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DREAMING hurt you you fight me

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"Turn around slowly and come towards me!"

The command jolted Sara back from the daydream she'd been indulging in
while washing up.

"Turn AROUND, I said!" the order was snapped out sharply. Sara obeyed,
and saw a young man quite unknown to her, standing in the doorway to the
back garden. He was fair haired and wore shabby jeans and a T-shirt. He
was holding a knife, but wasn't wielding it menacingly yet. He gestured
to her to come closer. Slowly Sara walked towards him.

"Pick up your car keys," the stranger ordered. She did so, scooping
them off the work surface. Now she was within his reach, and he yanked her
towards him. She felt his rough chin and the tightness of his hand on her

"I'm going to fuck you. Not here. First we are going for a drive.
Come on," and he pulled her towards the garage. She struggled briefly, but
stopped when she felt the prick of the knife on her neck.

They got to the garage. There were two cars, Sara's little run-around
and her mother's sleek sport's car. Sara walked towards her little blue
car but he pulled her towards the other car.

"I haven't got those keys!" Sara exclaimed.

"Doesn't matter. I'll jump start her. Get in."

He slid into the drivers seat. Reluctantly she got into the passenger
seat. He locked the car doors and slid an arm around her shoulder. Then
he slid his hand down her body and down her thighs. Sara was wearing a
knee-length skirt and he pushed his hand up underneath her skirt, and
fumbled for her underwear.

"Take those things off. Now!"

Sara saw no option but to comply, so she wriggled around till the skimpy
panties were in her hand. He took them, and stuffed them into a pocket in
his jeans and fiddled around at the ignition socket till the car started.
He reversed out of the garage and soon they were driving out of town.
Abruptly he pulled over and said,

"You drive; I want to watch you and I can't while I'm driving."
Unlocking the car doors, he got out and indicated that she should slide
over to the driver's seat. She did so and he locked the door before he ran
around to the other side and got in.


He half-turned to watch her as she started to drive. She was pretty;
her short dark hair clung close to her head and neck like a skull-cap, and
the loose smock-top flapped unfittingly. The dark green skirt was rumpled
where she had slid over the gear stick. His hand went to her thigh,
sliding beneath the material, and he moved up to the top of her leg.

"Don't stop. Keep driving. I'll tell you where to turn off."

His fingers tickled her bush, distractingly, and smiled at her
irritation. By the time he'd fucked her, she would be more than just
distracted. At the mere thought of having her, his cock swelled. They
drove on in silence, he continuing to tickle her bush, and gradually
probing his fingers further into her soft hair. He knew she was responding
when he felt dampness.

"Turn left at the next turning," he instructed.

Sara did so, and soon the car was driving over an increasingly bumpy
road. Her mother would shoot her if the axles or anything was damaged!
The man told her to turn into a field and stop the car. With relief, she
did as she was told. Although Sara knew where she was, she knew that she
wouldn't be able to get away from this man who was determined to have sex
with her, as she couldn't run very fast or far.

"Alright, girlie. I'm going to fuck you and you can scream if you want
to, it'll do no good. There's no-one to hear but me, and I don't mind if
my women make a noise or not. I've done this before, you see,"

While he was talking, the man was fondling Sara between her legs,
enjoying her wetness on his fingers. Now he stopped and made a grab for
her top; he pulled it over her head, covering her face and trapping her
arms in a raised position. Sara struggled.

"Don't fight me, beauty. I will hurt you if you fight me, and all I
want is some pleasure," he said as he gazed at her bare breasts. Slowly he
leant over and kissed the nipples before unlocking her car door. Unlocking
his door, he got out, walked round to Sara's side of the car and opened the
door. He swivelled her round so that her legs were out of the car.

Sara felt his knife slide along her legs and shivered. What was going
to happen to her?

She soon found out.

He unfastened his flies and pulled his cock out. Not huge, it was still
a good size when he was roused. Leaning forward, he rubbed her nipples
with one hand while stroking himself with the other.

"You've got nice tits, but I want to find out what you are really like
down here," As he spoke he pushed her backwards so she lay squashed between
the car-seat and the gear stick. He kneed his way between her legs, and
plunged his throbbing cock into her unprepared cunt. Sara screamed in
pain, but he ignored her. Instead he thrust himself deeper into her.

"Don't! Please stop. Oh please stop!" Sara begged. He did not answer,
beyond a grunt as he pulled back and thrust in again.

"You're hurting me. Please stop. I'll let you take me if you let me
out of here," she pleaded.

"OK," he grumbled, not happy at having to stop.

He pulled her out of the car and laid her across the car's bonnet. The
metal was hot against Sara's skin but at least she wasn't being squashed
against the gear stick. Once more he kneed his way into her and jammed his
cock into her again. He was big and rough but Sara found herself
responding to the treatment; soon she was pushing up against him and
inviting him to go deeper.

"More. Oh yes, more! Fuck me please! More! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she
cried out as she climbed towards a climax.

"Singing a different tune now, aren't you? I knew you would!" the man said between thrusts.

"I want you. Fuck me, please! Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me - fuck me!
Yes-ssss! Oh yes, yes, yes-yes-yes! I oh, I'm cumming. Fuck me now!"
Sara screamed as she came.

He didn't cum with her.

Instead he withdrew and bent to suck the juices from her. This sent her
into another orgasm and he continued to suck her sweet juices.

"Fuck me damn you. You said you wanted to fuck me, so FUCK ME! Don't
suck me, stick your cock back in me and fuck me!" she wailed.

"Shut up! I'm enjoying you. I'll fuck you soon enough!"

"No, don't suck me, fuck me! Fuck me! I want you to fuck me!" Sara
begged this stranger, "Please oh please. Please fuck me."

He ignored her pleas and concentrated on licking her dry a fruitless
task, as she produced more and more juices as he sucked and nibbled her
cunt and clit. He knew exactly what he was doing; he had, as he said, done
it before many times. He enjoyed kidnapping women and forcing them to have
sex with him in out-of-the-way places; he never hurt them, the knife was
for show and persuasion only, and they always ended up begging him to fuck
them. Finally satisfied that he had pushed her as far as he wanted to take
her, he stood up.

"Turn over and bend forward," he ordered. "I'll fuck you from behind
and play with your clit at the same time."

Sara turned over and he pulled her bottom towards him. Spreading her
buttocks, he steered his cock into her cunt and then lifted her up to get
at her clit. Thrusting deeply into her and playing with the tender bud, he
took her fiercely and roughly.

"Oh, oh my God! Yes yes yes-ssss! Oh! Don't stop. Fuck me oh,
oh, oh, oh my God FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Yes, yes-sssssss! Yes, yes, yes,
no-yes, no, no, I can't take it, cum now please. I can't cum again, oh
oh-ohhh! Take me!"

Sara subsided into whimpers as he brought her to climax after climax
while still holding himself back. Her skin was flushed as she whimpered at
the continuing fucking. He was pleased with this woman, she had depth of
climax that some lacked, and he felt that he could hold off for another few
minutes before allowing the explosive orgasm which would sweep all this
pleasure away. He rubbed her swollen clit and felt her shake with more
sensation; she was murmuring now, she was at the end of her sexual tether
now and he let himself go. His orgasm caused her to cry out despite her
exhaustion and he felt the pounding release.

"Thank you for your body! I enjoyed you enormously," he
panted. "You are a wonderful fuck-machine."

"A pleasure for me too," Sara whispered.

"If you want me again, here's my card." His breathing was still
ragged as he fumbled in his pocket for a battered card.

It read 'Enjoy your own pleasures? Ring Patrick for a no-obligation

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