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DKUSAN07 thick between the ears He waved


DARKSIDE: The United States of Anarchy; "The Spreading Darkness."

[Version Control : Original.]

[Disclaimer: This text is intended for adult audiences, if you are
not of age to view it, be somewhere else. This series of stories
explores the darker aspects of the human experience, if that might
offend you, then you were warned, and it isn't my problem. -- KTM]

Anything can happen in the Multiverse. Even a world that
is much like ours, but which somehow... isn't. A world that is a
magnet for the blackness in the dreams and souls of humankind. A
world known as: The Darkside.

The World's economic system depends on a delicate
interlocking system of mutual trust and financial debt. When
those bonds shattered, the governments and monetary institutions
crumbled. Even the most idealistic civil servants left their jobs
when their families were gripped with hunger. The Survivors of
the Chaos would come to call their nation the United States of
Chapter 7. "The Spreading Darkness." -- by KTM.
Rebecca woke up, having spent the night on the hard bench
thankfully undisturbed. It was harder for her to find her calm
center this morning. Hating him was just so easy to do, and that
only fed the darkness that he had contaminated her with again. It
was easier to forgive herself for responding. She understood deep
down that he was giving her absolutely no choice about that.
It was very hard to forgive HIM. Despite the darkness that
obviously controlled him, and despite his evident immaturity, part
of her just resented him for what he'd been doing to her. The Rod
was the key -- She somehow felt that Robert was a victim of the
darkness as much as she.
He could do things so effortlessly with the black energy,
but her white power was slower and surer. She meditated, and
sought to know more about the 'emperor'.
It was almost as if her power had been waiting for her to
ask... she saw the boy Robbie, hiding from his family's abusers,
and fleeing for his life [Darkside USAN 01]. She could see the
men chasing the boy to his fall in the cave, and though she
couldn't hear the Rod's temptations, from his replies and actions
she could guess. When he changed to Robert, she understood; he
was a boy playing with a new toy, sex! [USAN 02.]
She observed as the Darkness took him completely. He
murdered the raiders, and molested his family [03]. She watched as
he embraced the course he was now on. He built the Palace, like a
shrine to his corruption, lurking above the cave where his soul had
been taken [04]. He declared himself an Emperor, and began to
gather armies and territory [05].
The Palace was over this very cave that he'd imprisoned
her in. Perhaps he hoped she'd turn "to the Darkside" here, as he
had. From the visions she'd seen... why, the rat had put her bunk
directly over the crystal cave that had held the sleepy ebon evil.
But she still didn't understand what was the slither-thing. Just
thinking about it made her shudder.
She gathered her composure, and tried again. She had to
release her hatred of the Dark man, or risk becoming dark herself.
She considered his actions, and where only minutes ago she
couldn't help but to harbor resentment, now she let herself feel
compassion for him.
For all that he looked and sounded like an adult, his
motivations were all too obviously coming from his prematurely
precocious child's mind. The would was a game of black and white
to him, and he'd chosen to play the black.
Even that choice could be forgiven him. He'd been dying,
and the darkness had been his only lifeline. Her mind showed her
again the boy's tear-streaked face, dusty and pain-filled as he
begged forgiveness at that last moment. She couldn't hate him for
that. Deep inside, he was still human, and not totally evil.
Robert's actions were self-justified, a sort of TV-Style
Justice. He hadn't been nearly as bad as he could have been. She
imagined someone like Hitler with the Rod, and knew that it could
have been worse.
She would have to remember what kind of mind and soul
really lay inside that god-like body. She'd have to endure his
torments until his experiences and judgement caught up to his
outer form. It was the only thing she could do and still keep her
pride. One day she would allow herself an "I told you so", as she
had faith that she someday would get through to him.
She'd be his teacher of compassion, fair play, and Justice.
It was either that, or give into the Darkness, and she wasn't
about to surrender to it now. It would never be as bad as these
first times had been, and she knew she could bear the burden.

He called her to him earlier in the day than yesterday,
perhaps hoping to catch her before she'd cleared herself. He had
no such luck, and he frowned at her as she appeared before the
throne, glowing white and totally nude. The room had a lot of
other people in it, today, and she covered herself with her hands
as best she could.
A round of laughter greeted her attempt at modesty. The
pile of golden cushions lay near her at the foot of the dais, and
the slut-cat writhed on them, nude and sweaty, hands busy playing
with herself.
"Oh, Rebecca?" Robert called sweetly from his throne. She
looked up at him with a carefully neutral expression. "I give you
a choice. Go down there and help my Kitten get off, or you and I
will do a repeat of yesterday's... performance, right here in
front of everyone."
She hesitated, dreading another session of sodomy with the
big man, this time with witnesses to her shame. On the other
hand... she looked on the publicly masturbating woman-cat with
contempt. To be forced to perform lesbian acts with her was
distasteful, but undoubtedly not as painful as the other
alternative. She sighed and let her hands drop to her sides.
Whistles of appreciation for her bared body were given by
the crowd as she approached the cushions. As she got near Kitten,
she could feel the darkness that coiled in her beneath her red
fur. Her white glow pulsed in response to it. Kitten had
embraced the dark power, and it had become a part of her.
"Go on, Rebecca," the Dark man urged. "Unless you'd
rather..." he half rose to his feet, and reached for his belt.
She shook her head and kneeled on the cushions besides her
"What do you want me to do?" she whispered to him, knowing
that he could hear her words.
"What she tells you to do," his rich voice said to her.
Rebecca looked at Kitten, who seemed to be enjoying the
situation, and the power Robert had given her over the collared
girl. "Eat me," the feline female said. "Get down here and lick
my wet pussy, bitch. You're my little sex toy for today."
The Silver haired woman reluctantly laid on the cushions
between Kitten's legs and looked at her sex, feeling her gorge
rise. Showing her flexibility, Kitten sat up and grabbed Rebecca's
head, pressing her mouth to her cunt. The cat's claws dug in a
little to her scalp. "I said, lick me!" she growled. Her
unwilling partner opened her mouth and began to lick.
Kitten kept her there until she had several intense
orgasms, then dragged her up besides her to french with Rebecca,
and to play with the pale woman's breasts. She pulled Rebecca's
hands onto her own fur covered breasts. Kitten rubbed her mound
on the younger girl's legs, and came again.
Someone in the crowd remarked on Kitten's insatiability.
Robert replied that he should have named her 'Bunny'. "Because she
keeps going and going..." His joke got another round of laughter.
He addressed the players, "Don't be stingy, Kitten," he said.
"Let her come, too."
Kitten Pressed Rebecca on her back, and climbed over on
top of her, grinding her mons on Rebecca's face, and beginning to
lick Rebecca's cunt. Rebecca had been warming slowly through this
ordeal, responding to the sex charged atmosphere, and the knowledge
that she was being watched by Robert's court full of lackeys.
She began to moan as she continued to lick Kitten's
insistent pussy. The fuzzy tongue on her slit was giving her
incredible buzzes of pleasure, and she found herself eagerly
reciprocating. Her orgasm took her by surprise, and she gave a
muffled cry from it, but not daring to stop.
"That white hair girl takes a while to heat up, but when
you get her going..." someone said.
"Exactly," Robert said. "She becomes one hot little
fuck." He frowned a little, "I'll break her of those pesky morals
or hers, one of these days."
Kitten's tail lashed Rebecca on to greater efforts. The
woman-cat increased her own tongue movements to a frantic rate.
Rebecca came again, and Kitten exploded in a thunderous orgasm,
collapsing on top of Rebecca, unconscious.
Rebecca pushed her off, and crawled away from the furry
female. She wiped her hand over her face, wiping it clear of the
other woman's juices. Robert called to her, "Come to me,
She shakily moved up to the dais and started to head to
her cushion besides the throne. She paused when she realized it
wasn't there, but planted between Robert's feet. As her eyes
moved up from the cushion to his face, she stopped at his crotch,
where his long bared cock awaited her. Laughter rose from the
crowd once more at her dismayed expression, especially loud from a
big man, with a steel grey crew cut.
Her eyes pleaded with him, but his were stern and
determined to win this service from her. "I believe you've heard
this once today, Rebecca, but, 'lick me'." He reached out his
hand, and pulled her to the cushion. He pushed her down to her
knees, and drew her head to his throbbing member. "Blow me,
babe!" he ordered.
Rebecca reluctantly open her mouth, and Robert pushed her
head down on him, so that his cock slipped inside. His penis
didn't taste nearly as bad as she'd thought it would. His big hand
spread over her head, and he began gently pumping her mouth on his
cock, taking her last virgin hole.
"Suck it," he rumbled, "and move your tongue over it." She
drooled around his shaft as she tried to comply with his demands,
for fear he would bugger her again. His slick tool pushed ever
deeper as the back of her throat, as he tried to force her to
swallow all of him. With every push, she took more of him, until
her nose was burying itself in the wiry hair of his bush.
She was having to gulp air with her nose between thrusts. His cock
was almost blocking off her windpipe, from the depths of it's
penetration of her throat. He slipped a leg between hers and
rubbed it on her mound. She couldn't help herself, and began to
grind her cunt lewdly on his leg as she bobbed on his prick faster
and faster at his urging.
"Come on, Rebecca," he said. "Just a little more now, and
you'll drink my cum. I want you to feel my sperm pouring down
into your stomach. You want that too, now, don't you."
She moaned around him. Part of her was anticipating his
release, knowing that she would climax on him, as well. The rest
of her just wanted it to be over with, so she could breath again,
and could crawl away from all the leering eyes on her.
He groaned, and pushed her head down, hard. Her mouth and
throat felt his pulses as he fired his semen down her throat. The
friction of her clit rubbing on against her leg caused her to
reach a another orgasm as well.
Before he was finished cuming, he pulled out of her
partway and let his last spurts fill her mouth, so she could taste
him. She made a face, but she sucked in wind hard, as she panted
from the face-fucking, and the orgasm.
"Swallow it," he ordered, as he let her pull her mouth
away. She did, grimacing as his musky seed slid down her throat.
He smiled down at her, pleased, leaning forward to grope her nude,
unresisting body. He'd been in her every hole now, and still he
hadn't defeated her will. He had no idea that she'd turn out to be
so much fun to keep around, despite her stubbornness.
"Keep your pride," he said quietly to her, "if you can. I
enjoy you so much more, when I can see the fire in your eyes."
She frowned at him, but then looked away. He stroked her face
with uncharacteristic tenderness.
He sighed, then said to the rowdy onlookers, "I'm afraid
that I have some important business today, so you all will have to
clear out. Sorry, but so much for the day's entertainment." He
looked at the big grey haired man. "See to it, Titan."
Disappointed groans greeted his words, but the big Power
threatened to break any laggers in two, and they slowly filed out.
Titan looked back towards his boss, but Robert gestured for him to
leave as well.
"Good man, Titan," he said when the man finally left, "but
a little thick between the ears." He waved at Kitten, and the
sleeping woman was sent to his quarters along with her sea of
"Now for you, sweet Rebecca." He picked her up and held
her gently on his lap, curled against him, until she stopped
shuddering, and roused enough to glare at him.
"Now, now," he said softly, as he let her go. "You did a
good performance today. You were aware that your prudery was one
of your failings? I think I've given you a good start at dealing
with it." She pushed away, and tried to stand up. He caught her
and supported her with a steady arm until she regained her
"I'd like you stay for my meetings," he said. "I'll clean
us both up for it. But this time I leave it to you, in reward for
your cooperation. You may leave if you want to."
"I would prefer to stay," she said quietly, not wanting to
return to the dungeons just yet. He flared with power, and she
was wearing a pale aqua blouse, and a deep green skirt. Her hair,
make up, and everything else was done perfectly.
She sat back elegantly on the cushion besides the throne.
He spruced up his own garb as well, and neglected to connect the
thin black chain to her matching collar. She arched an eyebrow,
noting that obviously he wanted to present a clean image.
"Send in the General!" he ordered. A disarmed four star
General of the United States Army swaggered to the throne room with
his aide, snapping to a precise halt at the forward point of the
floor star at the foot of the dais. He didn't salute.
"Mr. Black," he said, with the barest hint of a disdain.
"General Stark," Robert said, with a frown. "What is it
that you have come to ask of me?"
"You can start by telling me just what the hell do you
think you are doing?" the General snapped. "You are a citizen of
the United States of America. You cannot just decide to start
your own country, just because our great nation is in some
difficulties. And..."
"'Great nation'?" Robert said. "What a joke. Tell me
General, how long do you think you can keep your troops from
deserting when their pay is two months in arrears, and getting
more so all the time. There *IS* no United States. There hasn't
been in months. You might be able to keep them for awhile, under
the National Emergency powers you were given before the end. You
know, the one that gives you the right to order summary execution
for desertion, but even that one won't last forever." General
Stark turned red with anger as Robert spoke.
"The General isn't used to being interrupted," Lieutenant
Jenners, the aide said.
"I don't really care, Lieutenant," Robert said. "This is
my place of power, not his army camp, and he'll treat me with due
courtesy if he wishes me to courteous in return."
"Why you pup!" the General shouted. "I demand to know
where you've been getting the supplies you're been throwing
around. If you've been breaking into Federal storehouses, I'll
have you hung as a traitor under the Martial Law!"
"I'm already hung quite well enough already, thank you,"
Robert said. "So that's what this visit is all about. The Feds
are keeping stores of supplies, while the nation's citizens are
starving. Somehow I'm not surprised. I'll have to find out where
the nearest stores are, in order to properly distribute the
government largesse back to the people, who paid for it. Thank you
very much for your information, General."
"I'm warning you, Black," the General snarled. "I have my
eye on you now, and I know what kind of pinko-fascist you really
are. I'm going to mobilized my command to get this region under
"On the contrary, General," Robert said, "I'm warning you.
The only law in my territory, is mine. Bring your troops into my
lands, and be prepared to lose them."
"I've seen your so called 'Black Legion'," the General
sneered openly, "and I'm not impressed."
"Nor am I impressed with you, Stark," Robert said. "Now
clear out of my Palace, before I have you thrown out as a
The white faced General reached for his empty pistol
holster. "You were lucky this time, Mister. Next will be
"That's right, General," Robert said. "Next time one of us
will be dead."
The General nodded grimly, and stalked out, trailed by his
aide, who shot an unreadable look at them over his shoulder.
"Well," Robert said to Rebecca. That was unpleasant. I
notice that you didn't say anything. Intimidated by him?"
"You know better," she said, and smiled a little. "It
takes more than a loud mouthed jerk to intimidate me. And
besides, you had things well in hand."
He smiled, recognizing the jest, "Yes I did, didn't I. Oh
well. Next victim." He projected towards the entrance, "Send in
the Governor," he called.
The Governor of the State of Iowa came in, obviously
puzzled as to where such a grand structure had come to be, in a
tiny town of this backwater county, far from the State's Capitol.
"Why, this is magnificent," he said. "Can't think why I haven't
seen this building before."
"It's new, Governor Miller," Robert said. "My own design,
do you like it?"
"It's a little...dark, Mr.Black. But beautifully made, for
all that," the Governor said.
"I like things 'Dark', Governor," Robert said smiling.
"But, onto the matter at hand. How may I help you?"
"I, um, feel a little strange to have to come here and ask
you this, but... your State needs your help." the Governor said.
"What kind of help, Governor?" Robert said, not inclined to
make things easy on the politician.
"The State desperately needs security forces, and
humanitarian aid," Miller said. "I was told that you might be
able to provide them. I see that you have quite the... financial
empire, including your own... company script which you redeem for
precious metals. Ingenious."
"Don't be delicate, sir," Robert said. "What you mean is
that I'm busily creating my own Nation, with it's own currency,
backed with gold. Why can't you call up the National Guard, or the
"Because that damned National Emergency Act the Senate
passed just before the government shut down, Federalized them,
putting them under Regular Military command," the Governor said,
bitterly. "They are being utilized to protect Federal Properties,
like military bases, and secure facilities."
"In other words, the feds have left the state governments
high and dry, and are out to cover their own asses, right?" Robert
said. At the Governor's slow nod, he said, "My security forces
won't come free, but we can arrange the payment later. They are
not to be used to protect the monument collection in Des Moines,
but to provide basic peacekeeping for all of Iowa's citizens."
Robert continued, "Also I will be happy to supply free
humanitarian aid, as long as *my* people control the distribution.
I will not tolerate any of it lining the pockets of greedy
bureaucrats and politicos while a single common citizen goes
"I understand," the Governor said. "What kind of payment
were you considering? I'm sure you're aware the State is broke?"
"I imagine so," Robert said wryly. "But as U.S. currency
means nothing to me, I will be paid in land and property when the
time comes. As someone once said, 'Son, Economies collapse.
Nations rise and fall. People are no *Damned* good, but they need
land, and they'll pay through the nose to get it. Remember, my
father told me; LAND.'"
Rebecca snorted, "You misquoted." Robert shrugged at her.
"It won't be very long, Governor," he continued, "before I
ask you to step down anyway, and give me the state, but I respect
the fact that you thought enough of the people to come and ask me
"You realize that I can't just abdicate to you," the
Governor said uncomfortably, his face pale. "I must serve the
people who elected me."
"I know that," Robert said, with quiet menace, "Which is
why I will give you no other choice. To use an analogy, a company
with no money goes bankrupt, and if they have no credit, they are
subject to hostile takeovers. Just *how* hostile it is, will be
entirely up to you. Have a good day, Governor."
Stunned, the Governor walked out. Rebecca said, "A little
hard on him, weren't you? He came in asking, not demanding?"
"Hey, I didn't vote for him," Robert said. "If he's
coming to ask for a handout, just like any bum off the street, I'm
going to let him know what it's going to cost him. I'm not going
to sugarcoat the cold, hard facts for him, or the other Governors
that I'm selling my materials to."
"I know," she said. "He thought you were just another
petty self-styled lordling, and didn't think he would have to
offer you anything more than worthless I.O.U.'s. You have
surprised him greatly, and now he takes you very seriously."
"As it should be," he said to her. "Send in Don Corello,"
he called. Several men in expensive suits entered the room,
trying not to gawk at the Imperial decor. Robert began without
preliminaries, "The gentleman who just left was put off when I
spoke to him bluntly. May I assume that you'd prefer plain
The grizzled haired leader indicated his affirmative, and
Robert went on. "I can't resist the impulse to say that I'm going
to make *you* an offer that you can't afford to refuse. To it in
your terms, I've got the greatest racket, ever. As long as you
acknowledge me as the boss, I'll cut you in. Resist me and I'll
utterly destroy you. You've heard what I'm capable of, I'm sure?
Unlike General Stark, I hope that you believe my reputation."
The leader nodded, and said, "Alright, what do you want
from us? You asked for this meeting," The Don said.
"I'm assuming that you have an 'In' with the Illinois
State Government in Springfield?" Robert said. "Then, I'm going to
want you to help me take it over. By the end of the week, I will
be master of the four states nearest my Palace; Illinois, Iowa,
Minnesota, and Wisconsin. If you can get me the surrender of your
state without a fuss, I'll make you, Don Corello, the Administrator
of the State, under me."
He admonished his erstwhile partners in power. "Cross me
and I'll crush you, replacing you and your organization with people
I can trust," Robert said. "I'm working on a legal code that I
want equally enforced, and that I expect you to follow. Unlike the
present authorities, I'll *know* when you break them, and I can't
be bought or killed. You're stuck with me."
"We hear that you're going to legalize all of our rackets.
How are we going to make any money off of them?" the Don asked.
"Vice, like the poor, will always be with us," Robert
answered. "The problem is in how you define them. Think of the
money you'll save on bribes and payoffs. If you keep the Pay-outs
at a fair percentage, and you don't take too much profit off the
top, you'll still do well. Look at the Indian Casinos, Nevada,
and Atlantic City." The mafia men were starting to nod.
"From my perspective," Robert said, "I've opened up a whole
new lucrative market for your 'business', and given you a leg up on
any competitors there might be out there. Use your imagination,
fellows; you are already strong in this market, and now you can
openly pursue it. Give me Illinois as a gesture of your good
faith, or I will go in and take it, and treat you like everyone
"You want it by Saturday?" the Don asked. Robert nodded.
"Ok, we'll see if we can do it. There isn't anything certain in
this world."
"Good enough," Robert said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I
have more business to attend to." The mafia leaders left, talking
excitedly about the possibilities.
Rebecca shook her head in amazement. At turns he had been
firm, diplomatic, and even cajoling during these talks, and they
were always at his pace. He was such a complex personality,
wrapped around the soul of a young boy.
Robert flashed a smile at her, and squeezed her nearest
breast. She sighed, thinking that the personality was also
wrapped around a set of over active adolescent hormones, without
the mature judgement to go with the adult form.
She jumped a bit when he suddenly rose to his feet and
walked down to the floor. "Jerry Conners!" he said with a smile,
shaking hands with the lean young man who'd come in. "Good to see
you back."
The brown haired man smiled back. "You were true to your
word, Sir. Your supplies and militia were in Winneshiek County
yesterday -- I checked. They said they couldn't come to my town
unless we signed the governance agreement, so my town's mayor and
the city council asked me to bring this to you. Your aide thought
to give me a copy of the contract when I was here last."
The document he gave to Robert had the Black Rook
Administration Imprint, and the Imperial Flag symbol; the blue
star, on a gold oval, over a rectangular black background, both on
the cover page.
"Thank you for bringing this," Robert said, seriously. "I'd
like you to thank your town, too."
Rebecca shook her head again. He'd just threatened a full
General, blackmailing the State Governor, and dealing with the
Mafia. Yet, he showed such pleasure and gratitude at the willing
surrender of one small town.
Robert was talking to him. "Have you thought about
working for me? I would certainly enjoy it if you joined up with
my special forces. I've made contact with some other Powers, and
even had some of them join me, so I'm going to get a whole group
"It sounds interesting, Sir," Jerry said. "It would be
nice to talk to some others who have gone through the 'change'
recently, as some have called it."
"Would it surprise you to know there was at least a small
potential for this in most of the race?" Robert said.
Rebecca stood, "You didn't!" she said, shocked.
"Oh yes, I did," Robert turned to her. "I activated the
various Power genes in the race as a whole the day I... 'changed'.
"You did this?" Jerry said, excited. "Cool! I mean how?
Oh, never mind, I love it." For once his thoughts seemed to be
racing faster than even his mouth. "I'm in, Sir. I'll be back as
soon as I can, after seeing that the food and militia arrives, and
I've settled things back home. With a grin, he blurred out of the
"'Bye Blur," Robert said, to a room empty except for the
two of them. He turned back to Rebecca. "Ok. I acknowledged that
you are my ethical adversary. You acknowledge that I'm physically
superior, and that I call the shots. Do you really insist on
living in the dungeons?"
"If it's that, or your 'harem', then yes," she said,
"Hmmm," he said. "I thought you'd say that. That must be
why I had... Maggie Black decorate a set of rooms near my quarters
in white, pink and blue. You'd better like the colors. She said
they were perfect for you."
He laughed at her surprised expression. "Did you forget
that I'm almost human?" he said, and pretended to frown at her
when she gave him a stunned nod. "Just remember it the next time
I fuck you," he said, leering at her body.
"Come on, and I'll show it to you," her head was spinning
from his rapid switching of gears, as he snatched her hand and
pulled her with him to the Reserved Area, in the sector of the
Palace set aside for the needs of the Imperial family and their
Shaking her head, she followed him to the quarters, which
were near, as promised, but not part of his large suite. The
decor was tasteful and feminine. She thought of the dungeon, and
all the dreadful things she'd had to face there. Compared to that,
this was heaven. She fought down her pride, and said in a small
voice, "I agree to stay here."
"Good," he said. Then he added with a grin, just before he
left the room. "Besides, it'll make it a lot nicer for me to visit
you at night."
She rolled her eyes, and sighed again. A millimeter
forward, a million miles backwards. Could she survive the wait
for him to grow up? Did she really have the patience after all?
Well, at the very least, tonight she had a soft bed, clear water
-- and no slither-thing.

Friday night, a bloodless coup took the cities of St.
Paul, Minnesota, and Madison, Wisconsin. Black Towers, signifying
the presence of the Imperial Administration, appeared near the two
State's Capitol buildings. The current Governors were retained, at
least on a temporary basis, to serve as pro-tem Administrators.
In Springfield, Illinois, the State Legislature voted to
pass the proposal to capitulate State Sovereignty, and agree to the
Dark man's demands. A Black Tower appeared here as well, but the
Illinois Governor was evicted from the Capitol Mansion in favor of
the new leader of the State Government, Administrator Don Corello.
When Robert rode into Des Moines at the head of his
Regiments of Black Legions, the public acclaimed his arrival. He
seemed to be very popular in his home State. It didn't take long
before Governor Miller's surrender was delivered to him. In
appreciation of his dedication to his citizens, Robert left him as
acting Administrator, and erected a Black Tower here as well.
Robert knew he couldn't expand so fast he couldn't keep up
with the problems with controlling it all. He was moving at just
the pace he wanted, and went home feeling satisfied at the week's
To be Continued...

June, 1997 -- Darkside: United States of Anarchy, Part 7 of 20.
Series Continues after #20 in Darkside: Imperial States of America.
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