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DIVORCE hurt her that way but


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Once, in the prime of my life,
I ventured to take me a wife.
For the moon they call honey
The outlook was sunny
But now it's just struggle and strife.

I say it was never my plan,
To mix myself up with a man.
But deep searching eyes
And a passel of lies
Made me pause when I should have ran.

It probably was a marriage made in heaven, seeing how
heaven's treated me lately. It was mercifully short, explosively exciting
and then dead as a doornail- to catalogue the good points.
It was also a quick lesson for a young man that would stand
him (me) in good stead as he aged. But I can't say it wouldn't have been
better if I hadn't made the same mistake once.
I guess that sounds acrimonious. Not even when it seemed like
it was us against our lawyers. We didn't have the passion to blame
anyone. It was a dead- less than two people passing in the subway-
thing. We both just wanted it buried so the stink would go away.
She should have never married and I should have never married her. It was a mistake. We found it out quickly and corrected it.
About a year later I married Ally and the differences were total.
She was interested and loving, caring and compassionate, a helpmate
that was there for me whenever I needed her. She was very involved
with our life and with me and concerned to to make it the best it could
be for both of us.
And she was willing, even eager in the bedroom, but without a
clue what the pure merging of male and female could be. The one spark
that Elaine and I had shared was the only one missing from my second
I still count it a small loss in the face of all the rest I gained,
but you always remember.
That would be a very short story with a happy ending if Elaine
hadn't showed up again. I am trying to keep it all in perspective, so I
must say that all the evidence shows that Elaine had reasons other than
wrecking my life to return. But even in perspective, I can't say what
happened was all my fault either.
She was like a hunting animal once she had located me again.
That's flattering but I was experiencing the negatives of her stalking as
I could see where it all was leading. And I swear I was adamant that she
couldn't lure me into her trap.
The dastardly thing she did was to become reasonable. As I
said, we parted without any particular rancor and I was prepared to
believe that she was agreeable to my rules. We had things to catch up
on in a friendly way.
I know I am sidling along my responsibility in this instead of
boldly accepting it, but that is the way Elaine attacked my resolve. A
reference to a star-covered night in the desert that may rank in the top
ten of all sexual exploits of mankind- an easy laugh and then allowing
her blouse to gape and offer a corporeal reminder of the pleasures of
her body.
I was resolved, but intrigued. I could admit that we had great
times without renewing them. After all, it had happened. If I missed them
a little, it didn't mean I wanted her again. She didn't need to know I
already relived the memories from time to time.
She was so restrained as she set her snare. No more than a
touch on my hand that burned with a significance I could not pin on her
trying to evoke. And then the bait- flattery. It was true that we were
good together. She had told me I was the best fuck she ever had many
times while we were married. Since I felt the same way, I had no trouble
believing her. I may have believed her again or wanted to when she said
it was still true. She had found no one to thrill her like I did.
Had she delivered that in a hoarse whisper while leaning urgently
toward me, I would have been alert. But she confided it sitting casually
on her chair with her hand no more than resting on my own.
She was making me do all the work. Like the truth that she was
my best fuck ever, I felt that I was contemplating what it would be like
to fuck her again in a secret privacy. I was giving an academy award
performance of being as cool as she while the touch of her hand burned
on my skin and the memories it evoked burned in my brain. But that
left me vulnerable to the dangerous one- myself.
I guess that I forgot that she was not only a woman, but had
also been my wife. She knew what a man would be thinking as we
reminisced and she knew my exact thoughts in that thinking. I was the
one that had entered the dark room with no defenses.
I felt like such a good boy when I left her. We had a nice lunch,
a pleasant conversation and I had not lowered my zipper once. I was
so proud of being faithful. And I was already on the road to ruin. The
very thought that I deserved a reward started it.
Obviously, I thought in the twisted halls of kidding myself in
confused logic, the best reward for abstinence was getting laid. Since I
had turned it down once, I had the right, nay duty, to get me a piece
as a reward. Perhaps I thought I'd say no once again and then be
entitled to a second piece as well.
Ally was going visiting any way. At least if I didn't mind- and I
know what I was plotting when I encouraged her to stay and chat as
long as she wanted. I was taking it as a sign that I was plotting an okay
Elaine feigned surprise when I knocked, but I saw she was
dressed in a familiar uniform for seduction. The short silk kimono
stopped high on her thighs, covering her sex by a bare three inches and
her buttocks by much less. She was wearing low-heeled fuzzy mules
and I knew that was almost all.
If I pushed my hands inside the silk above her sash, I knew I
would find naked breasts. The only thing she would be wearing that
wasn't visible would be high-cut lace panties that covered no more than
her sex itself, but framed her groin is a display that made it all the more
I was gentleman enough to step into the room before I dropped
all politeness and pinned her to the door with my lips on hers. I grabbed
her and rubbed against her as my cock went from zero to erection in
about ten seconds.
"I thought you couldn't be unfaithful to your new wife," she
smiked when we came up for air.
"Shut up," I told her and pushed my hand into her kimono to
fondle the naked breast inside.
"I'm not complaining," she said, going to work to get me out of
my pants.
She stopped when my pants and my shorts were around my
ankles and my cock bounced up between the tails of my shirt. It was my
turn to finish. I took the hint and let her away from the door as I got
busy stripping to the skin.
She was kind with her eyes as she gazed on my larger, softer
body. She showed no disappointment. I opened the sash of her kimono
but let it hang from her shoulders as I pulled her naked flesh against my
chest. I laid her down on the bed and slid down to fasten my mouth on
her breasts. As I kissed the lucious pillows, she clamped her legs
together and moved her thighs to stroke the cock she had trapped.
When I could not stand that any more, I rolled off her and let
her roll off the bed. She stood next to the bed and let the kimono drop.
I rolled to the edge of the bed and pulled her between my knees to kiss
down from her navel to the top of her panties.
Her hands twisted in my hair as I slowly moved the little kisses
down the center of her belly. When I reached the lace, she pulled one
leg out from between mine and set the foot on the bed beside me. That
tilted her lace-covered mound up to my mouth and nose. Her scent was
strong and luring. I squeezed her butt like two rubber balls as I rubbed
my face over the fragrant triangle of cloth.
She put her leg down to let me draw the last garmet off her and
I beheld a new sight. Her clean-shaven pubis was new, but the glow
that shone from the naked skin only magnified the shocking addition.
Just to the left of center and tilted so its point pointed to her slit, was a
red heart with a valentine lace border tattoo.
"I didn't fuck him," she blurted out when I saw it.
"Why would that matter?" I asked, surprized at her concern.
"It did to another guy," she said, "He didn't believe me. But it's
true. I didn't fuck him."
I took this to mean she had broken up with someone over the
tattoo. And I believed her. She had no reason to lie to me and her
continued confession convinced me further.
"He didn't pressure me to fuck him. He just wanted to lick it
every time he wiped off his work- and a little bit more after," she said.
"And that kinda helped with the pain."
I pulled her to me and started at the tatoo as I sucked at her
shaved skin and slid my mouth down until I was at her sex. I ran my
tongue out to see if I could help any pain she might be having. She
trembled on my tongue for a while before she moved her hips back and
and leaned down.
"I did give him a blow job," she admitted face to face before she
dropped to her knees between my thighs. "When we were finally done.
I figured I owed him one for the dozen or so he gave me."
Then she demonstrated. As careful as ever, she licked the
corona and then the shaft with the flat of her tongue before she took me
lightly in her mouth and encited rather than satisfied my passion. The
dainty touch of her mouth made me need her uncontrollably, but I
endured the sweet torture as long as I could to bask in the level of lust
this woman could raise in my loins.
Then I had no restraint as I pulled her up and threw her past me
onto the bed. It would have been nice to tenderly hold her as I eased
into a renewed union, even pause to rub my cock up and down the lips
of her entrance, but I had used up all my patience extending her
wonderful sucking. I turned and pushed my cock into her with one
"Give me your legs," I grunted.
She knew the request. She pulled her legs up to brace against
my chest and I grabbed her knees. I lifted her butt as I drove into her.
Screw the lovey-dovey hugging mere mortals use to show intimacy as
they squirm against one another. There was enough hard insistent love
charging inside her and her cunt's warm embrace was all the hugging I
I tipped her clitoris out of the way by bending her knees back
and dragged the head of my cock back and forth over the upper vault of
her cunt searching out that other favorite nerve plexus.
I've heard that in some women it is a subtle thickened spot. In
Ally it was a territory she didn't want me searching for. In Elaine, her
G-spot was distinct and easily stimulated as long as I was willing to
forgo deep penetration and just push my cock back and forth over the
nub a couple of inches inside her.
It was an act I was fully willing to perform. Her passion and
lubrication became immense and she more than paid me back for
delaying the deep plunge and single-minded pursuit of my own orgasm.
"Oh God! Baby, how could I have lived so long without this!"
she keened as the lump seemed to get rougher and more engorged.
She had to fight the urge to push against me and tilt the electric
spot out of my reach, but every time she lost the stimulation she was
quick to move back to where my cock was rubbing across the muscle-
twitching spot.
But when she came, there was no restraining the bucking of her
hips as she flopped on the bed in front of me. It was too late for my
plunge to ruin the feeling. It was just the right time for her clit to crush
against my belly as my cock drove deep into her cunt and I slammed
into her wiggling body.
This was the skyrocket-shooting, horn-tooting sex that made
one small corner of our marriage unforgettable. She was a cuisinart with
liver blades as she processed my thrusting into her. Her orgasm had
always been like a whirlpool's vortex surrounding me with irresistible
feelings and inescapable pull and at the moment she was magnifying that
with her unrestrained squirming as she vibrated through her own bell
ringing climax.
It was physical bliss, but if you can believe me, the physical was
only the cherry on top of the experience. There was history and the
uncanny way we shared the spirit of pure connection. She became the
distilled essence of woman for me and I hope I became the myth of all
men for her. That made it better than the hard to surpass pure
physicality of fucking Elaine. That made it a mindfuck on top of it.
And that was only watching her cum- from a certain interested
perspective. I still had my own orgasm to look forward to. But that was
always a little more blurry in my mind since it tended to overwhelm
actual thinking with its force and left me with only a happy impression of
the event.
Sometimes the impression was all it left me with. Now, I don't
think I've forgotten my own name, but then how would I know?
Anyway, it was always an event of significance when Elaine and I
fucked. At least that was my opinion as I lay gasping next to her or
behind her or on top of her when I had finished.
This time it was more over her as she used her legs to keep me
from falling forward onto her. It was the kind of memory you like to
re-live. And I knew that I was going to re-live a couple more before
Elaine would let me go for the night. I don't think even the most pure
attack of guilt could reach me through the haze of sex we had
descended into.
"Look, we know this doesn't work, don't we?" she asked and I
nodded, "You analyze everything and I analyze nothing, isn't that what
you said? So there's no reason to get all maudlin about the fact we're
only good together in bed, right? So why don't we just fuck and then
we can go our different ways."
I didn't bother to tell her that sounded pretty analytical. She had
a point. And for once I didn't think it was on top of her head.
"Believe me, I wish it was different too," she sighed, "But I've
begun to learn from my mistakes and the best lesson is not to repeat
them. I just wish you weren't the one that fucks the best."
"So, what was up with the heart guy? I asked as we recovered.
"What do you mean? He thought I was fucking the tattoo guy,"
she said.
"That I gathered, but how can..." I held up. I was about to say
that anyone that fucked her should be prepared for her cheating.
I really wanted to help her see that she needed a guy that didn't
mind her screwing around, but it was going to sound like an old argument and that I didn't want to get into.
"Trying not to argue?" she smiled. "You're right, he should have
known, but then- wasn't it the fact that he knew that made him unjustly
accuse me?"
But it wasn't all her. She could be quite nice. She just had too
much energy- and a scatterbrained, well, personal way of expressing it
that didn't make sense on the outside looking in. See, I am trying to
She hadn't changed a bit. And from the sexual perspective I
was glad of it. It was just fucked that we coudn't do more than that.
I rolled her over and 'cornholed' her, as she liked to call it,
when my cock got hard again. I don't think anal sex was in her mind
when she thought of me as her best fuck ever, but she had never
minded and seemed to get some enjoyment out of my cock in her ass.
Lord knows it didn't prejudice her response to being fucked in
the ass. She took it like she liked it and I mean took it. Her hips
pounded back, or up in this case, to ram her asshole onto my cock as I
drove into the hot confines.
She was willing to make me cum on her own if I wanted,
wriggling back and forth while I was still until she had jacked me off
with her ass. But I seldom had that kind of resolve. It seems to me the
point of ass-fucking is sticking it in there where it's not wanted and you
have to be doing some sticking to get that done.
Unfortunately, done came far too quickly. I think it was that
sheer joy of being with this 'embodiment of sex' thing going on. But then,
I think that was what she found enjoyable in having something twice the
size of the designed outflow ramming the wrong way into her rectum.
Despite her warning, I found myself fantasizing ways we could
keep the sex alive forever. And she was right. I was just torturing myself.
We ended with a long kiss goodbye- as in oral sex. I think that
somewhat balanced accounts, because I had her 'flippin' like a flag on a
pole' with my tongue and fingers before my erection showed any
intention of returning. I didn't let up, figuring this had to last her for a
while as she tried to suck me off while twisting and writhing beneath
Like that had much impact on the pleasure Elaine could give a
man. Pretty much half her attention was worth twice the attention of
the rest of womankind. And I knew I could straddle her and push my
cock as far as it would reach down her throat if I wanted to. That was
one more of her gifts.
Just the thought of that made it unnecessary. It was the opposite
of most of our sex. Fucking into her throat was a better idea than an
act. The thought was exciting, but that was all there was to cumming
into her esophagus. It was an experience, but letting her tongue stroke
the head of your cock as she sucked the seed from your spurting
dick was a better one.
I purposefully kept the personal thoughts out of my mind on the
way home. I didn't want to torture myself. That left me totally
speechless when I walked in and Ally was sitting at the table. She took
care of the torture.
I'm going to sound a little cavalier here, but it's because it hurts
too much to say it any other way. I loved Ally. It was really shitty to
hurt her that way, but I wasn't trying to hurt her. I was trying to work
it out so she would never know.
She was trying to hurt me, however. And you may know how
that goes. It isn't so much any one thing, it's the intensity and duration
of the assault. I was dealing with my own disappointment in myself and
really didn't need the extra input.
Suffice it to say that my second divorce was meaner than my
first. I didn't fight about much because Ally was the only valuable in
the marriage and I had already lost her.
Elaine dropped by to commiserate and comingle as I waited
for the final decree to free me, but it was just more of the same. Not to
knock the mind-numbing sex, since numbing was what my mind
needed, but it only made the downside that much steeper.
I even suggested that Elaine and I form a loose association that
would insure us having great sex a little more regularly, but she vetoed
the idea. She was still looking for it all. She didn't think either of us could
move on if we had even occasional chances to fuck each other. I guess
she had become much more discerning in the years we were apart.
I wasn't thinking about moving on. I was knocked down and felt
like I didn't want to get up. I was thinking I would gladly settle for the
intermittent session of mind-blowing sex and then muddle by on my own.
Elaine encouraged me not to settle. It wasn't in her nature to
retreat and she wasn't going to let me do it either. She countered with
an offer to ease my defeats if I tried and lost again.
So I'm on the market again. If you're interested, get in touch. I'll
make an honest effort, but don't feel bad if we can't make it work. I
won't mind- honest. I'll find some way to ease the pain.


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