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DESERTED hurt you it they giggled


{NEW}Deserted A story by davidb234 (Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast)
This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but
not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors
express permission. Check out my archive

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of
adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside
delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of
material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and
enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Deserted A story by davidb234 (Mff,MF,MFf,Inc,Cons,Teen,Oral,1st,Mast)

I drove down the wide tree lined street, making quite sure I kept within
the legal speed limit, concentrating very hard on driving correctly. When
I reached my driveway I turned in slowly, stopped my car beside my wife's,
pulled on the parking brake, turned off the engine and relaxed for the
first time in over an hour. I sat there for some ten minutes, my head
resting on the steering wheel, while I allowed most of the stress to drain
from my body, then I slowly got out of the car, locked it up securely and
made my way into the house. It was Thursday, about seven thirty in the
morning, and I had just finished the last night duty of a straight run of
twenty eight of them. While this was a pretty punishing schedule for a
family man, it was worth it as I now had two weeks when I wasn't working,
before I went back on to the same number of early shifts.

As usual when I got to this stage of my working cycle I walked into the
kitchen to find my wife Jan, getting her breakfast before leaving for work
herself. She had a job in an advertising agency, one she liked, and the
same one she had been doing before we married eighteen years ago. There
was no real need for her to keep on working, as I had a very good job
managing an engineering works, one in which I was a fifty percent partner,
Jan just worked because it gave her a sense of security, and, in her own
words 'stopped her vegetating in the house'. This morning as usual she
kissed me on the cheek, said softly "You should be in bed", and handed me a
cup of tea as she told me to get upstairs. As I started to do as she said
she called after me "I won't be home tonight I have to go out of town for a
while." I murmured something appropriate and continued upstairs where I had
a quick shower before making my way to my bed. My head had hardly hit the
pillow when there was a soft knock on the door and before I could say
anything my daughter Sandi came in and sat on the edge of the bed beside
me. "Rough night daddy?" she asked softly. I grinned and nodded "Very, but
I got things sorted, and I'm off for a while now." Sandi grinned, lowered
her head and kissed me lovingly on the lips, "Forget work now daddy
darling, just get some rest, and I'll see you about supper time, OK?" I
smiled up at her, nodded and closed my eyes as I felt her tuck the
comforter up over my shoulders before placing a soft tender kiss on my
cheek then creeping out of the room and leaving me to sleep.

It was about four thirty when I woke up, again my usual time when I was
on night duty, even if it was the day after my last one. It was going to
take me until Monday to change my sleep pattern back to a normal diurnal
one, so I wasn't too worried. I got up, showered and dressed in sweats and
a T-shirt, then went downstairs to see what I could do about getting our
evening meal ready. I needn't have bothered, Sue and Sandi, our seventeen
and sixteen year old daughters had it all sorted, even if it was just a
Pizza they were putting in the microwave to re-heat. As I entered the
kitchen Sandi came over, slipped her arms round my chest and kissed me
tenderly on the lips "Good afternoon daddy, did you have a nice sleep?" I
nodded, gave her a hug and said "Yes thanks darling, but what's this I see,
Pizza for dinner? What would your mother say?" Sue giggled as the oven
pinged, "Well darling, seeing as she's not going to be here tonight, we
thought it would be nice for you to have it as a treat. Besides, it's been
far too long since we had one, so we decided we deserved one too." With
that she placed the Pizza in the table, replaced it in the oven with a
second one, and began to cut it into decent sized portions.

I have to admit I enjoyed that meal more than any I'd had in months.
Mostly because it seemed as if we were being naughty by having it, but
mainly because of how much the girls enjoyed it knowing their mother would
disapprove if she found out. When all the packaging was disposed of Sue
made a fresh pot of tea while Sandi and I went and sat in the living room
and watched tv for a while. When Sue came in with the tea tray the girls came and sat each side of me while we drank it. Then Sue went and switched
off the main light so all there was, was the blue light from the tv screen
when she came back and sat beside me once more. This was the signal for
both of them to come and snuggle up close to me as I held out my arms and
they lay their heads on my chest. I allowed my arms to fall round their
shoulders and down their sides, finally resting on their hips as they
pressed their arms round my back, and over my abdomen.

"When's mom due back daddy?" asked Sandi softly. "Well darling, all I
know is that she told me she wouldn't be home tonight. I have no idea what
time she'll get back tomorrow, or even if she'll be back before Monday.
You know how her weekends sometimes run into four day trips." Sue sat up
quickly, twisted round to face me and said "In that case daddy, can we come
and get a tummy rub before we go to bed please. Both of us are on our
period, and you know how much easier it is if we get one." I chuckled and
shook my head slowly, "I don't know Sue darling, don't you think you might
be getting too old for that sort of thing, after all you're not fourteen
now you know." They both giggled as they hugged me tight, "Oh, we know that
darling, but we're old enough now to properly appreciate what you're doing.
Besides we like it, it's real good fun" said Sandi with a broad grin.
"Well, OK, just so long as you both behave yourselves, understood?" They
nodded, "Yes daddy" they said in unison, then they stood up, pulled me to
my feet and dragged me upstairs and gently pushed me into my bedroom to get

* * * * * * * * * * *

Tummy Rub? Well, when I was in college a girl I was very intimate with
had always suffered from painful periods, and as a result tended to miss
the odd class here and there. I happened to go and call for her in her
dorm one evening, only to find her curled up on a tight ball, tears
streaming down her cheeks as she waited for her painkillers to kick in. I
sat beside her on her bed, hugged her to me until she was laying beside me
and then began to gently stroke her abdomen and tummy. After a couple of
minutes she gave a deep sigh and relaxed in my arms before lifting her
shirt and pushing down the waistband of her skirt so I could make contact
with her naked flesh. I don't know if it was what I was doing, or that her
painkillers had actually kicked in that made things easy for her on the
first night. I do know that the following evening I got a call from her to
meet her again in her dorm. When I got there she was wearing the same as
the evening before, though this time her shirt was undone, and her skirt
was pushed down below the level of the waistband of her panties. She
patted the bed, telling me to climb on, and sit up against the headboard.
When I was in place she shuffled between my thighs, leaned back against my
chest and opened up her shirt showing me she wasn't wearing a bra under it.
Between us we worked out what felt best as regards how and where I should
massage her, I then spent twenty minutes stroking and caressing her abdomen
and tummy while she relaxed against my chest.

From then on I got called to her aid every time she had her period.
Every evening I would give her a Tummy Rub, and every night she would give
me a blow job as a reward. As our time at college progressed we both
became quite expert in our chosen field, especially after the night I took
things a little further than we had gone before. This evening I was
feeling particularly horny, and as I got close to finishing the normal
massage I decided I wanted to get a feel of my girls wonderful firm comical
breasts. To this end, when I was moving my hands up her body I went a
little higher than usual and cupped her breasts in them. I gave her
nipples a tweak, something she enjoyed when we made love normally, then
moved my hands down her body until I was able to cover her panty covered
pussy and press my middle finger between her hot swollen pussy lips. Much
to my amazement she went stiff as a board, clamped her thighs together and
cried out as she climaxed. What was so amazing was the fact that I'd
hardly touched her pussy, or her titties before she exploded. From that
moment on we always ended a session with me giving her what she called 'the
full treatment'. Word also spread, as it will in a closed community like a
college dorm, and I ended up with hordes of nubile young women that wanted
me to get my hands on their naked bodies. It also gave many of the Bi and
lesbian women something else to use in their own special relationships once
I'd shown then the right technique.

Jan knew about all this, and one evening when Sue was little more than
twelve she came up to me and asked me if I'd be prepared to give Sue a try
as she was having a very bad time with her newly started periods. Jan
brought Sue to me wearing a modest two piece swim suit, and sat with us
while I tenderly stroked and caressed Sue's aching body. The fact that Sue
almost fell asleep in my arms when moments earlier she had been curled up
in pain, told Jan that I was successful. From then on Sue got a Tummy Rub
with her mother as a chaperone every time she had any period pain, although
I'm sure that after a time Sue wasn't actually in pain at every visit, she
just enjoyed having me caress her almost naked body. When Sandi started
her menses Jan started her having Tummy Rubs like her sister, always with
her there as a chaperone, something I was glad of as it meant I could never
be accused of child abuse should anyone else find out what we were doing.
By the time Sue was sixteen she convinced Jan that she wasn't needed as a
chaperone as daddy wasn't going to be doing anything wrong, especially as
Sandi was always going to be there when it happened as they always had
their periods at about the same time of the month. That was fine, until
the first time Jan went away on a long weekend job with her agency.

Jan was so hyped up over going away that nothing else mattered during
the week previous. When Friday came she loaded her bags into her car and
without even a wave to the rest of us, she drove off, not to be seen or
heard of until she returned on Monday evening. What happened while she was
away actually changed my life forever. I'd locked up, and was making my
way to the bathroom for my usual shower when Sandi stopped me and said
softly "Can we have a Tummy Rub tonight please daddy, I'm hurting quite a
lot, and I'm sure that Sue is too." "OK darling" I replied, "Just let me
have my shower, then you can come and get on the bed with me." When I was
finally sitting up in bed the girls came and joined me, sitting each side
of me and cuddling up close for a few minutes. "OK girls" I said, "Who's
first?" and as Sue said "Me" I spread my legs apart and allowed her to come
and sit between them, leaning back against my chest after stripping off her
nightie. As she was wearing a bra this wasn't actually a problem for me as
I'd done this many times before. As Sue relaxed against me I placed my
hands on her abdomen and firmly stroked them down her body until my little
fingers were touching the waistband of her panties. I then moved them back
to her rib cage, stroking gently in the upwards direction.

After about a dozen strokes I moved my hands out to Sue's side and
stroked down over the site of her ovaries, knowing that this was where she
felt most of the pain. As usual I spent about twenty minutes massaging
Sue's abdomen and tummy, and was about to finish off when she took hold of
my hands and held them against her ribs for a while. Very gently Sue began
to move my hands up and down her abdomen once more, holding them firmly in
contact with her flash with her own hands. Then, before I could stop her
she moved them a little further upwards than before, cupping them over her
bra covered breasts and pressing my palms against her hard pointy nipples.
Quick as I could I pulled my hands away, unfortunately giving Sue a little
more pleasure as they were rubbing and pressing against her nipples. Once
my hands were free I rolled Sue from between my thighs to lay face down
beside me, bringing my hand down hard against what I suddenly realised was
a very willing bottom. I knew this because instead of crying out in pain
Sue simply turned her head, looked at me and smiled. Trying hard to keep a
straight face I gave Sue one more spank, then turned to where I could see
Sandi was getting ready to come and have her Tummy Rub. I sat back and
Sandi quickly settled herself between my thighs. "What, not taking your
nightie off Sandi my love?" I asked. "Sure you want me to daddy?" she
replied. I shrugged my shoulders, "It's up to you darling, I don't mind
either way, it's just that that's what you usually do." Sandi twisted
round, looked at me and smiled, "OK daddy, but only because you asked me
to, and because it'll make it easier for you to give me the Tummy Rub."

Sandi whipped her nightie over her head and showed me she wasn't even
wearing a bra. "OK girls" I said firmly as I almost reluctantly placed my
hands on Sandi's naked abdomen, making sure I kept well away from her naked
breasts. "Will one of you please tell me what's going on while I give
Sandi what may well be her very last Tummy Rub?" Sandi turned her head as
far as she could, "Please daddy, don't say that, at least not until you've
listened to what we have to stay." "Yes, well, that's all very well girls,
but so far no one is saying anything, all that's happening is that I'm
being put in some very embarrassing positions. Susan, while I finish off
your sister, why don't you tell me why you did what you did?" by now Sue
was kneeling close to where Sandi and I were sitting. She leaned forward,
placed a soft tender kiss in my cheek and said softly "We'll, to be honest
daddy, we decided it was time we tried to seduce you. We know what's going
on between you and Mom, we also know that we need to have some fun of our
own." She paused for a moment, then said, with a broad grin "Did you know
daddy, that from what we're told, Sandi and I are the last two virgins in
our class. OK, one or two of the girls might just be bending the truth
somewhat, but even so we're having a good deal of difficulty holding on to
our virtue every time we go out on a date with our current boyfriends." I
glanced at Sue suspiciously, "What does that have to do with what you're
doing here and now?" I asked, dreading the answer I might get.

As I was on an upstroke in Sandi's Tummy Rub, my hands were fairly
relaxed, but I was still able to stop her when she took hold of my hands
and tried to move them up to her firm naked breasts. As she struggled
against my stronger arms Sandi turned her head, looked up into my eyes and
in a soft husky voice gasped "Please daddy, I'll explain in a minute." I
closed my eyes, relaxed my arms and then for the first time felt how
wonderful it was to cup my hands over a pair of firm, smooth, hard nipple
topped teenage breasts. Despite only holding my hands still for a matter
of a few seconds it was long enough for me to get a rampant erection. I
was eternally grateful that my hard cock and Sandi's almost naked butt,
were separated by the thickness of the comforter she was sitting on. What
did surprise me was Sandi's reaction. Despite me doing nothing with my
hands but allow her to hold them to her titties it was only a few seconds
before she was trembling with desire and thrusting her chest out in an
effort to get more contact between palms and nipples. All too soon for
Sandi, I pulled my hands away, once more pleasing her as my palms rubbed
against her nipples. I then reached over and picked up her nightie,
slipping over her head before rolling her off me and on to her tummy beside

As she lay there Sandi turned to me, grinned and said "What, don't I get
spanked too daddy, after all I did more than Sue to deserve it?" Reluctant
to get too far into this sort of thing I gave Sandi a couple of firm slaps
on her butt cheeks, smiling inwardly as she arched her hips after the first
one just as if she couldn't wait for the second. A moment later and I had
both girls getting into bed with me and snuggling up close as they almost
dragged me down the bed so I was laying on my back with my arms round them,
their heads on my shoulders. "Right, what's going on then?" I asked as
soon as I was settled. As if I didn't know. "Oh, come on daddy, surely
you know what we want. Isn't it pretty obvious?" replied Sandi. I grinned
inwardly, "Oh, it's pretty obvious all right Sandi my love, why now, and
why on earth me?" Sue shuffled up the bed a bit, until she was able to make
close eye contact. "Well daddy" she said softly "We were talking a couple
of weeks ago about how we were both fed up with coming home after a date
with bruises on our breasts, and almost as often with our panties or bras
ripped. We're both fed up with fighting off boys who just seem to want to
get into our underwear, or want us to get into theirs. Not one of them has
tried to be gentle, or understanding, otherwise one of them would have
probably been successful by now." She paused for a moment, looking closely
at me to see if I was going to react. She was disappointed. "Anyway
daddy, I made a silly joke about how the best one to get to make us women
would be the one guy that we know loves us, and that would never hurt us.
In other words daddy, YOU!" Sue grinned at the look on my face, then she
continued, "Well, after a moment to think about it Sandi agreed with me,
and we started to make our plans to seduce you."

I was really glad neither of the girls were too close to my groin,
otherwise they would have got an answer to their question if only from the
stiffness and throbbing that again began to affect my cock. By now Sandi
was also laying with her face close to mine, and I looked from one to the
other, then said "You do realise what you're suggesting don't you girls?"
they nodded in reply. "I mean, really understand. For example what you've
suggested is Incest, and that is illegal. If details of what you suggest
got out then I would be assured of a very long spell in prison, and may not
actually survive to get out. The next thing to consider is; what happens
if your mother found out? Do you think she would simply let it go, or
might she do something about it?" Sandi chuckled, then she kissed me
tenderly on the cheek. "Oh, we've thought about it daddy, and we can't see
why things like that should be a problem. First of all no one is going to
find out if we don't tell them, and it won't be in our own best interest to
tell anyone, now will it? Secondly, we won't have any trouble keeping it
from mom if we only have fun when she's not home." I was about to say
something when Sue placed a finger on my lips, "Look daddy, we really do
want this to happen. We're both intelligent enough to understand what
we're doing, and we do understand what might happen if it became common
knowledge. But we're also quite certain that no one need find out if we
exercise the right amount of discretion." Sandi kissed me on the cheek then
said "The only thing we worried about was that you might not find us pretty
or mature enough for you to want to do this for us, but I guess we have
that answer don't we?" and before I could do anything to stop her she threw
back the comforter exposing my hard throbbing cock to hers, and her sisters

"Oh WOW!" cried Sue as soon as she saw where her sister was looking,
"That's so huge!" it wasn't of course, I was just about average in the
penile stakes, but I guessed that the girls hadn't seen too many mature male appendages, or at least I hoped that was the case. Sandi giggled as
she reached down and gently wrapped her fingers round my hard shaft,
closely followed by her sister who ended up with the purple head in her
palm and a drop of precum oozing over her fingers. As she knelt there
looking up at me Sue grinned cheekily and said "Now daddy, you're not going
to tell me you're not interested when you have such a nice hard erection,
are you?" I smiled, "Of course not Sue darling, but I'm still not too
enamoured of the thought that I might start abusing you sexually now you
know how I feel about what you're suggesting." Sandi let go of my cock,
shuffled up the bed on her knees and bent down to kiss me. "Don't be so
silly daddy, the only way you could abuse us right now is to refuse to
teach us how to make love. We both know you'd never deliberately hurt us,
even if you do occasionally spank us for being particularly good" both of
them giggled, and I had to smile at the thought of rewarding them with a

"Anyway" Sandi continued "We have already decided that if you refuse to
do it for us, we're going to go and find one of the guys from school and
have him do it. We know it won't be a pleasant experience for us, but at
least it will get this monkey off our backs." Despite the look on the girls faces I did doubt they would do as Sandi said, and with little more thought
I said "Well, if that's the case Sandi my love, I guess the best thing I
could do is try my best to keep you safe and do as you ask." The next
minute and I was smothered by two virtually naked girls who seemed bent on
kissing every inch of me that they could lay their lips on. After a few
minutes to allow them to get things out of their system I got them to lay
quietly beside me, pull the covers over us and allow me to think as to best
do what they wanted. If I was going to take this step, I wanted it to be
fair for them both, and as good as I could make it despite the pain they
were likely to experience. I suppose I was being a bit clinical about it,
but I wanted to enjoy it too, and hated the thought of making them cry. In
the end I hugged them to me and explained to them the plan I had come up
with. Giving them both a loving pat on the bottom I told them to go and do
as I said, and get things ready. In the meantime I lay back and allowed my
thoughts to run riot as I imagined just what fun we might have in the
future. I knew what we were about to do wasn't 'right', but I also knew
there was nothing I could or say to myself that would make me draw back.
The girls wanted this, they had initiated things, and although I could have
said 'NO', I doubt if that would have stopped them. At least if I did it
for them, I knew they weren't going to get hurt, and I would therefore be
protecting them. Pretty thin morality? OK so sue me. I doubt many men could have refused this offer, and I had the knowledge that it was going on
all over the place, most times with the girls being unwilling participants,
and being truly abused.

The bedroom door opened and the girls came in this time wearing their
bathrobes. Sue was carrying an old bath towel, and Sandi had a bowl of
warm water and a wash cloth which she placed on my night stand out of the
way. Sue threw back the comforter and I rolled out of the way as she then
laid out the towel where I'd been laying. I rolled back where I'd been
before and made sure the bed linen was covered in case of accidents.
"Right girls, did you decide who was going first?" they nodded, and Sue
climbed between my thighs, knelt up and slowly removed her robe. The sight
of her now naked body was almost overpowering. Her breasts were firm,
nicely rounded and topped with hard erect nipples that reminded me of two
bolts that had been cropped. Her abdomen and tummy were smooth and flat,
and the patch of fine silky pubic hair invited the caresses it was soon to
be having. Slowly Sue sat back on her heels for a moment, opening her
knees slightly to allow me a good long look at her virgin body as she
reached out and touched my hard throbbing penis with her fingertips. "Does
this mean you like what you're seeing daddy?" she asked with a cheeky grin.
I nodded "It certainly does darling, I didn't realise just how much you've
grown up recently. You really are very beautiful, and have a wonderful and
desirable body." I then held out my hands, and Sue twisted round and sat
between my thighs, leaning her naked back against my chest and allowing me
to slip my arms round her and hold her to me in a soft passionate embrace.

As we sat there Sue turned her head as far as she could, reached back
with one hand and placed it behind my head, pulling my down until our lips
met. This was our first truly sexual kiss, and it almost made me cum, it
was so passionate, and I had to force myself to break it off so we could
get on with what we had planned. Besides which I really did need to save
something for when it was Sandi's turn. Sue laid back, her eyes closed,
and her upper body suffused with a hot flush that seemed to make her
breasts glow with arousal. I gave her abdomen and tummy a few gentle
strokes, but this wasn't a normal Tummy Rub, this was sex, pure and simple.
The instant my hands cupped Sue's breasts I felt my cock jump, as did Sue
due to the fact she was now holding it gently in her hands behind her. Her
breasts? They felt like hot marble. Hard, smooth, but so much warmer than
any marble statue could ever feel. They were also hyper sensitive, and the
instant Sue felt my fingers touch her skin she cried out with pleasure, and
arched her back in an attempt to increase the pressure I was exerting.
Gently I cupped her breasts in my palm and very tenderly I began to caress
them, rubbing my palms over the tips of her hard throbbing nipples, making
her gasp with pleasure every time my hands moved.

After a few minutes working on Sue's titties I slowly moved my hands
down her body. Over her ribs, down her abdomen, caressing her tummy with
my fingertips until I reached the tops of her thighs. I then stroked my
fingers down the tops of her legs as far as I could reach before moving
them between her thighs and working my way back up towards her groin.
Instantly Sue opened her knees and allowed me free access to the soft
sensitive flesh between her legs, quivering and trembling as I moved
inexorably towards the centre of her sexual being. As I reached the tops
of her thighs I slid my hands down so I was touching the swell of her
buttocks. I then moved my fingertips together until I had them in between
her labia and her thighs. I then drew them slowly upwards, pressing her
lower lips together as I stroked her fine downy fur. As I moved along her
pussy lips I felt the string of her tampon, and whispered "Shhhhh.." as she
gasped and twitched when she realised what it was I had encountered. By
now I was getting aroused myself, more so when I began to realise there was
a new aroma reaching my senses. When I finally placed my hand over Sue's
naked pussy and press my middle finger between her lips I realised it was
the scent of her arousal. It was also the moment when Sue suddenly arched
her back, clamped her thighs together and screamed as her climax exploded
inside her. Moments later and Sue collapsed against me, laying there, her
breast heaving as she gasped for breath while tiny tremors rippled up and
down her firm young frame.

I lowered my head and placed a soft tender kiss on her cheek, "How was
that Sue darling?" I whispered. Sue opened her eyes, looked lovingly at me
and said softly "Oh, god, daddy, if I'd known it was going to be like that
I'd have done it years ago. I never felt anything like it in my life. I
thought it was good when I masturbate, or when Sandi does it for me, but
this was a million times batter" she paused for a moment then giggled "I
can't wait to feel this great big wonderful thing inside me daddy, it's got
to be even better than having you masturbate me." She then closed her eyes
again and relaxed as she gently squeezed the shaft of my cock that she was
still holding. After a couple more minutes Sue and I felt a hand tugging
at us, and opened our eyes to see a very impatient Sandi trying to get our
attention. "Come on you two, this isn't the time to go to sleep, it's my
turn now." I grinned at her, kissed Sue on the shoulder and patted her on
the tummy with my hand. "She's right Sue darling, get up now and let's see
what we can do with your sister." Sue shuffled over my thigh, sat beside me
and allowed Sandi to take her place.

Sue had been hot, but Sandi was even more aroused, having been subjected
to the sight and sounds of her sister being brought to her first really
good male induced orgasm. it didn't take me very long to have Sandi laying
in my arms gasping for breath as she recovered from her first experience of
sex with a matures male. When Sandi was recovered sufficiently we all slid
down the bed and the girls lay in my arms, allowing me to caress their
naked bodies while they shared time and space on my hard throbbing cock.
By now I was beginning to feel a long remembered ache between my thighs. I
was starting to suffer from lovers balls. It was essential to my plan that
I should be able to maintain an erection for long enough to satisfy both
girls, so drastic measures were called for. "Right girls, it's time you
had a little more fun, and did the for me what I've just done for you."
That got their attention, and a moment later I was explaining in detail
what they were to do, giving them practical demonstrations as we went
along. With one soft warm hand stroking up and down my shaft, while another
was cupping and caressing my swollen balls, and me having sight of two
wonderful naked teenage virgins, it wasn't long before I was crying out,
"I'm going to cum girls, get ready, I'm cumming, I'm cumming NOOOWWWW.."
and I started to shoot a massive stream of hot sticky semen so high in the
air I thought it would reach the ceiling.

Luckily the girls had their faces out of the way, and I saw them sitting
there, their mouths open in astonishment as they watched my cum spattering
on my belly and chest, and well as on their own wrists and arms. "OH..
JEEZ.. that's awesome" gasped Sandi as she extended her fingers and rubbed
them through a puddle of cum that had formed on my abdomen. Before I knew
what she was doing she smiled down at me, lifted her fingers and put out
her tongue, licking her fingers clean. "Mmmm.. tasty" she murmured, and
suddenly Sue was doing the same, only more so, scooping up great gobs of my
semen and licking her fingers clean. Sandi was soon doing the same, and
very soon I was all but clean, having just a few sticky spots where cum had
been sitting for a few moments. Sandi grinned down at me and said "We've
been waiting to do that for ages daddy, you see, one of our friends at
school told us how much she liked sucking guys off and having them cum in
her mouth. Seeing as this was our first time we thought it best if we
didn't try to give you a blow job, but leave that 'til another time and
place. Mind you, I have to agree with Stacey, it is pretty yummy, don't
you think sis?" Sue grinned and nodded, "Sure do sis, and I can't wait
until I give daddy a blow job either."

I lay there for a few minutes, my cock laying limply on my thigh, and my
breath coming in ragged bursts. When I was recovered enough I sat up,
pulled the girls into a three way hug and kissed them both as lovingly as I
could. "Right girls" I said softly, "Are you ready for the next stage?"
the nodded, scrambled off the bed and walked quickly to the bathroom,
closely followed my me and my slowly stiffening penis. By the time I got
to the bathroom the girls were both in the middle of removing their
tampons, and both gave a squeal of embarrassment telling me to look away. I
smiled, but turned my back anyway, realising just how they must feel at
having a man watch them doing something so personal and intimate. A moment
later and Sandi said "OK daddy, you can look now" and I turned round to
stare at the pair of them standing proud to be naked in front of their
father. "Who's first this time?" I asked softly. There was a pause, then
Sandi said "Me daddy, you will be gentle, wont you?" I put my arms round
her, pulled her gently into a hug, feeling her hard nipples and her firm
breasts pressing against my chest. I lifted her chin with the tip of one
finger, touched my lips to hers in a soft loving kiss and said softly "As
gentle as I can my love, I promise not to hurt you any more than nature
makes me, understand?" Sandi smiled up at me, "Of course I do darling,
don't mind me daddy I'm just being as silly virgin." This made her and Sue
giggle, and I chuckled along with them as I stepped into the shower and
turned the water on.

Sandi joined me, and, as instructed earlier she turned her back to me,
placed her hands against the wall and bent over, shuffling her feet
backwards until her back was almost level with the floor. While Sandi was
doing this I'd opened up a tube of KY and was applying a good coating to my
now rigid cock. Squeezing a gob of jelly on my fingers I said "You ready
for this Sandi darling?" "Hmmm" she replied, and I touched my fingers to
her pussy lips and pressed them in, wiping the lubricant around her vaginal
passage. Wiping my fingers on a washcloth I turned back to Sandi, placed
one hand on her hip and took the shaft of my cock in the other. I shuffled
my feet closer to Sandi's, then touched the tip of my cock to her pussy,
guiding it to the right place with my hand. Giving the gentlest of thrusts
I lodged the head of my cock inside Sandi's vagina uttering a soft groan
that was drowned out by Sandi's loud cry of pleasure as she felt me inside
her for the first time. Gripping her hips gently but firmly I gave a few
tiny thrusts to and fro, getting a little deeper with each one. When I
finally felt myself battering against her hymen I paused and said "Are you
ready Sandi my love, now's the last chance to change your mind." As my cock
was touching her maidenhead Sandi took things into her own hands, so to
speak, and suddenly thrust her buttocks back against my belly burying my
cock balls deep inside her, and destroying her cherry for ever.

"Owww.. damn that smarts" cried Sandi as she stood there, her head
hanging, and her breath coming in short gasps. I leaned forward, cupped
her breasts in my palms and rubbed my hips against her buttocks. "Do you
want to stop and rest darling?" I asked. Sandi lifted her head, turned to
look at me and said "Not on your life daddy, I want to feel you cock
filling me up over and over again. I want you to FUCK ME" and she cried
out the last two words as she rammed her butt back at me. I gave a soft
grunt as I felt the tip of my cock mash against the mouth of Sandi's
cervix. Then I grasped her hips, held her as still as I could and began to
move to and fro as gently as I could. When Sandi realised I was doing as
she wanted she relaxed and allowed me to do it at my pace. That was quite
fast enough for her as it turned out, because, when I slipped my hand under
her belly and began to rub gently at her swollen pulsating nubbin it only
took a matter of moments before she was screaming in ecstasy as she
experienced her very first penetration orgasm. It was a good job I was
holding on to her because after crying out "I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg.." Sandi
went limp and almost fell to the floor of the shower as her knees gave way
beneath her.

As gently as possible I lowered Sandi to the floor, sitting her the
corner out of the range of the shower spray, and stood up to wash off my
menstrual blood stained penis. "Oh WOW!" gasped Sue as she stood by the
door of the shower watching what happened. She then gave herself a shake
and stepped in beside me saying "Can you do me now please daddy, after
seeing what you did for Sandi I don't want to wait." I took Sue in my arms,
pressing her naked body against mine, and allowing my rapidly recovering
cock to press up between her slightly open thighs. Giggling softly Sue
reached up, pressed her soft warm lips to mine in a long hot passionate
kiss as she closed her thighs round my cock and began to move her hips to
and fro. "Please daddy, please make me a woman like you just did Sandi. I
don't care how much it hurts, I want to feel you hard cock deep inside me
filling me up with your hot creamy cum. Please daddy I need you to fuck me
now." "Turn round then darling" I said softly, and she faced the wall, bent
over as had her sister as I reached for the tube of KY once more.

"Hnnngg" was all I heard from Sue as I pressed the tip of my cock
through her hymen. When I was lodged deep in her vaginal canal with my
cock filling her as full as she yearned for, I leaned forward, cupped her
breasts in my hands and whispered "You OK Susan my love?" She nodded "Oh,
yes daddy, I'm very much OK, I've been dreaming of this for ages, and it's
even better than I ever thought it could be." She lifted her head and tried
to look back at me, "Will you be able to cum inside me daddy?" I smiled,
and shook my head "I don't think so darling, I usually need longer than
this between orgasms, and lets face it, what you two did for me in bed was
the best I've had for a very long time." Sue giggled, and I felt her newly
found muscles clamp tight around my throbbing manhood. "Maybe I can help"
she said softly, and she began to move her hips back and forth until I
started the same motion myself. It took just a couple of strokes for Sue
to get into the same rhythm as me, and each time I drew back from pressing
my hips to her butt, she tightened her grip on my shaft. When she felt me
pushing into her she relaxed and allowed me to fill her up once more. As I
stood there pumping my cock in and out of my daughter I became aware of a
movement beside me. I opened my eyes and saw Sandi getting to her feet.
When she was standing Sandi came and stood behind me, slipping one arm
round my waist as she pressed her firm naked breasts against my back.
Suddenly I gasped with pleasure as I felt her other hand slip between my
thighs from the back, then gave a soft groan as she cupped it under my
balls allowing them to roll against her palm as I humped back and forth
into Susan.

By now I'd almost forgotten that I was supposed to be getting Susan to
have an orgasm, I was concentrating so hard on bringing myself off.
Suddenly I stopped stock still, then I rammed my cock as deep as I could
into Sue's cuntal passage and cried out in ecstasy as I began to shoot a
stream of hot sticky cum deep inside her. Almost immediately Sue screamed
as she too exploded in orgasm, her young body shaking and thrashing about
as her climax rippled up and down her body until she suddenly went silent
and started to collapse to the floor of the shower. I managed to follow
her down, landing on my knees a second before Sue, and managing to pull my
blood stained cock from her pussy before she ripped it off as she
collapsed. As tenderly as I could I eased Sue into a sitting position to
allow her to rest and recover her senses. While I stood up very shakily
and hugged Sandi to me while I struggled to get my breath back. After a
couple of minutes Sandi stepped back from my embrace, picked up the soap
and began to work up a lather so she could wash me from head to toe. She
knelt down in front of me when she got as far as my waist, and looked up at
me as she took my now limp penis in her hand and gently washed it free of
her sisters menstrual effusion. "It seems to have died daddy" she said
with a grin, "What can I do to bring it back to life?" I grinned ruefully
down at her, "I don't think there's anything you could do darling, it's had
more exercise in the last hour than it's had in the previous three weeks.
Just leave it to rest and we'll see what it can do in the morning, OK?"

"Does that mean we're going to do this again daddy?" asked a small voice
from the floor. Sandi turned round, helped her sister to stand up, then
brought her close to me so I could take them both in a loving embrace.
"Well, we've gone too far now for me to say NO, haven't we?" I said as they
pressed themselves up close to me. They both nodded, "OK" I continued, "So
long as we're very discrete I don't see why we can't continue making love.
We do have to have some rules though. Why don't you get dried off, get
ready for bed, and come to bed with me tonight so we can talk about it
before we go to sleep?" As I dried myself off I noticed that the girls replaced their tampons without a sign of embarrassment, although they did
turn their backs to me when they did it. A few minutes later and I was
laying in the middle of the bed with the girls laying each side of me and
pressing their almost naked bodies up against mine, their heads laying on
my shoulder and one arm across my chest as they hugged me tight.

"Right girls" I said softly, "If we're going to continue with this we
have to make quite certain your mother never finds out. To that end you
have to make sure you never do or say anything that might make her think
there's anything going on between us. Even something a simple as pressing
against me, or holding my hand could get her thinking things. When we're
out in public the same applies, although if we're somewhere like the mall
it should be OK for you to slip your arms in mine. Just don't start
hugging me as we walk about. Any questions?" "What about kissing you
daddy?" asked Sue. "Well, if you mean something like kissing me goodnight,
or when you come down for breakfast and kiss me good morning, that's OK, so
long as you do the same to your mother. I don't think giving her a peck on
the cheek is going to hurt you, is it?" they giggled as they shook their
heads. "The only other thing I can think of right now is, please don't be
tempted to dress up to tease me while your mother is home. There's no way
I could stop getting an erection if you start flashing your half naked
bodies at me. When she's not home, then I won't mind too much as I can
always give you a spanking if you take things too far."

This made them giggle, and Sue said, almost in a whisper "Would you
really give us a proper spanking if we did something naughty daddy?" Now,
I'd never ever subjected the girls to any sort of physical punishment, and
certainly wasn't going to start now. "No darling, you know I'd never hurt you, and spanking you would certainly do that, wouldn't it?" I said
quietly. "What about if we wanted you to spank us daddy?" asked Sandi. I
suddenly remembered her reaction to my slapping her on the bottom when she
placed my hands on her breasts. "OK girls, why doesn't one of you tell me
what's on your minds" I said softly, and Sandi raised herself up on her
elbow, looked over at Sue then said "It's just that when you spanked me
earlier daddy, I got a wonderful tingle in my pussy, and I felt like I was
getting all wet. It felt really nice, and I wondered what would happen if
you did it a lot more times while I had my panties pulled down and my bare
bottom feeling your hands coming down and making me all warm and tingly"
Sandi paused for a moment and I felt a tremor ripple down her body as she
pressed it against me. "Hmmm" I murmured "How about you Susan, did you
feel the same when I patted your butt?" Sue nodded, and I smiled as she
blushed prettily. I lay silent for a few moments, then said "OK girls, let
me think about this. I might just be persuaded to give it a try if you're
going to enjoy it. Just don't expect it to happen too soon, I've got a lot
of things to get used to myself right now."

Sandi leaned over, pressed her lips to mine in a warm passionate kiss
and said quietly "Good night daddy darling, can I have a Tummy Rub in the
morning please?" "Of course you can my love" I replied, and kissed her
lovingly before she snuggled down into my arms. Sue shimmied up the bed so
she could kiss me goodnight, she then said "Daddy, will I get pregnant by
having your cum inside me?" I grinned, shook my head and whispered "Sorry
darling, but I can't make a baby with you. You see darling, just after you
were born your mother insisted I have a vasectomy so she didn't have any
more children. I'll be honest with you my love, had that not been the
case, I would have refused to even consider starting what we're now going
to be doing, understand?" "Yes daddy, and I love you for thinking about our
welfare before your own pleasure." With that she also snuggled down into my
arms and moments later I was laying there with two sleeping girls in my
arms. It took me a lot longer to get to sleep, but I managed it, and had a
short, if satisfying rest after so much unusual exercise.

From that day on the three of us have never looked back. The girls still dated occasionally, but didn't have a single boyfriend to take up
their time. Jan noticed they didn't go out so much, and they showed her
that they were too busy studying to be bothered with boys all the time. I
have to admit their grades did start to lift, even though they were already
getting many A and more B grades. These slowly became all A, and even some
A+, something that Jan remarked on when they got their end of term results.
One benefit that this had was that the girls found they could get away with
being close to me if Jan could see I was helping them with homework, or a
project. All in all, our love lives improved, and it wasn't long before
the girls stopped making constant demands on my body, understanding that it
was freely available, and they didn't have to gorge themselves. Even when
they asked for a Tummy Rub Jan never demurred, and left it to the girls to
look after themselves and each other. I had however instilled a good deal
of discretion into the girls, and they never asked me to go beyond a normal
massage all the time their mother was in the house, the benefits of
abstention far outweighed the risk of a quick grope.

* * * * * * *

As was normal for me I stripped naked and got into bed. I hadn't been
there for more than a couple of minutes before the bedroom door open had
the girls came in, both of then wearing just their panties. As usual this
gave me an erection; I never grew tired of seeing their firm rounded and
hard nipple topped breasts, no matter how often we did this. As they got
into bed with me the girls pulled the comforter down past my knees, and a
moment later Sandi was straddling my thighs, pressing her panty covered
pussy against my hard throbbing penis. Bending her head slightly she
pressed her lips to mine in a soft loving kiss, then whispered "Please kiss
my titties please daddy, they're so tender, it's almost painful to touch
them with my fingers, and I know your lips are a lot more gentle." Who was
I to argue? I smiled at Sandi, placed my lips of one nipple and sucked gently, at the same time flicking my tongue over it, making her moan with
pleasure at what I was doing. After a moment I switched to her other
nipple and did the same for that one, getting more moans of pleasure, until
I finally pulled back and said "Come on Sandi my love, time for your Tummy
Rub, get into position please darling" a moment later and Sandi was sitting
between my open thighs, her hack leaning on my chest and her hands behind
her, gently holding on to my hard throbbing penis.

Firmly, but gently, I massaged Sandi's abdomen, and tummy. From just
below her breasts, to the waistband of her panties I stroked and caressed
her body, tenderly easing away the pain of her period. As I massaged her,
I did often wonder just how much period pain she and her sister were
actually experiencing now. It had been almost five years since I started,
and although the treatment was always successful the pains always seemed to
return the following month. Despite that thought, I certainly wasn't going
to rock this particular boat, I enjoyed getting my hands on the girls naked
bodies too much, besides, they may just be in pain, and I may have healing
hands, you just never know, do you? There was a gasp of pleasure from
Sandi as she lay against me, this was because I had cupped her firm young breasts in my hands, and was rolling her hard erect nipples between finger
and thumb. As I did this I placed a soft tender kiss on her shoulder, and
she turned her head, searching out my lips with her own until they were
locked together in a hot passionate kiss. As we kissed I moved one hand
down her body until I could slip my fingers inside the waistband of her
panties and cover her hot swollen pussy with my hand. Gently I pressed my
long middle finger between her swollen lips, and at the same time I rubbed
the side of my thumb across her tender puffy clitoris until she screamed
out in ecstasy as her climax hit her like a freight train.

Sandi lay in my arms for some time while she recovered enough to move
away and let Sue get in place. It didn't take her long to reach her climax
either, and I ended up having both girls laying beside me as I lay down and
went to sleep. This was pretty normal when Jan was away, and nothing
changed for us until next morning when Sandi went put and emptied the post
box. There were the usual batch of junk mail, and those I ditched without
bothering to read them. There was a utilities bill that I promised myself
I would see to first thing on Monday; and there was a personally addressed
letter for me with a local postmark. I had just stepped into the kitchen
reading the letter as I walked, when I stopped short, and shouted "Fucking
bitch!!" "Who's that daddy?" asked Sandi as she came up behind me and
slipped her arms round my chest. I took a deep breath and said softly "Oh,
sorry I swore Sandi my love, but I just got this letter from your mother" I
looked up at the wall clock, then said "In about ten minutes there should
be a knock on the door, and I'll be served with a set of divorce papers by
your mothers lawyer. The lousy bitch has walked out on us claiming
desertion by working long hours as a cause for incompatibility." Sandi had
taken the letter from my hand and was reading it as I spoke. I looked at
her not knowing what sort of a reaction to expect. What I saw surprised
me. Sandi looked up at me, grinned and dashed to the foot of the stairs
calling for her sister to hurry on down as something had happened.

Sandi took me by the hand and led me into the living room, sat me down
on the sofa and placed her self beside me. When Sue joined us she sat on
my other side, and Sandi handed her the letter. Sue read it, looked at
Sandi and the two of them began to laugh. Before I could get them to stop
the front door bell sounded, and as I got up to answer it Sandi stopped me
and said "No daddy, I'll get it, I think we may be able to have some fun
here." She then went and answered the door, inviting whoever it was inside
and brought her in to join us. It was a young lawyer with the divorce
papers to serve. As she handed them over Sandi took them, opened the
envelope and briefly read what they said, then passed them to sue, who did
the same. Finally I got to read them, and confirmed that they repeated
what Jan's letter had said. "Could you clear something up for me please?"
asked Sandi of the legal type, who nodded, "I'll try, what is it?" she
responded. "Well, if this goes before a Judge, and he finds that mom has
been committing adultery for the past three years, what would happen to
moms case?" Jill (the legal type gal) frowned, and said "He'd probably
throw it out, why?" Sue grinned wickedly, "Oh, nothing, we were just
wondering what daddy could tell his lawyers when he goes to see about
contesting this. I'm sure he'll be advised to issue a counter suit, and
make sure mom ends up paying him alimony and child support for us two.
It's a good job we kept all those letters mom thought she'd burnt, isn't it
sis?" Sandi grinned just as wickedly, nodded, and said "I think we better
get them somewhere safe, don't you sis, just in case someone tries to get
them back."

Jill looked at the girls and said "Are you serious girls, or are you
just jerking my chain?" Sue giggled, dashed out of the room, returning a
minute or so later and handed Jill an opened envelope. Jill extracted the
contents and started to read, her face getting redder and redder as she
worked her way down the page. When she was done Sandi held out her hand
for the letter, and very reluctantly Jill handed it back. "I suppose you
have more like that?" she asked. Sue and Sandi nodded, smiled sweetly and
Sue said "Oh, we have lots of them. You see mom was stupid enough to leave
one laying about some years ago, we were curious like all teenage girls,
and we read it. When we realised that mom was cheating on dad, we tried to
tell him, without much luck, so we decided that we would collect all the
letters we could in case mom started to get vicious about something. It
seems like a good thing we did." Jill looked at the girls, then at me, and
said "I don't suppose you'd care to give me back those papers, would you?"
"NO DADDY" cried the girls in unison. I smiled, shook my head, "Don't
worry girls, I'm not going to do that, I'm going to call Uncle Pete and ask
him to come over this afternoon." I turned to Jill and asked her for her
business card so my lawyer could contact her on Monday, then stood up and
held out my hand, which she took and shook gently. "Well, it's been nice
talking to you, maybe I'll see you in court sometime" I said, and politely
showed her the door.

When Jill was gone I got on the phone to Fred my companies lawyer, who
also happened to be our personal lawyer too, told him what had happened and
asked him if her could come over as there was something more to take into
consideration. When he came I handed him the papers served on me, then
asked Sue to explain what the girls had, including giving him the letters
they'd collected over the years. Fred looked briefly at some of the
letters, grinned and said quietly "I wonder if she writes to Forum, or if
that's where she gets her ideas from?" I was surprised to find the girls laughing at his joke, and wondered where they knew about Forum from, after
all girls don't usually read Playboy, or didn't in my younger days. After
a few minutes Fred said "Well, do you want her back, or do you want rid of
her?" "RID" cried the girls, and I nodded, "Yes Fred, I don't think I could
stand having her around me after reading what she seems to have been doing
with this guy, whoever he is. Especially since she's been like a block of
permafrost for the past few years. Now I know why." "OK Jack" said Fred,
"I'll get things moving first thing Monday, just remember that if Jan tries
to come back, don't allow her in the house without calling me first. If he
wants something tell her you'll have it delivered with the rest of her
things. Do the same for anyone who claims to represent her, or be acting
on her behalf" he turned to the girls and said in a stern voice "Same goes
for you girls, if you're on your own in the house keep the chain on the
door when you answer it, and don't let anyone in you don't personally know,
alright?" "Right Uncle Pete" the say, and he smiled and said his goodbyes.

As might be expected Jan was round early Monday morning, arriving just
as the girls were leaving for school. Despite her attempt to be friendly
the girls refused to speak to her, leaving her standing on the doorstep as
they got into Sue's car and drove away in silence. I stood there waiting
for her to say something, which she did after what seemed like ages, but
was probable just a couple of minutes. "I don't suppose you'd consider
letting me come in and explain things would you Jack?" she said eventually.
I shook my head, still staying silent. "Oh, come on Jack darling, it was
all a silly mistake. I was just pissed off that you'd just spent four
weeks of not sleeping with me, and I lost my temper. Can't we let bygones
be bygones?" I gave the foulest sneer I could muster, and probably sounded
pretty stupid doing so. Still I did say, in as level a voice as I could
"After reading some of those letters the girls saved for posterity, I
wouldn't even want to be in the same street as you, let alone in the same
building. If you want to say anything to me I suggest you make an
appointment for us to meet Pete, and your lawyer, and you can say it all
then. Meanwhile I suggest you stay clear of me and the girls, until this
thing is settled."

As I said this a truck pulled up in the driveway, and a guy got out
carrying a toolbox, he'd come to change the locks on all the doors, and
that's when Jan literally stomped away cursing me under her breath all the
way to her own car parked in the road. The locks were changed in a matter
of an hour or so, and I took possession of the spares I ordered for the
girls, and went back in doors to fix myself a very stiff drink. Later that
day, when the girls got home from school I was asleep on the sofa in the
living room and they managed to prepare our evening meal without waking me
up. This was still pretty usual as I often took three or four days to get
back to a normal routine, and I often had to be woken up to eat. I wasn't
always woken up like I was this day though! I was dreaming I was being
eviscerated by a giant vacuum cleaner that was trying to suck my insides
out through my cock. I opened my eyes as I tried to fight it off, and
found I was being held down my Sandi while Sue was doing her best to suck
my balls dry. Despite their best efforts I just wasn't in the right frame
of mind right then, and all through dinner I had the girls asking me if I
was feeling all right.

After dinner I was told to leave the dishes to the girls, and I went
into the living room with a beer and sat down to watch some TV. I'd hardly
finished the drink when Sue came in, grabbed my hand and said "Come on
daddy, we know what's wrong with you, and think we know what to do about
it." I allowed myself to be dragged up to the bathroom, where Sandi was
already in the shower, and did as Sue told me and stripped to my shorts
then sat on a chair until I was told to move. When Sandi was done Sue took
her place in the shower and washed herself all over, paying great attention
to between her thighs. I did notice that neither of them were replacing
their tampons, and surmised they were finished with their period. While
Sue was showering Sandi got out my wet shaving gear and began to whip up a
load of lather, changing the blade for a new one. That's what got my
attention, and despite how low I was feeling I also felt the glimmerings of
something stirring in my pants. Placing a towel on the vanity unit Sandi
jumped up and sat on it, opening her thighs and saying "Come on daddy,
we're both decided we want to get shaved, so we can see how it feels,
besides which I think we might be able to have some fun afterwards, don't
you?" I stood up, stepped over and kissed Sandi lovingly, "You don't have
to do this just for me you know Sandi my love, I'll feel better very soon
once I stop feeling tired." Sandi reached out, picked up a pair of
hairdressing scissors and handed them to me, "Don't argue please daddy,
just do this for me please."

Nothing loth, I moved the chair to between Sandi's thighs, sat down and
began to trim her soft downy pubic hair as short as I could. When I was
done I couldn't help but place a soft loving kiss on the inside of her
thighs, then on her pussy lips right on top of her clitoral hood. This
made Sandi giggle, and moan softly with a good deal of pleasure. I then
reached for a washcloth and held it under the hot water for a couple of
moments, before placing it gently on her groin. "Owww, that's hot daddy"
cried Sandi as she jerked away from the cloth. "Sorry darling, it has to
be quite warm to open up your pores and let me get rid of more of your
hair" I replied, and kissed her inner thigh again to compensate for the
trouble I caused her. After a couple of minutes soaking in the heat of the
washcloth I uncovered Sandi's pussy, and began to cover it with lather from
her anal pucker up to the swell of her mons. Here I'd left her fur a
little longer than the rest, and as I lathered her up I asked "Do you want
it all off darling, or shall I leave a shaped piece at the top?" Sandi
giggled softly, "Could you leave a little triangle pointing down please
daddy, then you'll know it's me if you get to feel me in the dark?" I
smiled as I nodded, thinking I didn't really need that much of an
indicator, as I already knew every inch of both their wonderful bodies, and
could read them like Braille.

Very carefully I shaved Sandi's pussy clean of all traces of hair. As I
had to pull sections of skin tight before drawing the blade over it, it
didn't take long for Sandi to be getting well and truly aroused, and when I
finally got to shaping the top she was oozing her lube juices and they were
soaking the towel. When I was done, I wiped her clean of lather, and
placed a soft tender kiss on her pussy, grinning internally as I pressed my
tongue between her lips and drew it up her wet swollen slit until I reached
her hooded nubbin. Here I flicked it a few times with the tip of my
tongue, then pressed my lips to her and gave her a short suck before
standing up and offering to help her down. Sandi slipped her arms round my
neck and fell into my arms, pressing herself against me as she slid down my
body until she was standing on her own two feet. "WOW, that didn't take
very long daddy" Sandi whispered as she pressed her hips against mine,
feeling my erection pressing against her. I chuckled "Well, what did you
expect darling, limp spaghetti?" Sandi laughed as I gently pushed her away
and turned to Sue, helping her to jump on the vanity unit and get herself
ready for the same as Sandi had. Sue was far more aroused already than
Sandi had been, and I gave her a quick licking before I trimmed her fur.
She opted for a single line ending just above the start of her slit, and I
soon had her done, and washed off, and writhing with pleasure as I kissed
and sucked at her swollen and erect nubbin.

I helped Sue to her feet, grinning as she wriggled her hips, rubbing her
pussy against the swelling in my shorts. When she let me go I turned round
and saw Sandi with her arms folded on the edge of the vanity, her forehead
on her arms and her back held level with the floor with her feet a couple
of foot apart. Sue hugged me from the side, pressing her naked breasts against my ribs. "We want you to love us daddy, make us scream with
ecstasy when you bring us to a climax, but please try not to cum yourself.
We have plans for your semen, that we think you might enjoy, OK?" I nodded
silently, bent down and kissed her, then stepped over to stand close to
Sandi's buttocks and pushed my shorts down to the floor, kicking them out
of the way behind me. I didn't need to do much to prepare Sandi, her pussy lips were gaping, and running with her lube juices, she was so aroused. As
gently as I could I touched the tip of my cock to her slit and slowly
pressed it between her lips, until it was buried to it's full length inside
her hot wet and very slippery vaginal passage. I paused for a moment,
basking in the feel of her tight passage clamping even tighter as Sandi
used her well tried muscles to assist in my arousal. Slowly I began to
hump my hips to and fro, quickly reaching beneath her and cupping one hand
over her soft smooth freshly shaved pussy. As I pumped my cock in and out
of her warm wet haven I began to rub my fingers on her clitty, forming
circles, and then trapping it with two fingers and rolling it between them.
This was enough for Sandi, and suddenly her back arched, she threw her head
back and she screamed out that she was cumming as she rammed her ass back
at my hips, mashing my cockhead against the mouth of her cervix.

Once Sandi was quiet I held her tight round the waist, pulled my hips
back to allow my still hard cock to be free of her tight wet love tunnel,
then gently eased her limp body to a sitting position against the vanity
unit. "WOW, that worked" said Sue softly, she then positioned herself over
Sandi's feet, rested her head on the vanity as had Sandi, then said softly
"Can you do the same for me now please daddy?" I bent down and placed a
soft tender kiss on each of Sue's naked buttocks, then slipped my hand
between her thighs, cupping her hot swollen pussy in my palm. It was
pretty obvious that she was more than ready, so I stood up, took hold of
her hips and slowly pressed the tip of my cock between her pussy lips and
through her tight grasping vaginal passage. Having sat and watched Sandi
get hers, Sue was so aroused she came almost immediately I entered her. I
only managed to get a couple of deep slow strokes in before she was crying
out as her orgasm exploded inside her travelling outwards from her vagina and ripping through her body like a tidal wave. Very slowly Sue sank down
beside her sister, and I stood over them as they lay against each other,
waiting for Sue to get her breath back.

I stood there, my cock still hard, and throbbing, bouncing up and down
as my blood coursed through it. Sandi looked up at me, grinned and said
softly "Now it's your turn daddy, but you have to do the work yourself. We
want you to cum all over us while we sit here at your feet, understand?" I
sure did, and a moment later I was jerking myself off as the girls shifted
around so they were showing me their freshly shaved pussies as they sat
cross legged at my feet. It didn't take long, especially considering what
we had already been doing, and I was soon gasping out that I was close to
cumming. When I did cum, it was hard, hot and heavy. I stood there and
began to shoot a massive stream of semen from the end of my cock, trying my
hardest to aim it at the girls faces and wide open mouths. Certainly lots
did land there, but most of it landed on their titties, their bellies and
their thighs. Watching them rub their hands in the cum on their faces,
then lick their hands clean, before doing the same over the rest of their
bodies, almost made me cum again, it was so erotic a sight. Trouble was I
was totally spent, and unable to even raise another erection no matter what
the girls were doing. I just had enough strength to help them to their
feet, and aim them towards the shower once more, telling them I'd see them
in bed when they were done.

The next few months were pretty fraught for all three of us. I saw Pete
almost every day, discussing the divorce, and how close we were to getting
it settled. Finally he called me to his office one morning and when I was
sitting down with a drink in my hand he said "Well Jack, it's all over bar
the screaming Jan's going be doing when she signs the final papers. We not
only win, but she pays all our costs, and gives you five hundred bucks a
month in child support. That lasts until both girls are eighteen, and is
intended for their educational need until then. Oh, yes, and she gets no
access to the girls, because of her lack of moral turpitude. Now how's
that for a result?" I took a deep breath, let it out in a huge sigh and
said "Pete, it's worth every penny she's paying you." When I got home that
evening I stopped the girls preparing dinner, and told them to get dressed
up in their poshest frocks as I was taking them out to celebrate losing
their mother for good. Their cries of joy almost deafened me, and I had a
job keeping their exuberance within reasonable limits, especially when we
were in the restaurant. When we got back home, the girls were still on
their personal highs, and they all but raped me when we finally got to bed.
I managed to get them both off, with them doing most of the work, and
finally came inside Sandi after they almost came to blows about you would
get my load.

After the divorce we settled down into a pretty simple routine. I
stopped doing nights, telling my partner that there was no one to be at
home with the girls at night, and I wasn't going to leave them alone. He
saw my point, and we looked for someone that was prepared to take my place
in the shift rota. Luckily one of the foremen fancied the extra money
being offered and agreed to take my place, with me just being on call for
emergencies. The girls were just a week or two away from the summer
vacation. This was going to be Sue's last one, as she would graduate next
year, and we would be looking round for a college for her to go to. In the
mean time the girls were determined to enjoy every minute of their
vacation, making me promise to take some time off so we could all go
camping for a week. With me no longer doing shifts, meal times became
pretty regular, and the girls got into a routine of fixing dinner as soon
as they got home from school, then going and doing their homework until I
got home. Most evenings were spent with us all cuddled together on the
sofa in the living room, sometimes fully dressed, but more often than not,
half or fully naked. The 'fully naked' times usually ended up with us
having sex on the carpet, and the 'fully dressed' times it was in bed, or
not at all. Then something happened that changed all this, and for a time
really pissed the girls off.

We were sitting on the sofa one evening, the girls were laying with
their heads on my lap, and their legs over the arms. I was gently
caressing their breasts under their nighties, and occasionally slipping my
hands down their naked bodies and stroking my fingers across their still
smooth hairless pussy lips. Suddenly the phone rang, and I cursed under my
breath, as I thought it was going to be a call from work. It wasn't, it
was my sister, sobbing her heart out and asking for my help. It took me
some time to find out what was wrong, and where she was. As soon as I had
all I needed to know immediately I called to the girls that I had to go
out, and told them "Your aunt Mary's in trouble, do you want to come with
me, or stay here?" five minutes later and the three of us were on our way
to see what we could do to help.

Mary was a couple of years younger than me, and we had been very close
as kids, even well into our teen years. Being older and bigger, I was
naturally her protector, and got into a good deal of trouble, and fights,
defending her honour, if not her body. As I said, we were very close, so
close that when I was sixteen she induced me to pop her cherry, telling me
she didn't trust any of the boys at school to do it without hurting her and
then bragging to all and sundry about what they had done. I didn't tell
her until a long time after that she had also got my cherry, something I
regretted immediately, as from that day on Mary refused to go out with
anyone else, and we spent the next couple of years making love on a regular
basis. It all stopped of course when I went to college, and despite all
our efforts we never managed to get into the position where we could
continue our sexual activities. In the end Mary married an old school
friend of mine, and they had a very happy married life, having one child,
Jenny, who was now fifteen, going on sixteen.

By the time we got to Mary's place it was almost dark, and I saw that
there was just one light on. I knocked on the door, and Jenny came and
opened it, standing aside as the girls and I walked in. "Moms in the
living room Uncle Jack" she said, "She said to take Sue and Sandi upstairs
with me while she tells you what's happened." With that she beckoned the
girls to follow her while I went and found Mary, and tried to find out what
was going on. Mary saw sitting on the sofa, and I went and sat beside her,
slipping one arm round her shoulders and holding her close when she
suddenly burst out crying. Eventually it all came out; Dave had gone on an
out of town job for his firm, one that was supposed to last for a week or
more. This was unusual, but Mary just accepted things because he'd been on
one or two before, just not for so long. Anyway, that evening a special
delivery letter arrived from Dave, telling Mary that he'd found someone
new, and was leaving her. He promised to send her the papers from the
'quickie' divorce he was getting so she could make a new life for herself.

It took me some time to calm Mary down, and I spent the rest of the
evening talking her through the past couple of years to see if we could
find any logical reason for the breakdown of their marriage. Apart from
Dave tapering off on the sexual front over the past year or so, something
Mary put down to the fact he was getting it somewhere else, there didn't
seem to be anything that might have caused it. "I guess I just got too old for him" said Mary softly, "He has seemed to be getting interested in
younger women than me recently. I even caught him eyeing up Jenny one
evening, but when I tried to talk to him about it he lost his temper and
stomped out of the room." I chuckled, "Well, from what I saw when she
opened the door, Jenny has grown into a very beautiful young lady. It's no
wonder that he started to take notice, I don't mind admitting I did the
same." Mary giggled into my chest "Yes, well we both know why that is don't
we brother mine. I still remember how much fun we used to have when we
were her age." I bent my head, lifted Mary's chin and placed a soft warm
loving kiss on her lips. "Yes Mary darling, we sure do, but not to where I
speak about it to anyone."

We sat there for a while then Mary lifted her head and said in a quiet
voice "Jack darling, I don't suppose you could put me and Jenny for a few
days, could you please. I really don't want to stay here right now,
there's too many memories to haunt me." I bent and kissed her again, this
time a little more warmly, then said "Of course we can Mary my love, you
know we have plenty of space, especially since Jan walked out. Come and
stay as long as you like." I thought for a bit then said "I tell you what,
why don't I talk to the girls about it, maybe we can come up with something
a little more long term, something that might benefit all of us." Giving
Mary one more kiss I eased her off my lap, got up and said "You stay there
darling, I'll go and see about getting Jenny to start packing some clothes.
I'm sure the girls will help her if I ask." Mary smiled up at me, "In that
case Jack, I need to do the same, unless you want to start rummaging
through my underwear drawer?" As she stood up I pulled her close tome,
slipped my arms round her waist and pulled her close. "Mary darling, I'd
love to get into your underwear again, I just don't think now is the time
or place, at least not while the girls are around. Lets try again when
we're on our own, OK?" Mary nodded "Is that a promise Jack darling, if so,
I can't wait, it's been so long since we made love, I've almost forgotten
what it feels like."

We went upstairs hand in hand, Mary opened the door to Jenny's room and
we saw the three girls sitting on Jenny's bed laughing and giggling as
teenage girls are wont to do. "Jenny," said Mary, "Start packing some
clothes please darling, Uncle Jack had said we can go and stay with him for
a few days while we get this thing with daddy sorted out." Quick as a flash
Jenny rolled off the bed and began to open drawers and closets, dragging
out all the suitcases and bags she could find, and stuffing her clothes
into them as if they were old rags. Sue and Sandi sat there laughing at
the expression on Mary's face, then they got up, stopped Jenny from her bag
stuffing and said "OK Aunt Mary, we'll get things sorted, you go and do
yours. I'm sure daddy would love to help you."

Despite it being pretty late when we got home I phoned Pete and told him
what had happened, asking if he'd handle all the legal stuff for Mary, and
make sure she had as few problems as possible. I promised to get him all
the info he required from Mary as soon as she felt like going back to the
house. Very soon I was getting both of them settled into rooms of their
own, Mary being in the room adjacent to mine, and Jenny next to the girls room. I left the girls to help sort out and put away their clothes while I
went to the kitchen and made a start on fixing a late night snack.

Despite not feeling hungry I got Mary and Jenny to eat something, then
took them into the living room while the girls cleared up the kitchen and
did the dishes. I sat on the sofa between Mary and Jenny and allowed them
to snuggle up close in the circle of my arms which I slipped round their
shoulders. Very slowly I felt them begin to relax, and when the girls came
in to join us I asked if they would take Jenny upstairs while I had a talk
with their aunt. As soon as we were on our own I shuffled into the corner
of the sofa and gently pulled Mary round to lean back against my chest,
while I slipped my arms round her waist and hugged her to me. After a few
minutes of rocking Mary to and fro to get her relaxed I said softly "What
we need to do Mary my love, is to get all your paperwork together so I can
get my lawyer to sort things out for you. I'm sure there's going to be a
lot to do, and he can take most of it off you, and get it sorted so much
quicker. How do you feel about going home in a day or so and the two of us
sorting through everything?" As I'd anticipated this started Mary into
crying her heart out, which is why I got Jenny out of the room, so Mary
wasn't embarrassed. When she'd cried herself out she said softly "Yes
please Jack darling. I'm so sorry for being to stupid about this, but I
still can't grasp the fact that Dave's not going to be with us any longer.
I just don't know what I'm going to do without him."

As Mary began to cry once more I scooped her up and sat her on my lap,
holding her tight to me as she sobbed into my shoulder. I spent the next
half hour comforting Mary, only stopping when she finally drifted off to
sleep in my arms. I then laid her down on the sofa, and crept silently out
of the room to go and see how Jenny was coping. Needless to say she seemed
to be in as bad a state as Mary, and I walked into her bedroom to find her
sobbing into Sandi's chest as she tried to comfort her cousin. Very gently
I took Jenny in my arms, brought her up to sit on my lap and sat on her bed
holding her close as I had her mother a few minutes earlier. It seemed
that all Jenny needed was a pair of strong masculine arms round her,
hugging her tight, and a broad shoulder on which to sob her heart out. It
wasn't too long before she too was all cried out, and I stood up, scooping
her into my arms as Sandi drew back the covers on the bed. As tenderly as
I could I laid Jenny on the bed, and eased her arms from round my neck,
then stepped back as Sandi gently drew the comforter up to Jenny's neck and
tucked her in. I bent over and kissed her on the cheek whispering "You try
to sleep Jenny my love, I'll be here if you need me, OK?" Jenny nodded
silently, and I crept out of the room leaving Sandi to stay with Jenny for
a while to ensure she got off to sleep knowing someone was with her. I
went down stairs again and roused Mary, taking her to her room and telling
her get what sleep she could, and I'd see her in the morning.

The girls and I spent most of the following day taking it in turns to
comfort Mary and Jenny, and by bed time we were well and truly tired.
Despite the smiles I got from the girls when I asked them to get Jenny
ready for bed while I did the same for Mary, I was soon closing the door to
her bedroom and sitting her on the edge of the bed while I slowly undid the
buttons on her blouse before gently easing it off her, and placing it on a
chair. "Stand up sis" I asked softly, and when she did I removed her
skirt, pulling her panties down at the same time. The last time I was in
this position, with my nose a few inches away from Mary's naked pussy, we
were in our mid teens, and she had very little pubic hair. Now was no
different, because I could see that she was in the habit of shaving her
lower lips clean, just leaving a small patch of nicely trimmed fur on her
prominent mons. Somehow I managed to resist the temptation to cover her
pussy with my lips, and I simply stood up and slowly removed her bra,
leaving her standing there completely naked. Very gently I eased Mary back
to sit on the edge of the bed once more as I reached for her nightie which
was laying on her pillow. "Arms up sis" I said softly, and struggled to
suppress a gasp as she did as I said, that simple action bringing her
magnificent breasts into greater prominence. Quickly I slipped the nightie
over her arms and body, suddenly worried in case she looked down slightly
and saw the bulge that was growing rapidly in my pants.

"Stand up sis" I said, and when she was standing by my side I turned
back the comforter and gently eased her back to lay down so I could cover
her up. I don't know if she did it deliberately, but as Mary shifted round
to lay down she opened her thighs wide and bent her knees, giving me a very
clear and long look at her wonderfully shaved pussy. When I was able to
tear my eyes away I saw that she was looking directly at me, and thought I
saw the glimmer of a smile appear in her eyes. I covered her up, bent over
her and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Before I could do anything she
had her arms round my neck and was pulling me into a hard hot kiss, like we
used to share when we were a lot younger. All too soon for my liking she
released me, then said "Thanks so much Jack my love, I don't know what I'd
do without you. Jenny and I are so lucky to have someone like you to take
care of us. You will take care of us wont you Jack darling?" I kissed her
tenderly, nodded and whispered "Of course I will darling, you know I'll do
anything in my power to help you. All you have to do is ask, OK?" Mary
nodded, and for the first time I saw a tiny smile on her lips as she turned
over and snuggled down, closing her eyes as she tried to go to sleep.

When I had Mary settled I went to Jenny's bedroom, knocked softly on the
door and went in when Sandi came and opened it for me. By now Jenny was in
her nightie, and was sitting on the edge of her bed. "Come on Jenny my
love" I said softly, "It's time for you to be in bed, your Mom's already
asleep, and so should you be." Jenny smiled weakly "But I was waiting for
you to come and put me to bed Uncle Jack" she said, "Daddy always used to
when he was home, and I don't think I could sleep unless you please do it
for me tonight." I smiled, "Well, OK darling, but I have to speak to your
mother about this in the morning, I don't want her to think I'm doing
anything she wouldn't like, understand?" by now I'd turned the comforter
back and Jenny jumped into bed, lifting her nightie up to her waist as she
lay down. Once more I got a nice beaver shot, this time though it was of a
teenage pussy that had just a sparse dusting of soft downy fur covering the
mound, and the top of her lips. Quick as I could I covered Jenny up,
trying hard not to let her know what I'd just seen. As I tucked her in
Jenny lifted her arms from under the covers, put them round my neck and
pulled me down into a kiss almost as hot as the one I got from Mary a few
minutes ago. When Jenny was done kissing me I sat up and was about to
stand up when she said "Uncle Jack, I thought you were going to kiss me
goodnight like daddy always did?" I sat still, unsure what to do, then said
softly "What else did daddy used to do when he kissed you goodnight Jenny
my love?" she blushed prettily, pushed the top of the comforter down and
lifted the hem of her nightie which was now just under the swell of her
breasts. "He used to kiss my boobies for me of course. If he didn't do
that every night I couldn't go to sleep. It was our way of saying we loved
each other. Please Uncle Jack, please do it for me?"

Despite the fact Jenny was almost in tears I still hesitated, until I
felt a soft warm hand touch my cheek from behind and realised that Sandi
was still there, and had watched every thing that had gone on. "Do it for
her daddy, I'll tell you all about it in a few minutes" she whispered in my
ear. I turned to look into her eyes, and saw she was smiling. "Go on,
it's OK really darling" she urged, so I turned back to where Jenny was
still laying, her breasts still open to my gaze. The look of longing in
her eyes was unmistakeable, so I bent down, opened my lips slightly and one
by one covered her nipples, giving a gentle suck, and a flick with the tip
of my tongue. As I lifted my head I glance up at Jenny's face, seeing that
she had her eyes tight closed and a look of pure ecstasy on her face.
Tenderly I kissed her once more on the lips, then I covered her breasts up
with her nightie, finally pulling the comforter up to her chin. "Goodnight
Jenny darling" I whispered "I'll see you in the morning." "G'night daddy"
she said softly "I love you so much." With that I left the room with Sandi
close behind me, closing the door as quietly as possible.

I was about to ask Sandi what that was all about when she placed a
finger on my lips and beckoned me to hers and Sue's bedroom. Sandi sat me
on her bed, bent down and removed my shoes then told me to get on the bed
so we could snuggle while we talked. Sue came and joined us, and I was
soon laying down with the two of them wrapped in my arms with their heads
resting on my shoulders. "Right then Sandi my love, do I take it you have
something to tell me about what I just did in there?" they both giggled,
and Sandi looked up and said "Isn't it obvious daddy, we aren't the only
ones to have a special relationship. Jenny is hurting more than you might
think because she and Uncle Dave had recently started to kiss and cuddle,
and even make love without Jenny losing her cherry." "Oh, shit!!" I gasped
softly, hoping the girls didn't hear me. Some hope, "Oh, don't worry
darling" said Sue softly, "It's not as bad as you think. Aunt Mary knows
all about it, Jenny said she often used to get into bed with her mom and
dad, and aunt Mary even promised to showed Jenny how to give Uncle Dave a
proper blow job." This made the two of them burst into a fit of the
giggles, and Sue said "Maybe if mom had done the same for me and Sandi, she
might still be here enjoying making love to all of us." I chuckled at the
thought, then after a moments thought I said softly "OK girls, please don't
let on to Aunt Mary that you know anything. I'll see if I can find some
way to speak to her in the morning. I'd hate for her to think I was taking
advantage of Jenny when she's so upset and vulnerable, OK?" They agreed,
kissed me passionately then wished me goodnight before I went to my bed to
sleep alone for the first time for a very long time.

I hadn't been in bed long, when I heard the muffled sound of crying. I
lay there for a while to see if whoever it was, Mary or Jenny, would stop,
but without any luck. Quietly I got out of bed, slipped on my dressing
gown and crept silently along the passage to Mary's room, from where the
sound was coming. Without knocking I opened the door and crept in, closing
it behind me. I was beside Mary's bed in a couple of strides, and sat
beside her, bending down and whispering "You alright sis?" Mary nodded,
sniffed and said softly "Yes, I'm sorry if I woke you Jack darling, I can't
help it. I feel so alone, I'm not used to this.." Suddenly she stopped,
looked at me and said, almost in a whisper "Jack, I don't suppose I
could..." again she paused, and I could see in the half light that she was
suddenly blushing, "Don't suppose you could what sis?" I asked, almost half
afraid I knew what she was trying to ask me. "I don't suppose I could come
and have a talk with you right now, could I" she said firmly, "I do mean
get into bed and talk to you. There's more room in yours than in mine." I
stood up, deciding it was going to be best if we could get things out in
the open as soon as possible. "Come on then sis" I said softly "Just don't
make too much noise, I'd hate to wake the girls up and get caught with my
sister in my bed. I'd also hate to think what Jenny's reaction would be if
she found out."

Mary threw the covers back, swung her legs round, giving me yet another
good long look at her pussy even in the half light provided by the moon
shining in through her open drapes. This time I knew it was deliberate,
because of the look she gave me as she sat there. Hand in hand we crept
back to my bedroom, closing the door tight before getting in and I once
more enjoyed having a soft warm female body cuddling up to mine. After a
couple of minutes of just laying in my arms Mary raised herself up on one
elbow, bent her head and kissed me tenderly on the lips and said "I know it
might seem a little callous of me Jack darling, but nothing I say or do is
going to bring Dave back home. I know that, and I'm hoping that I can get
Jenny to realise it too, before she gets too depressed about not having her
daddy with us." "It's not callous sis" I replied, "I think it's just being
realistic. I don't suppose you'll ever forget Dave, no matter how much you
feel you may want to, and I don't think Jenny will either. But, life has
to go on, and while you can regret his leaving, I don't think you should
allow it to destroy your life." Mary smiled sweetly, then she kissed me
tenderly on the lips. "Thanks Jack darling, I knew you'd think the same as
me. All I have to do now is see what I can do about Jenny, and how she's
going to take Dave's leaving." I took a deep breath, looked Mary in the
eyes and said softly "Mary darling, is there anything, anything at all,
that you might want to tell me about you, Jenny and Dave?"

Suddenly Mary went so pale I thought she was going to pass out. "What
do you mean?" she gasped, and I almost grinned at the look of horror on her
face as she looked down at me. "Mary my love, this is your brother you're
talking to, you know, your loving brother. The one that has kept our
special secret all these years. I didn't think there'd ever be a secret
that you'd want to keep from me. Seems I might have been wrong." I had to
pull her down into a soft loving embrace as soon as I saw the tears running
down her cheeks. I held her to me for some time before she stopped crying,
took a deep breath and raised herself up once more on her elbow. "It seems
you know already. I suppose Jenny told you?" I shook my head, "Not
specifically darling, why don't you try and tell me so I get the story straight right from the beginning?" Mary looked at me, then said "OK Jack,
but first you have to tell me what has already been said. I suppose Jenny
let things slip out?" I nodded "Well, I think she may have said something
when the girls were trying to comfort her during the day, and before she
went to bed. When I went in she was waiting to be put to bed like Dave
used to, and she asked me to do it for her. I agreed without thinking, and
got a surprise when I was presented with a very nice pair of teenage
breasts to be kissed and suckled." I gave a tiny smile, then continued,
"Mary my love, I'm only human, and as Jenny was so sure she wanted me to do
this, I did. I'll even admit I enjoyed it, but I did say that I would have
to tell you that I'd done it for her, just in case you found out and got
upset. The fact that she didn't seem at all bothered told me you already
knew Dave was doing it. Then the girls told me that the one thing Jenny
was upset about was that she wouldn't have anyone to love her now her daddy
was gone."

This time I smiled lovingly, "Now sister mine, why don't you tell me all
about the special loving relationship you had with your husband and your
lovely daughter?" Mary took a deep breath, let it out in a long shuddering
sigh and laid her head on my shoulder as she snuggled up close to me. "I
guess it started a couple of years ago" she said softly, "Dave and I were
making love, in fact I was actually riding him like a cowgirl. He really
loved it when I did that, and it was my favourite position too. Anyway it
just so happened that there was a storm raging at the same time, which is
one reason we didn't bother to keep our noise down too much because we
didn't think Jenny would be able to hear us. We were wrong, mainly because
the storm had woken her up, and she was scared enough to want to come and
get into bed with us like she used to when she was nine, or ten." Mary
chuckled softly as she paused for breath, she then continued, "Anyway, we
didn't hear the door open, and it seemed that Jenny stood there and watched
me and Dave for quite a long time. She even forgot about the storm, she
was so enthralled with what was going on. When I finally came, and
collapsed in a heap on Dave's chest, Jenny came up to me and asked if I was
all right, thinking I'd hurt myself, or something. When Dave and I finally
stopped panicking Jenny simply sat on the edge of the bed and said 'Is what
you were doing what they call fucking daddy?'" Mary paused for a moment,
once more chuckling at what she was remembering, and I thought how nice it
was to hear her sounding happy once more.

"Anyway" she continued, "We decided that there was no sense in lying to
her, and I told Dave that we should tell her the truth, and make sure she
understood all there was to know about sex. After all, at her age, it
wasn't going to be long before she was going to be exposed to it at school,
and amongst her friends." Mary looked up at me and said "I was working on
the principle that it was better for her to know the truth, than rely on
half truths, and myths picked up in the school yard." Mary sighed, shuffled
up so she could see my face. "Anyway, it wasn't long before Jenny wanted
to go from explanations, to demonstrations, and that's when Dave began to
show her just how nice it could be to have her breasts caressed by someone
that loves her, rather than what happened when she went on her first date
with a boy from school. She came home with bruises on her breasts and a
broken bra strap where he'd been too rough and far too eager. After that
Jenny never went out with any more boys, and she said she couldn't get to
sleep unless her daddy kissed her breasts when he kissed her goodnight and
tucked her up into bed." Mary looked more than a little worried as she
finished speaking, and after a short pause she said "I guess we better
think about going home in the morning Jack, I'd really hate for Sue and
Sandi to get the wrong idea about how Dave, Jenny, and I carried on."

I pulled Mary down on top of me, holding her tight, and allowing her to
feel the hard throbbing lump that was now pressing against her crotch.
When our kiss was ended I said "Don't be so silly Mary, I'm not going to
ask you to go home. You don't have to worry about the girls either, after
all it was them that told me about what they'd found out from Jenny, and I
can assure you they weren't at all bothered. Besides, after what we used
to do when we were their age, I couldn't be so hypocritical as to ask you
to leave." Mary rested her arms on my chest, and her chin on her arms,
smiled at me and said "We did have some fun didn't we?", and she began to
move her hips against my erection. "God, I still remember the night you
popped my cherry. I was so scared that mom or dad would hear the noise I
was making, yet I don't remember it hurting all that much. I suppose time
has dimmed my memory somewhat. I do remember how scared I was afterwards
when you came inside me, and I thought you'd got me pregnant. How could we
have been so stupid?" I chuckled softly, "Believe me sis, you weren't as
scared as I was. I knew that if I'd knocked you up dad would have killed
me, or at least thrown me out of the house and never spoken to me again. I
didn't sleep for three days straight." Mary giggled, "I remember, I came
into your bedroom on a Saturday morning, and told you I'd just started my
period. You fainted didn't you?" I nodded, "I sure did, and that was the
last time we made love without a rubber, until you managed to persuade mom to get you on the pill."

"You know Jack" Mary said softly, "The one thing I always remembered
about those times, is just how gentle and caring you were. Not once did
you hurt me, and you always ensured that I came before you did. Even Dave
wasn't always that considerate. I'm going to miss him Jack darling, I just
don't know how I'll manage without him." By now my erection had begun to
subside, and I slipped my arms round Mary's back, moved one hand down to
her firm butt, and said "Well, like I said Mary my love, I'll take care of
you, and so long as we get the girls to agree, I don't see why you and
Jenny can't move in here for as long as you like." "Would the girls opinion
make that much difference to your decision Jack?" asked Mary, somewhat
surprised at what I'd said. I nodded "Oh, yes, after all, this is their
home too you know, but I shouldn't worry too much, I'm sure they'll see
things the same way I do, especially if they know the truth about what was
going on with Dave and Jenny, unless you don't want me to tell them." Mary
shook her head, "I don't suppose it matters now" she said quietly, "That's
all come to an end now Dave's gone." She then looked down at me, "I don't
suppose.. no.. it's too much to ask. Forget I said anything Jack, it
wouldn't be fair to ask you to do something like that." "Like what?" I
asked, thinking I knew the answer to that question.

"Well, seeing as you've already done it once, and enjoyed doing it. I
was just wondering if you'd carry on putting Jenny to bed so long as we
stay with you?" "You mean like I did last night?" I asked. Mary nodded,
"Yes darling, like you did last night.d I promise I wont make trouble, I
know just how much Jenny likes it. To be honest I used to get Dave to do
the same thing to me before I went to sleep. Believe be Jack, it used to
feel so good, and like Jenny I knew that Dave loved me when he did that for
me." I nodded "OK, so long as the girls don't object, I'd love to stand in
for Jenny's daddy, for as long as she wants me to. But like I said, we do
have to get the girls to agree." Suddenly Mary was alert, and she lifted
her self up and said softly "Why on earth would you want your daughters
permission to.. OH, god, don't tell me..!" Mary stopped speaking for a
moment then said in a hushed voice "You're doing it as well aren't you
Jack? You're having sex with Sue and Sandi, that's why you're insisting on
asking them if you can do things like I've asked you to do for Jenny, you
don't want them to get jealous." All I could do was nod, then I saw the
tears forming in Mary's eyes, and watched them as they started to roll down
her cheeks. I took her face between my hands, reached up and kissed her
tears away then said softly "Why the tears Mary my love, does knowing what
you now know make all that much difference?"

It took some time for me to get it out of her, but in the end Mary
confessed that she was going to wait a few days, then she was going to do
her best to seduce me into making love to her. She then hit me with her
bombshell: "To be honest Jack darling" she said, "I was going to ask you to
do something far more important than that. You see, it's Jenny's birthday
in a few weeks, and we, Jenny and I, I mean, we'd managed to persuade Dave
to pop Jenny's cherry for her. I think she may have forgotten about it for
now, but I'm quite sure that she'll remember soon enough. I was thinking
that if I could seduce you for my own benefit, I could get you to do that
for Jenny." I grinned up at her, "I tell you what Mary my love" I said
softly "Why don't you have a nice long chat with the girls in the morning.
I'm sure that you'll be quite surprised at the reception you get, and I'll
agree to abide by what they say. How does that sound?" Mary kissed me
tenderly, "Sounds like the best deal I can get, under the circumstances
darling, so I think I'll go along with it." Mary kissed me again, this time
a lot more tenderly than before, and I started to get hard again as she
rolled off me and lay beside me pressing her body against my side, and
wrapping her uppermost leg over mine, rubbing her almost naked pussy against my thigh.

Despite Mary's best efforts I managed to resist her blandishments, and
slowly drifted off to sleep with her in my arms. The morning saw me
opening my eyes in the same position, except that somehow Mary had managed
to lose her nightie, and was completely naked as she lay snuggled up close
to me. What I also saw were two pairs of eyes, and two grinning faces, as
Sue and Sandi sat at the bottom of the bed watching Mary and I laying
there. I grinned at the girls, and said "Now, don't you two go jumping to
conclusions. Your aunt had difficulty sleeping last night, and I brought
her in here to see if I could calm her down and get her to sleep. She
really does need to get a lot of rest, you know girls." With that I rolled
out of bed, put on my dressing gown and made my way to the bathroom where I
was careful to lock the door behind me as I remembered that we had guests
that weren't used to our open lifestyle. When I was done showering,
shaving and so on, I went back to the bedroom to find Mary and the girls all snuggled up close, chatting away as if they'd been bosom buddies all
their lives. "Anyone checked on Jenny yet?" I asked, and when they all
shook their heads I left them alone and went to do it myself.

I knocked softly, so as not to wake Jenny if she was still asleep, and
quickly, and quietly followed up by walking into the room Jenny was using.
I was glad I was quiet, as Jenny was still curled up into a tight ball,
sleeping deeply and covered up closely with the comforter. Just as quietly
as I'd entered the room, I left it and closed the door, going back to my
own room and getting dressed, despite the presence of my daughters and my
sister. "Quite a hunk, isn't he Mary?" I heard Sue say, and smiled
inwardly as she replied "Oh, I know that Susan my love, I've known that for
a lot longer than you two lucky things, believe me." 'Oh shit' I thought,
'she's going to tell them what we used to do'. Sure enough, by the time I
was dressed in sweats and a T-shirt, Mary was putting the girls in the
picture about our childhood experiences, and our incestuous relationship.
As I walked out of the room, forcing myself not to stay, I heard Mary say
"I'm still amazed that he kept his hands off me last night. I did all I
could to get him to make love to me like we used to, but he insisted he had
to discuss it with you two first. I guess he really does think a lot about
your special relationship, doesn't he?" I was later told about the rest of
the conversation.

"I don't know about that Mary" said Sandi, "But I do know that we love
him more now than when he was just our father. I know it's difficult to
explain, but since mom left, he's been so much more relaxed about making
love to us." She giggled, then continued "You know, we sleep together all
the time, but we don't make love every night, or even every day. It's just
as if Sue and I are sort of married to him, and we don't need to fuck all
the time, just when one or two of us gets really horny, or really just
fancies a little bit of heavy petting." Mary sighed, "Yep, that's how it is
with happily married couples, you make love, not fuck, and have no need to
gorge yourself, because it's always available, like a Buffet, and you can
have a nibble any time you like. I'm just so sorry that Jenny isn't going
to be able to experience it like you two are, now her daddies gone." This
got the girls attention, and Sandi asked "Where you planning to have Uncle
Dave pop Jenny's cherry for her then?" Mary nodded, "Yes, it's her birthday
in a couple of weeks, she'll be sixteen, and we'd planned to do it then.
Now I'm afraid she's going to be disappointed, as well as frustrated like
me." Sue looked across Mary's body at Sandi, they both grinned and Sue said
"I don't suppose you'd be interested in daddy standing in for Uncle Dave,
would you?" Mary looked from one to the other, grinned ruefully, and said
softly, "I don't think he'll be interested girls, not if last night was
anything to go by."

The girls both giggled, "Oh, don't be silly Mary" said Sandi, "Last
night, it was just daddies ethics stopping him fucking your brains out.
I'm surprised he didn't tell you he had to discuss it with us before he
laid a hand on you," Mary smiled, nodded and said "To be honest girls, he
did, but I just thought it was an excuse because he didn't fancy me any
longer. I didn't think he meant it." The girls laughed, then they both
kissed Mary on the cheek, "Mary darling" said Sue, "Daddy won't be able to
resist you the instant he knows we don't mind. I'm also quite certain that
if you asked him to do something special for Jenny on her birthday, he'd be
only too happy to oblige. After consulting us, of course." "Well, I don't
know girls" said Mary softly, "It seems a bit strange asking my brother to
pop my daughters cherry on her sixteenth birthday, sort of like he's a
stallion at stud or something." That got the girls chuckling again, and
when they stopped Sandi couldn't help saying "Oh, he's a stud all right
Mary, why do you think we prefer him to any of the guys at school?" Soon
after this exchange Mary and the girls went to the bathroom and either sat
chatting, or showered, until all three of them were done, and ready to go
and get dressed.

Before they came down to the kitchen for breakfast, Mary went and
checked on Jenny, who was still sleeping, if a little fitfully. She
decided to leave her daughter where she was, and came down to join me and
the girls and wrap herself round the meal I'd prepared for them all. When
breakfast was over the girls loaded the dishwasher while Mary insisted on
clearing the kitchen up, then we all went into the living room taking our
cups of coffee with us. I'd hardly sat down when Sue came over to me, took
my cup off me, placed it on the table in the centre of the room, and then
sat on my lap, straddling my thighs. Putting her arms round my neck she
pulled my head forward, placed her soft warm lips on mine and kissed me
lovingly. "Daddy darling" she said softly "Sandi and I have had a chat
with Mary, and we think it would be nice if you could try to make her
forget her current troubles for a little while, just like you used to when
you were our age." I glanced across at Mary, saw she was blushing, then
said to Sue "By that I guess she's told you all about what we used to do
when we were growing up." Sue grinned, nodded and said in a loud whisper "I
guess you just can't resist committing incest with some one, can you daddy

I grinned sheepishly, and replied "That's what it looks like Susan my
love, does it make you love me less, knowing what Mary and I used to do?"
Sue leaned forward, pressed her lips to mine again and this time kissed me
passionately. "No daddy, nothing you could do would make me love you less,
and I think Sandi feel the same way too. I do think though, that you
should spend a little time with your wonderful sister, and do whatever she
asks of you, with our blessing. OK?" "You sure you don't mind darling?" I
asked softly, Sue shook her head, "Of course not daddy darling, to be
honest, when we get to know Mary a bit better, I'd like to come and join
you occasionally. How do you feel about that for an idea?" I hugged her to
me, placed my lips by her ear and whispered "I think it's a wonderful idea
Susan my love, and I'm sure Mary will too." Sue slipped off my lap, and
handed me my now almost cold cup of coffee. I'd just finished it when the
door opened and a very drowsy Jenny came stumbling into the room rubbing
the sleep from her eyes. "Good morning Jenny darling" said Mary brightly
as Jenny staggered past her. "Morning Mom" replied Jenny, without pausing,
or even looking at Mary as she padded towards her goal, my lap.

Almost without a pause Jenny seemed to step off the floor right on to
straddling my lap, her knees placed each side of my thighs, her still naked
pussy pressed firmly on to my suddenly swelling manhood, and her nightie
covered breasts pressed against my chest where I could feel her hard rigid
and very prominent nipples almost boring holes through my shirt. Jenny
then pressed her soft warm moist lips to mine in a less than niecely kiss,
her tongue pressing it's way between my lips and deep into my mouth as it
sought out mine for an early morning joust. "I waited a long time for you
to come and wake me up Uncle Jack" she said, almost petulantly, "You never
came, so I had to come and find you. Can I sit on your lap for a while
please, I feel so much happier when I'm snuggled up close to you?" Very
gently I caressed her back through the materiel of her nightgown, then I
said softly "I don't see why not darling, I'm going to be sitting with your
mother, why don't you go upstairs with the girls and get showered and
dressed, then you can come down and sit cuddled up to me, just like your
Mom will be." Jenny jumped up, and followed the girls upstairs where they
all got showered and dressed and soon came down to the living room and
joined Mary and I.

I was sat in the centre of the sofa with Mary laying against me on my
left side. I was leaning my back against the sofa, and Mary had snuggled
down under my arm so that it rested down the front of her body. When Jenny
came in she came and did the same on my other side, while the girls sat in
armchairs opposite the three of us. I soon found out that the girls had
set me up slightly when they got up and said they had things to do. They
simply walked out of the room, leaving me with Mary and Jenny cuddled up
close to me, not that I was actually complaining about this, you
understand. It wasn't long before Mary shifted round so her back was laying
against my side, and the arm that was draped over her shoulder was now
resting across her breasts. Jenny in the mean time has slowly slid down my
chest, and turned to lay on her back with her head on my lap, and her legs
over the end of the sofa. Definitely something the girls had taught her,
and very tempting as far as I was concerned. I'm easily led, and when
something is offered to me on a plate, I'm just liable to make a meal of
it. That's why, as soon as I saw how Jenny was laying, I did the same as I
would if it was one of the girls, and placed my hand on her tummy, gently
caressing her by moving it in ever widening circles.

With Mary things weren't quite so subtle, she simply grabbed hold on my
hand and placed it right on top of her breast, pressing it firmly into
contact, and holding it there until I began to do what she was obviously
wanting me to. In the end it was almost like rubbing one hand in circles
on my own tummy, while patting myself on the top of my head at the same
time. It didn't take me long, however, and I was soon in a rhythm of
stroking and gently squeezing Mary's breasts, and caressing and stroking
Jenny's abdomen at the same time. I sat there concentrating on what I was
doing, when I glanced down at Jenny, and saw she was looking up into my
eyes and smiling like I'd never seen a girl smile before. It suddenly
occurred to me that she was about to do something for the first time, and
she was actually wondering if she should. She did. She moved her hand to
my wrist and began to press it down her body towards her hips. I smiled at
her, looked to where she was aiming and saw that her knees were bent up,
her skirt had slipped down to her hips and that she had no panties on.

I looked back at Jenny's eyes again, smiled lovingly and gave her a wink
as I moved my hand myself, pulling her skirt up over her tummy and well
away from her hips, completely baring her virgin pussy. Very slowly I
placed my fingertips on the inside of Jenny's thigh and moved it up her leg
until I reached her knee. I then switched to her other leg, and moved down
until I was an inch or so away from her vagina, where I stopped and jumped
across to her other leg once more. I did this a number of times, each time
getting a fraction closer to her pussy, but each time not quite touching
it, despite the fact I wanted nothing more for myself. This wasn't about
me though, it was all about making Jenny feel good, and to that aim I
eventually brought her torture to an end by placing the palm of my hand
over her vaginal mound, and gently pressing down on it. This brought a
loud gasp from Jenny, and I felt Mary's head move round as she tried to see
what had happened to her daughter. I glanced at Jenny's face, and saw her
eyes were tight shut, and her mouth was open as she gasped for breath after
the feel of a mans hand on her private parts for the first time.

"You OK Jenny darling?" asked Mary softly, "OH, yes Mom, I'm fine
thanks" gasped Jenny as she opened her eyes and looked up into her mothers
smiling face. A moment later and I had Mary swivelled round so her head
lay on my lap beside her daughters, her legs over the arm of the sofa, and
her skirt pulled up her legs to lay over her lower abdomen, uncovering her
skimpy panty covered pussy. "If it's that good baby, maybe I should join
you" said Mary with a grin, "Maybe Uncle Jack will show me how he made you
feel so good if I ask him nicely." Jenny grinned up at me, I nodded my head
and she closed her eyes again as she said softly, "I think he will mom, if
you close your eyes like me." Mary turned her head, looked me in the eye
and smiled, then screwed her eyes up tight as she lifted her shirt out of
the waistband of her skirt. As I placed my hand on Mary's naked abdomen I
tugged at Jenny's, and soon had both hands on naked body, and moved upwards
to find they both had no bra on, and I had free access to their naked
breasts. As I caressed their bodies I bent down and touched my lips
firstly to Jenny's soft warm lips, then to Mary's, where I got a firmer
reaction, and a good deal of tongue, as she began to show her state of

As I sat there, my hands on Mary's and Jenny's breasts, and my fingers
andthumbs tweaking and rolling their nipples turn and turn about I saw Mary
slowly pushing at her panties as she tried to push them down without making
too much fuss about it. Quick as I could I released her titties and moved
my hand down her body, slipped my fingers in the waistband of her underwear
and helped to push them down her thighs and off her legs. As soon as her
panties were gone Mary opened her thighs as far as she could and I
immediately covered her pussy with my hand. As I gently squeezed her whole
vaginal mound Mary gave a loud gasp of pleasure. "You OK Mom?" asked
Jenny, then she did the same as I covered her pussy with my other hand.
"Yes baby, and you?" "Oh, I'm great mom Ohhh.." and Jenny cried out as she
felt my middle finger slip between her wet swollen pussy lips and the tip
press against the entrance to her love tunnel. As I was doing the same
thing at the same time to Mary, she also cried out in pleasure, only louder
as I had twisted my hand slightly, and was rubbing the side of my thumb
against her hard swollen clitoral bud as it poked out from it's protective

Not wanting to penetrate Jenny too far I moved my hand up her pussy until I could trap her clit with two fingers and gently roll it between
them until she began to cry out in ecstasy as she felt her climax hit her
like an express train, and explode all over her young body. As Jenny began
to scream, so did Mary, as I pressed my long middle finger as far into her
vaginal passage as as I could without removing my thumb from her hard
swollen and pulsating clitoris. The sound of the two of them screaming as
they came to orgasm brought the girls into the living room, the two of them
coming in quietly so as not to disturb their aunt and cousin in their
moments of pleasure. Softly the two of them crept up behind the sofa,
leaned on the back and lowered their heads so they could both kiss me on
the cheek at the same time. "WOW, daddy" said Sandi softly "That sounded
really sexy. I wonder how they'd feel about having you make love to them
at the same time." "Sounds good to me Sandi" said Mary as she opened her
eyes and looked up at the three of us, "How about you Jenny my love?" "Oh,
can I Mom, can Uncle Jack really be my first lover. I'd really love that
to happen if you mean it" replied a breathless Jenny from my lap.

Sue and Sandi giggled, "Well, why not right now?" asked Sue, "We don't
have anything else planned for the day, and I'd really love to watch daddy
make love to his sister, and help Jenny to become a woman." Mary's eyes
popped wide open, "Yu mean you want to watch?" she gasped softly. The
girls both shook their heads "No Mary, we want to join in, and help you to
have the best loving you ever experienced with our daddy, and help Jenny to
feel as good as we did when daddy first made love to us." This got Jenny's
attention "You make love to your daddy?" she said, almost unable to believe
what she was hearing. The girls grinned and nodded "Yes Jenny darling, we
have for a long time, since before our mom left daddy, and it's been the
best time we ever had. We thought that having you and Aunt Mary here might
stop us sleeping with him, but now you know about it, it won't matter if we
do, because I'm sure you'll both want to do the same, won't you?" Mary
grinned, and nodded briefly "If at all possible girls. I know how good a
lover your daddy is, and I'd love to be able to try it again." They looked
down at Jenny, who also was nodding, "If you don't mind, I would like to
see what it's like making love to a man, and as Uncle Jack is the only one
here now, I guess it better be him, don't you?"

A few minutes and we were all sitting round the kitchen table, Mary and
I with cups of coffee, and the girls with a glass of juice, as we relaxed
for a short while before setting off on a journey of exploration. Sandi
and Sue were well and truly pumped up about what we were going to be doing,
but I felt that Mary was having second thoughts, especially about having
sex with her brother while her daughter not only watched, but possible
joined in. As we sat there I held Mary's hand and talked to her quietly,
while the three girls sat at the other end of the table whispering to each
other as Sandi and Sue talked to Jenny about some of the things they and I
did for fun. When at last Mary and I had finished our drinks I said softly
"Well ladies, are we all ready?" the girls jumped to their feet, and Mary
gave a nod, despite still looking a little reluctant. I did notice that
Sue took a full glass of juice upstairs with her, giving me an inkling one
thing she had in mind. When we got to my bedroom I'd hardly got close to
the bed when I felt myself being pushed over. I landed on my back, and a
moment later I had three pair of hands almost ripping my clothes off me
until I was laying in the middle of the bed, completely naked.

Despite her reservations, Mary was grinning at what had happened, and I
smiled back up at her as I saw the girls all stripping themselves naked
behind her. "Come on Mom" cried Jenny with a giggle "You're the last one
dressed, and you'll miss the fun if you're not careful." I was then covered
with naked teenagers, all of them trying to get a turn at kissing me as
passionately as they could. Very slowly Mary began to remove her clothes,
and eventually she was able to lay beside me, pressing her naked body
against mine as she cuddled up close. "What's wrong Mary darling" I asked
in a whisper "I feel so awkward Jack darling" she replied, "After all
there's three wonderful firm teenage bodies here, why would you want to
have mine as well?" I put my arms round my sister, hugged her close and
kissed her lovingly, "Don't be so silly sis, believe me darling, your
body's just fine. Lets face it, theirs will be the same as yours in a few
years time, no matter how much they don't want to think it, age and gravity
will take their toll. Anyway, I love you just as much as I do them, so
what difference is there between the four of you?" As I was talking to Mary
I'd been feeling soft warm hands touching my cock as it began to stiffen.
Just then I felt something that made me groan with pleasure, and Mary
turned her head and looked down my body to see what was happening to bring
this reaction about.

"Oh, fuck" she gasped softly, and I followed her gaze and saw it was
Jenny that had engulfed my cock in her mouth as she got detailed
instructions from Sue and Sandi as to how to give a proper blow job. As
Jenny lifted her mouth from my hard throbbing penis she looked at the girls and asked "But why do this when you want him to make love to you, won't he
go all soft and not be able to do anything. That's what all my friends at
school tell me." The girls giggled softly "Ah, yes Jenny, but when there's
four of us, we have to do this so daddy will stay hard longer, and be able
to give us all a good time." I heard a soft giggle in my ear, and turned to
see Mary was smiling. "It seems these girls of yours know what they're
talking about Jack darling, did you teach them that little trick?" I shook
my head, "Not me Mary darling, they worked it out all by themselves, and it
didn't take them very long either." Mary smiled at me, I then saw a shiver
run down her body, and she whispered "I guess I better go see if I can join
in the fun. Don't go away darling, I'll be back soon" with that she
climbed over me, giving me a good look at her open pussy, and went to kneel
beside Sue, saying "Can I come and join you girls, I have something I want
to show you." With that she bent down, covered my cockhead with her mouth
and lowered herself on to me until her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

This brought a gasp of surprise from Jenny, and one of admiration from
Sue and Sandi. "Lets make him cum girls" said Mary softly, "I want to show
you something I think you may well enjoy." She then began to jerk me off,
sharing this duty with the girls until Sue said softly, "He's nearly there
Mary, I can feel it, he's going to cum..." and before she could do anything
about it Mary had my cock resting on her tongue and was taking blast after
blast of my semen into her mouth until all there was left was a few drips
hanging from the end. Mary closed her mouth, and offered my cock to the
girls, Sue and Sandi taking turns to lick me clean, while Jenny held back,
unsure as to whether she should try it. Suddenly Mary slipped her arm
round Sandi neck, drew her close and pressed her closed lips to Sandi's.
As we watched we saw Sandi's eyes pop open, then her lips opened slightly
and we saw her swallowing. Mary broke off the kiss, turned to Sue and did
the same to her, this time having Sue press her tongue into Mary's mouth as
she realised what was happening. When they broke their kiss Sue had her
lips tight shut as Mary licked her lips and swallowed before turning to
Jenny and saying "Jenny darling, I'd like you to kiss Sue just like I did.
Will you do that for me please darling?"

Jenny grinned, slightly unsure about kissing another girl so sexily, but
nodded anyway and leaned close to her cousin and opened her lips. Sue
pressed her lips to Jenny's, opened them slightly and pressed her tongue
into Jenny's mouth before she knew what was happening. As Jenny tried to
pull away Sue held her tight to her mouth until she was finished doing what
she had started. Jenny drew back quickly, rubbing the back of her hand
across her lips and spluttering as she tried to spit out the cum that Sue
had pressed on to her tongue. "Stop that Jenny" said Mary firmly, "It
isn't that bad, even the first time, just give it a chance, suck on your
tongue, and see what it actually tastes like. If you definitely don't like
it, you don't have to do it again, but at least you can say you gave it a
try, OK?" Jenny looked up at Mary, "Sorry Mom, it just took me by surprise
that's all. I didn't know what was happening, why didn't you tell me
that's what was going to happen?" Mary smiled lovingly at her daughter,
"Because I know you darling, you'd have said you don't like it even before
you'd tried it. This way, you had to try it, like it or not. Now, how was
it?" Jenny grinned, "We'll, it wasn't as bad as I thought it might taste,
maybe it will taste better the next time." Mary chuckled, reached over and
then handed Jenny the glass of juice, "Here, wash it down with something
sweet, Champagne is better, if a little more expensive, but OJ will do for
now." Jenny offered the glass to the girls, both of whom refused it, saying
they liked the taste of my semen, and tried to get a mouthful at least once
a week. Sandi then leaned over, whispered in Jenny's ear and sat back on
her heels as Jenny looked at her and Sue in astonishment.

Sue and Sandi then looked down, grinned and Sue said "Well, it seems we
killed something here, how about you bringing it back to live Jenny, I
think your mom could make use of it right now?" Mary blushed, but Jenny
grinned and bent her head down as she sucked my soft cock into her mouth
and tried to revive it for her mother. I pulled Mary into my arms, kissing
her lovingly, and tenderly caressing her hot wet smooth pussy lips as Jenny
sucked on my rapidly swelling member. Mary giggled as we kissed and we
heard Jenny say "How's that Mom, is Uncle Jack's penis hard enough for
you?" she then pushed herself up, looked down at my hard throbbing cock and
said "Yes darling, it looks just fine, you did a good job on it." Jenny sat
back, looking so pleased with herself, as Mary slithered down my body until
her hips were hovering over my hard pulsating cockhead. Before Mary could
do anything else Sue had grasped my shaft and was holding it steady as Mary
lowered her self slowly, moving her hips round and round feeling for her
target. The moment that she felt my cock touch the entrance to her vaginal
canal, Mary paused, smiled at me, and lowered herself until she was sitting
on my pubic bone, my cock buried full length in her aching body. Mary sat
there, quite still, for a few seconds, then she began to move her hips to
and fro, rubbing her clit against the base of my cock as she leaned forward
and placed her hands on my chest, allowing me to cup her breasts in my
hands and gently squeeze then in time with the movement of her hips.

On and on Mary moved, back and forth, round and round, then she suddenly
sat up and began to bounce up and down on the length of my cock as she got
closer and closer to her climax. She and I had ignored the movements made
by the girls, until I saw, and Mary felt, a pair of soft warm arms wrap
themselves round Mary's body. Jenny was sitting close behind her mother,
pressing her naked, hard nippled breasts against her back and hugging her
tight during the final seconds of her first orgasm with me in many, many
years. Mary came so hard when she opened her mouth to scream in ecstasy
nothing came out. All that happened was that her body began to quiver, her
back arched and she suddenly went limp as a wet noodle. As she began to
fall forward Jenny's grip round her waist slowed her down, and I managed to
lift my arms and hold her shoulders, then allow her to slowly subside into
a heap on top of me. It was some time before Mary opened her eyes, and all
the time she was out her body just kept on twitching, and we watched in
amazement as tiny tremors rippled up and down her back, from tight
stretched butt, up to her shoulders, then back down again.

Eventually the girls helped me roll Mary off me and lay her on the bed
beside me, allowing her to curl up into a tight ball until she could
recover her senses in her own time. Meanwhile Jenny came and replaced her
mother, in that she laid herself out full length on my supine body,
crossing her arms on my chest, and resting her chin on them as she just
gazed into my eyes from a few inches away. "God, I hope you don't do that
to me Uncle Jack" Jenny said softly, "I don't know if I'd manage to survive
anything so intense." I just smiled at her, and continued to stroke my
hands up and down her soft smooth back, occasionally cupping her firm
rounded buttocks in my hands and giving them a gently squeeze. She
obviously loved this, because each time I did it she closed her eyes and
gave a soft moan of pleasure. "Do we have to wait for mom to wake up Uncle
Jack?" asked Jenny after a while. I shook my head, "Of course not Jenny
darling, we can start any time you want. We can even wait until your
birthday if you like, all you have to do is say the word." Jenny giggled,
looked me straight in the eye and said "The word" then lifted herself up as
she spread her thighs to straddle mine. As Jenny held herself ready above
my now rampant erection she simply looked at me, a shy smile on her face,
and a look of intense lust in her eyes. There was no plea to take care,
take it slow, or not to hurt her. All this girl wanted was to feel her
chosen cock filling her insides up, just like her cousins had described to

As I reached down to hold my cock ready I felt a soft warm hand beat me
to it, and looked down to see Sandi holding my shaft firmly in her hand as
she guided it to Jenny's pussy lips; lips held open by Sue, who was laying
with her head on my thighs just behind where Jenny was going to be resting
her firm rounded buttocks in a moment or two. As Jenny paused when she
felt my cockhead touching her pussy I felt a movement beside me, and on
looking I saw Mary laying with her eyes wide open as she watched her baby
daughter start to impale herself on a hard throbbing mature penis, a penis
she had just enjoyed making very good use of. I put out my arm, slipped it
under Mary's head and gently drew her close to me, holding her in a tight
hug as she laid her head on my chest. As Jenny began to lower herself onto
my cock Mary put out her hand and laid it on Jenny's thigh, stroking her
daughters leg as tenderly as she could while Jenny continued to impale
herself on my manhood.

As Jenny sat on my hips she gasped "Whoosh.. that stings Uncle Jack,
can we just hold still for a minute please?" I stretched out my arms, and
she fell into them, pressing her firm naked breasts against my chest as she
laid her head alongside mine. As she lay there I gently caresses her back
and as far round her firm rounded buttocks as I could reach until I felt
her quiver, and she pushed herself upright. "You OK baby?" asked Mary as
she lay beside me watching every move Jenny made. Jenny looked at her
mother, smiled and said "Yes Mom, but I wish you'd let me do this a long
time ago, it feels sooo good, I'm a bit mad at having missed so much
enjoyment." After a momentary pause Jenny grinned sheepishly at Mary and
said "What do I do now Mom?" The girls and Mary burst out laughing, then
Mary scrambled up on to her knees beside Jenny and whispered something in
her ear. Jenny giggled, then began to move her hips to and fro, bending
her back slightly so she could ensure her clit was rubbing against my pubic
bone, and she could feel my coarse pubic hair scratching her almost
hairless pussy.

It wasn't long before Jenny got the idea, and she was soon bouncing up
and down on my hard throbbing cock with Mary and Sandi holding her arms to
ensure that she didn't lose her balance and fall over. From where I was
looking this was a wonderful sight. Jenny's firm breasts were moving up
and down, just like the ripples in an overfilled waterbed, while Mary's
were bouncing around like a strippers. Sandi's were doing something in
between, being larger than Jenny's but smaller and firmer than Mary's.
Suddenly my view was blocked when Sue lay her upper body on my chest and
began to kiss me passionately, pressing her breasts on to my chest and
side, while she stroked her soft warm hand over my abdomen from my nipples
down to the base of my sopping wet cock. Despite having already cum a
gallon, all this stimulation was more than enough for me, and I was about
to yell a warning that I was close to orgasm when Jenny suddenly froze, her
back arched, she screamed out "I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg..
Aggghhhh..." and almost before Sue could move Jenny began to collapse in a
limp heap on my chest. Only Mary and Sandi holding Jenny's arms stopped
her falling, they allowed her to fall slowly on to me, after Sue had
managed to roll out of the way.

As I lay there, with Jenny on my chest, her firm hard nippled breasts burning holes in my skin, I wrapped my arms round her, one round her back,
the other round her firm twitching butt. I felt movements beside me as Sue
and Sandi climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom to get what was
needed to clean up the mess Jenny had made. Very gently I eased Jenny off
my cock, and held her still while Sue first washed her pussy clean, then
did the same for my blood flecked penis. Sandi followed up with a towel,
and very soon we were both clean and dry once more. The girls had just
finished when Jenny began to stir; she lifted her head, look me in the eye
and said in a husky voice "Oh, WOW, Uncle Jack, that was awesome, can we do
it again soon please?" I smiled, and shook my head, "No, I'm sorry Jenny
darling, that just isn't possible in afraid" I said as gently as I could. I
saw tears suddenly appear in her eyes, and she made a half hearted attempt
to shake them away before asking "Is it because of you making love to Sue
and Sandi?" I shook my head silently. "It's not because of mom is it,
because I'm sure she wouldn't mind if we did it every now and then if I
asked her."

I shook my head again, and before Jenny or I could say anything more Sue
slapped me on the thigh and said "Stop it daddy, or you're going to be in
serious trouble. Jenny darling, what daddy means is that you can't do that
again because you're no longer a virgin, and you don't have a cherry to be
popped. Of course he'll make love to you again, and very soon too, even if
Sandi and I have to tie him to the bed and we all rape him, OK?" Jenny
giggled, smiled sweetly at Sue then turned to me and said "You're a rotten
beast Uncle Jack, and I hate you. One thing though, can you tell me why I
didn't feel you cum inside me. I thought it would be something I'd feel
quite easily?" "That's easy Jenny darling" I replied softly, "I didn't get
a chance to reach my climax, you were so quick coming to yours. You don't
have to worry about it though my love, it often happens when I get the
treatment you lot gave me earlier. I take a little longer to get aroused
enough a second time." Jenny reached up and kissed me tenderly on the lips,
"You will do that for me though won't you Uncle Jack?" she whispered, I
grinned nodded and said softly "Of course I will Jenny darling, if you like
I'll try and take you by surprise, so try to make sure you're always nice
and wet so I don't hurt you, won't you." Jenny blushed bright red, grinned
and I felt a tremor of excitement run through her young frame as she nodded

After a few minutes of laying there, Jenny on top of me, and Mary laying
in my arm, snuggled up close, with Sue and Sandi kneeling on my other side
watching the three of us, Mary suddenly lifted her head, looked at Jenny
and said "Come on Jenny darling, I think we should move and let Sue and
Sandi get close to their daddy, we don't want to be pushing them out, do
we?" the girls chuckled, Sue leaned over my supine body and kissed Mary
lovingly on the lips, "Don't be so silly Mary darling, we've had daddy for
a long time, and we'll be having him again before very long. You and Jenny
have only just got together with him, so enjoy yourselves, we really don't
mind, so we sis?" Sandi shook her head "Of course not Sue, tell you what,
why don't we go and make something for lunch, then daddy can bring the new
lovers down in a few minutes when they've had a nice long cuddle?" a moment
later and I was alone with Mary and Jenny, the pair of them taking it in
turns kissing me passionately, and stroking my semi hard penis as they
tried to bring a little more life back to it. Despite their best efforts I
stayed flaccid, and soon suggested we have a shower together, something
that Jenny jumped at saying "What? all together at the same time? WOW,
that sounds really sexy, do I get a chance to wash your penis for you Uncle
Jack?" Mary smiled at her daughter as she scrambled to her knees and said
softly "Why not Jenny darling, I'm sure Uncle Jack would allow me to show
you the best way to do it, using him as a model, won't you Jack darling?" I
agreed as I rolled Jenny off me and we all got ourselves to the bathroom
and showered together.

Jenny had great fun washing my cock, and Mary and I ended up laughing as
she spluttered when she got a mouthful of suds after she tried to practice
giving me a blow job before she'd rinsed me off. In the end we all went
down to the kitchen where the girls had laid out a nice lunch of sandwiches
and drinks. When we'd finished eating I suggested to Mary that we went and
dug out all her paperwork that Pete was going to need when the divorce
papers came through, she was a little reluctant, but agreed to do it when I
said "Well Mary darling, the sooner we do it, the sooner it's all over
with, and you can decide what you're going to do with the house and
furniture." As I got Mary to her feet I said softly "We can leave Jenny
here with the girls for now, if there's anything she might want we can
always get the girls to come over and get it for her, especially if she
doesn't want to come herself." We were gone for about three hours, and when
we returned it was to find the three girls snuggled up in each other arms
on Jenny's bed, all of them jaybird naked, and the room smelling strongly
of sex. I pulled Mary back as she went to wake them up, whispering "No
sis, let then enjoy their sleep, it looks like they earned it." We then
went down to the kitchen and began to prepare supper between us, so it
would be ready for when the girls woke up.

In the end Mary had to go upstairs and wake the girls, telling them to
have a quick shower, get dressed and hurry down as super was about to go on
the table. It took less than half an hour to have them sitting at the
table as Mary served them. All through the meal we talked about anything
but what the girls might have been doing while Mary and I were out, and I
could see it was driving Sue and Sandi mad with frustration. It wasn't
until the dishes were done, the kitchen cleaned up and we were all sitting
in the living room that I said "Right girls, I think Mary and I have a
fairy tale to listen to, who wants to start telling it?" "Me, I guess" said
Jenny, blushing bright red. I put out my arms, pulled her on to my lap and
wrapped my arms round her waist as I said "Right then Jenny my love, why
don't you start at the beginning, then Sue and Sandi can add anything you
might forget?" Jenny lay her head on my shoulder, slipped her arms round my
chest and said "Well, Uncle Jack, it was like this.."

* * * * * *

"As soon as the door closed and the girls heard the car pull away Sue
and Sandi sat each side of Jenny on the sofa and Sue said softly "Well
Jenny, how was it, your first time I mean?" Jenny wrapped her arms round
herself, gave a shudder and gasped "Oh, Sue, it was simply awesome, even
better than you said it would be. It didn't really hurt when my cherry
popped, and when Uncle Jack's penis was all the way inside me, I felt so
full. To be honest, I never realised I'd got so much empty space inside me
that could ever need to be filled like that." The three of them sat
giggling at this description of being deflowered, then Jenny turned serious
and said "You don't really mind if I ask Uncle Jack to do it again, do you
girls, cos if you do I won't, I'd hate to spoil things for you" "Jenny
darling" said Sandi with a wide smile on her face "You can make love to
daddy as much as you want, it isn't going to make any difference to us.
You see darling, we don't do it every night, even though we sleep with him
all the time, so there's going to be plenty of chances for you and your mom to enjoy yourselves." They chatted some more about sex and making love
until Jenny came out with "I bet it's a bit of a bummer when you're having
your monthlies, after having so much loving it must be awful going without
for a week or so?" Sue and Sandi looked at each other, then Sandi nodded
and Sue said "Not really Jenny my love, we always get a Tummy Rub from
daddy, and if we get really horny he'll always make love to us in the
shower. It feels sort of cleaner than if we just did it in bed, and we can
always wash daddy afterwards, so it's not too bad."

Jenny was aghast at what she just heard, "You fuck when you're having
your period? Ooerr!! That sounds really gross!" the girls chuckled "Well,
so did tasting daddies cum, but you changed your mind when you tried it,
didn't you?" Jenny sat there and grinned ruefully, "Well, yes, but this is
different. It's such a.. dirty time for a girl" she giggled then
continued "A girl at school used to put a tampon in when she went on a date
where she didn't want the boy to touch her. She just said she was on her
period, and showed him the string. The boys always left her alone after
that, and she had a hands free date." When they finished laughing Jenny
looked at the girls and said "Can you tell me what else you do with Uncle
Jack, you know, when you make love to him?" Sue and Sandi thought about
this for a moment then Sue said "Well, there's not much else really. We
fuck, sometimes with daddy on top, but mostly with us on top because that's
the way we all like it best. Sometimes daddy will eat us out until we
almost pass out. He's really good at that, and we have lots of orgasms."
The two of them went all dreamy as they recalled some of the times this had
happened, then Sandi said "Oh, and there's always the times daddy shaves
our pussies for us. That's really awesome, especially afterwards, when he
gives us a nice warm cum shower, but It's only every few weeks we have

Jenny sat there fascinated, and taking it all in for future reference,
then she asked "What do you do if Uncle Jack isn't there and you feel so
horny you can't wait for him, do you masturbate like I'm always doing?" The
girls shook their head slowly, "Not necessary Jenny my love" said Sandi
with a broad smile, "What are sisters for, if not to give a helping hand,
or tongue, in an emergency?" "You eat each other out, but I didn't think
you were lesbians, after all you make love to Uncle Jack." "Oh, we're not
lesbians Jenny darling, we may be bisexual, if you really have to put a
name to it. No dear, we just like helping each other out, and if that
means a bit of oral sex, well so what. Besides we always try to let daddy
catch us doing it because he thinks it's really sexy, and likes to watch."
This was the point that Sue realised Jenny had a strange look in her eye,
and she grinned at Sandi as she said "Jenny darling, I don't suppose you'd
like to have a demonstration would you?" "Oh, please, if you don't mind
that is, I'd love it if you could show me how to do it." Two minutes later
and Sue was undressing Jenny as Sandi stripped of beside them. Sue then
stripped herself in a matter of seconds and dragged Jenny down on to the
bed, laying her out with her arms above her head and her thighs wide open.

"Right Jenny, all you have to do is lay still, and enjoy yourself,
understand?" Jenny nodded silently and closed her eyes tight smiling as she
felt the first tender touch on the inside of her soft smooth thighs.
Suddenly her skin was on fire everywhere the fingertips made contact, and
when she felt the first warm breath on her hot swollen pussy she almost
fainted. As gently as she could Sue touched Jenny's wet swollen labia with
the tip of her tongue, starting at the tight wet entrance to Jenny's
vaginal passage and running the flat rough surface up the full length of
her slick slit until she reached her tender clit, nestling beneath it's
protective hood. Jenny went wild, her hips bucked and thrashed as she
screamed out in ecstasy as she suddenly exploded in the greatest orgasm of
her life. Better even that when Uncle Jack had popped her cherry, and a
thousand time better than when she did it herself in her frequent hour of
need. Somehow Jenny managed to keep herself conscious all the way through
this experience, and she just lay gasping for breath, staring up at the
ceiling until she was able to say anything at all. "Oh, god, it isn't like
that all the time is it Sue?" she gasped. Sue chuckled "Not likely cuz, if
it was I don't think we'd need to bother with daddy very much. It was only
that intense because it was your first time. Mind you, it's not far off
that good when daddy does it for us sometimes."

That was it as far as Jenny was concerned, she just had to learn how to
do this so she could get to enjoy having it done to her some more. The
next two hours were spent with the girls taking turns to eat, and be eaten.
What Jenny like best of all was when the girls showed her how to form a
daisy chain. "Mind you cuz" said Sandi "It's best if you have someone like
daddy to join in, then we girls can take it in turns to suck on his cock.
We sometimes take bets as to who will manage to make him cum first. That's
really good fun, especially of he doesn't know what we're doing." In the
end, even the girls had to admit defeat, and they all ended up totally
spent, and wrapped around each other, being too tired to move they just
fell asleep where they were. That's how they were found when Uncle Jack
and Mary returned unexpectedly.

By now Jenny had turned round so her back was to my chest, and my hands
were covering her firm naked breasts, under her shirt. "Well, are you a
lesbian then Jenny my love?" I asked softly. She giggled "Maybe if I'd
tried that first Uncle Jack, I might just have been one. The trouble is I
really like the feeling of having your hard penis in my pussy, so I think
I'd rather be bisexual if you don't mind." This brought a loud ripple of
laughter from everyone, and Jenny almost wet herself she laughed so much.
Later that night, when Mary and I were laying in bed I said softly "Well
sis, is this turning out like you hoped?" Mary sighed deeply against my
chest and after a short pause said "To be honest Jack darling, I hadn't
even thought this far ahead. I just hoped I could get one good old fashioned brotherly fuck out of you, and maybe get you to pop Jenny's
cherry for her, then just get out of here as fast as we could. I had no
idea what you and the girls were doing, and certainly didn't think they'd
be so mature about Jenny and I joining in." I kissed her tenderly on the
lips and said "Well sis, you know you're quite welcome to move in with us,
and I don't mean just for a while, I mean permanently." Mary shook her head
against my chest, "I don't think that's a very good idea Jack darling" she
said in a whisper. "It's going to be too much of a strain on you and the
girls. I'd hate to be the cause of something like that." Not wanting to
start an argument right then I just sighed, said "OK Mary darling, just as
you please", gave her hug as I snuggled down and drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I woke early as usual, rolled put of bed and, seeing Mary
was sleeping peacefully I crept to the bathroom, took care of my morning
business and got under the shower. I'd hardly got wet before the door
opened and Sue came in, sitting on the toilet as she said sleepily "Good
morning daddy, did you sleep well?" I poked my head out of the shower door,
smiled at her and said "Yes thank you Susan my love, and I'll tell you all
about it of you come and take a shower with me right now please." That woke
her up, and a moment later she was pressing her naked body against mine as
she reached up to kiss me lovingly with her arms wrapped round my neck.
When she was finally relaxed and I could make a start at washing her
wonderful body I explained what Mary and I had talked about, and the
decision Mary had made. "The thing is Susan my love" I said, "I don't want
to let her and Jenny go and live on their own if I don't have to. I'd much
rather have them living here with us, and I don't mean just for the fun and
games we've been having recently. I just don't think they'll manage on
their own no matter how good a job Mary might be able to get." "Gosh daddy,
you really are worried about them aren't you?" Sue said with a girlish
giggle. I looked down into her laughing eyes and saw she was standing
there with my limp cock laying in the palm of her hand. "You know daddy, I
think that's the first time I've ever held you in my hand, when you haven't
become erect in a matter of seconds." She grinned up at me then continued,
"If that's what's going to happen when you're worried about something I
think me and Sandi better do something about it. Just you leave Mary to us
darling, don't mention the subject to her again at all, and we'll see if we
can't get her to change her mind, OK?" *

I had to go to work, and as I'd made an appointment for Mary to see Pete
I dropped her off on my way in, telling her that she was to call me as soon
as she was done and I'd come and pick her up and run her home. As it
happened that wasn't necessary as Pete ran her home, coming into my office
on the way back to see me about some business matters. I was very lucky in
that I had such good staff I didn't have to go in to work every day as they
could manage just as well without me. Having recently gone through a nasty
divorce himself, my partner told me he wasn't going to make waves if I took
some time off to help my sister sort hers out. "Believe me Jack" he said
"Having family around to help can make the world of difference, especially
if there are kids involved, and even more so if the kids are teenagers."
Despite being given so much latitude I only agreed to take off such time as
was necessary, knowing just how much extra work could land on his desk if I
was away too much or too long. As it was I told everyone I was likely to
be doing shorter hours for a while, starting at the same time, but
finishing an hour or so earlier each day. That's what I did that day, and
got home just as the girls came in from a walk round the neighbourhood,
showing Mary and Jenny where everything was.

I'd no sooner removed my coat than I had Mary throwing her arms round my
neck pressing her lips to mine as she did the same with the rest of her
firm curvaceous body. When she broke the kiss she laid her head on my
chest and said in a whisper "God I've missed you Jack, I've been thinking
about sitting on your hard throbbing cock all day. I guess I'm going to
have to get used to doing without it, won't I?" I kissed her tenderly "I
guess so sis, but not just yet, surely you can stay until your divorce is
sorted out, can't you?" she looked up into my eyes, smiled and said "Well,
OK Jack darling, but only if the girls don't mind, this is their home too
you know." I chuckled at the way she was trying to turn my own words back
on to me, I then gave her a slap on the butt and said firmly "Well, in that
case Mary my love, I'd better go see if I can't persuade them, hadn't I?"
With that I made my way upstairs to my bedroom, stripped off and went for a
shower, after which I got dressed in sweats and a t-shirt. I then went to
the girls bedroom and knocked softly on the door, going straight in as soon
as I was called. There I found all three girls sitting on Sandi's bed
chatting away about whatever girls talk about. You know! The mysteries of
the universe, how to save their skins from zits, and other such important

"Jenny darling" I said, "I don't suppose you could give me a few minutes
to talk to Sue and Sandi could you please, I promise you'll be told what
it's all about soon, but I have to talk to them alone first, OK?" Jenny
jumped to her feet, came and kissed me tenderly and said "Of course I don't
mind Uncle Jack, I'll go and see if I can give mom a hand getting supper
ready." As soon as Jenny was gone I turned to the girls and said "Right
girls, what have you come up with? By the way, I'm supposed to be talking
you two into allowing Mary and Jenny to stay until the divorce is sorted
out, OK?" they nodded, then Sue chuckled as she said "Well daddy, I think I
have an idea that might just make Mary think it's a good idea to stay.
We've been telling her just how much we enjoy having them stay with us, and
impress on Mary just how much happier you've been since she came. We also
told her how we miss having a mother figure around as you can only do so
much as regards taking that role on your shoulders, and how it would be
nice if she could help out sometimes." "We didn't even mention the sex"
said Sandi with a grin, "We were going to let you do that, and we had a
great time working out how best to convince her. This is what we thought
we might try.." and they outlined a scheme that they wanted me to try that
evening. I had to admit it was a real doozie, and I said I couldn't wait
to try it.

By the time the girls and I got down to the kitchen Mary had our evening
meal ready to serve. We sat down, and when Mary was sitting opposite me
Sue said gently "Mary, daddy tells me he's having a problem getting you to
agree to stay until your divorce is sorted out. Something about imposing
on us, or some such rubbish." Mary grinned sheepishly and just nodded.
"Well, at risk of insulting you, by dear lovable Aunt, I think you're
talking a load of old garbage. Sandi and I would love to have you say for
as long as you'd like. You're not imposing on us at all, in fact we've
loved having you here with us, if only because we've missed having a mother around the house since ours deserted us. Does that answer your silly
question?" Mary smiled at the girls, then at me, then said "Well, OK Susan
my love, but only until the divorce is sorted out. We have to go then,
understand?" Sue grinned, nodded and said "Yes Aunt Mary, I understand."

When dinner was over the girls insisted that they did the dishes and
cleaned up the kitchen. "You two go and sit down in the den daddy" Sandi
said, "I'll bring you both a cup of coffee in a few minutes, OK?" and with
that Mary and I found we were being pushed out of the kitchen and towards
the den. When we were sat together on the sofa I slipped my arm round
Mary's back, hugged he to me and said "Why don't you tell me what Pete said
to you this morning?" It wasn't much, but it seemed to me that Mary relaxed
a little when she was talking to me, and I gently eased her round a little
so her back was laying on my chest and I had both arms round her body.
While she was talking I began to gently caress her breasts through her thin
summer dress. We were sitting like this when there was a knock on the door
and Sandi came in with our coffee, placing it on the table by the sofa and
leaving as quietly as she had entered. We drank our coffee in total
silence, and when we were done Mary lay back against my chest, I laid my
hands on her breasts and said softly "Now where were we?" "Right there"
sighed Mary, and she relaxed just a little more as I stroked and caressed
her breasts once more.

After a few moments I moved one hand to the centre of her dress and
began to undo the line of buttons that ran right down the front, until I'd
managed to get the all undone, and the sides of her dress fell open,
exposing her now naked body. Now I used one hand on her breasts, the other
I slid down her body until it was cupping her naked, shaved pussy, getting
more access as she opened her thighs as far as she could. "God I'm going
to miss this Jack darling, I don't suppose I could come round occasionally
to get some of your special loving, could I?" As much as you like sis" I
said as I kissed my way down her neck and across her shoulder, "Any time at
all. Just give me a call and I'll be ready for you." Mary sighed, and I
felt her pussy lips spasm as my finger slipped inside her. "Ohhh.." she
gasped softly as I sucked on her neck, raising a hickey as I trapped her
clit between finger and thumb and began to roll it to and fro. "Ohhh..
Can I bring Jenny too please Jack? Sheeeellll.. get mad if I leave
herrrrr.. out.." suddenly Mary was having trouble stringing her words
together as I brought her closer and closer to her climax, holding her
close as she finally exploded in orgasm in my arms. Despite the noise Mary
made the girls didn't come crashing in, knowing full well what was going
on, and hopefully explaining to Jenny what we'd planned between us.

I held Mary in my arms for some time while she got her breath back.
Then I gently eased her off my chest while I pushed my pants and shorts
down my legs and off my feet, leaving me naked from the waist down. Mary
just sat there and watched me, looking hungrily as she saw my cock starting
to swell to it's fullest size. "What's on that dirty mind of yours Jack?"
she asked softly, not moving her gaze a single inch. I grinned
lasciviously at her and said "I just thought you might like to try out
something new I thought of sis. Maybe it'll give you something to think
about when you go home." I sat beck down beside her and slipped my arm
round her waist. "All I want you to do is sit on my lap darling, but this
time face away from me. You'll see what I have in mind when you do that."
Mary grinned and stood up in front of me with her back to me, then bent
forward as she began to lower herself on to my thighs. quick as I could I
lifted her dress up and threw it over her back so her butt was uncovered. I
then held my cock down so it was laying between my slightly open thighs
until her butt was about to land on it.

That's when Mary got her first surprise, when my cock was released it
flicked up and slapped her right on her wet swollen pussy lips, bringing a
gasp of surprise and pleasure to her lips. "God, you do have some very
good ideas Jack darling" she gasped as she moved her hips to and fro,
rubbing my hard throbbing cock against her pussy. "Here's another one sis"
I said, and whispered instructions to her, getting an almost girlish giggle
from her as she did as I told her. What that was, was to hold my cock
against her pussy with one hand, then move herself slowly against it,
making sure she travelled the full length. What she thought might happen
did, and she was soon working hard to bring herself off as she felt the
ridge of my glans rub over her erect swollen clitoris each time she got to
the top. It didn't take long for her to cum once more, and I had to hold
her in my arms to ensure that she stayed where she was and didn't collapse
over my knees and on to the floor.

I pulled her back against my chest holding her by her firm swollen
breasts while she recovered, noting that she still held her hand along the
length of my cock, pressing it between her puffy wet pussy lips. "Lift up
a little sis" I whispered, and as she did she felt my cockhead run between
her lower lips and slip into her hot slick love tunnel as soon as it
reached it. "Ohh.. God.." she gasped as she automatically lowered herself
on to my erection, suddenly screaming out as she felt the underside of my
cock pressing against her 'G' spot as it travelled deeper and deeper into
her body. All I had to do now was to hold her tight to me, which I did by
cupping my hands firmly over her breasts, while she jerked her hips to and
fro on my hard pulsating penis. Her cries of ecstasy were suddenly
replaced by a scream as she struggled to see what it was that had suddenly
started to stimulate her clit. Something warm, wet and fleshy was lapping
at her clit and the juices that were streaming from her pussy and flooding
down the length of my cock.

When Mary managed to move her head she saw Sue sitting back and Sandi
beginning to lean forward to replace her, watching transfixed as he niece
clamped her open mouth on her mons and began to flick her tongue against
the hard throbbing piece of flesh sticking out from between her lips. I
moved my hands up to Mary's face, gently turning it so I could press my
lips to hers in a hot passionate kiss, releasing her breasts, and allowing
Jenny and Sue to cover Mary's hard pulsating nipples with their soft warm
wet mouths. This was the final straw as far as Mary was concerned and she
suddenly screamed out "I'M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.. I'M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." and
her whole body began to quiver and shake as a massive orgasm consumed her
body, taking away all her senses and letting her fall in a limp quivering
heap against my chest.

With a little help from the girls I managed to get Mary laying on the
sofa while I sat on the edge gently caressing her naked body from breasts down to her sticky cum soaked pussy lips. The girls sat on the floor in
and arc watching every move I made, their legs crossed and their short
skirts pulled almost to their waists as they all displayed their soft
smooth tender pussies to me. This managed to keep my cock hard, and when
Jenny whispered to Sue "Seems a pity to waste a perfectly good erection,
doesn't it cuz?" Sue giggled and whispered softly in her ear something that
made Jenny quickly strip herself bare and lay in the floor in front of me.
Sue was doing the same, and when she was as naked as Jenny she knelt over
her cousin as if to start a 69 session, turned her head to look at me and
say "Come on daddy, put your hard cock to some use while we wait for Mary
to recover please." I dropped to my knees behind Sue, shuffled up close and
went to touch the tip of my cock to her pussy suddenly finding it wrapped
in a soft warm hand as Jenny guided it to it's goal, holding it until she
had nothing to grasp, and my cock was buried balls deep in my daughter once
more. Not to be left out Sandi came and stood behind me, pressing her
suddenly naked body to me, and leaning over so she could reach my nipples.

As Sandi gently pinched and tweaked my nipples I looked up and found my
lips inches away from hers. Reaching back further I managed to catch one
in my mouth and began to suck on it as I humped my hips at Sue's butt while
Jenny cupped my balls in her soft warm hand. All the time my cock had been
in Mary, and then been licked and tongue lashed by Sue, coupled with what
was happening right now was just too much for me, and I suddenly cried out
all over Sandi's nipple that I was cumming. The only one to understand
what I was saying was Sue, and that was because she suddenly felt the blast
of hot sticky cum spatter against her insides. This took he rover the edge
and she cried out in ecstasy into Jenny's pussy who had just watched my cum leaking from around my cock and begin to drip all over her face as she
opened her mouth in an effort to catch it on her tongue. This took her
over the top and all of a sudden the three of us were shouting our pleasure
all at the same time. This woke Mary, who turned her head to see Sandi
standing over me, my cock buried in my daughter and her daughter being
eaten alive, all at the same time.

Being the only one to have a grip of her senses Sandi turned to Mary,
knelt beside her head, kissed her tenderly and said softly "Do you really
want to leave all of this and go and live on your own Mary my love?" I sat
back on my heels, Sue rolled off Jenny and they both sat up facing Mary as
she lay on the sofa tears streaming down her cheeks. I shuffled over,
kissed away her tears and sat back again as Jenny crawled over and said
"Mom, I would really like to stay her with Uncle Jack and the girls, I'll
go home with you if you really want me to, but I don't think I'll ever be
happy again. Lets face it Mom, I was a frightened virgin a few days ago, I
had no father, no future and a whole lot of misery to look forward to. Now
we both have a wonderful man to love us, and a really great family to be a
part of. It seems really silly to give all that up for no real reason that
I know of."

Mary looked round at the girls, then at me, seeing all our smiling
faces. She then said in a quiet voice "Jack darling, you really don't mind
having Jenny and I living here with you? You see my love, I'm just worried
that you might find another woman, fall in love and want to marry her.
That would make things really difficult for Jenny and I, and I'd hate to be
deserted again, especially by the people I love the most." I chuckled, then
said in a soft voice "Jenny darling, I reckon I'm pretty smart, so smart in
fact that I know when I'm well off. After all, how many men have a
wonderful sexy sister, two daughters and one niece, all willing to make
love to me at any time day or night. Why would I give up all that just to
get married again. Please Mary my love, please stay with us and make this
the best loving family in the world."

She did, and we were. By the time Mary's divorce was finalised we had
sold off her house, invested the money so it would pay for Jenny's college education, and sorted the sleeping arrangements out. Mary slept with me as
a matter of course, but we moved the girls into one room, using one of the
spare rooms as a single for when Mary, or sometimes me, were sleeping on
our own. This was usually when Mary or I had one or sometimes two of the
girls sharing our bed, Mary having very quickly decided she liked the
feeling of a female tongue on her pussy occasionally. To make things
simple Mary reverted to her maiden name and those that didn't know any
different could assume we were married if they wanted to, we certainly
weren't going to disabuse them. It wasn't long before our hectic love life
settled down to reasonable proportions, Mary and Jenny soon getting used to
having a man about the house that would make love to them any time, and
they came to the conclusion they didn't have to gorge themselves, just like
Sue and Sandi had earlier.

Life is really great now, despite the fact I only have Mary and Jenny at
home, Sue and Sandi being at college half a state away and only able to get
home at weekends. Having said that of course, there are other benefits to
having a couple of college girls coming home, especially when they bring
some of their friends with them during the summer vacation. But that is
another story:The End, maybe???

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