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DKUSAN08 split the water back its


DARKSIDE: The United States of Anarchy; "She Blinded Me..."

[Version Control : Original.]

[Disclaimer: This text is intended for adult audiences, if you are
not of age to view it, be somewhere else. This series of stories
explores the darker aspects of the human experience, if that might
offend you, then you were warned, and it isn't my problem. -- KTM]

Anything can happen in the Multiverse. Even a world that
is much like ours, but which somehow... isn't. A world that is a
magnet for the blackness in the dreams and souls of humankind. A
world known as: The Darkside.

The World's economic system depends on a delicate
interlocking system of mutual trust and financial debt. When those
bonds shattered, the governments and monetary institutions
crumbled. Even the most idealistic civil servants left their jobs
when their families were gripped with hunger. The Survivors of the
Chaos would come to call their nation the United States of Anarchy.
Chapter 8. "She Blinded Me With Science!" -- by KTM.

"It's poetry in motion, she turned her tender eyes to me.
As deep as any ocean, as sweet as any harmony.
She blinded me with science.
She blinded me with science!
And failed me in biology."
--Thomas Dolby
Robert lounged in his quarters, wearing only a comfortable
robe, reading the mail passed to him through the Black Towers. It
was the usual mix; hate mail, requests for charity, and the
business of his empire. One letter he opened smelled of perfume.
He sniffed closer. No, he thought. Of a woman wearing perfume.
When he drew out the letter, a photograph fell out. It
was a gorgeous blonde woman, nude, wearing only an open white lab
coat, and a pair of glasses. She was holding a beaker in one
hand, and was obviously a natural blonde.
He stared at the photo for awhile, getting a hardon, and
called his sister, "Susan, come here, please."
"Yes, Robbie?" she said, playfully, and then saw his
erection. She smiled, and said, "Ok, I'll take care of that."
She came over to him, kneeling between his legs to suck his cock.
He smiled back at her, and opened up the woman's letter,
and began to read it. It said her name was Liz Tyler, a upper
class Physics Major, and that she'd been harassed at MIT for
paying her tuition at the school with photo shoots for Playboy and
Penthouse. She'd been kicked out of the school before the it shut
down, for 'impropriety'. She listed the issue numbers that she'd
appeared in, and he summoned them to enjoy more of her beauty in
the spreads.
His cock jumped in Susan's mouth, and he stroked her head
in apology. The letter went on to say that Liz had stumbled on an
important discovery, before she was suspended, and needed his help
to set up a research laboratory. He could make a place where
discoveries dangerous to vested powers, or to the old governments,
might be researched in safety, for the good of all.
The photo spreads were very nice, and Susan's attentions
were expert. Robert's cock pulsed as he came in his sister's
eager mouth, and she drank it greedily. She joked with him, "I
didn't know that you needed to look at girly mags to get off, with
all of us around."
"The girl in this one," he showed her a centerfold, "sent
me a letter. She's a physicist student, who thinks I should
support important scientific research." He grinned, "It sounds
like a worthwhile thing to do."
"Brains *and* a beautiful body?" Susan laughed. "Are you
sure you can handle someone like that?" Watching his cock twitch,
she said, "I can see that you want to. 'Handle' her, that is. I
just hope she knows what she's getting into... or what's going to
get into her."
He showed her the picture, "I think that she has a pretty
good idea. If not, then she sure as hell should."

Robert sent for Liz Tyler a few days later. He had set
aside living quarters near his, and dedicated a large suite of
rooms to be the core of an Imperial Science center, whether or not
she stayed on. He put in some basic lab furnishings, but left
most of the rooms empty for what equipment she'd request.
As usual, silver haired Rebecca was at his side for the
official business, while the ruddy-furred Kitten helped him
preside over the court's regular debauchery. Despite their public
scene on the throne room floor, the two women didn't like each
other very much, and tended to avoid each other's company.
Rebecca noticed that he was hurrying through the day's
petitioners. "Expecting someone in particular, today?" she asked
him quietly, between hearings.
"Yeah, as a matter of fact," he answered, and handed her
the letter. His eyes twinkled in amusement as she read it. When
she looked up, puzzled by his smile, he handed her the photo that
had come with it. She frowned at him.
"Oh, of course you couldn't possibly hear her out for any
humanitarian reasons," she said, sarcastically. "You had to have
a prurient motive in mind."
"Absolutely, my dear," he chuckled softly. "She's looking
for a kind of academic charity. And you know that I always make
someone 'pay' for what they get for free."
"Well, she did aim below the belt," Rebecca said. "And on
you that's such a big target..."
He smiled at her with a raised eyebrow, as a blonde woman
came into the throne room. She wore a classy looking blue skirt
ensemble, and carried a large leather briefcase.
Robert rose from the throne and said, "Good day, Miss
Tyler. If you'll take a seat at the conference table to your
left..." he indicated a large but little used table to the left
side of the room. He turned to the address the court observers,
"This is the last meeting of the day, and it will not be public.
Please clear the court."
He hadn't addressed Rebecca, so she rose and accompanied
him from the dais, after tugging a moment at the black chain
firmly attaching her black collar to the massive sapphire throne.
"Robert...," she said, annoyed. She'd forgotten he's chained her
He gave her a devilish grin, but relented and released
her. He was more interested in another female right now. He sat
at the head of the table in an ornate and massive chair, and
watched as Liz brought out some papers and diagrams about her
"What is your research about, Miss Tyler?" he asked,
looking at the way her body moved under that suit.
"I was doing research for a paper about academic fraud,
and I found anomalies in the cold fusion fiasco. It appeared that
after they announced it, a great deal of money and effort had been
spent to squash any further lines of investigation on the subject.
Before they could exhaust all possibilities. If there was nothing
to it, why bother?" she asked them.
"I looked at the information, because atomic particles are
a place where physics and chemistry intersect. Mariko, a friend
and a chem major, thought that cold fusion had been disproved, but
when I showed her what had been missed, she agreed with me. We
snuck into the Chem labs at night, working with the variations,
getting interesting results until we stumbled on a set up that
would produce power, and one time, it produced more power than the
initial energy that we'd used to start up the reaction." She
pulled out a diagram that meant nothing to Robert or Rebecca.
Liz tapped the page, "It was enough to show there was
merit to the idea. Our notes during this didn't mention me,
because only she had access to the chem labs. She took a copy of
the notes to the Chem department's chair to show him what we'd
found. She had a demonstration set up, the information that I'd
uncovered, and the notes concerning our research."
Her voice choked up. "I never saw her again. Through a
mutual friend, we were told Mariko had left the school. That
scared me. Shortly after that, I was bounced from the school for
'academic impropriety'. I was being punished for giving her the
initial information. They didn't know that I'd been involved in
the experiments, luckily for me. I mailed my copy of the papers
home, with instructions to put them in the family safe. This is a
copy of those documents."
She looked down for a moment. "I wish I knew if she was
alright. Mariko was a good friend, with fascinating ideas about
crystalline computer components."
Robert said, "Think about her, please. I need you to
visualize her," he closed his eyes, his brows furling. He pulsed
with darkness, the pulses reflecting in the dark Rod that he'd
left standing by the throne. Rebecca's white glow rose in
response to it.
"She's alive," he said, his voice toneless with intense
concentration. "Stop that, Rebecca, you're distracting me."
Rebecca tried to dim her white energy. He stood, and held up his
arms, and a battered girl of oriental decent appeared in them.
"Mariko!" Liz said. Rebecca reached to hold her hand, and
to stop her from interferring with Robert's support.
"Excuse me," he said. "I'll take her to the Infirmary in
the Royal sector. She'll be alright, Liz." He carried her easily
out of the room, and returned shortly.
"The Doctors said she'd been roughed up pretty bad," he
told Liz, "but she should recover in time. I promise you she'll
be well cared for."
"I'm very glad to hear that," Liz said.
"I was happy to do it," he said. "That sort of thing
really pisses me off. But that has nothing to do with my official
interest in you. On a more personal note," he said with a grin,
flipping her naughty photograph on the table on top of a
meticulously drawn diagram, "I think I have a real good idea of
what you can do for me." He winked.
Liz blushed, but pushed it back towards him. "And your
official interest?" she said.
"To tell you the truth, Liz," he said, "if you want my
empire to support your research, you'll have to show me what it is
you want to accomplish."
"I understand, sir, as I explained in my letter, and you
can see in these papers..."
"I'm afraid I'm not a technically minded person, Miss
Tyler," Robert said. "Can you demonstrate the project for us? I
can give you the materials, and I've already set aside rooms for a
science center." He brought them to the sparsely furnished labs.
"So tell me, why is room temperature fusion important to the
"Ideally," she said, "when the right configuration is
found, this discovery could make a self sustaining source of power
with a small investment of start-up power, and common supplies. I
will need 5 gallons of purified distilled water, and large tanks
of gaseous oxygen, and hydrogen."
Robert created what she needed, as well as the polarizing
bell jar, the filters, and the more esoteric gadgets she described
to him. Liz assembled the apparatus, filling the bell jar's
reservoir with the water and hooking up the gas tanks.
"If you put oxygen and hydrogen gas together," she
continued, "it doesn't automatically become water. We use a
precise electrical charge to start a low-level fusion reaction,
that basically creates water molecules. The electrical energy
gathered is routed to a capacitor, while the heat by-product is used
to split the water back to it's two gaseous states." Liz finished
setting up the equipment.
"This configuration is inefficient right now," she warned.
"The one time we got a positive result, we used 100 kilowatts to
initiate the experiment, and it produced 110 kilowatts before it
went unstable and the fusion reaction collapsed. It doesn't
produce hard radiation, so no extra protection is necessary," she
put a small geiger counter near the set up, and gave them each
dark goggles. "The reaction creates a bright flare of light until
the bell jar polarizes, so please look away for awhile." She put
on her goggles, and started the experiment.
Robert looked anyway, with the goggles still in his hand.
He saw an intense point of light form at the critical point where
the fusion was occurring, and saw the jar darken so the flare was
tolerable. He checked the dial that had recorded the power
investment, and watched the meter of energy generated begin to
move, but very slowly. At no time did the geiger counter react to
more than background radiation.
"All the world was abuzz at the mere notion that fusion
reactions could exist without huge facilities and shielding, In
the old America, power generation was a vast money making
business. It threatened those in that business to think with some
water and bottled gases, a family might not need their corporate
electrical lifeline."
She smiled at them, "By our standards, even if the project
came within twenty percent of the investment, it was a success.
We did that pretty consistently with this configuration, unless we
did some thing wrong with the set up. To have it break even is
wonderful, and we had that happen a few times. To actually see a
gain over the investment was nothing short of a miracle."
She said, "It told us that with enough work with the
configurations, we could hope to find one that yielded an overage
consistently, and if we could store the extra generated power, we
could use it to start more reactions. Remember though, there are
no guarantees. We may never get this to work entirely right."
She turned to him, her eyes shining. "But think about it,
sir," she said to him. "The investment can be free energy, from
the wind, sun, or even manual cranking, just so there's enough
charge to begin the reaction. We might someday get it to be
permanently self-sustaining. There would be free energy for all.
We could make bigger versions that would power whole cities, and
give everyone their own generator, to take wherever they go."
She looked at both of them, "That is why this research is
important to the people of the world, not just your empire. But
you could be the one to free people from worry about having power.
It will be a new era of living, and the bastards wanted to keep it
their secret, so they could continue milking the public."
Robert mused to himself, "*Real* mobile homes. Fully
electrical vehicles. Free public power grids, just like today's
road systems. I like it," he said. "You've got the lab. You and
your friend can stay here and research this. You tell me what you
need, and I'll see that you get it... Chief Researcher. Your first
order of business is to get this thing stable."
"Just like that?" she said. "Just turn science over on
it's ear? Alright," she laughed.
"You haven't had the other part of your 'interview' yet.
If you'll excuse us, Rebecca, Liz and I have an appointment to
keep... in my bedroom." He winked broadly.
"Now you're in trouble," Rebecca said to her, then
hesitated. "Wait, Robert."
Robert frowned at her. Rebecca turned to the young
scientist. "Can you leave the experiment?" she asked. "When it
destablizes, does it need any attention?"
"Yes and no," Liz answered. "The experiment will run
for hours, usually. We often left it to eat. It will continue
charging the capacitor while it runs, and then it will just stop.
It's safe to leave unattended here, providing the bell jar is of
top quality." She looked at Robert, who had provided it.
Robert nodded, and said, "Thanks, Rebecca, for thinking
about the safety of the Palace."
"Seems to be my job," she said. "Thinking of things that
you overlook."
"Sounds like a good job description to me, Rebecca White,"
he said. "You're hired. Just don't forget the personal services
that come with that job."
"Yes, I know," she said, with a slightly resigned tone,
and a faint frown.
He gave her a nod, and a look that acknowledge that their
adversarial relationship still existed between them, despite what
surface cooperation they appeared to give each other. For now it
wasn't important for either of them to convert the other, as long
as they were working for the same goals. He led Liz out of the
Robert took Liz by the arm, and led her to his master
bedroom. He had an Emperor sized bed, and he brought her to it,
as he dropped his blue cloak. She hesitated, and said, "You're
serious, aren't you? You'd lay me down and do me without another
word. Well, if that's the way it's going to be..." She reached
for the buttons of her blouse.
"Wait," he said. He sat on the bed, and patted the cover
next to him, inviting her to sit. Several weeks ago, he would
have just done her the way she'd said, without a second thought.
But several weeks ago, he hadn't met Rebecca. It was just
beginning to dawn on him that not all women found his charms
irresistible. He could just turn up his seduction aura, and erase
all her doubts. She wasn't protected from his power.
But he considered, why did he want Liz to stay? He
answered himself, 'Because of her brain. If you do it like this,
she'll stay long enough for the fusion project to be done, and her
friend to be healed, and then she'll want to leave. To get away
from the man who had used her; to get away from you.'
Needing a woman for something other than her hot, wet cunt was a bit foreign to him, but it was the reason he'd begun to back
off of Rebecca a little. If he did nothing but abuse her, she
wouldn't share her insights with him. It wasn't good people
management to be treating his important people like slaves. Why
would they want to give their best efforts for him?
Those methods had worked with Mom, Susan and Traci, but he
hadn't needed their mental input in his governance. Also he'd
found something that each of them had badly wanted, so he'd
probably been lucky with them.
He thought of comic book villains, who for fear of
competitors, surrounded themselves with incompetents and fools and
wondered why their grandiose plans never succeeded.
Dimly it occurred to him... to get something from someone
willingly, he first had to give something of himself. Sometimes,
what he might have to give was simple respect, or patience, or
even a sympathetic ear. After all, robots didn't usually excel
with their minds, they just did what they were programmed. If the
programmer was unsure of the course, the robots couldn't volunteer
a solution.
He would have to do it like Star Trek. When the Captain
didn't know what to do, he asked for opinions, and then, he made
the decision.
All of these thoughts went flashing through him in
moments, while Liz sat and waited for him to speak. "I assumed
from the photo that you sent with the letter," he began, "that you
knew that I was a very sensual man, and that you were offering
your... affection for a chance to be heard by me."
"I sent the letter as a carrot," she said, "and if you
couldn't see the worth of the scientific proposal, the photo was a
way of ensuring that you'd at least hear me out. I didn't mean
for it to be a proposal."
"I didn't hear your pitch because of the letter, Liz," he
said. "That's just the way I took it. Do you mean to tell me that
you didn't foresee the possibility that I would take it that way?"
She looked away. "Now that I know that you'll take me
seriously, that you understand the good the project will do, I
didn't want you to take me as a slut." He could see a tear on her
cheek. "I got no end of harassment at MIT for posing for tuition
money. The first thing anyone said to me when I got a decent
grade was that I must of slept with the teacher. If I slept with
you now, no-one will think that I earned the position that you
"Nonsense," he said. "Why would anyone think your
personal life had anything to do with your job? I don't sleep
with everyone in a position of responsibility here. Under my
rule, people are judged by the results they get, not on their
private lives." He smiled ruefully. "That's a probably a good
thing," he said. "I'm not sure that my private life could stand
up to a close examination." To his surprise, the admission seemed
to ease her mind.
He took her hand. "You are fighting an image that others
had of you as a bad girl, and you don't think you deserve it. I
*know* that I'm a bad boy," he said with a wicked grin. "And I'd
like to prove it to you." He pulled off his shirt, and showed her
his bare chest. He was lucky again, he thought, she liked chest
hair. She reached over and ran a finger through the soft black
hairs covering his pecs.
Her eyes drifted down his firm torso to his leather clad
thighs, noticing the large bulge straining at his crotch. She
felt less threatened by him, all of a sudden. He didn't seem to
be saying anymore, 'now just lay down and we'll fuck,' but
instead, 'look at me, don't you want to?' She wasn't sure that
she didn't.
"Personally," he said, with a smile, "I don't think
there's anything wrong with being a 'bad girl', but I'm willing to
believe that you're good, or at least that you're good at it."
"Oh, you're such a wicked man," she said, but she was
smiling, too. He pulled off his boots, then rose and stood in
front of her, fighting his urge to 'encourage' her with his
powers. He was letting her chose for herself, but he wasn't above
strutting his stuff before her. His eyes looked intensely into
hers, communicating his desire to her.
"Don't move," she said as she stood in front of him. She
ran her fingers over his shoulders, and down his muscled arms,
briefly clasping his large, square hands. Her fingers moved back
up his arms, brushing his shoulders again. She began dragging her
fingernails lightly through the forest of dark hairs on his chest.
He gasped when she drug them gently over his dark nipples.
Her nails traced patterns as they made their way to the
center of his chest, and then stroked down over his ribs, and over
his hard belly. She detoured to draw lazy circles around his
navel, watching his chest heave with his ragged breathing, and his
muscles quiver from repressed need.
Her fingers went down until they encountered his belt, and
then she suddenly ran them over the front of his black leather
pants, rubbing hard over the taut bulge of his restrained
erection. She cupped her hand over his maleness, squeezing
slightly. The other went to his neck, to draw his dark maned head
down to hers, raising her mouth for his hungry kiss.
The touch of their lips was electric for both of them. He
groaned from his need to crush her to him. "Hold me," she said,
and his strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her tight against
him. His hands went to her ass, grinding her mound against his
hard, imprisoned cock.
"I want you," he said, his tone darkened by the urgency of
his lust.
"I know," she whispered softly, and he could feel her
shiver. She broke free of his grasp, and stepped away from him.
His face went white from shock, and then flushed red with
hot rage. His hands balled into fists, and he stepped towards her
in raw threat, dark intent in his fierce eyes.
"Please listen to me," she forestalled him. she laid a
trembling delicate hand on his chest. "I want you, Robert. But I
would only feel safe with you, if I can say 'No'. Can you see how
that would relieve my fears?"
"You're teasing me!" he ground out through clenched teeth.
"A little," she admitted. "But a big man like you should
be able to take a bit of teasing. It can make things more fun in
the end." She looked a little intimidated by his reaction.
He closed his eyes, ignoring the impulses of his throbbing
cock, and did a brutal evaluation of the future of his empire if he
simply raped her, right now, as he so badly wanted to do.
What his powers showed him was a world considerably
diminished. The product of genius would be withheld from him, and
his citizens. Powerful inventions would be hoarded up, and used
against him directly, or in random terrorist acts.
The image of children dying in revenge of his unchecked
cruelty struck him like a blow. For all his darkness, he was
trying to be a good leader. He was striving to create a world he
would have wanted to live in, as Robbie. That world needed him to
be the protector of it's children.
He'd already been fighting his darkness, he realized. Not
because he wished to be Good, but because unrestrained Evil would
be bad for the only thing that he truly cared about anymore... his
Empire. Without his self-restraint, he would have turned the
people of the whole world into his devoted slaves. He had thought
seriously about doing it, and it was still only a thought away.
His black fire still sheathed him like a cloak, and he
looked deep into her soul, and saw what she was really wanting.
She was afraid of him. Afraid of his sordid reputation, and of
his strange powers. She was strongly attracted to him, though,
and she was trying to find a way to feel safe being with him, but
on her terms.
She was testing him, and though she didn't know it, his
resolve to be a fair Emperor, trying to build a better world was
also being tested. The realization that if he just forced people
to do his will, they became no more than robots when what he
really wanted were friends and companions, came to him again.
If he raped her, abusing her physically, he failed the
test. He didn't want to admit it, but he would also fail if he
spurned her now, sending her away for not capitulating to his
desires. That would be mental cruelty. The only course that
benefitted his chosen future, was the one that came hardest to
him; one of respect.
He had to acknowledge her as a person, with her own
feelings and needs apart from him. And grant her the dignity to
exercise them without undue coercion on his part. He sighed,
because it didn't make it any easier on him to know that Rebecca
would approve.
His grim expression softened. "Elizabeth Tyler," he said
formally, "You always have the right to say 'No' to me," he
declared. His power flared again around him, as he made sure that
he would remember his oath.
She frowned at the melodramatics, "Don't joke with me,"
she said, misinterpreting his phrasing as sarcasm.
"I'm not," he said gently. He stepped closer and took
hold of her hand, letting her feel in her bones that he spoke the
truth, and to see it show in his eyes.
She smiled, and her fears faded. She started hurriedly
undo the buttons of her blouse, but he was far too impatient to
wait that long. With a black flare, they were nude, and he laid
her down on his soft bed.
She had felt him before through his pants, but now she got
a look at the tool he'd be using on her, and she was suitably
impressed. His hands roamed over her, and his mouth fastened on
one of her pale nipples. His hands were hot on her body, rubbing,
squeezing, and touching all over. His mouth was insistent,
licking and sucking her, even nibbling a little. He rubbed his
hard cock against her, while his fingers found her wet clit.
She'd been right, he realized, while their bodies clenched
together urgently. The frustration he'd felt earlier made it feel
so much better when he finally slipped his meat into her wet and
willing cunt. Ever since he'd taken the Rod, he hadn't had a
desire that wasn't swiftly gratified. The novelty of frustration
only heightened the pleasure he felt as he stroked inside of her.
Her mouth found his, and they kissed for so long she gasped
when they stopped. His hands held his bulk above her, while her
fingers scratched onto his back. She came a little, and she dug in
with her nails. Robert thought it was a good thing that he was
mostly invulnerable, or his back would be a bloody mess in the
morning. She screamed a little in pleasure, and wrapped her legs
around his hips, as striving for an even deeper penetration.
As his hard cock brought her to a new series of strong
orgasms, he had an sudden inspiration. "What do you think about
the symbology of a Copper Tower, Minister of Science?" he asked,
"I think it would be a good symbol of your Ministry."
She tried to focus on him with blurred eyes, still panting
from her ecstasy. "I don't believe it," she gasped. "Don't you
ever think about anything but your job?" She moaned as he changed
his rhythm to a faster tempo.
"Only when I'm thinking about sex," he said, grinning.
"Then get down here, and start concentrating on me," she
hissed. "I'll give you an opinion about work later."
"You have a deal, woman," he said, and started using all of
his skills to insure that she was having the best fuck of her
life. It was going to be a long night, he knew, and the best was
yet to come.
To be Continued...

July, 1997 -- Darkside: United States of Anarchy, Part 8 of 20.
Series Continues after #20 in Darkside: Imperial States of America.
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