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DOMASTER thick clubs Ye Yes moaned Domino


WARNING: This story contains strong themes of coercion and forced sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar behavior. REPOST freely keeping this disclaimer & By SmCyber Please let me know if you like it / want more / have any ideas.

If you enjoy this work, take a moment to e-mail the author. Your comments are his only payment. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author SmCyber unless explicitly indicated.

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Dominos Knock

By SmCyber

This is an account of the introduction of a sweet seventeen
year old to the pain of being the daughter of a leading member
of the opposition party by rape, torture and humiliation. The
rulers with popular support have decided to contain all
rebellion by forcibly subjugating the female members of the
opposition by systematic RAPE and TORTURE. These girls, ladies
and women are all likely at some stage to be taken to one of the
many training camps, there to be re-educated, more often than
not their will must be broken first. The people who run these
camps are chosen from the community by leading figures according
to their political leaning and their ability to be ruthless with
their female charges. Before being appointed to a position
within one of the camps a rigorous training program must be
completed at the state run Academy. Various techniques are
learned to break the will of the opposition women, no female who
has passed through a training camp has ever returned as a
supporter of the opposition party. To date it is estimated that
there only remains approximately thirty-two thousand supporters
of the opposition party, evidence indeed that the regime works.
Into one such camp a young lady called Domino Fox - Robertson
finds herself, unknown to her she was passed a drugged soft
drink during a school cross country run. Swiftly transported to
the local camp she is stripped by her mentor a gaoler named
Eric. Eric has spent a few hours familiarising himself with this
young lady's file, often it is possible to find a weakness that
can be exploited, much in the way of George Orwells 1984. Slowly
she awakens to her fate................. The naked girl felt the
leather straps being fitted to her wrists and ankles. The gaoler
gazed down at the poor girl curled up in a ball on the floor. He
smirked to himself that soon the girl would be opened up for
examination. In a very short time he had located a nice
selection of ropes with which to position the poor girl. Over
head a pair of electric pulleys were positioned to take the
strain of lifting. Unfortunately for the poor young lady the
pulleys were positioned about twelve feet apart. Fortunately for
the gaoler the higher the victim is lifted the wider her limbs
are splayed apart. It took very little effort to firstly tie the
ropes on to the leather restraining straps on the girl's limbs,
and then on to the waiting pulleys. The girl sensed the purpose
of the bondage and quickly rolled onto her stomach and twisted
wildly like an eel out of water. The gaoler had been in this
situation many times before and held back his amusement. On the
opposite wall of the cell a simple control panel was positioned.
The control panel had two circular knobs that were used to take
up the slack in two ropes attached to the slaves' limbs. On this
occasion the gaoler had decided to tie the girl's wrist's ropes
to the pulleys. During later training sessions the girl's ankle
straps would be taken up to the pulleys. "Stand up please
Domino", said the gaoler calmly. "Please don't do this
pleasssssssssssssssssse", screamed the girl who by now was wide
awake and in hysterics. "No matter", said the gaoler, "You will
be standing very prettily for me in a few moments whether you
like it or not." With this his hands left the hip pockets of his
uniform and the two knobs were turned slowly clockwise.
Instantly the electric motors within the pulleys smoothly
gathered in the slack rope, not to quickly but with a
determination of steel. The gaoler had again correctly chosen
the correct speed of take up. The girl struggled against the
pull and made quite a spectacle as she trashed around wildly.
She was first pulled upright into a sitting position and then as
the tension in the ropes increased spun around further drawing her arms up and away from her naked breasts. The gaoler had
decided to stop the pull of the pulleys and turned both control
knobs counter clockwise to shut off the power.. Domino was left
sitting on the cell floor with her arms splayed upwards and
apart with her knees pressed firmly together and drawn up to her
delightful breasts. The gaoler calmly repeated his previous
order "Stand up Domino." "No, Noooooooooooooo Please No"
screamed the girl. "OK up you go" said the gaoler as he again
engaged the pulley motors. The electric pulleys continued their
relentless pull drawing her arms further upward and outward.
Soon Domino was standing tip toe with her beautiful arms spread
wide; with her shapely legs pressed firmly together, a human
"Y" he thought. The gaoler had decided to stop the suspension
at this point to take a closer look at this beautiful young lady's body. Turning away from the control panel the gaoler was
presented with a very satisfying picture of another terrified
beautiful slave girl spread wide and naked. Domino was shaking
visibly, the tension in her arms was unbearable and her earlier
entreaties for mercy had increased considerably in volume. This
was always the best time for the camp's gaolers a slave's first
introduction to humiliation. Hardly able to control his
enthusiasm the gaoler casually strolled around the suspended
slave examining the poor girl's body. This inspection
traditionally included the intimate examination of all the
slave's orifices. Poor Domino almost wrenched her arms out of
their sockets when she felt the gaoler press his uniformed body
against her naked back. Slowly the gaolers rough hands slipped
from her hips, to the underside of her arms and then to the
underside of her beautiful globes. Patience is a virtue he
thought, he could have dipped his hand straight away into that
area between her legs that she was trying so vainly to protect.
At first the gaoler concentrated his attention on her left
nipple rolling the knob of flesh delighting in the easy way it
thickened. Soon he was pulling the defenceless breast fruit in
every direction the tow rope being the poor nipple. The pitiful
girl could feel the nipple hardening under his expert touch and
blushed at her shame. Satisfied that her left nipple and breast had been fully explored the gaoler's attention turned to the
right nipple. This time the tactic was to be different, pinching
was to prevail. Positioning his mouth behind the slave's left
ear he began to lick the sweet tasting jewel. Leaning forward
slightly the gaoler has a clear view of the right nipple.
Delighting in the girl's terror the gaoler whispered "Open your
legs wide please". The gaoler felt the girl's body tense but
her leg's remained firmly clamped together. The rough hands took
the other breast, the left hand cupped and raised it slightly,
and the nipple was firmly pinched between the gaoler's right
finger and thumb. Instantly the girl's naked legs sprang apart
as if they were opposing poles of some human magnet. "Ahhhhhh
stop stop your hurting meeeeeeeeee please ahhhh I beg You" she
screamed "Not wide enough....... wider!" whispered the gaoler.
The poor girl's pretty toes performed a tense ballet on the cell
floor as her legs widened further. "Wider than that" whispered
the gaoler continuing to twist and pinch the defenceless nipple.
The experienced gaoler had set the girl's body perfectly; to
widen her legs any further would require her feet leaving the
floor. Still trying to maintain contact with the floor the girl begged the gaoler to stop. "Pleassssssssse stop please I beg you
I'll do anything you want please stooooooooooop," the girl wailed. "Oh you will will you" said the gaoler sarcastically.
"Yes yes I will I will pleasssssssssssse stop now please please"
she begged. "Open nice and wide and I'll stop OK "chuckled the
gaoler. Slowly the girl took up the strain in her arms and
pulled her legs ever wider apart. The poor girl abandoned all
thoughts of modesty; she lifted first her right leg then her
left leg clear of the floor. Releasing his pincer grip on her
right nipple the gaoler gave the pained breast fruit two firm
slaps. "Next time I tell you to open your legs you open them
straight away Right" he yelled. Hanging her head slightly she
nodded. Not satisfied with this reply the gaoler took hold of a
handful of her hair and roughly pulled the girl's head back,
"Right ................. "He hissed. "Umph OK OK.............OK"
she whispered. "You will learn I said, Right got it you bitch."
He snarled into her ear. She could feel his breath on her skin
and could smell the garlic on his breath as she groaned back
"Right." "Right master" he added. "Right master" she sobbed as
her head hung down throwing her long hair over her breasts.
"This is the way I want you and what I want I get Right" he said
moving around to get a better look at her front side. "No need
to be shy when you're in a cell with me is there, it's not as
though you are at the village fete is it" he added. The gaoler
was satisfied with the girl's effort, she now hung like a
starfish her limbs spread wide, her feet level with his knees.
"Well done" said the gaoler, "Stay like that or I'll take your
nipple right off." The girl's body glistened with perspiration
as the strain in her arms increased. Moving swiftly the gaoler
skilfully tied the girl's ankle straps to two staples set high
into the walls on opposite sides of the cell. Stepping back the
gaoler was happy with his handy work, how many men had been in
this position he thought. The beautiful seventeen year old was
now positioned for the next stage of her examination, the
examination of her other until now secret feminine orifices. The
gaoler's delightful task this morning was to check the girl for
hidden drugs and weapons Collecting a low stool from the corner
of the cell the gaoler seated himself between the poor girls'
legs his face inches from her hairy mound. With the skill of a
gynaecologist the gaoler parted the pert folds that protected
the innermost parts of the girl. This was more than the pitiful
girl could stand, the muscles in her arms and her legs strained
against the bonds in the vain attempt of hindering the invasion.
As the gaolers' fingers found the defenceless clitoris the girl screamed and begged and pleaded. Satisfying himself that the
young lady's front passage was clear the gaoler moved on to the
inspection of the anal area. "OK up there young lady I'll just
check the other end if you don't mind" sniggered the gaoler. "No
not there please not there NO pleasssssssssssse "screamed the
girl realising what was about to happen. Ignoring her pleas and
steadying her bucking hips the gaoler dipped two fingers into a
pot of lubricant. Spreading the lubricant over the puckered rim
of a girl's anus was a most enjoyable task, the tension it
produced in all new girls was mind blowing. Repositioning his
stool to the rear of the unfortunate girl the gaolers greased
fingers were inserted and a thorough none to gentle inspection
of her virginal rear orifice was performed totally against her
will. The girl was left hanging for an hour or so while the
gaoler left the cell to make a few telephone calls, this
solitude always increased the fear and the stress for a new
girl. "Hi Tony its Eric in block 29, I wonder if you are in the
mood for a bit of action this afternoon huh " said the gaoler.
"Yeah sure thing I hear you have control of the daughter of the
opposition party treasurer, something Fox- Robertson" replied
Tony. "Yep you sure got your finger on the pulse old man she's a
really tasty seventeen year old by the name of Domino
Fox-Robertson, and guess what" teased Eric. "What don't tell me
she's a virgin" replied Tony. Eric could hardly control himself
"Not only is she a virgin but she's disappeared she's ours for
keeps if we want her." "Wow, I can hardly wait, OK if I bring
the new lad Nigel along you know the probationer from the
Academy?" said Tony. "Sure thing, it would be nice if you can
round up some more gaolers who are off duty as well and bring
along some beer's to, for say an hours time" confirmed Eric.
Returning to the cell Eric had a little over half an hour before
his guests were due to arrive. Moving swiftly and ignoring the
incessant plea's by the daughter of one of the most respected
members of the opposition party, Eric busied himself by
preparing both the cell and its occupant for the afternoon's
business. Eric warmed up the pretty little bottom with several
none to friendly slaps, only stopping when he succeeded in
making her cry for her mum. Not wishing to spoil his enjoyment
of what lay ahead Eric contented himself by informing the girl of the camp's rules and regulations, all maters sexual were
temporally avoided. If only she knew what was coming thought
Eric, as he watched and listened to her begging to be released.
Judging his moment Eric positioned a circular red felt covered
dais on the floor between the widely splayed legs of our
unfortunate Domino. Her mind raced, had he not done enough, her
arms ached and her tears were scalding her red cheeks. "Time for
a little bit of fun now "Eric said as he removed his trousers.
"No Oh for Gods sake No" Screamed Domino, "Please don't please
pleassssssssssse I'm begging you please." "I'm sure you wont
like what I've got in store for you but you will survive I
promise you" said Eric. With this the gaoler folded his trousers
over his arm and casually brushed off a few specks of fluff. "No
please don't please don't touch me again my father ..........."Her voice stopped as Eric turned and faced his
prize, his erection standing proudly just like a soldier on
guard. "No Nooooooooooooooo" she screamed. Carefully he laid his
uniform over a conveniently place pillory and walked over to the
cell door. "No pleassssssssse let me go home pleasssssssssse
"she begged. Opening the door, Domino could hear the
unmistakable sounds of several drunken men. This was a totally
unsuspected and unpleasant abomination, goose pimples sprang up
all over her body, and her nipple's puckered and stood to
attention as the horror unfolded. Domino had thought that her
ill treatment was a one off. She believed that as soon as the
authorities found out or another gaoler discovered what was
happening she would be rescued. Little did Domino know that
often new girls are introduced to the camp regime by a simple
no frills gang rape. The gaolers as always have a free hand over
the day to day discipline and training of their charges. For
many years it has been a tradition in the camp to break in new
girls within the first week, pay day has always been a firm
favourite as gaolers are to all intents and purpose on their own
time. An afternoon and an evening of drinking and raping was
undoubtedly the highlight of the week. Once a girl has been
inducted into her new life the format changes, the gaolers are
totally free to enjoy any inmate or group of inmates in the
seclusion of their own quarters, as and when they see fit and in
any way they desire. Domino would certainly be a popular girl when her induction was complete. The six men had waited
patiently for their colleague to invite them into the cell. Each
gaoler had a distinctive style or trade mark when it came to
preparing a new inmate for rape. Eric is well known for his
fondness for simple suspension, with the victim unprepared for
violation, both physically and mentally. Some of the other men on the other hand had quite bizarre idea's on how to prepare
the day's entertainment. "Hi boys come in she's already for you"
said Eric. Domino's head jerked up and through tear filled eye's
she watched in terror as six naked men strolled into her cell.
The men all different surrounded Domino, some stood in front
some stood behind. The next thirty minutes or so was taken up
with introductions, that is each man introduced himself to which
ever parts of the suspended inmate's body he wished. Domino
screamed and screeched her worst nightmare had begun. "No No
please No get them out get them out please I beg you please for
Christ's sake please help Oh please someone help me please"
Domino screamed and the screams bounced of the cell walls. Six
sets of eye roved over the blatantly exposed body stretched out
in front of them, each choosing the choicest morsels on which to
slake their lust. Fingers were inserted into every hole in her
body, sometimes it was only one finger sometimes two or three
fingers sometimes the fingers belonged to different men. Domino
thought she was going to explode when the first pair of hands
familiarised themselves with her tender nipples, "No don't
pleasssssssssssssse they hurt" she bellowed. The first round of
rape was fairly predictable each gaoler took up position on the
dais and either fucked her vagina or her bum hole. The duration
of each fuck took between five to ten minutes the elder gaolers
taking the earlier places in the queue. For Domino the
individual rapes seemed to go on for hours, her incessant
wailing had dried her throat, later her throat and her mouth
would be receiving copious amounts of unwelcome lubrication. It
was during this first round of fucks that Nigel the youngest of
the gaolers recognised Domino from school. He was still on
probation and had only attended two gang rapes, and was still
very eager to please his supervisor Tony. Domino had never liked
Nigel or the crowd he hung around with, preferring the company
of two or three girl friends who lived near her parents secluded
home . Sowing, knitting and home economics were interests that
bound them together, often they would walk home from school
holding hands and skipping stones and cracks in the pavements.
Nigel was the bad boy from the wrong side of town, Domino's
mother and her friends had for as long as she could recall
warned her to steer well clear. Remembering his earlier training
at the Academy Nigel decided to take a low profile and to keep
out of Domino's sight for as long as possible. These extra
minutes gave Nigel sufficient time to plan a rather nasty
reunion. Satisfying himself with mauling Domino's breasts from
behind and occasionally slipping a finger or two into her honey
pot, Nigel this way managed to keep out of Domino's sight for
nearly an hour. Choosing his moment like a gaoler twenty years
his senior, Nigel's turn with Domino was set to be a real no no
for Domino. Walking around to the front of the semen stained
dais, Nigel stood back and stared into the red tear stained
eye's and waited. The cell went quiet except for Domino's
incessant sobbing and moaning. By then she had been fucked at
least ten times and had received eight man sized wads of cum,
three into her vagina, three onto her face or chest and two
rather strained wads up her anus. Domino prayed for the rape to
cease, and then as if her prayers had been answered the
proceedings stopped. The cell had gone quiet, the hands on her
body had all been removed, all she could hear was her own heavy
breathing. "No more please" she moaned, she only opened her
eye's when a familiar voice spoke. "Domino Fox - Robertson It's
me Nigel" said Nigel in as calm a voice as he could muster.
"Nigel OH Nigel, help me please, OH thank heavens it's you, get
me down please" her voice trembled as she tried to control her
self. The other more experienced gaolers had seen this scenario
a few times before. When one of their number knew a prisoner,
the resulting interrogations always proved extremely satisfying.
Each man in his heart hoped to find an inmate on whom they had
personal intelligence, each secretly envied this trainee and
wondered if he had sufficient training to exploit it. "How nice
it is to SEE you .........., Domino" said Nigel, letting his
eyes wander up and down her straining body. Domino's mouth
opened but no words came out. "I understand you are still in
school" added Nigel after a few moments. "Ni ... Nigel is it you
Nigel" stammered Domino obviously with extreme discomfort. "I
finished school early you know to join the ministry of
correction" Replied Nigel. Domino's eye's opened as wide as they
could, there in front of her stood an ex school friend staring
at her naked body obviously delighting in what he had seen done
to it. "You were never very nice to me were you Domino" said
Nigel. "OH Nigel please don't please don't please help me
don'ttttttttttttt nooooooooooo" begged Domino. Domino's had seen
Nigel's erect penis, her stomach turned in disgust at the way in
which he was slowly stroking it up and down, his eye's had
narrowed and his voice had thickened. "OH no NO nooooooooo"
bellowed Domino as though her entire life depended on being
heard. "Shhhhh Shhhhhhhhhhh "said Nigel in a very calm
reassuring voice. Domino's eye's bulged, her wrists hurt her
private parts throbbed, and unwelcome juices trickled down her
thighs and dripped onto the enabling dais. Out of her head now,
Domino's mind raced what had this monster in store for her.
Nigel had excelled in his initial training at the Academy and
had qualified with first class honours on the sexual
humiliation modules. Now for the first time he had the
opportunity to try out skills, not on one of the desensitised
prisoner girls supplied by the Academy for training purposes
but on a fresh totally innocent beautiful young woman. "I'm sure
that you remember the gymnasium in the lower school hall?" said
Nigel. "Let me down pleassssssssssse Nigel pleassssssssssse
"Domino continued to beg. "Do you remember yes or no" repeated
Nigel with determination. "Yes yes of cause I do let me down
please I'm begging you" pleaded Domino pitifully as an
involuntary spasm of pain shot down her arms. "Good then you
remember the Indian clubs you girls worked out with" He added,
smiling to himself as he recalled the girl's in school swinging
the thick clubs. "Ye... Yes" moaned Domino trying hard to
understand where this was leading. "Well you will be pleased to
know that the exercise has certainly improved your tits" joked
Nigel, and all the men joined in with raucous ribald remarks.
Domino's head hung even lower in shame, how could these beasts
do these horrible things to her. "Do you remember Kate
Middleman- Smyth" added Nigel when the laughing had finished.
"Oh let me down please please please I'm begging you
pleassssssssssssssse "Domino pleaded. "Do you remember her yes
or no" added Nigel a little impatiently. "Yes "said Domino
quietly. "Good .................. well do you know why she was
expelled?" Queried Nigel. Domino heart almost missed a beat,
Kate had been expelled six months earlier about the same time
that Nigel had left to go to the Academy. Little was known as to
why she had been expelled but the rumour in the showers was that
she had been caught playing with herself in the gymnasium. "Er
er no" said Domino. "Come on you know why she was expelled don't
you you little Miss innocent" insisted Nigel. Nigel was pushing
his innocent victim to the limit, he waited for what seemed like
an eternity for a reply. Domino eventually broke down and
pleaded, "Let me dowwwwwwwwwn pleasssssssse please I don't know,
someone said she was caught with her hand inside her slip in the
equipment store" Nigel was playing with his victim like a
matador, "That's right but you don't know why she was
masturbating herself do you............. shall I tell you"
Domino hung by her wrists as she listened to Nigel explain to
his colleagues how he had framed the prim and proper Kate with a
stolen handbag the property of the school headmistress. Under
threat of exposure the poor girl broke down and promised Nigel
anything. Carefully manipulating the young girl over a period of
days he blackmailed her to first undress, then by degrees to
pose for some photos. Now he had full control, the simple threat
of sending the photos to her parents was all that was needed.
Nigel enjoyed watching Kate masturbate, at his tutelage the
resulting acts were often performed in the privacy of the young girl's bedroom during the lunch break. Soon Nigel realised he
had a marketable product and rented out ringside seats to his
friends. Very soon the poor girl was performing shows every
lunch time and his hold over her was getting stronger. More by
luck than judgement the young Nigel was asked to set up a
private show for a rival thug called Steve in the school
gymnasium equipment store. Then as Steve watched the pitiful
girl masturbate, Nigel tipped off the head of sports, the result
was that Steve and Kate were both expelled and the whole
incident was swept under the carpet. Nigel had proved his
credentials a place at the Academy ( Sexual Training Section )
was arranged by the school and the rest is history, the elder
gaolers exchanged knowing nod's with one another, here was a
young man who was going places they thought. "Do you mind if I
make young Domino here perform for you gentlemen" asked Nigel of
the gathered gaolers. Without exception the gaolers decided to
give the trainee his head, anyway they had the use of the young lady all day anyway, and a little breather and a show was always
welcomed. Domino was taken down from her bondage under the
instruction of the trainee and repositioned sitting legs
splayed, knees raised upon a leather toped vaulting horse.
Domino's nipples were then fastened via thin cords ending with
miniature lasso's to her big toes. The result was that any
movement of her feet and in particular of her toes would result
in immediate excruciating punishment her already tender
nipples. Into Domino's little hands Nigel placed first a
training size 'A' slick dildo and into her other a much thicker
training size "E" ribbed dildo. "I think you know what to do
with these, I expect of you three orgasms in thirty minutes"
added Nigel. Domino froze she had only started masturbating for
the comfort it gave her, never in her wildest dreams had she
thought of performing this private act in front of another
person. But there all around her were the naked men all waiting
and watching her shame. Domino couldn't do it "No I can't,
please don't make me Noooooooooooo." This was the text book
reaction that Nigel had studied, he was prepared for it, getting
a young girl to open her legs and to masturbate was considered
in the Academy an elementary skill. Arranging the gaolers in a
semicircle and then topping up their drinks Nigel made everyone
except Domino comfortable. Then sitting himself alongside Domino
on the horse he briefly tickled the bottom of first the lady's
left foot and then even though there was no need he tickled the
bottom of her right foot. The result for the record was that
Domino nearly jerked her nipples off. Very few words of threat
from Nigel were all that was needed, Domino's eye's closed and
the show began. Domino was defeated and she knew it, she
carefully inserting the slick invader into her moist opening
then paused to catch her breath then a few more inch's slipped
out of site. Slowly at first then with more purpose the poor
naked Domino started to masturbate on the training dildo. Just
before her first orgasm Domino opened her eyes and looked at the
enthralled audience of gaolers who to a man had risen to their
former hardness. Disgusted Domino slowed the pace and burst
again into tears, the dildo slipped easily out and lay between
her thighs on the horse. Nigel's fingers went quickly to work
again, Domino scrabbled for the dildo, and with no words
exchanged she reinserted it to its original depth. Trying hard
to regain the original sensation Domino gave in to nature and
shamefaced she was forced by her body to exchange the "A" slick
for the much fatter "E" ribbed dildo. The agony that existed
within her abused breasts far outweighed the shame that she
felt at having to relieve her sexual tensions, for the gaolers
amusement Domino had very vivid recollections of those three
orgasms, shortly before the last orgasm her rhythm was broken
again when one of the more jaded gaolers mounted the horse behind her and proceeded to finish himself off into her hair.
For the rest of the evening Domino was used by the gaolers in
ways that beggar description, very soon after her performance
her oral virginity was removed. Domino passed through her
initial training and re-education but a certain stubbornness
proved difficult to eradicate. It was decided that Domino Fox -
Robertson was unlikely to return to society within the
foreseeable future. All such cases are usually resolved by
changing the official status of the female to slave, then as
soon as a suitable vacancy is found, in either a state run
brothel or a party members personal stable she is transferred.
Within weeks Nigel was recommended by his supervisor Tony for
promotion to the rank of Assistant Trainer ( Designate ).
Domino's status was officially changed to slave and three weeks
later she was sent to the Academy ( Sexual Training Section ) to
start a new life as one of the resident slaves.

Dominos Knock

By SmCyber ( Please let me know if you like it and want
more ?)


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