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DOREEN hurt much make


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
"Jesus Christ, Doreen, will you look at that," came the thunder
of Daddy's voice from the doorway to the bedroom.
Tom and Fred quickly rolled off me and hung their heads
sheepishly. I tried to cover my nakedness, but the sheets were tangled
around my feet and I ended up using my hands ineffectively.
"Did you see what the boys were doing to your daughter?" he
shouted, but got no response.
The boys wanted most of all to avoid a whipping and they
became just as subservient as you please as he stalked into the room.
"We didn't mean nothin' by it," Tom stuttered.
"We didn't expect you home so soon," added Fred, always
finding just
the wrong thing to say.
"And since I wouldn't be here, you thought you'd just go ahead
and pester your sister," he said and Fred nodded enthusiastically at first
and then realized his mistake and let his head hang.
"We was just funnin with her a little," Tom said, "We didn't go
puttin' our dicks in her none."
"Sissy- is that true? Did they put their dicks in you?" Daddy
asked me.
"No sir," I had to admit, but I tried to add, "but they was a
goin' to- I know it!"
I knew I had screwed up by the smile on his face as I blurted
out my brothers' intentions.
"Since you a mind reader now, what am I goin' to do next?"
Daddy asked me.
"Whup us all with your belt?" I squeaked in a tiny, tiny voice.
He was unbuckling that belt even as I spoke, but he didn't pull
it out of its loops. Instead he unzipped his pants and let them fall to the
"No m'am- I'm gonna make them watch me get some of what
they was fixin' to," he said and clumb over me.
"Goddamn, you daughter is a slut, Doreen," he shouted as he
put his cock into me.
I could tell this wan't going to be one of them- constant
pushing then you're done screwings by the way he shoved it in and
screwed it around real deep inside me. He wanted to make the drool
drip off the boys' chins as they watched the old man fuck me.
"Fred you stop pulling on your thing," he ordered the boy,
"you just watch with your hands at your sides now, or I'll get your ma
to put ribbons in your hair."
Fred mumbled under his breath, but he let go his death grip on
his pecker and stood sullenly as Daddy's butt bounced up and down as
he fucked me. I didn't expect him to be going to town on me and he
wasn't fucking me real deep like most times. He was just showing off
for the boys. Then he pulled out and I knew what was coming before
he spoke.
"Now get up on them knees and let the big dog eat," Daddy
told me.
This was his personal, private domain and I knew it was going
to het up the boys something wicked to watch him. He knew it too,
but he certainly didn't let up on me on that account. He pushed his big
ole pecker against my asshole and forced it open.
That was never the worst of it. He always showed a care and
gentleness first getting his cock in my heine that he rarely showed me
any other time in my life. It kinda made me feel he really did love me,
even if it was a sick way to be finding it out.
When he got it in, it was a different story. He liked to ride me
like a sway-backed mare then. I didn't much cotton to it, but that didn't
make no never mind to him or my brothers. I pretty much was done to
no matter what I felt about it.
"Whoo, Lawdy! Doreen, this is the tightest ass I EVER
pestered," Daddy shouted.
I didn't have to see Tom and Fred to know they was watching
with the green eyes of envy as Daddy fucked me in my little bottom
hole. For all his puttin' up for show, Daddy never did nothin' to the
boys for fuckin' me. But they both knew he would whup them until
they could barely crawl if they used me in the bottom. That was for
Daddy and Daddy alone.
I don't think they knew what it was like- lessen they were
cornholin' each other- but they was a longin' for it, just 'cause they
couldn't have it. And I knew one day they wouldn't be afraid enough
of the whuppin' and I would have the two of them fighting over
pluggin' my pumpkin. But at the present time, all I could do was grit
my teeth, close my eyes and wait for Daddy to get done.
It didn't hurt so much as make me feel like I needed to go to
the bathroom when Daddy plugged me. And it was really
uncomfortable that he kept calling Doreen, Doreen, like my ma was
supposed to come and watch him bugger my butt.
I know he wasn't expecting her to show because he knew she
was dead just as much as we did, but I couldn't figure out why he
constantly pretended she was in the next room. It had become like a
habit- a way of speaking for him. I knew it didn't make him crazy
because he didn't really think she was there, but I was afraid it would
make him crazy if he kept at it long enough. We all certainly thought
he sounded crazy when he talked to her.
When he was done, he put away the paternal pecker and went
off to be with Doreen in the next room. I tried to get off the bed past
my brothers, but they wasn't lettin' me out of that room. Daddy had
gotten them plenty riled and they meant to do something about it.
They was so horny that the thought of me calling Dad back in didn't
scare 'em off.
It was a choice of evils for me. I let those two sex me up or I
called Daddy in and we all got the belt. I didn't like either alternative.
Since I had been thinkin' about my ma, I came up with a new idea. I
called her. Worse thing was that I would get whupped.
"Mommy! Mommy! Help me!" I called out.
"What are you bellerin' to Doreen for?" Daddy demanded as
he stalked back into the room.
"I want mommy to stop her boys from fuckin' her daughter," I
"Don't you use no language like that to your ma," he snapped
at me and then said, "Doreen would like to be with those boys now,
but she's letting you take her place. Now you help your momma out
and don't be causing all this fuss."
That was music to my ears- a funeral dirge. The dead broad
used to fuck them- now it's your turn. I don't know which was worse,
the permanent blot he had thrown on my mother's memory or that he
had as much as given the boys permission to fuck me when they
wanted and told me I had to let them.
"You heard him, help mommy out," Tom sneered when Daddy
had left the room.
They were slowly undoing their overalls as I shrank back like
a trapped rat. Tom was the rough one, but Fred was the mean one. I
didn't want to let either of them touch me, but didn't no one pay any
mind to what I wanted anyhow.
Tom came for me first. He was always the bold one. He
reached out and grabbed my right nipple and gave my tit a shake.
"Hows them little buddies doin'?" he mocked.
He'd been doing that since they were little buddies. Now there
was a lot more sway to them than there had been when I was 12. He
was waiting for me to slap his hand away so he could grab my wrist. I
That made me two for two in bright ideas that night. When I
didn't reach, Tom just yanked me forward by my tit. I jumped almost
into his arms and he grabbed me up and tossed me on the bed. He
wasn't far behind me in landing and his dick was in me a mere split
second after his knees hit the bed.
It was worse to be face to face with my brother. If I had let
him grab my arm, he would have twisted me into a half-nelson and
bent me over the bed. I didn't like being fucked like a dog, but it was
better than having him pant his foul breath in my face as he fucked
He just took what he wanted paying no particular attention to
me. That was Tom. I just had to wait him out and pretty soon he
hunched me real fast and then got that crazy look as he squirted his
juice inside me.
Tom was feeling pretty mellow after cumming, because he
even helped Fred hold me down. He like to talk Fred into helping him
and then leave Fred to himself when his turn came, but today he was
feeling generous toward his younger brother.
I wondered if that was ever going to extend to his sister, but I
knew his answer- Hell, sis, we're doin' you a favor by fuckin' you-
who else would? And I guess I was getting used to them gettin' the
devil in them and fucking me. Not that I'm sayin' I wanted them to, or
even that I didn't mind. It was just better than when they pulled my
hair as a kid or punched me in the arm (or stomach) or put red ants in
my underwear.
It struck me as a lot more natural than fuckin' Daddy, for that
matter. I mean kids will be kids, no matter what that stuck-up city
woman teacher Miss Grinder says. Most of my friends lost their
cherries like that- to a local boy about their age. Some of 'em got it
from their brother's friends- sure, but brothers did the deed too. And
when you live off in the holler like we do, outsiders are a rare
I would have liked to have it happen with Sadie's dreamy
brother, Bo, but like they say, I couldn't outrun my own kin. And it
might have struck Bo funny that he'd be fuckin' me before my
brothers. Kind of a social misstep if you know what I mean. He
wouldn't want to rile Tom and Fred when he had his own sister to
pester and he might think he was a fool for trying a girl that wasn't
good enough for her own kin.
But that was all in the past. The boys did brag on me
something fierce and that was somethin'. If I ever got away from
tendin' the house and doin' the chores some boy- even Bo- might ask
me out for a 'walk' and I'd see what it was like to want to.
I was getting plenty of have to as Fred plowed away at my
pussy. Neither of the boys gave a shit for what they call foreplay but
Tom was bored with holding me and started playing with my titties as
Fred churned away. That didn't make it better, but it was alright and
it did keep it from getting any worse.
Fred was the mean one. He might have been biting my tits if
Tom's hands weren't there. But tonight he was behaving himself. The
rough thrusting would have made a cow groan, but that was Fred's
way. He wasn't trying to twist anything or bend anything just to hear
me squeal. That was real good behavior for Fred.
When Fred was done, the boys played grab-ass like we was
10. That was almost fun. It was the most like a real family as we ever
got. After stepping in for Doreen, it was nice to be just a girl again-
even for a little while.
It was the way my luck ran that after these 'family get-
togethers' we all had to sleep in the same bed. That is, if I didn't want
to sleep with Daddy and be his Doreen for real. Not that the boys
woke in the night and fucked me or anything, but it was loud and
uncomfortable with the two snoring and moving boys in the same bed.
It was no wonder that I dreamed of a cabin and a man of my


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