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Archived Sex Stories

DONNA stretch the time) and tried


Copyright 2000, John Jameson. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction, and all characters and events are drawn from
the author's fevered imagination. Any resemblance to persons, living
or dead, is unintentional. If you think you recognize yourself here,
it's no doubt a matter of projection on your own part. (Unless, of
course, you happen to be female, are not offended by what you read, and
find middle-aged would-be authors of erotica irresistible. But we'll
save that discussion for some other time.)

Please do not reproduce this work in any form without the express
consent of the author. If you want to archive this story, you may
contact me at

If you are offended by explicit depictions of human sexuality, you may
want to look elsewhere for entertainment (after consulting a competent
therapist). If it is illegal for you to read such materials due to
age, local laws, or other considerations (and you know who you are, so
let's not kid each other), then please go no further. Not that I can
stop you, but at least my conscience is clear now.

Part One -- Discovery and Desire

Columbia, Missouri, the home of the University of Missouri's main
campus, has long held the reputation of being a great place to meet
women. When I first graduated from high school in 1970, the ratio of
female college students to males in Columbia was reputed to be two to
one. Not only did you have the Mizzou campus, there was also Stephens
College, an exclusive women's college (one famous alumna is Annie Potts
of "Ghostbusters" and "Designing Women"), and Columbia College, which
had only recently gone coed and was still predominantly female. I
never saw actual enrollment data, but the two to one figure is probably
pretty close. Even an archetypal nerd like my roommate Alfred could
get dates with beautiful women in Columbia; although, he only had one
date I know of through the whole first semester.

As for me, while I'd never been the great stud of Mayville High School,
I'd also never lacked for dates, but Columbia exceeded anything in my
prior experience. In the first few weeks of my freshman year, I'd
dated more women who would have looked at home on a magazine cover than
I'd met in all the nearly nineteen years before. And it wasn't just
that I was able to date them--thanks to the sexual revolution that was
finally reaching even Missouri, I got laid more in the first month at
Mizzou than in the whole of my senior year at Mayville. Bacchanalian
keggers at the quarry which had been the centers for such revels since
before my dad's college days helped, but even more was the whole "if it
feels good, do it" mentality of the late 60's and early 70's.

It probably also helped that I was co-student director of the Birth
Control and Problem Pregnancy Counseling Center at Columbia's leading
volunteer counseling agency. I met most of the women on campus looking
for a local doctor to give them a prescription for the Pill, that magic
bullet that mortally wounded the last vestiges of Victorian morality
(or so we thought at the time). While I didn't take undue advantage of
that enviable position, I certainly had a better idea than most of my
fellow male students of who in Columbia was at least considering
becoming sexually active. Then there was the opportunity to sit down
with many of these women and talk to them about the most intimate of
subjects before I ever encountered them socially. More than one of the
women whose bed I shared that fall had already spent time on the
Salvation Army couch in the Center's office discussing contraception

My co-director was a sophomore named Barb Gruener, a petite blond from
another St. Louis suburb. While we had several counselors on staff,
one or the other of us was usually involved with every client, and we
were the only ones taking the risks associated with the abortion
counseling. That led to a lot of hours spent together, during which we
developed a close friendship. I found her to have a wonderfully
sarcastic sense of humor coupled with deep compassion. The two of us
complemented each other well and were an effective counseling team. We
shared a lot of laughs at some of the cases we handled and a lot of
hours reassuring each other after dealing with some of the more
distressing ones.

More than once we fell asleep together in the wee hours of the morning,
sharing that lumpy couch, because we didn't have the energy to walk
back to our respective dorms. Whether it was an unspoken agreement
that becoming romantically involved would impair our effectiveness as a
team or some other reason, we became close friends and confidantes but
not lovers.

Naturally, I fell in love with a fellow freshman who, like me, was a
dorm dweller.

The first time I saw Donna, the word that first came to my mind was
"cute." From the neck up, she could have been thirteen. Dark brown
hair tumbled in an unruly mop of loose curls to her shoulders. (She
once told me that when it was cut short she looked even more like
Shirley Temple, so she fought an unceasing battle to keep her hair
under control.) She had big, round eyes the color of a summer sky over
her native Missouri Bootheel. Her long, dark lashes were natural--I
doubt she'd ever held an eyelash curler in her hand. Freckles dusted
her pert little nose and dimpled cheeks. Her mouth was a Cupid's bow,
her lips full, soft, and red enough that she had little need for

From the neck down, there was no possibility anyone would ever take her
for a thirteen-year-old. She was about five-three and had a tiny waist
that made her slender hips seem voluptuous by comparison, but her
breasts were true natural wonders. Full, round, firm, and high, they
swayed delightfully whenever she moved, thanks to the passion for
bralessness that was one of the major statements of the sexual
revolution and particularly of the women's liberation movement. (Was I
breast-obsessed? Sue me--I was a bottle baby.)

With the exception of foregoing brassieres, her usual dress was as
unprovoking as anything could be on that body. More often than not,
she could be seen in bell-bottom jeans (not too tight) and bulky
sweaters that at least partially disguised the incredible shape of the
body beneath.

We first met because we were in the same section of Foundations of
Western Civilization, one of those massive lecture hall courses most
freshmen must endure. Being in the same section meant we met with the
same small group for discussion under the direction of a teaching
assistant barely older than ourselves. As we began to realize we were
the only students in our section who had at least a passing
acquaintance with the thirteen books on the reading list even before
entering college, we gravitated toward one another in class and in long
study sessions in the Library.

Though Donna's body was the stuff of dreams, her personality seemed to
be more in keeping with her face--open and friendly, but innocent and
virginal as well. A year earlier, I'd have been begging her for a date
anyway, willing to bide my time in hopes of seeing those incredible
breasts bared to my kisses and caresses. In the flesh market that was
Columbia, though, there were too many other women who lived off campus
and who were more than willing to be my lab partners in Human Sex 101.

Some of them, sophomores and even one junior, were more than happy to
share their more advanced knowledge with a student who was eager to
learn. Before then, I thought I knew what it is to go down on a woman
(okay, I'd done that with two of them, if you're gonna insist on an
accurate count). By the end of my third week in college, I knew I had
only begun to explore the possibilities of pleasuring women with my
tongue. Thanks to the junior, Carla, I'd progressed to postgraduate
studies in that art.

Still, Donna was adorable and we were spending a lot of time studying
together in the Library. As first semester freshmen in the college of
Arts and Sciences--I was majoring in Art History and Archaeology, Donna
in Psychology--we had a lot of courses in common, even if we were in
different sections in most of them. Gradually, our study sessions for
Foundations of Western Civ expanded to all the courses we shared and
then moved beyond to include all the subjects college freshmen so love
to debate. Inevitably, that also included our views on sex.

Given her small town Bootheel roots and innocent demeanor, I'd assumed
Donna would be one of those women who are determined to save themselves
for their wedding night. It didn't take long to discover, once again,
the truth of the old adage about judging a book by its cover. I had
found my mirror image; Donna admitted she was turned on by almost every
aspect of sex, not only the meeting of hard cock and warm, wet pussy,
but all of the sensations surrounding the act from the first hesitant
kiss to the feel of skin made damp and slick by the sweat of effort as
the screwing gained in intensity. After a couple of these discussions
in the hallowed precincts of the Library, it was pretty obvious that we
weren't talking in the abstract anymore. She wanted me as badly as I
wanted her, the only problem being that both of us lived in dorms.
(For those of you who attended college in later years, there was a time
when the presence of men in women's dorms and vice versa were strictly
controlled. Shocking, yes, but true.)

This autumn had started off cool, and already the nights had moved into
the nippy range, so just finding a secluded spot in the woods and
ripping each other's clothes off seemed like a shortcut to the Student
Health Center to be treated for hypothermia. I hadn't bothered
bringing my camping gear to Columbia, so I couldn't even suggest
heading for a state park campground, even if freshmen had been allowed
to have cars on campus. I did know a few married and cohabiting
couples living off campus, but none well enough yet to ask them for the
use of their apartments so that we could rumple their sheets. We
debated getting a motel room, but frankly neither of us had much
experience in that arena nor did we have the surplus funds to pay for
both the room and a cab to get us to and from a motel, so that idea was
shelved for the time being.

Donna lived in one of the older women's dorms near the center of the
campus, and the layout ensured that the Residence Assistants (RAs)
could easily monitor the coming and going of all visitors. Also, her
roommate was a devoted member of the sex police, eagerly reporting to
the RAs whenever she suspected someone of entertaining a male visitor.
Scratch Donna's dorm as a trysting place.

I was in one of the newer dorms on the southeast corner of the campus.
These were larger structures that at least offered some possibility of
entering and exiting discreetly. While the elevators and main
stairwell door were in the lobby just outside the room assigned to each
floor's RA, there was also a stairway at the far end of each of the
three corridors where the rooms were located. We'd have to slip past
twelve other rooms between mine and the stairwell, but it was less
intimidating than trying to slip into Donna's dorm. There was,
however, the matter of Alfred (never known as Al), who was at least as
dedicated to preserving the moral standards of the student body as
Donna's roommate. Okay, so we'd have to wait for him to take the
Greyhound to Independence some weekend before my room became a viable
location. Patience wasn't high on our agenda at that point, so we also
put a pin in that idea.

The Library had a number of study cubicles and meeting rooms with real
doors on them, but we ruled those out for two reasons. First, you had
to have a minimum of three people to reserve one, and we weren't
interested in a threesome. Not then, at least, but that's another
story. Second, and more importantly, those rooms weren't very well
soundproofed, and the doors didn't actually lock. So much for the

Suddenly, it was as though a light had come on behind Donna's eyes.
She began gathering up her books and notes and motioned me to do the
same. Wordlessly, she led me from the Library and down the street to
the physics building, almost running as we got closer. Each time I
asked her what she had in mind, she just giggled and pulled me along
faster until we were standing inside a stairwell in the classroom

"There are evening classes, labs, and seminars all over this building,"
I told her in a stage whisper as she led me up the stairs.

"Do you know what's at the top of the stairway?" she asked in the same
loud whisper.

When I shook my head, she explained.

"This is where the observatory is--there are two flights of stairs
above the top level of classrooms and offices leading to the dome up on
the roof."

Apparently exasperated by the puzzled look on my face, she explained
more slowly.

"It's totally overcast tonight. How many people do you think are gonna
be using the telescope?"

Comprehension dawned; as long as we were quiet, we could at least have
warmth and relative privacy, if not comfort. We scrambled stealthily
up the long flights of stairs until we reached the locked observatory
door at the top.

Stacking our books on one of the lower steps, we huddled together on
the landing and struggled out of our coats. With the mixture of
tenderness and lust I saw on her angelic face, Donna looked like a
cherub about to play a naughty prank. Our first kiss was slow and soft
and tender. Her lips were incredibly soft and warm, and they clung to
mine gently. We teased each other endlessly with soft kisses before
our lips parted and our tongues met in light, teasing play. It seemed
that since neither of us was in doubt about where this would end, we
felt no pressure to push the boundaries. We were content, even
determined, to let our passion build slowly in hopes that the prolonged
foreplay would make our pending orgasms that much more intense.

The kisses did continue to grow more heated, and our hands finally
began to wander, tentative caresses became bolder and more forward,
moving from backs to hips to chests and from outside thick layers of
clothing to bare skin. I was determined to let Donna set the pace this
time, not to push her faster than she was willing to go. After all, I
knew I didn't have to seduce her. I did soon reach the point, though,
where I knew I'd need to make some adjustment in my clothing if I
weren't to be distracted by pain. When I tried to nonchalantly
maneuver my erection to a less confined position under my jeans, Donna
noticed and smiled.

"Are you getting uncomfortable, honey?"

"Um, yeah, a little, but I just need to shift it around, so it's not
trying to crawl down my pants leg."

"Here, let me help . . ." She made me stand a couple of steps down
and, grinning up at me, unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned the fly of my
Levi's. I moaned quietly as her fingers wrapped around the hardness of
my shaft and fished my cock from my briefs--then moaned louder when her
tongue flicked wetly over the swollen purple crown and down the

"Are you sure you want me to put this away? I don't want you to be
uncomfortable, but he sure looks like he could use some kisses," she

"So we won't be able to do any actual observing tonight, but you should
have that much more time to get acquainted with the equipment in the
observatory," we heard, as the sound of feet--lots of feet--reached us
in the quiet of the stairwell.

Shit! I frantically buttoned my jeans and dropped to the landing,
where Donna had grabbed the nearest notebook and flipped it open. As
the evening Astronomy 110 class rounded the landing at the bottom of
the final flight of stairs, we were huddled together over the open
notebook trying our damnedest not to laugh. Since my face was no doubt
at least as red as hers, I doubt the instructor fully accepted our
explanation that we'd simply been looking for a quiet spot to study. I
know at least one of the women in the class didn't because she sniffed
the air delicately and then whispered, "Sorry about that," as Donna and
I slipped down the stairs while the instructor opened the observatory

When we hit the sidewalk outside, we burst into laughter, holding onto
one another and laughing until we had to find a bench and collapse for
a few minutes to collect ourselves.

"Scratch classroom buildings," Donna giggled.

It was nearing ten o'clock, and we both had to deal with the eleven
o'clock weekday curfew at the dorms. We admitted temporary defeat in
our quest that night, and I walked Donna back to her dorm. As we
approached the ivy-covered brick building, she grabbed my hand and
dragged me behind some large evergreens.

"I can't let you go home in this condition," she whispered as she
reached for my belt buckle once more.

"What about you?" I asked, equally quiet. "If you're going to be left
hanging, certainly I can hold off for now, too."

"I can masturbate a lot more discreetly than you can," she replied,
grinning and sticking her tongue out at me. "Five minutes after
Janelle goes to sleep, I'll be enjoying a nice quiet little orgasm
under the covers."

Again my fly was open, my erection back in full force almost as soon as
Donna's hand enclosed it. We kissed hungrily, and I managed to slip a
hand under her sweater to caress a full, round breast while she stroked
me with mounting urgency. Okay, so maybe the mounting urgency was
mine, but Donna really knew how to use her hands. She dropped down to
her knees on the thick blanket of evergreen needles and flicked her
tongue up and down my shaft and all around the tip, all the while
stroking me gently in her hand. When she felt my cock beginning to
jerk and swell in her grip, she took half my length in one gulp and
drove me over the edge with the heat of her mouth and the maddening
dance of her tongue. I managed not to groan so loudly that I attracted
attention as Donna's mouth and hand milked me dry. Then she carefully
licked me clean, tucked my slowly deflating cock back inside my briefs
and stood to kiss me while she deftly re-buttoned my jeans. The salty
taste of my cum on her lips made my sleeping cock stir, but I resolved
to behave himself. Hand in hand, I walked her to the door of her dorm
where we shared a chaste good night kiss under the watchful eye of the
RA before I began the trek across campus to my own dorm.

Part Two -- The Quest Continues

The next evening after supper, I met Donna for our regular study
session at the Library. For about twenty minutes we were able to
concentrate on Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Romans, but then the
hormones started kicking in again in earnest. As good as it had felt
when Donna gave me the blow job outside her dorm the night before, I
would not be satisfied with half measures, and neither would she. We
had to find a place where we could safely get naked together and bring
one another to total orgasmic fulfillment. In our youthful idealism,
we could tolerate nothing less than the full success of our quest.

Unfortunately, neither of us had any brilliant flashes of inspiration
that day. Well, I'd had a couple, but they both revolved more around
what to do after we'd found a place and gotten naked.

"I talked to everyone I could collar among my off-campus friends
today," she sighed, "and none of them seems to be willing to give us
their place for a night, except one guy who insisted on being allowed
to stick around and photograph us."

"Same here. The only people I found who were willing either wanted to
join in or had some other strings attached I wasn't willing to accept."

We sat holding hands across the study table and sighed together, then
had to stifle our laughter. Surely two determined, resourceful, and
intelligent people could conquer a challenge this simple, right?

"Y'know," I whispered across the table, "I look at this as a personal
challenge now. The motel option is still there, but I'm betting we can
manage to find someplace else."

"I agree. We're supposed to be smart people, for God's sake! How
smart can we be if we can't do something as simple as finding a place
to screw each other silly?"

"Okay then, we're agreed. Do you feel up to a little stroll around the
campus, M'lady?"

"I think that's a wonderful idea, Sir Knight. I trust you plan for us
to seek a place where you can sheath your sword?"

"Oh, I know exactly where I want to sheath my sword," I chuckled as
Donna covered her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. "The question
is where shall we find a place where we can accomplish the sheathing?"

"Are we gonna play word games all night, or are we gonna look for a
place to play the games we really want to play?"

I took her hand, and we set out together on our journey of exploration.
Arms around each others waists, we strolled around the central campus
like any other young lovers, poking our noses into Jesse Hall, looking
for warm spots in McAllister Park, wandering through the Student Union
and the classroom buildings in the campus core. We didn't have much
luck, except we almost stepped on one couple making out near the
Columns. They must have been braver souls than we were--or hornier--
since the evening temperature was already in the 30s.

We got chased out of a couple of buildings by the night janitorial
staff, found a few potentially promising spaces--all either locked or
occupied, unfortunately--and kept up a running sotto voce dialogue
about what we were going to do once we did manage to find our magic
hideaway. Unfortunately for us, all we came up with that evening was
more frustration.

"This time it's your turn," I told Donna as we ducked into the
evergreens outside her dorm to say good night.

In spite of the chill, she eagerly complied, leaning back against the
brick wall of the old building and watching my every move as I pushed
her jeans down. We weren't going to be able to get her legs spread
enough for me to go down on her without getting one leg free of the
jeans, but as our tongues danced a complicated tango from mouth to
mouth, she was able to bend her knees enough to give my hand room to
maneuver a little. She whimpered into my mouth as my fingertips
lightly traced the outline of her pubic curls, then dipped between her
thighs to explore the contours of her outer labia, memorizing every
curve and hollow with soft caresses before moving inward. Her inner
lips were slick and hot, opening under the gentle urging of my fingers
and eliciting a moan from deep inside her when I began to probe, ever
so tenderly, between them. Her warm honey coated my fingers, and I
lifted them to my lips for a taste before slowly entering her with one,
then two, insistent digits.

Donna trembled and clung to me more tightly as I twisted my fingers
back and forth and slowly pumped them in and out of her cunt; she
wiggled and tried to imprison them in its velvet grip. Once I had my
fingers thoroughly slicked with her juices, I began to spread the silky
fluids upward, around her swollen clit. I was careful not to touch it.
Her kisses became hungrier and more demanding with each circuit my
fingers made around her clit--first dipping inside to caress her inner
walls, receiving a fresh coating of her nectar, then brushing up the
length of her slit. With each pass, I'd massage her throbbing clit a
little more with a finger on either side of it, manipulating the folds
of her clitoral hood so they caressed the little nub within.

She placed one hand over mine and directed me to the position and
rhythm she needed, my fingers now dancing in little circles around and
over her straining clit as she neared her orgasm. Suddenly, she began
to tremble violently and moaned into our kiss as it swept over her like
a massive series of ocean waves, each one further weakening her legs.
At last she pulled my hand away and drew her jeans up enough to allow
her to sit on the carpet of evergreen needles while her breathing

"Oh, baby, that was sooooo nice," she panted softly, her eyes
glittering as she watched me clean my soaking fingers with my tongue.

After a couple of minutes, she slid back up the wall and zipped her
jeans. Her legs were still trembling as we approached the door, and I
saw the RA looking at us oddly. Donna laughingly complained about me
running her until she was weak in the knees, and they exchanged knowing
grins as Donna explained I hadn't listened to her warning that it was
time to leave the Library. Another chaste good night kiss outside the
dormitory entrance and it was again time for me to return to the
solitude of my own narrow bed. As I undressed for bed, quietly and in
the dark so as not to awaken Alfred, I pondered my erect cock and
wondered if it wasn't time to accept defeat and admit that a motel was
the only viable option open to us.

Part Three -- Passionate Persistence

The next morning was a lecture hall day for Foundations of Western
Civilization, so Donna and I sat in the cavernous auditorium and
scribbled notes as we tried to keep up with the rambling lecture from
the professor who "taught" the course. Though neither of us had yet
spoken to him face-to-face, it was unlikely we ever would. Full
professors didn't deal with freshman in survey courses--that's what
teaching assistants were for. We both had an open period after the
lecture, so we decided to walk the two blocks over to The Shack and
examine the names and initials carved into the booths by prior
generations of Mizzou students, while we munched their famous burgers.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, when she commented that one of the names was
the same as mine, except it was followed by the date 10/10/47. "That's
my dad's inscription; he was a student here in '47 after he got out of
the Navy!" Donna laughed delightedly and kept examining the records
left by the penknives of countless students over the decades. The
Shack had been the University's landmark eatery in its location just
across from Jesse Hall and the Columns.

"Why does the name Mort Walker ring a bell?" she mused quietly at one
point. She showed me the inscription, and I laughed.

"Did you ever read `Beetle Bailey' or `Hi and Lois' in the newspaper

"The local paper carries `Beetle Bailey' . . . Oh, God; this is the
Mort Walker who writes that?"

"Yeah," I explained, "he was a student here, too. In fact, Beetle was
a freshman at Mizzou before he joined the Army."

We took our time over lunch as neither of us had a class until two that
afternoon. While we sipped thick, rich malts for dessert, we looked at
other old inscriptions carved into the table top, benches, and back
wall of our booth, making up little stories to go with some of them and
laughing happily.

When we reluctantly parted, it was with the agreement we'd meet as
usual on the third floor of the Library after dinner.

When I got to our accustomed study table, Donna was waiting there for
me with a frown darkening her normally happy face.

"What is it, baby?" I whispered, stepping around behind her to massage
her shoulders. She leaned back until her blue eyes met mine.

"Delay of game," she answered sadly. "I could tell at dinner tonight
I'm gonna be starting my period before tomorrow."

"Oh, fuck!" I growled quietly as I dropped into my chair opposite her.
"And here I thought I had good news for you: Alfred's going home for
the weekend." I held her hand gently in both of mine while she tried
to decide whether to laugh or cry at the irony.

"Doesn't it just figure?" she giggled, obviously opting for the
humorous interpretation rather than the tragic. I still wasn't so sure
it was funny, but I smiled back anyway. What the hell, I thought,
she's gonna feel bad enough the next few days without me pouting about
something we can't control.

"I don't suppose he normally goes back to Independence two weekends in
a row, huh?"

"Nope, every other weekend, like clockwork."

"Shit, and my folks are coming up for Parents' Weekend the week after
next," she sighed.

We went to work and got our homework out of the way, then strolled
quietly from the Library to Donna's dorm. There was no groping in the
bushes this night, just our usual kiss good night at the door. The
next several days it seemed as though even the weather was laughing at
our frustration, with a brief resurgence of Indian summer bringing
daytime temperatures in the 70s, falling into the low 60s in the

That next Tuesday morning when we met at the door outside the seminar
room where our class section met with the TA twice a week, Donna asked
me what I was grinning about. Rather than answering directly, I asked
how she was feeling now that her period was over.

"Wonderful, thanks; now what's so fucking funny?" she whispered.

"I'll tell you after class."

All through the discussion of the assigned readings from Plutarch, I
kept grinning, Donna kept kicking my ankle under the table, and the TA
kept giving us dirty looks. As soon as the class ended, she grabbed me
by the arm and dragged me out onto the sidewalk.

"Okay, Mr. Smartass," she demanded as she melted into my embrace,
"what's so damned funny?"

"What plans do you have for Saturday?" I asked, hugging her tightly.

"I thought maybe we could go see `Catch-22' over at the theater on
Broadway," she mused, "unless . . ." I saw comprehension dawn on her
face just before she dug her fingers into my ribs. "You sneaky
bastard!" she giggled. "You've found something, haven't you?"

"Some of the folks from the counseling center have gone in together to
rent a huge, old pre-Civil War farmhouse outside of town," I told her.
"If you're interested, we've got the use of one of the bedrooms
Saturday night if we're willing to help with cleanup and painting
during the day. We can stay through Sunday, and someone will give us a
ride back into town before Sunday night curfew at the dorms."

We caught a few amused looks from passers-by as Donna leaped from the
ground and wrapped her legs around my hips, kissing me passionately
enough to raise the surrounding air temperature by a good ten degrees.

"Let's go get lunch," she whispered as she nibbled my earlobe. "You're
gonna need your strength."

The rest of the week dragged on, with classes and our evening study
dates in the Library and the usual demands of a full course load never
enough to keep our minds off the weekend ahead for very long. Somehow,
though, we survived. When I left her at the entrance of her dorm on
Friday night, we agreed I'd meet her in the same spot at seven the next
morning and we'd walk together to where my friend Donny would pick us
up in his VW microbus to drive out to the farmhouse.

Part Four -- At Long Last Lust

Saturday was a classic autumn day: clear, bright and cool. I don't
think it was the chill air, though, that accounted for the flush in
Donna's cheeks when I picked her up at her dorm that morning. I had my
spare clothing and toiletries in a backpack, so I took her small travel
bag and carried it as we walked over to the counseling center, each of
us with an arm around the other's waist. Donna had taken advantage of
the communal kitchen in the old dorm to bake a huge batch of blueberry
muffins, which she then packed to bring along for people to munch with
their coffee as we worked on the old farmhouse. The aroma of the fresh
baked goods was almost as enticing as the scent of her hair as we
walked the six blocks to the center.

There were ten of us going out in Donny's bus, so I had to "suffer"
with Donna snuggled on my lap during the fifteen minute drive out to
the farm. She teased and tantalized me, wiggling her warm bottom in my
lap, kissing my ears and neck, and whispering about what would happen
that night when we retired to the privacy of our room. I retaliated by
slipping one hand up under her tattered sweatshirt and brushing my
fingers across her belly and up to the undersides of her breasts. My
fingertips brushed upward softly until they just barely contacted the
edges of her areola, then retreated, only to repeat the cycle again on
the other breast. I traced every curve of her magnificent breasts in
this way--except her aching nipples. By the time the short ride was
over, I was pretty sure she had a small wet spot in the crotch of her
jeans, though it was much less obvious than the pulsating bulge in

We were given a quick tour of the old place, a large brick Georgian
design with massive chimneys at either end. It had been built in 1856
by a man who was to become a Union-sympathizing judge during the Civil
War. Some people claimed the place was haunted by the ghosts of
Confederates he'd had hung from the ancient oak trees out front. The
house had a huge kitchen and even larger living and dining rooms on the
first floor, a small room that had been a library, six smallish
bedrooms and two nearly new baths on the second floor, and four smaller
general purpose rooms on the third floor. Donna and I had been
assigned to one of the guestrooms on the second floor, sparsely
furnished with a double bed, an old wing chair, a dresser with a
stained mirror, and a nightstand. To us it was a bridal suite, if only
because the massive oak door and the thick old interior walls were, we
were assured with a grin, almost soundproof. We deposited our luggage
on the bed and rejoined the group around the coffeepot in the kitchen.
The group ate and praised Donna's muffins as we split up the tasks to
be done that day; then we all turned to and got to work.

Donna and I were part of the group painting the living room, and I was
surprised at the level of discipline and craftsmanship everyone brought
to the job. With a liberal use of drop cloths and a little time to
make sure bare wood was masked, we managed to cover every inch of the
walls with a fresh coat of pale yellow paint with hardly a drop
spilled. What spills there were seemed to land on people, not surfaces
we wanted to protect. By one in the afternoon, we were cleaning up
brushes and rollers, setting them out on the wraparound porch to dry,
when Donny pulled up with a busload of pizzas and beer. Barb Mueller
promised us a home-cooked curry for dinner. We moved our materials
into the library as soon as we'd eaten our fill of pizza.

Dan Franklin, the director of the counseling center, talked though the
afternoon about plans to use the farmhouse as a retreat center for the
staff. As one of the student directors, I agreed it was something we
could use, since it was surprisingly stressful work at times,
especially working the Acid Rescue lines and counseling pregnant women
three years before Roe v. Wade. At that time, even advising a pregnant
woman on where abortions could be obtained was illegal in the state of

We mainly did preliminary screenings and helped women interested in
adoption or keeping their babies to get in touch with appropriate
support resources and to think about how to deal with families,
boyfriends, etc. Women who wanted abortions were referred to a group
of volunteer clergy who had accepted the risk of maintaining guides to
places in the country it was possible to obtain such services legally
and safely. The theory was that merely referring someone to a third
party that did the actual referrals for abortions insulated us from
felony charges if the state ever decided to play hardball.

We had similar protective rules because of our involvement with Acid
Rescue and runaway counseling; no one was EVER allowed to bring any
illegal substances into the center. More than once, the Columbia cops
had come in and searched the building looking for drugs, but the worst
they'd found had been a bottle of Boone's farm wine in a fridge.
Alcohol being considered almost a required food group at Mizzou, we'd
never been hassled for that but were convinced if they ever came in and
found so much as a dime bag of grass, we'd all be busted.

In any event, the idea of having some place away from the center where
the staff could come and do encounter sessions and workshops, receive
additional training, and just shoot the breeze together made a lot of
sense to me. I promised Dan that the staff in my area would make
contributions to the rent in order to have use of the facility.

We got so caught up in the discussion as we worked that we almost
didn't realize we were done painting the library until it was time
again to clean our tools. The smell of the chicken curry, which Barb
Mueller had been cooking all afternoon, had permeated the whole house
by the time we were done, and we sped through the cleanup and a quick
change of clothes before dinner was served around the large old tables
in the dining room. They say hunger is the best sauce, and we tore
into the curry--which was served with brown rice, mango chutney, and
Indian flat bread--with a relish.

The conversation was lively and interesting; this was truly an
exceptional group for the most part. Ordinarily, Donna and I would
have been in the thick of it until everyone just passed out from
fatigue and the jugs of red Italian wine being doled out so liberally.
About eight o'clock, though, Donna caught my eye and explained to the
group that she'd been up early to bake the muffins so it was soon going
to be her bedtime. We received a few knowing grins from those who knew
us and knew of our quest for a private space, as we said our good

And then the time arrived. We closed the heavy oak door of our room
and made sure it was latched (though there was no lock), then looked
around in wonder before looking at one another.

Part Five -- Together at Last

"I love you, Mike," Donna sighed as she moved to me and melted into my

"Baby, I love you, too. I can't believe we're finally alone."

Donna pushed me back until my knees hit the edge of the bed, and I sat,
watching her as she moved around the room. She turned out the bedside
lamp and left the two lamps on the dresser lit so that the room was
illuminated but not so brightly that we had lights shining in our eyes.

Silently, she motioned me to raise up as she pulled back the covers on
the bed, then had me sit again. Finally, still without having spoken a
word, she faced me and slipped out of her tennis shoes. I began to
undress, but she gestured for me to wait.

"I want this to be special," she said quietly, a brilliant smile
brightening the room. "You sit there and let me undress for you, and
then we'll get you naked, okay?" Who was I to argue with that?

Donna peeled off the sweater she'd worn to dinner and draped it over
the back of the chair. Turning back to face me, she kept her eyes on
my face as she unbuttoned her chambray work shirt and untucked it from
her jeans. It parted to reveal the inner curves of her breasts almost
to her nipples, and Donna smiled to herself as she deliberately
unbuttoned each shirt cuff in turn. Still wearing the shirt, she
slowly unbuttoned the fly of her jeans, and I had a shadowed vista of
the perfection that was her breasts when she bent forward. Slowly,
teasingly, she slid the jeans down over her slender hips and tapered
thighs until they dropped to the floor. The rich brown curls of her
pubis mesmerized me as she stepped out of the puddle of denim around
her ankles. Only as she stepped toward the bed did she allow the
chambray shirt to slide down her arms and fall to the floor behind her.

My eyes drank in the vision before me: the wild mane of brown curls,
that gorgeous body. Then she paused to let those blue eyes possess
mine, and I smiled back, her satisfied smile curving her full, red
lips. She stood like Boticelli's Venus and let me memorize the complex
curves of her marvelous breasts, so proud and full and firm, with a
slight upward tilt at their ends that left each of her nipples pointing
slightly up and away from the centerline of her body. The lustrous
brown curls at the base of her belly were trimmed neatly, drawing the
eye, without obscuring the soft folds beneath them. I followed the
slender curve of her legs down until I saw the pale pink polish she'd
applied to her toenails, then looked back to her face and felt my smile
nearly splitting my face.

Donna stepped quickly to the side of the bed before I could move and
begin to unbutton my shirt. She sighed and cooed with pleasure as my
fingers traced the curves of her torso. Then she cupped the soft
weight of her breasts and bent to unbutton and unzip my jeans. She
slid my shirt off and tossed it over her shoulder to join hers on the
floor before pulling me to my feet and kneeling to tug my jeans and
briefs to the floor. As I sat back on the bed, she smiled and briefly
kissed the swollen head of my thoroughly erect cock, her soft breasts
caressing my thighs. Finally, she slipped my socks off before pushing
me onto my back and sliding into the bed on top of me.

My arms went around her waist, my hands sliding down to caress the taut
curves of her ass, and we shared a kiss as soft and clinging as our
first. Her curly bush tickled my balls as we slowly kissed one
another, tongues playing lazily, lips exploring each other's face and
neck. Our hands slowly and softly memorized the curves and hollows of
our young bodies as we moved toward union. Without pausing in our
kisses and caresses, we inched our way to the middle of the bed before
I turned her onto her back and let my trailing kisses move down her
throat and lower. I traced the curve of her collarbones with my tongue
while her fingers moved through my hair and her sighs filled my ears.

When I reached her breasts, I began to worship them with soft, little
kisses, each one a discrete pressing of lips and tongue to warm, soft
skin before moving to the next. My kisses resolved themselves into a
pattern, and I felt Donna's anticipation rise as my kisses spiraled
closer and closer to her erect nipple just as my right hand closed over
her left breast and felt its hard tip burning into my palm. I
flickered my tongue wetly over and around the swollen bud of her
nipple, drawing a low moan from her throat and causing her to hold my
mouth more tightly against her breast. She relented and allowed me to
move when I kissed across the valley between to devote my attention to
her other breast, my left hand continuing to tease and caress the one I
had been kissing.

After several minutes, Donna caught me by surprise and pushed me onto
my back. For the first time, I felt the softness of a woman's tongue
lightly teasing my own nipples and the soft tug as her teeth closed on
them gently. I think she could tell by my gasp and the way my cock
jerked in response that I enjoyed it, because I heard a low chuckle.
Her thick, dark hair brushed the skin of my belly as she trailed her
kisses lower. When I felt the wet warmth of her tongue lapping ever so
softly in the hollow between my hipbone and the top of my thigh, I
thought I was about to lose my mind, but Donna was just getting

"I'm going to make you crazy, lover," she whispered, "and then I'm
going to make you come in my mouth so that when you finally get inside
me you don't explode."

She was right, too--she was making me crazy. She spread my legs and
nuzzled her nose against my balls, licking them gently. Her hands
wandered all over my body, with one exception: she wasn't touching my
cock with either her hands or her mouth yet. When I was about to start
begging for the touch of her lips on my cock, she ran her tongue up its
underside and then just engulfed the head in her heated mouth, her
tongue dancing madly over the supersensitive tissue of my swollen
glans. Her hand cupped and tickled my aching balls as she sucked me
into her mouth, her tongue never ceasing its dance around the head and
shaft of my cock. It must have taken about a minute, maybe less,
before I felt my balls tighten, and I nearly shredded the sheets in my
hands when I began to shoot heavily into her mouth. She greedily
sucked up every drop that spurted from me, her sucking slowing and
becoming more gentle as the spurts subsided, until she left me clean
except for the moisture of her saliva coating my still semi-erect

When my feeble brain resumed its functioning, I took Donna's hands and
pulled her up beside me. Her lips were almost feverish when they met
mine and our kisses so incendiary that I'm surprised the old house
didn't simply burst into flame. I began to explore my way down her
neck, seeking out those little spots where I'd learned she loved to be
kissed. Her warm, soft hand caressed my cock back to full hardness
even before my kisses reached her breasts.

"Mike? Baby?"

"Um . . . yes, love?" I fluttered the tip of my tongue over and around
one swollen red nipple.

"Oh, God, that feels good, but, honey, I really wanna feel you inside
me; we've been waiting too long to put it off anymore." I couldn't
disagree. God knows we'd extended our foreplay long enough. I knew
Donna's only reason for the incredible blowjob she'd just given me had
been to ensure I didn't explode the moment I entered her.

"Donna, I'll confess. As much as I want to taste you right now, I want
even more to finally feel myself inside you." She smiled and squeezed
my cock playfully.

"Then quit talking and fuck me, damn it!" she giggled as she gently
guided me between her wet labia. The heat of her slick inner flesh
made me moan at that first contact, which would probably have amused
her if she hadn't been responding in kind.

"Why can't we do both?" I gasped, forcing myself to hold back and enter
her slowly. Our hips moved in rhythm already, each of us savoring the
slow, inch-by-inch merging of our bodies.

"You tease," Donna moaned, her brilliant smile almost melting me with
its warmth, "let's see how you like it." And she tightened her inner
muscles so that I could only withdraw until I was almost out of her,
before relaxing and allowing me to slide in deeper on the next thrust.

"Oh, you don't want to be teased?" I grinned, thrusting deeper this
time as I felt her slippery inner walls pulsing around my invading
cock. We rocked together slowly until we could feel the meshing of our
pubic hair and then paused, looking with wonder into each other's eyes.
The realization that we were finally achieving what we'd sought for so
long was upon us.

"Baby?" Donna whispered hoarsely, staring into my eyes while my cock
twitched inside her and her pussy milked me gently with its rhythmic,
rippling pulsations.

"What, sweetheart?" I was slowly withdrawing, the silky caress of her
cunt making the head of my cock swell even more.

"Fuck me--now."

"Like this?" I thrust myself deep inside her, her hips rising to meet

"Deeper," she purred, her heels digging into my ass, her nails digging
slightly into the sides of my waist.

"Oh fuck yes!" Both of us thrust against the other, our sweat already
dampening our skin.

"Fuck! Harder!" she cried.

"Baby, yes! God, you feel good!"

Donna whimpered in my ear as I licked and nibbled her breasts. Our
hands roamed over each other's body, and we pushed against one another
harder and faster, gasping and panting. The big, old bed creaked,
protesting our athletic endeavors, but we didn't care at that point who
heard us or what they thought. All that mattered was the incredible
waves of pleasure we were feeling and the greater pleasure we

"Coming!" Donna moaned. "Oh, baby, fuck me more!"

"Yes, baby, come!" I could feel the spasms inside her as the first
string of orgasms led to a second and then a third--and then the CRASH
as the bottom slat of the bed frame snapped and the mattress fell to
the floor.

We froze for a moment, staring at each other. Then, giggling like
naughty little children, we ignored the interruption and resumed our
rhythm. Moans and grunts and whispers of obscene encouragement
continued as each of us acted as the cheerleader for the other's drive
to orgasm, and I could sense that Donna was on the edge of another
wave, when someone knocked at the door.

"Are you guys okay?" I heard Barb, my co-director, laughing from the

"Just fine," Donna giggled so hard she almost forced me out of her.
"We'll be even better soon."

"Oh! Well, as long as you're enjoying yourselves . . ." And the sound
of laughter faded as we heard the door across the hallway close.

Laughter fought with passion or, more accurately, fed it for some
perverse reason. Donna's heels were digging into the small of my back,
and I was supporting myself above her on my hands, driving into her
with all my strength now. We weren't about to allow minor distractions
like a collapsed bed or the likelihood of being heard to distract us

"Come for me, Mike!" Donna moaned. "I'm gonna come again--oh shit!

"Donna! Come, baby! Oh, Jesus, I'm almost . . ." And all I could
manage was a gasp as I felt my body stiffen, my cock buried deep in her
spasming pussy. It felt as though I was shooting my whole being
through my cock and into her depths as my balls contracted and emptied
themselves inside her. I felt her teeth sinking into the meaty part of
my shoulder and heard her muffled scream. Our bodies shook like leaves
in the raw autumn wind for what seemed an eternity.

I collapsed over her, only my elbows supporting my weight so that I
didn't crush her while we drew great shuddering breaths into our
starved lungs. Donna's legs slowly relaxed the death grip they'd held
on my hips, and we smiled at one another like conspirators whose plot
had finally succeeded.

I saw Donna's eyes widen and the beginning of her giggle just as
something icy touched the small of my back, and my shriveling erection
slipped from her as I howled.

There was Barb, clad in panties and a tee shirt proclaiming "Queen
Bitch," laughing and holding out a jug of chilled Chablis, already
dripping with condensation.

"From the sound of things, I thought you guys might need a drink," she
giggled. Donna laughed and reached for the bottle.

"I can't imagine what would give you that idea," she laughed as she
took a deep drink and passed the bottle to me before pulling the
comforter up against the cool air raising gooseflesh on our naked,
sweaty bodies. As I looked from one of them to the other, Barb
snuggled under the comforter on the other side of me, and Donna told me
to either take a drink or pass the bottle back, still laughing

I gave in to the absurdity of the moment and joined in their giggles.
Donna reached an arm over and hugged Barb and I both when I passed the
bottle to Barb. I admit it felt strange to be lying between two women,
one of them my naked lover and the other my friend and coworker,
sharing a bottle of wine as though we were sitting on a couch
discussing the weather. I found out that Barb, who lived in the same
dormitory as Donna, had been her confidante as well as mine through our
weeks of frustration.

"Now that you two have finally released some of those pent-up
hormones," Barb offered, "I suppose we can either put the bed back
together or you can just come across the hall and sleep in my room."
Before I could get a word in, she was tossing Donna her sweater and
panties and handing me my flannel shirt and the briefs, which had been
lying in the pile of clothing by the bed.

"I think we'll move in with you, if you don't mind," Donna answered
with a smile. As I played the part of the clueless male (no great
stretch at the time) and tried to frame a response, both women were
still laughing, and Donna took another long pull at the wine bottle.

"It's not like you and I never slept together, Mike," Barb laughed.

"Yeah, on the couch in the office when we were both too tired to go
home," I countered. "This is a little different."

"Relax, baby," Donna giggled from my other side, "I'll be there to
protect your virtue." Realizing that they were both serious and
knowing that Donna and I were probably spent for the night anyway, I
gave in to the logic of their arguments, and the three of us covered
ourselves and padded across the hall to Barb's room. I did gape a bit
when Barb peeled off her tee shirt before slipping under the covers,
but Donna just smiled and dropped her sweater onto a chair. After
helping me shed the flannel shirt I'd donned, she pushed me into the
middle of the bed and took the bottle from the blonde imp still
chuckling on my other side.

The wine and the warmth streaming from the Buck stove soon had their
effect, and I could feel consciousness slipping away from me even as
the two women continued talking into the night.

Part Six -- New Beginnings

I was disoriented when I awoke, though I knew wherever I was, it was
warm and comfortable. The realization that there was a soft female
body snuggled up on either side of me caused the whole of the previous
night to flood back in on me just as Donna kissed my cheek and cuddled

"Good morning, love," she whispered. "Sleep well?"

I kissed her tenderly, those soft, warm lips bringing me fully awake,
before returning her whispered greeting and assuring her I'd slept like
a rock.

"Don't bother whispering," Barb muttered sleepily from the other side.
"I'm awake, too."

I felt the strange sensation of warm, firm breasts pressing into both
sides of my chest as the two women hugged each other and me, but tried
to ignore it just as I tried to ignore my morning erection. The sound
of sleet striking the window discouraged any of us from wanting to get
out of the warm bed too soon, but a full bladder and the women's
insistence that I should feed the baked fire in the stove made it plain
I was going to have to get up soon. I tried concentrating on the image
of the icy sleet outside in an attempt to rid myself of my erection
before complying, but the feel of their nearly naked bodies on either
side of me wasn't helping a bit. Donna reaching down and tracing my
hard cock with her fingertips through my briefs only made it less
likely to go away.

"I don't think he wants you to know he's got a hard-on," she told Barb
in a stage whisper, then laughed.

"Oh shit!" Barb giggled. "Like I've never felt it poking against my
butt when we woke up on the couch." Both of them were taking obvious
delight in my embarrassment.

"You have to admit that was just a little bit different," I tried to
protest, but they cut me off.

"We won't make fun of you," Donna assured me, "but you'd better get
that fire going if you expect either of us to get out of this warm bed

Aside from a muffled giggle or two, they were true to their word as I
slipped from the bed with my erection tenting the front of my briefs.
I fed some wood into the stove and retreated across the hall for our
jeans before looking for an unoccupied bathroom. On my way back, I
detoured downstairs and brought back three large mugs of coffee, but
they insisted I lose the jeans before they'd let me back under the warm
blankets. While we waited for the stove to do its thing, we sipped our
coffee, and I gradually accepted that my lover and my friend were in
some sort of conspiracy and all I could do was go along with events.

All too soon, Donny was knocking at the door and calling us downstairs
for breakfast; then it was another day of cleaning and fixup on the old
place. We worked until nearly dark with just a quick break when
someone delivered McDonald's burgers for lunch. By late Sunday
afternoon, the old place was looking pretty good considering most of
the furnishings were either castoffs or Salvation Army specials. It
was a tired but contented group that flopped down in the living room of
the old house just off campus that served as the new offices of the
counseling center. Before everyone dispersed to their own apartments
and dorms, we devoured a sizable stack of pizzas, shared a few bottles
of cheap red wine, and Donna and I endured at least six retellings of
the Saga of the Broken Bed Frame. I walked Donna and Barb back to
their dorm and got my customary big parting hug from Barb; then it was
time to say good night to my darling.

"I hope you weren't too embarrassed about Barb," Donna whispered with a
smile. "She's been so sweet to me through this whole thing that I
couldn't deny her a chance to share in the glow afterward." She
wrapped her arms around my neck and melted against my body as we kissed
tenderly, the hunger we'd felt still there but tempered now with the
satisfaction of having finally satisfied our desire--at least for the

"You forget that Barb is my buddy, too," I grinned back at her as I
hugged her tightly. "At least she waited until we were done before she
decided to join us." With a long final hug we parted for the night,
knowing that this was just the first chapter in a new phase of our

Over the next few weeks we fell into a new routine, studying together
during the week and still necking passionately most nights before we
parted, but we were much more relaxed now, secure in the knowledge that
the weekends would be ours to share. On Friday nights we'd hitch a
ride with whoever was heading out to the farmhouse and retire early to
the (now reinforced) bed in what had become "our" room, where we'd make
love until we dropped into an exhausted sleep.

Saturdays were for working on the house and the grounds, fashioning the
old place into a retreat center, which was all the more impressive in
that it was funded almost entirely from the pockets of a bunch of
college students. Saturday nights, people would take turns cooking,
and everyone in residence would sit up late, talking about what had
happened during the preceding week at the center, politics, music--the
usual bull sessions that most college students seem to thrive upon.
Again, Donna and I would slip off to our own little sanctuary and share
our bodies, our fantasies, and our love until sleep took us away. Most
Sundays we were awakened early by Barb sliding into our bed with coffee
for three, and the three of us would cuddle and talk until breakfast
time. Then it was back to work and back to town to start another week.

Part Seven -- Unexpected Developments

One Friday night in early January, shortly after we'd all returned from
Christmas break, I had the evening shift at the counseling center and
promised Donna that I had a ride secured and would meet her at the
farmhouse in time for bed. When I arrived at the farm about 10:30,
Sherry, one of the other volunteers, pulled me aside.

"I think you should get upstairs," she told me quietly, a deep frown
creasing her normally cheerful face.

"I plan to," I replied with what I hoped was a nonchalant smile,
curious as to what was troubling Sherry but even more anxious to feel
Donna's naked body in my arms.

"Men!" Sherry snorted, punching me lightly on the shoulder. "I mean
that Barb's up there crying on Donna's shoulder and I think Donna could
use a little help. You may be a horny bastard, but you're a good
counselor, and I think Barb needs one tonight." Concerned now, I
thanked Sherry for the warning and hauled my backpack up to "our" room.
Just as she'd said, Donna and Barb were sitting on the big bed, Barb
now weeping quietly with her blonde head resting on Donna's shoulder.

Donna looked at me as I entered and signaled me to be quiet, but to
join them, so I slipped quietly onto the bed and gingerly laid my hand
on Barb's shoulder. Startled, she turned and looked at me, not even
realizing at first who had intruded on her grief. Then recognition set
in, and she turned from Donna, wrapped her arms around my neck, and
began to sob openly once again as Donna rubbed her neck and I tried to
comfort her with hugs.

"That prick she was dating from back home gave her the kiss-off this
afternoon," Donna told me quietly. I could see the sparks of anger in
my lover's normally tranquil blue eyes. "He didn't even have the
decency to tell her face-to-face over break; he fucked her all through
the holidays, then called her this afternoon to tell her he's been
seeing someone else since November and decided he didn't want to carry
on a long-distance relationship anymore."

"Oh, Barb, honey," I murmured, stroking her long blonde hair and
rocking her gently in my arms, "I'm so sorry." If I could have gotten
my hands on that asshole right then, I'd have knocked him on his ass
for causing the pain I saw in her eyes and heard in her voice.

Donna leaned over Barb's shoulder and kissed me softly on the lips.
Her arms surrounded us both, and she and I did our best to comfort the
grieving little blonde. We let her talk it out, offering encouraging
comments and gentle hugs and caresses until at last she seemed to be
all cried out for the night. When Barb reached the stage where she was
resting passively in my arms, exhausted from crying, Donna slipped
quietly down to the now-deserted kitchen and brought back a half-empty
bottle of Chablis from the fridge. She urged Barb to take a big drink
before taking one herself, finally passing the bottle to me. She was
as tender as a mother with a newborn infant when she fetched a
washcloth from the bathroom and wiped Barb's tear-streaked face while
Barb leaned back against my chest.

Barb accepted her ministrations like a child, offering her face to the
cloth and then settling back to snuggle up against my chest.
Wordlessly, Donna signed for me to stretch out on the bed, and Barb
followed my lead, curling up between Donna and me. I figured she'd
probably be asleep soon from sheer exhaustion and realized Donna was
planning on Barb spending the night in our bed.

I wasn't surprised when Donna quietly urged Barb to raise her hips
while she pulled the blonde woman's blue jeans down and dropped them on
the floor. Then, ever so gently, she eased her out of the white
peasant blouse she was wearing, leaving Barb lying there in pink cotton
panties. What did surprise me was Donna coming around the bed to kiss
me softly, then moving toward the bedroom door.

"Honey? . . ." I whispered, puzzled.

"You be sweet to her, you hear?" Donna told me quietly. "I think she
needs to be reminded that not all men are shits right now. I'll be
across the hall in her bed when you wake up."

"But, Donna, I don't think . . ." I protested.

"You sure don't, baby, but I love ya anyway," she giggled. "I know you
love me, Mike, but you love Barb, too, in a way." She came back to the
bedside and kissed me deeply. "Now's the time for you to be here for
her, when she really needs you. I'm not saying she's gonna want your
body, or anyone else's, tonight, but if she does, don't you be mean to
her, is that understood?" Donna slipped across the hall and was gone.

Oh well, I thought, it's not like I haven't slept with the woman
before--even wearing as little as she's wearing now. And Donna's
right, she needs someone to hold her tonight and reassure her that
she's still loved. (Isn't rationalization a wonderful thing?)

Whatever the reason, I stretched out on the bed and took Barb in my
arms, her face nestled against the front of my shirt. I think I had
every intention of going to sleep, just cuddling her as I had so many
nights back at the counseling center. I knew she'd had a terrible
evening, and I truly was concerned that this young women, one of my
closest friends, had been so deeply hurt. Whether she'd discussed them
with Donna earlier or not, apparently Barb had other ideas.

I had just gotten comfortable and was about to start drifting off to
sleep when it dawned on me that Barb was awake. I think my first clue
was when she began to unbutton my shirt and I felt her warm, wet tongue
teasing one of my nipples. I do remember an involuntary "Oh God"
creeping past my lips at about that point. As she unbuttoned and
kissed her way down my chest, I pushed her straight blonde hair aside
and kissed the nape of her neck. Barb kept kissing further down my
chest and belly, and I kissed and licked my way down her back, just as
she was doing, until teasing turned to hunger and we twisted around on
our sides so that her soft blonde fur was tickling my nose.

Even as Barb was spreading her thighs on either side of my head, I felt
her tongue lapping softly around the crown of my cock. Her scent drew
me in like a moth to the flame, my tongue flicking out to taste her as
I parted her lips delicately with my fingers. We started softly,
teasingly, but it didn't last long before we were each trying to devour
the other's sex, our hands moving over one another's bodies. Barb's
juices were thick and hot, almost syrupy, with a scent and taste that
made me want to crawl inside her. She was moaning loudly around my
cock, which she'd managed to get almost all the way into her mouth, and
her head was bobbing rapidly back and forth. Although this was
incredibly arousing to me, I knew I was a long way from coming. Barb
seemed to have no such inhibitions--several times I felt her stiffen
and shiver while I teased and explored her with my tongue.

"Fuck me, Mike," she panted when she finally let me slip from her lips
for a moment. "I just want to fuck like bunnies and forget everything
else for a while."

Only too happy to oblige, I disengaged from our sixty-nine and slipped
behind Barb where she knelt in the middle of the bed. Her hand reached
for me and guided me to her entrance. I felt her opening around me as
we pushed against each other, and in seconds I was deep inside her,
both of us thrusting together as if to merge our bodies into one flesh.
The rhythmic sounds of our coupling were only broken when one or the
other of us would shift into a new position as we sought to increase
each other's pleasure and our own. Soon enough Barb's short, unpainted
nails were digging into my shoulders as she arched beneath me, at the
same time that I felt myself shuddering all over and emptying myself
into her clutching depths.

Exhausted but far from sated, we collapsed together in a tangled heap,
hands still exploring and caressing and mouths meeting in a long, wet
kiss even as we gasped for breath.

"Mike, I love you," Barb said, smiling and letting a tear trickle down
her cheek. "Not that I want to take you from Donna--I love both of you
so much. But you've made me feel so loved--so desirable--when I felt
so shitty earlier tonight."

"You are loved, babe," I smiled back at her. "You know how much I care
about you, and obviously Donna does, too"

"Donna--my God, the poor silly bitch is sleeping all alone in the other
room on what's supposed to be her big night of the week!"

"Well apparently she felt you needed it more than she did tonight.
I'll just have to be extra nice to her tomorrow, or rather today."

"Ummmmm . . ."

"What is it, Barb?"

"Does she have to wait? I bet we could wake her up really nicely."

I sat bolt upright in the bed and looked at Barb, who smiled back at me
like the Cheshire cat. I couldn't believe it. Barb and I had been
making love for nearly an hour, and here I thought she'd really been
into it. Was she telling me she was a lesbian and had only been
fucking me to get to my girlfriend? My confusion must have been as
plain as though it had been printed on my face, because Barb began to
laugh quietly and wrapped her arms around me to pull me down into a

"Are you gonna tell me you wouldn't like to make it with both of us
together?" she asked me, giggling.

"You're bi?" I knew I was looking at her like a typical stupid male,
but what the hell, I was a typical stupid male.

"Does that freak you out? More to the point, do you think it would
freak Donna out?"

I had to admit that I had no idea how Donna would react to another
woman making love to her, with or without me present. I didn't have to
tell Barb how much the idea turned me on, as the answer to that
question was pulsing insistently against the soft skin of her belly.

I pulled on my jeans, Barb wrapped herself in the sheet, and we slipped
across the darkened hallway into the room that was normally Barb's.
Donna was burrowed down under the covers, curled up in a ball like a
sleeping kitten with only the dark mop of curls showing above the top
of the quilt. As quietly as possible, Barb and I slipped under the
covers on either side of her and snuggled up close. Donna murmured
something in her sleep and burrowed her face into my shoulder, one hand
slipping down to curl lightly around my semi-erect cock, but there was
no sign of her waking out of her sound slumber. I saw Barb looking at
me with raised eyebrows as if to ask whether I thought we should wake
her or let her sleep. I shrugged and smiled at her in the semi-
darkness; having agreed to this, I wasn't willing to wait too long for
Donna's reaction.

I let my hands begin to wander over her body, tracing her lovely curves
so lightly I was barely touching her skin. Occasionally, my hand met
Barb's as she was also exploring the sleeping form between us, and we'd
pause to exchange a caress. After a minute or two of this delicate
treatment, Donna's face turned upward, and her lips met mine; then her
eyes opened, and I could feel her smile against my lips. Sudden
awareness seemed to awaken her fully, and she looked over her shoulder
at Barb nestled up behind her and smiling.

"I hope this ape was nice to you, sweetheart," she whispered to Barb
even as her hand was bringing me to full erection again.

"Oh, he was, girl, he was!" Barb replied with a giggle. Donna turned
onto her back, and Barb and I each laid our head on opposite shoulders
as her arms went around us and hugged us tightly.

"See, Baby?" Donna turned to me with a smile. "That wasn't so hard,
was it?"

"No, honey, it was fine once I was sure you were okay with it."

"In fact," Barb added, "that's why we're here--I didn't want to wait
until morning to thank you for being so generous when I really needed
it." Her fingers passed over and around Donna's on my shaft and balls,
and I could feel Donna caressing Barb's hand much as Barb and I had
traded caresses while we were stroking Donna just minutes earlier.
That she had no problem sharing me with Barb had been plain since the
moment she'd walked out of the other bedroom, but I was still uncertain
how she'd feel about the three of us sharing a bed for something more
than cuddling and conversation.

That issue seemed to be resolving itself, too, when Donna turned to
Barb and the little blonde kissed her gently. I could see Donna's lips
part a fraction of a second before Barb's, and the thought of my girl
sharing a French kiss with my good friend caused my erection to twitch
in anticipation of more to come. When they broke the kiss, Donna
turned to look at me inquiringly, and I smiled at her.

"Like Barb said, she wanted to thank you," I whispered, "and I agreed
that it shouldn't be put off until morning."

"Well, I didn't think the two of you woke me in the middle of the night
because you had an overwhelming desire for conversation," Donna purred.
"At least you'd better not have--not after getting me so aroused."

That seemed to eliminate any hesitation on my part or Barb's. We both
began to caress Donna, who seemed to relish being the center of our
attention and absorbed our affection like a sponge. She kissed me
deeply, then turned to Barb and kissed her just as passionately before
pulling the two of us close enough that we could share a kiss across
her recumbent form.

From that point on, things are a little less distinct in my memory.
Oh, there are moments that are still vivid in my mind--Barb's tongue
meeting mine over the hard nub of Donna's clit and the incredible
sensation of two warm, wet tongues caressing my cock--but most of the
details are lost in a sensual haze. When I finally jetted my semen
deep inside Donna's spasming vaginal sheath, she was busy bringing Barb
off with her fingers, while Barb's fingers were caressing the two of us
at the point where we were joined. Sated, or maybe just exhausted
physically and emotionally, the three of us fell asleep in a tangled
heap as soon as I'd drawn the covers back up over us.

I wasn't certain as I drifted off what the future would bring, but I
hoped the three of us would be able to hold on to what we'd felt that
night. It wasn't only the incredible sensations inherent in making
love to two lovely and responsive women at once, but the emotional bond
I'd felt rippling among us as well. I knew it wouldn't always be easy,
but something told me the three of us had something more than lust and
a love of exploration in common.

The coming weeks and months would test us singly and together, and
there were pitfalls and triumphs ahead we could never have foreseen
that night, but for the time being we simply curled up together and
slept, willing to face the future as it came.

[Donna, Mike, and Barb will return. Their story is just beginning.]

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: The Shack is no longer there, having finally succumbed
to "progress" and the dominance of the fast food chains. But Mort
Walker, who took up sculpture in his later years, created a bronze in
1992 that will forever memorialize that glorious beer and burger joint.
It depicts young Mizzou freshman Beetle Bailey sitting in one of The
Shack's dark wood booths, carving his initials into the table for
posterity. Who knows, maybe he was leaving his mark just before paying
a visit to his sister Lois and her new husband Hi en route to Camp
Swampy and forty years as a private in the Army. The sculpture sits in
Pocket Park on the Mizzou campus.]
NOTE TO READERS: This story is set in a time before the beginning of
the AIDS epidemic. Even then, unprotected sex carried a serious risk
of contracting a sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis or

Today, HIV may linger undetected in the bloodstream of an infected
individual for ten years or longer. Some infected persons never do
develop full-blown AIDS, but they can still pass on the virus.
Because there is no cure for AIDS available today, or any sign that
one will be available in the foreseeable future, having unprotected
sex is not just careless, it's almost criminally negligent. There
are only two ways by which you can significantly reduce the risk of
AIDS: abstinence from sex outside a committed monogamous relationship
and the use of condoms. If your partner objects to using condoms,
FIND ANOTHER PARTNER! Sex shouldn't be literally "to die for."


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