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DRBETTY movies set the proper mood


Dr. Betty { MC MF MC? cons oral } codes
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Synopsis: Betty is a beautiful, brilliant, highly successful, psychologist
with a diverse fantasy wardrobe who is changed forever when she takes
on Hal as a new patient with a common problem and an extraordinary
scent which slowly begins to change her.

Background: This story is a spin-off of the "Becoming a Winner" series.
Betty, a brilliant college co-ed with a huge submissive streak was being
transformed by Hal, a graduate psychology student, from being a fat girl with poor complexion & rotten self-image into the woman she (& he)
always desired. Betty had a fertile imagination when she pleasures
herself. This is one of her favorites.


Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works by
this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion in
another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without the
express, written permission of the copyright holder, except that it may
be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access, noncommercial
archive sites.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance
between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex between
adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are
offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the
age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW! Please do not read
or download this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this work
may engage in unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other sexually
transmitted diseases do not exist. In reality sex without protection
is unwise and nothing in this work should be taken as condoning such
activity,or any of the other activities depicted herein.


Dr. Betty { MC MF oral }

I'm a psychologist, with a Ph.D. in Male Sexual Dysfunction, highly skilled,
and in great demand. Billing out at over $300 an hour, I earn more then most
doctors or lawyers. Many CEOs, Politicians, Judges, CFOs, Doctors, Lawyers,
and Chairmen of the Board are among my regular clients. They're wealthy
enough to be willing to pay extra for range and quality of the services I
provide and interested in being able to write off the expense of using a
registered fully-accredited therapist.

In addition to my impressive credentials, it helps to be 26 years old with a
5'8" tall 36D-23-36 tanned body, long legs, and tight ass. My waist length
dark-blond hair could appear brunet or blond, depending on the conditions of
the room light, sun, or how much I felt like highlighting it that week. As
for appearance, with my sculptured profile, full lips, long lashes, blue
eyes, and perfect teeth, I could have been a supermodel if not for my firm
overlarge breasts. I keep in shape with a careful diet and 50 laps four
times a week at the pool at my (I'm 30% owner) private women's health spa.

My grades in school were good enough to get me into any college or graduate
school I wished with a full scholarship, but my mother was a poor divorcee
who could not afford all the little extras that make college life bearable.
I had to work to afford the clothes and lifestyle I wanted. I found the most
cost-effective use of my time was exotic dancing. The local laws were quite
loose, so I usually began wearing one of my trademark butterfly outfits and
ended up wearing only my smile. I had a great body and saw no reason not to
put it to use as long as I was the one in control. It paid way better then
waitressing and kept my body in great shape. If I needed extra cash, a
little "hooking" with a few special clients would pay for a Caribbean
vacation or special gift for myself with no strings attached.

I always had a clear idea of my goal and the means needed to achieve it.
I'd lost my virginity at 15 to a boy I deeply loved. He dumped me two
weeks later. I was so naive about sex that I didn't even use birth control.
I thank my lucky stars that I didn't get pregnant or worse disease. During
college and graduate school, I'd occasionally go on dates to get a good
dinner, but the boys and later men my own age all seemed immature or
overawed by my looks, intelligence, or money.

My clients are all older, well-spoken gentlemen. I am treated like a
lady at all times (dirty-talk during sex in the bedroom is a separate
consideration). They bring little gifts of appreciation, flowers, candy,
jewelry, or a fantasy costume they want to see me wear. Anyone who doesn't
meet my standards is never invited back. The one or two creeps that fooled
me at first were dealt with by my self-defense training or the "panic
button" in my office that quickly summons the 24-hour private security
force in my co-op. With the tips my knowledgeable clients give me
(no pun intended) on investments, I've become a wealthy woman.

Although older, most are quite virile. They come to me for things their
pampered wives refuse to provide. It may be oral, anal, or a fantasy the
wife considered to degrading or obscene. When I allow evening appointments,
it is usually to be escorted to the opera, theater, concert, or artistic
event. I've grown to love these evenings even without my $2000 flat fee.
He pays for everything, of course.

I have accumulated a wide variety of costumes and sexual paraphernalia over
the years for use in an even wider variety of fantasies. Nothing you could
do would please me when I play the dominatrix in my vinyl and fishnet
bustier with its cage-style bodice, fishnet insets and lace-top fishnet
stockings. I have the medicine you need as the tender hearted nurse who'd
see to your every medical and physical need in white uniform, hat, and
skirt, lacking only bra and panties. I'd become a virginal bride anxious yet
eagerly awaiting her first sexual experience wearing a white satin teddy
with beautiful lace and sequin appliqués, under-wire cups, a G-string back
with flouncy tulle skirting, matching pearl headdress and veil. I'd hop to
your command as a two-piece bunny costume with faux fur, sheer inset, satin
bows, puff tail and Satin-fur ears headband. Ooh-la-la, ze french maid vill
be sure to clean your clock toot-suite, monsieur. A five-piece favorite
with sheer satin mini, underwired fiberfill cups, lace edge panty with full
ruffle back, Lace wrist-lets, headband and apron.

I averaged four 2-hour (actually 100-minute) sexual sessions a day, six
days a week. If you do the math that's $14,400 a week, before taxes, but
excluding the many unreported gifts and perks. During most sessions, the
client needs to bring me to a "shattering climax", but keeping control of
the delicate situations and tight schedule I face every day is too important
to actually permit an orgasm during a session. Fortunately, it is impossible
for a man to tell if a woman has actually climaxed. With my training and
experience, it was easy to fake. I enjoy the sex and attention. The moisture
of my easily aroused sex was almost always genuine, occasionally assisted by
an artificial lubricant. Being too dry is the one unforgivable sin. If I
became frustrated, a few minutes self-manipulation before the next session
was enough to provide relief. I had not climaxed with a client, in fact any
man or woman for over six years, maintaining my professional authority was
too important to me. Maybe that makes me a control freak.

I look forward to the rare occasions when I can help someone with a genuine
dysfunction. Richard was one of her very first clients. He'd help set her
up here. They had genuine affection for each other. Richard loved his wife deeply, but she had been paralyzed from the neck down in a tragic car
accident. Once when I met her I was stunned to find she knew all about us.
She expressed her deep appreciation for providing the necessary outlet her
vital, viral husband needed to avoid trouble with sordid prostitutes.

Richard asked if I could help his only son who was my own age. I would have
helped for free, but Richard insisted on paying standard rates. According to
Richard, although the son was a handsome, successful young man, he had a
problem with women. He seemed to have no problem attracting them, quite the
opposite, but the spoiled pampered women of his social circle had no
patience or tolerance for dealing with his sexual impotence. We arranged
an introductory session, the last appointment of my day.

"Come in Hal, call me Betty. You're even more handsome then your father said," I truthfully observed. I walked over and gave him my (standard
welcome) big hug, pressing my bountiful breasts against his broad chest. He
smelled so yummy, I held him longer then I had planned, nuzzling his neck to
get more of his scent. He was still about an inch taller then me in 3" heels
say 6-foot even.

I wore a white blouse under a business jacket with a matching knee-length
double-slit skirt, and matching heels. I gave us both a glass of my favorite
Chardonnay, finishing mine quickly. While making small talk to set him at
ease, I crossed and uncrossed my legs several times, until I was sure he
realized that I was not wearing underwear, top or bottom. I judged the time
right to say, "Your dad and I have known each other for many years. Because
he loves you and knows I am very good at what I do, he described everything,
and asked me to help you find a satisfying solution. I am ready to begin,

When he nodded acceptance, I rose and removed my jacket, exposing my
mid-drift through the translucent blouse. Then I lifted my hands behind my
head to lift the line of my breasts, and thrust out my chest. Making my
breasts jiggle as I completed striking a pose that was always successful,
and inquired, "Do you like me?" Eyes fixed on my tits, he nodded once more,
and I sat next to him, out thighs touching.

I turned and brought his hand to my ample breast and appealed, "Then touch
me." He tentatively began a gentle massage through my thin top. I laid my
head down on his shoulder and whispered into his ear, "More." Hal's touch
became firmer. When my nipple popped up from his attention, I whispered,
"Now my other breast." His hand shifted and began another gentle massage.
As the second nipple popped up, I whispered "Now slide your hands under
my top, gently twist both nipples back and forth between your thumbs and
forefingers." I whispered encouragement, "That feels so good Hal, a
little harder". My body rapidly warmed as Hal's stimulation continued.

I continued to direct and encourage Hal, unbutton my top, lift the breast,
kiss the nipples, lick between my breasts, lick my nipple, suck on the
nipple while massaging my breast. I had expected the arousal that spread
from my nipples to my cunt, but it was strong. I was getting hotter, wetter,
faster then normal. Hal's breathing hadn't increased. I reached for his cock
to better judge his reaction, whispering "I'm going to touch you now."
Hal's cock still soft although it felt as large as many men's erections.

She began gently rubbing Hal's cock through his pants, continuing her
directions and encouragement, "Roll my skirt up as I lift up. See how hot
you've made me. Touch my knees. Slide you palms slowly up the insides of my
thighs." I undid his belt. "Make small circles and gently spread my thighs
apart." I pulled down his zipper, "Help me pull down your pants and shorts."
When we did this I grasped his naked tool. It was still soft! I expected
more reaction then this. Well, I'd keep on going, sure I'd get a reaction

I whispered, "Now there's nothing between your hand and my naked pussy. Cup
my pussy with your palm and fingers and feel how wet and hot you've made me.
Mmmmmmmm, that feels so good. Now rub your middle finger along my hot wet
slit, gently pressing in.

Ohhhhh, I felt things spinning, was it that 4th glass of wine I'd had today?
I took a firmer grip of Hal's cock. Holding it made me feel in control of
the situation. Hal smelled so good. I let the heady aroma fill my nose, my
lungs, my brain, and everything began to get fuzzy, white, soft and warm.

Hal's finger was soaked in my juices. It felt hot and slippery as it pressed
past my labia into my cunt. I was floating on a soft cloud of sensation. My
hips began to gently thrust against the intruder; my inner muscles tried to
pull it deeper into me. Only soft moans escaped my lips.

I floated like that for a long time. Gentle waves of bliss breaking upon me.
Then I heard a voice from far away, "Betty, are you OK?" I felt a wonderful
kiss on my lips. My eyes fluttered open to see whom it was. Hal smiled down
at me and said, "You looked like a beautiful princess, so I tried to wake
you with a kiss." His finger was still inside me making it difficult to
think. I asked, "Please hold me tight Hal". He withdrew his finger from my
pussy with a small slurping sound. Strong arms wrapped around me pressing my
breast against his. I squeezed to check his cock again. It was still soft.
My pussy felt empty without his magic finger.

I burst into tears, crying into his chest. I, the expert, the control freak,
had completely lost it under Hal's caresses, but had not been able to make
his cock the least bit hard. I had been helpless under the spell of his
touch, he could have used me further, my body had been prepared for it, but
it was his chivalry not my loss of discipline, that was the deciding factor.
"It's all right Betty", said Hal, trying to comfort me, as he rocked me
gently. I burst out crying yet again, his voice, and the comforting arms
holding me tight were exactly like my childhood memories of my long dead
father. It made me feel safe and secure.

It must have been 15 or 20 minutes as I lay in his arms not wanting to move
before I recovered my composure. I spoke into his broad chest, apologizing
profusely for my behavior. I said he probably never wanted to see me again
considering how unprofessionally I'd acted. I dreaded the answer as the
seconds ticked by. Hal gave me a squeeze and said, "I very much want to see
you again, Betty. You've made me feel more like a man then any woman I've
every dated. What's the next step?"

His words filled me with an overpowering sense of relief. What a wonderful
man! I took 3 deep breaths, his scent filling my lungs. The loudest reply
I could manage was a whispered, "It's OK to let go now, I'll be fine.
Thank you for holding me."

As he released me, I felt a longing for his arms around me again, but
sitting back I was able to think a bit more clearly. Treatment of Hal's
problem would be best handled by bringing him to a relaxing environment
where I could focus on the issues without distraction for an extended period
of time. A period of 2-3 days, not hours was required. The best solution was
the cabin I had used in the past for similar situations. It was isolated, in
an idillic location a few hours out of town. Collecting my thoughts I
explained, "I think it best if we plan a weekend away from familiar
surroundings. Let's start planning in two days. I have an opening, lunch
time, here, if that works for you." I had succeeded in re-establishing
control. He thought a minute, checked his schedule and graciously agreed.

He stood up and turned around to pull up his pants, giving me a chance to
fix my own clothes. I walked him to the door, threw my arms around him, and
gave him a deep kiss, letting our tongues exchange good-byes. The few
seconds I'd planned dragged on. I couldn't bring myself to break away.
Finally he broke our kiss, turned, and left. I stared at the door several
minutes, thinking of how powerfully I was drawn to him then looked at my
clock. It was more then two hours past the scheduled end of our appointment.
Suddenly I wasn't sure at all of my control the next time we'd meet. I went
to the bedroom adjoining my office, undressed, lay on the bed, and brought
myself to four gentle climaxes, thinking of Hal.

Next meeting I greeted Hal with a deeper kiss, shoving my breasts against
his chest and using my thigh to determine if his cock might start to harden.
His tongue explored my open mouth as I gently rubbed my nipples and thigh
against him. His wonderful scent seemed stronger then last time. Instead of
breaking away after a few seconds, I was content to rest against him. As his
arms tightened around me, I though he certainly seemed to be enjoying this
except for his still soft cock. When he decided to break the kiss, he
allowed me to take a step back. I gave a little hop to put a bounce in my
bra-less breasts, then I slowly twirled to display my back-less red dress
with high slit skirt, and plunging neckline that ended just above my already
pouting nipples.

I pulled him to the couch to show him pictures of the summer cabin I owned.
Snuggling next to him, I was enveloped by his distinctive scent. I kept
interrupting my own explanation whenever I felt the need to pull down his
lips for a kiss. The main room taking up half the house was a combination
bedroom/living room with a super king-size bed that had satin sheets. I
pointed out the projection TV/VCR/DVD on the wall that often showed X-rated
movies to set the proper mood. A full kitchen and bathroom were right off
the main room.

My favorite part of the cabin was the attached structure with a
heated-pool and Jacuzzi; both designed for lovemaking in many different
positions. The walls were opaque for privacy, but with full length mirrors
dotting the walls. The entire ceiling was a sun roof. The pleasant dizziness
started to return. I reached for Hal's hand to bring it to my breast, just
as the buzzer I had set before we started indicated the need to prepare for
my next appointment. It was something I never normally used, but considering
Hal's effect on me and with another client coming in 20 minutes, I'm glad I

We disengaged and rose to prepare for Hal to leave. Quickly checking both
our calendars, we decided on a date two and a half weeks away. This would
not have been enough time for me to have the necessary preparation sessions
with Hal if he did not agree to double-length sessions at the end of the
day. I told him at our next session, he would help me decide what to wear on
our weekend.

It was time for my fashion show. I explained I wanted to dress for HIM. To
take the outfits that HE thought were the hottest and sexiest. Gallantly, he
said he liked what I was already wearing. I smiled and went to the changing
room and came out in several "conservative" outfits, beginning with my
"teacher" dress. Many men like the idea of turning a conservatively dressed
woman into a hot, panting slut. Hal let all these pass with a small shake of
his head. The next set was "fantasy professions", nurse, doctor,
policewoman, fire-woman, all rejected.

Now my outfits became steadily more provocative, selectively exposing, my
back, thighs, shoulders, belly, cleavage, ass cheeks, etc. Starting with
revealing, I moved onto skimpy, and then bawdy, waiting to see if his cock
would harden. I struck poses to display my body to him, hoping to incite his
lust. He got into the fun, pretending indecision until I agreed to have him
direct the movements of my body. He systematically moved me through my
standard poses for each new outfit. He also required several additional
"naughty" poses, rubbing palms up thighs, lifting breasts, spreading ass
cheeks, and pinching nipples.

I allowed him to keep this control; even though being commanded to display
myself in one "naughty" pose after another was getting me very hot. My skin
was becoming flushed, especially on the top of my breasts and belly. It was
easily visible when we moved onto bathing suits where he selected only the
skimpiest string bikinis or the most transparent fabrics. Last, onto
night-wear where his preference leaned to transparent camisoles, bustiers
which lifted by breasts but left my now engorged nipples fully exposed, and
lace, crotch-less panties which became wet with my arousal as soon as I put
them on. Hal continued to command my movements, bend over to display my ass,
lift my hands to display the fullness of my breasts, thrust my hips forward
to make everything jiggle, spread my legs apart to display my soaking wet

Our time was up just as he approved the last outfit, stick-on breast petals
and thong g-string. My entire body was flushed as the smell of my own wet
sex rose to my nostrils. I ran back to the dressing room my arousal dripping
down my thighs and asking Hal to please let himself out and remember our
next appointment. I did not trust myself enough for a goodbye kiss. If I let
him touch me, I definitely would have thrown myself at him, begging to be
fucked. Putting that kind of pressure on him to perform would have destroyed
our relationship both professional and otherwise. As I heard the door click
I reached down between my legs. Two strokes later I had a massive, multiple
orgasm that knocked me to the floor as I burst into tears. I was getting
emotionally involved. I should break off the sessions, but both Richard and
Hal depended on me, and I needed to prove I could re-gain objectivity.

The next session was designed to give him the confidence that he could bring
a woman to orgasm without using his problematic penis. I explained there
were many erogenous zones on a woman's body in addition to the obvious ones.
These become more sensitive as her body's arousal rises, but some become
painfully sensitive and should be avoided. My body, for example, had greater
endurance then average, but was exceptionally sensitive (particularly around
Hal). He must use a light gentle touch and learn the signs of both imminent
climax and exhaustion.

We disrobed. I lay on the floor with a thick towel under my cunt. He lay
next to me. I placed one hand behind my head. The other grasped his still
soft cock to insure my control (nothing else gives you the same control as
holding a man's cock). I told him to experiment to find my erogenous zones
and judge their sensitivity. He began by licking around my belly button,
a very ticklish spot that often becomes painfully sensitive once fully
aroused. The air exploded from my lungs as I jerked at his first touch.
He held down my hips as I had instructed and proceeded to drive me wild
with his tongue. In five minutes my pussy was gushing fluids.

He broke off and moved to nuzzle and lick my sensitive earlobes, whispering
how beautiful I was, how marvelously sensitive, how much I made him feel
like a man. I began squirming and he moved to my face and neck, raining
kisses on them. Proceeding downward he licked up and down my cleavage and
massaging my breasts while avoiding the engorged nipples. My moans and rapid
squeezing of his cock signaled the next change. He disengaged my hand on his
cock so he could move downward.

Starting at my toes of my right foot, he licked and sucked each one
(fortunately I keep my feet very clean), then up the instep, the knee, legs,
and onto the thighs which he gently pressed apart. Here tactics changed. He
began moving in small circles licking and sucking my sensitized skin always
moving slowly upward. Passing the halfway point the nails from his other
hand almost made the reactive flesh leap off the inside of my other thigh.
At the doorway to my womanhood he stopped and gathered me into a deep kiss.

Breathing through my nose, I inhaled Hal's wonderful scent; it seemed
stronger then ever. I began to feel fuzzy again, I needed to have the cock
in my hand that I had been forced to release. I closed my hand around his
manhood; it was hard! How had it happened? I had succeeded, at least in
part, without knowing why. I yearned to ask, but could not, knowing it would
destroy the progress I had somehow accomplished. I squeezed and rubbed Hal's
cock gently while letting him direct the dance of our tongues. When our kiss
ended, I shook my head to clear out the cobwebs. I asked for a break,
needing the bathroom and a chance to recover a bit. We put on light robes
and Hal sipped wine while I excused myself. After I peed, I brought myself
off twice trying to get my arousal under control.

We sat on the couch together. I asked Hal to hold me and I told him how
wonderful he had made me feel with his lips, his mouth and his tongue. Hal's
robe shifted and I saw his cock had softened completely again, but was still
a full 6" long. I was sure he had not ejaculated, but asked him gently for
confirmation. I asked him to hold my breast while I reached for his cock. I
put my head on his shoulder as we each massaged the other gently, in silence
while we thought. He had been hard. He should still be hard. I felt dizzy
again. It must be Hal's strong scent that I had not noticed while I had been
lost in thought. My arousal came back stronger then before I masturbated.

I tried to focus on his face while I continued. He would now use his mouth
and tongue to perform cunnalingus. He should focus on the folds of the
labia, the clitoris, and inside the vagina. I did not want him to use penis
in nay way. He'd learn to please a woman without it. His penis should not
enter me or perform intercourse. That would come later. If he became too
excited then I'd give him oral relief.

The key to maximizing a woman's pleasure, I explained, was to bring her to
the brink of orgasm without allowing climax to increase her anticipation
unbearably, but finally allowing climax before she became exhausted by the
muscular tension and frustration. Most important each woman is different and
a man must be sensitive to those differences. The most difficult part for a
man was to control his own needs and orgasm. If he could do that then he
could pleasure any normal woman.

There are certain time-critical things he must notice, I explained, like my
hips moving as a prelude to climax. To calm the fires by gently rubbing his
hand against mound of flesh above the pubic bone. And that he must make the
decisions, no woman, not even I, could be rational when, aroused in this
way. He must ignore any pleas to force climax, indeed ignore everything I
said, but should listen immediately if asked to stop.

Once again, I lay on the floor fully exposed under his gaze. I kept my pussy clean shaven, so not even a thin barrier of pubic hair offered any
protection. I had replaced the old towel, which was soaked with my
lubricants, with another thick, dry towel under my cunt, which was already
very wet. He moved between my legs already spread to give him access. For a
moment I tried protecting my clit with my right hand, but instead I
unconsciously began to rub it. Hal took both of my both hands and placed
them above my head. I missed the feeling of control that holding his soft
cock would have provided. Once I became sufficiently aroused (I was almost
there already) I would be helpless to resist anything his wished to do to my
body. I didn't like feeling that vulnerable, but I felt I knew Hal well
enough to trust him and it was part of the job. Actually, I was torn between
trusting Hal and wishing he would lose control and drive his cock into my
hot, wet, empty cunt.

Instead of the direct route, Hal began running up his fingers inside my
inner thighs. This brought low moans to my lips and my hips began to gently
thrust upwards, before I had told Hal they would. He needed to hold me down
so his target would stop moving. Suddenly, a searing bolt of lightning
electrified my entire body. The tip of his tongue had fallen directly on my
clitoris, which had left its normal protective concealment because of my
earlier arousal. An immediate hard climax left me breathless.

I was unable to speak as Hal's probing tongue and lips continued to force
dazzling sensations from my cunt. I came again, a flood of my juices bathing
Hal's tongue. Hal continued as I instructed, not realizing that the way I
was held, my hips could not move to signal him to slow down. The smell of my
own sex mingled with Hal's scent permeated my brain. My mind dissolved under
the onslaught of one orgasm after another. I could only feel the empty need
to be filled by a cock, Hal's cock doubling and re-doubling with each
climax. I had always been multi-orgasmic, but never like this. I finally
caught my breath enough to beg, "Fuck me . please . shove your cock into
me!" The images of us skin-to-skin, the rightness of being helpless under
Hal's touch, burned deep into my brain. Fortunately, Hal ignored me as I had
asked him to do, but he continued to use his lips and tongue, forcing one
orgasm after another. In some indefinable way, I was changed, but the
intensity of the experience allowed me to remember only the pleasure.

I don't know how long passed until I swam back to consciousness as if from
an erotic dream. I was only aware of the most wonderful feeling of safety
and security from someone holding me close while gently massaging my breasts with one hand and rubbing me above my pubic bone with the other. Hal
whispered in my ear, "Are you OK, Betty?" I just lay there. After a few
moments, not wanting to break to mood I replied, "I'm peeeeerfect, please
don't let go." More blissful minutes passed. Feeling an insistent pressure,
Hal finally said, "I'm sorry, Betty. I have to pee." Disappointed, but
understanding, I let him up, put my robe on and sat on the couch waiting for
his return. Looking at my clock, I saw that once again I was more than an
hour beyond the planned schedule. I didn't mind. I hadn't felt like this in
a long time.

When Hal returned, I praised him unreservedly on how marvelously he had
made me feel. I left out the part about my own orgasms, but asked about his.
Hal said, his cock had gotten quite hard, but did not cum and was now soft
again. I asked if he needed to cum. He said yes, he was uncomfortable. I
kneeled down on the carpet before him and gave him my best blowjob. I had to
work at it for a long time, but with a great shout he finally came in great
spurts which I, of course swallowed. When he recovered, he was lavish with
his thanks, no other woman had ever been able to do that for him before. I
confirmed our next appointment and we got dressed. As he left, I gave him my
best goodbye kiss to be sure he'd come back. I knew now I could make him
hard and make him cum. I was more determined then ever to figure out the
rest about this mystery man and get him back into my pants.

For our last session before the weekend, I decided to find out more about
his past, hoping it would help me understand the mystery. I needed Hal to be
comfortable, could not accomplish my goal if we ended up naked, rolling on
the floor. So, I decided to wear a low-cut, form-fitting, black jumpsuit. I
greeted Hal warmly as always and had him sit on the couch with a glass of
wine. I sat at an angle in the armchair with my own glass.

Using my training I gently probed Hal's past. Everything his father, Richard
had told me was true, Hal had absolutely no trouble with women except at the
culmination. He had never become so hard and excited before he met me. For
that, I gave him my brightest smile. Did he think he could hold it during
intercourse with me? Maybe, he wasn't sure.

We talked about his mother who Hal described as very warm, loving,
beautiful, strong, and brilliant. I blushed when Hal said I reminded him of
her in many ways. She'd obviously had a big influence on him. He remembered
her warning against becoming attracted to shallow women who would not give
him their whole heart. Ah, perhaps the women he had known before could not
measure up to the memory of Hal's mother.

Then I switched the conversation back to Hal. What was he thinking when we
were together and he became hard? He started with the usual compliments, I
was so beautiful, hair so soft, smell so great, etc. Then he moved on to
more important areas. He felt a special bond with me, he loved to feel my
body move beneath his hand, to hear my passionate moans, to know he was
giving me pleasure and that I wanted to return it all to back him. This
then, was the key. Now I knew what I needed to do.

The big day arrived. Hal would drive us in his convertible. I was a hot day
in May so, I decided to wear a sizzling, little, black cami top and
skin-tight, matching shorts with provocative slits on both sides and the V
of the cami. It was one of the more "conservative" daytime outfits that Hal
had selected.

As we drove, we talked about many things, the cabin, camping, fishing,
sports, music, books, theater, and more. Eventually we grew quiet, just
enjoying each other's company. I noticed Hal occasionally looking at my legs
and down the cami which gave him a good view. I leaned against Hal, to
improve his view and rested my head on his shoulder, something I loved
doing. Even with the convertible top down, I smelled his musky scent.
Generally, I don't like petting in cars, but I reached for his free hand,
placed it on my left breast, and closed my eyes. He gently massaged my
breast through the cami. When he felt my nipple harden and rise, his hand
easily slid under the cami to hold it directly. The arousal spread to my
pussy as Hal's thumb & forefinger continued to rub my erect nipple between
them. I began to feel dizzy, so I reached for my traditional control rod,
Hal's cock. I let out little moans, and pleasantly felt Hal begin to harden.

As one point Hal pulled over to the side, saying he was getting so excited
it was difficult for him to drive. I was pleased to hear about this
"problem" and went down on him, quickly releasing Hal's tension. We switched
places and I drove the rest of the way while Hal took a nap.

When we reached the exit for the cabin, I was getting hungry so I stopped at
a little Italian diner I love. I got lots of stares inside, but since Hal
was with me, I wasn't worried. We shared a wonderful dinner of Veal Mariana
over linguini with a rich red wine. Giggling together, we played some
obscene games with the breadsticks until I began to get some dirty looks
from the owner's wife.

Fifteen minutes after we left we were at the cabin. Hal unloaded while I
took my "special" bag to the bathroom to "make myself beautiful". I got
completely undressed then applied perfume and power to all the hidden places. Then I put on the blue string bikini. It wasn't the skimpiest I'd
brought, but was Hal's favorite, Finally I fixed my makeup and swallowed a
birth-control pill since Hal's wouldn't be using protection.

One of my firm rules was men must a condom to avoid diseases. I always
insisted on this before sex with my clients. The only exception was a client
willing to provide proof of a full medical check with a clean bill of health
less then 90 days old. Along with a signed contract guaranteeing me millions
if anything went wrong, regardless of whose fault it might be. Few of my
wealthy clients were interested in risking that kind of loss. She never had
a single problem with those that did. Betty encouraged Hal's dad to provide
me with both which he was glad to do. Betty knew she must maximize his
stimulation to overcome his problem.

The other keys, Hal had revealed in our last session. He needed to believe
the woman he was with was truly in love with him and second he needed to
hear and feel her growing passion. No cold fish would do the trick. Hal was
also unusually sensitive to my feelings. It would require that she dig deep
into my true feelings that she had always kept hidden from clients.

I asked Hal to go downstairs while I prepared. I laid down on the bed opened
myself for him, placing one hand above my head, then the other, crossing my
wrists, legs spreading wide. While my pussy got more wet in anticipation of
his arrival, I thought about how my body had first tried to tell her that
she needed him. Now my mind had caught up and acknowledged my true desires
for a real relationship and my undeniably growing love for Hal.

I called Hal to enter the cabin. He locked the door behind him. He removed
everything, but his boxers, his cock clearly visible, but still soft, and
said, "You look like my dream of a goddess, Betty, though its all the
non-physical things that draw me to you, but can the goddess love a mere
mortal like me?"

Releasing all the emotions I had been trying to control and conceal since I
first met Hal, I put them into my voice enhancing them with my training,
"Hal, I want you. I need you. Touch my body and feel how much it desires
your caress. See my nipples poking through the thin fabric of my suit..
Smell how wet my arousal has made me. All in anticipation of your touch."

I never trusted any man before you. I always had to maintain control of
every situation. But, my body trusted you long before my mind caught up. I
admit control has always been important for me, but I can't control myself
when I'm with you, I don't want to. The woman hidden inside at last has
found a man, a man to love. "Do you mean it, or is it part of the service
you provide?" I mean every word of it darling. I have no reason to be
anything other then honest with you. I want to be honest with you because I
trust you and believe in you and love you.

She came forward lifting his arms and placing them behind his neck so her
head could rest on his shoulder and inhale his scent once more, mashing her
thinly clad breast against his. "Oh, I love you," he said, "I know it's your
job to lie when you have to, to use words and your sensuous body to
manipulate men, to try and help them, but I believe you truly care for me."
said he.

I whispered in earnest, "Shhh, feel our hearts beating together, listen to
the song they sing together. At first, you were just another client
introduced by a close friend, but that has changed." I knew I could
embellish a little, but if I didn't stick to the truth, he'd be able to
tell, so I continued with "You make me feel wonderful things like no one
else ever has (at least many years since I'd been in college)." I care for
him deeply, but embellished, "I may be falling in love with you. My feelings
keep growing stronger each time we meet, each time we touch, and I don't
know why (true). My mind is filled with you when you are not near me,
reliving our times together (true). Control is important to me, but near you
I don't mind losing it." In fact, it worried me, but I seemed unable to stop

I began unbuttoning his shirt and unbuckled his belt, taking off his shirt and trousers. Halting as he slid off his boxer shorts. His member seemed to
jump out of his shorts. It was as big as I've ever seen it, made hard by my
words and my body. I felt a burst of pride in my accomplishment.

I held up my arms saying, "Now me. Take these silly things off me. Hurry,
darling heart." He hurried, tugging the bow holding the strip binding my
breasts. It burst free and he threw it to the floor. I threw myself back on
the bed. He untied the bows at my hips and I raised my ass as he freed me of
the bikini bottom.

I sank back deep in the cushions, raising my knees, parting my legs, eager
to begin. My eyes locked on the sight of his member, straighter, thicker,
and longer then she had ever seen before. I felt and gloried in the wetness
of my lubricated genital lips. She believed she could help him cum inside
her with her best acting ever. I threw myself into the fantasy, making
myself believe everything so that he would. "Put him in me," I pleaded, "I
want him in me."

I moaned as he spread my lower lips with the head of his cock. Then with
three quick thrusts he was in me to the hilt, so wet was I. My muscles were
gently pushed aside as his massive spear penetrated past my cervix into my
womb. I was soooooo fulllllll, he was haaaaaaaard and deeeeeep. My eyes
closed tightly, my hips swaying to and fro as he continued thrusting out
then in again and again. My cunt tried to pull him back each time his
withdrew, reveling in the pleasure of the smooth friction against oiled

The manipulative words I'd planned were forgotten. My prepared utterances
lost amid every louder gasps and moans torn from my lips. The ecstasy
emptied my mind of all thoughts except the omnipotent cock that burned into
my body and soul. I was filled and filled to brim. I had once again lost all
control, but it felt as if this is the was it should be, must be. I was not
an audience to my performance, but a partner, involved, entangled, caught,
unable to step back. I was not seeing or hearing, I was doing, doing and
being done to and with.

My arms and legs wrapped around him, desperate to increase the incandescent
sensations, crushing my breasts against his hairy chest, locking us together
. I was a creature of passion, I loved the--the--what?--game--no, not
game--the oneness, the sheer skin feel, flesh against flesh, suction feel of
oneness, and the overpowering weakening perfume odor of sexual secretions
and loving. They began merging in my mind, scent, Hal, love, Hal, sex, Hal,
need, Hal, passion, Hal, submit Hal, honor Hal, please Hal, obey Hal, I must
try and remember what I'm doing here. Changing somehow. Remember knowing.
Know only now. Know the joy of encompassing the arousing pleasure-giver
inside her. Needs--being altered. Mind--being improved. Know my desire for
Hal, my need for Hal, my love for Hal, my submission to Hal, please him,
obey him, love him, honor him, want him, need him. My hands pulled and
pushed as they followed him up, down and up. My hand opened and beat against
the sides of whatever I was becoming.

His firm flesh clasped my flesh below, and the constant kissing of his skin
on my distended clitoris was becoming unbearable. It was the center of my
transformation. Fulfillment would somehow make the grand alterations
permanent. For a very few seconds, I wanted to escape the radical changes,
and meant to, but it was too late. My mind had been barred from interfering.
My inner muscles down there were contracting, hugging him inside there,
releasing him, taking him back.

Then I heard his triumphal bellow and felt his fiery seed shoot into me,
forcing me over the precipice, into the abyss.

My God, I was suffocating.

I was coming apart.

My God! My God! I'm disintegrating--I wasn't--I didn't--I can't--no, no,
no--yes, yes, yes-ohhh g-g-god!

I heaved high, went rigid as a plank, tightened my thighs about him to close
off the dam, but the dam burst wildly. My old life cascading out of me,
allowing a new life in, sweeping me off and out of myself on hot wave after
wave after wavelet, the perpetual need for Hal sweeping in like a tide.

And peace.

It was long minutes before I could muster my brain to any semblance of
working order. From the neck down my slack body floated at rest on the
velvet softness of a cloud. But in her head, the suspended wheels, fitted
themselves into slightly altered places, and once more they began to turn.

What had happened to her? What had happened to her was so wonderful, so
natural, yet she could not recall when it had happened last. It was Hal,
their love for each other, my need for him, his dominance, and my
submission. Everything I had tried to pretend was now real. The feelings I'd
tried to suppress now burned undeniably bright. This is how it should be,
what I wanted it to be forever. I had enjoyed or suffered a complete, total
orgasm, with his hard cock deep within me, shooting his seed into my womb.
It was the most profound thing I'd experienced in my entire life. I had been
able to give him what no other woman could.

I looked at him in love, wondering what more I could do to be deserving of
such a man. What I needed to become to please him, so he'd choose to keep
me, to touch me, to control me, to love me. With Hal only it was proper that
he, not I should be dominate, in control. Would he one-day wish to marry me?
I smiled thinking of a sexy bridal gown with my hair blown out. There he
was, all that I wanted in life, nestled in my arms, eyes shut satisfied,
sated, at peace.

The remainder of the weekend, we rarely left the bed let alone the cabin. I
showed Hal all the many ways I knew of to bring each other pleasure. He used
all my orifices many times. He liked to sleep with his cock still inside me
or his hand gently caressing my pussy, until he got hard again or my
passionate articulations encouraged him to resume thrusting into me for
another mystical experience.

When I prepared our meals, Hal slept to regain his energy. I must be
exhausting the poor dear. I wore a "bias-cut nightgown" to avoid a chill on
my often sweaty body. Occasionally we might run naked into the outside hot

That weekend changed my life. I had no desire for any man but Hal, and that
passion was all consuming. I shut down my practice quickly. All my clients
were shifted to my old school friend Ling Ye. None of them complained, Ling
is almost as professional as I was, and if anything a bit more beautiful in
a long-leggy-asian way. I'd been her mentor in many ways and we had backed
each other up for years. Occasionally, I see an old client at a society
party, sometimes they drop hints, but I am politely firm with them, and we
end up having an enjoyable conversation about family, friends, business, or
politics. We have an understanding, they treat me with proper respect and I
guard their many secrets as I always have.

It was no problem with the fortune I'd accumulated. My life was dedicated to
pleasing Hal. We moved in together. We shared a love for many of the arts
and sciences that we shared in constant evenings out on the town. However,
each night ended with love and passion. I might be awakened several times to
his thrusting into me. After the sunrise, I'd wake him with a gentle
blowjob, and we'd greet a new dawn together.

I now did volunteer counseling for troubled children at local schools. It
was very rewarding. Hal never stopped bringing me flowers or other little
presents. We never gave each other any reason to doubt the love or
commitment of the other.

After two years there was no sign of any slackening or decrease in the
frequency or pleasure of sex. If anything, the opposite was true as we grew
to know each other's bodies and moods. Hal was always attentive, loving, and
supportive. We'd had a chance to play out each of his fantasies and each of
my fantasies many times using all the clothes in my old wardrobe which I
still fit into and which had received extensive additions. Hal still loved
to touch me at all times of the day in all my hidden places and all
locations private and very public. The chance of getting caught made things
more exciting for us, in the park, library, restaurant, a dark alcove on a
crowed street, a bus, a supermarket, "hot slut in aisle 4 getting reamed."
Whenever we were outside together, I'd wear no panties with skirts so he
could slip quickly inside my front or rear passage. On cold days,
crotch-less leggings would keep me warm, but not interfere with his rapid,
hard thrusts. I'd come to desire his almost constant touch, inhaling his
addictive scent; always I was trying to incite greater attention to satisfy
my body's insatiable need for him.

One evening at our favorite opera, he began whispering how hot I was,
licking at my ear, massaging my unprotected pussy through the high slit in
my gown, and teasing me unmercifully. My pleadings to be taken right there
in our private box were answered with a command to pay attention to the
opera while the torture continued and intensified. I felt transported into
the opera, imagining myself the heroine, mistreated by her lover, yet always
returning to him. I was brought to the brink of orgasm, my hips thrusting
uncontrollably, but denied release, again and again. It was just as I had
taught him so long ago. He had me lift the back of my gown, but the chair
was soaked in my juices. Hal made me wait, burning with lustful need. His
touches kept my arousal stoked up to a fever pitch while he brought me home,
had me do a striptease in front of him before he took me to bed, and
playfully asked me to marry him while buried in me to the hilt. This pushed
me over into a titanic multiple-orgasm. When I finally recovered, I joyfully
accepted, and we did it all over again to celebrate. In the years that
followed I often asked Hal to relive that night with me.

Hal's father, who'd introduced us and known the entire story, approved of
the match. I got to wear the bridal gown I dreamed of for so long.

Occasionally, we invite Ling over for dinner so she and I can talk shop and
catch up. Hal enjoys the ménage-a-trois that usually develops. Ling has told
me she's a little jealous of my relationship with Hal and wishes she could
find someone like him. Recently, she wants to come by more and more. I've
started trying to discourage her and working to be extra sexy so Hal won't
even think about her, but Hal's always had a thing for asian girls and to
make him happy I always let her come by whenever he asks for her.

Ling and I switch off being the dominant mistress and the submissive serving
wrench, sensuous dancing slave, helpless virgin captive, or other fantasy
role. No matter how we compete to outdo each other to be pleasing to Hal the
three of us always end up exhausted, asleep, and naked in each others arms.
The first girl awake get to give Hal his morning blowjob, while being eaten
out by the other; I hope it's me.


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