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DIRTY sucked his penis for long


" Dirty Secrets "
Story codes: MF voy exhib bd
By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) by the author. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Posting an unaltered
copy of this story to newsgroups or on websites is
permitted as long as no money is charged for access and
as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the story. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.

A complicated relationship was the very last thing I
was looking for. I was more than a little stunned by
the recent break-up with my long time high school
girlfriend, Lynette. Now that we were off to college,
she wanted the freedom to 'explore other options'. Like
she was shopping for a new car or something, I couldn't
help thinking.
And yes, of course, we could still be friends.
When I first met with Jennifer, there was nothing
complicated about it. We were both drinking late on a
Tuesday evening at the campus watering hole. I wiped
the foam from the tip of her nose after she started her
third mug of beer. Not that I was counting, but between
myself and Jennifer, we were getting quite a collection
of empty mugs.
She had these wonderful curls of dark hair that
wandered across her face as she talked.
Easy conversation. About plant biology, of all
It was a topic she knew well. I shook my head dumbly
when I realized that she wasn't another student at the
college, but one of the professors. It didn't make much
of a difference to me, of course. She was just a really
nice voice to listen to while I drank silent toasts to
my ex-girlfriend.
We talked half the evening like old friends before
we even introduced ourselves.
" Jennifer Morton, " she held out her hand. " I'm
running the horticulture program this year. "
" I'm Greg Little, " I replied. " And I'm running up
quite a bill at this bar. Can I buy you another ?"
" Cheers. "

It was the most natural thing on earth for me to
walk her home. Out of habit, I put my arm around her as
we walked, like I would have with Lynette. Jennifer
slipped her hand around my waist too. She was a petite
woman, and her head rested against my chest. Having her
with me felt so good. So easy.
It honestly never occurred to me that she would
invite me in. She was a professor, and I was a student.
I probably even seemed a little confused when she asked
me if wanted to come in. I paused at the bottom of her
" It's okay if you don't want to, " Jennifer looked
so beautiful standing there in the light of her
" No... it's just that, well, I just broke up with a
girl recently and..."
And what ? Lynette was off 'exploring other
options', and I was here, having a great time with
Jennifer. Professor or not, I really liked being around
her. I stopped my explanation short, and smiled at her.
" Yes, I'd love to come in. "

I sat on the edge of Jennifer's bed, and she
straddled my lap. It was a nice easy pace. We kissed
gently while our hands explored each other's bodies.
Exploration. Now that's the right word. I hadn't been
with anyone besides Lynette since my early teens, and
every unfamiliar curve of Jennifer's body was
pleasantly different. She was softer, warmer, and much
more responsive to my touch.
" Your body is wonderful, " she told me, breaking
our kiss only briefly. " So firm... so young. "
So I was being compared to other lovers too. I was
glad she enjoyed the difference.
My heart quickened in anticipation of her every
touch. I tried to pull her onto the bed beside me, but
she held her place on my lap.
" Not yet, naughty boy. "
She was definitely setting the pace, and controlling
the action. She circled her arms around my shoulders,
and began to grind her hips slowly into my lap. It was
torture. My cock strained within my jeans, her soft
body pressing against it playfully. I held her tightly
around the waist, pushing my pelvis into hers.
When she finally ended her painfully erotic dance,
she slid down my body and began to unfasten my belt.
This is exactly what I needed. A confident woman, sure
about what she wanted from sex. Aggressive. Mature.
Her lips engulfed me. Eye contact. It's a beautiful
thing to see the face of a woman when she takes you
into her mouth. Her dark hungry eyes devoured me more
completely than her mouth ever could have. I watched
with utter pleasure as the those two wonderful little
hollows formed in her cheeks.
Jennifer teased me with her mouth. I could just
barely see the pale flesh of her breasts down the top
of her blouse while she playfully twisted her tongue
around the underside of my prick. It was such sweet
torture, and she knew it. When she finally popped my
saliva covered cock free from her mouth, she smiled
with such mischief.
And then she was on me.

When she woke up on Wednesday morning, I still held
her in my arms.
" How did I find such a beautiful young lover ? "
she whispered in my ear, when she finally stirred. She
traced her fingers along my chest and stomach. " Can I
see you again tonight ?"
" Oh, god yes. I'll be thinking about it all day. "
Yes, I would be thinking. I couldn't stop myself.
From the instant I awoke, my head had been buzzing with
thoughts. I had been watching her while she slept for
over an hour. The previous night had been so unplanned,
that I hadn't considered our age difference. Now, with
the pale morning light streaming through the window, it
was all I could think about.
Jennifer looked to be in her late thirties, making
her nearly twenty years my senior. She didn't have the
body of a teenager any more, but we were definitely
sexually compatible. I loved the way she took an
aggressive role in the bedroom. Our night together was
unbelievable. Attraction certainly wasn't the problem.
Somehow, though, I got the feeling that I should
wait for the other shoe to drop.
" I'd better get up and get Paige off to school, "
she got up to dress.
" Paige ?"
" Oh, I'm sorry. Paige is my daughter. Um,... maybe
it would be better if she didn't see you here. Sorry to
put you in this position. For Paige's sake, I never
bring men home. Could you wait until we leave, and then
let yourself out the back door ? "
My expression must have betrayed my feelings,
because she stopped half way through buttoning her
blouse, and sat beside me on the bed. She stroked my
" Listen, Greg. I know that it must be a little
weird for you, me having a teenage daughter, and being
a professor at the college. Believe me, it hadn't
crossed my mind to date a student. "
She held my chin and kissed me softly.
" I really enjoyed last night and I want to see you
again. Please give it a chance. Call me here tonight...
no, that's no good... call my private line at the
college this afternoon. I'll write the number down for
you. "
So I was left there, laying in Jennifer's bed,
holding onto a slip of paper with her office number,
and listening to the sounds of her making breakfast for
her teen daughter. I wondered whether I would call the
number in my hand that afternoon. Did I really want
this complication in my life ?
My cock stiffened as I thought about the previous
evening. I thought of the smell of her when she
shamelessly pulled my face into her pussy. First I
smelled her through the tight cotton of her panties,
and then, when I pulled the moist crotch of her panties
aside, she whispered her encouragement to me as I
gingerly took my first taste of her. Lynette had never
let me do that for her. I definitely wanted a woman
like Jennifer, without any of Lynette's sexual
Her panties were still on the bed beside me. I took
them in my hand and brought them to my nose. Her aroma
was still strong on them.
I began to stroke my cock. Everything about this was
sexy. She was a woman I knew little about. A professor
who I'd just met, and who was probably double my age.
She was just a woman I met in a bar. And here I was,
laying comfortably in her bed the next morning, jerking
myself off while she ate breakfast with her daughter
Of course I'd be back.

Several times over the next two weeks, I made late
night visits to Jennifer's house, and the sex was
amazing. She was firmly in control, and I didn't mind
that at all. She made a game of teaching her 'young
lover' how to please a woman. I was so worn out on the
following days, I had trouble concentrating in class.
The first time I visited, I considered bringing
flowers, but I vaguely remembered her saying something
unfavourable about the cut flower industry. Besides,
buying flowers for her smacked of dorkiness to me. In
the end, I brought a bottle of wine each night I came.
It tasted sweet on her breath as we made love.
Even as we finished the bottle together, and made
love well into the night, something was always gnawing
at me. She always had me come over late, after Paige
was in bed. Jennifer told me that she just didn't want
to bother with introductions quite yet. She wanted me
all to herself. Between that, and her insistence that I
call her private number, I was beginning to get the
feeling that she was embarrassed about me.
Like I was her dirty little secret.
In the middle of the third week of our relationship,
I stopped by her office. She seemed quite nervous, and
was reluctant to talk until we closed the door.
" What's going on, Jennifer ?"
" What do you mean ? " Playing dumb really didn't
suit her well.
" I mean, we've been seeing each other for almost
three weeks, and I still haven't met any of your
friends. I still haven't met your daughter. For
Christ's sake, I'm still sneaking out of your back door
in the morning..."
She interrupted. " That's just because I haven't
made a key for you yet. When I do, you can leave
through the front... if that means so much to you. "
" That's not the fucking point, and you know it. You
don't even want your co-workers to see us together."
Jennifer shook her head in denial.
" Oh really ? Why can't we talk with the door open,
then ? I'll open it right now it you want. "
" No. Don't..."
She didn't say anything else right away. Tears began
to well up in her eyes. I actually felt a little bad
for pushing her like that. Suddenly, she wasn't so much
in control of our relationship. I could see that she
desperately wanted me to stay with her, and was
searching for the words to convince me.
" Greg, I promise, I'll tell everyone. Just give me
a little bit of time. "

That night, I came over again, and we had sex, but
there was something different. Her usual commanding
manner gave way to an eagerness to please me. I had
always enjoyed her assertiveness, but this was
something different, and I found that she was very sexy
as the submissive partner. It was like she was trying
to compensate for our argument by making me the centre
of attention in the bedroom.
When she kissed me goodbye in the morning, though,
my misgivings returned. I waited quietly, as I always
did, while Jennifer got Paige up, made her breakfast,
and drove her off to school. As I heard the Mazda pull
out of the driveway, I reflected on my situation.
Sure, the sex was pleasurable. And it promised to
get even better. She had started out in control, but
now it seemed that she was willing to let me take the
lead in the bedroom, and that too was an inviting
prospect. But where was the relationship ? I still
wasn't sure about how long I would be willing to go on
being her secret lover. It had to end sometime, didn't
it ?
I didn't leave right away that morning. My first
class didn't begin until noon. The thought entered my
head that I was entitled to be a part of Jennifer's
life, and if she wasn't going to share it with me, that
I would just have to figure things out for myself.
First, I looked for a diary. No luck. It didn't seem
like Jennifer kept one, or if she did, she kept it at
the office. I wandered through the house, and checked
out most everything. I wasn't sure what I was looking
for. Anything personal. Anything that would make me
feel included in her life.
I found the photo albums. That was kind of nice.
There were some very recent pictures of Jennifer and
Paige. It was funny that after spending almost two
weeks in and out of the house, I had no idea what the
girl looked like until now. She had the same dark hair
as her mother, and was becoming quite a pretty girl.
There was quite a resemblance.
In the most recent photos, she looked like she must
be around thirteen or fourteen years old. No sign of
her father, although there were occasional pictures of
Jennifer with other guys. The most recent of the photos
showed her with an older guy, who I thought I might
recognize from the college. That irked me a bit.
Jennifer hadn't mentioned him to me at all. I was
intent on finding the answer to this riddle.
In the course of my snooping, I passed by the door
to Paige's room several times. I debated whether or not
to go in. In the end, I guess curiosity won out. I went
into the teenager's room for a quick look around.
Well, that's what it was going to be, but I spied
her diary near the head of her bed, and I couldn't
resist looking in. I guess I felt like a real shit for
invading the girl's privacy, but no one else was
around, so I figured that it couldn't do any harm.
Besides, maybe it would provide some clue about who
the guy in the pictures with Jennifer was.
I started from the book marked page, and what I read
stunned me.

' Oct 25,
' I just watched mom doing it with the young guy
again. Yay! After the other night, I wasn't sure if
he'd be back. She was being real quiet tonight, so that
I wouldn't hear anything. She thinks I'm so stupid !
That I won't notice that she has a guy in her room with
her. She'd totally kill me if she knew that I was
watching her. But I shouldn't worry. She's way to busy
*fucking* to notice me (ha ha)'

My heart was skipping beats. What I was reading was
unbelievable. Jennifer was going through all of this
trouble to hide our relationship from her daughter, and
meanwhile, Paige was somehow getting a good view of all
the action.
In the following paragraph, she actually described
our previous night's session, removing all doubt from
my mind. I was stunned by the amount of sexual
vocabulary the girl had picked up. I knew that I hadn't
been that savvy about sex when I was her age. In the
final passage, she even described her mother's new
submissive attitude.

' I don't why mom is so different tonight, but she
seems to be letting the young guy do whatever he wants
to her. She sucked his penis for a long time, and even
let him squirt into her mouth. When I first saw her
with this guy (I think his name is Craig) she was
really in control, and told him what to do. Now she
seems so different. It's so weird, but it makes me
really horny to watch. She isn't like this with any of
the other guys. '

The information was coming too fast. Not only had I
learned that Paige had been watching our late-night
sessions from the start, but also that she had spied on
Jennifer with other men. I skipped backwards in the
diary to find more details.
My heart sank as I read the next entry. It was dated
from a couple of days before, on a night that Jennifer
told me that she was visiting with friends.

' Oct 23,
' Mom's with the Professor again tonight. Yuck !
It's been a while since he's come over. Are they
getting back together ? That totally sucks. I think I
like watching her and the young guy better. mom just
seems more excited with him. And besides, when she's
with the Professor, I don't get to see much because he
likes to do it under the covers. That sucks. I hope it
doesn't last. '
' Grace is back together with Andrew this week..."

I flipped back through the book until I couldn't
stand it. Entry after entry described in detail the
different men that Jennifer had been seeing over the
last year. At least four, from Paige's writing. There
was nothing before January, when, in an excited entry,
Paige wrote that she was first able to spy on her
mother through her bedroom closet. I snapped the book
shut in my hand, and tried to calm my nerves.
Jennifer was lying to me. I almost laughed when I
remembered what she said that first morning, " For
Paige's sake, I never bring men home. " And she was
still seeing another guy. No wonder she didn't want to
be seen with me at the college. She didn't want ' the
Professor' to find out about her young lover.
And now we all had our secrets, didn't we ? Paige
had her secret diary, and her secret opening in the
closet, where she could watch her mother having sex.
Jennifer had a secret love affair with two men, neither
of whom she wanted to lose. My secret was simply that I
knew the whole dirty story.
Placing the diary back where I found it, I opened
Paige's closet. I knew from the layout of the rooms
that Jennifer's closet lined up directly with Paige's,
but I had no idea how she was seeing between them. I
pushed aside her neatly pressed school uniforms, and
scanned the back wall. At first I didn't see it. The
wall was cut so neatly, in a little square behind the
clothing. I gently pulled the patch of drywall out, and
was rewarded with a clear view into Jennifer's room.
Now I could see how she pulled it off. The hole
looked in from behind Jennifer's clothing, and would be
impossible to spot from the other side unless you were
really looking for it. In the darkness of the evening,
Paige's chances of being caught were next to zero.
I replaced the drywall, and left her room the way I
found it. I really needed to get out of there. With my
head still spinning from the revelations, I let myself
out through the back door.

All through that day and the next, my mind was
filled with dark, twisted thoughts. First they were
about Jennifer, and then about Paige, and of course,
the diary. How could I be so angry, and yet so excited
at the same time ? I couldn't figure out how a
relationship that started out so simple had become such
a complicated circle of lies.
Mostly, though, I couldn't figure out why I didn't
want to end it; why I was so aroused by the whole
Certainly the sex with Jennifer was amazing, but
that wasn't the whole story. The idea that she was
cheating on me and lying to me should have bothered me.
And it did. But in my dark little sexual imaginings, I
also saw it as an opportunity to bring her along to new
levels of sexual experimentation. I saw it as a way to
make her do what I pleased. I wanted to use her guilt
to get back at her.
The idea that her daughter had been watching us fuck
should have turned me off, but somehow it didn't. God
help me, the more I thought about it, the more it
excited me.
There was just something about the perversity of it
all. The incestuous voyeurism of watching her mother
being fucked by various men. Well it obviously turned
Paige on. I thought back on all of the things that
Jennifer and I had tried. I imagined them now through
the eyes of Paige; how it would look to see me fucking
her mother from behind, or to see her squatting over my
face as I licked her. Paige must have seen everything.
I thought about what it would be like to fuck
Jennifer now, knowing the whole time that Paige was
watching, to know that the young girl was watching me
thrust my cock into her mother. I thought about how it
would excite the school girl. Would she masturbate
while she watched her mother being screwed ? The
thought made me shake in anticipation.
Jennifer phoned me the next day. This was the first
time she had called me at all. Every other time, I had
done the calling. The balance of our relationship was
definitely shifting, and we both knew it.
" Hi Greg, did you want to come over tonight ?"
" Sorry, I'm busy tonight. Maybe you could call me
tomorrow. "
I wanted to make her sweat a bit. But I had plans
for her the following night. When she called the next
day, I let her know what they were.
" I'd really like to see you tonight, Greg, " she
told me.
" Yeah. I'd like that too. I really like what we did
the other night. I've been thinking about it a lot. "
She was pleased that I was taking her up on her
offer. Her voice was brimming with sexual excitement.
" Oh, so you like being in charge, do you ? "
" You know it. Hey, listen Jennifer, I've got this
little fantasy..."
" Anything, " she said eagerly.
" Well, it's a bit embarrassing... but you being a
teacher and all, I can't get the idea out of my head. I
fantasize about what it would be like if we were to
switch roles, and you were to play the naughty
schoolgirl. I could be the strict school master. "
" Mmm. Role playing. That sounds like fun. "
" And you don't mind if I'm a little strict with
you, maybe give you a bit of a spanking ?"
" Not at all. I'm looking forward to it. Hey, you
don't mind coming over a little late, do you ?"
She was still trying to keep her secrets from Paige.
If she only knew...
" No problem, " I said. " Paige will be in bed by
ten, right ? I'll be in around eleven. Be ready for

When I knocked softly on the door, Jennifer only
opened it a crack and peaked out to see me. I cocked my
head in curiosity.
" Come in, " she whispered, opening the door just a
little more. It was as if she didn't want anyone to be
able to see her through the open door. A bit of a silly
worry at eleven o'clock, if you ask me, but when I came
in and saw her, I could see what she was nervous about.
She had taken my request further than I had
expected. I'll admit, I chose the schoolgirl theme with
Paige in mind, but this was more than I had imagined.
Jennifer was decked out, from head to toe, in one of
her daughter's school uniforms. The clothes were a bit
small, but I was surprised at how well Jennifer's
petite figure fit into them.
" Oh my god, are those..."
" They're Paige's. I just thought that they would
add a little authenticity to our game. "
They sure did. I couldn't help but flash on the
photo album pictures of Paige, dressed in this same
uniform. Jennifer must have been all too aware of the
" I just took them from the laundry, " she
continued. There was a lot of excitement in her voice.
" I even... um... well, I wanted it to be perfect to
the last detail, so I'm even wearing her bra and
panties. "
Had I stumbled across some hidden sexual fantasy of
Jennifer's ? Something that she wouldn't have dared to
ask of her lover. This whole thing certainly seemed to
be making her so very horny.
Of course, I wasn't unaffected either. I couldn't
help but think about what it would be like for Paige,
waiting in her closet for us to come upstairs, when her
mother entered the room decked out in her school
clothing. I couldn't wait for the moment when I she
would watch me bend her mother forward, and pull up her
kilt, revealing the fact that she was even wearing
Paige's panties. God, what would the girl be thinking
at that moment ?
" Well, Miss Morton, I think that maybe we should go
up to my office, " I gestured playfully towards the
" Yes sir, " she said, playing along with my game.
Before we went up, she gave me a quick kiss, and
whispered in my ear. " You can be as strict as you
want. I don't mind. "
Even without my thoughts of Paige, this would have
been an exciting turn in our sex life. Jennifer was
giving me permission, practically begging even, for me
to take complete control tonight. For me to discipline
her like a naughty schoolgirl. It was quite a nice
I wondered what it must be like for her, to allow a
student from her college, and almost twenty years
younger than her, to take control of her like this. To
have her play the role of a naughty schoolgirl, who
needed to be punished.
As soon as we came through the door to Jennifer's
room, I could feel the Paige's eyes on us. I tried my
best not to look in the direction of the closet, but
that's where my mind was. My cock was painfully hard.
I knew that I was going to give Paige a show that
she would never forget. The perversity of it really got
my blood pumping. I was going to make her mother
perform for her, and give her a sex show. I was going
to make her mother unwittingly display herself in utter
humiliation before her daughter. I couldn't wait to get
" Miss Morton, " I tried to use my strictest tone. I
hadn't done anything like this before, but my
excitement was making the transition easy. " Have you
been a naughty girl ?"
" Yes sir. "
" Then you'll need some punishment, young lady,
won't you ? Come over here. "
I led Jennifer to a spot beside the bed, right in
front of the closet. Oh yes, I was going to give Paige
a front row seat in her mother's degradation. The best
part was, Jennifer just thought that this was innocent
fun. She had no idea that her daughter was watching
every moment.
" Bend forward, girl, and get ready for your
punishment, " I ordered.
Jennifer was breathing so very heavily. How much of
this scene resonated with her own fantasies, I'll never
know. I began to remove my belt from my pants as she
slowly bent forward, putting her hands on the bed. It
would be perfect. Her ass was facing directly towards
the closet, only a few feet away.
My hand wandered up Paige's skirt, to her mother's
" Bend further forward, " I directed. " You'll have
to stick your backside up nicely for me. "
The control I had over her was intoxicating. I was
showing her off for my secret audience, and the next
thing I wanted to display was directly under the cloth
of that skirt. I grabbed the edge of it, and pulled it
forward, revealing Jennifer's ass fully.
Paige's panties were so very small on her. The
little white panties barely covered her mother's
crotch. I slipped one of my fingers under the edge of
the tight little panties. Jennifer's body shook with
" These panties seem awfully small for you, Miss
Morton. Not very ladylike at all. "
" No sir, you're right sir. "
" In fact, I'd almost suspect that they aren't your
panties at all. "
My finger found her wet pussy, and she gasped. Just
as quickly, I pulled my finger away. She was going to
have to suffer for a while yet.
" Who do these panties belong to, young lady ?"
" They're mine, sir. "
" Do they belong to Paige Morton then ?"
Quietly. " Yes."
" I'm sorry, who do they belong to. Speak up, girl."
" To... Paige. To me. "
I teased her pussy again with my finger. God I
wanted Paige to hear this. I wanted her to know that
not only was her mother wearing her clothing, but that
she was actually turned on by the idea of assuming her
daughter's role.
" One more time, girl. Your voice is so faint. Which
little slut do these panties belong to ?"
" Nnng... to me... I'm Paige Morton. Oh please,
spank me... I've been so bad. "
Her voice was loud enough that I had no doubt that
Paige would hear every word. She would hear her mother
begging to be spanked. Jennifer's body was pushing back
against my fingers. Her excitement was electrifying the
air around her.
The leather of my belt slapped hard against her bare
ass. I was a little surprised by the how loud the blow
was. The soft flesh of her rear end jumped and rippled
from the force of the blow.
Jennifer whimpered, but didn't cry out.
" That's right, young lady. You be brave for your
punishment. I want you to count them for me. "
I stood to one side of her, making sure not to block
the view from the closet. I wondered if this was
turning Paige on, to see her mother punished this way.
" Two...three... ungh, four... five..."
A deep shade of pink was spreading across her ass
cheeks. I was venting my anger for her lies, for her
unfaithfulness. I got off not only on the act of
strapping her, but also on the idea of humbling her in
front of her daughter. Each stroke came down with more
force, but Jennifer made no sign of trying to avoid
them. Yes, she was definitely a girl who needed some
" Nine... ten... eleven..."
I reached my left hand over, and held her by the
back of the neck. That felt good. She was totally under
my control.
" Eighteen... nineteen... twenty..."
Jennifer waited after the count of twenty, to see if
another blow was coming. Brave girl. She was still
sticking her ass out for more. My cock was painfully
erect, though, and I needed some relief.
" Do you know why you're being punished, Paige ?"
Jennifer's body quivered again.
" N-no sir."
" It's because you're a naughty little slut, who
likes to suck all of the boys cocks, aren't you ?"
" Yes sir. "
" Get on your knees in front of me, and show me what
you like to do to all of the boys."
She dropped to her knees in front of me. I stood
sideways to the closet, to provide the best view of the
activity. Jennifer reached up and unbuttoned my pants.
I looked down at my little schoolgirl and smiled. God,
would she be mortified if she knew who was watching her
play the slut. So very eagerly, she fed my engorged
cock into her mouth.
" Mmmm... mmm, " she moaned, as she tried her best
to deep throat me. I reached down and took hold of her
hair. I pulled her wandering locks out of her face. I
wasn't going to let anything get in the way of a good
" Are you a nasty little cock sucker, Paige ?"
" Mmm hmm, " she nodded her head around my member.
" Unbutton your blouse for me... show me those cute
little titties. "
Jennifer unbuttoned and removed the white blouse,
revealing yet another sexy view. The bra was definitely
Paige's and held Jennifer's breast just a little too
tightly. The view of her body, displayed in the
schoolgirl uniform was almost too much for me. I had to
grip her hair tightly, and pull her mouth off of my
cock. She slurped loudly as I pulled free of her.
We paused like that, me holding her hair, and
catching my breath.
" Are you wet, slut ?"
" Yes. I'm so wet. Goddamn, you're turning me on. "
" Take off your little girl panties, Paige, and show
me how wet you've made them. "
Jennifer reached her hands up her skirt, and
wriggled her ass as she struggled to pull the tight
little panties off. In the meantime, I reached behind
her, and unfastened Paige's bra. When she was finally
able to slide the panties off, she handed them to me
" Oh, this is very naughty, " I told her. " These
panties are so very wet. A slut like you will have to
learn her lessons. Open your mouth. "
Jennifer knew what was coming. She looked me in the
eyes, opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. God
she was hot. She would have done anything. I placed the
moist crotch of the panties against her tongue, and
them pushed Paige's underwear into her mother's mouth.
I began to wrap the bra around her head.
" Do you like the taste of yourself, Paige ?" I
asked her. A perverse thought struck me. I knew that
Jennifer had taken the clothing from the laundry, and I
wondered if Paige had been wearing these panties in the
last day or two.
" Mmm hmm, " Jennifer nodded.
" Good, then I'll make sure you keep them there. "
I tied the straps of Paige's bra around Jennifer's
head, to keep the panties in place.
" Now, slut, let's have a look at that wet pussy of
yours. Get on the bed, on your hands and knees. "
I led Jennifer onto the bed, with her ass still
facing the closet. Everything I was doing tonight was
to give Paige a good show of her slutty mother. I
wondered how much she was appreciating my efforts. I
pulled the skirt up once again and bunched it around
Jennifer's waist. Her legs were already spread,
displaying her pussy and ass lewdly from behind.
Neither one of us could take much more of this.
Jennifer was so wet, I could see her pussy glistening
from where I stood. I needed relief so badly, I could
hardly stand to look. But there was one more thing that
I wanted to see Jennifer do. One more little
degradation for my secret audience.
From the floor near the bed, I picked up one of the
empty wine bottles from my previous visits. Actually, I
didn't recognize the label. Perhaps this bottle was
from her other lover. Even better.
I placed myself behind her, but stood a little to
the side, so that Paige could still see. I started with
my finger. Jennifer groaned into her daughters panties
as I slipped my finger easily into her wet passage.
Only a moment later, I slipped in a second finger. This
was a nice scene, with Jennifer pushing her pussy back
to greet me, but I had a little more in mind.
When I pulled my fingers out, Jennifer whimpered in
frustration. I had her exactly where I wanted her. Good
and horny. With no further delay, I gently touched the
mouth of the bottle to the lips of her pussy.
This was going to have to be voluntary. She froze,
as she realized what the object was. I didn't push. I
just waited for her to invite me. God, I wished I could
see Paige's face, as her mother began to gently grind
her wet pussy lips against the mouth of the bottle,
first in little circles, then more insistently.
Did she crave this humiliation as much as I wanted
to give it to her ? I didn't have to do much. All I had
to do was give her the right angle, and she would
eagerly do the rest. I slowly raised the bottle, and
let her push back into it. I could hear her moaning
softly into her gag as it penetrated her.
" That's indecent, " I said. " Is little Paige such
a whore that she'll put anything into her pussy ? "
Jennifer was nodding her head.
" Fuck yourself with it, little whore. I'll hold it
for you. I want to see what a slut you are. "
No sooner than I gave her permission, she began to
push herself back and forth on the glass of the bottle.
She fucked herself slowly on the rigid phallus, each
time pushing herself further towards the wide end of
the bottle. I couldn't stand it any more.
" That's enough. "
I gently withdrew the bottle from her, and dropped
it onto the bed.
" Turn around. Put your face near the bottle. I'm
going to fuck you now. "
Jennifer crawled around until her face was at the
edge of the bed, beside the wine bottle. I crawled up
onto the bed behind her. She held her ass up in the air
for me. Neither one of us could wait to cum.
This is exactly the way I wanted to end it, and it's
a scene that was better than I could have imagined.
Jennifer was on her knees, with the uniform skirt
pushed up onto her back. I pushed myself into her open
hole with ease. Both of us were facing towards the
closet. Jennifer grunted with pleasure, unable to say
anything, because Paige's wet panties were stuffed into
her mouth.
" Do you like being fucked, Paige ? " I was saying
it to both women. In a sense, I had been having sex
with both of them this night. It felt so dirty... so
Jennifer grunted her approval. She had one of her
hands at her pussy, and was fingering her clit while I
fucked her from behind. I was getting so close to
orgasm. I could feel Jennifer's pussy contracting
around me. She was close too.
I envisioned Paige masturbating while watching this
scene; while watching her mother get fucked from
behind. I thought of her watching her mother's tit's
bounce underneath her with the rhythm of our bodies.
Most of all, I wanted her to see her mother's face when
she came.
With my right hand, I grabbed a handful of
Jennifer's hair, and pulled her face up. Paige would
see her mother cum, with her daughter's panties stuffed
in her mouth.
The thought of it pushed me over the edge.
" Oh, fuck, take my cum, Paige ! I'm giving it to
you. " My intense orgasm couldn't hold off any longer.
Beneath me, I could feel Jennifer's body begin to shake
as her own climax overtook her. I held her hair, and
kept her face visible throughout.
Our bodies pounded into each other. Each of us was
desperate to extend the feeling for just a little
longer as we came in unison.
She squealed into the panties, her face contorting
with pleasure. I grunted loudly as I emptied myself
into her pussy. Finally, our rhythm slowed, and then
stopped, as our orgasms subsided. When her body
couldn't take any more, Jennifer collapsed forward with
me on top of her.
While I caught my breath, I couldn't help but look
in the direction of the closet. Paige would watch every
last detail, I knew. To my surprise, even in the
darkness of the closet, I could just barely make out
the little opening into Paige's closet. She was still

I winked.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
But that's what I did. It was a simple act, but one
that served to destroy our whole intricate web of lies.
It's funny that a wink could do all of that.
Apparently, Paige panicked. I didn't know it until
Jennifer broke up with me over the phone two days
" I'm sorry, Greg, but after what Paige saw the
other night, I don't feel comfortable with us any more,
" Jennifer told me, after explaining that Paige had
been peeping on us. I tried my best to sound shocked by
the revelation.
The way I figured it, Paige had been afraid that I
would tell her mother, so she beat me to the punch and
confessed her voyeurism. Luckily for me, she didn't
tell her mother about the wink. That would have proved
much more awkward.
So there's at least that one dirty secret still left
between us.


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