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DKUSAN01 hurt her much unless you dont


DARKSIDE: The United States of Anarchy; "The boy In The Attic."

[Version Control : Revsion C.]

[Disclaimer: This text is intended for adult audiences, if you are
not of age to view it, be somewhere else. This series of stories
explores the darker aspects of the human experience, if that might
offend you, then you were warned, and it isn't my problem. -- KTM]

Anything can happen in the Multiverse. Even a world that
is much like ours, but which somehow... isn't. A world that is a
magnet for the blackness in the dreams and souls of humankind. A
world known as: The Darkside.

The World's economic system depends on a delicate
interlocking web of mutual trust and financial debt. When those
bonds shattered, the governments and monetary institutions
crumbled. Even the most idealistic civil servants left their jobs
when their families were gripped with hunger. The Survivors of
the Chaos would come to call their nation the United States of
Chapter 1. "The boy In The Attic." -- by KTM.
It had all started with the weather. The North Hemisphere
suffered record precipitation during an unbelievably bad Winter
before everything went to Hell. The flip side of the world broiled
with a fierce drought, and the markets were tense as crop after
crop in the Southern Hemisphere failed. Not that the North had
better luck in the season before.
Whether from floods, or high winds, or from rain at just
the wrong time, the agricultural systems of many countries were a
mess the year before the Fall. The Futures Market collapsed from
so many pre-sold goods that would never be delivered. There
wasn't enough Farmer's Insurance to go around, when no-one could
make up the slack.
The World Bank's failure was just the first domino in what
came next. One country after another, when hard pressed for cash
began to demand their debtors to pay up, and fast. The United
States was a Nation with not only billions of dollars in debts, but
with billions more in outstanding loans to other countries who had
defaulted, or who would probably never pay.
When the U.S. began unilaterally deducting the amount owed
*to* them from the payments owed *by* them, the uproar didn't last
long before other contries began to do the same themselves. The
World market became a joke, and each Nation could only rely on the
monies that it produced internally, and those were sharply cut.
The crisis affected everyone, the wealthy and the poor,
the weak and the powerful. It even affected a middle class grocer's
family in Iowa. They had a good lifestyle, mostly, with only the
usual arguments about money and politics. Even when the wife complained about the grocer's extended buying trips out of town,
things weren't too bad. But that was about to change...

Robbie crouched in the attic, his fist pushed deep in his
mouth. This sort of thing just didn't happen in Iowa, not in
one's own home. The brigands were in the house, and if they knew
he was there, they would kill him, just like they'd killed Dad.
He was close to wetting himself or crying because he
realized that he'd screwed up. When he scrambled to the attic,
he'd left the rope dangling down for the attic steps. He could
hear heavy clomping foot-steps in the hallway, and rough voices
arguing about checking the attic.
Robbie was a small, dark haired boy, even though he was
almost 13. He looked around in fright for another place to hide.
Then he saw it, the air conditioning vent!
He'd been in there before, just a few months ago. Dad had
asked him to help clean the air filters. It was a large old house,
and it was hard to get at them without paying for a service call.
Robbie had saved them enough money that he'd gotten to chose the
kind of ice-cream they bought for a month.
He crawled over to it and checked to see if he could still
put his hands between the slats. Quickly he unlatched it, then
turned to pull some boxes over to conceal the vent. He slipped
inside, and set the grate back in place.
First latch, and the second closed. He reached to the
other side and stretched his fingers. Third latch done. Light
poured up into the attic from the steps the men had pulled down.
Robbie froze, his fingers just about to stick through the slats
The boxes kept him from seeing the man, and the boy thought
it was probably a good thing. Sweat streaked down his face as he
fought to quiet his fast breathing. He flinched as the man stomped
around, kicking boxes of stored junk, and shining his flashlight
into every corner.
The invader muttered curses in a steady stream, that broke
into a snarl when a man down in the hall yelled for him to tell
what he saw. "Just some fuckin' Christmas tree lights, Skull," he
shouted, "and a lot of dust. Can I come down now?" he said
"Yeah, Red," the voice answered, "c'mon, the fun's
starting." The light retreated and red started down the steps.
And behind his shield of boxes, Robbie felt brave enough to reach
for the last latch, and snapped it closed. Snap!
"What was that? I thought I heard something," red said.
He paused with just his head in the attic, and shone the flashlight
again to the corners of the dusty space of the room.
"Aw forget it," Skull's voice said, "these old houses are
always making noises. You didn't see anything, did you?"
"Well, no," red said.
"Then c'mon, Red!" Red's light faded, and with a thud the
attic stairs were closed again.
Robbie heard a feminine squeal through the ducts, so he
turned around again, and quietly crawled through the metal tunnels
to the 'T' junction. At the junction he waited, until he heard
his sister whimper on the left, and he followed the sound. He had
to see what they were doing to his teenage sister, and his mother.
The duct ended in a grate set in the ceiling of his
parent's bedroom. It was a big room, and most of the brigands were
crowded in here, along with the two women of the house.
His mom was curled up on the side of the king sized bed
crying, with her hands clutching her slap-reddened face. The men were ignoring her for now, and were tormenting her 16 year old daughter on the bed's other side. They were playing with Sissy,
tearing off her clothes and telling her all the obscene they would
do with her.
Robbie watched in mixed horror and fascination as his
pretty sister was stripped naked. Boy, he thought, she sure had
big tits! The men stripping her grabbed her tits and squeezed
them, mauling them painfully. Sissy cried both in pain and
"She's nice, Skull," one of them said, "but I wonder if
Mommy is any good still?"
"Well, go find out, Bear," the tall man said. He was bald,
and rail thin. His skin was stretched tight on his craggy bare
face, clearly showing the bones that lay underneath.
The man who'd asked about Robbie's mother was heavy set but
burly. He sported greasy black hair and a dark shaggy beard. He
looked to the boy like someone out of Dad's Bikers & Babes
He reached out with a meaty had and yanked on a handful of
Mom's hair, making her yelp. "Strip, you old cunt," he growled,
"or I'll do that to your little girl!"
"You will anyway, bastard," mom said sullenly, trying to
pull away from him.
"Oh, we'll fuck her good," he said, "But we don't have to
hurt her much, unless you don't do what we say. So do it now,
Robbie's mother sat up, and started to take off her
clothes, still quietly crying. The boy didn't know what to watch,
his sister's forced fondling or his mother stripping herself.
One of the men put a long finger into Sissy, and pronounced
her cherry, while another ditched his clothes to show his hard
cock. He grabbed Sissy's jaw and forced it open by the cruel
pressure of his fingers. He hissed to her that they'd cut her
mother open if she bit him, so she'd better suck him good. Then he
jammed his cock into her mouth.
mom had taken off her blouse and her red lacy bra, and the
burly man stepped forward and started squeezing her slight sagging
tits. She unbuttoned her jeans and started to push them down, all
while keeping her head turned away from him, but he stopped her.
He freed his fat cock from his greasy pants and pushed it at her.
"Suck it, slut!" he said, pulling her to him by her
Robbie felt his own small dick swell at the sight of his
mom and sister sucking the cocks of these horrible men. He flushed
with guilt, but he couldn't turn away. He'd never seen anything
like this.
The man named Skull seemed to be their boss, "Go suck the
girl's twat, Red," he said to the red-headed teenager who stood
gawking at the scene. "I want her good an' wet when I go to pop
The skinny teen made a face, but he kneeled between the
girl's spread legs, loosening his pants so he could free his cock
while he licked her.
The burly man clutched Mom's hair in his fists and was
vigorously fucking her mouth. Suddenly he jerked and pulled her
lips tight against his bush with a groan. Robbie watched a drool
of white spill from her mouth when Bear pushed her back. "Now get
naked," he ordered, and slapped her when she didn't move fast
enough. He nodded for another guy to take her mouth next.
Sissy was being pinned by four men. Two identical men were
pressed against her sides trapping her arms while they slurped at
her big tits. red held her legs while he ate her, and the last man was kneeling over her neck while he fucked her face.
red and the two sucking Sissy's tits were stroking
themselves off while they molested her. One of the twins yelled
"Shit!" and sprayed cum in the air and on the her side, while his
brother was only a second or two behind him. The man on her face
bellowed a laugh as he came and moved off of her, and the next man eagerly climbed onto his place for his turn at raping the girl's
On the other side of the bed, Robbie watched his nude
mother get thrown down, and a man cover her with his very hairy
body. He still wore his boots and a leather vest that said "Wolf",
but nothing else. His style of fucking included mauling her tits and biting at her face while he humped on her, thrusting inside her
over and over.
Robbie couldn't stand it anymore. He reached inside his
pants and grabbed his penis, squeezing and stroking it while trying
to be as quiet as possible.
man after dirty man raped his mother and sprayed down
Sissy's throat, before Skull seemed ready to join the game himself.
Red had jerked off onto the girl's legs while he sucked her, but
was still ready for more. Skull pulled him away from Sissy, then
pushed him at Robbie's mother. "You can fuck her," he said. red blubbered his thanks.
The kid jumped on mom and thrashed around looking for her
hole while the men laughed at him. Finally Red's cock found her
cunt and he started frantically fucking her to the shouted
encouragement of his fellows.
Robbie muffled a gasp in the duct, as a hot drop of liquid
escaped his small cockhead.
Sissy was held down by the men, while Skull stood in
between her legs, and took off his clothes. He had a very large
cock if the others in the room were anything to judge by. He
looked down at Sissy and stroked it to hardness. She looked
terrified, but he merely smiled at her.
He got up on the bed and laid his prick's full length on
her belly while she tearfully shook her head. Skull slapped her
sharply, and as she gasped in shock, he leaned back and brutally
thrust inside her. Her next breath was a piercing scream of pain.
"There!" he said. "I popped ya good, little virgin. Now
we'll all be fucking you, with me being first. He pushed himself
in even deeper, and with the third stroke he was all the way in.
She whined with every push of his cock, and he seemed willing to go
on fucking her forever. He was doing her slowly, keeping up a nice
even stroke.
Both of Robbie's hands were playing with himself now. His
vantage from the ceiling let him see every perverted thing they
were doing. He could see the red stain on the bed between Sissy's
legs, and when red finished, how Bear moved over to fuck his mom.
mom was grunting with every hard strokes, and the bearded
man kept riding her until she cried out in mixed shame and
pleasure. "Yeah bitch," he said. "You're cumming, you dirty slut!
Hear that, girly? Yo' mama likes being raped."
"Good job, Bear," Skull panted. "I mean to make this cunt the one to cum next!"
"No!" wailed Sissy, but she was also starting to pant from
the machine like thrusting of the monster dick inside her.
Bear finished, after making mom cum again. Another of the
brigands started fucking her, but she wasn't fighting much anymore.
Her hands clawed at the brute on top of her as he rammed his way to
shuddering orgasm inside her sopping cunt.
Bear looked admiringly at the boss, and joked to the
others. "No one's got control like our Skull does, he could go on
for hours. Taught me everything I know. Soon they'll both be our
fuck toys, 'til we decides to move on."
Robbie's eyes were locked on his sister's flushed face. As
he stroked his dick in time with Skull's thrusts, he could track
her emotions. Horror, anger, shame, those were easy to see. But
there was another expression he could feel on his own face. A kind
of... reaching expression as her body began to build to some kind
of release that neither she nor Robbie had ever known.
He flicked his eyes over to his mother as she finally broke
her silence. "Oh, God," mom cried, beyond shame. "Harder, faster!
Oh, fuck me now!" Robbie had never seen that look on her face, or
ever heard her say things like that. It made his cock pulse
He looked back at his sister as Skull started talking to
her. "Sounds like," he grunted, "your mom's getting into the spirit
of it. Why don't you," another grunt, "just relax and join the
"No!" Sissy shouted, and then she chanted at every thrust.
"No. No. No. No! NO!" Her body started twitching in time to
the merciless thrusts. "Nooooooooooooo!" she screamed as her body
spasmed hard around her rapist. She looked dazed at the
"Mother fucker, she's tight!" Skull yelled, and drove
through the girl's first vaginal orgasm. He leaned down and kissed
her mouth. Sissy kissed him back, arms coming up around his neck.
Then her eyes widened in realization. "No!" she said again and
tried to push him from her, making him laugh at her feeble attempt.
He began to speed up, and her white-knuckled hands clenched
on his arms. Robbie's hands sped up as well. In his frenzied mind
it was him on top of his sister. She was surrendering to him... He
couldn't believe the feelings his little dick was giving him.
Instead of 'No', his sister was saying 'Oh' every time
Skull pushed into her. He was doing her fast now, and she was
getting louder. Several times she came, screaming in
shame/rage/ecstasy before Skull growled, and yelled "Take it!" as
he sprayed his sperm inside her.
In the air duct in the ceiling, Robbie bit his lips for
silence as his prick shot a trickle of white against the metal wall
next to him. It was the first time he'd ever come.
Skull slipped out of her, but not before licking and
kissing her engorged nipples as she lay there quivering. "Fuck
her, Bear," he said. "Then all the rest of you, too. I wanna get
a taste of Mama."
He rolled over to the older woman. "Can I fuck your cunt,
Mommy?" he begged playfully in a high voice. "All the other boys get to, so can I pleeeeeeeeease?" He laughed, and pulled her
upright, so she could lick off her daughter's blood and juices from
his cock, and get him hard again before he started plowing her.
He kept taunting her, calling her mommy and talking dirty
to her in a boy's voice. He kneeled between her legs and made her
stuff his big prick insider her. "Ooo, Mommy! Your cunny's so
wet," he teased. "I bet you want me to fuck you bad, don't you?"
"Yes," she gasped in something that might have been lust,
and arched her back to take him.
"Then I wanna see you french your daughter," he snapped
coldly, pushing her head towards Sissy. "Lick her tongue, 'Mommy'.
Kiss her dirty." The two women began to wrestle tongues while the
thugs fucked them.
Robbie's cock twitched again, and he pinched it softly. He
wanted to feel that sensation again. But when his eyes wandered
around the room below him, he saw a pile of clothes lying on the
floor, and near it, the vicious gun he'd seen earlier today.
He remembered his daddy standing on the front porch with
his loaded shotgun. Daddy told the strangers to go away, they had
no food to spare. He saw again the flash, as one of the brigands
leaned from around the corner of the house, and shot him from
behind with the big pistol.
He knew he had to get out of there. Sooner or later he'd
make a sound and one of their guns would kill him, too. They were
all through the house, so he didn't go back to the attic. At the
'T' junction of vents, he turned the other way, crawling across
the length of the house.
Near the back porch was the main outside vent of the air
system. He could look out of it and see his backyard. It looked
so normal he almost started to cry. Tears did start falling when
Robbie saw his dog in a pool of blood, near the back gate, but the
boy made no sound.
He unsnapped the lower latches and waited until the light
began to fade. Before dark, he slipped out of the vent, and
carefully moved to the big shade tree on the south side of the
house. The tree was almost 5 foot away from the edge of the roof,
and none of the larger branches hung over.
He had only one chance, and it was do or die. He had to
risk the jump before nightfall or he wouldn't be able to see well
enough to judge the gap. He screwed up his courage and made a
desperate leap over the yawning space to the tree. He grasped the
bole of the tree with barely a rustle of leaves and clung to the
it, waiting for night.
Robbie tried to ignore the cries of his family. The sounds
of tears, spanking, and of sex. He hated himself for halfway
enjoying what he'd seen, and for wanting to see it again. He shook
in fear and shock in the tree for a long time after dark. The
house was mostly quiet before he could make himself slip down of
the tree.
He snuck out of his yard, and ran for the woods. He was
headed for Indian Cavern. All the kids of the town were forbidden
to explore in the cave, and it was posted with all kinds of

Robbie hoped that no one would look for him there. He
hoped that he'd be safe.
To be Continued.

May, 1997 -- Darkside: United States of Anarchy, Part 1 of 20.
Series Continues after #20 in Darkside: Imperial States of America.
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