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DIALED thick dong pounded into


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at Copyright 1999, Robert B. Morton II, all rights


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector... you have been warned. The following is a work
of fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people
or places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

Dialed-in, by Rob Morton (m/f, teen, inc)


I watched the monitor closely as I waited for my mail to finish
downloading, looking for one message in particular. I had to admit to
myself that I never though I'd meet someone so special on the Internet. I
had placed the personal ad on a whim, never really expecting to get a

But someone had replied and for the last couple of weeks, "Bodacious"
and I were carrying on the most interesting relationship I've ever been in,
which was really saying something since we'd never met face to face.

As I watched the spam disappear from the screen, along with a message
from my parents saying they'd be home late, I felt a moment of
disappointment - maybe she didn't write today? Not that it mattered 'cause
I knew I would write to her and tell her of my day, as I've done for the
last couple of weeks. I reached for the touch pad and angled the cursor
toward the "New Message" icon when my computer chimed one last time. My
finger froze in place as my eyes flicked to the sender column and, yes, a
message from Bodacious had arrived.

With great anticipation, I sent the cursor flying to the message,
tapping the pad twice; the message opened and I settled down to read the
words of my new love.

"Hey, lover! Thanks for those kinds words you had for me the other day.
I was pretty upset with my Mom, but after reading what you had to say, I
understood why she came down on me so hard."

Her mother was pretty pissed with her latest report card, something I
could easily identify with 'cause my mom was a righteous bear when it came
down to good grades, too. I read on...

"I've been thinking that you and I should get together, you know, like
at the mall so we can see what each other looks like. I know in my heart
that you're the guy I've been waiting for all of my life and it's time we
stopped writing about our feelings and show them to each other. What do
you think?"

My heart was racing as I re-read the last paragraph - Bodacious wanted
to meet face to face! Nervously - and I can't really say why - I clicked
the "Reply" button. The window opened and I typed just one word - YES! I
hit the "Send" button and watched as my reply sped out over the phone
lines. I sat back and waited for my precious lady to answer.


I passed the time by cleaning up my hard drive of all the junk I'd
managed to collect over the weekend. I was trying to figure out what this
one file was when I heard a shout from down the hall, coming from my
sister's room. Let me tell you about Lindsay. As a sister, she's kinda
dorky but even I have to admit that she's what the guys would call an
"onion", you know, the kind of girl who looks so good she brings tears to
your eyes.

Lindsay's a year and a half younger than I am and looks almost exactly
like our mother with her mocha colored skin and long black hair. And those
lips! I heard a guy talking about Lindsay one day, saying how she had a
nice set of DSLs - Dick sucking Lips. I hadn't known what it meant at the
time, which was good for him, although I did get around to punching his
lights out for insulting my sister after I found out.

Then again, I saw that he was right, from a guy point of view. Lindsay,
like our mother, had very full lips. Not too big, mind you, but she looked
very kissable, if you know what I mean. I heard Lindsay bouncing around in
her room and went to investigate.

When I got to her room, Lindsay was standing in front of her computer
doing the Jamaican Butterfly and saying, "Yes, that's what I'm talking
about!" I took a moment to watch her lithe, slender body undulating as she
danced, her rather large breasts swaying in time with her movements. If
she wasn't my sister, man, I'd...

But enough of that kind of thinking. I tapped on the door to get her
attention. "Hey, dorky! You wanna keep it down to a dull roar?"

Lindsay stopped dancing and turned to face me, her Masai braids
following a second later. "Huh?"

"I can hear you all the way down in my room - what are you so happy
about?" I asked, trying to sneak a peek at her screen.

"None of your damned business," Lindsay said. She took a little step to
her right, blocking my view of her computer.

"I was just wondering," I responded. "I haven't seen you this happy in
a while."

"Well, if you must know," Linda said, "I just got a message from a very
special person I met."

"Really? What's up with that?" I watched with brotherly fascination as
Lindsay blushed.

"Well, I met this guy on the Internet and we've been writing to each
other," she explained, her face get more dusky as her blush deepened. "I
decided to go out on a limb and ask him something important."

"That's nice, Lindsay," I said. "But, you don't have to wake the dead,
you know?"

"Fuck you, Lenny," she said playfully while tossing a pencil at me.
"Now, get out of here so I can handle my business."

I ducked the pencil and headed back to my room, thinking about what
Lindsay had said - and getting a really weird feeling. I mean, maybe it
was just a coincidence that I had replied to the message I'd gotten while
Lindsay was getting mail of her own. That weird feeling began to grow
stronger as I realized there was only one way to find out if what I was
thinking was right.

I rushed into my room and went straight for the computer; if I was
right, there would be a message waiting for me. I gave my touch pad a
flick to make the screen save quit; as I waited, I experienced a mixture of
dread and exhilaration - wouldn't it be funny if "Bodacious" turned out to
be my own sister? The screen cleared to reveal the new mail icon.
Nervously, I clicked on the icon...

On the screen was a message from Bodacious that said, "You have just
made me the most happiest woman in the world. I can't wait to meet you so
we can do some of the things we've talked about. See you soon!"


I once heard my father make a comment about God having a sense of humor;
I think I know what he meant. For the past couple of weeks, I'd been
romancing my own sister, pouring my heart out to her and revealing a side
of myself that, under normal conditions, would never see the light of day.

Oh, sweet Jesus, the things I've said to her! I clearly remember the
day I wrote and told her about the fantasies I was having about her and all
the sexual things I'd love to do to her. And, just as shocking, I remember
her reply, so hot and sultry that I spent a couple of hours spanking the
monkey, reading her reply over and over.

"Wait a minute," I said aloud. "This doesn't prove anything!" I turned
to my keyboard with newly found determination as I though of a way to prove
this most interesting revelation. I talked to myself as I typed.

"If Lindsay is Bodacious, then I need to prove it by sending a message
containing something only I would know, something she didn't reveal during
our conversations." My fingers flew across the keys, pounding out a message
that would provide the proof needed to save my soul from eternal damnation.
After a while, I sat back and looked at the message I'd composed.

"My darling Bodacious, I'm glad that the thought of us finally meeting
has brought so much joy to your heart."

Okay, nothing unusual here, I thought - it's the kind of reply she'd
expect from the guy she knew as "LonelyOne."

"I, too, cannot wait to finally hold you in my arms and feel the heat of
your body next to mine so we can explore those things we've only dreamed

And what things I've dreamt about her, too. I could feel my cock
growing hard and it surprised me a little because I realized that I was
very much in love with Bodacious. That she may be my sister didn't take
any of the edge of my horniness. My eyes returned to the last and deciding

"I just can't wait to peel you out of that light green top you're fond
of wearing so I can suck your nipples, exciting you until you beg me to
fuck you."

Now, in part, there's nothing unusual about this either - Lindsay, uh,
Bodacious was telling me how sensitive her nipples were and how much she
liked having them sucked and tweaked. The clincher was the light green top
I mentioned - the one she's wearing right now. I clicked the Send button
and sat back to wait. I knew that in about five minutes, I'd find out if I
were right because all holy hell was going to break out on the other end of
the hallway.

I got tired of sitting and waiting, so I went to the doorway, straining
my ears for the sound of Lindsay's incoming mail notification. A second or
two later, I though I heard the slightly muffled sound of a trumpet fanfare
- but I couldn't be 100% sure since Lindsay's door was closed. It didn't
really matter 'cause I knew that if I were right, there would be no
mistaking the next sound I'd hear.

I turned to go back to my computer with mixed feelings. On one hand, I
was pretty sure that Bodacious was my sister and just that thought alone
was pretty fucking exciting. Just the same, I was strangely disappointed
that my theory was wrong. Just as I was about to concede defeat and go
back to what I was doing, I heard Lindsay's door open then slam closed,
followed by the sound of what could only be described as angry footsteps
coming in my direction.

"Oh, shit," I muttered out loud. "I was right! Now what the fuck do I


"Oh, damn," I said, suddenly getting an urge to go play basketball.
But, knowing that I couldn't escape, I simply sat and waited for Lindsay to
explode through the door.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" Lindsay said as she stormed into my room.

"Hey, what's going on?" I asked innocently. "You didn't have to break
down the door, you know - knocking works."

"Fuck you, you rotten bastard," Lindsay snarled, her normally light
complexion darkened by her obvious anger. "I want to know how you did it -
and you'd better make it good!"

"How I did what?"

"How you managed to tap into my computer and intercept my personal
messages. Man, how can you stoop so low?"

Shit, I was pretty good with a computer - but not that good. "Uh,
Lindsay, there's no way I could have tapped into your computer - we don't
have a network set up in the house! Everybody has their own computer and
modems! Shit, I don't know your modem's phone number!"

"You're lying, you dog," Lindsay said, grabbing a handful of my shirt and drawing her fist back.

"No, I'm not lying," I replied, throwing my hands up to ward off her

"You have to be lying," Lindsay said, releasing my shirt.

"You know I don't lie, Sis," I said.

"Oh, no," Lindsay muttered, deflating like a balloon as her anger flowed
out of her - only to be replaced with a scared look. "Oh, my God... no."


"You mean to tell me that, oh, Jesus, I've been pouring my heart out TO
YOU for the last couple of weeks? It's not possible, it just can't be

"If it means anything to you," I said quietly, "I was surprised when I
finally put it together."

"How long have you known?"

"About ten minutes," I said. "Right after I left your room. I sent
that last message as a test to see if what I thought was for real."

"I said things to you I'd ever say to anybody," Lindsay said, sitting
down on my bed, holding her face in her hands. "Confided my deepest
feelings to somebody I thought I could fall in love with - only to find out
that person's my own brother. Jesus Christ!"

Part of me wanted to go over and take my sister's hand as she cried,
while another part of me thought better of it. So, I sat there, feeling
helpless until Lindsay finally lifted her head; reaching behind me, I
grabbed a few tissues and handed them to her.

"So now what?" Lindsay asked, wiping her eyes.

"I don't understand..." I replied.

"All those things I told you and, even worse, all those things you said
to me!"

"Lindsay, when I wrote those things, I didn't know it was you," I said
pleadingly. "But..."

"But what?"

I knew I was about to crawl out on the highest, weakest limb known to
man; but, in my heart, I knew I had to. "But I meant everything I said,
every word of it."

"I don't believe I'm hearing this!"

"Coming from me, you should," I said, reminding her of my honest streak.

"Lenny, some of those letters you wrote were pretty damned steamy - I'm
surprised you could even think of things like that!"

"Lindsay," I began, inching my chair closer to her. "Over these last
few weeks, I was having a lot of good conversations with a girl I believed
to be the right one for me. She was smart, funny, tender, and someone I
wanted to share my heart with."

"Meaning what?"

"Meaning that just because I found out that you and Bodacious were the
same person doesn't change the way I feel. Look, you might think I'm some
kind of pervert or something, but while we were trading those letters, I
think I fell in love with you."

"But I'm your sister!" Lindsay protested.

"Nothing says I can't love my own sister," I said, waiting for the limb
to break and send me crashing to my doom.

"Leonard," Lindsay said in that quiet voice that made me nervous, "In
some of those letters, you were talking about how you dreamed about...

"Going down on you?" I supplied. "Or are you talking about those times
when I told you that I couldn't get to sleep at night without jerking off
and imagining that we were making love?"

"Yeah, that," Lindsay said, her face now flushing red with

"I meant every word of it, Lindsay," I said, reaching out to touch her
hand, only to have her snatch it away from me as if my touch were

"I would think you'd have a change of heart, now that you know who you
were really talking to," Lindsay whispered.

"You know, under normal circumstances, I'd agree with you. But, I also
spent those wonderful weeks reading the words you sent me in return. I
still have all of those letters."

"Maybe you should delete them," Lindsay offered, her eyes meeting mine
for the first time since threatening to punch my lights out.

"Look, if you want them back, give me a few minutes to download them to
a diskette; what you do with them after that is up to you."


I turned back to my desk, searching through the clutter until I found a
diskette. Save for the sound of my computer humming away, the room was
quiet as I exported every letter Lindsay/Bodacious had written me. After
the transfer was complete, I turned and held out the diskette to my sister.

"Here you go," I said. "You won't have to worry about anything being
said about it - you have my word that this'll never go out of this room.
So, now, if we're done, I want to get back to what I was doing."

I dropped the diskette into her lap and turned back to the computer.



"Did you really mean it when you said that your feelings for me were
very strong?"

"Yes, I meant it," I said, irritated by having to repeat myself.
"Aren't you going back to your room? Seems to me you've got some letters
to delete..."

Lindsay didn't say anything else and I had nothing else to say. I
didn't see my sister get up, but I heard the door click closed a moment

"Fuck," I growled. "Jesus, I am such a jerk!"

I spent the next few minutes defragging my hard drives and other
assorted tasks; I was about to shut down my e-mail program and break the
connection when the "New Message" flag popped up.

"I wonder who the fuck this is?" I asked, my mood very foul and very
ugly. I slid the pointer over to the icon and double-clicked it. The
program hummed to itself for a moment before revealing the message's

It was from Bodacious.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do at this point. It was bad enough I
had fallen madly in love with a girl who turned out to be my own sister,
even worse when I confirmed to her that my feelings were real. When I
handed Lindsay that diskette, I realized I was handing over the love of my
life to her for disposal.

"I might as well see what she wants," I said, clicking on the message.

"If you're not too mad with me, would you come to my room for a moment?
There's something I need to say to you. Bodacious."

I frowned at the screen; If Lindsay wanted to apologize, she could have
just sent a message; her signing it as Bodacious didn't make me feel any
better and I really didn't feel like exposing myself to her wrath again. I
was about to delete the message when the message flag flew again - another
message from Lindsay/Bodacious.

"Please? It's really important," the message read after I clicked on

"Oh, why the hell not?" I said. "It can't get any worst than it already
is." I took my time shutting down the computer before dragging my ass down
the hallway. I stopped in front of Lindsay's door and knocked.

"Come on in, Lenny," came the muffled reply.

I turned the knob and pushed the door open, expecting to find my sister at her desk - which didn't prepare me to find her stretched out on the bed,
as naked as the day she was born!

"I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up," Lindsay said,
turning onto her side to look at me. "Come in, close the door and lock it,

Is this what it's like to have a stroke? I heard Lindsay's request;
yet, I was frozen in place, my mouth hanging open at the sight of her
nakedness. All I could do was stand there and drink in her beauty, a
beauty I never really paid attention to before.

But now, backlit by the sunlight streaming through the window, I could
see that Lindsay, my lovely Bodacious, was indeed one stunning, sexy
creature! Of course, I've seen her wearing bathing suits - but this was
something else! She had released the clips holding her long hair in place,
the shiny mane flowing over her shoulders. My eyes, which seem to be
working just fine, traveled the length of her tawny-colored skin, right
down to the neatly trimmed patch of jet black hair on her mons.



"The door?" Lindsay asked, flashing me that wonderful smile of hers.


"Are you going to close the door?" Lindsay repeated, her smile growing
wider as she realized that probably for the first time in our lives
together, she had managed to shut me up.

"Oh! Yeah, uh, sure," I finally managed to say, reaching behind me and
closing the door without taking my eyes off of her. "Lindsay? What's
going on?"

"Come over here and sit with me," Lindsay said, patting a spot next to
her on the bed. "As a matter of fact, why don't you get undressed first?
Then, after we're comfortable, I'll tell you what's going on."

"Are you sure?" I asked stupidly.

"Of course I'm sure, Len," my sister replied sweetly. "Now, get
undressed so we can talk."

Nervously, I pulled my shirt over my head and let it drop to the floor,
reaching next for my waist to unfasten my belt. It actually took me a
couple of tries to undo it 'cause my fingers were trembling something
fierce. I let my jeans fall slowly around my ankles, stepping out of them
carefully. As I continued to disrobe, Lindsay lay on the bed watching me.

I stood before my sister wearing nothing but my underwear, trying to
determine what was behind the look she was giving me as my erection
throbbed against my body. It wasn't quite leering... but it wasn't
clinical by any means. She was just looking at me. Leaving my discarded
clothing in a pile where I stood, I stepped toward the bed, only to have
Lindsay waggle a finger at me.

"You forgot something," she said impishly.

"I did?"

"Underwear aren't permitted during this discussion, Len," Lindsay
replied. "Lose 'em and get over here!"

I did as my sister asked, experiencing a moment of pure embarrassment as
my cock sprang free, bobbing and weaving. After seeing her smile of
approval, I joined Lindsay on the bed, sitting down next to her as if the
bed would explode any second.

"I guess I owe you an explanation," Lindsay began, scooting over a
little and turning so she could look at me.

All I could do was nod as my cock lurched at her closeness, her normally
fresh-scrubbed scent mixed in with something else I couldn't readily

"After I left your room," Lindsay began, "I got to thinking about what
you had said, you know, about meaning what you had written in those emails
you sent me? When you told me that you had fallen in love with me, I
realized that through your letters, I had fallen in love with you as well."

"Okay," I managed to say, swallowing the lump in my throat. "So why are
we here like this?"

"Well," Lindsay began, running her fingers lightly across my back and
causing multiple flocks of goose bumps to rise on my skin. "It seems to me
that when two people fall in love, they should consummate it - wouldn't you

"Um, yeah, but..."

"But what?"

"You're my sister," I said, stating the obvious, feeling the tension
melting away under her fingers. "If we, um, do this, it would be incest!
We could get in a lot of trouble, especially if mom and Dad find out!"

"So they won't find out," Lindsay said softly, kissing my shoulder. The
light touch of her lips was doing a great deal to convince me that her
assessment of our situation was the right one... well, at least my dick
thought so as it continued to ooze drop after drop of pre-cum.

"I don't understand why the change... why this?" I somehow managed to
say, my whole body flushed with warmth.

"I realized something, Len," Lindsay began, sitting up a little and
leaning against me, adding her warmth to the fires raging inside of me.
"I've gone out with a couple of guys, even let one of them fuck me because
I believe him when he said he loved me..."

"Only to find out all he wanted was your body," I finished, exulting in
the feel of my sister's skin against mine, the scent of her body
intoxicating me with its promises.

"Yes," Lindsay replied quietly, nuzzling my neck. "It wasn't too long
after that when I saw the ad - your ad - on the bulletin board. At first,
I started not to answer it but there was something about the way it was
worded and, well, I answered it."

Lindsay used her hands to move me a little before shifting her position
so she could put her head in my lap.

"Uh..." I stammered, my heart downshifting into sixth gear as my sister settled in, looking up at me.

"What? Oh, don't worry, I won't hurt him," Lindsay smiled up at me,
dazzling me with her pearly-white smile... and raising my blood pressure
up over 180. "Now, where was I?"

"You were about to tell me why, uh, why we're like this," I said,
reaching down and stroking my sister's hair.

"When we started writing, I thought you were full of shit," Lindsay said
with a small laugh. "But, the more I read, the more I came to realize how
special you were. After about the fifth or sixth letter, I decided to
match your openness and, well, you know the rest."

"We said some pretty outlandish shit to each other, didn't we," I said
with a laugh, feeling spiritually closer to my sister than ever before.

"Yeah, that we did," Lindsay agreed, looking up at me. "So, now it's

"Time? Time for what?"

"Time for the talking to end and the loving to begin; time to see if
you're all talk and no action," Lindsay said, rolling over until she was
"face to face" with my erection. "Time for this..."


When I first walked into Lindsay's room and found her lying on the bed
naked, I had a pretty good idea as to what it felt like to have a stroke;
as her supple mouth covered my cock, I got a chance to experience what it
was like to have a heart attack.

"Oh, shit," I whispered, feeling my sister's awfully wet mouth sucking me with a gentle urgency, her tongue rasping along the taut surface of my
maleness. I could feel the blood draining from my head, flowing into my
groin and leaving me feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

I opened my eyes (when had I shut them?) a little and looked down, only
to have more blood drain from other parts of my body into my cock as I took
in the unbelievable sight of Lindsay's head bobbing up and down as she
gobbled my meat hungrily. I placed my hand gently on the back of her head,
stroking her long, black hair.

Lindsay moaned her pleasure, the sub-vocal sounds sending a tingly
feeling all up and down my cock-shaft. She held the head of my cock in her
mouth and I could hear her taking several deep breaths, inhaling and
exhaling noisily before swallowing my meager six inches right down to its

Talk about a rush! Not only was I getting my first blow job, but I was
being deep-throated, too! The sensations roaring along my nerve endings
were so intense I almost came right then and there. Lindsay must have felt
my cock rippling and twitching 'cause she lifted her head, turning to look
at me.

"Hmmm," she purred, licking her lips and smiling slyly. "We can't have
you giving it up just yet, can we?" She stretched out alongside of me,
opening her arms in invitation. "Take me..."

Did I remember to tell you that until this moment, I'd never seen a
naked girl... I mean, live and in the flesh? This odd thought flashed
through my head as I watched my sister stretch like a cat, arching her
back, her mons seeming to beckon me.

"Are you just going to sit there?" Lindsay asked, running her hands over
her tits, making the nipples hard. "You're not afraid, are you?"

"N-n-no," I stammered, unable to take my eyes of that plump ridge of
bone, shrouded in its triangular coating of hair. "I..., oh, fuck it!" I
was about to confess to Bodacious that the only pussy I'd ever eaten was in
my dreams; using those late-night thoughts as a guide, I went down on my

The first thing that crossed my mind was that she was so hot between her
legs; the next thing I noticed was the scent I'd experienced when I first
came into the room, only stronger, more pungent, so much that I only got
the tiniest of whiffs before I stopped breathing for a moment, my mouth
poised just scant millimeters from her sex.

"Eat my pussy," Lindsay cooed, running her fingers along my face. "Do
it just like you said in all those letters... make me feel loved!"
Lindsay's back arched once more, her fur-covered labia brushing against my
lips wetly.

I swiped my tongue across her outer lips, sampling the odd tasting dew
that had collected in her hair; it had a sweet but sharp taste to it and,
oh, Lord, I was drooling. I heard someone groan as I shoved my tongue
inside those inviting lips to begin the ultimate French kiss.

"Yes!" Lindsay cried, grabbing my head and holding it in place as she
began to fuck my face.

I made my tongue as stiff as I could and let it run over her clitoris
like a speed bump as my sister humped my face for all she was worth.

"Suck it, baby, suck my clitty, oh, Lenny, rock me, do me!"

I remember seeing a porno flick once where two girls were going at each
other; one of the things I remember most clearly was the way the redhead
was eating the blonde, practically shoving her whole head into the blonde's
snatch. I latched onto Lindsay's twitching bud and, like the redhead in
the flick, started moving my whole head against her sex, whipping my tongue
across her little hard-on as fast as I could.

"EEEEEE!" Lindsay screamed, her hips stopping in mid-air. 'OH, SHIT!

Must have done something right...

I continued to slam my face into her, the taste and smell of her hot box
pervading my every sense; my whole world was centered around Lindsay's
sweet coochie and the slick, rubbery feel of her inner labia which, oddly,
reminded me of eating clams...

There was another thing I remembered about that movie; as my sister continued to hold her hips off the bed, I managed to free up an arm so I
could plunge my thumb into her wetness.

"Oh, no," Lindsay moaned, wriggling her bottom. My thumb slid into her
easily and I began to fuck it into her snatch while somehow managing to
keep my tongue whirling across that cute speed bump of hers. "Don't do
that, oh, God, Len, you're... you're gonna..."

I heard Lindsay take a deep breath and, for a whole second, her body
went completely still... but only for a second. The next thing I knew,
her whole body was quivering and quaking, her pussy sliding along my thumb
and mouth.

"Yes! YES! I'M DOING IT, OH, BABY, I'M CUMMING!" Lindsay screamed.
Her hands returned to my head, pressing it against her leaking cunt so hard
I couldn't breathe; to make matters worse, she locked her legs around my
head, squeezing it so tightly I thought I was going to pass out as my
sister rode out her orgasm.

My head was really spinning now as whatever oxygen I had in my lungs
started to give out. There wasn't much I could do other than ride out
Lindsay's orgasmic storm as she rode my face like her entire world was
coming to an end, her clitty jerking and pulsing in my mouth - almost like
my cock when I'm shooting, now that I think of it.

Lindsay finally stopped screaming, her body slowing down as she relaxed
enough for me to part her legs, taking in a very welcome breath of air.
Despite almost getting smothered, I was feeling pretty fucking good. Ate
my first pussy, gave my first oral orgasm to a girl. No, not just a
girl... my Bodacious lover.

"Fuck me now, do it now, get that fucker inside me and make it feel
good," Lindsay was muttering, her head thrashing back and forth. "I need
you inside me NOW!"

Oh. Did I also forget to mention that I never fucked a girl before? I
did? Well, now you know. I used taking a couple more deep breaths to hide
my anxiety, watching Lindsay, damn, sucking on her own nipples. Using the
porno flick as my guide again, I slid between her legs, my stiffness
slipping and sliding everywhere as I tried to get my dick inside her.

"Here," my sister said impatiently, reaching between us and guiding me
to her sweet center, rubbing the head of my cock along her folds until the
knob lodged just inside her opening. "Oh, yeah, that's it! Push it in,

I flexed my hips downward, feeling my cock-knob slide into her cunny,
marveling at how wet and how fucking hot Lindsay was. Hell, I was content
to just stay where I was... except she had other ideas!

"Stop teasing and get to fucking," Lindsay said roughly, reaching down
and digging her nails into my ass so hard I could feel a trickle of blood
rolling down my backside.

The sudden pain hit me like a bolt of lightning and, in sheer reflex, I
plunged my cock fully into her, my balls slapping against her bottom. I
was dick-deep in the wettest, hottest, most delightful pussy in the world!

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Lindsay chanted as I began to move inside
of her. "Harder, harder, oh, damn it, fuck me harder!"

I was so close to the edge it wasn't funny but I did my best to honor my
lover's request, fucking my dick into her just as hard and fast as I could.
When I'm jerking off, I can feel that, uh, that feeling, you know, the one
that just hits you out of nowhere? It's such a strange and wonderful
feeling that words just can't describe it.

Not this time, though. I'm packing her stuff with everything I got,
hoping and praying that I'm not going to shoot inside her and, the next
thing I know, my whole body locked up. I couldn't move, couldn't breathe,
couldn't do anything except shoot load after load of creamy spunk into my
sister's snatch.

Then the hammer hit me - hard. I started slamming my spurting dick into
Lindsay harder and faster than I could have ever thought possible, each
thrust rocking both my sister and the bed we were one. I was running on
pure, primal instinct as I grunted and groaned my way through my first
cunt-induced orgasm. The only things on my mind was emptying myself into
her, to fill her quim with my seed and quenching my hunger and thirst for
her body.


The slamming of a car door rousted me from my stupor. It wasn't the
same as, say, waking up from a nap - far from it. I woke to find myself
still on top of a sleeping Lindsay, our faces pressed against each other
and my cock glued inside of her by the sticky residue of our lovemaking. I
smiled realizing that I really loved Lindsay; my smile widened as I also
realized that my cock was rock-hard inside of her and there was only one
thing I wanted to do...

Except the sound of our parents arguing as they came in the house killed
any thoughts I had about reaming Lindsay's pussy out again. Instead, a
wave of panic washed over me as I came fully awake - and realized our,
ahem, compromising position.

"Lindsay!" I whispered as loud as dared, patting her face. "Lindsay!
Wake up!"

"Hmm?" Lindsay muttered, looking back at me through slitted eyes. "Oh,
hey, Lenny! Damn that was some good loving! Shit, you're still inside me
and you're hard, too! Fuck me..."

"No time," I said, listening to the commotion outside. "Mom and Dad are
home; if they catch us like this..."

I didn't need to say anything else. My words got us moving quick, fast,
and in a hurry as we scrambled to make ourselves as presentable as possible
as our parents finally made their way inside; I knew it would only be a
matter of seconds before one of them started bellowing for us.

"Leonard? Lindsay? Where the hell are you?" our mother yelled.

"Oh, shit," Lindsay moaned, pulling on her blouse. "What are we gonna

"Answer her," I said with a calm I didn't know I possessed. "And you've
got your blouse on inside-out."

"Are you crazy?" Lindsay hissed, quickly pulling off her top and putting
it back on the right side as I crossed the room to Lindsay's computer.

"Just do it," I hissed back, moving the monitor to one side and quickly
undoing the screws holding the cover in place.

"Up here, Mom," Lindsay said, using her fingers to comb her hair into a
more respectable mess. "In my room!"

I could hear our mother's footsteps in the hall, heading in our
direction as I removed the cover and set it aside; I sat in my sister's
chair and composed my face into a mask of total concentration... well,
that's the look I was trying for as mom stepped into the room.

"What's going on in here?" mom asked, looking at us suspiciously.
"Leonard, what are you doing in your sister's room without a shirt on?"

"Something happened to her hard drive," I said, trying to keep the panic
out of my voice. "I was in my room chilling when she called me."

"Can you fix it?" Lindsay asked, following my shaky lead. "I don't have
the money for a new one!"

As I went on with my pretense of her hard drive problem, I stole a
glance or two in Mom's direction. She continued to stand there, looking at
us and around the room as if she suspected that things weren't what they
appeared to be. I inhaled, catching the alluring scent of Lindsay's pussy and was at once worried that if I could smell it, mom had to be able to
smell it, too.

"Can you fix it, Leonard?" mom asked, a normal look returning to her

"Yeah, I think so," I replied, my heart hammering in my chest. "Yeah,
here it is - the IDE cable isn't seated all the way... there! That should
do it!"

Our mother took one more look at us, shook her head, and left the room
after reminding us that dinner would be served in a hour. "So, you'd
better have this mess cleaned up, you hear me?" she asked.

"Yes, mother," Lindsay and I said together, both of us breathing a sigh
of relief.

"That was some fast thinking," Lindsay said, reaching under the bed and
handing me my shirt, which she had hidden just before mom walked in.

"You ain't said shit," I said, the scent of my sister's cooze still
fresh. "I can still smell you and I thought mom could smell it!"

"That's because you've got my juices all over your face," Lindsay said,
leaning over and kissing me lightly. "Hmm, I don't taste bad on you,

"There's something I need to tell you," I said, placing the cover back
on the computer and setting everything back the way it was.

"What's that?" Lindsay asked, massaging my shoulders and awakening my
cock with her touch.

"That, um, when we made love? That was my first time," I said, feeling
my face flush."

"No shit," Lindsay said. "You mean I took your cherry?"

"Yeah," I said sheepishly, wondering how red my face was getting. "You
were my first."

"Get the fuck outta here!" my sister said in wonderment, now looking at
me with what I could only hope was a deeper appreciation. "Well, I have to
confess something, too."


"You were my second," Lindsay said, her tawny complexion darkening.

"Who was the first?" I asked, feeling a sudden pang of jealousy.

"Brian Beecham," Lindsay answered. "We spent a whole day screwing and,
well, he taught me a few things along the way."

"I'll say he did," I commented, making a note to catch up with Brian and
break his nose or something. "I never would have guessed it was only your
second time."

"You didn't do bad for your first time, Len," Lindsay said softly. "But
you know what the good part is?"

"What's that?"

"We'll both get better every time we make love," Lindsay said with a
devilish smile.

"Yeah, I suppose we will," I said, looking at my sister and feeling a
great deal of love - and lust - for her. "It'll be risky, though."

"True, but I think it's worth the risk, don't you?" Lindsay countered,
holding my face in her soft hands. "Len, I love you, you know that don't

"I love you, too, Lindsay," I replied, fighting off a sudden urge to

"The next time we make love, I'm gonna suck you off," Lindsay promised,
kissing me on the cheek. "I wanna know what your stuff tastes like!"

"You've done it before?" I asked, my emotions swinging over again, this
time making another note to break Brian's nose and a couple of ribs.

"Well, sort of," Lindsay confessed. "Brian accidentally came in my
mouth when he was teaching me. And, Len?"


"Leave Brian alone," Lindsay said, somehow sniffing out my plot.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I lied for the first time in
my life.

"I know you," Lindsay said, smiling. "Brian's an asshole, but he taught
me a lot of things that I want to share with you, so don't beat him up,
okay? Promise me you won't hurt him?"

"I promise," I replied, knowing that I would keep my promise more out of
love for Lindsay than any sense of revenge for Brian deflowering my sister and turning her into a wild love machine. In fact, I just might pull up on
him and thank him... maybe."

"C'mon, let's get to the table before mom sends Dad after us," Lindsay
said, taking me by the hand. I got up and pulled my sister to me, wrapping
her in my arms and kissing her deeply.

"What was that for?" Lindsay asked breathlessly, her face darkening a

"That was because I love you," I replied. "Let's go before I start
something I can't finish..."


Lindsay and I managed to untangle ourselves before reaching the table.
We had used the short period of time it took for us to come downstairs to
steal a few kisses and feel each other up. I actually had to let Lindsay
go ahead of me, giving me a few precious seconds to will my erection down
to a dull roar. Finally, I was able to take my place at the table, drawing a few looks from mom and Dad.

"About time you got here, boy," Dad's deep baritone voice rumbled. "I
was about to dive into your plate."

"Roy, stop teasing the boy," my mother said playfully, her smile
reminding me so much of Lindsay my cock started to get hard again.

"Shit, Lacy, if you snooze, you lose," Dad countered. "So, what have
you kids been up to?"

Lindsay and I launched into a summary of our day, leaving out the most
interesting parts, of course. As we talked, I noticed mom looking at me,
as if she was trying to read my mind or something before looking back at
Dad, who was asking me to make sure the grass was cut in the morning.

"Sure, Dad," I replied, sneaking a peek at my mother who was now looking
very carefully at Lindsay. "I'll get on it first thing."

"Good. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some work to do in the
garage," Dad replied, rising to his full 6' 5" height, towering over

"Don't be too long, Roy," mom said after him. "We've got some other
things to take care of."

"I won't," Dad said with a wave before vanishing around the corner.

I looked up as Lindsay started clearing the table to find my mother looking at me. "Is there something wrong, Mom?" I asked as innocently as I

"You tell me," mom said, looking back over her shoulder in the direction
my father had gone in.

"Huh?" I countered, feeling a chill suddenly go through me. "Tell you

"Well, you can start by telling me what really went on around here," mom said coolly, followed by the unmistakable sound of dishes hitting the

"I don't..." I began, my stomach beginning to churn.

"Oh, I think you do," mom said, ignoring the sound of Lindsay cleaning
up the broken dishes. "Lean over here."

Of course, I hesitated for a micro-second before doing as mom bade me. I
leaned toward her, expecting to feel the sharp, stinging sensation of her
hand across my face; so I was totally unprepared for my mother grabbing me
by the chin and fastening her lips on mine, her tongue swiping across my
lips. A bomb or something went off inside my head and I felt suddenly
weak, as if her un-motherly kiss had drained off some of my life force.

"That's what I thought," mom said, releasing my face and licking her own
lips. "So, which one of you is going to tell me the truth? Leonard?"

"The truth about what, Mom?" asked Lindsay from the kitchen, still
picking up the last few bits of broken dishes.

"The truth about why your brother tastes like pussy," mom said. "Now, I
know he doesn't have a girlfriend, just like I know you two are very much
aware of the rule on having company in the house while we're gone. So,
given that, would anyone care to explain this to me... or am I going to
have to get your father to ask the question?"

My heart had stopped beating about a minute or so ago, having turned
into a lump of cold clay in my chest. I was hoping and praying that mom would continue to question Lindsay instead of starting in on me 'cause I'd
be compelled to tell the truth. Not that I wanted to be honest but I had
come to realize a long time ago that I just don't lie very well - so I

"I see," mom said as we both remained silent. "Roy?"

Out in the garage, I could hear my father cursing like the sailor he
was; a moment later, he came stomping into the dining room, holding two big
pieces of wood.

"What's that?" mom asked him, nodding at the wood.

"It was the project I was working on," Dad said hotly. "Well, I was
working on it until you yelled and broke my concentration. Now I have to
go all the way to Woodstown to get a new piece of wood for the moulding!"

"Roy, we have a situation here," mom said, ignoring my father's

"Really? What's up?"

"I've asked the children a question and they haven't bothered to answer
me yet," mom said, taking a long look at both of us. I don't know how it
was affecting my sister, but I knew that the last drop of my blood had just
solidified in my veins.

"Lenny, just answer your mother's question, will you? Look, Dawn, I've
got to get over to the lumber yard before it closes - I hope you get this
settled before I get back!"

Oh, great, I thought, watching my father grab his jacket and storm out
of the house. If I don't answer Mom, Dad's gonna kill me and, when I'm
forced to tell him what I wouldn't tell Mom, he's gonna kill me dead.

"I'd say you've got about, oh, an hour and a half before your father gets back here," mom said nonchalantly. "Leonard, whose pussy have you
been eating? And, don't try to bullshit me, either, young man."

Of course, I stalled, trying to decide which was the greater evil: lying
to my mother or not answering her. If I don't answer, I can't lie, right?

"Okay, I see I'm not going to get much cooperation out of either of you,
so let me tell you what I think happened in here today. I think it's a
safe bet that the pussy you've got all over your face belongs to Lindsay,
isn't it?"

"How do you know?" Lindsay asked, sparing me again from having to

"Sweetie, I wasn't born last week," mom said with a sly smile. "See,
you didn't fool me with that little act you put on for me a little while
ago; I could smell sex in that room the second I walked in there."

"That could have been anything," Lindsay countered. "I could have been
in there masturbating for all you know." I had to admire my sister's
bravery at this point.

"True - but I've been in your room after you've played with yourself -
oh, you didn't think I knew that, huh? Trust me, I know what I smelled...
plus a little eavesdropping on my part confirmed what I already guessed:
you two were fucking, weren't you?"

"Yes," I finally said, looking over at Lindsay who just nodded her
silent approval of my confession.

"I see," mom said, her face now very much unreadable. "Did you force
yourself on your sister?"

"No way!" I blurted - and realized that I walked right into a trap.

"I didn't think so, but thanks for confirming that. So, whose idea was
it? No, let me guess... Lindsay?"

"Huh?" Lindsay answered dumbly.

"This was your idea, wasn't it? Don't lie to me and make shit worse,

"I was my idea," Lindsay fessed up. "But I can explain..."

"I don't want to hear it," mom said, getting up from the table. "I
guess there's only one thing left to do."

"Mom, if you're going to punish somebody, it should be me," I said,
putting myself in harm's way to protect Lindsay.

"Is that a fact? Well, since you've offered yourself up as a sacrifice,
I want both of you upstairs in my room... right now!"

"But, Mom..." Lindsay wailed.

"Don't but me, young lady," mom said. "Upstairs. My room. And I
wanted you there yesterday!" Having said that, mom turned and headed for
the stairs.

"Len, I'm sorry," Lindsay said, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Don't be," I said. "I mean, she overheard us talking and, well, what
can we do? Come on, before she gets pissed."


When Lindsay and I got upstairs to Mom's room, the door was closed, so I
knocked, nervously wiping my hands on my pants. I looked at Lindsay for a
moment before leaning over and kissing her. "For luck," I said, pushing
the door open. We entered the room to find our mother standing by the bed,
wearing her robe.

"Close it," mom commanded, waiting for Lindsay to shut the door behind
us, sealing our doom. "Now, one of you explain to me why this happened."

"We love each other," I said, finding strength with Lindsay beside me.

"Don't you two get enough love around here without having to resort to
something like this?" mom asked, looking at us. "Don't you think your
father and I love you?"

"We know that," Lindsay said, taking my hand. "But, well, it's just not
enough for us; we wanted more than what the two of you offer, not that it's
bad or anything."

"Now that you've said that, you leave me with very little choice in the
matter," mom said. "Lindsay, get over here."

Lindsay looked at me, her dark brown eyes shimmering with tears. I
tried to will her the strength to deal with Mom's wrath, giving her hand a
reassuring squeeze before letting her go. My sister took two big steps
that placed her directly in front of mom and all I could was stand by
helplessly and watch.

"Lindsay, this is something I should have done a long time ago," mom said, her hands moving to my sister's face, stroking her cheeks. Lindsay
flinched, expecting to be slapped and, shit, so did I.

"Mom, I'm sorry," Lindsay bawled.

"Not as sorry as you're gonna be," mom said, leaning forward and
fastening her lips firmly onto Lindsay's.

"What the fuck..." I muttered as I watched my mother holding the back of
Lindsay's head, keeping their mouths glued together while using the other
hand to undo the belt of her robe, which fell to the floor to reveal her,
oh, shit, naked body underneath.

Lindsay instinctively wrapped her arms around Mom; I could see her body
relax as she returned Mom's passionate kiss. The whole shocking scene went
from my eyes straight to my dick, which had gotten hard so fast it actually

mom broke the kiss wetly and I could see her tongue slide from inside
Lindsay's mouth. "You shouldn't have fucked him before I did," mom said,
running her hands under my sister's shirt and massaging her tits. "I
wanted to take his cherry but, since you beat me to it, you'll have to pay
the price!"

Keeping her hands firmly on Lindsay's head, mom backed up until she
could first sit, then lie back on the bed, using her hands to guide my
sister's head to her - oh, wow - really hairy snatch. I could hear Lindsay
groan as her face was pulled closer to Mom's triangle; I wasn't sure if it
was a groan of protest or not because it didn't last very long as Lindsay's
face was pushed into Mom's bush, cutting off anything else that might have
been forthcoming.

Too stunned to move or say anything, all I could do was watch as mom started moving Lindsay's head along her gash; from where I was standing, I
could tell that my sister got the hint because I saw her tongue, pink
against Mom's dark bush, slide between her pussy lips tentatively at first
but with greater assurance.

"That's it, baby doll," mom cooed. "Eat my box just like Lenny ate
yours! Deprive me of my pleasure, will you? That's it, that's right, get
your tongue in there, girl! Leonard?"

"Y-y-yeah, Mom?" I stuttered.

"I need something hard to suck on," mom said, spreading her legs wider
as Lindsay sucked at her quim.

I really didn't want to take my eyes off of the sight of my sister eating pussy - but I wasn't going to pass up a chance to get my woody
between my mother's lips, either. I undressed in a hurry, climbing onto
the bed beside my mother, who was now humping my sister's face gently;
before I could settle in good, mom removed one hand from Lindsay's head,
grabbing my cock and giving it a couple of pulls.

"Not as big as your father's, but it's still growing," mom commented
before opening her mouth and swallowing half my meager length in one gulp.
A tremendous shudder wracked my body as more of my stiffy vanished into the
liquid warmth of Mom's sucking mouth, her tongue working along the shaft of
my prick in ways I'll never be able to describe.

The room was silent save for the obscene sounds of flesh being sucked and lick, punctuated by my own groans of pleasure as we feasted upon each
other. mom took that moment to break the spell, much to my disappointment
and Lindsay's.

"Slide up some," mom ordered, making sure my sister came along with us
by keeping her fingers tightly entwined in Lindsay's hair. Now that we
were all on the spacious bed, mom moved us around until I was face-to-muff
with my sister's coochie, her pink inner lips standing out brightly against
the darker-colored flesh of her outer lips.

"Eat her," mom commanded, grabbing my cock once more and siphoning it
into her mouth.

Like I needed to be told twice. I dove into my sister's muff, not
bothering with teasing and tasting - just going straight for her clit. I
felt her body twitch as I made contact with her wetness; the more I sucked her, the more she sucked Mom, the more mom sucked me.

I could feel Mom's hands cradling my balls, massaging them, urging them
to give up their juices; at the other end, Lindsay had freed a hand, using
it to hold my head against her pussy, grinding her muff into my face. I
was really settling into our three-way chain when mom let my cock fall from
her lips.

"Change places with your sister," mom croaked, using her fingers on her
clit while Lindsay and I hustled to switch places, giving me the honor of
sucking my mother's cunt.

And what a cunt it was! Covered with a thick pelt of coal-black hair,
the pussy that gave birth to me was slick with Lindsay's saliva and Mom's
own juices; her scent was much stronger than Lindsay's, too, insinuating
itself into my sinuses. And, her clit! Having only eaten one pussy before
now, I was a little surprised to be confronted with the clitoris of a grown
woman. It was larger than Lindsay's and, as my mouth latched onto it, it
twitched and shuddered as if it had a mind of its own.

The taste was different, too. Where Lindsay had a kind of sweetness to
her cunny, my mother's was straight-up tart and tangy, with a bit of
underlying sweetness added to the heady, musky scent. As Lindsay worked
the flesh of my cock with her teeth, I pushed all the idle thoughts aside,
focusing all my attention on my mother's cunt.

mom was busy as well, working her mouth along Lindsay's pussy with more
experience and skill than Lindsay had ever experienced. I could hear and
feel my sister moaning as mom worked her into a frenzy.

"MMMMMHHHHH!" Lindsay groaned, her tongue faltering against my manhood,
her body quaking as she succumbed to her orgasm. Her mouth fell away from
me, which was a good thing since I was just mere seconds from filling her
mouth with my creamy spunk.

As Lindsay fought her way through her climax, I got even busier on my
mother's puss, scraping my teeth carefully across the surface of her clit
before sucking it as hard as I could into my mouth. My reward was, shall
we say, something I'll remember for as long as I live.

I could feel my mother's girl-cock jerking in my mouth, each spasm
causing her sex to ooze more juice. I felt her hand dig into my scalp as
she worked her hips furiously, scouring my face with her thick, curly rug
just before a hot gush of liquid splashed into my face.

"God damn it!" mom cursed, adding her other hand to my head, holding me
firmly in place as she fucked my face like a mad woman, her pussy shooting
squirt after squirt of a hot, tangy liquid into my mouth.
"SON-OF-A-BITCH!" mom cursed and screamed her way through her orgasm;
beside me, Lindsay lay whimpering and moaning as her own trip to heaven
began to subside.

I couldn't keep up with the river of stuff coming out of Mom's snatch,
so I gave up, using my tongue to tease her into giving up more of it, which
she did in a generous fashion. My own need to come was great as well,
having been left hanging by Lindsay's departure.


mom finally let go of my head, her gushing pussy now down to a trickle;
I raised up onto my elbows, using my hands and tongue to wipe away the
excess liquids I'd been flooded with. I had only one thought as I
scrambled to my knees: going back to the place I came from - but dick

"Yeah, baby," mom said as I climbed between her legs, which she lifted
even higher and wider to admit me. "Spear me with that cock! Fuck my hot

I groaned as I slid non-stop to the hilt in my mother's box, feeling the
hot, silken folds of her cunt accept me with embarrassing ease. I withdrew
a little and plunged back into her, feeling an electric tingle running
along my skin. I closed my eyes and concentrated on not coming, but
knowing that being side this experienced cunt would make not shooting a
foregone conclusion.

Beside me, I heard Lindsay yelp in surprise and I took a peek in her
direction to see what had startled her. What I saw almost made me lose it
as I took in the sight of Lindsay's legs being opened wide, her thighs
right in my face. They didn't stay there very long 'cause the next thing I
saw was Lindsay's sex being split and stretched wide by what could only be
my father's cock.

"You didn't think you were going to have all the fun, did you?" Dad
grunted as he impaled Lindsay on his long, thick pole.

Lindsay cried out in either pain or pleasure - or both - as inch after
inch of my father's big, black cock slid into her until nothing remained
outside of her except his balls, which were nestled against the crack of
her ass.

"Hey, baby," Dad said to Mom, settling in next to us. "You couldn't
wait until I got back?"

"Fuck, no," mom hissed, using her cunt muscles to grip me tighter. "I
needed a head start."

"I'll deal with your ass later," Dad said as he started to fuck his
prick into his daughter with sure, firm thrusts. "Right now, I've got a
pussy to stretch! How're you doing, Len?"

"Uh, um..." I stuttered, unable to keep fucking my mother's hole and
talk to my father at the same time. mom took advantage of my distraction
to dig her hands into the soft flesh of my ass, causing me to slam my cock
into her so hard I heard bone crash against bone. I felt a tremendous
pressure envelop my body, starting somewhere in my stomach and working its
way outward.

"He's gonna blow," my father said, pounding my sister's cunt into a
frothy mess as he observed my approaching release. "Give it to her good,
son! Cream her ass!"

And cream it I did. I grunted once as the first jet of spunk spit from
the head of my cock, followed in rapid succession by more powering spurts,
each one sending an indescribable wave of pleasure throughout my young body. I wanted to laugh, cry, babble - something! But the pleasure wasn't
to be denied as I continued to helplessly pump sperm into my mother's
steaming quim. Spent, I collapsed onto my mother, feeling her arms
surround me, her lips kissing my face repeatedly as she whispered her
approval to me. I turned my head to watch the other drama unfold...

Lindsay's face was a mask of... something. I don't know what it was,
but it was a fierce look as her supple body did its best to contain Dad's
thick dong as he pounded into her with a gusto I knew I'd have to be equal

"Damn, this is some good pussy," Dad muttered, changing speed inside
Lindsay and making her pussy gush as she came; it must have been one hell
of a feeling because she didn't - probably couldn't - cry out as she had
when mom got her off. "I'm gonna fuck this thing so hard you won't be able
to sit down for a week!"

Lindsay began to cry as she gave in to our father's onslaught. "Oh,
Mom, this is so good!" she blubbered and I felt better knowing that Dad
really wasn't hurting her.

"Your father's good, baby," mom said, her words comforting her daughter as she struggled to survive Dad's masterful strokes. "He'll treat your
pussy good, believe me!"

Shit, I could believe it as I watched the thick stalk of my father's
prick pistoning into my sister, its thickness stretching her wide with
every stroke. Dad had stopped wolfing, his face screwed tight in
concentration, little rivulets of perspiration running down his chiseled
features as he fucked into Lindsay's pussy faster and harder.

"YES!" Dad cried, slamming his prick into Lindsay so hard I could hear
her teeth clacking together. It didn't take a genius to figure out he was
flooding her overworked stuff with sperm.

"OH, SHIT!" Lindsay responded, her eyes going wide with surprise,
leaving me to wonder what she was feeling as Dad grunted and groaned,
filling her pussy with more of his spunk.

"Move, boy," Dad suddenly said, pulling his cock out of the mess that
used to be Lindsay's cunt. As I hurried to get out of his way, I was
surprised by a long spurt of jizz that hit me in the face. Curious, I
swiped at it with my tongue, tasting the thick, salty liquid as Dad took my
place between Mom's legs, spearing her with one deft thrust.

My own cock was hard again; I looked at Lindsay, who was lying next to
our cursing mother, moving her head from side to side. "Lindsay?" I asked.
She opened her eyes, saw my cock bobbing in front of me, and nodded.

"Give it to me, Len," she said, opening her arms and legs. "Hurry,

I climbed between her legs, stabbing at her center. I grunted as my
cock slid into her, lubricated by the copious amount of sperm left behind
by my father, who was tearing my mother a new ass, cursing and asking her
who's pussy it was.

"Hurry, Len," Lindsay pleaded. "Fuck me hard and fast, just like Dad

Shit. I saw first-hand that following my father would be a difficult
task, my cock being nowhere near his size. I took a deep breath and
started fucking my sister, my lover, as hard and fast as I could, much to
her delight, if her squeals of pleasure were any indication.

My parents' bed was a frenzy of activity, the headboard smashing against
the wall and the box spring creaked in protest as me and my father worked
our asses off to please our women. At one point, he looked at me, winked
and smiled as my mother fucked back at him. I even managed to return both
the smile and the wink, returning to my attempt to duplicate my father's
pounding of Lindsay's snatch.

"I'm gonna do it again," Lindsay whispered, looking up at me. I could
see her love for me in her eyes just before her orgasm hit her. Lindsay's
eyes rolled back into her head and she uttered a scream that sent chills
down my spine.

It got our parents' attention, too, as they both turned their heads and
watched me pound my sister as she came, Lindsay's body shuddering under my
novice attempts to wreck her.

"That boy is gonna be good," my father said with pride.

"He'll get plenty of practice, that's for sure," mom agreed, raking her
nails along my father's sweaty back.

I barely heard what they were saying about me 'cause my prick was
swelling inside of Lindsay's pussy; Dad had stretched her out pretty good,
leaving her hole feeling big and sloppy. But my cock filled the gap he'd
left behind, the feelings within me coming to a fine, sharp point before I
fell over the edge, adding my spunk to my father's.

I went into sensory overload as my dick continued to shoot gob after god
of pearly jizz into a screeching, thrashing Lindsay; even as I passed out,
my cock continued on automatic, quivering and jerking inside of my sister until it delivered the last of its payload. The last thing I remember was
hearing my father calling my mother a sperm-stealing bitch, as he shot his
load into her. Then the darkness came...

* * *

I awoke the next morning to the incredible sensation of someone sucking my morning hard-on. I groaned at the delicious feeling, raising my head
and opening my eyes to find my father sucking away at my erection. Beside
me and down a little further on the bed, mom and Lindsay were locked into a
vicious 69 with Lindsay on top working her pussy all over Mom's face and

My father's strong mouth drew my seed from me explosively and I gave in
to the unusual pleasure. I could feel my father turning his body as he
siphoned off my load, his prick coming into view, the large, bulbous head
slipping between my lips, I had a really odd thought:

The grass wasn't going to get cut today...



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