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DESIRES hurt yourself denying yourself access


Author's note:

The following story is third and last part of a series of stories from
the 'Corelleverse' the creative brainchild of EyeofSerpent, with her
invitation and permission. My thanks to her for allowing me to enter her
world and set aside my own little outlet for my creativity, and for letting
me 'spread my wings' under her benevolent gaze. For those of you
unfamiliar with Eye's works, please read <I>Friendly Takeover</I> for an
introduction to the world of the Ancients. Now then, sit back and enjoy!

Shadowdarke: Darke Desires

Sometimes, I really LOVED my job. Today was starting out to be an okay

"Hello Ms. Henderson," I said cheerfully. "The doctor will see you

Ms. Nancy Henderson, age thirty-three, with long blonde hair, pale gray
eyes, and a sweet curvaceous body, looked like the most beautiful woman I
had ever seen. Unfortunately, she was also about the most nervous woman I
had ever seen. I'd seen it before, though. It's bad enough going to a
regular doctor, knowing something is wrong with you, hoping that as
unpleasant as it may be the doctor may have a cure for what ails you. It
was even worse with a psychologist, like Dr. Jonothan Darke. You think to
yourself, something's wrong with me, otherwise I wouldn't need to see a
'shrink'. You are embarrassed by the others waiting to see him, knowing
they are all wondering just how fucked up your mind is, and once you
finally go in, you sit for hours and hours, telling him things, while he
listens and just asks you back how you FEEL about all that. Bogus. I had
been through it all once myself, and if I hadn't been lucky enough to meet
Dr. Darke I would probably be wearing a straightjacket, sitting up in a
padded cell. Glancing up at Ms. Henderson, I gave her my most reassuring
smile. She sighed deeply, as if settling herself to perform an unpleasant
task, and walked into the room. Poor dear. I hoped the doctor would help

I leafed through a few of the files on my desk, when a call came through
on the intercom. "Lisa, come in here please. I need you help with
something." A small gasp escaped my lips, and I felt my thighs quiver
slightly. I knew full well about what went on behind closed soundproofed
doors in the office. Some of Dr. Darke's sessions were quite...strenuous.
And knowing what went on inside made me long to be a part of it all the
more. But until now, I had never been summoned back into the doctor's
private office. Trying to calm my racing heart, I stood up from my desk.
Mr. Neville, the next client on the list, stood up, again, no doubt to ask
yet again how much longer it would be.

"I'll be a few moments," I said cutting off his question. "I shall
return shortly, please be patient. The doctor is a little behind schedule
today, but he will see you all in turn."

My hands shook slightly as I turned the doorknob, and as I walked inside
the office I saw them both sitting comfortably, waiting for me. Both fully
clothed...hmmm. Looks like this wasn't going to be as fun as I had hoped.
"Lisa, very good." he said, taking a drag from his pipe. About the only
man I knew that still smoked a pipe besides my grandfather, Dr. Jonothan
Darke looked oddly suited to it. A young looking man, about thirtish, with
nice tanned complexion, raven black hair, dark brown eyes, the most
memorable thing about Jonothan Darke was his name. He looked absolutely
ordinary, in every respect, the epitome of average. He was the type of
person that your eyes just slid right over in a crowd. Perhaps that, as
much as anything, gave him such charm. "Lisa," he was saying, bringing me
back to the present. "Ms. Henderson here is rather shy and a bit nervous
about revealing her problem in front of a male doctor. I know it is highly
unorthodox, but if both you and she agree, I would like you to sit in on
this session."

I glanced at him then. His words spoke of nothing more than a simple
listening tool, but his bright shining eyes promised of something more.
Fuck-a-duck, this is what I had dreamed of! Swallowing the lump in my
throat, I managed to nod. "Um, yes, of course, doctor. Anything you say!
If it will help Ms. Henderson, then I'm all for it." I turned and smiled
to the timid young woman again, and she managed a tremulous little smile.
Damn. I bet she was absolutely adorable when she smiled openly. Now I
really wanted to help her if I could. Dr. Darke turned to her, awaiting
her answer, and after a moment, she acquiesced.

"Good," he said, leaning back away from the table just a bit. The heavy
drapes, which were closed, drifted open for a second, as he leaned back,
and a ray of sunlight illuminated him for a moment, as he spoke. I glanced
at his face for a moment, and his dark brown eyes seemed to almost glow, to
shine with a deep light amber brightness. I blinked for a moment, shaking
my head slightly, and looked again. His face remained as it always had,
his eyes a dark brown. The drape fluttered back closed again, and I
thought to myself it had been a trick of the light.

"I want you to <I>listen</I> to me, Nancy," he said, looking directly to
Ms. Henderson. "I want you to <I>relax,</I> and imagine that you are here
alone with Lisa, that only you and my secretary are here. I want you to
forget that I am even in the room with you, to no longer even register my
presence here in the room." He spoke in that soft deep baritone voice of
his, so soothing and eloquent. I found myself drifting with the words,
swaying with each syllable. <I>"I am a ghost to you, Nancy, a shadow, a
spectre. I am not here. I do not even exist."</I> I saw Nancy's eyes
glaze slightly as he spoke. I smiled dizzily, knowing I probably looked as
far gone as she did. A girlish giggle escaped my lips before I could stop
it. Jonothan frowned at me, and I hung my head slightly. "I want you to
talk to Lisa," he continued, his gaze still on me. <I>"I want you to tell
her your fears and your worries, talk to her about your problem as if she
were your oldest and dearest friend. I want you to be totally open and
honest with her, holding nothing back."</I> I found myself nodding softly,
in agreement. I wanted Nancy to tell me everything so I could help if I

As the doctor fell silent, Nancy blinked, blinked again, then smiled
slowly, seeing my face. "Oh, Lisa, I'm so glad you are here. This has
been inside me for so long it's driving me crazy. I just HAVE to talk to
someone about it...but it's so embarrassing."

"Shhhh. It's okay, Nancy," I said softly, reaching out to caress her
hand gently. "You know you can talk to me about anything. We're all alone
here, just we two girls. Come on, tell me what's bothering you."

"Well," she said hesitantly, "you know Brian, my boyfriend? Well we
have been going together for the past six years, and things are absolutely
great. We love each other so much, and last week he proposed to me." She
smiled sadly, and my heart went out to her. "Well, I accepted of course,
and it was the happiest time of my life. But soon after is when all my
trouble started." She bit on her thumb, worrying the nail with her teeth,
as if it was a struggle to even voice her problem. "Well, I love Brian, I
truly do, but you see, for the longest time, ever since I was a kid, I had
this little...fetish," she said, whispering the last word so softly I
barely heard her less than a foot away from me. "It started out harmless
enough, and I've always been able to keep it in perspective, you know, keep
a leash on it. But after he proposed to me, it all came back with a
vengeance. I...I don't know how to handle it!"

"Handle what, Nancy?" I asked, curious. "You haven't told me what it is
that you are afraid of. What kind of fetish do you have?"

"Umm...its embarrassing, It's silly. You're going to laugh at me, I
know it."

I caressed her hand warmly, lovingly. "No no no, Nancy! I won't laugh,
I promise. I really want to help you if I can, if you'll just tell me what
it is. Please."

The words came out woodenly, as if saying them would cause her doom.
"Foot fetish. I am attracted to feet." She sighed, looking down. "But not
just ANY feet, women's feet. I get turned on seeing a woman's soft
vulnerable bare makes me you know...horny! I can't help it, it's
always been that way even as a kid, and I'm so ashamed!"

I admit I almost laughed, not out of spite, but because she was so upset
and traumatized by such a little thing. "It's okay, Nancy, really! It's
nothing to be ashamed of. Why, my friend Shelley has a foot fetish just
like you, and is very open about it with her friends. We think nothing of
it, its just a natural part of her. There's no reason to be ashamed."

"Oh, thank you Lisa," she said gratefully, smiling up at me, the first
full smile she had ever given me. I think my heart nearly melted inside my
chest. "But don't you see? Natural or not, I have to repress it, hide it.
What would Brian think if he knew I got aroused by looking at a woman's
feet? That another woman's body could excite me just as much as he could?
No, this is something that I have to push way down inside, and keep locked
away, so that he never finds out. I just can't lose Brian. He means
everything to me."

"Then I think perhaps you should confront him about it," Dr. Darke
spoke. I yelped, and Mary and I nearly leaped out of our chairs when he
spoke. Until then, I had honestly forgotten he was sitting here in the
office listening! "Nancy, you've opened up, and confessed your problem.
More than that you've also given me insight as to WHY your problem
resurfaced so violently and so insistently all of a sudden. Nancy, it is a
part of you, just as my secretary said. It is part of your hidden self,
that you wish to keep hidden away. You seek to please your lover by hiding
all your faults and imperfections, making him think you are perfect." He
leaned forward in his chair once more, and the smoke from his pipe bellowed
forth. Strangely, it smelled not like tobacco, but of burning wood and
fruit, like oranges or apples. "No one is perfect, Ms. Henderson. You
hurt yourself by denying yourself access to that which is inside you. You
have sexual feelings for other women, you get aroused by the sight of their
feet, and rather than accept it you try to hide it. But it will not be
denied. Embrace this side of yourself, delve headfirst into it, and you
will feel better. As for Brian, if he was patient and loving enough to
stick with you for six years then I have a feeling a little thing like a
foot fetish will not deter him."

Nancy sat back, deep in thought, letting the words sink in. I sighed as
well, leaning back in my chair, crossing my legs. I was happy that I had
been able to help her face her problems. Suddenly I saw her staring at me,
an strange expression on her face. I blinked in surprise, then followed
her line of sight down my legs to my ankles. I had forgotten that I had
worn open-toed sandals to work today, and Ms. Henderson's eyes were now
riveted to my clearly visible, stocking covered feet. Fuck-a-duck! I
glanced at the doctor, but he merely nodded subtly, smiling an evil little
smile. I sighed again, and relaxed, just letting this develop as it would;
flexing my toes a bit, wiggling them slightly, I smiled at Nancy. This was
what Shelley referred to as <I>foot flirting</I>.

"Is something wrong, Nancy?" I asked coyly, making sure to bob my
crossed leg, letting my sandal slip off my heel and dangle precariously on
my toes. "You seem a little tense."

Nancy was frozen, hypnotized by the movement of my slender ped. I
smiled to myself. Shelley had, on occasion, played with my feet during
sex. While it wasn't as much a turn-on for me as it was for her, when she
began licking and sucking on my toes it always charged me up like nothing
else in the world. I wondered if Nancy wanted to worship my feet right
now. I wondered of her skillful tongue on my toesies could make me cum as
hard as Shelley's could. I even wondered if I could return the favor,
licking and sucking her tender toes, tickling her soles softly with my
mouth, while I made her scream and cream like nothing before. I spread my
toes slowly, then curled them, letting the shoe drop to the floor. "Oh
dear, I lost my shoe," I said in a soft baby-like voice. "Nancy, would you
please be a dear and return it for me?"

The poor woman was shaking with excitement, and fear, as she knelt down
to retrieve my shoe. My own hands were shaking a little, from
anticipation. "Don't be shy, dear," I said softly, feeling her timid
fingers grasp my ankle. "This is what you have wanted, what you've dreamed
about for so long. Don't hold back now." Nancy looked up at me,
beseechingly, and I kicked off my other sandal, placing both feet gently in
her hands, wiggling my toes. The poor dear only needed the tiniest bit of
encouragement, and once she knew it was alright with me, she began to truly
pleasure my feet, rubbing my soles against her cheek, kissing and sucking on my stockinged toes, massaging my tired feet all over. I leaned back
into my chair, eyes closed in pleasure. You haven't truly lived until you
have had a beautiful sexy young woman massage and worship your feet after a
long hard day at work. At first her touch was gentle, timid and unsure,
and it tickled so much I could barely hold still, but once she began to
warm up to it, my giggles turned to sighs and moans of pleasure.

I was floating on a cloud of bliss when I felt strong hands caressing my
shoulders from behind. I opened my eyes and glanced up into the face of
Dr. Darke, smiling, a familiar hungry look on his face. Wordlessly, I
obeyed his unspoken command and lifted my arms, letting him slide my silken
blouse over my head. Nancy glanced up to see what was happening, but my
marvelous doctor merely whispered, "Keep doing what you're doing, Nancy.
Just think of this is just another part of your session. You're getting to
live out part of your fantasy, your darkest desires. And for being such a
good sport, I am letting my secretary live out one of her own." I gasped
out loud at the touch of his warm hands on my breasts, so <I>hot,</I>
almost scalding, his nimble fingers having discarding my bra before I even
registered the sensation. My hands went ballistic, one hand moving to cup
the large bulge in his pants, the other snaking inside my skirt to my wet
dripping crotch. Boy, I was glad I went panty-less today! By now, Nancy
was sucking my toes rhythmically, like she was giving head to my tender
tootsies, while at the same time frigging herself through her own short
mini-skirt. Fuck-a-duck! I was on fire from the waist down! This was
turning into everything I had hoped for once I walked inside the office,
but as erotic as this was, my poor burning clit needed more.

"Stand up and move to the desk, and lean into it," the doctor ordered.
Swiftly, I assumed the position, panting with need. "Nancy, take off your
skirt and underwear, and lie down across the desk, with your legs on Lisa's
shoulders." I grinned as the once-timid woman moved as quickly to comply
with his instructions as I had. I gazed down at the beautiful Ms.
Henderson, naked from the waist down, her lovely nipples showing through
her silken pink blouse. Her pale gray eyes met my deep blue ones, and we
kissed deeply, lovingly, letting all our passions and desires rule us. The
doctor chuckled softly from behind me, swatting my backside. I broke off
the kiss, wincing slightly, then gently pressed Nancy flat onto her back.

The next hour seemed to fly by. Dr. Darke fucked me from behind,
leaning forward to lick and nibble softly on Nancy's bare feet, while I
gave the sweet girl's pussy the attention it deserved. Jonothan knew all
too well how to manipulate a woman's body, keeping me on the edge, ready to
blow, then letting me cool off just a bit before bringing me back to the
edge. Finally, he let me climax, and I gushed like a fountain. Through
the haze, I could see that my skilled mouth and his oral attention on her
toes had Nancy in the same state as I. I must have blacked out after a
time, because when I opened my eyes again, Dr. Darke had dressed, and
straightened up the office, and a small blanket covered both Nancy and
myself. "Glad you two are awake now." he said chuckling. "I'm afraid the
hour is almost up. Ms. Henderson, I hope you have no regrets about what
happened here today."

Nancy looked up at him shyly, softly shaking her head. "No, I don't
regret it, exactly. I mean, I enjoyed it, every bit of it. GOD! That was
the most mind blowing sex I have ever had! But, I mean, what do I tell my
fiancé now? I just cheated on him with another woman and my psychologist."
She just shook her head, looking off into space. Jonothan sat down beside
her, clutching her hand gently.

"You have nothing to feel ashamed of, Nancy. What happened here was
THERAPY. You needed to experience what you did in order to release some of
the stress and frustration fighting that fetish had caused you. I think
you'll find it easier to deal with now that you have experienced it
firsthand, now that its not just a fantasy but an actual experience. The
question now is, how you will choose to deal with that knowledge. You can
try to deny it to yourself and pretend that you are the 'perfect
girlfriend' and the 'perfect wife' once you marry, but the stress will just
come back. Or you can accept it, and explain it to Brian, and the two of
you can deal with it together. As your doctor, I'd advise you to tell
Brian the truth and work on this together. I will even talk to him about
it when he comes to drive you home if you wish. But you need to deal with

I just stood there, listening, as the doctor escorted her out of the
office into the main lobby. As always, Dr. Darke seemed to make so much
sense. I hoped Nancy would be able to work it all out. If Brian loved her
half as much as she thought he did, then there should be no big problem.
If Brian turned out to be an asshole...well, Dr. Darke was a miracle
worker when it came to rebuilding broken hearts. I grinned wickedly. If
nothing else, a simply little `talk' with Brian would straighten everything
out. Jonothan Darke was VERY persuasive when he wanted to be.

A few moments later, he returned to his office, closing the door, and
lighting his pipe once more. "She's decided to talk to him," he said after
a moment. "I do believe everything is going to be just fine between Ms.
Henderson and her fiancé. I don't usually like to interfere in personal
matters, but I did speak with Brian for j ust a moment before they left,
and I think she will find him very receptive to her problems. In fact, I
found out that he himself has a hidden side to his sexuality that he is
reluctant to explore, a deep desire to dominate and control her." He
chuckled softly, and I rolled my eyes skyward. If anyone could relate to
such feelings, it was undoubtedly my Master, Dr. Jonothan Darke.

"Do you think she'll come back for a follow up visit?" I asked, walking
around the desk to sit in the doctor's lap. "She was sweet, and nice, and
VERY sexy. It would be a shame not to get the chance to play with her

Jonothan shook his head. "I rather doubt it. After all, she made the
big breakthrough today thanks to you, and once she and Brian sit down and
talk, all their problems should take care of themselves. Yes, I think that
is the last we will see of Ms. Nancy Henderson." I nodded sadly.
Sometimes my Master kept a few of the more beautiful and sexy women he came
across, enslaving them as he had me. Nancy belonged to another, and that
was apparently that. "However," he said smirking, "who's to say that she
will not perhaps feel the need to once again explore her newly discovered
bisexual nature? And whom better to explore it with than a good friend,
and experienced lover, one that she already knows well." He raised an
eyebrow at me, smoking his pipe, and I had to smile. The man had a devious
streak a mile wide. Content that I would no doubt see my new lover again,
I kissed my Master gently on the lips, feeling the warmth and pleasure
course through my body at the brief touch. My thighs began to cream, and I
pressed against him, only to be pushed away.

"Sorry, Lisa," he said scolding. "We're both still 'on the clock' for
another three hours. Get dressed and see to the rest of my patients." I
nodded sullenly, but obediently, fixing my clothes once more. "But," he
added, "since you did such a good job helping me with this session, we are
going out someplace special tonight, just the two of us, so I can reward
you properly." His hand caressed my cheek for just a moment as he turned
away, and the <I>touch,</I> FUCK-A-DUCK!! combined with his words made me
cum, and cum hard. As I went to my knees onto the carpet, panting, I gazed
up to see Dr. Darke's signature smirk, looking amused at seeing me reduced
to a helpless puddle at his feet. Damn, but that man could make a nun
cream in her robe. "Run along now, Lisa," he said, helping me to my feet.
"I have work to do."

Yes, sometimes I really LOVED my job. Today had turned out to be a
pretty great day.



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