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DREAM stretch out and Jaygees father honked


"Perchance to Dream" {Pendragon} (MF rom wl)
Perchance to Dream
by Uther Pendragon
IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
read electronically transmitted erotic material, please go do
something else.

This material is Copyright, 2000, Uther Pendragon. All
rights reserved. I specifically grant the right of downloading
and keeping ONE electronic copy for your personal reading so long
as this notice is included. I would prefer to do my own
reposting, thank you.

All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly

# # # #
Perchance to Dream
by Uther Pendragon

"You want us to watch Shannon until the fireworks are over, and
then to bring her home?" Ryan Cameron didn't really have a
question about what Rev. Powell wanted; he just needed a minute
to consider the consequences. It was Saturday, July 4, and the
fireworks were scheduled for later that night.

"Oh could I, Mr. Cameron?" Shannon Powell begged.

"I would appreciate it," Rev. Powell said. "I don't have to read
my sermon from the pulpit, but I *do* have to write it down. And
today I've decided that the approach I had written Thursday is
really going at it backwards. I don't want to take Shannon away
from the fireworks."

Ryan couldn't see any grounds for refusal, even if he'd wanted
to. And eight-year-old Shannon was basically a good kid,
especially for a PK. "Just stay close to us, Shannon," Laura
said. Finding someone else's kid among a crowd in the dark was
murder. Somehow, you knew your own by the way she moved. Not
that he was going to search for Crystal tonight; she and Jaygee
would meet them when the fireworks were over.

He and Laura waved Rev. and Mrs. Powell goodbye, agreed with
Shannon on two rendezvous, and settled down while she took a last
swim. It had been a decade since they'd had an eight-year-old of
their own, and they rather enjoyed the limited and temporary
possession. Crystal didn't quite shut them out of her life, but
she no longer enjoyed sharing the details with them. For that
matter, she no longer enjoyed finding an odd-shaped rock.

Crystal and Jaygee returned for a snack just before sunset, and
Ryan told them about Shannon. "I could go back with my parents,"
said Jaygee. His doleful tone implied the sacrifice involved in
spending the last 45 minutes of the day away from the girl he had
seen all afternoon and would see the next day.

Ryan didn't mind. While clearly unworthy of his little girl,
Jaygee was the least unworthy of any on the horizon. He was
majoring in electrical engineering which, if it didn't rate as a
science, was one hell of a lot better than art history. Besides,
he was what *she* wanted; had Jaygee not wanted her, it would have
been a tragedy.

"Your choice," said Laura. "The front seat won't be crowded
after all."

"Just make sure," Ryan said, "that there is no corruption of the
innocent while she sits between you." The amount of petting that
Crystal and Jaygee would do in the presence of Laura and him was a
bit annoying, suggesting as it did that they were doing a lot
more in private. Laura put a high priority on keeping the lines
of communication open, so he usually didn't say anything.

Shannon pinched Jaygee's nose about then. She squeeled all
through the chase. And everyone was laughing so hard by the
time that JayGee dumped her in Ryan's lap that the subject was

By the time that darkness settled, Shannon had reached the point
where her exuberance was less an outflow of energy than a
necessity to keep herself awake. He warned her against going
into the woods any more. This had less to do with getting lost
(in less than an hour the fireworks would draw everybody to the
lake shore) than fear of what she would stumble upon in the dark.
Crystal and Jaygee weren't the only young couple out there.

Finally, they had her settle down, and he tried to entertain her
with knock-knock jokes. Those and elephant jokes exhausted, he
was telling the one about:
"... The boss asked why I was throwing so many nails away.
"'They point the wrong way,' I told him.
"'Silly,' he said. 'Those are for the other side of ...'"
He stopped at the first swoosh.

She froze at the BANG! "Oooh!" she said, and he had to agree
with her. Strings of red draped over the other side of the lake
like a giant umbrella; the nearest strings almost reached their
side. He moved Shannon to face the center of the fireworks
directly, so her body could receive the pressure from the
explosions like a radar antenna. She said nothing, but held that
position while the sky filled with fire again and again.

He hugged Laura as they split their attention between the lovely
sky and Shannon's appreciation. Slowly, though, Shannon slid
back against him. She was about to miss the fireworks which she
had anticipated so fiercely. Laura saw what was happening and
moved to lean against him on the other side.

The sleeping girl received more of his attention than the fiery
sky. The sheer trust that she exhibited by going to sleep lying
against him enraptured him. It was a familiar pleasure, sensual
but not directed towards Shannon. He'd never been attracted to
those who slept in his arms -- except Laura.

They'd had an evening wedding, a festive reception, and a long
drive to the resort. He'd fallen asleep across the bed; she'd
managed to change her clothes and cover them both with a blanket.
He could still remember the morning.
He woke to see her face inches from his and deep asleep.
They'd made love before their marriage, but had never
come close to sleeping together. He'd regarded those
words as euphemistic.

Now, though, he had the woman he loved asleep beside him.
He could see the breath move her lips. He lay like that
until his bladder forced him up. Then he stripped,
showered, shaved, and brushed his teeth -- which meant
that he had to unpack as well.

He slipped back in bed to watch her sleep and wake
slowly. She didn't even look dismayed when she woke. At
his urging, she returned to bed from her bathroom time.
She snuggled against him while he played with her hair
and kissed her again and again.

Finally, their love play got more direct -- hers as well
as his. (She'd been a little surprised to find him in
his pajama pants.) They struggled out of their clothes,
but still he kissed her breasts and stroked her sweet
wetness until she asked for him. "I need you," she said,
another first.

He entered her, sliding smoothly into that warmth. Her
legs rose up to welcome him, even clasped around him.
The clumsiness with the rubber didn't matter; stopping to
escape the entangling sheet didn't matter. The desire
continued while the action paused. Finally, she clawed
at his shoulders. She shuddered around him just before
he exploded within her. When he withdrew, he couldn't
quite ask her what he wanted.

"We really don't need to get up right now," he said

"No one's going to discover us," she'd agreed. Legality
was an experience new to them.

There was a little more petting, a lot of whispered love
talk. But she'd snuggled up against him again,
and -- without his even asking -- fallen back asleep.
She accepted him, treated the nest of his arms as home.
It would be years before she would bear his daughter, but
that morning she gave birth to his trustworthiness --
creating it whole by the trust she gave.
Shannon, on the other hand, would miss what she had entrusted to
him if she slept much longer. He shook her gently. "Look,
Shannon," he said. The first rockets of the grand finale were
going up.

She woke enough to open her eyes. "Oh," she said as one colorful
mass after another filled the sky. She watched until they faded
completely, still lying against him. Then she curled up and went
back to sleep.

"I'll get our stuff together," Laura whispered. Not that others
weren't shouting around them, not that Shannon would have
awakened for a much louder sound, but whispers are appropriate
around a sleeping child. He helped her gather things as well as
he could. When the kids returned, Jaygee took Shannon out of his
arms. Ryan carried the blanket and the cooler back to the car.

The cars from further down the lot filled the road behind them so
that they couldn't get out. Ryan wasn't in a hurry, Laura had
always been patient, and the kids would gladly have said good
night till it be morrow. They opened the doors as wide as
neighboring cars would allow and rolled down the windows to let
the interior cool. Crystal took Shannon from Jaygee's arms and
strapped her into the seat. The kids stood on the right side of
the car while the adults stood on the left. The line behind them
started to stretch out, and Jaygee's father honked as he went by.

The car to their left pulled out into traffic. At that signal
they got in, the kids both from the driver's side for some
reason. When he looked back to check the stream of traffic
behind him, he saw the arrangement. Crystal was on the high bump
in the middle; Jaygee was behind Ryan with his legs splayed to
accommodate the seat. Shannon, asleep again, had more room than
anybody else; only her legs were crowded by Crystal's. In that
position, Crystal couldn't sit up straight. She rested her head
on Jaygee's shoulder.

He gritted his teeth, even though Jaygee's right hand was on
Crystal's shoulder in plain sight and his left couldn't reach any
part of her but her hand from the position of his arm. Their
pose wasn't particularly erotic, but the intimacy was horribly
suggestive. Ryan believed, as a matter of policy, that his
daughter was still a virgin at eighteen; he would have
appreciated a little more help with the suspension of disbelief.

"I think that I'll take the speed-bumps faster than coming in,"
he said loud enough for Crystal to hear. "It'll make quite a
show in the mirror." He actually crawled over those bumps,
though. And when he checked the backseat fifteen minutes later,
Crystal looked fast asleep. Jaygee's left arm was braced against
the door. His position couldn't be comfortable, but his face had
a blissful smile.

Ryan could understand that. When Crystal slept in your arms,
comfort was a minor consideration.
He'd been afraid of her for the first day, looking
through the glass at her or staying at the foot of the
bed when Laura fed her. On the second day, however,
Laura simply handed her to him.

She was so tiny! Even padded by the diaper, her butt
didn't come near to filling his hand. Lying against his
arm, she'd looked straight up into his face. Apparently
satisfied with what she saw, she smiled mysteriously and
settled back into sleep.

He was charmed, enmeshed. When the nurse came looking
for her, he carried Crystal back to the door of the
nursery before giving her up.

"Isn't she marvelous?" Laura asked. He nodded, but he
was really thinking of the danger instead. Outside the
window it was a cold, wet, spring. The cars were rushing
by carelessly on the street, sending occasional sprays of
water onto cars in the other lane. The tiny bundle was
so helpless, so trusting; how would he ever protect her?
And now she was resting just as trustingly in the arms of a boy
of twenty in the backseat of Ryan's own car. He, having been
twenty himself at one time, knew what that meant to Jaygee. And
there was nothing, nothing at all, that he could do to protect

Laura was absolutely right. They'd done all that they could to
inculcate some sane standards when the task was easier; their
influence was minimal now. And while Jaygee had some rough edges,
his major fault was that he was interested in her.

Abstractly, Ryan could hardly blame him for that. Pretty, smart,
and good-natured, Crystal was probably the pick of her high-
school class. It was just that she had looked at him with such
trust, and the dangers had grown since then, while the protection
he could provide kept shrinking.

"Take Jaygee home first," Laura said suddenly. He turned on that
street without question. Jaygee tried to ease himself out of the
car without waking Crystal, but she was far from that deeply
asleep. "Do you two want to say goodbye while we're taking
Shannon home?" Laura asked. Crystal crawled out.

"Thanks Mom," she said. "And Dad."

They turned back towards the parsonage. "They won't do anything
in the next ten minutes which they haven't done already today,"
Laura said. He'd already figured that out. Besides, she was
better on those things than he was. He couldn't have raised
Crystal one quarter so well without her; of course, there would
never have been a Crystal without her.

"What did I do to deserve you?" he asked. The words could have
been taken either way, the tone couldn't.

"You used to say that you *didn't* deserve me," she said.

"I don't."

"I dunno. You're a pretty good guy." She put her hand on his
leg. Shannon sighed in the back seat. "Glad to have an eight-
year-old again?" He nodded. "Glad to be giving her back?" He
nodded again. They were both grinning when they turned into the
Powell's driveway. Shannon stirred briefly when he picked her
up, and again when he put her in her father's arms. Laura was
right, he was glad to be out the door with his deputy-parent
laurels intact before the undressing began. He'd give odds that
she'd be awake and in a nasty mood for the next hour or two.

He drove very slowly back. Maybe Jaygee had sensed Crystal's
special importance; maybe he would try to deserve it. Ryan had
tried for Laura, after all, and he'd been even more loutish at
twenty than Jaygee was.
He'd awakened before her the second time as well. They
were both on their backs, only the sides of their legs
touching, but her sleeping face was turned to his.
He watched that for minutes before the slight motion of
her breasts under the sheet tempted him. Raising the
sheet began her waking process, but he had the sight of
her naked breasts and a greeting smile from her as she

"Good morning." It had been a good morning, a better
morning than any he'd previously experienced, but it was
rather late in the afternoon by the time he said that.
When they got down to the dining room, lunch service had
long ended, and they had to wait an hour for supper.
They stuffed themselves, hotel prices or no, and managed
to take a stroll for nearly two hours before another sort
of hunger drove them back to their room.

He tried to undress her and kiss each piece of newly-
revealed skin. The hunger won out, however, and they
finally undressed themselves and jumped into bed. Once
there, he did manage to kiss -- if not all of her -- the
important parts.

When she guided him inside, he already felt that this was
where he belonged. Somehow that joining ameliorated the
wild need, so that they could continue more slowly. They
contorted to bring their mouths together while still
joined, then he kissed her forehead while she kissed his
chin. He stopped each time that he was fully within her
to say "I love you."

"Oh Ryan," she responded.

He resisted his body's attempt to speed the pace, not
entirely successfully. Then he felt her tighten around
him -- once, then again and again. He erupted within
her, spilling seed and lust and love. The rubber caught
the first two, but his love was too fine to be caught by
that barrier. It poured into her, filled her,
permanently infusing every part.
And, from that day to this, he had loved her.

"Sleep in my arms tonight," he said. He regretted few purchases
so much as the king-sized bed.

"It's hot." The tone sounded closer to evaluation than refusal.

"So are you."

She laughed, but it was a laugh of acquiescence. "You're such a
romantic. I'm an old, flabby, woman."

"Sleep in my arms tonight."

"You're trying for your own fireworks."

"That too. But I want to hold you after."

Crystal came out immediately when they got to Jaygee's, opening
the door before he got halfway up the walk. Some murmur of
greeting from Jaygee's parents followed her out the door. "Good
night and thanks," he called back. He'd expected her to still be
outside saying goodnight to Jaygee.

When Crystal had settled into her seat and was looking out the
window, Laura's hand sneaked over to rest on his thigh. He
risked a glance at her. She was smiling, not looking at him at
all, but smiling.

They wouldn't need all the bed tonight.
The End.
Perchance to Dream.
Uther Pendragon

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