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DELTA girls around among many guys with


Delta Screwa Uah { MC MF MD humor No-explicit-sex } codes
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Synopsis: A college fraternity dedicates itself to bringing joy and
fulfillment to the campus co-eds.

Authors Note:
Some folks don't think many of my earlier stories really have a
"mind control" aspect. This was supposed to be the one that changed
their minds, but on reading it myself I didn't think it would either.
Turns out that I was wrong. It now appears on :-)

Often, my stories seem to write themselves. This one ended up as a
light-hearted, by somewhat clinical, how to for college fraternities.


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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any
resemblance between characters in this work and actual persons
living or dead is entirely coincidental. This work contains
scenes of explicit sex between adults and is intended for the
entertainment of adults only. If you are offended by depictions
of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority
in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW! Please do not read or
download this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this
work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and
other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. In reality sex
without protection is unwise and nothing in this work should be
taken as condoning such activity, or any of the other activities
depicted herein.


Delta Screwa Uah by Ben Wa

The boys of the Delta Screwa Uah Fraternity were dedicated to bringing joy
and fulfillment to the campus co-eds. This meant their goal was to screw
every single college-age girl on campus.

Being lofty minded lads; they did not discriminate on the basis of race,
color, religion, national origin, or beauty. Even the ugliest, nerdiest
girl on campus would not escape their tender attentions.

It helped a lot that many of the guys in both campus security and the
local police force were former Delta Screwa Uah fraternity members.
This kept our heroes out of jail on those (frequent) occasions that a
girl claimed "rape" when her parents found out that she was pregnant.

Being fun loving boys, a small group in the fraternity had a separate
betting pool to see if they could get more girls pregnant this year
then during the prior year. However, if paternity was proven in court
even once, they lost.

Passing the girls around among many guys with similar blood types confused
them as to who was the real father. It also made it a lot harder for a
lawyer to pin paternity on a specific guy with those cheesy blood tests.

These sensitive boys were deeply concerned that no girl would suffer
any emotional trauma. Once fully processed, each and every girl was
always willing and eager to be thoroughly screwed.

In truth, there NEVER was any rape. No girl was touched before her
18th birthday. For legal protection, there was always a videotape
showing that each girl gave voluntary consent.

Just how did these ingenious lads take average college girls and
turn them into sluts that would screw anything with pants?

Remember, these are the very "flower of American young manhood", the "cream
of the crop", clean-cut, straight shooting, boys from the best families.
They're highly intelligent, well-organized college men with a plan and a
system that had been working successfully for 50 years.

There was a division of labor for important tasks, Intelligence,
Acquisition, Conditioning, Evaluation. But, no matter how great or
small his task all fraternity members reaped the rewards.

First there were the intelligence boys. Mostly business majors, they
volunteered in various administrative offices to have access to school
records. They maintained an intelligence dossier on every girl on campus,
her habits, her family, her medical history, her grades, everything about

Second were the ROTC boys. They practiced daily on stealth, infiltration,
to become expert marksmen, and were assigned to Acquisition.

One girl a day was targeted for capture, usually at night. She'd be walking
on campus to get to some appointment. Suddenly, she'd be hit in the butt
with a tranquilizer dart from a high powered hunting rifle.

Within 30 seconds the dart would achieve its desired effect. The girl would
not be rendered unconscious, which would be too suspicious. Instead the drug
worked like "truth serum", making her very docile and suggestible. One of
our heroes would guide her to a waiting van that would bring her to the
fraternity house. Anyone observing the incident would believe that the girl was drunk.

Any girl who could not be taken on campus was taken in her room. A small
hose squeezed under her door sprayed knockout gas. After picking the lock,
two entered wearing masks while two more covered the door. She was packed
into a large lined (to prevent abrasion) plastic garbage can for transport
to the waiting van.

Had enough setup yet? It's getting near to the mind-control part of our
story, but we're not quite there yet. The psychology majors and pre-med
students handled Conditioning.

An entire secret basement existed that did not appear on any blueprints or
floor plans of the fraternity house. Through its well camouflaged, secret
entrance, the recently captured girl would be taken.

The basement was kept at a comfortable 74 degrees to make sure no one would
get a cold. The guys mostly wore bathing suits and sandals. The girls were
of course stripped. They spent their entire time naked, hooked to the
conditioning equipment.

The procedure used to take up to a week. Now with the aid of computers
it took only two days, with once a month "booster" sessions.

A typical candidate was placed in a flotation tank to minimize external
stimuli and eliminate fatigue on her muscles. Electrodes and sensors were
placed at various points on her body. A computer screen was placed about
6 inches in front of her face and headphones over her ears.

The goal of the program was to leave as much of the girl's original
personality intact. However, extensive sexual knowledge, submissive sexual
behavior, and a desire to maintain a healthy body and project a sexy
appearance for "her master" were integrated into her personality matrix.

Over the next 48 hours the girl's drugged mind was bombarded with sexually
loaded images and commands. To verify the effectiveness of the procedure on
her, she'd be required to repeat various phrases. If this satisfied the boy monitoring the procedure she'd receive a pleasurable, sexual stimulation. If
it didn't then a pain stimulation was administered.

Especially resistant girls were shifted to a more intensive program.
Unfortunately, this would retain less of the girl's original personality.
Whatever resistance a girl might have was quickly broken down.

No one had every successfully resisted the process. Once it was finished a
girl would be given a fraternity pin to wear on a ribbon around her neck (no
clothes remember). It was turned upside down to indicate her trainee status.

Lastly, there was evaluation. Pretty much everyone that didn't already have
a task was assigned here. These boys were responsible for verifying that the
girl could not break out of her conditioning. It was important that every
desirable sexual variation be tried, oral, anal, multiple-partners, etc.

It was an exhausting task, being both comprehensive and meeting the
high standards set by the fraternity, but being young and strong,
the boys "rose" to the occasion, usually several times a day.
The conditioning process implanted into the girls all required sexual
techniques, but there is no substitute for actual experience.

During the evaluation period a girl would be videotaped both fully
clothed and naked, having sex. During both scenes she would clearly
state that her participation was voluntary and not due to the used of
force, threats, or coercion.

The virgins were handled separately. Some guys hated dealing with them.
Other guys loved it. In fact, most of the "exclusive" relationships,
some of which led to marriage after college seemed to originate between
a virgin and the boy who broke her in.

What's "exclusive"? Each guy is allowed only one at a time. No other
guy will mess with another guy's "exclusive". Of course, the guy can
boink as many other girls as he chooses. He may even invite one or
more other girls to be with him and his "exclusive".

After successfully completing her evaluation, a girl was allowed to turn
her pin right-side up. She'd move in with a guy who requested her. They'd
find ways to fill the time they weren't taking classes or studying.

Of course, she'd dress normally when going out on campus. She'd even be
allowed to occasionally wear clothes in the fraternity building if they
were sufficiently sexy.

What about the guys who did not make it into the Delta Screwa Uah
fraternity? Would they expose the secret? Of course not!

The fraternity had to constantly make room for new girls. After they
were finished with a girl she was no longer allowed to wear the
fraternity pin. This meant she was fair game for anyone.

Their sexuality had been released. There was no way to "put the genie
back in the bottle". The girls still needed to get screwed regularly
and there were always those willing to take up the onerous task.

The guys who were sure they didn't like girls were happy to ignore the whole
situation as long as they were left alone to do their own thing. Delta
Screwa Uah fraternity, with only love in their hearts, was quite tolerant
and blissfully accepting of alternate lifestyle choices.

Everyone lived happily ever after, and they still do. Care to fill out
an admissions application?


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Delta Screwa Uah { MC MF MD humor No-explicit-sex } codes
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