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DESTINY thick eyelashes like mom had she


Copyright (c) 2002, Bingain (MF, cons, romance, slow)


Disclaimer: This story is a fiction. It does not relate to
any real incidences or real persons. This work contains
explicit descriptions of sexual activity. Anyone who may
be offended by such contents, or persons forbidden by law
or any regulations, should not read or download this story.
Re-distribution, posting, and anything other than for
personal enjoyment are subject to explicit authorization by
the author.


Chapter 1 - The accident

It was drizzling. The weather was as gloomy as my heart
was. Well, almost as gloomy, as nothing could be as dismal
as my feeling. I turned on the headlight, switched on the
wiper, and continued driving home in silence. Linda was
also silent; She was staring straight ahead, through the
windshield, at the traffic ahead of us.

We were returning home from the cemetery, where Linda's mom
Brenda was lying in peace. What happened exactly one year
ago, the biggest tragedy in my life, seem like it just
happened the day before. It still stuck my heart painfully
every time I thought about it; in fact, whether I thought
about it or not.


It was a sunny Wednesday morning in October; things were
looking great. Brenda had agreed to come visit me, and of
course, her daughter, Linda, who had been staying with me
while she was attending college here. Her visit would mean
a great deal to me, it would probably change the life of
Brenda and myself. I loved Brenda; I had fallen in love
with her since I first saw her twenty-two years ago.
Things didn't work out. She got married to another man; I
got married to another woman. Brenda's husband left them
for heaven; my wife left me for another man.

Brenda gained some weight but she was as beautiful as she
was the day I first met her. She had short hair coming
down to her neck instead of long hair coming down to her
back when I first saw her, but I could still pick her out
at once when she got off the Grey Hound bus. I went over
to her with a throbbing heart. She gave me a smile, a
familiar smile, one that I had seen countless times in my
dreams. I hugged her gently and kissed her tenderly on the
lips. I was very tensed; I could feel Brenda was as
tensed. We had not seen each other for more than twenty
years; we had no communication until a few years ago.

Linda wasn't there, as she had to take her mid-term test.
I didn't have classes that morning. I would pick Brenda up
and would spend a few hours with her before Linda would
take her mom over when I would have to give my lecture for
the afternoon class. Then I would join the mom and
daughter for a delicious dinner at the best restaurant in
town where I had made a reservation.

The car slightly ahead of us in the outside lane on the
ramp suddenly cut into my lane without signaling. I
instinctively tooted the horn and stepped on the brake. I
heard squealing sound from my car. I saw the car ahead of
us swaying. It started spinning into my bumper. I turned
the steering wheel while pressing hard on the brake. I
heard Brenda screaming. I felt my car spinning. I lost

When I regained consciousness I knew I was in the hospital,
the smell was unique. I felt unsustainable pain all over
my body. I didn't know what had happened. In bleary eyes
I saw the face of a woman, a stranger. She smiled at me.
Her lips were moving but I couldn't hear anything. She
came a bit closer and I saw a blue scrub shirt instead of
her face. She was a nurse. I tried to gather what
happened but my mind was blank. The nurse left me.

I saw another face. A middle-aged man in green scrub shirt
and matching pants came over to me with the nurse behind
him. He had the stethoscope hanging around his neck. He
smiled at me and moved his lips, yet I still couldn't hear
anything. He turned around and seemed to be talking with
the nurse for a moment before coming closer to me. He
flipped my eyelids, pulled my ears, and pressed his hands
on various parts of my body. He was killing me; it hurt
like hell when he had his hand or fingers on my already
limp and pain-spreading body.

I started to remember what happened. I was driving Brenda
home and a car hit us. Where was Brenda now? I tried to
ask, but instead of making sound, a terrible burn spread
from my throat. I coughed. The nurse came over and
removed something from my mouth. It took a while before I
could stop coughing. It was a miracle, the moment I
stopped coughing, I could hear the man talking to the

"He may need a few more..." the man said. He was only a
few feet away but it sounded like he was talking from miles

"What happened?" I heard myself asking weakly.

"You had an accident. You're in the hospital now, you'll
be fine," the faint voice of the man responded, as he
turned to me with a smile.

I saw Linda. She looked like hell. Her eyes were bulked
and red, and her face was pale like chalk.

"Linda, what happened? Where's your mom?" I managed to
ask, my voice was still like I was talking from miles away.

Linda didn't say anything. Tears started coming down from
her bulked eyes. Her lips twisted and sprained. Her
shoulder quivered. I knew what happened. My mouth gaped.
I felt a huge spike punching into my chest. I felt my
heart being torn apart. I felt air squished out of my lung
and I couldn't breathe. I felt tears coming down the
corners of my eyes. My vision became blurred. My limbs
were frozen.


Later I knew my pelvis was broken, my femur was broken,
several of my ribs were broken, and I got a number of nasty
cuts throughout my head and body. I stayed in the hospital
for another two weeks before I could get back home. I
still had the cast on my leg and it would be part of my
body for another four weeks. I would have a slightly limp
leg for the rest of my life.

An ambulance sent me home. Linda pushed my wheelchair into
my house through the front door. She had made arrangements
for the funeral of her mom to be held in the morning of the
following day. I knew she made it so I could attend her
mom's funeral, not because I paid for it, but because she
knew I had to.

I saw Cathy, Brenda's elder sister and only living family
member besides Linda, in the sitting room. If Linda had
not told me beforehand that Cathy was there, I couldn't
have recognized her. It was so long since I last saw her,
and she had also at least doubled her weight. I knew she
drove here for the funeral. She was a single mom living on
a tight budget and couldn't afford air travel. It had to
be a long drive, at least fifteen hours. I knew she stayed
in Linda's room during her stay.

Cathy came over, bent forward, and hugged me gently. She
didn't say anything. As a matter of fact, none of us said
much during that evening. I didn't usually talk much when
I was at home anyway. I had been living alone for more
than five years, until Linda moved in as my guest, or, more
accurately, as a tenant who didn't have to pay for room and
board. Linda usually didn't talk much with me either,
until a few weeks before the tragic accident, when her mom
told her she was coming to visit us.

I paid for Linda's trip to get back to her mom's home to
settle whatever was left behind. She made the trip after a
lengthy argument with me, in which I finally convinced her
that I could take care of myself in my wheelchair and
promised to behave while she was away. Linda would dispose
of everything except those that must be kept, and moved
them into my house. It was an agreement. Linda was
homeless and needed a place, not just a rent-free dorm,
until she finished her school and could move out. It would
be more of a headache if Linda had not celebrated her
twenty-first birthday a couple months ago.


"Pizza?" I asked Linda when we were not far away from

"Yeah, okay," Linda responded briefly.

We got a pizza from the pizzeria in a nearby mall and drove
home. We ate the pizza in my kitchen in silence.

I was thinking why fate had to be so cruel to me, to
Brenda, and to this young girl sitting across the table
from me, when Linda broke the silence.

"Derek," Linda asked, "Do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Not at all, what's it?"

"Why didn't things work out between mom and you?"

I looked away from Linda. I didn't want her to gather
anything from my eyes. "I guess it's fate, and also I
wasn't good enough for your mom," I said slowly.

When I returned my eyes to Linda, she was holding the piece
of pizza a few inches from her mouth. She seemed to be in
some thoughts.

"Why did you ask?" I asked after a while.

"You've been very sad since... since the accident," Linda
said, looking at the remaining pizza in the box, "I was
only ten when grand dad passed away, and only fifteen when
dad passed away, but you look more gloomier than mom was
during those two occasions."

"Your grand dad passed away from illness, so did your dad,"
I said, "They were different, they were a slower process in
which your mom could have, I mean, could have, anticipated
and prepared for. It would still hurt a great deal, but
may be not the kind of sudden and astonishing pain."

"May be," Linda echoed after a while.

I gave my pizza a bite and reached for my beer.

"Fate, maybe. I don't think you're not good enough," Linda
said, looking at her pizza.

I stared at Linda, pizza in one hand, and beer in the other
hand, and asked, "Why do you think so?"

"You told me you had never stopped loving mom, even during
the time when you were married," Linda said, looking at my
beer, "At first, I thought it was kind of, like, cheating.
I mean, you weren't supposed to feel for another woman
while you're married. But then, you didn't do anything, to
cheat, I mean. You couldn't control your feelings and
emotions. Those feelings were already there before you got
married. You had to be living in pain."

I masticated over Linda's words. She could be right in
some of her thoughts, but then, she didn't have the full


That night in bed, I went through some of the moments I had
with Brenda.

I remembered clearly how I met Brenda; in fact, I could
still feel the sensation. It was my first freshman week in
college. I was rushing to a lecture hall after spending a
long time trying to locate it. I ran into a girl, knocked
her down, and fell on her. That wasn't a very nice way to
meet a girl, but the feeling was sensational, as I had my
hand on her breast instead of on the floor when I tried to
support myself and to get up.

I couldn't remember how I got to date Brenda. She was
beautiful and there were always guys around her. But we
got to date, despite I was a year behind her in college,
despite she was twenty months older than me, and despite we
had a lousy first acquaintance.

Brenda was a stubborn girl, it was extremely difficult to
convince her on anything she had an opinion on. I used to
be stubborn myself, but a stubborn guy had no right to
maintain his position with a stubborn girl. I had to
please her, it was my obligation.

Both Brenda and I were virgins when we had sex the first
time. It wasn't a very delightful experience. I had
orgasm, that was true, but no guy would want an orgasm when
he was only a couple inches inside a girl for the first
time, and while the girl was screaming in pain. As a
matter of fact, that was a horrifying orgasm, followed by
misery and disappointment on both sides.

Subsequent sexual experiences with Brenda weren't much
better. My best record was eight strokes, whether in her
hand, her mouth, or in her vagina. I had, however, learned
to use my better substitutions -- lips, tongue, and fingers
-- well.

I didn't know what pulled us apart. We had more and more
disputes. We had less and less sex. It didn't mean I
started to love her less, and I knew she still loved me a
lot. I remembered the last time we had sex. Brenda gave
me the best hand job I ever had, despite I still couldn't
last. She had a long talk with me afterwards, nothing
relevant, as I could recall. I didn't recall much though,
as my mind was completely blank halfway into the talk.
After the talk, she put on her clothes and left, instead of
letting me please her. I still remembered indubitably the
last words I told her were: "I love you, Brenda. I'll love
you all my life."

A few months later, I heard from some friends that she got
married and quitted school. She stepped out of my life
completely, except in my dreams.


I was surprised to see a message, left by my colleague, on
my desk one day about three and a half years ago. Brenda
had called me. I didn't know how she found out my
whereabouts. I stared at the message for a long while
before I picked up the phone to call back.

Brenda's voice was still very much like what it was decades
ago. We exchanged our status. Her husband had passed away
several years ago, leaving behind her daughter and herself.
She worked for a department store and they lived happily
despite budget was at times tight. She asked about my
living arrangement.

Brenda then told me her daughter was going to college. Her
daughter got some scholarships from a couple colleges. One
of them was UIUC, the most reputable of them, and the one
her daughter wanted to go to the most. It wasn't a full
scholarship, and Brenda didn't have much money to support
her daughter's college costs. She saw my name in the
directory of the college brochure and came up with an idea,
one that might only work if I was living by myself. She
asked if it was possible for me to rent a room to her
daughter, instead of her looking for rental places, as on-
campus residence was too expensive for them.

It took quite a while, but eventually Brenda agreed that I
would provide her daughter, Linda, with free room and board
while she was in college here.

We started talking over the phone. Talks were usually like
old time friends, or about the arrangements concerning
Linda's stay at my house. I didn't remember when we
started to talk about feelings and the likes. I only knew
we talked more and more frequently, eventually becoming a
daily routine. We put behind our miserable departure which
was already ancient history. We started talking about
seeing each other again; we talked about something that
might make the future of our lives more flourishing.

Brenda decided to come see me. She and I were repeatedly
teased by Linda on how excited and how eager we were. Damn
fate took her away from me some twenty years ago for my
inability to please her. Damn fate didn't even give me a
second chance.


Chapter 2 - Stubborn girl
I was surprised to see Linda in the kitchen eating corn
flakes when I came in after mowing the lawn a few weeks
later on a Sunday morning. She used to stay in bed until
late in the morning on Sundays.

"You're up early today. Where're you going?" I asked.

"I need to study harder for the exam. I don't want to
flunk it again," Linda said, "Do you have breakfast yet?"

"Not yet," I said, "CAS?"

"Yep. Do you want to eat something?"

"Do you want some eggs?" I asked.

Linda turned around to look at me, and asked, "Do you?"

"I can't stand corn flakes, you know that," I said, as I
washed my hands at the sink.

Linda got up from her chair. "I'll make some," she said.

"I'll make some," I said, "You're lousy with eggs."

Linda giggled. She went to the fridge and got some eggs
and hams out.

I made the hot breakfast, and sat down eating it with
Linda. "I haven't heard you talking about yourself for
quite a while," I asked.

"I have nothing bad to report," Linda replied with a smile.

"It seems you haven't been dating since... Bob, right?"

"Yeah, it was Bob. We went our way the day after mom's

"What happened?"

There was some loathing expression in Linda's eyes. "What
would you do to your girlfriend if her mom passed away a
day ago?" She said, looking at my face.

"Calm her, comfort her, stay with her," I said.

"You wouldn't want her to give you a blow job, would you?"

"No," I said, "that's disgusting. I feel sorry for you."

"I'm glad I got to know him before he could bring more
damage to my life," Linda sighed.

"Haven't you met anyone after that?"

Linda finished her breakfast and took her dish to the sink.
"Not yet," she said, "I'd rather wait. I hope I can find a
guy who will love me more than just sex and company.
Someone... Someone like you, who will love a woman for more
than twenty years, probably for life."

I almost dropped my fork. I thought for a moment, and
said, "There are millions of guys who will love their girls
for life. The problem is, are they good enough for the

"You got it all wrong, Derek," Linda said while rinsing
her dish, "There are only two kinds of guys: nice guys,
who will love a girl, disregarding her appearance, her body
and her age; and then, there are jerks, period."

I had finished my breakfast. I was a little stunned by
Linda's remarks. I stared at her.

Linda came over, took my dish, grabbed the fork from my
hand, and looked right into my eyes with her grayish blue
eyes. "What? Am I not inarguably correct?" She asked,
raising her dark brown eyebrow.

"You're as stubborn as your mom," I said.

Linda grimaced at me. "Wrong again, Derek," she said, "I'm
much more stubborn than mom." Then she giggled.

"How many boyfriends have you had?"

"Eight, you?"

"Two," I said, "Your mom, and my ex-wife. How can you
manage to have so many boyfriends? You're only twenty-

"Because I've been unfortunate," Linda said in a factual
tone while she wiped the dishes. She then came back to the
table and sit in her chair, looking at me, and asked, "Can
you tell me something about your ex-wife? mom knew nothing
about her."

"Mom told you everything about me?"

"Well, not all, definitely not all," Linda said, "As a
matter of fact, she never talked about you before I got the
scholarship from UIUC. She did talk a lot about you during
the few months before she came here..." Her voice
saddened. She swayed her head a bit, like she was trying
to get the sad memory off her head, while causing her
shoulder long light blonde hair to waft in the air. She
then continued, "Stop disrupting and talk about your wife,
ex-wife that is."

"Not much to tell about her. We got married for three
years. We got divorced."

"When was it that you got married?"

"I was thirty-two."

"And she?"


"Why did she... never mind... Why didn't you get married

"Hello?" Linda tapped my shoulder when she found me
staring at the fridge and not responding.

"Well, as I said, I'm not up to par, and I enjoy living by

"You do, huh? And why were you so excited every minute
after mom decided to come?" Linda questioned me.

I opened my mouth but couldn't say anything. The painful
memory came back into my mind. I looked blankly at Linda.

"I'm sorry, Derek," Linda said miserably, "I didn't mean
it. I didn't..." She dropped back and sobbed.

I leaned forward and patted her on the shoulder. "Don't
worry, Linda, don't cry," I calmed her.

It took a while for Linda to calm down. "I'm sorry, Derek.
I promise I won't do that again. You can kick me out of
the house if I ever do it again," she said.

I smiled at her. "I'm taking the car out for an oil
change," I said, as I got up.

"All right," Linda said, "I'm going to do my laundry. I'll
do yours as well."

"No, I'll do mine when I get back."

"Why don't you let me do yours?"

"Linda, I'm a man, my laundry is filthy; I have underwear
in my basket."

"You wear underwear, not panties, right?" She said,
winking at me.

"Of course."

"So what's the big deal? Sometimes I did my dad's

"But he's your dad."

"So? Wait! You had done my laundry before. I wasn't your
daughter, right?" She said, and winked at me again.

Honestly I didn't remember if I had done her laundry
before, but I didn't argue. I went for the oil change.


Chapter 3 - She Used You

I grabbed a magazine and sat in a chair in the customer
lounge. I flipped through the magazine but my mind went
back to the past.

I met Cindy at a friend's wedding. It was the second year
I worked as a lecturer in Kinesiology at UIUC. She didn't
catch much of my attention. In fact, nobody did, since
Brenda left me. Besides, she was with a guy, and I was
with some guys.

A few days later I saw her in the cafeteria on campus.
Part of the staff lounge was under renovation and was very
crowded there, so I went to the public cafeteria. I didn't
recognized her, but thought it would be rude not to say
hello to a girl who greeted me. So I did, and sat at her
table. We talked briefly. I learned that she just got
dumped by her boyfriend, and referred to all male human as
jerks. Partly to defend the entire gender's position, and
partly to calm her down, I tried my best to talk nicely to
her. I didn't know it would cost me so much.

Chemistry began to developed between Cindy and me. We
dated. Cindy was in her second year of medical school, so
we didn't have a lot of time together. Nevertheless time
with her was mostly joyful. Cindy moved into my apartment
a few months later, and we got married less than a year
from our first date.

I had never fucked Cindy before our wedding. I was too
scared. I did my best to satisfy her sexual needs with
alternative means, and I knew she enjoyed them very much.
That meant a lot to me. Cindy insisted we had sex the
regular way on our wedding night. I was disappointed to
find out I hadn't improved. Actually I had, by one more
stroke, which brought my record to nine. We did it again
that night twice, I fell short by two strokes once, and
didn't bother to try breaking my record and returned to my
better alternatives for the last try. It was on the
following morning I made history by hitting ten strokes; it
was the only time.

Cindy started getting more and more busy as she started her
rotation phrase working eighty hours a week at the
hospital, plus extra time needed for studying and exams. I
didn't get to see her much. I rarely got to please her in
bed. I did everything else to please her: buying her
gifts, did all cooking, did the laundry, taking her to
dinners, I had even considered hiring her a male prostitute
as a surprise substitute.

She was too busy at the hospital that I didn't get to see
her on our third anniversary. Thirteen days later, she had
a brief talk with me in the kitchen when I got home. She
wanted a divorce. She moved out that same day.

My attorney managed to stop her lawyer from seeking alimony
money from me. He told me he used a strategy that would
turn the already lengthy process into an eternal one, which
Cindy apparently didn't want to go through. I knew it, as
I was told she moved into a male intern's apartment the day
she moved out from my house.

I never saw Cindy after the court hearing which concluded
my only marriage. I stopped seeing anyone who had direct
or indirect relationship with Cindy.


Linda was in her room studying when I got home. I went to
the basement and went through the rubbish I had been
keeping for years. I stuffed some into two garbage bags,
and went for the curbside. I realized they wouldn't be
collecting garbage until the following Tuesday, so I
carried them back to my house and headed for the garage.

Linda was looking for something in the fridge when she saw
me with the two bags.

"Where do you get that much garbage from?" Linda asked?

"Basement, I was clearing junks I had been keeping," I

Linda giggled. "Sounds like grand dad," she said, "any

"No, they're all junks left over from the years when I was

"Oh. Do you have a picture of her?" Linda asked eagerly.
Before I responded, she was already digging inside one of
the bag.

"This is her, right?" Linda showed me an old photo from
the bag. It was a photo of Cindy and me in our wedding."

I nodded.

"Not as pretty as I had expected," Linda commented, "I
had expected her to be very pretty. You know, I thought
any girl you would bring home had got to be beautiful.
Mom's beautiful, you were tasteful."

I laughed. "Not at all. I was just lucky, well, too lucky
with your mom."

"I need a break from the books," Linda said, "Do you mind
telling me something about her?"

I was hesitating when Linda shoved my elbow and asked
again, "Please?"

I briefly told her the story.

Linda had some thoughts afterwards. "She's a bitch, Derek.
Do you know she was using you?" She said.

"Why do you think so?"

"You provided her with everything free, and you didn't even
get to see her once in a while," she said.

"Rotation phrase takes all of your time and spirit," I

"The hospital uses a rotation shift system, so you get to
have some full day off during the weeks. Was she here with
you when she was off?"

"Busy studying," I said, "usually with other med

"Ah, I bet you had no clue who they were," Linda said in
disgust, "Did you buy her a car?"

"I did."

"Did you run over your credit card limit buying her gifts?"

"I did it on my own accord."

Linda came over, patted me on the shoulder, and beamed,
"I'm glad you're getting rid of her."

"It was already history. The divorce was some six years

"No, it had still been here," Linda said, as she poked my
head, "Until now, they are garbage now." She smiled.


Chapter 4 - Celebration

"Professor Monahan?"

I raised my head, and saw Linda leaning against the door in
the office I shared with three other colleagues.

"What happened, Linda?" I asked. I rarely saw her coming
to my office. I hoped nothing went wrong.

"Nothing's wrong, don't worry. When are you leaving?"

I looked at the papers on my desk. "Do you want to go
now?" I asked.

"If you're leaving, otherwise I'll spend some time at the

"Well, they're students' works; I can take care of them at
home. Let's go," I said, as I got my briefcase and
stuffed it with the papers. I took a look at my watch and
it showed a little after six o'clock. "What keeps you
staying so late today?"

"I was doing a little research in the library," Linda said
as we left my office.

"Did you find what you needed?" I asked on the way to the
staff parking lot.

"Yep. Hey, what do you have in mind for dinner?"

"What do you want?"

"How about chinese food?"

"Fine, we can pick up some orders on our way home."

"Why don't we go to May Flowers?"

"You want to go to a restaurant?" I said and looked at

"It's boring eating while watching the fridge and you all
the time in your kitchen," Linda said, and then giggled.

I laughed. "Turn around so I can kick you in the butt," I

Linda turned around, bent away from me, and laughed.


"Yummy," Linda said, as we were enjoying the complimentary
dessert following the delicious dishes. "Can you cook
Chinese food?" She asked.

"No, but I guess I can learn some," I said, "I'll go look
for a cookbook tomorrow."

"No, Mr. Chef, I'm not suggesting you to learn it. I was
just asking."

"Well, no harm learning," I said.

"True, if you're into eating chinese food all the time,"
Linda said, "and not because I said I like it."

I started to evaluate how much I like chinese food. They
tasted so great I always had the desire to lick the dishes
clean, but they were usually pretty heavy for me. I didn't
know how much I would like it on a regular basis. "I'll go
get a cookbook tomorrow," I said.

We talked for a while before Linda waved a steward over.
"Can I have the check, please?" She asked.

When the steward came back a while later, I reached for the
check. Linda stopped me. "I'm buying you this meal," she

"No," I said, "I'm paying. Get your hand off the check.
You don't want to tear it apart, right?"

Linda didn't let go the check, she grabbed a chopstick and
hit my hand with it. "Listen, Mr. Landlord, I'm buying you
this meal to celebrate something," she said.

The check slipped out of my hand. "Celebrate what?" I

"I've got a job, Actuarial Trainee at Provincial Farm,"
Linda said, smiling happily.

"Following graduation?"

"Yep. I got the letter this morning."

"Cool, that's great," I said, "let me pay the check to

Linda giggled. "Doh!" She stuck her tongue at me.


"So you're moving to Bloomington following the graduation,
right?" I asked while driving home.

"Yeah, most likely," Linda said, "our agreement called for
me moving out when I could make my own money, correct?"

"Well, it actually meant you wouldn't have to worry before

"So, are you saying I can continue to stay at your house
and save my rental money for a vacation?"

"Well, I guess if you continue to stay, you do have to pay

"How much will it cost a poor trainee to rent a room at
your house?"

"Well, I guess fifty dollars look like a fair deal."

"Fifty a week? That's a lot! You're so mean!"

"If that's too much, you can pay fifty a month."

"Can I bring a boyfriend home?"

I turned over to see her. She was giggling. "Well, don't
let him get into my bedroom," I said, "or my den."

There was a brief silence between us. Then Linda asked,
"Are you serious?"

"About what?"

"Fifty a month," Linda said.

"Plus the laundry," I said.

"Deal," Linda said with a smile.

"How long does it take to get to work from my house?" I

"About an hour, may be one and a half. I'm not sure how
bad the rush hour traffic is."

"Do you need a car? It will cut the traveling time to
around thirty minutes."

Linda didn't answer. I looked over. She was gazing at me.
"You didn't mean you were going to buy me a car, did you?"
she said.

"Well, a crappy old used car won't cost a lot or I can lend
you some money."

"Derek, thanks," Linda turned away from my face, and said,
"I'll buy one myself when I can get a loan from the bank,
but you can be my guarantor and suffer when I decide to

"Sounds fair," I said.


Chapter 5 - Am I Pretty?

I opened the door and stepped from the garage into the
kitchen. It was a nice thing about the modern designed
houses despite built with much inferior material - garages
were now usually a part of the house. I would have been
frozen to a fruit bar if I had to walk from a detached
garage into the house. Weather in February wasn't fun at
all in this region.

I was about to go up the stairs when I saw Linda in the
family room, lying in the couch. Her arms and legs
stretched wide apart, and her head hanged over the top of
the back of the couch. I dashed over to her. She looked
weakly at me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I'm dying," she said weakly.

"Why? What happened?"

"I was wasted."

"Who wasted you?"

"Students opinion poll. They made me run fifty thousand
times back and forth between Garland Hall and Lockhart
Building. They forgot I wasn't a dog and it was minus ten
outside," Linda whined weakly.

I was relieved. I was worried some misfortune had happened
to her. "Are you okay now?" I asked.

"I hope so. Are my legs still with me?" Linda said.

"Barely," I laughed, "Go take a hot bath. Do you need me
to carry you up?"

"It would be nicer if you could set the water for me,"
Linder said. She began to got up from the couch, and
chirped, "Sore feet, I'm going to die."

"Okay. I'll set the water. I'll give you a foot massage
after your bath," I offered.

"You can?" Linda asked, looking at my face, "You don't
teach physiotherapy."

"I'm probably better than a physiotherapist. Although I
teach Kinesiology, I have a PhD in foot massaging, pre-
requisite for my previous marriage," I said.

Linda laughed all the way while I went up the stairs for
the bathroom.

She came back to the family room after her bath. She had
changed into tee and shorts. I was watching tv with the
Bengay on the coffee table.

I pointed at the far side of the couch. "Sit there," I
said, "and put your feet here." I patted my lap.

"Oh, this feels great. You should make it a sideline
business," Linda said while I was rubbing her feet.

I laughed but didn't say anything. I continued with the
job. I patted her feet when the job was done.

"Derek, would you mind doing my shank too?" Linda asked, "I
almost had a spasm. Well, in fact I had a spasm.
Actually, I had a couple spasms."

I laughed. "Alright. Turn over," I said.

Linda turned over in the couch with her stomach on the
cushion and her legs on my lap.

I squeezed some Bengay on her calf muscles and began my
work while Linda was humming some tunes.

"You know, Derek, if I had known you were so good with this
sideline business, I would have saved up all my money and
pay you fifty cents an hour to do it everyday," Linda said.

"Thank you, I never knew I worth that much. Fifty cents is
a hell of a lot," I said, as I patted her calf and pulled
some tissues from the box to wipe my hands.

Linda pointed her finger at the back of her thigh. "Spasm
extends to here," she said.

"That's it. My fingers are getting sore. Out of practice
for too long," I said, and lifted her leg out of my lap,
"I'm going to take a shower now."

"I'm dying, I'm sore, I'm wasted, I'm..." Linda continued
humming as I went upstairs for the bathroom.

I finished the shower and struggled to my room. My dick
was still hurting from burn as I forgot to wash my hands
thoroughly before jerking off. I however felt good about
my speedy finish. If I had to stroke for five minutes to
shoot, I would have to be sent to hospital for extensive

When I came back downstairs, Linda was still laying flat in
the couch facing down. One of her arm was on her side and
the other one hanging down to the floor.

"Why are you still here? Why don't you go for a nap?" I

"Waiting for part three of the foot massage," she said

"No part three," I said, "Do you want a nap now or after

"I have fifty cents, dinner's too early."

I laughed. "I need to do some grading. Now, go take a nap
before I kick your butt, which is part four of the
massage," I said.

Linda went upstairs after a pout on the couch and a grimace
at me when she passed by me.


I was watching news on tv when Linda came down after her
nap. "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes," I told her.

"What's on news?"

"Ha-ha," I laughed at the news. An actress, Barbara
Senogrande, who had a sexual reputation, was suing a firm
that produced 'love toys' and used her image in one of
their produce lines.

Linda rushed over to check what the funny news was. "Have
you bought one from them?" She turned to ask me, then
covered her ass with her hands and scuttled into the
kitchen, giggling.

"Can you tell me something?" Linda asked me during dinner.

"Sure, what is it?"

"How sexy do you think Barbara Senogrande is?"

"She's okay," I said.

"Come on," Linda said, leaning forward, "She's big!" She
stretched out her arms to indicate the bigness.

I almost choked. "Yeah, I think she'll be even sexier if
she stuffs a balloon or two inside her dress," I said.

Linda bent in her chair laughing. "No, serious, how sexy
is she?" She asked after her laughter.

"She's okay," I said, "but she's not my style. I won't buy
her toy."

"What's your style?" Linda asked, and leaned forward,

"A few more balloons," I said, "Now, eat your spaghetti!"
I pointed at her dish.

Linda crammed her mouth with spaghetti and meatballs,
swallowed them almost without chewing, then continued,
"Mom... mom didn't have a few more balloons, but she was
almost perfect to you, right?"

I dropped my fork in the dish, leaned forward, and said,
"The balloons go here," I pointed at my chest. "I mean,
inside. No, stop giggling! Not inside the dress. I mean
inside the skin; I mean the heart. Now, forget the
balloons and finish your spaghetti."

"Okay, okay, mister, I'll eat, I'll eat," Linda said. She
raised a hand up in a surrendering pose and covered her
mouth with another hand giggling.

"Am I pretty?" Linda gave me a surprise question when I
was doing the dishes.

I turned around. She had a little pink on her face. "Of
course you are," I said, as I turned back to the dishes,
"You had eight boyfriends. They couldn't have all gone

"What do you think?"

I sighed, "You're pretty," I said, "I've been telling all
my students, they'll soon organize a tour to come see you."

Linda giggled. "But I don't have the kind of curly and
thick eyelashes like mom had," she said.

"No, but you have pretty and long eyelashes," I said,
while rinsing the dishes.

"I'm not big."

I turned around with another sigh. Linda was stretching
her hands out. I groaned, "Linda!" I paused as I thought
of something. "Wait, Linda," I asked, "Is there a guy
you're trying to draw his attention and he's not noticing

"Well, kind of," Linda said slowly, while looking down at
her hands and rubbing her fingers.

I went over and sat down at the table. "Linda, didn't you
tell me you'd rather to have guys who would love your
inside and not your appearance?" I said softly.

"Yeah, I did," Linda said.


"So, nothing," Linda said slowly. She raised her head to
look at me, and made up a smile.

"Okay, tell you what," I said, "You finish the dishes, and
I'll tell you something."

"Cheap labor I am," Linda murmured and went to do the job.
When the dishes were done, she turned to look at me,
leaning against the counter, and said, "Done."

"Okay, Linda, you're pretty. You have an exquisite face
and nimble eyes. You're not big, but you're well
proportioned; you also have slender legs," I said, "And,
most important of all, you have a great heart; you're a
nice girl."

Linda started smiling with a little blush on her face.

I continued, "So, Linda, if a guy doesn't notice all these
qualities of yours, he's blind. He's not worth a dime to
you. You can go look elsewhere. Do you need me to put up
a personal ad for you?"

Linda grinned. "Personal ad sounds like a good idea; I
want them six feet tall, muscular, romantic, caring, will
guarantee to love me for twenty years, and have at least
ten million dollars in the bank," she said.

"Alright, now go do your homework," I said, as I got up and
walked towards the den.

"PhD in foot massaging will be an added asset," Linda
continued as I switched on the light in the den.


Chapter 6 - New Date

It was only a couple months, but the weather, as well as
scene on the street, were so different between April and
February. Temperature was now in the seventies instead of
the thirties, branches of trees were now completely covered
with green leaves.

I pulled my car into the garage, got into the kitchen,
dropped my briefcase on the floor, and opened the fridge
thinking what to eat that evening. I usually ate more on
Fridays, but Linda had been complaining lately about me
feeding her too much. I decided salads and some rotini
with sliced chicken might be a nice idea.

Linda came down from upstairs. I glanced over. She was
apparently on her way out. "Where are you going?" I

"I've got a date tonight," Linda said, "I'm not going to
have dinner at home."

"A date," I echoed. "Enjoy the date, Linda," I said.

"Thanks, Derek," she said, then smiled at me and went out.

Instead of rotini and salad, I had a couple of beer for
dinner. I wasn't hungry anyway. I went for a walk after
the dinner. It would be relieving and refreshing. However
the weather seemed to be more irritating than comforting.
I didn't feel relieved or refreshed. I came back home
feeling bad. I went to do my readings and preparation for
work. I must be too tired, as I couldn't concentrate. I
went for another walk. It was a even worse walk. I came
home depressed. I turned on the tv and went through all
the channels before I gave up. I switched to stereo. I
went through all radio channels, they were all like animal
channels. I went through my compact-discs. I never knew I
had such lousy tastes for music, they were all noisy dins.
I took a shower. It was terrible, I couldn't even get my
dick hard enough for a jerk-off. I went to bed.

A while later I heard the door opened. I knew Linda was
back home. It was the smartest decision I made that night
-- going to bed in time. In my present mood it didn't seem
a nice situation to talk with Linda. I glanced at my
digital alarm clock, it was almost eleven; Linda didn't
have a long night out for a date. I heard Linda went to
use the bathroom and went back to her room. I tried to
sleep, I knew I was tired. I fell asleep before dawn.

I woke up late on Saturday. I knew Linda was already off
to work. I knew I could have some peaceful time to do some
work or readings. The reading got me bored before I even
started, so was the work. I went for a walk. I broke my
record, I went for walks twenty-three times in a day. Too
bad it wasn't the number I could count to before I would
finish in any of my sexual intercourses. I sat in the
couch staring at the clock on the tea table. It was almost
six, as I suddenly realized. Linda would be home anytime.
I was thinking whether I should take another walk when she
opened the door and came in.

Linda was a little surprised to see me in the family room
doing nothing. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"Nothing, just taking a break from my reading," I said,
keeping my eyes on the blank tv screen.

"Oh, okay," She said as she walked towards the stairs.

"Are you staying for dinner or going out?" I asked when
she came down a while later.

"I'm staying," Linda said.

"What do you want for dinner?" I asked.

Linda tilted her head. "Let me see," she said as she went
into the kitchen. She opened the fridge door and checked
the inventory. "What about flounder?"

"Sure. Can you get them to the countertop? I'll be there
in a minute."

"Let me fix the meal," Linda said.

"No, you don't know how to do it," I said, "let me do it."

Linda come out of the kitchen, stood in front of me, and
said, "You told me how to do it when you did it last time;
I think I have a clue. After all, you look tired, and I
want to have a chance to learn doing it. I can't expect
you to cook for me my entire life, can I?"

"I guess you're right," I said, "let me show you how."

Linda giggled. "You're not going to show me how. You're
going to be the victim to try them out when they're done."

Linda looked at me eagerly when I put the first piece of
flounder into my mouth. "How's it?" She asked.

"Too dry," I said, "and too salty."

Linda had a little pink on her face. "Sorry, next time
it'll be better."

"No next time," I said, "I'll do it next time."

"Yes, there will be next time, in fact all the time," Linda
said, "I'm serious, Derek. I want to learn, so you have to
suffer. Is it okay?"

"I guess so," I said slowly in a low voice.

Linda had a big smile. "Why didn't you ask me how was my
date last night?" she asked.

"How was your date last night?"

Linda gave me a sly smile. "It was okay, nothing special
to report," she said.

I had wanted to have the meal finished peacefully, but
Linda kept making me to ask stupid questions about her
work, her school, and even her cat -- which she never had
one. I was getting annoyed by this girl.

"I'm going for a walk," I told Linda after I finished doing
the dishes.

"Nice, I'll go with you. Is that okay?"

I hesitated for a moment. "I want to take a walk alone; I
haven't done it in a while. I hope you don't mind," I

"Okay, Derek."

It was a very long walk. I waited until I believed Linda
would have gone to bed before getting back. I could see
from the outside that my house had no light on except in
the kitchen. "Nice time management," I told myself. I
opened the door and went into the kitchen.

Linda was there, dressed in her sleeping tee, and sat in
the dining chair facing my direction. Her feet were on the
table, and a book was laying in her lap. "Where have you
been?" she asked, "I've been worrying."

"I took a long walk. Sorry, Linda."

"What went wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, don't worry."

"Yes, something's wrong. Can you tell me?"

"No, nothing's wrong."

Linda got up from the chair, dropped her book on the table,
and came over to me. "Derek?" She asked.


"How many family members do you have now?"

"None, why?"

"Who's your best friend?"

"Jack Lamont, why?"

"Where's he?"

"Chicago, why?"

"When was the last time you talked with him?"

"Last Christmas, why?"

"Okay," Linda said, looking straight into my eyes, "so I'm
probably the person you see the most and also closest to
you, right?"

"May be," I said, as I turned my eyes away from her.

"Well, Derek, you have something... some problems. Even a
dog can tell. So why don't you tell me. May be I can
help?" Linda shifted a little so she could looked into my
eyes again.

"Really nothing, I'm honest."

Linda sighed, "Derek, I wished I had a rope here now. I
want to hang you until you admit it." She raised her
voice. "No! You're not honest!"

"I am."

"Then why don't you look at me? No, no, no, don't look at
my feet, look at my eyes," Linda said.

I turned around. "I'm sorry, Linda. I have to take a
shower and then go to bed. I'm tired," I said, and went
up the stairs as Linda sighed behind me.


Chapter 7 - Crossing the Line

I didn't know how long I had been in bed staring at the
ceiling when I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

"Derek?" Linda asked softly from outside.


"Can I come in?"

"What's wrong?"

"Can I come in?"


"You had a nightmare?" I asked when I saw her standing at
my door. She looked very tensed. My room oversaw a lamp
post on the street so it wasn't as dark as in other rooms
at the back of the house.

"Can I... come over?" Linda asked in a tensed voice.

"Sure," I said and leaned towards the night table to turn
on the lamp.

"Can you turn it off?" Linda said as she raised a hand to
shield her eyes from the sudden brightness from the lamp.
She was standing next to my bed.

"Okay," I said, as I turned off the lamp, "What's the

"Derek, I have something to confess," Linda said, "Can I
sit down?"

"Okay," I said, as I shifted to the edge of the bed,
leaving most part of my bed to her.

Linda climbed into the bed and into the sheets, leaning
against the headboard; she stayed at the other edge of the
bed. "I lied to you. I'm sorry. I faked the date," she
said slowly, looking straight ahead.


"There was no date; I didn't have a date last night; I made
it up; I went to watch a movie by myself last night,"
Linda said.

"Why did you make it up?"

"Because..." She said, then halted for a moment before she
continued, "Derek, I told you about my lie. I'm being
honest with you. Will you be honest with me?"


"You weren't okay. There's something wrong... or something
bothering you. Is that correct?"

I hesitated for a little while. "I'm fine, nothing's
wrong, don't worry," I said.

Linda moved over to me. She looked steadily into my eyes,
and said, "Derek, look at my eyes."

I looked at her eyes. Her eyes were twinkling.

"Derek, do you like me?" Linda asked.

"Of course I like you. You're a nice girl," I said.

"No, Derek, not that kind of 'like'. Do you feel for me?"

I was stunned by this straightforward question. "No," I
replied promptly as I recovered.

"You're not looking at my eyes, Derek."

"Linda, why don't we talk tomorrow? I'm tired, I'm sure
you are too," I said.

There was a momentary silence between us. "Derek, do you
think it is wrong if you feel for me?"

"Of course."


"Because you're Brenda's daughter. You're like my niece."

"Am I your niece?"



"Linda, you're only twenty-two, I'm old enough to be your
dad, and you're a student at my school."

Linda smiled. "Good, Derek, you're looking at my eyes
now," she said, "And you're starting to get honest to
yourself. Derek, do you feel for me?"

"Linda, please don't talk about this kind of thing, okay?
Please," I begged.

"Okay, Derek," She said. I started to feel relieved.
Then she continued. "Tell me how you've been feeling last
night and today, be honest, please?"

"I don't know."

"You know, you've been feeling bad. Even a cat can tell.
Am I right?"

After a lengthy struggle, I admitted, "Yes,"

"Why did you feel bad?"

"I don't know."

"You felt bad because I went on date. Am I right?"

"No, I felt good for you to go on date. It's good for
you," I said.

"Derek, you're not looking at my eyes again," she said.
She held my cheek in her hands and made me look at her
before she continued, "Tell the truth, okay? Please!"

"Yes," I said, eventually, after like an eternity.

"You felt bad because I went on date, why?"

"I don't know."


"Really. Now, please, no more interrogations, please!"

Linda thought for a moment. She smiled. "Okay, but just
one more," she said, "and, this is an easy one: Do you
think I like you? Not that kind of niece to uncle thing."

"No, and you shouldn't."

"You're right, Derek," Linda said, smiling as I breathed
in a big relief. "I don't like you, Derek," Linda
continued very slowly, "I'm in love with you." She had a
red face, which could be noticed easily even in the dim
light from the street.

"What? No, you can't, Linda. You can't!"

"Is it against the law?"

"No, no, but, but..."

Linda pressed her lips on mine before I could continue.
She had very soft lips. They were also like electrodes,
spreading current to my whole body the moment they touched
my lips. I felt sore throughout. It took me a while to
realize what I was doing. I was sucking on her lips, and
my hands were caressing her back. I almost jumped.

"Linda, we can't do this," I said, breathing heavily.

She was also breathing heavily. "Yes we can, Derek, unless
you don't like me," she whispered in my ear, and started
moving her hand on my chest.

I had a mixed feeling. It felt extremely good. Despite I
had not had a woman's hand on my chest for ages, I could
still tell it was a marvelous feeling, and a very
distinctive one. I also felt terrified, this was totally
wrong; it had to be stopped. I had to protest, and I did.
I started groaning.

My protest amplified when Linda's finger sent a high
voltage current into the tip of my dick through the fabric.
I had no idea when I had started having a hard-on. I
groaned louder, I also yelled instinctively, "No! Don't."

I objected, loudly, as she squeezed my dick gently, "No!

I demurred, screaming out, when she stroked my dick through
the fabric, sending a thrill beyond my ability to stand it.
"No! Linda, Don't! Oh..."

It was too late, I squirted in my underwear. I gnawed my
lip and breathed heavily as Linda stopped the teasing with
her mouth gaped.

Linda giggled. "Looks like you haven't had much sensations
for a very long time," She said, and smiled while running
her finger softly on my limping tool through the fabric.

I didn't know what to do. My mind was blank.

Linda got out of the bed and went to my drawer chest. She
opened a drawer and got out a pair of clean underwear. She
came over to my bed, flipped the blanket off me, dropped
the clean underwear beside my leg, and removed my stained
underwear. I felt sore while Linda was doing it. I
couldn't gather enough strength to stop her. Linda wiped
me with tissues from the night table and replaced my
underwear. She covered me with the blanket and came back
into the bed from the other side. She snuggled against me.

"So, do you feel better now?" She asked, looking in my

"You shouldn't have done it, I'll go to jail."

"Why would you go to jail? Did you rape me?" Linda said,
and smiled slyly at me.

"I'll go to hell."

"Screw hell. Look at me, Derek. Do you feel for me?"

"I do," I said after a moment of hesitation, looking at
her. The squirt I had in my underwear took all my
defending willpower and pride away. I was left hopelessly
with nothing to shield my emotions.

Linda smiled. Her smile grew bigger and sweeter. She
moved her lips towards mine. I kissed her passionately; I
sucked her lips and tongue fervently; I held her to me as
closely as I could; I stroked her back vigorously. It was
a very, very long kiss. "This can't be real," I told

"Can I sleep here tonight?" Linda asked after the kiss.

I didn't know if my eyes said yes, or my smile did. I only
knew Linda leaned her head on my shoulder and snuggled
against me. I had a warm and yet sore feeling. My mind
was still blank, but I also had a comfortable feeling
inside, one which I couldn't figure out. It was some
feeling I rarely, if ever, had. The moment I closed my
eyes, I fell asleep.

I had a dream, a very sweet and very erotic dream. I was
making love to Linda in the dream. It was the best sex I
ever had. It was a passionate and long-lasting one. It
was the best dream I ever had. The feeling and sensation
were more than real. It couldn't be that great. I opened
my eyes.

I wasn't in a dream. Linda was straddling atop me. My
cock was inside her. It was already in the morning. I
could see every detail on her face. She was smiling
sweetly at me. She was still wearing her sleeping tee, but
I could see her breast waggled in her garment as she moved
up and down. I felt her massaging my dick with her warm
and moist heavenly muscles. Every single cell on the skin
of my dick was sending joyful signals to my brain.

Linda bent down and kissed me, while pausing her hip
movements. Before I knew, I was sucking her tongue. I was
caressing her back. My tongue was dancing with hers. I
lowered my hands to her ass and grabbed her, pulling her
towards me. My dick was sending blissful signals too fast
for my brain to receive. I knew this was wrong, but I
couldn't help.

Linda broke the kiss and resumed her hip movements. I
groaned out loud. I saw her smile turning into tight jaws
while her head started to tilt backward. She increased her
speed on the ride. I felt my cock thrusting deep into her
pussy and all the way out. I remembered I forgot to tell
her something, but it was too late.

Before I could count to three, I was coming. I
involuntarily shoveled as deep as I could inside her, and
exploded. I felt limp all over. I huffed and puffed
noisily. Linda smiled again. She bent down again and
massaged my lips with hers, and started to lick my lips,
and then my face.

"I'm sorry, Linda," I said, the moment I could start

Linda whispered softly in my ear, "Why sorry?"

"It's wrong."

"It's not wrong. It's good. You've fucked me. I'm not
your little girl anymore, I'm your woman now. And, don't
tell me you didn't like it."

I knew she was right. It felt great, and I liked it,
despite I couldn't control myself, as usual. She wasn't my
little girl anymore, although the new relationship didn't
sound right to me. I also knew she didn't have her part of
ecstasy yet, no female had ever had that with me in an

"How long have you... have we been doing it?" I asked.

"For a while," Linda said, smiling.

"How many strokes?"


"How many strokes had I made it?"

Linda giggled. "I didn't count, should I?" she said

"More than five?" I asked.

"Of course," Linda said, still giggling, "Why?"

"Linda, I'm not the right one for you, believe me."

"Why do you think so?"

I looked away from her for a little while as I sighed. "My
best record was ten strokes, under all circumstances. I
had never brought joy to a woman when inside," I said
slowly, "I'm a lousy lover and I'm very lousy in bed."

Linda looked like she couldn't stop giggling. "Are you
serious?" she asked.

"Very serious."

"Well, Derek, then you've broken your record by a huge
margin. It couldn't be ten, it had to be a lot more than
that," Linda said, and blushed, "I was almost there.
If... if you had shoveled a little more deeper when you
came, or just one more thrust, I would have been there.
And know what?"


Linda closed her eyes momentarily with a smile, as if
enjoying something great. She opened her eyes again and
said, "It still feels good to have you inside me now."

I smiled back, there was nothing I could say.

"Was it the reason why things didn't work between mom and
you? The ten strokes thing?" Linda asked with a naughty

"My best record was eight with her. I guess it's a reason,
one of the reasons," I said.

Linda didn't say anything but came down on me. Her breast
pressed against my chest, and her face rubbing mine. "I'm
sorry about that, Derek," she whispered.

I didn't say anything. I caressed her back and shoulder.

"I love you, Derek," Linda whispered.

"I love you, Linda," I said.

Linda raised her head in a jerk and looked at me. She had
a very contented smile on her face. "Say it again?" she

"I love you, Linda," I said again, with a smile.

Linda kissed me passionately. "Do you know this is better
than any sex I ever had?" She said and smiled at me after
the kiss.

"Sex will pull us apart," I sighed.

"No, Derek. First, you don't know your limit yet. You
were probably too young when you did it with mom, and she
was young too. Second, sex is not what drew me to you,
it's your persistence in love, caring about me, and you
yourself. Furthermore, we won't know the answer if we
never give it a try. I can't guarantee anything, but give
me a chance, and we may make anything happen."

"You've been warned," I said, "Shit!"


"Linda, go wash yourself now! I didn't have condom on."

Linda giggled. "I'm on pills," she said.

"You're on pills? I thought you hadn't dated for more than
a year."

"I hadn't dated. I've been on pills waiting for this day
to come."


"Do you know how bad I felt when I knew I needed you, but
couldn't have you?"


"It was very painful, it hurt very badly. You'll have to


"You'll be wasted. You've been warned," Linda said, with a
mischievous smile.

I laughed. We held each other tightly for a long, long

"I'll use the bathroom first, then I'll make breakfast for
you," Linda said.

"I'll do it."

"No, you don't. From now on, I do all cooking. You'll eat
the food I make, no matter how terrible they are. It's
part of the compensation," She said, and giggled.


"Why did you fake the date?" I asked Linda while having

There was a little pink on her face as she raise her head
to look at me. "It was a torture knowing I was in love
with you and not sure how much you felt about me. I was
quite convinced you had some feeling on me, not that kind
of fatherly love thing, but I wasn't entirely sure. I
figured if I made up something like that, you might tell me
something, or showed something, or put a move on me," she
said, smiling, "You showed it, although I knew you were
trying very hard to hide it. I'm sorry, Derek. I could
see you were hurt rather badly. I should have simply told
you the truth and let you... Damn, it wouldn't work. I had
to blow you to make you tell the truth." She giggled.

I laughed with a little embarrassment.

"Derek, I had a long thought before I knocked on your door
last night," she went on, "The age gap is nothing, and I'm
an adult. In about a month's time I'll be out of the
campus, so the school isn't a problem as well. I had
thought of mom, and how she would feel." Linda pointed her
forefinger up, indicating heaven, and then continued, "I'm
sure she'll endorse it. She can't stay with you, in this
world; who else will be better than her daughter? Besides,
who won't mind, and in fact, will love you, for loving my
mom all your life?"

I couldn't come up with anything to dispute, although I was
still rather uneasy about the fact and the development.


"Derek, do you want to take me to the park?" Linda asked,
as I was gathering dishes to the sink.

"You're having your final exams soon, don't you need to
study more?"

Linda came behind me, putting her hands on my shoulder, and
asked softly, "Will you feel very uneasy if I ask you to
hold my hands in the park?"

I thought for a moment. "I think so," I said slowly.

Linda leaned her head on my back and said, "Derek, we can
take time to see how things work out. I want you to be
happy. I don't want you to do anything with me that you
feel bad. I know it's not easy for you; it's not easy for
me either. But I have confidence in you, and I know we'll
be able to make it through one day." She ran her fingers
on my back.

I rinsed the dishes, wiped them, and put them back to the
cupboards. I turned around, held her in my arms, and
kissed her.

The phone rang. I went for the phone reluctantly. It was
May, a classmate of Linda who I had seen in my house a few
times. I passed the phone to Linda. "It's May," I said.

Linda talked for a while on the phone. Then she covered
the mouthpiece with one hand and asked me, "She wants to
come over; she has some problems in a few topics. Can

"Sure," I said.

I spent the day doing my works and readings, which I should
have done the previous two days, in my den. The girls were
working on their problems in the kitchen.

I told the girls to move their stuff to the dining room
while I made dinner. We had dinner together. I drove May
back after the dinner, Linda on my side and May in the back
of my car.

While driving back to my home, I said, "It really will be
more convenient if you have your own car."

Linda glared at me, and said, "I told you I would be buying
my own car. If you want to spend money on me, buy me some
sexy lingerie."

I laughed. "Not a bad idea, not bad at all," I said.


Chapter 8 - We Made it

We got into the kitchen from the garage. We kissed.

"Do you know what I want to do now?" Linda said after the

"What do you want?"

"I want to suck your cock," Linda said softly, as she
rubbed my bulge with her body.

I laughed with a dry mouth.

She held my hand and led me back to my room. She removed
my clothes, teasing me here and there, and turned on the
lamp on the night table. She ran her fingers softly over
my hard-on. "You have a beautiful cock," she said.

"Thank you, this is the first time I hear a compliment
about it," I said.

Linda smiled, stepped back a bit, and raised her arm,
looking at me.

I went over, lifted her tee-shirt, and pulled it off her
head. I unclipped her bra while watching her watering
eyes. "You are beautiful," I said, adoring her as her bra
dropped onto the carpet.

"Not as big as mom, I know, even when she was younger."

"No, but very beautiful. I'm scared, I may explode the
moment I touch them," I said, my mouth was dry.

Linda put my hands on her breast and smiled. "You're not
exploding yet," she said. Gosh, her breast were firm, her
skin was soft, her nipples were stiff. It was nearly
beyond what I could stand when touching her and playing
with her nipples.

I ran my fingers down her body. I unbuckled her belt and
slowly pulled her jeans down her hip. I removed the jeans
from her feet and removed her last piece of obstacle
slowly. It was a very exotic thing doing it. I was glad I
didn't explode while doing it.

The moment I stood up, Linda wrapped around me and kissed
me passionately. I invaded her mouth fervently with my
tongue, and caressed her satin-like skin enthusiastically.

Linda pushed me apart after the kiss, and made me lie in
the bed. She didn't suck my cock. Instead she kissed me
again, then ran her fingers, lips, and tongue all over my
body. It was a torture, one that I didn't know what else
could be more enjoyable and unbearable at the same time.
She started running her fingers on my cock, and played with
my balls. She kissed my cock, and licked all the way down.
I had been gnashing. I had to hold myself. I held my
breath. She took my cock into her mouth. She was killing
me with the sensations I couldn't sustain. I gnashed
harder, I started to count as she moved up and down my
cock. I exploded in her mouth. I was only up to five.

Linda continued sucking my shrinking cock for a while.
Then she got up, smiled at me, and went out of the room,
leaving me behind in my bed, blaming myself for my
uselessness. She came back a while later, with a towel and
a bottle of baby oil in her hands. She wiped me with the

"How was it?" She asked, sitting at my side and caressing
my chest.

"It was great. I'm sorry, I told you I can't last," I

Linda giggled. "Did you count?" she asked.

"Yes, I did. Five."

Linda giggled again. "You shouldn't have counted, silly.
Next time, instead of counting, say 'I love you'. It'll
make you last longer and make me come faster. Do you know
that?" She said, and winked.


"There's another thing."

"What's it?"

"Do you remember that time you gave me a foot massage?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Do you know you were very mean to me?" She asked with a
sly smile.

"No, were I?"

"I asked you to rub the back of my thigh. You refused. Do
you know how bad I felt? You're a pig!" Linda said,
making up a pout.

"I would have problem controlling myself if I had continued
on to part three," I said.

"That was what I had wanted. I was wet and you wouldn't
touch me. I had to finish myself in my room. It was a big
torture!" Linda said, and poked me.

"It was a torture for me too. You want me to do it now?"
I said, as I glanced at the baby oil on the night table.

"Well, you have to pay for the interest. So you're going
to rub my back as well," Linda said.

"That can be done," I said. I got up for the oil as she
lay in the bed facing down, crossed her arms under her
chin, and tilted her head to smile at me.

I put some oil in my palms, and rubbed her gently. Linda
spread her legs slightly so I could covered more of her
skin. I went over her thigh for a while and moved up to
her ass. She started to hum. I liked this job. I went up
to her back. I did it until her hum sounded more like
moan. I rubbed her from her neck to her feet from behind.

"I love this. Nobody ever did this to me. It's
marvelous," Linda said softly.

"I'm glad you enjoy it," I said as I wiped her oily skin
with the damp towel.

Linda turned over. I bent down to kiss her. I ran my
finger all over her body. I kissed all over her body. I
loved hearing her moaning and feeling her shivering under
me. I loved smelling her arousing scent when I moved
closer to her mound.

Linda stopped me. I raised my head to see her. "Let's go
for a shower first," she said, breathing heavily.

We got into the tub in the bathroom. We cleaned each
other, we kissed, and we rubbed against each other. My
cock was wet, hard, hot, and trying to find a way into her
body while my hands were squeezing her ass. Linda stopped
me. She went on her knees and took my cock into her mouth
again. She engulfed my cock with her lips and teased it
with her tongue. She teased my thigh, my balls, and my ass
with her fingers. My legs were swaying, my body was
quivering, I groaned. She started moving up and down my
cock, slowly at first, then turned into faster motion.

I kept yelling "I love you! I love you! I love you..."
while supporting myself by stretching out my hands against
the walls.

I didn't know how many love-declarations I had made, but I
exploded in her mouth again. I almost forced my cock deep
into her throat when I did it. I felt my whole body
shaking. Linda slowly let go of my softened cock. She
spewed out my leftovers and stood up. She cleaned my cock
and rinsed her mouth with water coming from the showerhead.

"Did you count?" Linda asked with a smile.

"No, how many strokes?" I asked.

Linda giggled. "I didn't count either, who cares?" She

I laughed. She was right.

"Are you too tired to finish what you were doing in the
bed?" Linda asked with a sly smile.

"Never too tired for that," I said, as I wiped her with a
bath towel.

I continued with my joyful work on Linda when we got back
to the bed. I fondled her; I teased her; I licked her; I
sucked her; I invaded her tunnel with my finger and my
tongue; I sucked her juice and her clit alternately. Linda
moaned, her body shivered, her legs quivered, her arms
swayed on the sheet, her hands grasping the sheet, her
groin jostled into my face. She cried out loud while her
entire body trembled. She did it again, and again. She
fell flat into the bed, motionlessly, and breathing

It took like a century before Linda could opened her eyes
again, she was still panting. "Damn, Derek, you do know
how to kill a woman with joy," she said weakly, but smiling

"That's the best of me," I said, "I'm very happy you feel

Linda closed her eyes again, with the smile still hanging
on her face. She reopened her eyes after a while, and
asked, "Do you feel erotic doing it?"

"Very," I said.

"Then why don't you have a hard-on?"

"Because..." I said, and halted. I realized my cock was
as hard as a rock. "I'm hard," I pronounced.

Linda giggled. "Then why aren't you making love to me?"
She asked.

I smiled, and went on top of her.

"Do it tenderly," Linda said, looking into my eyes, and
held my cock in her hand.

I nodded, and followed her guidance, into her womanhood.
It was marvelous; the warmth, the softness, the dampness,
and the pulsating touches of love, all made it heavenly. I
moved slowly inside her.

"Do you love me?" Linda looked at my eyes, smiling, and
asked softly.

"I do, I love you," I said, as I pushed slowly inside her.

"Then why aren't you saying it?" Linda said, while
caressing my shoulder and raising her hip to meet my

"I love you, Linda. I love you, Linda..." I kept on
saying it, while moving inside her, "Oh... I love you. Oh,
oh, I love you. Oh! I love... oh... you..."

"I love you, Derek. I love you... Ah... yes... Deeper...
Yes... Ah... I love... Ah... You... Yes! Harder... I...
Yes, Faster! Ah..." Linda mixed her moans with
instructions, which drove me nuts.

My love-declarations were mixed with groans. I groaned
louder as I moved faster and went deeper inside her. Her
moan grew louder, her movements became more vigorous, and
her heavenly tunnel became more tighter. I could feel her
pulsating deep inside. I felt her trembling all over. I
heard her screaming. I realized I made it, I could make a
woman achieve ecstasy while fucking her. I knew she was
there, I could feel it. The convulsions inside her came
endlessly. She was silent, and so was I. Gnashing hard
and holding my breath, I made my last thrust, slamming my
pelvis hard on to hers, and exploded deep inside her. I
squirted and spurted again; I shot the biggest load I had
in my entire life. Although my balls were hurting from the
repeated and extensive ejaculations, it was the best orgasm
I ever had. It was what orgasm was about.

All my energy was gone, and my hands failed to support
myself anymore. I collapsed onto Linda. I felt her
sweating and huffing. I had some hard time breathing. I
almost passed out. It took a while for me to gather a
little strength to roll off her. I lay flat, and so was

"And you said you were lousy in bed?" Linda said after a
long while, still breathing heavily.

"I never knew I could make it. It is the most splendid
experience I ever have, it's beyond imagination," I panted.

Linda moved over and kissed me softly. "Did you count?"
she asked.

"No," I said.

"More than ten?"

"Hell of course," I said, "must be in thousands. I'm
totally wasted," I said.

Linda giggled. "Derek, you know, how many strokes isn't a
concern. If you can make me come like what you just did,
who cares about the number?" She said.

I smiled.

"But," Linda continued, "you do have to make me come. If
you fail the first time, you have to make it the second
time; if you can't, you don't get to sleep, until you can.
Does this sound like a fair deal?"

"Very fair," I said.


"Wake up!" I patted Linda, who was sleeping sweetly in my
bed. It was a nice shiny morning in May, the day after the
last day of exams at school.

"Ah," Linda moaned.

"I made you breakfast," I said, standing beside her.

"What?" Linda rose from the bed.

I smiled.

Linda glared at me. "You didn't, did you?" she said,
"That's my job, you know that,"

"No, but since you're up, why don't you go make breakfast

Linda dropped back to the pillow. "You're a pig," she

"I'm hungry, so if you don't make me breakfast, I'm not
taking you to picnic," I said.

"Picnic?" She opened her eyes again, looking at me.

"It's such a nice day," I said, "do you think a picnic at
Crystal Lake Park sounds like a nice idea?"

"Hmm, yeah it is," Linda said, as she looked lazily from
the pillow out the window, "just give me a few more
minutes," she said, and closed her eyes again.

"A few more minutes mean a couple hours," I said, "by then,
it's probably too hot to walk along the lake hand in hand."

Linda got off the bed in a jolt. "Hand in hand?" she
asked, eyes widened.

I smiled.

"You aren't going to feel uneasy doing it in the public?"

"I don't know; may be, but I want to give it a try."

"Your breakfast will be ready in thirty seconds, mister,"
Linda said, smiling pleasantly, then wrapped around me like
an octopus kissing me madly.


I was standing in front of Brenda's gravestone, with Linda
in my hand. It's the day two years after the tragic
accident. We stood there in silence for a while. Then I
hunkered down and carefully placed the bouquet of white
lilies in front of the stone. "I love you, Brenda, I love
you forever," I murmured, "I'll also love Linda until the
world ends."

Linda knelt on a knee and put her bouquet of white rosemary
beside the lilies. "I love you, mom, I always," she
murmured, "And don't worry about me, Derek will take care
of me, forever. He'll take care of both of us." Sparkling
reflections came from the diamond on the engagement ring on
her finger as she caressed the gravestone. I put the ring
on for her a few weeks ago.
--- End ---


Discussions on presentation technique - Notes from Author:

Despite this story is written in first person perspective,
most of Derek's emotions towards Linda had been purposely
omitted from the writing. Instead, I tried to use his
behaviors and dialogs to hint the feelings he had, as the
story developed. I'm not sure if this was a good move,
instead of writing something like "I wanted to fuck her
very badly, but knew I shouldn't, as she was Brenda's

I purposely do without descriptions of the looks of Brenda
and Cindy. There were some indirect descriptions revealed
in some dialogs; for example, Brenda had bigger breast than
her daughter Linda; Cindy wasn't as pretty as Brenda, at
least in the eyes of Linda. There was no description about
the appearance of Derek in the entire story. I have a
feeling male readers won't have problem with this and they
may substitute it with their own. I am not certain how
female readers think.

Descriptions of Linda were scattered around some places,
instead of putting them all together in a paragraph. This
is again done on purpose. In fact, a more subjective look
at Linda (without color of eyes, hair, etc) came along very
late into the story. Again, I appreciate comments.

June, 2002


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