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The characters and the situations in the following
story are loosely based on real people, and real life
happenings. The sister of the lead male character
related the details to me over daily coffee, over the
course of a few months. The storyteller has been a
friend for a long time.
It contains explicit sexual situations. If that type
of writing offends you, please go away.

Micah Spinney was the kind of guy that a lot of other
men envied. He rode that cusp of being so gorgeous
that women had a hard time resisting him, but was just
rugged enough that guys liked and looked up to him. He
could be the pretty boy and the jock.

Micah had walked into a good situation with Integra, a
major computer manufacturer/retailer. He was their
server troubleshooter. He spent so much time in
Chicago area colleges, getting them online, and
setting up the Illinois State Parks Department of
Natural Resources, that Chicago had become a home away
from home.
When his parent company swallowed one of its major
competitors, the formers Chicago base of operations
became Integra's mid-west sales base. They had the
space and basic staff to continue the sales operation,
only now with Integra components.
Micah was called upon to push the Integra style, made
popular in their advertising, to the staff that stayed
from the old company. When the head of Integra's Media
Response Sales team balked at the move from New York,
Micah made his move.

"The field work with the servers is killing me. I've
had to deal with so many punks and know-nothings that
I'm burning out faster than I ever thought. I'm just
30 and sometimes I feel 50. My girlfriend and I both
travel a lot, and if one of us stayed put, I might
even get to see her more, maybe even get married." He
pleaded with Marty Dunbar, Integra's VP of marketing.

"I can pick up the ball here. I know the product, I
know the specs and I can teach it to the reps. I'm
making punks and dolts into experts with the server
product, our sales staff should be a piece of cake."
Micah insisted.

"I'll tell you what. I know your work in the field has
been tiptop. Customers have told me that you leave a
tech support Integra expert behind with each
installation. I'm bringing in 20 of our best New York
product movers and a couple interviewers to recruit
from the newspaper want ads. Before I bring in a new
Media Response Sales Manager, I'll give you 2 weeks to
impress me." Dunbar challenged.

The rest was history. Micah had a phone staff of 60
working 3 shifts internationally in 4 languages. Their
expertise and ability to sell the company, made
selling the product easy. He worked face to face, hand
in hand with the 3 shift managers perpetuating the
advertising image found in print, tv and radio.

Watching Micah arrive at work and walk through the
plant and right through the live sales room was always
impressive. The men would holler across sanitary
production rooms to acknowledge his presence; minimum
wage shippers would smile and needle him about his
favorite sports teams. He was the cheerleader as he
went through.
But, when he got to the live sales floor, where most
of his staff were female, was where he shone best.
Every single operator, whether busy or not, waved a
hand, saluted or greeted him personally. He made every
woman flush; it seemed, with his smile. If you didn't
know better you would think he slept with each of them
the night before. The women found him totally
disarming. The woman he wanted to disarm, however,
wasn't such an easy conquest. Her name was Kate
Marble, and here is how he first met her almost ten
years before. . . . .

- - - - - - - -

While setting up computer servers and systems for the
City of Worcester Mass., he met an intern and Holy
Cross student, Kate Marble. Kate went to Holy Cross on
a swimming scholarship and was dabbling in computer
science. Her plan was to propel Holy Cross to some
NCAA small college championships and then use that as
a springboard to the 1988 summer Olympic team.

Micah met Kate as a City intern while showing
municipal employees the basics of the Integra system.
They had spirited conversations and Micah found her
refreshing because of her profound knowledge most any
subject that came up. He became interested in her
swimming and always promised that, if he were in town,
would come to a meet to see her in action.
His interest in her was solely platonic, as much as he
loved her mind. She was at least 3 years younger than
he, and he figured with her athletic background, her
long and slight athletic frame, maybe a little
androgynous. Kate was 5' 7" and weighed 100 or so
pounds. From her look at her internship, she had no
breast, little shape, and he figured her to be boney,
with so little meat on that tall frame. All he could
think of were the gymnasts he had seen in the
Olympics, pumped with steroids at an early age to
develop proper muscling.

Micah ran into a problem with the cities main servers
on, what was supposed to be, his last Friday night
with the system before he moved on. The glitch was
electrical in nature and he thought he had it down to
surges in the building's electrical. This changed
everything because one power surge in the wrong
component and ZZZZZTT, he had 4 very fancy looking
black towers of chips and wire that could do little
more than flash error lights.

After making arrangements for city engineers to meet
him on Monday, he looked at his watch and saw the
time, way after 11. He was too tired to make the 2+
hour drive home, so he called his hotel to stay on and
crash for the night.

Upon waking on Saturday he turned on the tv for the
news and saw a sports piece about a local Olympic
hopeful performing today at the Holy Cross NCAA swim
competition. There, with her head peaking out of the
water, was Kate. He had already thought of returning
on Sunday afternoon to begin prep testing on the
system to be sure there was no surge damage, maybe he
would stay the weekend and go to the meet. He knew it
would make her happy, he had enjoyed her conversation
and insight all week. It was the least he could do.
Then, maybe he could hit the local clubs tonight and
find a mate for the night.

When he arrived at the swimming venue he found it was
sold out. Using his looks, charm and sweet talk, he
got the woman at the box office to give him an access
pass so he could see his "girlfriend", Kate Marble.

Once inside, there were trials going on and soon the
water cleared and the Holy Cross team was announced.
They paraded out to warm up in the water.
As the ladies padded out in their swim caps and eye
protection, one of the swimmers caught his eye. A
little on the tall side, but what a shapely ass!! So
firm, so pronounced, and it streamlined into 2 perfect
legs. This girl could be a model for pantyhose! Her
aqua-dynamic suit showed 2 prominent nipples upon 2
small, but firm breasts.
He kept looking for Kate, but his eyes were always
drawn to whom he was calling in his mind, Miss Ass

Wishing he had his binoculars, he waited for the
announcements and the arrival of the seeming star of
the show, Kate Marble. Once heats started he enjoyed
the show. Then, finally, he heard the match-ups for
the last heat and Kate was announced.
Up stepped Miss Ass n'gams!!
How in Gods name, he wondered, did she pack that ass
and muscular frame into the droll polo shirts and
slacks he saw her in at the city muni center?

Kate dominated the meet, and somewhere through the
competition, he caught her eye and she made an obvious
acknowledgement to his presence, causing spectators in
his area to turn and look at him. He was embarrassed
even more to look and see an ABC sports tv camera
aimed at him.

As the meet ended and the swimmers went off she made a
motion to him that he should wait. As the arena
emptied he became painfully aware that only he and a
bunch of families remained in the stands. Soon a
security person came over and herded them all to a
waiting area. After a few minutes a door opened and a
large group of nubile young girls came out seeking
Moms, Dads, sisters and brothers to hug and cajole.
Kate had no one there to wait for her but Micah. She
ran up and gave him an unexpected hug and big kiss.

He was used to having girls come on to him, but he
considered her uninteresting sexually, and not
interested, herself.

"What did you think? Next week we go for the division
NCAA's and that should get me a serious look from the
Olympic team." She bubbled.

Micah was speechless, still confused by her seeming
split identity. Now she was dressed in tight jeans,
and her top accented her small breasts. Her jet black
hair was done in a short ponytail and, as always wore
no make-up.

"Uh, Umm, WOW, I don't know what to say. I didn't know
you wanted me to come see you that bad." He managed to
blurt out.

Kate blushed and pursed her lips as if to make sure
she didn't say too much. Then she sucked in a breath
and gave a half sigh.

"Yeah, I'm SURE you never had a girl flirt with you
before. I have you pegged as a hound, Micah. Don't
give me the shy act. The girls in the employees lounge
each made up fantasies about you and swore you winked
at each of them." She said, a little embarrassed.

"Hey, I've never said a word to one of those women who
work there" Micah defended.

"Come on! The way you look at each of them, wink and
smile? I thought you slept with each of them, the
looks you give them." Kate accused.

"Gee, I'm just trying to be friendly," Micah said, a
smile curling at the corner of his mouth.
"Besides I never sleep with customers."

"Does that mean I don't have to worry about you trying
anything with me? I wanted to ask you out tonight to
celebrate with me, but I don't screw on the first
date." Kate said, shocking Micah.

"Kate, wait a minute. I've never come on to you,"
and then he added, smiling,
"I've never even given you the look."
He mused blushing.
"Besides, I'm too old for you."

"Baloney," she said.
"You're about 23, and I just turned 22." She said and
then paused.
"Micah, I'm just trying to be a smart ass. My "don't
screw on the first date" remark was way out of line.
I'm not promiscuous, I don't sleep around and I didn't
mean to give you that impression.
I am as you originally thought I was, really.
Can I tell you something, just between you and me?
Female swimmers get boxed in with gymnast's and people
think of us as androgynous or lesbians. I dress like
this when I leave the arena to look sexy. I know I'm
skinny, but I'm not boney, and I know I look good in a
bathing suit. There are really no clothes that make me
look good. I either look like a guy, or I look like a
slut. There's no clothing store called "tall and
looking anorexic" out there, and I'm NOT anorexic, by
the way."

"So, what's the best you look? Nude?" Micah asked,

"Now, see?! You ARE a hound.
But yes, probably nude, but you'll never know.
Now come on, can I take you out as a friend to
celebrate? The night after competition is the only
time I can eat and drink what I want, and times
wasting. The most of the girls are going to a frat
kegger, but I can't risk getting caught there. I have
to think of the Olympic team, and I've already lied to
them." She said as Micah offered her an arm and they
began to walk out of the deserted arena.

"Lied to them?" Micah inquired?

"They asked me if I dove as well as did lane work and
relays. I told them I did. I've done a little diving,
but I'm not that good. My Dad has hired a couple of
ex-Olympians to tutor me on the basics. They have a
diving pool in Hartford that I have to meet them at,
on Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Actually, in the
middle of the night, so I don't get caught in my lie."
Kate told him as she directed him towards a bus stop.

"Oh wait, you have a car, right?" she asked him.

He smiled.

"If you stopped talking for a second, I would have
told you we were going the wrong way. Do you trust me
alone with you in the car?" Micah joked.

"Of course, I can handle you." Her pshaw and wink
catching him by surprise.

"I bet you can." He half thought to himself, and half
mouthed out. He didn't know that she caught him saying

This little bit of a girl was stealing his heart with
her panache, wit, charm and the intellect he already
knew about. Her sexy little body was only the icing on
the cake. His find, feel, fuck, forget, attitude with
most females had been blind-sided.

They didn't say much the rest of the way to his car.
He opened the door for her and she got in, her smiling
like the cat that caught the canary.

"There's a nice place not far from here, called
Margueritas, I think. It's a combination Mexican place
and Steak House, 2 restaurants, one building. They'll
have a band later." Kate told him as she turned in her
seat to look at Micah.

She loosened her seatbelt and brought her knees up to
hug her chin between them, facing Micah.

"I bet you have a lot of girlfriends, huh, Micah? Do
you really not sleep with customers? I bet some girls
really come one to you." Kate bubbled.

"You sure have a lot of questions Kate. You're talking
to me like I'm your big brother or something. I
thought you considered me the same age?" Micah teased.

"I'm sorry, I don't have a lot of dates. Sports geeks
have cooties, I guess." She answered, "And, we are
less than 2 years apart. When did you start college?
Oops, sorry I didn't mean to continue the
interrogation." Kate continued.

"Oh, so this is a date?" Micah said. "I sure am
getting a lot of mixed signals from you, Kate."

"I'm sorry, I'll be quiet, I promise." Kate said as
she kept her position on the seat facing Micah and

Micah thought that she sure was doing her best to act
cute and be a tease. But overall, he was confused as
to her wishes and feelings.

She spoke only to give directions the rest of the way
and when they parked, she waited for Micah to get her
door. She looked from the corner of her eye and smiled
as she got out and walked with him inside.

Once inside she seemed to change once again, acting
much the informed college intern he knew from work.
They had a long intellectual conversation about
politics, the environment and finally he steered the
talk about music. They discussed the music they each
liked and as they went along Kate seemed to revert
into the bubbly college nymph Micah thought he might
be with.

After dinner and a shared dessert, Micah asked the
waiter for a table down near the dance floor. A few
minutes later he rushed them down with a fat tip in
his pocket.

The two danced the rest of the night and at 1:30 Micah
caught Kate yawning and he suggested he bring her
They went to the car and Kate gave directions on and
off the interstate and soon they were in the parking
lot of her off campus college apartment.

"Thanks for everything, Micah. I had a great time. I
may see you next week. I have to intern on Monday and
Tuesday if you're still around. I have the rest of the
nights off, I'm sneaking to Hartford to learn how to
dive good enough to make my lie true." She giggled.

"Goodnight Kate, thanks for showing me around town,
and I was quite impressed by your swimming." Micah
said as he leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.

She opened the door to get out and then stopped.
"Do you want to come up, my roommate is either not
home or asleep. We can talk some more." She blurted
out, excited at the prospect.

"I don't know, going up to your room, that's . . ."
Micah stopped and thought aloud.

If he didn't know her, he would love the opportunity
to touch, squeeze and feel every inch of her tight
little body, especially her ass. She was an incredible
edible. But, she was sort of a customer, sort of not,
and hard to figure.
Was she the all business athlete, or the bubbly
nymphet she flashed from time to time tonight?

"Please? Nothing will get out of hand. I won't cause
you a problem at work, I promise." Kate said.

As long as she knew where he was coming from in his
reluctance, he didn't see the harm. She knew he didn't
like to mix work with personal life.

Once inside Kate invited him to sit on the love seat,
as she made sure her roommate was out. She checked her
messages and found her roommates message that she
wasn't coming home. She hoped Micah hadn't heard.

She came out with 2 glasses of the same wine Micah had
been drinking at the club.

They talked and finished the glass of wine and just as
Micah thought of getting up to go hom,e Kate sunk into
him on the sofa.

"You feel so nice and warm, I could fall asleep right
here." Kate said as she tipped her lips invitingly to

He couldn't resist. He took her invitation to kiss and
answered with a few of his own as he eventually took
her chin in his fingers and led her to her knees on
the sofa and then back to lay on the other side where
he knelt over her prone body necking and swapping
spit, rolling each others tongues over and over.

She responded by grabbing the back of his head and
holding their mouths tight. He snuck his arms around
her tightly and knelt up on the love seat and fell
back to have her on top of him. Their lips never
parted. He slipped his hands to her sides and gently
slid them down to her hips and caressed the ass he had
been admiring since he saw her at the swim meet. It
was as firm as he expected and a joy to feel. As he
squeezed those supple cheeks, she dug her middle into

Oh my God, he thought, maybe I WILL get laid tonight.
This girl is hot!! He no more than thought that when
she sat up fast.

"Oh, I can't do this, I barely know you. Here, sit
up!!" she commanded as she sat up a bit to let him
turn his legs out.

He half expected her to scold him for being so
forward, but she sat next to him and turned her lips
to his again. They necked more and he eventually had
his hands over her small breasts. They were small, but
firm, but her nipples felt long and hard. She groaned
approvingly as he rubbed, twisted and pinched them.
Her hand was now resting on his thigh and he moved his
to her belly, with his fingers pointed down. He slowly
slid his hand over her crotch as she did the same to
him. He stroked up and down as he tried to figure if
she was wearing panties, if she was shaved, what it
looked like.

There was no time like the present.
He slid his hand up and undid the snap on her jeans as
he tipped his mouth straight down to her tipped up
mouth. He was one head over her.
He slid his hand back down over her jeans between her
legs and began to rub up and down long strokes,
getting longer until his upstroke touched her waist.
1 stroke, 2 strokes, and the third went under her
jeans and slid to her shaved pussy as she sucked in
her stomach either in surprise or to accommodate him.

The more he worked his hand around her pussy the more
the zipper slipped down allowing him more access. Her
mouth continued to suck at his tongue and 2 fingers of
her hand were on either side of his cock, stroking it
through his pants.

He pulled his hand from her pants and slid the zipper
down the rest of the way. He tore his face from hers
and looked directly into her eyes. If she wanted this
to stop, now was the time. She said nothing. She just
turned her body towards him a bit and lifted. He took
the opportunity to take the back of he jeans and pull
at them a bit. They were over her ass, and she sat
back down, and threw her tongue back into his mouth.
She was wearing tiny hip hugging panties and he pushed
them aside as he put his fingers right into her pussy.
She exhaled deeply into his mouth and reacted swiftly
to his fingering. He began to saw in and out, making
sure he got her clit involved. In more than a few
seconds she was ready to split with an orgasm. She
jerked and humped up a bit, clicking her teeth hard on

She was in the throes of a long orgasm, her mouth
locked to his, but motionless as she concentrated on
the grind in her pussy. Her mouth snapped away, she
huffed and puffed in his face.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, NNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnn." She
expelled a long blow of air from her mouth as she took
her hand from his cock and ripped his hand from her

"No more, no more, oh, oh, oh, oh, ahhhhhhh. Oh Micah,
you made me cum so hard. What did you make me do?" she
said chuckling and still squeezing out little spasms.

"Boys don't usually get this far with me on the first
date," she said smiling but embarrassed.

"I'm not a boy, I'm a man, and you are a woman; A very
hot sexy woman. How you hide that body in those
clothes all week is beyond me." He said as he looked
down at her.

Her top was pulled up, he slinky little bra was
unsnapped in the front, her jeans around her knees.

When she said she wasn't boney, she was right. She
didn't weigh much, but she was muscle and sex. No
bones stuck through her frame, no fat showed anywhere.
Her hips and buttocks were femininely fleshy, her
breasts small but prominent and firm with long

"I gave you chances to stop, Kate, believe me, I
looked out for you." Micah defended right away.

"Oh, I know Micah, I wouldn't change a thing. You are
a special guy, . . . er, man to me, really. I told you
I'm not promiscuous, you must think I'm a slut and .."
Kate began to apologize, but Micah stopped her.

"I don't think you are anything but a sweet woman,
with a beautiful mind and body. I enjoyed making you
feel so special. When a man and woman begin to open
themselves up to each other, you can never predict the
results." Micah said to ease her guilt.

"Now, how about you? I want to make you feel as
special." She said as she reached over and grabbed his
dick through his pants. "I like playing with these
things, just like you like playing with me." She said
as she knelt up on the loveseat and looked him in the
"I'm not a virgin Micah, I've had a few boyfriends."
She said as she began to fiddle with his belt and
zipper. "I know how incredible these things feel in
your hand, especially when they shoot off." She said
smiling at him.

Micah wanted to stop her in one way, a little worried
that the wine may be acting on her, but she couldn't
have drunk that much. She undid his belt and found the
snap on his pants. She lowered the zipper as it
trailed right over his cock.

"Ooooo, striped boxers. I had you pegged as a briefs
guy as I played with it." Kate smiled and said.

She began to reach in the opening of his shorts as if
something with teeth was going to jump out. She got
her hand around it and brought it out.

"My, it's a big one, and really hard. It's only the
third one I've touched." She said as she began to
slide her hand lightly over its length.

Micah sighed and relished in the feeling of her little
hands stroking him, jerking him off.

"These things are so cute, but so mysterious." She
said as she spit in her hand to slicken it.

"Pull down my shorts and pants, Kate. I'd love it if
you held my balls in your other hand, they ache too."
Micah said throwing his head back enjoying the feeling
of the stroking.

"I don't know men that well, Micah. I've never touched
those before. I better not." She said cautiously.

She continued to stroke him, watching intently as the
cock in her hand continued to throb.

He threw back his head and breathed in deep.

"Like that?" she asked.

"Ummm hmmm," was all he answered, still looking up
trying to keep his concentration.

He felt her stop and was about to tell her that he was
close when he felt her hands on his hips. She was
pulling down his trousers and shorts in one motion.

"You're uncomfortable, I can tell. I'll help you. Let
me know if I'm too rough, I know these things are
tender." She said as she reached out, very
tentatively, and took his ball sack in her hand.

"God, they feel squishy, but heavy. I'm gonna squeeze
a little here. . . . .Wow, how weird. I'm not hurting
you right?" she said while experimenting.

"No, they feel good now, start stroking again." He
ordered her.

She scooted up to the edge of the sofa facing him, so
she could work both hands on him. She liked making him
feel good, and his hard cock felt nice, but strange in
her hand.

"Tell me when you're going to shoot off, I want to try
and control the mess, OK? Does it feel good baby?" she

"Mmmmmmm, I know what would feel better." He said with
a bit of a sigh.

"I can't sleep with you Micah. As much as I like you,
I would hate myself later. I want to, believe me. If
we ever get more serious, it can happen, OK?" she
apologized turning him down.

"Well, actually, that wasn't what I was talking
about." Micah said with a little smile.

Kate pulled her hands away from his genitals like they
had turned too hot to touch.

"No, Micah, I've never done that. That's pretty
personal sex." She protested.

"What, and this isn't? I'm sorry, I thought you were
going to do it anyway." He said, disappointed

"NO, not in my mouth! I don't do that!" she said,

"OK, OK, just please don't stop! You're driving me
crazy now and I'm getting close." Micah said

She reached over and began in earnest, her stroking
and fondling. She looked at him inquisitively.

"Do it anyway?" she wondered aloud.

He exhaled deeply, frustrated from wanting to cum, and
now she distracted him again.

"I've never known a woman who didn't do it, or didn't
want to. It's supposed to be pretty exciting, I guess.
I know it is for me." He said sneering. "Please finish

Kate spit in her hand and began to stroke him again.

"Have you ever done it to a woman?" Kate asked him.

"KATE! We were having a nice spontaneous sexual
interlude here, until it turned into 20 questions!!"
he snarled, and suddenly realized how he took his
frustrations out on her.

"I'm sorry, Kate. You've just had me so close to
cumming and thrown me off now 3 times. I know you're
inexperienced and don't realize what you are doing to
me, what a tease it is." He explained in a forced

"Yes, I would do it to you. There is nothing I would
have liked more than to eat that cute little pussy of
yours, but that always leads to "sleeping together",
as you called it, and I didn't think you were prepared
for it. I hope you don't think that I was trying to
fuck you tonight, because I wasn't. My original plan
was to go out and find a girl and bring her back to my
room. Then you invited me out and I wanted to get to
know you better, you've been such a good companion
this week. You're a fast learner, and smart too. I
don't meet women as smart as you, and so damned
attractive, even if you did hide it." Micah explained.

"I wasn't really hiding it! I told you that I either
look like a tart or a boy when I dress. They don't
make clothes for 6 foot, 75-pound women with a shape!
. . . um, well not quite 6 foot, but I feel it
sometimes." Kate said defending herself.

Micah stood up and began to pull his pants up and
straighten himself out.

"I should go before we do or say something else to
make you not want to see me again, Kate. I hope we can
go out again, if you'll give me your number." Micah
said, knowing the moment was broken.

"NO, don't go yet! I can't send you home frustrated;
you already think I'm a tease. Please?" she pouted.

"Kate, I can get myself off alone back at the hotel.
I've already been way out of line here. I really like
you and don't want to ruin anything. I think we have a
special connection." He said stuffing his cock into
his boxers and pants.

"Do you mean that the right woman could ground the
hound? I see you winking and smiling, making eyes at
the woman at the Muni Center. I thought it was "once a
hound . . . " But, when you showed up at the arena
today, I hoped I might get a different look at you,
and maybe you weren't ALL hound." She said with a long
pause, looking up from the love seat.
"I like you too, Micah. I would like to go out with
you again, as well."

Kate went to stand up and only then she realized that
the last few minutes of conversation had been
conducted with her jeans around her shins, her panties
pulled askew, with her shirt pulled up and bra open.

"Look at me half stripped, and sending you home." Kate
said as she began to fight to get her tight jeans up,
but then she stopped.

"Wait Micah! Goddamn it! Sit down. I feel like the
biggest cock tease in the world. You showed me a great
time tonight and I really like you. You made me feel
more like a woman than any man ever did, and I never
even slept with you. I can't stand to think of you
going back to your room and doing it yourself." She
said as she fell back, half from losing her balance
with her pants around her shins, half from wanting to
pull Micah back to the couch, which she did.

"Listen, I'm not a virgin, and I'm not so innocent in
some ways. I like playing with a guy. Well, one that I
have feelings for at least. Their penises are so cute
and responsive. I kept my virginity a long time doing
this with my boyfriends in high school.
I want to do it for you; I don't want you to do it
yourself later." She said forcefully.

But then she got a little quieter, "Umm, I know you
want more," looking innocently in his eyes, "but I
would be pleased and happy to do this for you, my
special friend."

Micah wasn't sure what to think. If she had been
drinking a lot he would have gotten up and went right
home. She did WANT to do it, and he didn't feel like
it was a mercy mission. He didn't feel she OWED it to
him, as much as she WANTED to do it.

"Come on. Come on" She demanded, taking charge, it

"THIS is a different situation." He said half smiling,
half shaking his head.

"Remember how you enjoyed playing with me? Well, I
want to play with you." She said as she reached for
his zipper.
As she pulled down his zipper, he undid his belt and
unsnapped his pants. She turned, still stunted by her
own jeans around her shins, and kneeled on the edge of
the seat. She took the sides of his pants and said,
"Lift up." And he did as she pulled his pants down to
his shins. "There, now were even." She said proud of
her accomplishment.
They looked each other in the eye and laughed like

"If anyone is watching us, they must think we're
nuts." Micah mused as she continued to laugh.

His cackle stopped when he felt her hand go around his
hardening cock, and her other cradle his balls.

"I've never handled these before. I'm kind of a
newbie. I guess I mentioned that before. They're nice,
and have an interesting feel to them." She said
accentuating her words with a little squeeze.

She removed her hand from his cock and spit in it

"Will this help make things better?" she asked.

"Taking off your top off the rest of the way would be
nice too. I'd love to see your beautiful body." He

She thought for a minute and stopped her hand play and
pulled her top over her hand and threaded her arms
through her straps to remove her bra.

She stood and smiled at him.

"What do you do to me? No man, and I mean NO MAN, has
ever seen me completely naked." She said as she peeled
her jeans off the rest of the way and then pulled her
panties down and stepped out of them.

If Micah wasn't hard before, he was granite now.
Kate's 5 foot 7 inch frame was absolutely perfect as a
nude figure. You could find no fat. She was solid. If
she rippled with muscle at all, it was in her abdomen
and belly area. It was smooth with just a hint of the
bands of muscle behind her perfect skin. Her rib cage
showed a slight depression under it, but again she was
not boney, or ribby. Her breasts were small, but
surprisingly prominent, her nipples were dark
aureoles, and on the small side. However, the tips
seemed to be constantly erect, and stood out close to
a half inch. They begged to be sucked.
She did a pirouette and Micah drooled as he saw her
perfect ass. The buttocks, just exaggerated a bit,
with just a hint of a crease where they met the backs
of her thighs. The flare of her hip was perfect. Her
body was sculpted for speed swimming, but Micah knew
it would be a great vessel for sex. It bothered him
that he really felt something special for this one. He
knew he could have had her on her back with his cock
stuck up her pussy before. She was just that hot and

"You are the most beautiful woman I have EVER laid
eyes on, Kate." He said, almost drooling. "My God, I
thought you were shapeless all week. I thank God you
have such a beautiful mind and personality."

"Why?" She asked as she finished her spin and knelt in
front of the love seat, "you wouldn't have given me a
second look?" She asked as she used both hands to
begin to pleasure him.

"Let's face it Kate, I truly got to know you before I
ever had an interest in your body." He said.

"Oh, you have an interest in my body?" she coyly asked

"You know what I mean." He said snapping a smile at

"I'm sorry, I love to see you squirm, hound," As she
doubled her efforts to get him off.

Micah was enjoying the soft little hands that were
stroking his cock and fondling his balls as he sat
back in the loveseat and closed his eyes to
concentrate at the task at hand. Her slicked hands
felt so good; he couldn't help but look down at her
when she took her hand from his sack. Her eyes were
affixed on his cock and the hand that stroked it up
and down. The hand that was fondling his balls was now
pulling on her nipples as she knelt to the side of him
and stroked him off.

He began to feel a rumbling in his groin and he knew
the sights in front of him and her little hands we
beginning to work their magic.

Another look at her and the intense resolve and
interest in her eyes told him she was enjoying this as
much as he.

She flicked her eyes up and caught him watching her.

"Exciting, Huh?" she questioned.

"Yes, this is exciting." He said through broken

"No," she said. "You said most girls found it
exciting, putting it in their mouth."

"Umm, hmmm. Yes, it always seems so." he said trying
to concentrate on blasting off, as he closed his eyes
and tipped his head back.

He was getting close to cumming, but he wanted too
look at those beautiful breasts and nipples as he got
ready. He opened his eyes to see her pursing her lips
to kiss the head. Once, twice, she kissed it then
snaked her tongue out to test the taste and feel. She
licked the whole underside of the head and then looked
up at Micah.

"Scarey, but exciting." She said as she licked the
underside again, as if it would set off a bomb.

Micah groaned at the touch of her tongue.

"Don't do anything you don't want to do." He said
through broken breath.

"Shhhhhh, don't ruin the moment. I NEVER thought I
would ever do this, and your pleasure made me want to.
Enjoy it." Kate said with much trepidation in her

She formed an O with her mouth and stuck out her
tongue and put the head of his cock to it. Cautiously
she moved forward a bit and the head of his cock
slipped in. She ran her tongue over the head, testing
its feel, and looked at Micah for reaction. He was
looking up and groaning.

Still stroking with her hand she bobbed her head over
just the head letting it slip in and out of her mouth.
After just a few more strokes of her hand, along with
her mouth, was all he could handle.

"Katie, I gonna cum. Here it cums." He shouted.

Kate pulled her mouth and face away, almost in terror.
There was no way she wanted any of that stuff in her
mouth. Micah first shot rose like a Saturn booster
over her head and plopped on the carpet behind her.
She had done this before, because she knew to keep the
pressure on the stroke, and not to stop. A second shot
blasted out and hit her in the chest; the third fell
on the carpet between them. Then, it dibbled out and
over her hand.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhhh, Ack ack," he groaned as he shot
his load. His eyes were closed and did not know or
care where it went. When he finally opened them and
looked down, Kate was still holding his cock, admiring
the icing it had on it now.

"Wasn't that better than going home to do that alone?
I hope I made you happy, and you're right, it is
exciting." Kate said teasingly. "Scarey as hell, but

"You won't be telling anyone that I made you do it?"
Micah asked, somewhat facetiously.

"Micah! Don't be silly. No one ever forced me to do
anything. It just seemed the right thing to do, but I
was afraid of your cum. Sorry, but I didn't want that
blucky stuff in my mouth." She said.

Without thinking, still enjoying his orgasm, he said,
"It doesn't taste bad, a little salty."

"How would YOU know?" Kate asked, astonished.

Sorry that he said something so off the cuff he fessed

"I've tasted it off my lovers lips, and some have even
shared it with me afterwards. It's really no big deal
when you're in that state." Micah said, his experience
flooring her.

"Well, bringing up other sluts tendencies to compare
me with sure cheapens what I just thought of as
special." Kate said, a tear coming to her eye.

"Oh God, I'm sorry! My words just sort of came out
after you called it blucky. Yes, I've been with my
share of sluts, whores, and easy women, but tonight
was special." He said scrambling for the words to make
it right.
"Really, it was. Kate, I really like you, a lot. What
happened here tonight would not have happened if I
didn't think so. I knew you were an inexperienced
woman and promised myself not to bed you down, even
though I could have, and you know it.
What happened here tonight was beautiful, don't let it
cheapen in your mind, because that would make me sad,
after you've made me so happy." Micah preached.

"I'm not just another conquest? A notch for a hound?"
she asked cautiously.

He reached out and put his hands on either side of her
supple nude body. He rose in the sofa a bit and
brought her to him. She thought he was going to kiss
her breasts, but he angled his mouth just below her
left breast and kissed her there.

"I've kissed your heart. It's a heart I would like a
chance to win. Don't cheapen yourself or me about
anything that happened here tonight. I've never kissed
anyone's heart before. Take me serious, please. If you
think that I've notched you as a conquest, you've
broken my heart." Micah said, as he began to get
"Go to sleep my little sweetheart, but do me a favor.
If you wash or shower, don't try to wash off my kiss,
it won't go away. I may be a hound, but you are
stealing my heart. I will call you, OK?"

"You're not feeding me a line, Micah? Don't let me
fall for you if you are." Kate said cautiously.

He stopped dressing just as he got his pants hiked up.

"No lines or lies. I really want to get to know you
better, Kate. Haven't you felt anything special
tonight?" he asked.

"I became aware of something when I saw you at the
arena. When I came out I gave you a hug and kiss.
After I did that, I asked myself why, and I had no
answer. I sensed something exciting. Oops, exciting,
there's that word again. Yes, even that was exciting,
especially knowing it made you happy." She said
smiling, with no regrets.

He was fully dressed now and was about to be off to
his hotel.

"Goodnight," he said extending his hand to her.

She took his hand and stood. He opened his arms and
she leapt into them. He felt her nude body against him
as he ran his hands over her back and buttocks.

"Oh, your hands feel so good, do you have to go?" Kate
asked, hoping.

"Yes, it's the best thing. I'll dream about you.
Micah stayed in Worcester three more days, but Kate's
classes prevented him from seeing her beyond a few
hours at her internship. She still showed up at work
wearing unflattering clothes and looked as if nothing
had changed. Once, while doing a little flirting with
Micah, she overheard one of the office girls say,
"Look at the beanpole, she thinks she has a shot with
the computer hottie."

It took all the will power on earth not to go over and
tell her she had his penis in her mouth last weekend.

Kate began meeting the diving tutors on Tuesday and
Wednesday nights in Hartford. It was a little over an
hour to the site, so she had to finish her studies by
9:30 to make her 11 o'clock evening appointments. Her
father had pushed her to try for the Olympic team as
he had some thirty years ago. He knew that diving
prowess, as well as her expert lane work, would help
her secure a spot.
Although a disability prevented him from traveling
from Washington State, Kate's Dad looked out for his
daughter as best he could. The former Olympians he
knew and hired for Kate had been swimming coaches on
previous teams and knew what she had to work on. They,
themselves, earned their living doing diving
exhibitions and stunts at amusement parks around the
country, as well as Las Vegas, Atlantic City. Hartford
was their home base for show and routine rehearsal.

Kate, having been diving since she was a child with
her father, knew the basics. She had just never taken
it too seriously. She proved to be a fast learner with
her natural athleticism taking over. She also
surprised her own self by what she already knew.
By the time she went to the pre-Olympic trials she
would be able to not only show herself to be a great
heat, lane and relay swimmer, but her long slender
lines would make her diving dexterity look all the

Since their first night together Micah only saw Kate
on the following Monday and Tuesday. He was then off
to San Diego for at least 10 days. Calling Kate was
getting harder and harder. Her nights were filled with
the diving, as well as 2 nights at her internship. Her
extra study time was taken up in the computer labs,
where their hardware more suited her needs.

After not speaking for a full 7 days, Micah finally
was able to connect with Kate at her internship.

"Hi, sorry to call you at work, but I've tried
everything else and can never catch you. How are you?"
he asked excitedly.

"Calling me here is fine, nothing is going on. I'm
fine, how are you? I thought I would see you sooner
after the line you fed me that night in my apartment.
You haven't laid it on as thick in our phone talks,
but those are getting fewer and further in between.
I'm feeling like a bigger fool everyday." She swiped
at Micah, blindsiding him.

Micah was floored. His mouth went dry and he had all
he could do to swallow.

"Kate Marble, is this you? What in hell are you
talking about? I've been all the way across the
country since the Wednesday after I left
Massachusetts. I've called you 3 times and tried to
call you 20 more."
He paused to recall each of her stabbing words.
"Line I fed you? Do you think I was playing a game
with you? Kate, I thought we had something special
that night and we were going to try and find out how
real it was. What's the problem?" Micah wondered.

"Listen, I realized that the "I kissed your heart"
line was all baloney after I thought about it. You're
out in San Diego using it on someone else right now."
She shot back.

"Well Kate, you have me all wrong, but apparently
somebody gave you some ideas about me, or you've been
burned before. I'm going to hang up here, because I
may say something that I'll be sorry for. But, I want
you to know that you have me smitten and all of my
words and intentions are serious. If your intention
was to hurt me, you have done it. If you mean what you
say, you are wrong. I have to go." Micah said as he
cut off the call.

He was confused because of the way he had been
treated. What could he possibly had done or said to
make her feel this way? He was a day away from flying
back to New York where he planned to see Kate, and
now, he was lost.

His return home found him broken hearted and alone.
For the first time in his life he had found and been
with someone that meant more than just a sex partner,
but someone who was intellectual and interesting on
her own. He had wished that sex had not come into the
equation, but their feelings for each other hung in
the air so thick, that it was inevitable.

Micah's workload was getting heavier and heavier and
it was becoming apparent that he, alone, could not
handle it. Integra was in the process of turning more
phone techs into road troubleshooters and set up men.
The server business was booming.

He took his next set-up in Stores, Connecticut. He
wanted to be in driving distance of Kate. He HAD to
talk with her face to face.

Setting up UConn was a much easier task than he had
expected and he had the system up and running with the
staff trained by Friday. Instead of driving home, he
woke up Saturday morning and drove to Worcester.

There were swim meets that day at Worcester and he
figured if he could at least see her, he might feel
better. The possibility that Kate seeing him might
cause something as well was hoped for as well.

The arena was not as crowded for this event, it wasn't
an elimination meet for more NCAA division qualifiers,
and he was able to get in easy. The week after their
first meeting Kate had propelled Holy Cross to a
division championship. Now everything was tune-ups for
more inter-division championships later.

When the swimmers from both schools warmed up Micah
had little trouble finding Kate this time. The nubile
Kate with her tall frame stuck out easily. She had not
noticed him until she strode up for her heat. She
concentrated on her task and looked to each side as
she walked to the start.
She did a double take and stopped in her tracks when
she saw Micah.
At first he thought he saw fear in her eyes, but a big
smile wiped across her serious face and she waved,
causing the half full arena to all look at him.
He smiled back, a little embarrassed, and with her
coach calling her to hurry along, she touched the spot
he had kissed over her heart, and tapped 2 fingers on

Her heat broke a school record, her own, and if it
were a sanctioned event, tied a NCAA record. She was
at the top of her form. Micah waited, much as before,
in the lobby with families and friends for the
swimmers to come out afterwards.

As he stood waiting a security guard came up to him
and said he had a call. Bewildered, because the only
person who knew he was here was Kate, he went to
answer it.

"Hi, its me." Her voice made his heart flutter.
"I'm impressed you came all this way to see me. I just
wanted to know if you came to tell me off, or try to
get things back on track."

"Kate, I really need you. I want to get back on track.
Why?" he wondered aloud.

"Because my first instinct was going to run out and
jump in your arms and kiss you. If you were coming to
tell me off, it would look pretty stupid." She told
him. "Ummm, I'll be right out."

Micah no more handed the phone to security when the
locker room doors flew open and Kate came running out
whooping. She screamed and giggled as she jumped in
Micah's arms and kissed him, then held him tightly.

Micah said nothing as he held her tightly in his arms
as she pressed her mouth close to his ear.

"I'm so sorry for the things I said to you." She
whispered. "I over analyzed everything and forgot to
take one thing into the equation. I'm really attracted
to you and I wanted to let you know it that night."
She continued her whispers, broken by the emotion in
her voice.

Other teams members and friends now looked on as she
began to make a scene. He was only a little
embarrassed, and closed his eyes and smiled to shut
out the voyeurs.

She broke the hug and pulled his arm to lead him out
of the arena. He showed her where he had parked and
they walked without words to his car, holding each
other tightly. Once in the car she scooted over and
they kissed and necked. They heard other families
approaching and they broke the clinch and Micah
started the car and drove off.

"Where to?" He asked, "Out for a bite or a drink?"

"Someplace quiet, OK? So we can talk. I have to clear
my mind about a few things." Kate said.

The couple found a quiet lounge and ordered wine. The
talk got serious right away with Kate voicing her
concerns about trust. She didn't trust him, although
he hadn't given her any reason not to.

"I am sorry, but I have typed you and you are the kind
of guy I would normally never date." She said.

"Just what kind of guy is that!" He said, a little

"Don't get mad, now. Some guys are just real lookers
and every girl has a big smile for them and the guy
knows he can have whomever he wants. He has a great
personality and everyone is drawn to him. He can't be
trusted because . . .because he has no conscience."
She said looking into her goblet of wine, afraid to
face him.

"Do you really think that's me? I wholly admit that I
know I can sleep with some women as soon as I look at
them, but I don't. Most of the women I encounter are
married, and I have no part of that. Then there are
the types who come onto me, and if it weren't me, it
would be someone else. Let's face it; the animal in
all of us wants to feel love, whether it's real or for
the night. I have had my share of one-night stands and
one-week relationships. But, you are all I have been
able to think about. If I had an interest in the
others, I wouldn't be here." Micah professed.

"GOD Micah, I really WANT to believe you, but there is
a voice inside of me that is telling me to beware."
Kate said.

"Yes, but, after you shooed me away last week saying I
fed you a line, there was also a voice inside of you
that told you that you missed me and maybe it wasn't a
line. You can think anything of me that you want, but
do it with proof of conviction. Admit or deny that
when you saw me today your heart, the heart that I
kissed, fluttered." He challenged.

"Oh, damn you, ADMIT!" she said.

"Admit or deny that when you came out of the dressing
room today you didn't know whether I was here to give
you a piece of my mind, or still try to win your
heart; because you know you deserved the piece of my
mind." He challenged again.

"Admit." She said sheepishly. "You got me on both of
those counts. Goddamn it why can't I tell myself that
I can trust you?"

Micah got a little weak in the throat on her last
comment. Here he was falling in love with a woman for
the first REAL time in his life, and without reason,
she didn't trust him. He was ready to cash in his
chips. His heart couldn't take the ripping and tearing
she was doing. While she was clearly attracted to him,
she treated his advances like dog crap on her shoe. He
would have to move on.

Micah drew a big breath and exhaled attempting to
speak, but his voice broke as if to get emotional. He
coughed to hide his emotions faux pas.

"Well then, I guess we are through here, again. I kind
of wish the kick in the teeth on the phone had been
enough for me, but I thought if we saw each other
again, things might change, but they haven't. Let's
go, I'll bring you home." Micah said dropping a $20
bill on the table and getting up.

"That's it? You're through with me? I thought we were
going to work on this." Kate said still sitting while
Micah walked away.

Micah turned and looked at her, astonished at her

"What is there to work on? You don't trust me. The
cornerstone of a relationship is trust. If you doubt
everything I do or say, I can't function in this
relationship. You are a beautiful, smart and sweet
girl. Never let a man take advantage of you. Come on,
I have a 3 hour drive home." He said extending his
hand to help her up.

"MICAH!! That's IT? We have nothing else to talk
about? You're bringing me home. FINE!
You walk out on me now and don't ever come looking for
me again!!" She shouted at him.

"DON'T WORRY!" He pan faced. "I've done nothing to
deceive you or make you doubt my honor, except be good
looking. Well, I'm sorry, I'll grow a wart on my nose.
Until I do, I'm going home."

Micah went to his car with Kate close behind.
He stopped ahead of her and turned to her.

"You stopped in your tracks when I saw you and touched
where I kissed your heart. You ran and jumped in my
arms and hugged and kissed me and apologized for
calling my act phony. But, all the while you felt you
couldn't trust me. I hope you're intelligent enough to
realize how shallow that is." He said forcefully.

He decided those would be his last words. He was so
smitten by her that it hurt him to say hurtful things
to her. He would just bring her home and flush her
from his life. He existed 24 years before the last 3
weeks without her; he could learn to go on.

Micah opened the car door, let Kate in, and closed it.
He got in his side and found the way to the
interstate. He drove the 2 exits west and got off and
headed to her apartment. They were both silent so far.

"I trust you." Kate said softly.

There was no reaction from Micah.

"I TRUST you." Kate said a little louder.

He turned down her block and pulled into the parking
lot's 5-minute waiting zone.

"MICAH, I DO TRUST YOU." She shouted at him.

Micah said nothing. He just looked down at the floor
just in front of the brake pedal.

"You have no reaction?" Kate said. She waited for a
reaction, then continued.
"I fucked up! OK? I said something that my instinct
tells me to believe, but I know in my heart of hearts
can't be true. I've rushed to sleep with the 3 guys I
thought were serious about me. I didn't sleep with
them because I loved them; I did it because I thought
they loved me. I knew I didn't love them, but I did it
to see if it would make me love them. I let them use
me. I promised myself I would never say, "I love you"
to anyone, because I didn't want to be owned. I didn't
want them to feel the guilt I felt every morning after
I had sex with someone I didn't love, or wasn't sure
A couple weekends ago I gave you oral sex. I know it
wasn't for long, and I know I didn't do it right, but
there is no denying I had your penis in my mouth. I
expected to feel used and awful in the morning. It was
the first time I had done that. It was something I
said I would NEVER do. In the morning I was glad and
proud of myself, because I made you happy and I
experienced an exciting rush from making you happy. I
trusted you; I wanted to say, "I love you". My defense
was, to deny it all, protect my heart, and make sure I
didn't say those 3 words, to protect myself. After
talking to you the other day I thought I pushed you
away, and I was glad. A day later I ached for you,
hating myself for what I said. The heart you kissed?
. . . it soared when I saw you today. By the time we
got to be alone together, my defense was telling me
not to get too close, because I know there is a magic
connection between us." Kate said, pouring out her
heart without emotion to color her words.

"I want to say," she continued, "that I know it has
been a short time, but some things you are sure of.
I love you, Micah. I love you and will trust you until
I have a reason not to. But, I don't expect that to
happen. I'm sorry for putting you through this. I was
willing to deny myself the love of my life for the
vanity of saving myself from possible heartbreak. I
was afraid to take the chance on you. Breaking your
heart was my pre-emptive strike. I'm a chickenshit
sometimes, but your resolve makes me strong. YOU were
willing to walk away and let your life go on if you
couldn't win my trust or me. I couldn't do that, I
wanted you to feel the heartbreak I was only going to

Micah kept his blank stare to the floor of the car.
She had said all the words he wanted to hear. He
hadn't wanted to say "I love you" so soon to her, even
though he realized it was true. He hadn't wanted to
scare her away by saying it too soon, but now the
situation had changed.

Kate had moved over in the seat and knelt up on it.
She put her face next to his.
"If this is the last goodbye, I want to kiss you, and
say I'm sorry for screwing up. If this is the second
hello for us, let this be the first kiss." She said as
she pecked him on the cheek.

"How do I know you won't change your mind again?
You've had me on a yo-yo, afraid to let yourself be
yourself. Kate, caring for someone, and I mean REALLY
caring for someone, is new to me. Most women have been
exits on the interstate for me. I knew that I traveled
too much to get attached, so I protected myself by not
getting emotionally involved. You make me want to
change that. But, I can't take the heartbreak, without
a reason. How do I know?" Micah asked.

Kate didn't hesitate. She knelt forward in the seat
toward him and reached for the bottom of his shirt. In
one motion she pulled it out of his pants and up over
his chest. She leaned over and kissed him right he had
kissed her, over her heart.

"You know because I have kissed your heart. I have
never kissed anyone's heart before. We've kissed each
other's heart now. Those kisses will stay there until
the owner takes them back, OK?" Kate said pulling his
shirt back down.

Micah smiled and put his arms around her. They held
each other tightly until Kate broke the clinch.

"Let's go up my apartment, I think my roommate is
home, but I know she's going out tonight. I'm not
letting you out of my sight for awhile." Kate said.

Micah parked the car and they went up the stairs, arm
and arm, to her apartment. Her roomie, Shelly, was
still there and Kate introduced them. Shelly was busy
ironing and getting ready for a night out. Micah and
Kate sat in the parlor area and talked, sipping wine
When she went to the kitchen for a refill, Shelly
cornered her.

"Wow, where did you find him? He is a fox! Is this the
guy you met at work? If he is, do not, I repeat, do
not, let him go." Shelly said to Kate.

Kate smiled and gave her a look, a look that said she
knew she was right.

"Just hurry up and get going, OK?" was all Kate said.

Once Shelly left, Kate went and locked the door. She
came back to the parlor and sat next to Micah on the
love seat.

"Here we are again." Kate said smiling. "Can we finish
what we started a few weeks ago?"

"If that's what you want, Kate. You know how I feel,
and I think I know how you feel, as well." Micah said.

Kate melted into his arms and kissed him. He kissed
her back and soon he was laid back on the sofa with
Kate lying over him as they necked and petted.
Micah stopped for a moment and asked, "Can we go to
your bedroom? It will be much more comfortable there."

"I thought you might never ask." She said with a

Arm and arm they went to her room. They stood next to
the bed and kissed and began a long body feel and
grope of each other. Kate went to pull him back onto
the bed, but Micah stopped her.

"What?" was all she said to inquire.

Micah reached to her waist and took the sides of her
pullover and tugged at it. Out of her waist, it went
over her head easily. Micah looked at the sports bra
that held her pretty little tits, and unsnapped the
front. He couldn't resist holding each breast and
pinching at the nipples.

Boldly he reached down and unsnapped her jeans and
lowered the zipper. He peeled them down as she helped
by stepping out of them. He hooked his fingers in the
sides of her panties and removed them as well.

He stood back and looked at her, and then took her
into his arms.

"You are so beautiful, so comely." He said.

"Comely?" she asked.

"Perfect, fine to the eye." He answered.

Kate giggled, saying,
"I thought it had something to do with sex."

Micah shook his head as Kate brought her hands to his
shirt, already out of his waist, and pulled it over
his head. She ran her fingers over his chest, taking
in his smell and feel.
She reached for his belt and unbuckled it, then undid
his snap and lowered his zipper. The weight of his
belt caused his pants to fall to the floor. She knelt
to take off his socks, and couldn't help notice the
hardening cock bobbing before her eyes. His socks off,
she began to get up and, without touching it with her
hand, kissed the tip of his cock.

"More later, OK?" she promised as she stood. She put
her arms around him and fell back onto the bed. They
luxuriated in the feel of each other's skin and body

"I have never seen a man totally naked before, and you
are the only man to ever see me totally naked. I'm
glad it's you." Kate said to him blushing.

"You've had sex with 3 other men, and I assume more
than once, and never been nude or with a man nude?" he

"Please! The backseats of cars, on blankets in the
weeds; I wasn't treated very well, and I had no self-
respect. It was something I felt I had to do if a guy
said he loved me." She said.

"I WILL change that, I promise you will remember
tonight for the rest of your life." Micah said

"I hope you can say the same in the morning. I'll do
my best." Kate said.

"Just let it happen, don't worry, don't try. Let your
feelings fly you." He said, making her feel at ease.

They continued to hold and hug each other while
looking each other in the eye.

"If this is all you want to do, we can do that." Micah
said. "Don't feel pressured into anything with me,

"No, Micah, I want to be with you. I want you to have
me." Kate responded.

Micah responded by kissing her full on the lips and
dipping his tongue in her mouth to taste her. She
responded in kind.
Micah lifted himself a little and moved his torso so
he could reach her breasts with his mouth. He longed
to suck on her long nipples and they grew appreciably
under his tongue.
Kate hummed long and shrill as if feeling something
new were being done to her. He was able to suck each
nipple and then lift his face to her lips when he
wanted. The tips of her pert tits were getting the
attention they longed for, but she had never gotten.

Kate had an excited fear of what the night might
bring, but trusted Micah to make her happy. Two weeks
ago, with a few fingers in just a few minutes he had
made her more satisfied than ever. Now, she was
willing to let him have at her body.

Micah rose up a bit and began to move down her body,
stopping at her navel to lick, tickle and tease. She
knew what was coming, and she had never felt the
sensation of oral sex. She knew that girls shaved
their pussies to further enjoy oral sex, but she had
shaved hers to accommodate a bathing suit and to
streamline herself for speed swimming.

She felt his hot breath across her abdomen and belly
as he trailed kisses to his target. He parted her legs
a bit and he looked up at her face. Her eyes tried to
look behind her and her upper teeth overbit her lower

"Kate my sweet," he said, "Look at me and calm your
fears. Watch me; let's lock our eyes to each other's.
They say you can see the soul through the eyes. You
say you trust me, take my eyes and do that." Micah
said as his tongue flicked out to part and taste her

He licked harder and more determined to part her
little wings and taste her musk. The salt from the
residue of her urine made his mouth pucker and water.
He transferred that wetness back as he ran his tongue
from the bottom of her slit, losing sight of her eyes
for a split second, to the top of her slit parting and
flattening her lips. His lips formed a kiss for her
clit, which had made itself prominent. She sucked her
breath deeply at the insinuation of his tongue to her
Her eyes glowed and her lips curled to a smile. Their
eyes stuck together as he began to massage her clit
with his tongue. Every few sucks and licks he would
dip lower with his tongue to taste more of the dew she
was producing.
Soon her breathing became heavy and she puffed through
her mouth, he knew she was close. Did he back off and
tease, or did he make her earth move?
Not knowing what her orgasm would feel like, his
curiosity made him go for broke with her clit.

Her glued eyes looked almost pained as orgasm crept up
on her. Her mouth formed an O as she began to

"Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, Hnnnnnnn, OHHHHH, OHHHHH, HNNNNNNN,"
her cries became urgent.

She drew up her elbows on the bed to raise her torso
as orgasm swept her and she wanted to keep her eyes on

"Annnngh, ha, ha, hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," she came hard
and juicy.

Micah relented with his clit assault and gently licked
the outer sides of her wings, waiting for her to stop
floating. She sighed and he sucked her nether lips
into his mouth, lightly chewing them. Her eyes seemed
to encourage him. He licked the length of her slit
over and over, topping each lick with a touch to her
clit. Another orgasm was imminent.

"God, you're going to kill me. Feel like I gonna
explode. Nnnnnnt!" Kate said to him as she began to
feel the wave.

"Want me to stop?" he said between licks.

"NO!! Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, Hnnnnnnn, OHHHHH, OHHHHH,
HNNNNNNN." She moaned as she came again.

Finally she could take no more and wanted him to stop.
As she pushed against him, he only pressed his face
into her harder. She knew the urgency of not being
able to stand the sensitivity in her clit and pussy.

"No Micah, please, please, PLEASE" she shouted as she
overpowered him and was able to turn over to her side,
sticking her ass right in his face.

"Hddddddd, Hddddddd." Her breaths came deep and

Micah could not resist the picture in front of him.
The cutest ass he had ever seen. He lifted his head
and took a big mouthful of her right buttock and
sucked and chewed, then the left. Then he did
something he had never done before to any woman. He
looked at her little asshole and decided it was too
cute not to kiss. With her rolled to her side she was
prostrate with her cheeks wide open and the target
He drilled his tongue in her little hole, licking and
probing. She hunched and groaned. He was excited by
the taste of her private little hole. Musky, much like
a pussy, but sweetness was there. It was a strange but
distinct flavor.
"Surely body wastes could not taste like this." He

He had an aversion to a woman's most private hole all
of his sexual life. His first sexual experience was
with a divorced older woman who spent much of her time
with his cock in her mouth. Occasionally she would
lick his asshole, and then stick her finger in to rub
his prostrate. He always found a shit stain on the
sheet where she had wiped off her finger. From that
experience, he had no urge to do the same to her or
any other woman.

However, Kate's ass was something to behold. So
perfect, so beautiful. He continued his licking and
tongue probing and it seemed to open. She loved the
rimming as she made little puppy sounds, but finally
she turned over again.

"Micah stop, that feels so good, but strange. Where
did that come from?" she asked.

"I couldn't resist, I've never done that before, BUT
YOU'RE SO CUTE back there!!" Micah said.

Kate lay there and occasionally shuddered with after
shocks. The after shocks pulled her right up off the
bed, like she was being touched with an electrical
Finally she was able to compose herself enough to look
over and see Micah there, just staring at her as she
enjoyed the remnants of her orgasm.

Her look to him turned to lust as she rose up and
threw herself on his chest and hugged her face to his.

"Would it scare you if I told you that I loved you so
soon?" Kate asked him.

"No, because I've already said it to you, and I've
never said it to really mean it before. We have it all
Kate. Lets just keep it honest and not hurt each
other. If we do that and it works, it will be great."
Micah said to her.

Kate was still kissing his face when he felt her hand
seeking out his cock, grabbing it and squeezing it

"Am I supposed to put this in my mouth now to make it
hard so you can make love to me?" she said sheepishly
with a tiny smile.

"It's hard enough now to stick through the wall,
Kate!" he emphasized.

"Can I put it in my mouth just to feel it throb
again." She asked half serious, half kidding, without
knowing how to approach the situation.

"Kate anything you did with it would be great." He
answered, frustrated.

Kate slid her head down his chest until his cock stood
before her. She bent it up toward his stomach, close
to her lips. She snaked out her tongue to lick and
taste test again. Micah started and the cock jumped
from her hand.

"Ooooo it's alive!" She said.

"Let me watch your eyes, like I watched yours." Micah

Kate moved down between his legs, much as he did to
her. She examined his penis up close and stroked it.
She touched her tongue on it to read his eyes. Only
when she touched the underside pinch of the head, did
he jump.
She kept her smiling face fixed to his eyes and opened
her mouth to take some of his cock in.

Watching a woman who didn't really know what she was
doing, sort of "on the job training", was driving
Micah crazy. He knew she was enjoying feeling him in
her mouth, but he also knew she was worried that she
was doing something right or wrong. Micah knew that
his cock in any woman's mouth, especially a mouth as
sweet as Kate's, would feel great. But Kate had
special feelings towards Micah and she wanted to
convey that. She kissed and sucked it like an ice
cream bar and noticed in his eyes the special pleasure
she was giving him. The velvety smooth roundness of
the head felt so good to play over her tongue, she
almost got carried away.

"Ohhhhhhhh Kate, let it rest a bit, you're going to
get in deeper than you may want, and that's just what
I want to do. Get in you, deeper." Micah said.

Micah extended his hands to her and she took them. She
half climbed and he half pulled her up onto him. Their
lips met and their kiss was a long loving one. Micah
felt the wetness of her pussy knock against him a few
times as she would intensify their necking.

"Take it Kate, push yourself over me." He whispered.
She looked at him quizzingly.

"With me here?" she wondered aloud.

Micah just smiled at her.

She slid back just a bit and the contact was made. He
pushed up a bit while she sought position. The head of
his cock slid into her. The look of surprise and the
unknown went over her face, so Micah thrust up his
hips to fully sheath her.

As if her breath had been knocked from her, Kate
gasped and bent to clutch Micah around the neck. That
served to pull him from her a bit and he drove home
again, over and over, in and out as she clutched his

"uh uh uh uh, yes yes yes yes," she cheered him on.

He held her tight and his hips left the bed as he
pumped at her. He was closing in on orgasm when he
stopped and pulled her close. He managed to roll over
without dislodging himself. He looked down at her face
to kiss her and she was red faced and seemingly
stopped up. She was having another orgasm. He smiled
down at her.

He settled to his knees and lifted his torso from
hers, kneeling in front of her, sunk into her pussy.
He pumped slowly at her as she put a hand to his
abdomen to keep him from pushing too deep.

Tears formed at the corners of her eyes as she flushed
red again.

"I can't stop coming, you're making me crazy, I love
you so much," she growled grittily through weak voice.

She brought up her knees to rest at his side, but he
grabbed her legs and pushed them back resting her
calves on his shoulder. He jack-knifed up and began to
pound at her pussy deeply with just the slap of his
abdomen against her pussy the only sound in the room.

He looked down to see her wide eyed with her mouth
open trying to make something come out, as he
continued to pound hard at her.

"Unnnnnt, Ooooof, please stop, please stop Micah, let
me breath." She was finally able to say.

On his downstroke he stayed buried in her to the hilt.

"Are you OK, my lover?" he asked her.

"Yes, just worn and exhausted from coming, and my legs
ache, my hammys are tight." She complained as her
muscular legs denied her.

Micah pulled from her, turned her on her stomach and
massaged her calves and thighs all the while telling
her what a great lover she had been. Once she seemed
calm, he reached to her waist and pulled her to her
knees. He thread his cock into her as they met.

"Ohhhhh, Oh my God," she said as he went all the way
in with one movement.

He put his hands to her hips and stroked into her
rapidly over and over, being careful not to go too

"Do you want my come inside of you baby, do you want
me to flood you?" Micah said, his breath coming

"Please come in me, let me feel you shoot." Kate said.

That was all Micah had to hear to be spurred on. He
pounded at her, knowing how close he was. Going too
deep was no longer an issue, the slap of his thighs
against her was crisp as she bellowed at, and met each
plunge into her.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Fuck - ME, Fuck - ME, Fuck -ME,"
she bellowed into the confines of her room for her
lover to hear.

"AH YIIIIIII ARRRRRrrrrrggggggggghhhhh," he growled as
he began to explode within her.

He slipped his hands from the sides of her ass up
along her body until he was bent over her holding her
breasts. He pulled her up until she was almost ear-to-
ear with him, her neck craned back to feel his biting
mouth as he humped at her violently. Their bodies were
molded together with only a thin film of sweat to
separate them as he kneeled behind her; his chest
pressed to her back, his cock still oozing inside of

"Oh my God, Kate. I love you. I've never said that to
a woman and really meant it." He said panting in her
ear. "It's not just lust that makes me say that so
soon after I met you. I feel an electricity when I
touch you. I can't describe it."

"I know. I feel it too. It scares me, but I can't
control it. You ARE a part of me. I love you Micah,
don't ever leave me." She said, her neck craned,
kissing, tasting the sweat from his face and neck.

Kate screamed at her sudden loss of balance. Micah was
tipping them over. Still inside her, but shrinking
away, they laughed as he still held her tightly.

Kate turned a bit in his arms, his cock slipping from
her. She wanted to look into his eyes.

"You licked my butt!! You tongued me there!! If it
didn't feel so good, I would have stopped you, but I
trust you. Where does that come from?" she asked.

"The truth? I've never done that before, I always
thought it was a little gross, not knowing . . .
you know. But you cute little butt in my face made me
want to kiss and lick those cute cheeks, and then it
just seemed the right thing to do. It was nice for me
because of the way you responded. I'm not into butt
sex or anything, just your little asshole is so cute."

"Those are words I never thought I would hear, my
asshole is cute. It's such a private place, well
apparently not anymore, but I had a girlfriend in high
school that did it there with her boyfriends. It
seemed pretty gross at the time." Kate remembered.

"I've never done it there either. Its something that
just never came up with anyone I've been with." Micah
said. "I knew guys who talked their girlfriends into
it to avoid getting pregnant, but . . ."

"Well, it was nice, everything was spectacular." She
said as she ran her fingers through his hair. "I've
never been "made love to" before. It was always just
sex, this was . . . God, there are no words!!"


Micah and Kate stayed on as lovers all through the
rest of her college. He thought summers would bring
them together, but she spent summers with the Olympic
training team. He was seeing her once a week, if he
could travel back to Massachusetts, during the school
year. In the summer she was back in Washington State
to be with her father and join with the Olympic
training team there. Getting to Washington was very
hard for Micah because of time and expense.

Micah felt they were drifting apart, although no words
were said to that effect, and when they did get
together, it was as good as ever sexually, plus they
enjoyed each other's company so much.

He hadn't seen Kate in over 2 months when he got a
call from her "seeking serious advice". Although he
felt pushed aside by her and from her, the call showed
where her heart might really lie.

"Micah!! It's so good to hear your voice." She said.
"I just have to talk with you, I have something that
has been bothering me for a long time and I have to
get it in the open with you."

"Oh no," he thought, "Here's the big brush off. Over a
couple years of wishing and hoping for this woman is
down the drain. She led me down the garden path and
kicked me in the nuts."

"We have to be together more, now." She said
surprising him. "I have so many things going on in my
life and I need someone to talk to who understands me.
My Dad is so sick that he barely knows who he is, let
alone me.
He's bad Micah.
I've said my goodbyes to him, but it's possible he
could hang on for a long time like this.
I need you.
I know that I kind of shut you out at times, tested
you at times, and just been a bitch, no, worse, . . a
cunt, I hate that word, but it fits me right now.
I've always thought that you would tire of me and go
away and make it easy for me to hate you for being the
hound I always thought you were. But, you've been a
sweetheart instead. You have proved that you really do
want my heart for your own.
Micah, I WANT to give it to you, but our lives just
don't cross enough right now.
But, I have an opportunity to make a lot of money and
be in one place for some pretty good stretches at a
time, being able to see you for days at a time.
However, it means I won't be an Olympian."

Micah was astonished at her words.

"After working all of this time, getting the NCAA
championships, diving half the night for months on
end, you want to give it up?
I'm afraid I don't understand.
You aren't quitting are you? The Kate I know is tough
and would never quit." He warned her.

"I don't WANT to quit the team,
I don't want to quit on YOU.
We've experienced some pretty heavy stuff as a couple,
even though it seems so long ago. I think the promise
of what could be has kept us wanting to be with each
I shut you out too much. I'm afraid I was unfairly
testing you.
Although, I think many times we have been close at
heart. I enjoy the few times we have for each other,
and the phone conversations are always long and
uplifting. But, I need more, Micah.

There is an opening on the Divers, Inc. exhibition
diving team I trained with. They can pay me well and
are booked for the next few years in Vegas and
Atlantic City alone. My chances of making the Olympic
team are 50-50 at best; they don't like my size as a
heat, lane or relay swimmer. But, they have told me
that I could make a good coach and they have offered
to put me on the teams advisory staff if I give up my
eligibility and open a spot for a younger up and
comer. My connection to my Dad has not hurt,
Divers Inc. only works 6 months of the year, the
performers all coach college and Olympic divers as
well. I'm 24 and I should do something about a career.
My computer science degree will be good for the
future, I suppose, but I can make some serious money
here, even though the diving is a bit dangerous." Kate

"These are the guys who do the high dive stunts in
front of the Casinos and resorts?" he queried.

"Yes, they do them as public promotions like that, but
they do serious shows inside some of the indoor
arenas, where they do like boxing and that. Obviously
it's the places with high roofs. Actually they tell me
its pretty safe inside, no wind." She answered him.

"But Kate, to give up your Olympic career before it
starts . . .Are you sure?" Micah asked.

"I'll make more money in 6 months, than you do in 2
years, plus expenses. The Olympic coaching job pays
OK, but I may be able to get a college gig from that."
She said trying to convince him.

"When, in there, is time for me?" Micah asked laying
it on the line. "I've been waiting forever for you to
settle, for just a bit, so you can travel with me and
we can spend time together. I was looking forward to
your graduation, so we could be together.
I need you Kate.
If I could spend more than 24 hours in the same zip
code, or a couple hours in the same room, I might want
to use the L word with you again. You make it hard, in
more ways than one." Micah said, frustrated.

His words were all she needed to break down.
Her tears flowed uncontrollably over the phone as
Micah sat helpless, 500 miles away.
He didn't know what to say, if his words alone made
her cry, or what. He waited for her . . .

"Don't you think I love you too!!" she cried. "Do you
know how much it hurts me that I sit in my room, or in
a hotel room, every night and think of you fucking
every tramp in town, when you should be fucking ME,
making love to ME? She said leaving a long silence on
the other end.
She bawled harder. "Oh God Micah, I'm sorry. I know
you aren't like that anymore; I just can't help but
think it when I spend so much alone time. Then I get
pissed off at you for no reason. Now I really need you
and you're not here and I blame you, when I know it's
not your fault. Please don't hate me. Bwaaaaa!!" she
said, losing control of her emotions and tears.

Micah waited for her to calm down.

"Listen to me Kate. Calm down and get a good night
sleep before you make a rash decision about the
Olympic team. If the money is more important to you,
and you think you won't be able to back track into
this same thing, do what you have to. If you think the
satisfaction of teaching kids how to win medals is as
great as winning them, maybe that's what you should
do. But, before you throw it all away, make sure you
have all your ducks lined up in a row, OK?" He told
her. "To quit school, so close to graduation, seems
rash; although, you could go back for a summer and
finish. To quit the Olympic team wouldn't make your
Dad happy, but if it ended up you didn't MAKE the
team, you would have wasted a lot. This IS an

Micah's straightforward approach did the trick in
calming her down. When hearing it from someone else,
she felt more at ease in making the decision. He
painted it black and white. The pressure of her
fathers illness and not being able to see the man she
loved, had her turned upside down.

"I've got a bottle of wine and I think I'll have a
couple glasses and go to sleep. Micah, you're right. I
need to sleep and make a rational decision, but I have
to make it by Friday afternoon.
I wish you were here. I could just lose myself in you.
I promised you that we would make love again someday
soon. How can I keep myself so far from you?" she
said, knowing she couldn't get an answer.

Even after quitting school until summer to train with
the performing diving team, Kate still had little time
for Micah. Her summer of earning credits to graduate
was blended with her first summer of rehearsals in
Hartford for the upcoming show season.

That fall was when Micah got the break in Chicago and
he had been there ever since. He had seen Kate twice
in the last 10 weeks, and was beginning to think that
the two of them were maybe NOT meant to be.

His job as head of Integra's Media Response Team had
made him a superstar with the computer maker. He was
happy in every way, except he didn't have the woman he
loved with him, and wondered her resolve to be
together. She kept thrusting her career in front of
him, always using the line that things were "Good for
her future".

When were things going to be good for "theirs"?

That was just the topic of conversation one Friday
night when Kate called Micah after the teams last show
in Atlantic City.

"Kate, In the 8 years we have been together, have we
ever spent more than 4 or 5 days actually with each
other? You have your career and I have mine, but
somehow my life is beginning to not feel as full as it
should be." Micah complained.

"Oh God Micah, do you have to whine now? Come on! I
wanted to have a nice conversation with you and make
plans for next weekend. Do you think this is a picnic
for me? You have to agree with one thing, when we get
together isn't it like we're ALWAYS together?" Then
Kate lowered her voice to a whisper "Isn't the sex and
the love making always as hot as you can handle? You
are my only lover, you know."

"I know that Kate, and I don't doubt that. You know my
friend Cliff, here in Media, and I get talking and I
tell him that I see you once or twice a month normally
and we have time to make love and see a movie, go to a
show, a museum, or just sit and talk, and that's it.
He says, "Oh Boy, it sounds like you're in a rut", to
me. But I tell him that NO, we aren't automatic, it's
always exciting, there is no rut. The thought of
seeing you is like Christmas to a kid. But, wouldn't
it be nice to work a day and go home to find you there
waiting for me, or vice-versa. You said before you
were only going to coach until you were 40, and that's
fine. But you've been performing with these guys for
almost 6 years, you turned 30 this year, you've piled
away a lot of money. When does it stop?" he said

"Micah, can we talk about this when I see you next
weekend. I don't want to say when I'm going to quit.
This is still fun, it's rarely work, and I make a lot
of money doing it. The work is guaranteed and booked
over a year in advance. I'm not the star of the show,
I HAVE NO PRESSURE ON ME, and I like it that way." She
said emphasizing her last words.

"If that was a shot at me, I didn't deserve it. If I
pressured you this conversation would have taken place
a long time ago. I know I'm a broken record, but. . .
do you really know how much I love and adore you?"
He said.

"Of course I do, and you know how much I love you. Why
would we fly all over the country to meet up if we
didn't care? Micah, you want a normal relationship and
I told you long ago, we could never have one. Before,
when you traveled all over the place, I could throw
that back in your face, and now I can't. I'm the
vagabond, not you.
But, one day this will all end and you and I will be a
normal couple with a million stories to tell our
kids." Kate assured him.

"You can't have kids when you're 50, Kate!" Micah
lashed out.

"As long as you can get it up, I'll birth 'em fer ya."
She said trying to make light of his statement.

Then she lowered her voice again and he could tell her
brow was furrowed as she said. "You know that I
promised you I would be free of everything one day and
we would get married and have children. If you don't
think I'm looking forward to that, you are wrong. I
know I'm playing it close to the vest if I wait much
past 30 to have kids. But, I only have one life and
that life has taken me to where I am and I can't do
anything about it at the moment. When I see you next
weekend, we may never leave our house. I have to show
you how much I love you."

"I know how much you love me, and I know you want to
keep your promise. But when you say "our" house it's
funny. Some of our neighbors don't even know you!!
Kate, I just want you to think about a possible
retirement date, OK?" Micah asked.

"OK, I promise I will. Before we break up here next
Friday we have a strategy meeting. I'll tell them that
I am thinking of fulfilling this contract, and MAYBE
no more. Oh, and one more thing. When I get home on
Friday and we go upstairs, make sure you open all the
windows. I'll make sure the neighbors know who I am.
They'll know you, I'll be screaming your name, baby!!"
Kate said with a smart smirk that Micah could envision
over the phone.

Kate really had thought about leaving after her
contract was up. Each performer on the team had a
different end of services, staggered by a year each.
That way, they always had a year to break in a newbie
into the show. Kate was due for renewal in another 10
months. It seemed a long time for her to be worried
about it, and quickly put it out of her head.

On the Thursday before Kate was scheduled to go "home"
to Chicago, Divers Inc was the first act in a massive
Grand Opening in Atlantic City of the "The Gisa Super
Resort". Their first day of business was to be topped
off by a heavyweight championship fight that had been
hyped for months. They gathered a throng of potential
gamblers, music lovers and sports fans to see the
opening of the Hotel and Casino. Daredevils would dive
into their fountains and pools in front for 30 minutes
and then the doors would open. Bryce Steinstein, local
national chart topping musical legend, would open the
theatre with shows at 6:00 and 8:00. Then nationally
televised heavyweight boxing at 11:00.

Kate Marble opened their latest show with a dead man
back tip fall from the highest perch. She would
disappear into the water, gain her composure long
enough to worry the crowd and then poke her beautiful
face, framed in her long, wet, ponytailed, jet black
hair, and lips bedazzled with the reddest lipstick
imaginable, out of the water with arms raised pointing
to the next dive. She took part in other parts of the
show, her most daring being a tandem dive, but her
portions were not the stuff of lifelong water
daredevils. Kate was perfect, pretty and precise. She
made relatively simple dives look like deep precision,
because of her lithe little muscular body.

She had never had even a slight problem, until that
afternoon. The pool was huge and deep. The resort
owners wanted to someday have dolphins and whales in
the water, so the depth was provided. Size and depth
took away some of the danger. Maybe that was why they
weren't too concerned over the slight wind that

As Kate left the board with Robbie, her partner, a
gust came up that threw her off. Connected hand in
hand with her jump mate, they formed an airfoil for
the wind. Both divers quickly realized what was
happening and aborted the tandem, but Kate was short
the time to recover and make a safe splash. Her little
body did not slice the surface as normal, she landed
on a good part of her back!

Kate felt a tremendous pain, and then numbness, and
then nothing. Her instincts for the water told her not
to panic, but she had the wind knocked from her and
she was going to the bottom of the pool. Her eyes saw
sunlight so she knew where up was, and those eyes
scanned for any sign of movement towards her. She knew
she needed help, and oxygen. Suddenly from behind and
under her she became aware of being lifted. Her tandem
diving mate had made a safe slice into the water and
had gotten his bearing after hitting the water to see
Kate go in unnaturally. He rushed and scooped her up
and broke the surface with her in his left arm.

The diving teams Safety Swimmers were already in the
water and took Kate from her savers arms. She was
struggling to breathe, trying to fill her lungs with
air, but nothing seemed to respond to her brains
commands, and then, blackness. Out!
There was an eerie regimental drill going on around
Kate, as if they expected this. She could not have
been in better care, it seemed. The Safety Swimmers,
as they were called (Rescue Squad seemed to tempt
fate), knew what the most common situations could be
and this was a classic. Landing on her back could
leave her paralyzed. Having the wind knocked from you
while paralyzed meant you were not able to draw wind.

Even as they worked to get breath into her lungs, her
heartbeat was becoming shallower. The head of the
Safety team was already looking at slo-motion stop
action of her hitting the water. Four frames
interested him, the 4 when she first touched. He
looked for hard bends in her spine. A hard bend could
mean she was beyond immediate help, paralyzed, almost
for sure.
He ran from his dark little booth beside the
performance area and looked toward the team working on
Kate. One member was waiting for a decision from the
booth. The man who studied the video made a circle
motion to tell the others that Kate went in without a
forceful bend to her spine, in their lingo; she went
in round. That was good. They could easily move her to
hard board to get her to a hospital if they were
pretty much assured her spine was contiguous, and they

"I can't get any air into her lungs, I wonder if she
has broken ribs and punctured lungs." One shouted.

"No way!" the man who watched the video shouted.
"Nothing in her impact could have caused that!!"

Kate's heartbeat faded to nothing.

"Paddles, Paddles, get clear, give me a heart needle."
The man shouted as they prepared heroic steps to save
Kate. Just they were pulling the CPR appliance from
her mouth a leg kicked. He looked up quickly at his
lead and nodded. He replaced the appliance and gave
the bladder a squeeze.

Kate drew a long hot painful breath of air into her
The shouts of paddles and needles turned to shouts for
space and an oxygen mask that quickly went over her
mouth and nose.

Safety Swimmers shouted commands at her.

"Kate, can you wiggle a finger for us"
"Kate, can you wiggle a toe for us"
"Kate, where are you."

Her mind was confused but she processed each
questioned command as she realized what was happening,
what had happened to her. She wiggled her toes and
fingers and then through the mask she whispered "A-C"

"Atlantic City! She seems to be OK, just a traumatic
blow to the spine that sort of made her re-boot the
system, if you will." Said the doctor on ESPN who was
actually there for the evenings fight, as he watched
the proceedings on the pool apron.
Kate was tipped and rolled onto a board, then placed
on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital to be
checked over. She appeared to be OK from her fall, but
they had to be sure.

As soon as the ambulance door closed it opened again.
The EMT shouted to one of the diving team,
"She wants you to call her car, whatever that means.
She's pretty adamant about it." He said hold up his
arm with 4 fingernail marks dug into it.

"She was pointing at you and saying "Call my car" as
the door was closing, I thought she was going to sever
my arm if we pulled away without getting that message
to you." The EMT quizzed her diving partner.

Her teammate smiled at the EMT.

"I got it, "call Micah". That's her husband. Tell her
it's done!" he told the confused man.

The EMT jumped back in the ambulance and they spirited
away into the streets of Atlantic City.
While trying to get reading and monitor Kate, the EMT

"He got your message, he'll call your husband.
Micah, huh? I thought you were saying "call my cah"
like a downeaster would say." He chuckled.

After the word "husband" Kate heard nothing.

HUSBAND, she thought. That has an awful nice ring to
it, as she fantasized a moment at the thought of
getting married.

She pulled up the oxygen mask again to ask another

"Did anything happen back there to prevent me from
having children?" she asked with a worried face.

"You aren't pregnant, are you!" the EMT said, alarmed.

"No, no," she smiled. "Not yet."
Micah had just been on the floor to monitor a new
discount program when a girl from shipping ran in.

"Mr. Spinney, Micah?" she said as he turned toward his
unexpected guest. "Umm, there's a tv in the break room
with ESPN on and they were showing the opening of the
new casino and the divers had an accident, and I know
you have a friend there, and . . ."

As soon as Micah heard the word diving, accident and
new casino he was off to the races. He was taping this
at home to watch later. A few of the teams
performances were on ESPN 1 or 2 and he had a few
He used to worry about accidents but it had never
happened at all with the group of experts Kate worked

As soon as the screen came in sight in the break room,
he knew it was Kate that was on the ground. All of his
blood ran to his feet as he saw them bringing in the
paddles as ESPN tried to give a play by play with a
sports doctor who happened to be in their booth.

He watched the drama play out at an absolute loss for
anything to say or think, beyond the prospect of life
without Kate. Once he was fairly sure she seemed OK,
or at least alive, he ran to his office to gather his
things. He was off to Atlantic City.
He had just got off the phone with a travel secretary
who was getting him a flight east. If worse came to
worse, the company jet was at his disposal.

Micah's intercom beeped and he punched he button.
"A call from Atlantic City, Mr. Spinney, he says it's
an emergency."

Micah hit the flashing button answering an abrupt

"Hi Micah, this is Robbie from Divers Inc. There's
been an accident and they are bringing Kate to a
hospital. I'm not sure how she is, but she appears to
be OK. I'm making this call at her request. She was
able to do that, if that's a consolation."

"I just saw some of it on TV, Robbie. Thanks so such
for calling. Knowing she was able to ask for me makes
me feel better. I'm going to be leaving to there as
soon as I can get out of Chicago." Micah said, a
little relieved.

Robbie gave him a phone number where he could be
reached enroute for updates.

As Micah raced down the hall, Marty Dunbar, the man
who gave him the chance at his job, came out of his

"Micah, hold up! I just got off the phone with
corporate and I got the OK for you to take the private
jet. I'm nailing down a pilot now. Come on in and wait
while I settled everything. I'll have a driver bring
you to O'Hare." Marty said, accommodating one of his
favorite people.

"Your secretary called me and told me she was having a
time getting you a flight. You know this company takes
good care of its best employees. I only had to mention
your name and the trouble you were having and they
insisted they help you." Marty continued.

"Oh man Marty, you pulled my ass out of the fire
again. Thanks." Micah said. "Holy shit my life passed
before my eyes when I saw her laying there, . . .on
the goddamn tv no less."

In a little less than 3 hours Micah was on the
elevator to the ICU floor. The doctor with him was
explaining her injuries.

"She's had a blunt trauma to the base of the spine,
like getting hit with a bat there, but she was able to
go through the "bat". Otherwise she might have been
permanently damaged. She is very muscular, and very
slight. Those are two things that worked in her favor.
Her body went through a tremendous shock and it shut
down with the blow to the nerve base. Her pulse went
to nothing out there, Mr. Marble, her body had a
terrible shock and she had no oxygen for a time, with
her lungs not functioning. They had the paddles and
heart needle ready.
However, I don't think she will have any lasting
effects. She will be pretty sore for a bit, and may
have periods where her coordination may seem off. But,
they will pass as the inner bruising, so to speak,
works its way out."

Micah couldn't get the doors open to the elevator fast
enough when it stopped. The doctor, sensing his
urgency, picked up his pace down the hallway and swung
open the ICU doors. There in the first bed was Kate.
She had a couple IV tubes in her arms and a tube down
her throat. The doctor had said she was prepped for
emergency surgery, should it be necessary. They were
also worried about fluid in her lungs.

Kate's eyes opened at the commotion at the door and
smiled big when she saw Micah. As he came to her side
they both burst into tears and they hugged, as best a
person with tubes and bed rails around her can.

Kate held him tightly, his head beside hers, she
kissing his neck.

"I'm OK, I'm OK," she cried in his ear. "I was just so
scared. I couldn't breathe in the water, I couldn't
move and then I blacked out and the next thing I know
I'm being moved and prodded and checked. Oh, Micah I
was so terrified and all I could think of was you and,
and, I was worried I couldn't have babies anymore,
knowing how mad you would be if I couldn't. Then a guy
in the ambulance said they were calling my husband.
MY HUSBAND!" she squeaked as she cried. "That sounds
so good Micah. It's what made me want to get better
and get out of here. Then I thought about you being
mad if I couldn't make babies, and I said, well
unhappy, but not mad, because my husband wouldn't get
mad at me." She said giggling and crying at the same
time. "See all the goofy things that went through my
mind. But, Micah, I really want you to be my husband."

Micah laughed through his own tears at her words,
overjoyed that she wanted him to be her husband.

"The doctor called me Mr. Marble." Micah said causing
the both of them to burst into laughing tears.

Micah brought Kate home to Chicago 3 days later. She
was able to walk from the hospital to the car, and the
car to the jet, on her own. Her recuperative powers
seemed amazing.
All the way home in Integra's jet, they talked of
wedding plans. Kate was convinced to retire by the
scare and tying the knot with Micah was now her

As Kate waited for the best offer to coach either
Olympic swimmers or a college team she decided she
wanted stay close to Chicago. Once she was married,
she knew her vagabond days were over. After only a few
weeks home, although still recuperating, sleeping in
the same bed, especially with Micah, was much to her
Their sex had always been hot, but it was always after
abstinence and knowing you would be apart soon.
Now, as time wore on, they both became more patient
with each other sexually. In the past it was always a
marathon to please each other in very way possible. It
wasn't that way anymore. Now they could devote
evenings to their favorite pleasures. They were
patient and considerate lovers. Kate realized what
part of her life was missing; Micah had the dream
existence he wished for a great job, and a great woman
that he truly loved.
Since Kate had started making good money she had been
able to get some clothes specially made and altered to
fit her petite and tall frame. Besides having the man
she wanted, she was, for the first time in her life,
comfortable with herself to walk down the street and
feel confident. Since she stopped working, although
she still swam twice a week, she had only gained less
than 5 pounds and was holding that steady. Life was
good all around.
As Christmas neared Kate was shopping at Woodfield
Mall and was nearing exhaustion. She and Micah had
split up for the day, he picking up outdoor lights to
decorate the house with, she picking up things for
Micah's staff at Integra.

She decided she needed a pick me up and stopped in the
mall at a Seattle's Best for a dark roast. The line
was long, many others in the same boat as she. As she
neared the front of the line the store phone rang. The
clerk picked it up, then turned and looked right at

"M'am this here call is for you, you're the only lady
in here with black hair and a red sweater. Make it
quick, my manager would flip if he walked in and saw a
customer on the phone." The clerk said.

Unsure of what to think, Kate took the phone.

"Hello? Who is this?" she demanded right away.

"Guess who?" Micah said. "I'm right across the mall
and I saw the nicest ass I've ever seen and guess
what, it belonged to you. You look good enough to eat,
and that's just what I have in mind, when I get home."

"Oh, you do, do you?" Kate said blushing. "Would you
like me to get you a dark roast in the meantime?"

"Precisely, I didn't want to wait in the line. See you
a couple." Micah said as he hung up.

Kate blushed again, even deeper, and ordered the extra
coffee and went into the mall to look for Micah. He
was on a bench across from the coffee stand next to a
pay phone.

She handed him the coffee, saying, "You are a dirty
boy, but I like your style."

"I knew you would. Actually I came here to hit Sears,
they have a sale on the outdoor lights I wanted and I
bought the Springhill Mall store out of them. I look
across the mall and there's your cute butt waiting in
line. I couldn't resist." Micah said

"I hope you were serious about your intentions." She

"Oh, don't worry, I'm serious." He said as he kissed
her long and hot then took his coffee and disappeared
into the crowd, headed toward Sears.

Kate tried to continue her quest for 60 of the same
item, but couldn't keep her mind on her task. Her
promise from Micah was preoccupying her mind.
She gathered her bags and was off to her car and home.

When she got home she hid away any gifts she had for
Micah and undressed, heading right for the shower. She
washed the day's grit from her, paying special
attention to her pussy, which she still shaved for
Micah. She soaped her hand extra good and reached
right under herself to be sure her butt was clean,
crack to asshole. From time to time Micah was a butt
hole licker and she would make sure she was clean.
Each time she ran her fingers over the little hole she
was reminded of how good it felt to have him eat her
there as well.

Micah strode through Sears with his outdoor lights in
hand and made his way through the mall again. He kept
scanning the area for another look at Kate. He was
disappointed he hadn't run across her again. He
stopped and chuckled to himself.

"Wow, eight years with that woman, and I still go out
of my way to see her in a sexual way. She looks every
bit as good today as the first time I saw her in a
bathing suit. Imagine, she had to hide that body in
dumpy clothes, or wear kids clothes that made her look
like a tart. Micah always liked tall women, and at
5' 7" Kate wasn't even the tallest he had been with.
But those women were meatier than Kate. She was just
perfectly shaped without an ounce of fat on her,
inside a pocket of muscle." He stood thinking, making
one last scan at the throngs of shoppers.

When he started getting a hard-on thinking about her,
he figured he better get home and wait for her, to
fulfill his naughty promise.

As Micah pulled into the driveway and zapped the
garage door opener, he saw Kate's car already there.
His heart raced at the thought of her preparing for

He went in the back door to find the house lit only by
the stairway light. It was lit enough to see a trail
of clothes she had strategically placed from the back
door through the house, up the stairs to the bathroom
door. A knee-high, then another, a blouse, a
turtleneck, a bra, slacks, and then panties just in
front of the bathroom door. There laid out, just for
him were a bath towel, silk boxers and a bar of French
milled soap.
From showering together, over the years, Kate had
found manly scents of milled soaps. She taught him to
wash with regular soap for all the suds, but to finish
with milled soap to smell and feel sexy. He complained
it was "girly", but secretly liked it.

He hurried into the bath and got out of his clothes,
wondering where she was waiting for him. Was she in
the bedroom, in front of the fireplace? What would she
be wearing? All the questions had Micah washing at a
record pace as his hard-on became more and more of a

He finished washing and took his milled soap to finish
off. The bath filled with its fragrance as he dried
off and slipped into the silk boxers Kate had laid out
for him. He looked ridiculous with his erection
filling out the front of the shorts, but apparently it
was the effect she wanted.
When he opened the bath door he saw that all the
lights were now out, but there was a glow from the
living room. Going down the stairs he saw it was lit
with floating candles and a fire. On the floor was a
comforter with a long, sexy, nude (except for g-
string), raven-haired beauty.

"Well hello," Kate said. "I've been keeping dinner
warm for you, but I didn't expect you to bring
something as well."

Micah almost came in his silk boxers. Every time with
Kate, no matter what the sexual experience, was like
the first time. She giggled, cooed or squealed in a
different way each time they made love. She loved oral
sex, giving as much as receiving. Giving was something
she had been slow to enjoy, but when he explained that
she could make him feel as good as he did her, she
became a tiger.
On her last long break (just 7 days) from working,
teaching and coaching, over a year ago, had been the
first time she had finished him in her mouth. A mouth
gently sucking on his head after he came had been a
favorite of his that he hadn't experienced since he
took up with Kate. Whatever possessed her at the time
didn't matter. He was overjoyed. She later explained
it was an idea she got from girl talk with friends.

Since that time she had done it a few more times,
usually swallowing every drop and telling him she
loved his taste and would share it with him at times.
They both found this to be very sexy.

Without a word Micah knelt on the comforter and
starting at her toes, showered her with kisses and
nips, avoiding her pussy, all the way to her forehead.
He spent a good time kissing her mouth, dipping each
other's tongues in their mouths. He then told her that
he had another destination, but the road was long. She
giggled as he began to trail, down to her navel,
little kisses on her body. At her navel he took a
right turn and as he got to her hip he began to turn
her over, going right to her spine.
Kisses, kisses, kisses right up her backbone and
across her shoulders. He stopped to nip her earlobes
as he rubbed his silk covered hard-on between her
legs, causing her to moan.

He trailed back down her spine and around in a circle
on her buttocks and then down each leg, stopping
behind the knee to loll her with his tongue. They
found this erogenous zone years ago and it still made
her jump and cream. He finished that leg and went up
the other, doing behind her knee the same way.

He ran his tongue right over the crack of her ass, top
to bottom, before spreading her open and pulling the
g-string aside. But the g-string was attached it
seemed. On the ass floss part was a clear plastic nub
that was inserted right into her asshole.

"Oh, aren't WE naughty tonight! I suppose it has a
little piece that fits somewhere else as well?" He

Her blush was the only answer she gave.

"Where did you find this?" he asked

Blushing, in a squeaky embarrassed voice, she said,
"I actually bought it from a mail order place a long
time ago to surprise you before you got the job here.
While I was looking for your soaps in my things
tonight, I found the package. I'd never even opened

He dropped his tongue between her cheeks and licked,
making her start. His nose filled with a strawberry
scent he quickly identified with a lube they used on
occasion. They had never experimented with anything
anal, except for his tongue, before. He wondered how
big the device was inside of her butt.
He took the floss in his fingers and pulled it. It was
apparently round and clear gel-like plastic. It wasn't
much bigger than an inch around, but she made a loud
growl and moan when he pulled it out. He stuck his
tongue in the dilated little hole and it quickly
closed as he touched it. She moaned and enjoyed the
tonguing of her asshole. Micah reached up and pulled
the appliance attached to the front part of the g-
string. It was about 2 inches long, also a clear
plastic gel, but a large marble floated inside of it.
Apparently it moved as she did. He popped it into his
mouth and licked it clean, then threaded the g-string
off her legs.

Finish with his ministrations there, he began to turn
her over when she threw a hand back to his.
Blushing she said, "Try a finger there, lets explore."

Micah was surprised, but was always willing to do
anything for Kate, and the thought of exploring new
territory excited him. He began to run a finger around
her little wrinkle and he felt her shift a bit. She
was reaching under the edge of the comforter.
She handed him the small tube of strawberry lube.
He squeezed a finger full onto her, making her start
again. He put a little more on his index finger and
used it to play with the pool of goo melting in her
body heat. He pushed a bit at her little hole and it
gave way. Kate started like she had been punch in the

"Ugghhh. That's enough, let it rest there." She said.

"I could have told you it would hurt at first." Micah
said. "I had a girlfriend who used to do this to me
all the time, trying to rub my prostate as I came. I
know you don't like old girlfriend stories, but. . ."

"Does it feel good later?" Kate said straining her
voice a bit.

"I hate to admit, that it does. I don't mean to ruin
the mood, but my bowel is always active and I'm almost
never clean totally there like most people, so I
always found her wiped finger stains on the sheets,
and that turned me off to this stuff." He said as he
began to saw in and out of her little hole.

"OK, OK, enough gruesome details, I think I'm starting
to enjoy this." Kate said as he continued to finger
her asshole, deeper and faster.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, there is a pleasure to be had back there.
I always liked it when you ate my ass, lover." Kate
began to talk in gasps as if she were beginning to

Micah continued to pump his finger as deep as it would
go up her cute little butt-hole and was getting quite
excited himself.

"Do you want to carry this further? Have you thought
about me doing you up your butt? I've never done it,
and the thought never really crossed my mind, until
now. Hearing you grunt and groan as you enjoy yourself
is a big turn-on, baby. Do you think you could handle
me back there?" He asked, suddenly interested.

"I think I could, but . . ." she stopped mid-sentence
and pulled herself off his finger and turned over.

"But what?" Micah asked as if he had done something

"But we have to save something for two virgins to do
on their wedding night." She said with a big smile.
"Sorry to lead you on, but I need to have you wanting
for something on our special day. My ass virgin
husband will take my virgin ass on our wedding night."
Kate finished, grinning.

"What if you can't walk from the screwing I give your
ass and we can't leave the room for a couple days?"
Micah countered.

"We aren't leaving the room for a couple days anyway.
When you're not fucking me, I'll be sucking your cock
and you'll be eating my pussy. When we finally do
leave, I hope to be pregnant. Does that sound like
fun, baby?" Kate asked him knowingly.

"When did you get so naughty?" He said, loving this
side of her.

"You make me that way, because I love you so much."
She said, "and, now where were we? Umm, you just got
through teasing every inch of me and the only place
you haven't licked is, . . . ."

"Here!" Micah said as he bent to flatten his tongue on
the very bottom of her pussy and lick it to the top.
He repeated that over and over until she began to
shudder a bit. On that cue he drilled his tongue on
her clit until she grabbed the comforter on either
side of her and threw up her legs.

"Errrt, Unngh, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Gnnnt."
She ground guttural from her throat. "Ohhhhhhh,
Ahhhhhh, GOD! KEEP IT, KEEP IT, aaaaaOOOOaaaa." She
shouted as she pushed him away unable to stand

"Please, Please, Please, NO MORE!! You got me started
when you were playing with my butt and this was, was,
was, . . Ohhhhhhhhh." Kate started to shout but faded
in a whisper and she sunk into the comforter, her legs
falling gently like leaves.

Micah watched her enjoy and savor her orgasm, as every
few seconds she would start. Waves of her spasm still
slapped at her like the ocean. Her ass was spooned
right in his face as he lay there with his head on the
comforter. A trickle of strawberry lube ran down her
cheek. He snaked out his tongue to nab it and she
jumped, pleasurably startled up into a sitting

"MICAH! Oh my God, you're gonna kill me!!" she said
with a big grin. "You are nasty, and much naughtier
than me." She said, jokingly trying to recover from
his "so naughty" accusations.

"All I was doing was making sure that red lube didn't
get on the comforter." He said innocently.

They laughed and hugged each other, rolling in front
of the dying fire on the comforter.

"I believe I have something I want to take care of at
this point." Kate said reaching down to put her little
hand around his cock.

"Do you want that hard cock inside of you?" he asked

"Well, to tell you the truth, my little button is
tingling like hell from that little thing stuck in me
and then your tongue, Ooooo that talented tongue of
yours. So if you don't mind." She said putting a
finger in the side of her mouth, "Can I just suck that
pretty cock for you?"

"Oh God, you are such a tease Katie. You can have
anything you want." He said excited at the prospect.

Kate instructed him to lean back on his arms and she
would kneel between his spread knees. She wanted him
to watch her every move.

He looked at her adoringly. How could this little
vixen love him so much? What really excited him was
the fact that he was the one who taught her the ways
of mutual love and orgasm. She was such a smart woman,
who guided her own career, who enjoyed so much of what
he did, and conversely. After eight years of chasing
each other around the country to catch her, sometimes
as little as one day together, here she was, dedicated
as she promised. To prove that dedication, she even
had orchestrated a special wedding night surprise, and
then told him about it to keep his and her excitement
level up.

But right now she had other things to take care of.
She pulled her long black hair back and retied into a
ponytail. She leaned forward and looked up at him.

"Do you remember the first night I did this?" she

"Sure, like it was yesterday." He replied.

"I was so scared, but it just seemed like it would be,
I guess the word was, exciting. It was so hard and
looked like it hurt, almost. Just like it does now."
She said with a smile.

Placing her hands flat on the comforter, just on the
inside of either knee, she dropped her head over the
head of his cock.
In her mouth, she knew how to tease, flick and lick
with her tongue. She pushed herself down as far as she
could over him, and sucked hard up to the tip. She
looked at him and dropped her head and licked at his
balls, stopping just sort of taking them in her mouth.
It was something she was reluctant to do, but thought
of adding it to the honeymoon surprises.

She dove over his cock again and began to bob her head
in a steady motion, taking about 4 inches in her
mouth. The gliding of the velvet head over her tongue
made her feel so sexy, she continued to bob on him.

As Micah got more excited by her movements he began to
meet her bobs by fucking back excitedly at her mouth.
Soon, her mouth was stable and he was sliding himself
in and out of her suctioned licking.

"Oh God Katie, I'm gonna come soon. Do you want my
come, Katie? . . Do you?" he asked as he raised his
eyes to the ceiling.

Her only answer was to begin to meet his pumps at her
mouth with more tongue and mouthing action.

He was at the edge, and she knew it from the taste of
his salty pre-come.
As his orgasm hit, she hummed loudly over his cock.

"Ohhhh, Ohhhhh Goddddd!! Ungggggt, hoooo, hoooo,
AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!" he sounded off as he came
hard and plentiful into her mouth. Two long spurts and
he knew he was still flowing. He heard her swallow
twice and now she was just soft chewing and licking at
his softening head.

"Oh Katie, I can't take much more, so incredible, so
incredible, Oooow you love me so good!" he said as he
angled himself out of her torturing mouth.

She looked up at him and smiled, and resisted
swallowing again. She walked on her hands up his body
until their mouths met. The kissed and swapped a bit
of his come back and forth.
Then she swallowed it, saying "MINE!"

He smiled, contented, and they fell into each other's
arms. As the fire died they rolled up in the comforter
and fell asleep. They woke about midnight and each got
up to pee. When Micah came back, Kate was putting more
logs on the fire.

"Let's stay here, there's something here I don't want
to let go of tonight." She said.

Micah had no words and rolled into the comforter

As they spooned and watched the flames Micah felt his
cock rising again. Rising up on one elbow, he was able
to push into her wet pussy. She leaned back and licked
at his neck in approval. He gave her a long slow screw
that ended in a mutual orgasm. Nothing earth
shattering, just something they could enjoy together,
holding each other close. It was a beautiful moment
they shared until they faded off into sleep.

Kate and Micah had a hard time keeping their hands off
each other for much of the first year they lived
together. A touch would go to a second glance, a
second glance to a long kiss and things just happened
from there. They waited for, and even talked about the
newness wearing off, but it never seemed to. Being
apart for such long periods of time may have left them
each a little emotionally insecure, or maybe it was
Kate's brush with death. One thing they weren't doing
was complaining about it.

As their wedding date approached Kate began a long
drawn out tease for their wedding night plans to take
each other's virginity. She actually felt a little
fear about the prospect of anal sex, but trusted Micah
would be a gentle lover. The excitement of the unknown
filled her with the same anticipation she felt before
sleeping with Micah the first time. Many of their love
making sessions included anal play now as Micah was
more and more interested in fulfilling his lover's
fantasy as well as his own curiosity. Their wedding
night was going to include a true deflowering and that
tweaked his masculinity.

With all plans in tact for their special day, Micah's
parents and his sister came to Chicago the Saturday
before the wedding. Micah moved from his home to the
hotel with his family for the final countdown week.
Kate said that the week away from sleeping with each
other would re-virginize the both of them in every
way. On the final night at "home" Kate and Micah did
their best to make up for future lost sexual time.
Towards the end of the night Kate introduced an anal
toy to further tease her future husband. It did the
trick in leaving him wanting for more.

On the morning Micah left to "move in" with his family
Kate met him at the door. She reached out and took
hold of his "package".

"Isn't this MY penis, MY cock?" she asked him.

"You KNOW it is. Since the first time you touched it,
no one else has." He replied.

"During this week you are going to be frustrated, I
know. But, I want to remind you of one thing. Every
drop of your juice that's inside THIS sack", she
emphasized by grabbing his balls, "is mine as well.
All the teasing and fantasizing we do this week will
make you want to relieve yourself. But I am asking you
to keep it all for me. I don't know if I want that big
load to flood my pussy, fill my behind, or fill my
tummy," she said with an evil teasing grin, "but I do
want it for me. I promise as well, that I won't
relieve any of my sexual tensions either. I think we
are going to have a wedding night to end all wedding
nights. DO we have a deal??

"Oh, you have a deal. I just hope I'm not having any
of those dreams I used to have as a boy." Micah

"Just what did I do to turn over this naughty girl
side of my little innocent wife." Micah asked her in a
semi-serious tone.

"I have a lot of free time on my hands, and I read a
lot. I've been reading a lot about couples, marriages,
and what it takes to keep their sex lives fresh and
exciting. One of those ways is to share the dominant
role in the sex itself. You make it easy because you
love to please me and are rarely, if ever, there to
just get your own pleasure. Your type makes the
perfect husband, by the way." Kate explained.

"We both want the same thing in the end though, to
make each other feel as much pleasure as possible,
while being as intimate as possible to make sure that
our one on one is something like no other." Micah

"Correct, neither of us has an agenda for sex. It's
always making love. You don't come home and throw me
on the kitchen table to give me a screwing because
you're horny. You do it to make love to me and because
you have missed me for the day." Kate pointed out.
On the way to meet his family, Micah thought about how
much he loved the woman he was going to marry. Having
left her 10 minutes ago, he missed her already. He and
his family would be back at the house to pick her up
in another hour and already he had a pang in his
She was intelligent, inquisitive, and resourceful,
well read, domesticated, incredibly interesting, and
always looking for ways to better herself and
challenge her mind. Sexually, you could say all of
those same things about her, as well. To top off the
package, she was very pretty and had a killer body,
and she adored Micah, and he worshipped her.

His reunion with his parents at the Marriott Downtown
Chicago was a happy tearful one. Work, plus events of
the last year, had prevented him from getting home.
They had all met Kate before, many times, but only in
fleeting meetings. From what they knew of her, they

Micah took them down from their suite to show them the
Chicago Ballroom where the reception was to be on
Saturday. Empty, and not yet split for another venue
on the same day, it looked like you could land planes
on the floor. Micah wondered if the 200 guests would
get lost in such a large room.

In short time they made their way to the street and
Micah took them on a quick walking tour of the
Magnificent Mile downtown. Soon, they were in his car
on the way back to Countryside to pick up Kate for a
day of touring and shopping. When Micah's father saw
their home bordered a country club, he was excited.

"That's Edgewood Valley, Dad. Pretty posh, it's a real
private club. If we golf this week, it won't be there.
I haven't made it that big yet." Micah mused.

Once at the house, hugs and kisses abounded with the
family reacquainting themselves with Kate, and she
them. They proudly showed the house and its amenities
knowing that his parents would be impressed they had
done so well.

"Your mortgage payment must be a beaut." Micah's
sister Billie said.

The Spinney's turned and looked at Micah waiting for a
reaction to Billie's question.

"Umm, not as much as you would think. We put a lot
down on it." Micah said uncomfortably.

Finances were something Micah didn't like to talk
about. He knew it was a male ego thing, but as well as
he did with Integra; Kate had made the real money for
the couple. Lawyers and financial advisors would have
thought them crazy for the way they put their finances
together almost 4 years ago. They were sure they would
be married and pooled their funds and diversified.
Micah called it a corporation unto themselves. Kate
had socked away double what he thought was a great
nest egg, back then. Since that time, Kate had doubled
that. She worked on the road for almost 9 years with
no car, no home, per diem expenses, and just meager
personal wants; a rental car, a personal flight,
travel clothes and a gift for Micah from time to time.

They were able to put 90 per cent down on the house.
It alone would serve as their retirement if all else
went bust. Money was not a thought for worry with the
upcoming newlyweds. Kate had no family, except for a
couple aunts and a cousin. Her mother had passed when
she was young, and she lost her Dad 6 years ago. Micah
was all she had and she wanted to be sure they could
be happy forever, when she finally stopped performing.
Even though that time came a few years sooner than she
had planned, she was quite well off.

By the third day of seeing Kate each morning and
afternoon, and then going home to a suite at the
Marriott to sleep alone, Micah was frustrated. He
would call Kate at night and they would coo over the

"How's Mr. Happy?" she would tease.

"Not very happy, he misses you as much as I do." He
answered. "If I took him out right now I could hit the

"Well, I guess this is a test of self control then.
When I shower I want to wash certain parts a lot more
than they are dirty." She said.

"I guess I can't take consolation in the fact you are
as frustrated as me, because it makes us both unhappy"
Micah said.

"Unhappy now, but, Saturday we'll make love like a
couple wildcats, and we get to try something all new
for us. I'm looking forward to feeling you fill me
back there." She teased again.

"KATE!! Come on, this isn't fair!! I'm horned up
enough without hearing you talk like that. Besides,
you know that if I'm hurting you, I won't continue.
I'm reading stuff on the Internet about it, and it can
be real painful for you. I WON'T hurt YOU." Micah told
her under any circumstance.

"Micah honey, I don't want you to hurt me doing that,
and I've read everything too. We will take every
precaution to make it a special experience. I know
what I have to do. Now, lets change the subject before
you and I go crazy." Kate chided him.

"Kate? . . . . . I love you and never ever want to
hurt you in any way. You've made me so happy, and
Saturday we will be married, and we will be one in the
eyes of everyone, and God too. That's what is most
important to me. We've already made love to prove we
are one to each other." He said.

"I know, and you know I feel the same. It's just that
this way we have something special to give each other.
If it doesn't go well, it doesn't mean a thing.
Nothing could change the love I feel." Kate said to
comfort him.

"OK, as long as you understand that this was your
idea, as much as I like it and want it to happen."
Micah said.
So it continued every night until Friday when they
were together with family and friends for the wedding
rehearsal and dinner. At 11:30 he put Kate in a cab
and said goodnight for the last time as singles.

Their wedding was one for the ages and would be talked
about by all who attended. It must have cost a
fortune, but it was a beautiful day that they will
remember forever. Kate was stunning in her gown. Tears
flowed from Micah's eyes as she walked up the aisle.

The Divers Inc diving team was there as her family
with Robbie, her tandem diving partner who pulled her
from the water on the day of the accident, giving her
away. It was a long poignant moment and tears flowed
as Kate thought of her parents and how happy her Dad
would have been to give her away.

As the afternoon went by the couple was inseparable,
going from table to table greeting each other's
friends and family.

About 4 o'clock the photography team came and said
they should go and change into their honeymoon clothes
and come back down to have a dance, say goodbye to the
parents and then do a waving goodbye up the spiral
staircase at the end of the ballroom. Unbeknownst to
everyone was the fact that they were staying that
first night in the Governors suite at the Marriott.

When they came down the stairs back into the ballroom
they posed for a photo on the landing as they greeted
each other after changing.

When they posed and hugged Kate whispered in Micah's

"I've pushed a little surprise into a special place on
my body, and you are going to be next there. I can
feel it and think of your cock with every step I

Micah almost came in his pants while trying to keep a
straight face at her words.

As they came down the stairs to the applause of the
crowd Micah leaned over to whisper to her.

"What have you done? You little vixen! I'd like to
fuck you right here on the spot."

Kate laughed for the crowd as if Micah said something
funny and leaned to whisper back.

"That would be the idea. We have to make sure we
ALWAYS want each other."

As they hit the bottom stair he looked to Kate again.

"Oh, I DON'T think that will be a problem."

They had a quick dance alone on the floor and then
went to Micah's family to say goodbye. Kate choked
back tears at the thought that her mom and Dad were
not there and had no family except for an aunt who
came with her daughter.
Robbie from Divers Inc saw the uncomfortable moment
and stepped up to kiss and hug Kate. Robbie had been
coached by Kate's father and might have been her
closest connection to him, now.
When he was first asked by his mentor to help out Kate
with her skills, her Dad had asked him to take special
care of his "little girl". When she joined the team
they all thought of Kate as their little sister and
kept a watchful eye on the athletic little pixie. She
proved as skillful as any of them and was always an
integral part of the team.

The happy couple then went up the spiral staircase,
waving and pausing for pictures as they alit.
They then dashed across the promenade to a waiting
private elevator that took them to street level.
The wedding party then invited anyone who wanted to
come and see them off, to go outside.
At street level a limousine waited with the usual
"Just Married" signs and of course, a drag of cans to
draw attention as they sped away.

More pictures were taken as they got in the limousine
with the waving and posing by the happy couple. Then
they whooshed off through the streets of Chicago.
In actuality, went around a big block and pulled to
the Marriott's service elevator in the rear of the
building and expressed to their suite.

Micah carried Kate over the threshold, having said
little since they got in the limo, except to comment
on the crowd and friends they hadn't seen in so long.

He walked her from room to room asking for her
approval of each room's amenities. She smiled and
kissed her assent with each. He then returned her to
the landing and set her down.

"Words cannot describe how much I love you, especially
how, right at this moment." Micah said to her while
holding her face in his hands.

"Actions might!" she replied as she mashed her lips to
his and they kissed.
He reached down to cup her ass. His fingers
inadvertently grazed a hard object between her cute

She broke the kiss and looked at him knowingly, then
averting her eyes downward to the rising tent in his
pants. She reached out and squeezed him, and looked up
and smiled at him. Pulling away, she used both hands
to lower his zipper. She reached in through his silk
boxers she had bought him for the occasion and
withdrew his hard cock.
She stood back and bent from the waist and put her
mouth over it, sucking in as much of his length as she
could. She bobbed over it a few times and then stood
straight up again.

He took her in his arms and carried her to the first
bedroom. Setting her down he pulled her blouse from
her skirt and reached back to unbutton it. He helped
her out of it and then undid her bra. He bent and
kissed each nipple, then flipped them with his tongue.
He loved her long nipples and she loved how sensitive
they were.
He undid the snugs on her skirt and lowered the
zipper, letting it fall to the floor. She stood before
him in white French cut panties and did a pirouette.
She was, in a word, breathtaking. She was 100 pounds
of perfectly sculpted female. Although she never
volunteered her measurements, he knew her to be about
32C-20-33 or 32C-18-32, depending on the time of year.

He hooked his fingers in the sides of her panties and
took them down. She turned and bent over showing him
what he had felt a minute before. There was a butt
plug with a T stop in her tiny asshole. It looked to
be about an inch around at her hole.

"You are such a naughty exciting woman. Is that
bothering you at all?" he asked.

"It's pretty sexy, but the T is beginning to rub me a
little. So, either get some lube around it right away,
or would you like to take my cherry right now? From
the looks of the cock I just sucked, I think you're
ready. The sooner you get rid of that load in your
balls, the sooner we can work on more. I'm hoping we
can make love all night." She replied.

"Is that where you want the come I've stored all week
to go, in that beautiful little bottom of yours?"
he asked suggestively as he finished undressing.

"Mmmmm, YES! Virgin come in a virgin butt." She
demanded. "Tell me how you want to take me, and my
little bottom is yours Micah. This is what we've saved
for each other. I Love You so much, and this is the
way I want to show it to you. I promise to tell you if
it hurts me, but I don't think it will be a problem.
This plug feels pretty sexy. We just need lots of
lube, to be sure."

Micah decided he wanted her on the edge of the bed;
face down, so he could kneel behind her. He checked
with her to see if she had any pre-conceived ideas or
fantasies about how they might accomplish the deed.
She did not.

Micah's arms encircled Kate and held her tightly to

"Let's go sip a bit of champagne and set a mood for
this deflowering. How does that sound?" Micah asked.

"I knew you couldn't just throw me down and do it. I
depended on you making everything right." Kate said

Micah led Kate to the bar and the two champagne
buckets waiting for them. Micah loudly popped a bottle
of the bubbly and let it spray about the room a bit,
getting some on both of them. He went to her and
licked bubbly from her belly, arms, legs and breasts,
smiling a sly smile. She did the same for him.
He took the bottle and poured 2 flutes of the brut.
They sipped and talked of their honeymoon plan of a
trip to Colorado, but nervous anticipation of their
upcoming "event" was getting the best of them.

Kate sat on a bar stool and quickly jumped up.

"Oww, this thing is OK when you're sitting on a
cushioned chair, but on a wooden stool, WOW!!" she
said reaching down to cup the junction where the T
stop sat.

"I was surprised you could walk normal," Micah

"Don't think I didn't practice. Today isn't the first
time I tried this, you know." She said.

"REALLY? I thought we weren't going to relieve any
sexual tensions all week?" he asked.

"Well, I had to practice walking, and to tell you the
truth, I didn't think I could get this in there." Kate
said defending her actions.

"So, am I to believe that when you left me for the
evening and went home to "practice", an orgasm never
took place?" He asked with a Cheshire smile curling
over his lips.

"Micah! How did you expect me to prepare for you if I
didn't try it out? Just rubbing the lube on my butt
got my temperature up. Putting it in was difficult at
first, I just wanted to make it better for you, honey.
You wouldn't want me a total virgin back there would
you?" she asked.

"I thought that was the idea." He laughed.

"Then I've been a bad girl, maybe you should punish
me." She pouted.

"Oh, I don't think we need to do that, I think your
intentions were honorable." Micah said hugging her.

"Maybe I should get a spanking." She said teasing him.

"Really! What makes you think I want to hurt you? I
love you!" he asked.

Kate blushed all over.

"I like getting my butt warmed . . . Can I do a true
confessions with you? I've wanted to tell you this
before, but I never wanted to hear about any of your
old flames, so I . . ." Kate said with a real pout.

"Kate, we don't. . ." Micah started.

"No, please Micah. I've wanted to tell you this for a
while and I think of it from time to time. I'm not an
ax murderer or prostitute or anything. Just listen,
OK? That would make me happy."
She said hugging him and then putting her hands on his
shoulders and looking him straight in the eyes.

"When I was about 14, I really looked about 10, except
I had these hips and shapely ass, but no one knew it
unless you swam with me.
Well, I had a crush on one of my teachers. I didn't
know why he made me ache, he just did. I used to make
googie eyes at him and he probably thought I was nuts.
One of the older girls on the team also had a crush on
him and she knew he would go to the hallway that
overlooked the pool, and watch the girls.
If she knew he was looking, she would sashay her hips
in her bathing suit, and then look back at him and
He asked her to meet him once and she told me she
"jobbed" him, and that if wanted to meet him, I should
do the same. There were two things I didn't realize.

One, she wanted ME to meet him for a date so she
wouldn't feel so bad about doing it, and
Two, I thought "jobbed" meant handjob.
I heard my giggly girlfriends who had boyfriends
talking about them all the time. Unfortunately, she
meant blowjob.

I was stupid and thought if I just passed him a note,
we would meet and he might even fall in love with me
if I gave him a handjob. At the time I had only seen a
picture of a penis before, but I was brave.

I left him a note on the way out of class saying
something like, "You're so cute, lets meet sometime."
I thought I was so grown up, like my girlfriend who
said she met him, but she was like 17.
After swimming that night he was in the hallway and
said he had a test paper to go over with me. He took
me aside and asked me to meet him at a park that
I went home and rubbed hand cream all over my hands so
they would be soft for him. I was a real dope.
So, anyway, I met him and we talked for a few minutes
and then he asked if I wanted to do something real
special for him. Of course, I said yes, and I saw my
first penis a few seconds later.
He asked me to touch it and I was happy to. It felt so
warm and nice in my hand. Then he asked me to put it
in my mouth and I nearly died. I told him I wasn't
doing that, but he told me that all my girlfriends
But, he couldn't sway me. So then he asked me to take
my pants off.
I wouldn't do that either, so he got real pissed.
He ranted and raved about being a cockteaser and he
was going to tell my parents about this. Then I begged
him not to do that, and he said he wouldn't, if I gave
him the blowjob.
There was no way I was putting his penis in my mouth.
He was all pissed off and told me that he was
informing my parents so they would punish me;
unless HE could punish me instead.
Here I was, smart enough to know he was trying to
blackmail me into sucking him, but stupid enough to
let him punish me.
He said if he punished me, no one would ever hear
about my trying to date him and he would never mention
it, so I agreed.
He told me to kneel on the seat facing the window, and
to lower my pants enough to show my butt.
Now, my mom and Dad had only spanked me once or twice,
and that was when I was like 6 or 8, but I did what he
He spanked my ass hard with an open hand about 10
times, making me cry like hell.
Then I heard the car start and I pulled up my pants
and he brought me back to where I met him. That night
lying in bed thinking about it with my red butt
throbbing, I had my first real orgasm.

A few weeks later he told me that I should meet him
again, he heard that I told someone, which I hadn't.

I went with him again and all he wanted to do was
spank me for telling someone. I let him, and this time
he really warmed my ass, but after I got home, I did
masturbate most of that night.
I went with him one more time for another spanking and
he wanted to use a paddle to teach me a real lesson,
but I told him that was too much.
A few weeks later he got caught having sex with
another girl. They asked for any other victims to come
forward, and they got about 4 girls and then 2 boys
came forward. This guy was a real sick-o. But, I did
like the spanking, and if you think I was a bad
girl. . ." she ended her story with a long pout.

"Am I finding out something kinky about you? How often
do you like to get spanked and when was the last
time?" Micah asked suspiciously.

"Oh My God, it's not like that!! The last time I got
my butt slapped was by an old boyfriend my first time
home from college. It was the last time we were
together, and when he lifted my dress to stick it in,
he left his handprint on both sides. I call them bug
zappings and I like it, but I haven't been running
around the country getting spanked. You KNOW you've
been the only one since the first day, right?" she
quickly defended.

"Of course I do, it's just you tell me that you like
getting spanked and I know I've never laid a hand on
you and we are almost ten years, so . . ." Micah tried
to rationalize his wonder.

"Micah, I love you, and I love everything about you. I
love your cock and all the happiness it brings me. I
never loved anyone or anything as much as you and the
way you love me. The only times I ever felt as good as
you make me feel is when I would touch myself after
getting my rear warmed. Every time you make me come
I'm reminded of lying in bed with a red ass and my
hand between my legs. I've been looking for an opening
to tell you for so long, I just didn't know how. I
never felt I was being dishonest with you." She

"Kate, my sweet little Katie, don't worry! You're
talking like this makes no difference to me. You are
the most exciting person I've ever met. You are the
most exciting woman I've ever met. You are the best
sex partner I've ever had, and the most sexually
exciting and intriguing. You try everyday to make
something about our lives special, whether it's sexual
or anything. I know you truly love me, and best of all
I know you truly love US. You try to make US happy.
Nothing you might ever say could change that or how I
feel about you. Never ever doubt my love for you or my
love for US." Micah affirmed back to her.

"So, can I ask you one more question to set my mind
totally at ease about what we are about to do?" Kate
asked wiping the tears of joy she just cried.

Micah nodded, almost knowing what it was.

"You had a lot of partners before me, and I don't
think you were very discreet, by your own admission
and from some of the snippets of stories I've picked
Have you ever been tested for HIV? I know you can
carry it for a long time and not have any effects, but
if it gets blood born, which can happen easily with
anal, it can still be lethal.
Before you answer, I should tell you that after our
first night I worried about it a lot. Not you, having
it, but me. I knew then I would sleep with you someday
and I went and got tested 3 times, 90 days apart. On
the third one, I figured you were clean, because by
then, if you had it, it would have shown up in me."
Kate asked soberly.

"Yes, I tested right after I met you. After our first
night I realized how precious our relationship was to
me. I, too, was tested 3 times and even did a one-year
follow-up. I never worried about getting it from you,
you seemed so innocent." Micah said to clear her mind.

"I only had 3 boyfriends, but they were not exactly
the salt of the earth. I just didn't want to worry
about infecting you." She replied.

Micah took Kate's glass and refilled it and then his
own, draining the bottle of Champagne.

"No more secrets, revelations or questions?" he asked
holding his glass to clink and seal their bond.

"I don't think so. You don't have anything else to
tell me either?" she asked.

Micah looked her in the eye and shook his head.

"I'm the last woman you ever touched? You never
strayed, not even when we were apart for a month or
more?" she asked.

"Kate, I couldn't have married you with that over my
head. Of course I never did. You stole my heart and no
one else ever interested me." Micah said with his hand
over his heart.

Kate exhaled deeply.

"Well, this sobering exchange has changed our mood a
little. We should have had this talk before we walked
down the aisle, not that I really doubted you or had a
definite HIV worry." She said as she stood and
finished her wine and stepped to his side. "Looks like
someone has lost a little interest." She said as she
took his soft cock in her hand.

Micah smiled as she squatted down and took him into
her mouth. It didn't take much to get him excited
again, as he rose hard and strong in her sweet mouth.

"My Lord, he came up so fast he almost gagged me." She

He crooked a finger for her to stand and meet his
They kissed deeply and he whispered to her.

"I'm ready to take you, are you ready for me?"

"I'm still a little scared, but I'm ready. Can I
change my mind about how you take me?" she asked.

"Certainly, I want you to be happy." He replied.

"I want to be on my back, holding back my legs. I want
to see you, watch you, fuck me for the first time."
Kate boldly said, getting her nerve back.

Micah took her hand and walked her toward the bedroom
they chose before.

She turned and sat on the bed, then falling back. She
rose her legs and pulled them inside her elbows as she
lay before him, her slight body bent in two.

The T handle of the plug in her rear stood out
prominently. She had a nervous smile on her face.

Micah knelt on the floor beside the bed and bent to
kiss her pussy. Once he tasted her he could not resist
feasting further on her smooth genitals. Kate's breath
caught almost immediately and she rolled her eyes back
to revel in the instant gratification she was feeling.
Each time her pussy reacted to the tonguing and
chewing of his loving mouth, the small bulb in her
bottom reacted as well. She actually began to hunger
for the filling she was about to feel.
Her breath was coming in short blows from her mouth as
an orgasm swept over her. She closed her eyes and
turned her head sideways and pursed her lips tight as
she turned red, not able to breath. Her lips finally
peeled open and an "Ohhhhhhh" escaped her as she drew
in breath and squeezed her thighs together in an
effort to move Micah's mouth from her pussy.

Micah stood up and took the tube of gel lube from the
floor where he set it. He squeezed out a large dollop
onto two of his fingers and began to glide it over his
cock. The sound of slicky sticky rang in the quiet
room accented only by her anticipatory breathing as
she lay with her eyes still shut, enjoying her spasm.

He squeezed one more dollop onto the head of his cock
and wiped his hands on a towel. He then put a small
mound of the gel on the plain of his thumb.
With his right hand he took the T in his fingers,
getting her attention. He turned it a bit, causing her
eyes to widen.
He knelt up to the side of the bed on the pillows he
had placed there to elevate himself to bedside level.

He turned the T one more time, the imperfect bulb
moving within her causing her to start again.

In one motion he pulled the plug from Kate, her
asshole giving it a noisy sloppy kiss. He ran his gel
filled thumb over the gape of her dilated hole, and
put the head of his cock to her bottom hole.
They locked eye contact until Micah pushed the whole
of his 6 inches into her. Her eyes rolled back in her
sockets and her butt arched toward him as if to
swallow his cock.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhh," a long guttural moan escaped her
He eyes rolled back and looked wide-eyed at him.

"It hurts a little, in deep, but the feeling is great
overall. So full, so full, ohhhh." She said as he saw
her pinch her nipples.
That sign alone, the pinching, told him she was truly
enjoying her deflowering. It was something she always
did when she felt so good she couldn't stand it.

Micah hadn't moved a centimeter yet after impaling
her. He reveled in the sheer tight grip of her
intestine and rectum around him. He couldn't believe
how much warmer it was than her pussy, possibly caused
by the plug and the body drawing blood to the area.

She grunted again and pushed at him. "NNNttttt, you
haven't told me how you like it." She said breathless.

"Ohhh, so tight and warm! I can feel everything your
body does. Are you sure I'm not hurting you?" he

"No, now not at all." She replied.

He smiled while his hand swung out and down swiftly
and cracked her right cheek hard, S M A C K ! !

She looked alarmed at him, and then another crack
rained on her butt.

"Ooo, that's it. Bug zappings!!"

"I have a hard time with this. I hate hurting you!" he
told her.

"Micah, the sting is so intense, it rides the edge of
an orgasm for me. Later the red burn will make my clit
throb. You aren't hurting me. Believe me." She

"OK, are you ready for me to fuck that cute little ass
of yours, my kinky little wife?" Micah asked.

"I'm reeeeady" Kate answered as Micah began to
withdraw his cock to her surprise.

Micah rocked slowly at her bottom. He looked down at
the gel-slicked surfaces of her asshole and his cock
and saw they were well coated.
He couldn't resist flicking his thumb on her clit.
She reached down and grabbed his thumb to stop him.
She was already sensitive there.

He licked up the pace and depth of his strokes, as she
began to make faces of shock and surprise at each move
in and out.

"Whoa, Ohh, God, whoa, hnnnnnnnn, hnnnnnnnn, uhh uhh,"
She reacted to every stroke.

Kate was having a deep vaginal orgasm like she never
had before. Her clit needn't be stimulated, it was
aroused enough. The push, pull, in and out that rubbed
the back of her vagina through her intestine was
making her crazy. She had no idea anything like this
could happen as Micah began to pound at her harder and
deep with long deliberate strokes.

She began to utter short stunted squeal-like sounds to
match his stroke to her ass.

"Yoww, Yatt, Yeee, Yeee, Hunnnnnnnnnnnn." She squealed
and growled like an animal as her orgasm overtook her.

C R A C K ! ! C R A C K ! ! Micah rained two more
hard open hand slaps on her left buttock.

Her eyes bugged out like she was going to explode as
Micah pounded at her asshole.

C R A C K ! ! C R A C K ! ! on her right cheek,
C R A C K ! ! C R A C K ! ! on her left, as Kate's
orgasm redoubled and she turned red, pursing her lips,
closed her eyes and seemed to vibrate on the bed.

Micah knew in his mind that he was through cracking
her butt, no matter how much she liked it. Hurting his
little treasure was not to his liking at all.

Besides, he knew he was about to blast off himself.

Micah's orgasm had been building for a week. At one
time of the day, each day, he thought of Kate and
ended up with a hard-on he would like to have used on
her, or at least given to himself to ease tensions.
But a promise was a promise. He told her he wouldn't.
Now her cute ass was rapped around his cock milking it
for all he was worth. Her bowels seemed to grip him
like a small hand inside of her as her vaginal orgasm
gripped her.
She would have begged him to stop his assault on her
nether hole, but she was out of voice, out of breath
and just holding on to Micah by his cock in her ass.

"aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrGGGGGGHHHHHH. Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh,"
Micah growled and groaned as his orgasm shot from his
cock deep into her bowels. He accented each shot into
her with a hard thrust. Finally it stopped and he
could no longer stand moving within her. It was like a
small mouth sucking at him long after he was fucked
He collapsed forward onto her. He kissed her bright
red cheek as she finally swallowed a deep breath and
began puffing as if she had been underwater for the
last few minutes.
Her breaths were throaty groans in his ear that
continued for a half-minute or more until she began to
make words for him to hear.

"Love you, love you, love you. You zapped my ass so
good, you fucked my ass so good. I am so full of come.
I can't believe that was an orgasm. I thought I was
having a heart attack. It didn't start at my clit, it
came from . . ohhh, I can't talk." She puffed into his

Slowly he was shrinking out of her, but he had enough
thought processes still going to remember not to, lest
they flood the bed. He knelt back up and turned one of
her legs over to have her on her side. Pushing with
his waist and his cock still pressed into her he
pushed her onto the bed a little more and sort of had
her scissor spooned.

She was breathing normal and humming contentedly as
she was reaching back and petting his hip and leg.

"Did you enjoy having your wife that way? I'm so glad
we had something that was just me and just you." Kate

"Oh, it was great, but a lot of it was the
anticipation you built into it. You made me really
want it, when before I could really care less about
it. I never saw how sexy it could be, but, WOW.
Now, about this spanking thing . . ." Micah asked.

"It isn't like I want to get beat up. I just like the
sting, especially when you're in me. If you spank me
good and leave it red, it will heat up later, and I
swear it goes right to my clit." Kate explained.

"I'll have to cool it off with my tongue." He said
with a pat to her belly.

"How do we get from here to the bathroom without
leaking. I have a feeling I have no control back
there. I feel an urge though. This part is not sexy."
She decided.

"We should have thought of a towel." They said
laughing in unison.

"How about I lay on my stomach, and you pull out and I
try to pucker. I'll do my best while you get a towel."
Kate suggested.

It sounded as good as anything else they might come up
with, so Micah pressed his softening parts into her
again and rolled her onto her stomach. He fell out as
she turned over, and he ran laughing "pucker, pucker."

He got the towel and stuffed it behind her and pushed
a bit of it to the front of her crotch.

"Hold that there." He said was he picked her up and
brought her into the bathroom.
He sat her on the toilet and he heard a flood leaking
out, as well as some air, that sounded like farts.

"Get out, get out." She said, "This is humiliating

Micah left the room as ordered and stood outside.

"We don't have to hide little personal things and
indignities from each other, we are married!! What
happens when you're old and incontinent and I can't
control my bowels." He said laughing.

"What happens?" she shouted, "I start beating YOUR
They both laughed, and Micah told her to jump in the
shower when she was ready and he would join her.

Micah padded around the suite waiting to hear the
shower start. He missed her already and wanted to make
sure she was OK, too.

After about 5 minutes he heard the water running and
he came into the bathroom. There was a bottled enema
sitting on the counter that she must have used to
clean herself out with. When he opened the door to the
huge shower she saw the bottle over his shoulder.

"Damn, I meant to throw out that bottle. You don't
have to know EVERYTHING. Now you know I didn't want to
feel your come up my rear all night." Kate said

"Nothing to get embarrassed about, I put the come
there, I know it was there. . . Come here kitten," he
said as he hugged her, "We are one now. We have each
other for the rest of our lives, all the fun, all the
shitty little details as well, pardon the pun."

"I know, it's just I want you to see me as the perfect
little lady all the time, and sitting on the toilet
isn't in that image." Kate admitted.

"For your information, I know that you pee, and I know
you poop, so I won't be surprised." Micah laughed.

They hugged again and began washing each other. The
right side of Kate's ass was decidedly redder than the
other. He had gotten the full hand on that side. Micah
was definitely uncomfortable about smacking her butt,
even if she wanted it. She had been 10 years without
it, so he didn't think it would become a regular part
of their lovemaking anyway.

Once they got out of the shower they ordered a small
dinner and a fruit, cheese and cracker tray to nibble
on for the night. That, with the champagne, made their
evening go by fast in between their bouts of sex.
Micah could barely keep his tongue out of her pussy
most of the night, and made sure her nipples were well
sucked and erect at all times.

Once Micah was able to rise to the occasion again he
made love to his little bride in every position
imaginable. When they were doing doggie he noticed her
butt was still red, but her little asshole looked to
be normal again already.

After the afternoons deflowering, the pussy eating,
the fucking in every room, it seemed their wedding
night was full. They cuddled together on satin sheets
on a round-mirrored bed for sleep. The committed their
love to each other again just before they went to

Micah woke in the middle of the night to a strange
sensation. Kate had his cock in her mouth.

"Oooooo Katie, you naughty little girl. What a way to
wake up!" He exclaimed as he began to come around.

She only laughed over his cock.

After the long wedding day and all of its sexual
events he thought he had time to rest. Kate, however,
seemed to be insatiable.

Micah started to meet her mouthing with thrusts of his
own. He was getting close to coming for the third time
in the last 12 or so hours. He felt the familiar jolts
and spasms and was going to warn Kate of his orgasm.
But, with the way she was going at it, it was pretty
apparent what she wanted.
Micah groaned and his mid-section buckled, this third
shot raking his most sensitive parts, leaving them
tingly and warm.

"Ohhh, Aaaaaaaaa" he reported as he came into her

She kept sucking thinking there would be more, but
Micah was done, his cock almost numb from over work.
He reached down and touched her face in the darkness
and she stopped.

"Can't take anymore?" she asked with a giggle. "That
was something I've always wanted to do and I couldn't
sleep, so I figured there was no time like the

"Couldn't sleep, I thought I wore you out." He asked.

"Physically you did, but mentally, I still can't get
over that I have you for my husband after so many
years when I thought I would lose you. I always felt I
rode the brink of your patience with me. I wanted to
make something of myself and fulfill some of my Dads
dreams for me. The accident made me realize that
becoming your wife would make something of me, and
maybe I could really become a Mommy. Talk about doing
something. THAT would make my Dad more proud than
anything. That's been running around in my mind. Plus,
I think about the fact that you were such a runaround
and women threw themselves at you. Knowing you ate it
up; I saw you were such a hound. Then you saw he and I
took you out of circulation, I stole your heart. ME! I
considered myself to be pretty trampy and falling in
love with you made me feel like a queen when we were
together. I didn't realize all the time I was away
from you that I deserved to feel like a queen. Instead
I was afraid you would find out I was a tramp and
didn't deserve you. I made all those mistakes and
still ended up with you, and we are perfect." Kate
said as she ran her hands up the sides of his legs and
hugged him to her.

"Yes, we are perfect, and I tried so long to convince
you of that. But it didn't matter that it took so
long, it only mattered that you realized it. Since the
end of the first month you came home and stayed home
I've realized we were perfect and fantasies and dreams
do come true." He said kissing her forehead.

They lay like that for a few minutes before drifting
off to sleep in each other's arms.
They have spent every night since together, falling
asleep in much the same way, holding each other.

Kate never took a job coaching for a college, or for
the Olympic team, although she still gets offers. She
devotes her time to her husband and to her little girl
and boy; the twins she conceived on their honeymoon.
Her tiny body bore two 4-pound healthy babies and
after a few months of swimming and exercise, she
hardly showed the effects of pregnancy. They plan to
have one more and call it a family.

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