and which end pulls me back out!"

"Jim you are a genius!" Ann replied.

Jim prepared all the materials and tested them to make sure they worked properly
while Ann prepared a huge supper time meal. Ann wanted to rest after supper and lay
down to take a nap. Jim could not sleep but just looked at Ann's huge breasts and
then moved around behind Ann. He thought how very much higher her upper hip
was than her upper shoulder when she laid on her side. He gazed at Ann's wide
massive hips that rose from the surface of the bed at least 4 feet as she lay on her
side. He just though about that huge pelvis and the huge opening that he knew lay
below it. Jim thought of that opening as his entrance to Heaven. He stood up and
noticed that her upper hip surface was taller than his head which stimulated him
even more. He thought to himself that he must be the luckiest little man alive and
then remembered that of all the many millions of women on the internet, he must
have found the one with the largest pelvis... just one out of more than a hundred
million women.

Finally Ann awakened after what seemed an eternity to Jim. She said, "I am hungry,
but this time, it is not my mouth that is hungry, it is my vagina. I think I will just
eat you up -- by swallowing you whole, Jim!"

Jim blushed and smiled very broadly. Jim had all the materials lying there and ready.
He said, "I am so very ready, I can hardly wait for you to 'swallow me whole'." They
kissed and fondled each other awhile and then Jim climbed off her high pelvis and
down between Ann's legs. They moved over to the huge blanket on the floor where
Jim had prepared two padded leg rests placed widely apart on each side of Ann's legs.

Jim's plan was that each of these comfortable new leg rests would hold one of Ann's
big legs up high and to her sides -- so she could rest her legs up a very long time in
that position. He made sure the middle loop of rope was tied with a knot that would
not tighten more on his neck. That way he would not loose the rope when his hands
were doing other things -- even when either end of the rope was pulled. He threw
the loose ends to Ann and sucked on the hose to see if he could feel the very cool air
from the cool air vent. He decided not to put the air hose into his mouth until he was
about to go inside Ann. This time, Jim fitted a slick plastic mat onto a narrow raised
platform between Ann's legs instead of the pillows he used before. He applied KY all
over his body and also KY on the surface of the mat. He laid down on the plastic mat
and noticed he could slip and slide forward and backward very easily.

Ann said, "I want you to pull three times on the rope around the pulley to let me
know when you want out. Pull once to let me know everything is great and twice let
me know you are getting uncomfortable or pull twice even if I am doing something
you don't like. I will signal you back by the same signals. Remember one pull means
'I love you', two is 'slow down' what you are doing, and three means 'time to come
out'. If you pull three times I will start to pull on the rope with the pulley below me,
and that will start you back out of my vagina."

Then Jim said, "All systems are Go!" and placed each of his feet on the outer labia
of her huge slit spreading them to view Ann's huge crack between her inner labia.
As he lay on the slick mat, he thought how much more confidence he had, and how
much more fun this was going to be -- now that everything was prepared and made
safer. He inserted one foot and then the other quickly working them both inside
Ann's vagina up to his knees. Jim said "Now pull!"

Ann obliged and suddenly Jim slid backwards four inches on the slick KY covered

Ann exclaimed, "I am so sorry, I almost pulled you out. I pulled on the rope around
the pulley!" She then began to pull the other direct pull rope and Jim started to slide
forward. This time it was much easier than before -- now that he prepared the narrow
platform with the slick mat to lie on between Ann's legs. Within just a few more
seconds Jim was sliding upward at an angle with his legs now straightening. Ann
made a moaning sound as his slick thighs slid into her opening. Ann seemed to be
able to relax more this time as Jim slid forward against less resistance. Ann even
seemed to be pulling much harder and faster this time and Jim wondered if she
just wanted him inside her stronger or faster. He didn't mind, and very soon his hips
and penis were even with the top of her vaginal opening.

Before, it had taken a longer time to get his hips inside her, but this time Ann pulled
so strongly that his penis hit the top of Ann's opening and just plopped backward, very
fast, as his hips began to move on inside Ann. Ann soon screamed and said, "I am
having another orgasm."

Jim could feel her vaginal muscles tighten suddenly around him, but instead of
squeezing him deeper into Ann like before -- when the muscle tightness squeezed
him deeper in, up to his waist -- this time Ann had already pulled Jim inside to his
waist level. The vaginal opening muscles tightened very tightly again around his
narrow mid-section but this time it did not cause him to move. Even though Ann's
vaginal muscles squeezed in very tightly around his waist, Jim was expecting that
tightness, this time.

Everything was going much faster than before. They both rested for a brief period
after their orgasms, Ann soon started pulling again, this time very strongly. Soon
Jim was inside Ann to a level just about his nipples when he felt his feet finally
pushing against the farthest depth of Ann's vagina.

Jim told Ann, "Count to thirty while I put my air hose into my mouth, and I will be
ready to slide inside! I will not be able to talk to you after the hose is in my mouth.
I love you!" He inserted the hose with the wrapped bulge of tape just inside his teeth.
He knew that should keep the hose from slipping out of his mouth. He then held
both hands around the direct pull rope that Ann was pulling on and placed his arms
along side his head. His hands were far above his head and he was squeezing his
shoulders against both ears very tightly.

Ann replied, "I can see you in my mirror now -- you look cute. Good luck Jim! I
really love you!"

He let his knees and legs start bending up even more to assume his fetal position.
To Jim's surprise, Ann really began to pull very hard and he slid on into her very
very fast. The last words he understood Ann to say were, "I love you very much
and have fun!" and with that, he slid completely inside Ann's vagina except for his
hands holding the direct pull rope.

Jim first tried sucking air through the big air hose and got a full breath of very cool
air from the end near the cooling vent. "Wow, I've got it made now" he thought.
He let go of the rope -- as he knew it was safely looped and tied around his neck to
make sure he would have it when it was needed. He then drew in one hand, and then
the other. Now for the very first time Jim was 'completely' inside Ann's big vagina!

Jim suddenly felt a tapping near his head and in the dark with a very faint muffled
sound from Ann, he wondered what Ann was doing. He knew she was pressing
on her lower belly and he could feel it. Jim tapped back several times through her
belly wall, and Ann felt him -- then together they tapped back and forth. At first
Jim was worried as he could not reach around inside her when he extended
one of his arms, but he quickly learned that he had to slide his arms next to his
body to get his hands to whatever place inside her that he wanted to move them.
Soon he became used to doing this, and began to explore his new home. About
his upper belly and lower chest region he could feel a large knob much wider than
his hand and with a deep indentation in it. Jim knew this must be Ann's cervix,
but was amazed that it was located so high up on his body. Then he then realized
that he had read in his medical books that women with a deep vagina have most
of their depth in a pocket called a 'posterior vaginal fornix', that extends far
behind the cervix and up into the lower abdomen.

Jim's rear and a big part of his legs were inside Ann's huge vaginal fornix. Over
half his body was fitted into the big pouch of vagina behind Ann's cervix. He
began to listen and heard loud growling, gurgling, and rumbling from the sound
of Ann's intestines digesting the huge meals she continually ate. Jim thought,
"Wow, I might be the biggest meal she ever ate." Ann kept pressing her hands
on her lower belly which was swollen with the bulge from Jim being inside,
and this stimulated Jim even at the thought of her pressing in on him from the

Jim could feel how deep into Ann's lower belly as Ann pressed to feel him.
It was as though Ann were just feeling all over her lower belly to feel the
outline that Jim made inside herself. This was very stimulating to them both.
Jim loved the attention and pulled once on the rope; to feel Ann pull back once
for her approval. Jim would try turning and moving and Ann would pull once for
approval. At times he would rest and hear her intestinal sounds and even hear
Ann's distant heartbeat. Ann would press in on her abdomen when Jim tried
something different. Before this, Jim had not realized they could communicate
by tapping and pressing through the belly wall. Jim thought before they did this
again, they could develop a 'tapping code' to communicate.

Jim had never been happier in his entire life and often would pull just once to
let Ann know he liked it. Always Ann would give a single pull back to let him
know she liked it also. Jim knew that the G-Spot of women was on the front
side of the vagina between the cervix and the outside opening, so he slid his
hand along his slick side to reach up to that region. The spot turned out to be
near his nose and he then began to rub his nose sideways and then up and down
on that spot.

Jim heard something in the distance and knew it must be Ann moaning. Ann
pulled once very strongly on the rope in approval and Jim pulled once to let
her know he understood. Jim then cupped his hand over his nose and began to
turn his head side to side using the turning back and forth of his head as an axis
around which to move his hand with his knuckles riding back and forth over Ann's

Jim's action strongly moved his knuckles side to side and strongly rubbed Ann's
G-Spot. Very soon he felt a lot of movement and heard the distant sound again.
Then he felt a quiver and a tightening of the belly and knew Ann was having
another big orgasm.

Jim had noticed Ann having orgasms many times before, but never did he noticed
one before that lasted so long. Ann was in total ecstasy and had a fantastic feeling
with the combination of her full vagina, her full belly, and her G-Spot orgasm. When
she got her breath again she pulled strongly once on the rope in approval. Jim pulled
back. Ann tried rolling on her side and then back to the other side. This rocked Jim
inside her -- like he was in a cradle -- and he just loved the feeling of it. He even
knew why Ann was doing it, and signaled back with a single pull. By this time Jim
found he could breath very well and the cool air was keeping his temperature down, but
even so, he was quite warm.

Another thing Jim noticed was that there seemed to be more and more fluid
allowing him to slide more easily around inside Ann. He knew Ann was making
a lot lot more mucus fluid than when he was inside her before. Jim tried various
things and places to press on and rub while inside her huge vagina, and Ann loved
his every move.

Jim even tried spreading and bringing his knees back together, and then found
that twisting his shoulders side to side made Ann pull once strongly on the rope.
He then continued doing that knowing Ann liked it. Soon Ann had another huge
orgasm. Jim was able to twist and turn and move quite a bit inside Ann, but
decided not to turn his head all the way around inside her as he did not know if he
could then turn back, with his head toward her opening. Instead he slid his arms
next to his body around everywhere, as the slickness of the fluid made this easy.

Ann loved everything Jim did and especially when he made large movements
inside her. The full feeling was wonderful and she could not resist rubbing over the
outline of Jim that she could feel with her hands by rubbing her lower belly. Ann
worried Jim would try to turn into a breech position, but could tell by feeling him
that he remained head forward, and she was very glad. Jim felt reassurance and
great pleasure when Ann's hands rubbed and pressed in on him through her belly.
Once when he turned almost sideways Jim could tell that Ann seemed to use
pressure with both her hands to turn him back to a more headfirst position. He knew
she had the same thought he did about his body turning all the way around.

At times Ann would tighten her belly several times in a row and Jim loved that
rhythmic pressure and would pull once on the pulley rope to signal Ann of his
great approval. At one point Jim slid both his hands to place them on each side
of Ann's huge cervix and then would gently shake her cervix. Ann gave a strong
pull of approval, so Jim continued this until Ann had another big orgasm.

Ann began to worry that because Jim had been inside her for over an hour that
somehow this might injure him. She would have even liked him to stay inside her
a lot longer, but thought she had better overcome that craving. Jim just wanted
to stay inside, but he felt Ann pull firmly 3 times on the rope. He knew it was
time to come out. He found the end of the rope tied around his neck that lead to
the pulley and holding it moved one hand outside Ann's huge slit. Ann saw it
emerge in her mirror, and then watched his other hand joined it. Jim now had his
shoulders pressed to his ears tightly again to make his body width much smaller.
Ann began to pull on the rope around the pulley that led to Jim's hands. The rope
tightened and Jim held on as the pull started his arms out of Ann. Soon his shoulders
were coming out together with his head between them. Jim spit out the air hose that
was between his teeth. He then said, "Ann, you pulled three times so I knew you
wanted me to come out. I was still having a great time inside you, and hated to
come out."

"Jim, I was also having a wonderful time, but the time has come for me to give
birth to you" Ann laughed. Ann then pulled some more on the rope and strained
very hard at the same time. Jim started sliding out very very fast. Jim was so slick
with all the mucus, that once his shoulders were out, Ann had done all the stretching
needed, and it only took a second push to pop Jim out.

Jim had seen pictures of women having vaginal deliveries and how the infant's
body finally pops out in about a second. Once Jim's shoulders were out he did that
same thing. It seemed to him like he just squirted out like he had seen in videos of
infants being born. Ann just screamed in joy as she had another giant orgasm just
as Jim squirted out of her. The orgasm lasted an extremely long time, as Jim lay
with his mucus covered body on the slick mat between Ann's legs. Both Jim and
Ann were in a state of bliss.

Ann exclaimed, "I must have had ten orgasms while you were inside me!"

Jim joked, "Mine were great also, but I am sorry that I am not like 'some women'
that can have 'ten' in one hour!" then reflected, "This trip inside you was much
greater for me than the last one! I love you greater than life itself!"

Ann confirmed this with, "Jim I would never give you up if you will have me."
Ann wiped and even licked the slick wet mucus off Jim. She finished cleaning his
slick naked body with a towel and said, "Now you are my baby and I love cleaning
you off." She placed him on her lower belly and just stared at him like a mother
viewing her newborn child.

As Jim lay there in amazement he had many thoughts. He thought about this size
analogy and how other ladies that gave birth to a 7 pound baby, and who weighed
140 pounds, would be 20 times their newborn's size. He thought about how they
would just hold and admire their newborn on their belly -- after delivery. That
would be the same size difference that his little body held in relation to Ann's
huge body. He remembered how he read about the other lady who had her whole infant
inside her vagina -- and how she too might hold her infant the same way that Ann
held him.

Jim smiled and said "Ann, my wildest dreams have been answered. There is no end
to my love for you. Better yet, my lifetime quest for a partner has ended. You: are
that partner! I will do anything for you. I did not tell you earlier, but I inherited a
small fortune so we do not have to work. We can just be married and live like this
the rest of our lives. Will you marry me!"

At first Ann said nothing, while Jim held his breath, and then finally she said,
"I thought you would never ask!" then screamed, "YES!" She pulled up Jim to her
chest -- encasing him between her soft warm breasts. Ann's huge soft mouth and
lips began spreading open widely -- wider than ever -- for a wet kiss. Her soft deep
mouth began sliding back and forth -- completely sliding over Jim's whole lower face,
his mouth, and even his nose. Little Jim loved it when Ann kissed him this way.
They both lay there in total ecstasy.


I attended Jim and Ann's marriage ceremony at their big house and besides the
minister, I was the only other one in attendance. They were both only children
and had no close relatives to invite. It seemed strange with just me there in that
big house for their ceremony. They seemed in complete bliss -- and now I know

It has been a year since Jim related the above account to me. It is two years now
since their marriage. Yesterday I went by their house. Little Jim is extremely happy
and so is his huge wife Ann. Their Love seems to me to be even stronger. I noticed
all the doors had been widened, and there were no chairs -- just many couches. I
had to make a trip to a bathroom, by going through their master bedroom. I noticed
a long roll of rubber hose with adhesive tape wrapped around one end just hanging
there in the bathroom. It was looped over a towel hanger. When I came back out of
the bathroom into Jim's biggest huge bedroom I noticed there was a specially made
bed and mattress -- larger than any I had ever seen -- and it was made up beautifully.
Beside the bed on the huge floor was a very large clean and colorful blanket. Against
the wall and below the big blanket was a large mirror pointed a little downward.
Beneath it sat a low narrow platform covered with a clear plastic cover. A large eye
hook was mounted into the wall near where the little platform was sitting. The eye
hook had a pulley hanging from it, but I saw no rope. Along side one wall were two
large attractive sawhorses covered with heavy leather padding.

I never mentioned to Jim that I knew what all these things were used for!

Ann told me she never left the house and that Jim was so good to her, that he
brought her everything in life she wanted! Jim and Ann never worked another
day after their marriage. I never got Jim drunk again, and he never mentioned details
of his or Ann's sex life to me again.

I know that Jim was so drunk when he related this to me that he does not remember
telling it to me. I am now writing this account for my personal record. I hope Jim
never finds out he told me this story relating some of his most intimate moments.

Jim's great pleasure and the erotic adventure he described has played on my mind.
Sometimes when I visit Jim's home Ann will slowly rub her huge hand over the top
of my bald head as though she is studying it. Ann told me, "You have such a cute
little bald head." She even told me she loved bald heads once when Jim was not
around. Knowing what I do, I suspicion she fantasizes about what she would like to
do with my slick bald head! When I visit Jim's home, if Jim is not in the room, she
sometimes gently rubs her huge hand over my bald head as though it gives her erotic

I catch myself thinking about huge vaginas but then realize with my big size, I could
never do what Jim has done.

Out of the blue, Jim recently asked me, "Have you ever had sex in a group? I heard it
was fun!"

I said, "No, but I might like it." I plan to follow up on that line of Jim's conversation!
So far I have not told Jim I am beginning to fantasize about huge vaginas.

When I think back about how Jim told me Ann had nine and a half more inches depth
inside her huge vagina -- even with Jim fully inside her -- I develop fantasies about
this myself. I occasionally wish Jim would bring up the subject again. The next time he
mentions group sex, I plan to tell him about my thoughts.

I measured today and found that my head is nine inches tall from it's top to my neck.
In my fantasy I tell myself that with Ann's huge size; we just might have that
'group sex'!

Jim and Ann might agree to let my head come inside Ann, for a pleasant visit with:

My Friend Jim!
Edgar W.

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