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DONNA split her open with the force


Love the one you're with { MF MD oral anal rom } codes
defined at

Synopsis: Based on a true story; it's about a guy, a gal, and a great
old song. How this guy, down on his luck, in a bad relationship, got
to live out his favorite song, finding love and happiness with an old friend.

CHALLENGE: Try your own hand at writing a story about
one of your favorite songs.

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that it may be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access,
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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex
between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only.
If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are
less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW!
Please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy,
characters in this work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe
where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist.
In reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this
work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of
the other activities depicted herein.


Part 1: Down & Confused

Chorus: And there's a rose, in a fisted glove
And the eagle flies, with the dove
And if you can't be, with the one you love (honey)
Love the one you're with

- Song clip at

- lyrics and music by Stephen Stills.

- recorded by Stephen Stills : Stephen Stills (1970); Givin' It
Back : The Isley Brothers (1971); Four Way Street : Crosby, Stills,
Nash & young (1971); Live At Fillmore West : Aretha Franklin (1971);
Smokin' O.P.'s : Bob Seger (1973); Live In LA : Joe Cocker (1976); The
Isley Brothers Story, Vol. 2 : The Isley Brothers (1991); Crosby,
Stills and Nash Box Set (1991); Songs : Luther Vandross (1994)


Chapter 1: The Past

The telephone rang. I thought I'd just ignore it, but what the hell.
Better to talk to someone that just lay around eating junk food and
feeling sorry for myself.

It was Donna. We used to hang out with a bunch of mutual friends. The
"gang" got together to play volleyball or go to see the local
amusements. I was always with some other girl or by myself. She was
always with some other guy or by herself. Although we never really
dated I was happy to hear from her.

I hadn't talked to Donna in at least a year. So we started catching
up. I always liked Donna. She was fun to be around, always friendly
to me, and easy to talk to. She was OK to look at if you don't mind a
girl being 50 pounds overweight with big black glasses and long frizzy

Donna never seemed to mind the fact that my eyes occasionally wandered
down to her D-cup tits when we were talking. We often teased each
other that I was a confirmed breast man and she had enough up front to
hold my interest. Maybe she thought it was some sort of compliment.
Not many guys really took an interest in her.

Some days Donna would dress very conservative and act real shy. Other
times she'd wear a deep scoop neckline and seemed to be pushing her
rack into my face.

At those times she'd flirt shamelessly. Any number of lewd comments
would be directed at me, "Don't you know, he likes my mammoth
mammaries. Bet you'd like to go to sleep between these pillows."
She'd hop around to make them bounce and catch my eye. Of course, I'd
imagine what they'd look like if Donna were naked. How'd they feel in
my hands?

If I pretended not to notice then she'd "accidentally" rub her big
tits against me. I remember them feeling warm and soft like a favorite
pillow. She might "accidentally" brush against my cock not once, but
several times during an evening.

Donna seemed to need proof that I was physically attracted to her.
She'd smile if I ended up with a visible hard-on, but acted angry and
disappointed if I didn't.

Normally, I'd act on this kind of sexual teasing and pursue the girl giving me such strong signals. At the very least she'd end up pressed
against a wall with me "accidentally" rubbing up against the pussy with the very cock that she'd teased to be so hard.

I'd try to perform a responsiveness check to see if her tits were real
or fake. If she didn't protest and we were alone, I'd show her how
many orgasms a guy who knew how to use a girl's body could give her in
one night.

Even when I was a punk kid I had studied the books to learn the
secrets of a woman's body. How to arouse it until she could think of
nothing but getting my cock into her empty snatch. How she was most
vulnerable after her first powerful orgasm.

Many girls thought they were through, but I was just beginning.
After, their third or fourth climax I'd introduced many girls to anal

They all loved cunnalingus. Most young guys were too self centered to
bother, but I knew that a girl would agree to almost anything when my
tongue was deep in her pussy.

However, the timing was always wrong with Donna. She usually picked
times when was when I was there with another girl. I couldn't do
anything about it without pissing off the girl I was with. If I were
alone then she'd act shy or go after another guy.

She liked it when I played her game. Sometimes we'd talk on the phone
for hours. I'd match her innuendo for innuendo. I'd describe what I
did to this girl or that in somewhat graphic terms. Normally, I'd be
screwing anyone before talking this dirty to her, but with her it
seemed OK.

Donna had a lot of health problems. She spent more time then average
with doctors and hospitals. She was constantly on this diet or that,
but none seemed to help her chronic weight problem. I was a
sympathetic ear that she felt comfortable unburdening onto.

I'd always made a big show of paying attention and being sympathetic.
Once a girl thinks you really listen when they're babbling, it's that
much easier to get into their pants.

I'd heard about all of Donna's many problems, but never actually
screwed her or even got past second base. She was one of the few I
really listened to. Rarer still, I felt I could open up to her and be
completely honest without fear that she'd tell everyone my secrets.
A few times we'd actually offered each other some useful advise that
had really helped in difficult situations.

Lately it turned out, things seemed to be going well for her. She was
healthy, at least for now. Donna was very proud of herself. I agreed
that she had a right to feeling good when she explained that she'd
just lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers. I congratulated her again and

She asked how I was. Since it was Donna I decided to be honest. I was
feeling shitty. Sally, my live in girlfriend was away on a two-week
business trip. We had been together almost 6 months, 3 months since
she moved in. I was lonely.

At the beginning Sally and I screwed 2 or 3 times a day. The last time
was more then a week before she left on her trip. I was horny. My own
hand was a poor substitute for a flesh and blood woman.

Lately we'd been fighting constantly. This had been going on almost
every day for the last month. Sally had a real nasty mouth when she
got angry. I wanted to make things better, but nothing I could think
of seemed to satisfy Sally. I had a feeling that when she returned,
we'd break up. It was like the old song said:

If you're down, and confused
And you don't remember, who you're talkin' to
Concentration slips away
'Cause your baby (oooooooh) is so far away

The song was one of the things Donna and I shared together together.
Donna said she was sorry to hear me sounding so sad. She declared it
was her mission to cheer me up and wouldn't take "no" for an answer.
Also, she wanted to show off her new co-op. It had a small swimming
pool. I was told to bring a suit.

There was also another "special" surprise that she hinted at. No
matter what I tried she refused to tell me more until she saw me in
person. We agreed on Friday after work.

After we hung up, I felt better. If fact, I felt good for the first
time in weeks. Looking forward to seeing Donna was definitely
helping my attitude.


Chapter 2 - The Surprise

After work on Friday, I stopped by the florist to pick up a dozen of
her favorite flowers, yellow roses. I had already gotten her a little
glass figurine of horses and a bottle of her favorite wine as
house-warming gifts. Donna rode horses about once a month.

It took about an hour to drive to her place. That included getting
lost twice. It was my own fault. Donna's directions were fine. I got
distracted thinking about her and missed the turnoffs.

When the door opened I couldn't believe the gorgeous hottie in front
of me. This was her "special" surprise. Donna's hair was very short,
almost like a guy, but there was no mistaking the dazzling woman she
had become.

She was wearing a string bikini under a translucent beach cover-up. It
showed lots of smooth tanned skin and a deep cleavage. Most of her
long sexy legs were visible under the short cover-up.

My view was blocked when Donna pulled me in for a big hug. She held
the hug for quite a while. I just stood there happily feeling the
warmth of her lightly clad body against mine.

My Momma always told me, "Never be the one to break a hug with a
pretty girl. She'll be insulted." I listened to Momma's advice even
though I was sure that Donna must be able to feel my growing hard-on.

"Let me take a look at the new you", I said after she finally broke
the hug. She gave me a big smile, pulled me inside, closed the door,
and undid the cover-up.

The yellow string bikini would be conservative for some girls, but I
had never seen Donna wear anything so revealing. During our group
trips to the beach, she'd always worn a one-piece suit designed to
hide her fat thighs and bulging tummy.

This swimsuit had three large triangles connected by several very thin
strings that tied behind her back and on both sides of her hips. Two
of those triangles covered her tits enough for modesty, but still left
plenty of breast meat on display. They could both be easily slid
right or left along the string until a girl was comfortable. The
matching bottom did cover half her ass, but also let enough showing to
peak any guy's interest.

There was little sign of that fat now. Although Donna said she wanted
to lose another 20 pounds, she looked fine to me. Her voluptuous body
was curved in all the right places. Her tits had shrunk a bit with the
weight loss, but still looked like solid C-cups. Doing a little
pirouette, she said, "35-26-37, what do you think?"

My tongue was hanging on the floor watching the bounce of her tits.
The material was thin enough for me to see the outline of her nipples.
She seemed pleased and amused to see me struck speechless by her
display. Finally, I managed to recover enough to congratulate Donna
once again on her amazing accomplishment.

The old, heavy, unattractive, black glasses were gone. Donna explained
that she just started wearing contacts less then a month ago. The old glasses didn't go with her new "look". I certainly agreed.

I gave her the house warming presents. Donna loved the yellow roses.
She put them in water right away. When she saw the horse figurine, she
gushed her appreciation. She put that in a "place of honor" in her

Then I took out a bottle of her favorite white zinfandel wine. "For a
toast to your new digs," I proposed, "We can open it right now."
Thinking out loud she said, "Hmmmmmmm, we'll do it later. I promise."
The wine was put into the fridge to chill.

"Speaking of promises, after that drive, I'm famished. You promised me
lunch." I reminded her. I wanted to stay inside and perform a detailed
examination of this incredible transformation. Several different ways
of expressing my congratulations and approval of her new look came to

Donna had seen the expression on my face often enough in the past to
know what I was thinking. This expression usually immediately preceded
a try to get around the baseball field and score a home run on
whatever girl I was with.

My original plan had been "coming to spend an enjoyable day with a
friend and talk about old times". Sometime in the 10 minutes since my
arrival it had been magically transformed into "find a way to seduce a
friend and enjoy feeling her cumming on my hard cock when it spent
into her creaming pussy".

What did she expect my reaction would be? Here was a dynamite girl with a body made for fucking. She was wearing a bikini that showed
almost every inch of it.

Donna had other plans. "I want to go swimming first. There's usually
no one in the pool this time of day. That's why I'm already in my
suit. I promise you a big lunch afterward. Please," she wheedled,
tossing her hair and batting her eyes.

I agreed saying, "That's two promises. I intend to hold you to both of
them." Donna knew I was a sucker for her flirting. I changed quickly
in the bathroom. We went outside and began the short walk to the pool.


Chapter 3: The Pool

Donna was a little unsteady walking. She'd taken out her contacts. Her
eye doctor had told her not to wear them in the water for the first
six months. I was happy to hold her around the waist to "steady" her.
My eyes kept straying down her jiggling cleavage. She felt real good
against me.

The pool was a bit isolated from the rest of Donna's development. In
fact, it was only directly visible from part of her building. Perfect
for when I made the move I was now planning.

Donna pretended not to notice the tent in my bathing suit. It had not
gone down since I'd changed. If anything she seemed please by the
reaction that her "big surprise" had caused. I was the one who was
uncomfortable. As soon as we reached the pool, I jumped into the
water eager to hide my boner. Maybe the cold water would help it go

Donna put down the radio she'd brought and turned it on to an "oldies"
station. They she jumped in to join me. We both enjoyed swimming.
Donna said she did laps ever morning and evening when it wasn't too
cold as part of her successful weight reduction program.

I had spent the last half-hour watching the subtle ripple of her
muscles whenever Donna moved. She was in great shape, but was still
all soft curves. "Let me see those bulging muscles," I teased. She
bent her arm to make a muscle. I reached out to feel it. As I made
appropriate noises, I began to caress the skin around the muscle.

"Stop that!" she said with a smile. "Bet I can beat you arm
wrestling," she challenged. It was a game we used to play. Years
past, I'd always let her "almost" win while gawking at her heaving

Before my stares became too obvious, I'd slowly pressed her arm back.
Then she was obligated to give me the "traditional" winner's kiss.

Even though it was in front of all our friends, Donna always put a lot
into those kisses. She'd press her huge bosom against my chest to
make sure I felt her hard nipples. Her warm lips would open
immediately giving me access to her soft tongue.

If there was ever a time in the past that I thought of going farther
with Donna it was during those kisses. The hoots, hollers, and lewd
comments from our friends signaled the end of our smooching. Donna
would act all embarrassed and immediately revert back to a shy girl who rebuffed any further action on my part.

We moved to the side of the pool and got into position for our
re-match. It was really no contest, even though she was much stronger
then I remembered. Still, I let myself fall into the old pattern.

I prolonged the match. This time I enjoyed more then just Donna's
heaving C-cups. I was appreciating the close-up view of her entire
body sweating and straining against mine. My cock was at full mast as
I imagined Donna's body spread open under mine as I repeatedly rammed
its hardness into her soft pussy.

Following the old script, I relaxed enough to let her press my arm
back so it was only two inches off the ground. This gave her the
illusion of being able to win. It also positioned her mouth perfectly
for a kiss.

Suddenly, I felt a hand close around my manhood. It completely
shattered my concentration. The next thing I knew my arm was on the
ground. Donna was laughing and shouting, "I win! I win! girls rule,
boys drool."

She quickly spun away before I could grab her. I chased her all
around the pool vowing a terrible revenge for cheating. Donna was a
really strong swimmer. I couldn't catch her especially with a hard-on
that refused to go down.

Donna had a good chance to judge the size of my cock. I wondered if
she was thinking about how my 9 inches would feel inside of her. With
a wink and a grin, she apologized for the "accident". "Accident, my
ass," I thought to myself. If she wanted to play that way, hmmmmm.

Finally, I calmed down. I decided, for the moment, to just enjoy the
day with a good friend. Opportunities were sure to present themselves
later in the day. Somehow, I managed to make my body ignore how sexy
that friend now looked.

The water felt great on a hot day. We did laps, had a few races,
played tag, and generally frolicked for more then an hour. I stopped
a minute to catch my breath. Despite the fun I was having with Donna
my thoughts turned back to Sally.

At one time I loved Sally with all my heart. She was my soul mate, my
perfect woman. She was bright, beautiful, and creative. I'd told her
all these things many, many times. That hadn't stopped her from
growing more and more distant.

It really got worse when I noticed this guy Gerrold hanging around. I
didn't take him as serious competition. He was a total loser. He
still lived at home with his domineering mother. Every woman I'd seen
him with especially Sally was constantly bossing him around and
ragging on him. What could she possibly see in him? Why wasn't I
able to rekindle the closeness I remembered?

Perhaps I still did love Sally, despite the many mean hurtful things
she was doing ever day for the last month. I was no longer sure. It
seemed that my love was not being returned. Perhaps it never would be

It hurt bad, kind of hollow. At the same time, it felt like my guts
were twisting inside. Just then my old favorite played on the radio
by the pool.

Don't be angry, don't be sad
Don't sit cryin' over good times you had
There's a girl, right next to you
And she's just waitin', for something to do


Chapter 4: Something to do

At that moment Donna snuck up from behind. She covered my eyes with
her hands and in her sweet voice playful asked "Guess who?" I felt
her wonderful breasts pressed against my back. Her body felt hot
against my skin in the cool water.

I heard the song telling me what to do. Thinking of Sally was making
me sad, but now I was with a different girl, someone I'd always felt
close to. Being with her was making me happy. Being next to her was
making me horny. This was a beautiful girl and she was " waitin', for
something to do". Who was I to argue?

"Beautiful Donna, I never gave you the winner's kiss." I said while
turning in her arms. I pulled her to me and kissed her full on the

It might have been surprise, or part of our tradition, but her lips
parted immediately. Maybe it was what she'd been waiting for. Not one
to miss an opportunity, my tongue flashed in and attacked hers. Soon
her tongue joined mine in an enthusiastic battle.

I pressed Donna against the side of the pool with her back to the
co-op building. We were standing in the pool. The water coming up to
Donna's abundant breasts. Only our heads could be seen by anyone
looking down from the building. This time there were no "friends" to
distract us.

I proceeded to give Donna what I describe as a "full body kiss".
Alternatively, I crushed her tits against me, rubbed her backbone in
an inciting massage. I'd nuzzle her neck, nibble her earlobes, and
tell her how beautiful she was. Donna didn't protest, but she wasn't
participating either.

She was letting me control the situation. It was fine with me. It
felt great, like a dream. I made sure to make her feel as good as I
did. This went on pleasantly for a quarter of an hour.

With one part of my mind I watched Donna breathing faster. I saw her
skin begin to flush. I heard the soft sound of passion come from her
lovely throat. Her arousal was building in response to my caresses.
If anything, faster then I expected.

It was time to let Donna feel how much she was turning me on. Kissing
her again to stifle any protest. I pushed aside the two triangles of
her bikini top freeing her soft, billowy tits. Pulling us back
together, their softness flattened against my hairy chest. Reaching
down, I began massaging her tight ass, pressing her pussy directly
against my raging hard on.

After about 10 minutes, I reached up and began playing with Donna's
lovely billowy tits. They felt every bit as good as I'd always
imagined. My hands moved all over her body, learning her most
sensitive places. Her moans were louder and continuous. Her thighs
had spread to increase the sensations my hardness was inflicting on
her womanhood.


Chapter 5: Rhythms

Most young guys only think about touching a girl's tits and pussy, but
to really make her crazy you need to study the rest of her body. There
are numerous erogenous zones: the neck, the ears, the belly, the
thighs, the spine, the soles of the feet, and many more.

The order in which you touch them and the firmness of that touch is
more important then the places themselves. What is stimulating at one
level of arousal might be ticklish or even painful at another. Each
girl is different, with her own unique rhythms.

Once I learned a woman's rhythm, I could turn her on at almost any
time, unless she was physically exhausted or in pain. Any minor
resistance or her emotional state mattered little. In 5 or 10
minutes, she'd be too aroused to do more then whisper a futile plea
for me to stop. In 15 or 20 minutes, she'd be reduced to a moaning,
horny slut, begging for my touch.

I could play her body like a violin for hours. Perhaps I'd torture her
with the promise of an incredible orgasm and then snatch it away again
or again. I might choose to compel one climax after another. Some
women passed out from exhaustion and sexual overload.

Sally had been with me long enough to know all this. She had been
angry with me the last time we'd had sex, but I needed to be close to
her so much that it felt like a pain in my soul. I used my intimate
knowledge of her body against her.

Sally had fallen asleep after taking a hot shower. Her light robe had
fallen open reveling her small firm tits and shaved pussy. She looked
like an angel. My cock immediately sprang to attention.

I moved to her. With gossamer touches too soft to awaken her, I began
to arouse her sleeping body. 15 minutes later she awoke with her need
burning bright. She was too aroused to think of fighting or
resistance. Her hot juicing pussy needed my cock now! It felt
fantastic to have an eager and willing partner after so long.
I lost myself in the smells and feel of her lush womanhood.

The sex and the feelings of closeness were as good as ever for me.
I hoped it would remind her of how wonderful it could be between us.
It didn't have that effect.

Afterward she was even angrier. Sally didn't appreciate the six
explosive orgasms I'd given her before emptying my load into her
willing body. Following that episode, she refused to let me get
close enough to work the magic. That was the last time I'd had
sex until now.


Donna and I were both sweating despite the coolness of the pool water.
I had been avoiding her nipples, saving them for last. Her body was
trembling under my touch. She was gasping as soft moans escaped her

Although she was pliant and seemed willing to let me do as I wished,
I was a little annoyed at the lack of participation. Now it was time
to force more from her. Slowly my fingers moved from her ass,
caressing up her flanks as they moved towards her heaving breast.

When I gently pinched Donna's nipples, the effect was strong and
immediate. She let out her first big moan. Her head rolled back
against the side of the pool. It was as if she'd surrendered totally.
I couldn't remember any other woman I'd ever known having such a
powerful submissive reaction within seconds of having her nipples

Her nipples were actually very tiny given the size of her ample tits.
Maybe having all those nerve endings concentrated in a small area made
them exceptionally sensitive. As long as I kept rubbing those nipples
Donna seems passively willing to let me do whatever I wanted. She
seemed to be in a sexual haze, unable to talk or move, only feel my
caressing hands.

For a few minutes I continued playing with her nipples while grinding
my cock against her hot slit. Only the thin material of our bathing
suits was stopping me from ramming my hard pole into Donna wet pussy.

The soft body pressed against mine began to respond to my caresses.
Donna's aroused nipples were hard like pencil erasers in my hands. The
sounds that came from her were a continuous stream of gasping moans,
"Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh." Her legs parted further. Her hips
started to thrust against me. It was time.

I was soooooo ready to fuck her right there in the pool. Letting go of
her inflamed nipples, I reached downward. The strings of her bikini
bottom were untied in two quick motions. Pushed it aside, I pulled
down my own suit.

Her last defense removed, I could have easily driven my manhood into
her defenseless cunt. Instead, I began rubbing my cock along her
naked slit. I reveled in the skin-to-skin feeling, knowing it
would heat her pussy even more. I wanted our first fuck to be
an extraordinary experience for Donna.

Our arousal kept building as my cock slid around the entrance to her
more then ready cunt. She was in a sexual delirium unable to think of
anything but the sweet friction as our bodies moved together.

The perfect angle has already been found. I wedged the head of my
cock between her cunt lips. I savored the moment before I speared
into her. Then something completely unexpected happened.


Chapter 6 - The Dove Flies

Donna shook her head as if trying to clear it. She tried to force
back the sexual haze that had been blocking all rational thought. Her
lips began moving, but no words came out. Jerking her hips sideways,
she dislodged the invader ready to storm her open gates. Putting both
hands on my chest she finally found her voice.

"Wait! Stop! Not here! We'll be seen. You'll get me thrown out! Are
you crazy!" she said urgently. Donna kept her voice down so no one
could hear, but there was no mistaking how serious she was.

What, me crazy?! Up til now she had been a willing participant. I
was sure I didn't misread the signals that her body was sending me.
It was ready to be well and truly screwed.

My mind raced. What should I do? I had been too long without sex. I
needed this. The blood was pounding in my head urging me to ignore
her protests. In one or two quick motions I could overpower her and
bury my painfully hard cock in the hot, wet, unprotected cunt that was
mere inches away.

My head stopped spinning. Did Donna have a point? I didn't want to
get a good friend kicked out of her new home. It was only with the
greatest difficulty and discipline that I was able to decide to allow
her to escape.

I looked down at Donna who was flushed and visibly terrified by the
savage emotions that rippled across my face. I heard bestial growling
in the air. Then I realized it was coming from me.

Donna rightly feared the male animal she had obviously enraged. He
could easily break her in two despite her improved physique.

At the very least she expected him to ignore her protests and take
her there and then. Her entire body trembled, still held in my
iron grip, she was paralyzed by fear.

Her breast was heaving. Her eyes were fixed on my contorted visage.
She awaiting my decision, knowing I could not be stopped.

My voice came out husky, sounding more like an animal then a man,
"Alright." Donna's slumped forward against me in relief. Her body
shuddering every few seconds with the still burning arousal that I
had inflamed. It would not now be relieved.

I was amazed that she had been able to break through the normally
irresistible passions her body had displayed. She was the first woman
I had ever known who was able to do this. I had always known she had
a strong personality, but had not suspected that it was this strong.

Donna was a fascinating contrast. She combined submissiveness,
intelligence, strength, beauty, and sensuality in one package.
I could happily spend a long time investigating the mystery
of her further.

I noticed that Donna had not protested almost being fucked. She was
worried about where I had tried to fuck her. Damn! I'd been so close.

She wasn't worried about getting pregnant either. I knew that Donna
had used an IUD for years. She'd tried the pill, but that had made
her sick.

I wondered what would have happened if I had kept my hands on her
unusually sensitive nipples. At this moment my cock might be sawing
in and out of her tight pussy pushing us both to a fantastic climax.

The actual chance of getting caught fucking in the pool would have
been very small. When most women are sufficiently aroused they can
think of little else and are unaware of their surroundings.

A man can think of other things or focus on her as he chooses until
the very last moment before climax. I would have been periodically
looking around to see if anyone was getting close enough to be a
danger. There'd have been plenty of time to preclude discovery.

Donna was too overwrought for me to even try explaining. A large part
of this was undoubtedly her own sexual frustration. We were both
still in the grip of our own unsatisfied arousal. It was really hard
on me to stop at that point. I had a genuine case of "blue balls".

Nevertheless, I was not about to force her. That would be genuine
rape, something I had never seriously contemplated in my life.
Still I had never been closer to rape in my life.

I pulled up my suit and helped retrieve Donna's bikini bottom that
drifted to the bottom of the pool. Donna had fixed her top by the
time I came back up. I made her calm down and say "Thank you"
before I handed the strip of cloth back.

"No way!" was her response to my offer to tie it on for her. I
suspected that it was more because she didn't trust herself then
because she didn't trust me.

In that all too brief carnal interlude, I'd learned many of the things
that turned Donna on. I knew how to excite her beyond the point of
conscious control. The next time I made a move, she'd be defenseless.

No matter how strong she was, I'd force her arousal beyond the point
of conscious control. Her own passions would be used against her.

Her body, already well aroused in the pool would be that much easier
to inflame the next time. It would joyfully give me what I desired
regardless of any uncertainity in her mind.

Donna was mollified by my excuse that she now looked so hot after
losing the weight that I just couldn't help myself. She accepted my
apology and my promise to be a "good boy". She even admitted to
being partly responsible because she had teased me with such a sexy
bikini, grabbed my "thing" during arm wrestling, and hadn't put up
any resistance at first.

She tied the cover-up tightly around her dripping body as if trying to
protect herself. As we walked back to the co-op, I told Donna some
jokes and funny stories. It did the trick. She calmed down, smiled,
and even laughed.


Chapter 7 - Lunch

When we got to her door, Donna had a pensive expression. It looked
like she was thinking about asking me to leave. I reminded her that
she'd promised to feed me, "A deal is a deal." She looked unhappy,
but agreed, "if it's quick".

I promised to be good again. I even offered to help. She refused
saying it'd be faster by herself.

Donna started moving quickly around the kitchen. She was in such a
hurry that we had not bothered to change out of our swimsuits. I sat
back watching her lovely body move. My plan formed quickly. Before
long I would be pleasuring this lovely lady.

Her cover-up hid little to begin with. As Donna worked the waist tie
came undone again reveling the softness underneath. Unfortunately,
she followed my gaze and tied it tightly again. When she finished,
Donna sat down at the rectangular table on my right side.

I popped up to retrieve the wine from the fridge with two glasses from
the counter. She began to protest, but I interrupted her, "A toast.
Remember your promise. You're reputation as a good hostess is on the
line." Grudgingly she agreed.

I made sure that both glasses were very full. I remembered the
effects that a little wine had on Donna. Two glasses and she became
all giggly and silly. My plan was to get them into her before she
ate. That way they'd have the greatest effect.

"Have you had the first official toast in your new home with a
friend?" I asked. "No," she answered, suspecting what might be
coming. "Well then," said I, "we must follow the old tradition of
swallowing the entire glass in a single gulp. If not then bad luck
and ill fortune will haunt those who live here. And remember no
talking is permitted the toastee until the ritual is completed."

I knew Donna was too superstitious to refuse. She didn't answer
except to nod her head in acceptance. We raised our glasses and I
toasted, "To your new home, May it bring you much pleasure and
may you experience the heights of pleasure within."

I tossed my glass back, swallowing the entire contents. I put my
glass down on the table and regarded Donna who had not moved. Her
eyes were smoldering at the lewd innuendo of my toast. By tradition
she could not speak until she had drained her own glass.

Apparently she'd decided to tease me in revenge. Without a word, Donna
untied and removed her cover up. She threw her head back, exposing her
long delicate neck and thrusting her chest forward so her tits looked
ready to pop out of their meager restraints. Draining the glass into
her mouth she swallowed it all. Returning her glass to the table, she
turned red feeling the wine burn down her throat.

"Another toast," I interrupted before she could speak. The tradition
allowed me a second quick toast, but it was my last. If I delayed
she'd be released. Quickly, I refilled both glasses. This time they
were both filled to the brim.

Lifting mine carefully, I looked straight into Donna eyes and toasted,
"To my good friend Donna's sensuous new body. Every man that sees you
will be filled with lewd, lascivious, lecherous, licentious, and
lustful thoughts. All will be taken with the need to possess you.
The exquisite beauty of your exterior finally matches the magnificence
that you have always held inside. I hope that one day you will allow
me the privilege of demonstrating my devotion and love."

I drained my glass in one motion. Setting it down I let my eyes bore
into her. My second toast had the desired effect. I could see her
stunned expression. She blushed a deep crimson. I was confident
that no one had ever spoken to Donna in this way. Her nipples harden
visibly as I watched. The fact that she knew I saw them would make
her even hotter.

Donna tried to act cool. She drained her glass in a single gulp, but
tears ran from her eyes as the second glass burned down her throat.
She tried to airily dismiss what I'd said, "You are such a bullshit
artist, what kind of airhead falls for those lines?" In quiet, but
serious tones I replied, "I meant every word Donna."

She changed the topic by serving us both. It was a fine meal. Donna
was always a great cook and she remembered what I liked. I noticed
her giving me side-glances. She never did put the cover-up back on.

For my part, I was enjoying the view as much as the meal. There's
little that can be hidden by a girl in a bikini. Even less can be
hidden from a man who can read her body's signals. Her breathing, the
changing color of her skin, tossing her hair, exposing her neck, her
changing scent, and of course her nipples are all signals of what
she's thinking and feeling.


Chapter 8: Conversation

Donna's emotions kept shifting erratically from being horny; to almost
throwing me out; to being glad I was there; to bristling at my
challenges; to preening at my many compliments and obvious approval of
her new look. I intended to subtly push her back towards horny.

Our conversation shifted to the typical small talk between old friends. Whatever happened to this person or that. What we ourselves
had been doing. What relationships we were in.

Donna had an on-again, off-again relationship with the same guy for
years. Everyone thought she and Stan would get married, but they never
did. Right now was one of the "off-again" times. Apparently he felt a
bit threatened by her new look. "I'm between boyfriends," she

That was good for me. It meant that she hadn't had any good sex in a
while and was probably ripe for the plucking. Her behavior by the pool
had confirmed that.

As it often did, our conversation was loaded with all sorts of sexual
innuendoes and double meanings. Her body was sending all the signals
of arousal. She was probably still thinking about how close she came
to being fucked at the pool. I certainly was.

I saw the wine beginning to work. Donna's eyes began to glaze over.
She became relaxed and giggly. I made sure to keep her glass full so
she wouldn't realize how much she was drinking. I kept daring her to
match me, but only took tiny sips out of my own glass.

Under the influence of the wine, Donna's inhibitions lowered. She let
me push the conversation beyond innuendoes onto much more sexually
explicit topics. She'd never allow this normally.

I began discussing what sex with Sally was like at the beginning. How
often we did it. The strange places we'd screwed. How the danger of
doing it in a public place made the sex better.

Then I moved onto what Sally liked me to do to her body. The usually
talkative Donna got quiet. She looked at me with rapt attention,
hanging on every word. Her eyes got big, her breathing more
pronounced, and the reddish flush of her skin deepened.

I was watching her body language closely. She was getting hot. Was she
remembering the feel of my hands on her aroused nipples? I was having
a great time. It was very enjoyable just watching her generous tits rise and fall as she breathed.

I decided to see just how far I could push it. How hot could I make
Donna just by talking? How far would she let me go before stopping
me? I knew that ever time I talked about touching Sally, Donna would
be imagining herself in Sally's place.

"I really love tasting her," I said. "Hmmm?" she prompted. "You know
down below, between her legs. Women have greater endurance then men.
She can orgasm five or six times in 20 minutes." I said watching Donna

I continued describing how I licked up and down the outer lips then
pulled them apart. I'd lick around the inner lips until her juices
were flowing heavily and she was moaning. When I finally began sucking her clit, I had to hold on tight to prevent being dislodged by her
thrusting hips.

Donna skin was getting flushed. The little points of her nipples which
had gone down were again visible through her thin bikini top. I was
sure that I smelled the distinctive sent of her arousal.

Donna was now so tipsy that she confided in me that how jealous she
was of Sally. She described how often she and Stan had sex, only once
ever month or two. Apparently, he had a very small and narrow "thing",
barely 5 inches. She said it wasn't very satisfying. They always used
the "missionary" position. Usually she had to fake an orgasm when he
began to get too heavy.

I genuinely felt bad for her. Trying to give some comfort, I reached
out to touch Donna saying, "I know you're a very sensual woman, it
doesn't have to be like that."

When my finger touched her hand she jumped as if I'd hit her with an
electric cattle prod. The entire mood was lost. I could see how
sexually charged Donna was. She was teetering on the high wire. Fall
one way and she'd beg me to fuck her. Fall the other way and she'd
decide it was best to throw me out.


Chapter 9: The Tour

I wasn't going to leave the decision up to her. Quickly, I changed the
subject before she could decide declaring, "I really enjoyed lunch.
Now, I'm ready for the nickel tour." She replied, "Don't you want
dessert? I have your favorite, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream."

Pressing on I said, "Perhaps in a little while after I work off that
big lunch." I planned to work it off very shortly by pounding my cock
into her deprived little pussy.

Donna led me through the two-level co-op, pointing out this and that.
I made appropriate noises at all the right spots, but it was obvious
that I was looking more at Donna then the house. I loved watching her
ass sway as she walked in front of me.

Last we reached the bedroom. Perhaps knowing what might happen, she
made an excuse, "It's really messy. How about we skip it?" I pressed,
"Don't worry, mine is probably worse. Besides it's a woman's bedroom
that truly tells you her deepest secrets. I insist."

It was all pink and fluffy. Stuffed animals lined the walls. It was
neater then Sally had kept our place on her best day. The queen-size
bed had a pink blanket. Pink-satin sheets peeked out near the large
fluffy pillows. "Well, what do you think of it?" she asked.

In the blink of an eye I thought beyond her surface question. I
believed I knew what Donna really wanted. She was just too shy,
given our history and her own past, to come out and say it.

All day long she'd been flirting with me, putting her sexy new body on
display. She'd certainly responded passionately under my touch in the
pool. She had removed her cover-up and was now barefoot wearing
only the skimpy bikini. Then as now, she was passive, needing me to
make the first overt move.

Downstairs the radio that had been left on began playing our old song
once again. It was definitely a sign from the gods.

Turn your heartache right into joy
She's a girl, and you're a boy So get it together, make it nice
You ain't gonna need, any more advice

Now Donna was worried about what I might say about her room. She was
distracted. It was time to execute my plan. Ruthlessly, the old song
ringing in my ears, I moved in for the kill.

I slide behind her as she faced the bed. Wrapping my arms around her
smooth stomach, I whispered into her ear, "I think it's the bedroom of
a beautiful and passionate woman."

I began kissing and nuzzling the nape of her neck in the exact way I
knew would make her momentarily weak. I only had to wait seconds to
hear her sigh and feel her stomach muscles relax.

Next I sent my strength against her weakness. Raising my hands, I
pushed aside the two triangles of her bikini top and in one motion
cupped her bounteous breasts in my hands. My fingers immediately went
for Donna's over-sensitive nipples.

As I'd predicted the reaction was immediate. Her body responded so
quickly and so powerfully that she had no chance to protest. A low
moan escaped her lips as her head rolled back onto my shoulder.

She never had a chance. Our earlier foreplay by the pool had left us
both sexually charged. I had kept it that way with all the sex talk
during lunch. The wine lowered her inhibitions and stopped her from
thinking clearly about where this had to lead. She was vulnerable and
I'd taken every possible advantage.

We stood like that for a minute. My hard cock against her ass, my
fingers massaging her nipples. When I felt her legs about to give
out, I scooped her up and deposited her pliant body on the bed. Along
the way, I undid her bikini top and bottom, stripping them away,
leaving Donna naked and defenseless.

I quickly stripped off my suit. My cock spring forward at attention.
Donna stared at it wordlessly unable to shift her gaze. When I moved
towards her, she weakly lifted her arms as if to block me from again
attacking her susceptible tits.

It was a useless effort. My target was lower. I dove between her
legs and fastened my mouth onto her sex.

"No!" she pleaded. It must have been her first time because she acted
like I was sucking the life out of her. She moaned when my tongue
found her clit she cried out, "Aiiii!" All resistance vanished with
that word. A stream of wordless passionate sounds flowed from her
squirming form.

Then Donna's entire body relaxed in surrender. It was easy to spread
her legs to obtain greater access. I played with her vulva and labia,
rubbing and licking them just as I had described over lunch. My
tongue traveled over, around, and into her hot slit. My face became
soaked with her juices.

I stopped and looked up at her impassioned face. Donna had lifted
her arms over her head, crossing her wrists as if bound. "Ah, a
submissive," I thought to myself. Good.

"Do you want more?" I asked. "Yessss, more, lick me," she begged
breathlessly. I returned to my efforts.


Chapter 10: Love the one you're with

I relentlessly continued my oral manipulations. When Donna's hips
began thrusting, I knew she was nearing orgasm.

Normally, I'd allow a woman to climax on my tongue, but not now. I
knew Donna too well. If I gave her release this way then she'd find
an excuse to stop before we could fuck properly.

When she felt my tongue leave her drenched pussy, she repeated,
"Yessssss, more, lick me." Donna's eyes were closed. She expected
me to dive back between her legs. She was wrong.

Donna was already perfectly positioned. I moved up until my manhood
was wedged between her labia. With one hand holding my cock, I drove
it into her wide-open cunt. "Oooooooohhh," she moaned feeling my spear
drive into the depths of her belly.

Even though she was very tight, her cunt was so wet that my cock was
buried to the hilt in two strokes. "a, aah, aaaaah, So full, oooooh,
so big, aaaaaaah, so hard," she muttered to herself.

"Now I'm going to fuck you properly delicious Donna. Your cunt tasted
delicious. Now my big hard cock is going to give it a real orgasm." I
promised her.

"Move your ass Donna," I commanded, "It'll be better for both of us.
Hesitantly, she obeyed. Her hips began gently thrusting forward.

Usually, I could control myself, but not now. It had been too long
since my last good fuck. I stopped being concerned with her pleasure
and focused on my own need. My cock sawed in and out of her fantastic
cunt. I thought I'd split her open with the force of my thrusts, but
her own thrusting quickly matched mine.

I felt that distinctive feeling starting at the base of my backbone.
It built and built until nothing was going to stop it. "Donna cum Now!" I commanded, punctuating my order by pinching her nipples hard.

That pushed her over the edge. Her inner muscles clamped down on my
cock. That did it for me. With one voice we cried out announcing our
mutual climax. It felt like I shot a bucket of burning cum into her.
She shuddered again when it entered her womb.

I kept moving my cock gently within her. The after strokes prolonging
my pleasure. Yet another shudder shook her body.

Before I soften too much, I wrapped my arms around her. I rolled us
together so that she lay on top of me, my cock still inside her. I
kept my arms around her, knowing how important it was for a woman to
feel the closeness of two bodies after climax. And it fit exactly
into the other plans that I had in the works.

As Donna caught her breath, I whispered how wonderful she was, how
sexy, how beautiful, how hard I had cum, how great she made me feel.
I trusted her and I knew she trusted me. She deserved pleasure and
she had so much to give a man who would appreciate her. I think she
lay there, making no move to dislodge the cock still inside her, just
to hear my words.


Chapter 11: Above and below

As I spoke, I kept stroking her body, her back, her arms, her neck,
waiting. Donna was not a small girl, but the pleasent smell and
feeling of well fucked woman made her weight easy to endure. The tase
of her passion was still on my lips. I continued my caresses waiting
for her to recover her strength.

My cock felt her pussy give a little shiver, then another. It was a
sign from her body that she might be unaware of, but I knew how to

"Don't move," I whispered. I reached between our sweaty bodies until
I found her open slit. It wasn't difficult with my cock still buried
inside her. From there it was easy to find the clit. I knew it would
be too sensitive to touch directly, so I began a gentle massage of the
adjoining skin.

"Mmmmmmm," moaned Donna in appreciation. I continued the slow
inciting massage. The shivers in her cunt gradually were increasing
in frequency and strength.

I doubted that Donna realized how I was preparing her body to be
fucked again. Her lovers had always stopped right after they climaxed.
My secret knowledge and the growing reactions of her body were
beginning to arouse my cock.

"You're getting hard again," she said in surprise. "It because
you're so sexy." I answered.

"I don't know if I can handle another intense session like the last."
she protested, not realizing that her body had already made the
opposite decision. "You must Trust Me, beautiful Donna. Each time you
obey the passion grows and our need for each other increases. If you
fail all that we might have will be forever lost. Now try moving your
hips a little, but be careful to keep my cock inside you," I

She hesitated. Perhaps she was trying to think how to let me down
easy, but my fingers never stopped their stimulating massage. The
arousal she must be feeling kept building. I don't know if Donna's
hips finally moved voluntarily or without her conscious control.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels so good," she said. Her response was perfect.
It was time to begin the training. This time Donna would not be
permitted to be a passive receptacle. She'd be compelled to become an
active participant.

The movements of her hips became stronger as she tried to press her
aroused clit against my cock. I kept whispering encouragement, "That
it beautiful, you're doing great, rub against my hard cock, it's all
for you."

Donna was no feather, but I had little trouble supporting the weight
of the impassioned woman writhing above me. She neared orgasm. Her
movements became so frantic that my cock slipped out. I was soaked
with the juices from our earlier orgasms. She moaned in her

This time I was able to focus more on her pleasure then on mine. In a
steady commanding voice, I ordered, "You must Trust Me, marvelous
Donna. Each time you obey the passion grows and our need for each
other increases. If you fail all that we might have will be forever
lost. If you want to cum the get on your knees with your pussy directly above my cock." I had to repeat the last part twice before
she understood. After she obeyed, I helped her insert my cock into
her eager cunt.

Donna's eyes widened and her mouth hung open as she felt herself
impaled on my hard staff. She tried using her inner muscles to grasp
and release my cock. I loved that feeling and said, "Oh darling,
that's how to use your cunt, you're fantastic."

Then she tried to move her hips in little circles around my cock. I
told her what she should be doing, "Listen beautiful, lift your ass up
a little bit then come back down." I guided her with my hands until
she understood. She began bouncing up and down on my cock. Watching
her large tits sway with every motion I encouraged, "That's right
beautiful, play with it until it feels best."

I could tell it still seemed strange to her. I didn't want her to
stop, so I pull out my next trick. Reaching up, I grabbed her hefty
tits and began to pinch her distended nipples. I knew this would send
undeniable signals directly to Donna's cunt. It worked flawlessly.
She threw her head back and began to forcefully skewer herself on my
hard lance.

She kept increasing her pace like a sprinter pouring on the speed at
the end of a race. I had to hold onto her hips to prevent her from
flying off the bed.

Her orgasm hit bringing a joyous cry to her lips. She tried extending
it with a few more strokes then collapsed on top of me in exhaustion.

Once again I wrapped my arms around Donna. This time I told her that
I knew how much she liked this position, how it gave her a feeling of
control, how I loved feeling her cunt thrusting itself onto my hard
cock. I was proud of her. The sex was better for me when she was more
active. She should feel proud of the way she moved her body.

I repeated how wonderful she was, how sexy, how beautiful, how great
she made me feel. I felt so proud that she had proven that she trusted
me as much as I trusted her. She deserved pleasure and she had so
much to give a man who would appreciate her.

Donna heard every word, but was too breathless to respond. She
gave my cock a few squeezes with her inner muscles to show her
satisfaction and appreciation of my compliments. We rested this
way, my arms holding her close, until she caught her breath.

This time Donna had some questions. No, I didn't come, but it wasn't
important that I come every time. A sensuous woman like her had a
larger capacity for orgasms then any man. Her cunt would squeeze my
still hard cock each time she liked an answer. I don't think she was
aware of this "lie detector".

Gently, I began questioning her. This was only the fourth time in her
life that she'd climaxed with another person. She'd never had more
then one in the same year let alone the same hour. None have been
close to this powerful, not even by her own hand.

Each orgasm seemed to have secondary explosions that made it go on and
on. "That's what is called a multiple-orgasm. Only a few lucky women
ever experience even one." I explained.

She liked being on top and it was better for her when she actively
participated, but she like it better when I was on top. She preferred
when I was in control. She was in awe of what I had forced her body to

That's good. I had many other things to show her. Most important, I
captivated her faith saying, "You must Trust Me, heavenly Donna. Each
time you obey the passion grows and our need for each other increases.
If you fail all that we might have will be forever lost."

She needed to continue to trust me. I asked her to repeat what I had
said. Solemnly she repeated, "I must Trust you. Each time I obey
passion grows and our need for each other increases. If I fail all
that we might have will be forever lost."

In return, I swore to her, "I will always try to take your needs
into consideration. Everything I do will be to make things
better for both of us."


Chapter 12: The Bathroom

Donna felt afraid. She had never had such strong feeling for a man. I
might think she was weird. "Trust me, nothing you say will drive me
away. Tell me your true feelings" I prompted. She hesitated before
relying "To be controlled, to be possessed, to submit myself to you."
She continued, "but I still need to be my own person, especially
outside the bedroom."

"Oh you are so beautiful, inside and out." I answered tenderly, "Your
words are a dream come true." She smiled and we cuddled wordlessly
while I gently caressed her as before. She kept me hard inside with
the grasping muscles of her talented twat.

Donna asked to go to the bathroom. I refused to release her unless she
allowed me to watch, "It's a real turn on for me and probably for you.
"You must Trust Me, dazzling Donna. Each time you obey the passion
grows and our need for each other increases. If you fail all that we
might have will be forever lost." With some reluctance she agreed.

I'd always know Donna was a closet exhibitionist. The many ways she
used to flaunt her D-cup tits years ago were dead giveaways. I
intended to encourage her natural exhibitionist tendencies. This was
the first step.

I stood in the doorway while Donna sat down to pee. She wouldn't look
at me, but I could tell the truth from her breathing and her distended
nipples. Being exposed during such a normally private act was turning
her on.

I made sure she knew how important this was to me. How it proved once
more how much she truly trusted me. I was proud that she did not
allow shyness to overcome her.

I stopped her when she rose to wipe herself. Taking the paper from her
hand, I did it for her. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened, her entire
body trembled. She reached for me to steady herself. Even I was
surprised by the intensity of Donna's reaction.

"Did you cum?" I asked. Donna nodded yes, unable to meet my eyes. I
hugged her tightly and said, "Darling, you're so wonderful. You're
body is amazing. Be as proud of yourself as I am." Donna lifted her
head and we kissed.

"While we're here there is one more critical thing," I said, "Turn
around, bend at the waist, and place your arms on the wall, trust me."
Given the positive experience she'd just had, Donna obeyed quickly and

I commanded "Now do not move and do not talk. Remember to Trust
me, dutiful Donna. Each time you obey the passion grows and our need
for each other increases. If you fail all that we might have will be
forever lost."

I took another large piece of paper and began to explain, "It's
critically important to healthy sex to keep your behind extremely
clean at all times."

I slowly inserted the paper in her ass crack and gently began wiping
her clean. I was on the third paper when I felt Donna's curvaceous
frame shudder as it had before. "You are so hot baby. I'm such a
lucky guy." I encouraged.

"Now I need put in some disinfectant cream to prevent any possible
infection. Just relax and trust me." I explained. Actually, I had
grabbed some Vaseline when Donna's back was turned.

K-Y jelly would have been better, but she didn't have any.
I rubbed the Vaseline onto the little pucker of her asshole.

Her sphincter was shut tight, but I began a sensual massage of her
rear entrance saying, "It's important that you relax so I can put the
disinfectant inside. Let me help you." With my left hand, I reached
around to grasp her swaying breast.

With any other woman my hand would begin rubbing her clit, but with
Donna using her nipples was better. The twin massages quickly coerced
her to relax the sphincter, allowing my finger to slide inside her
ass. She moaned at the penetration, still being forbidden to speak.

I rubbed that finger inside her widening the opening until I was able
to add a second. Once there were two, I began a scissoring motion.
It was guaranteed to incite an irrepressible lust in any woman.

Donna seemed more susceptible then most. In less then a minute she
was panting and moaning. Her body began trembling, perhaps with
arousal. What was she truly feeling?

"You may speak," I said. Her words were punctuated by moans
of arousal, "oooooooh. What are you doing to me? Ohhhhhhhh.
It's so hot and nasty. Aaaaaaaaaaah, you're driving me insane."

She began pushing back against me, trying to drive my fingers
deeper up her ass. "Back to the bedroom," I ordered knowing
she was too inexperienced to be used in the bathroom. I didn't
want to take a chance that she'd crack her head on something
while thrashing around in the throws of passion.

I frog walked her towards the bedroom with my fingers still
up her ass and my left hand across her naked, heaving tits.

There was pain, pleasure, and many rewarding surprises that
awaited both of us there.


Part 2: "A rose, in a fisted glove" -- Cuming soon :)


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