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DREAMING sucked gently hollowing her cheeks like


(c) 1999 Lambchop -- This work is copyrighted to the
author, with all rights reserved. -- This work may be
archived and displayed on non-commercial web sites
without permission, but please do not remove the author
name or address. Thank you!
Dreaming Into Reality (MF, Rom)
by Lambchop
"I had that dream again last night," Ed told his best friend Joey.

"The one with that girl?" questioned Joey, "What was her name again? Terri?

"Tina. Her name was Tina. I just can't get her out of my mind. It's weird,
Joe, she seems so...real. Maybe I'm just going nuts."

This was the eleventh time in the past month that Ed had had this dream. It
was always the same. Somehow this girl had become entwined within his
subconscious mind.

"Maybe someone or something is trying to tell you something, Ed," said Joey,
"I mean, I've read about stuff like this in books and I've seen it in

"Don't get all weird on me now, pal," said Ed, "You don't believe in all that
trash about aliens and destiny and things like that, do you? I thought you
had more brains than that."

"Great. I come over here to spend some time with my best buddy and I get
insulted. Maybe I'll just leave you with your mystery girl so that you can go
jack off, stud."

"I'm sorry, Joey. I just can't get her out of my mind. And she's not just
some sexy girl from a magazine, either. I mean, she's 22, almost ten years
younger than me and she's even got a daughter."

"You sure have some weird fantasies, Ed," said Joey with a smile, "But I've
gotta go. It's getting late and I have a date. You know, with a real flesh
and blood girl."

"Take care, Joe," Ed called after his friend, "I hope you get lucky."

"Luck has nothing to do with it," called the retreating Joey, "It's skill.
It's all in the hands!"

Ed stayed up for a while watching tv and thinking about what Joey must be
doing on his date. Why can't I get dates like Joey can? He's had so much
pussy that if he made nicks on his headboard, it would look like the side of
a quarter. But no, I sit home watching tv and playing on my computer.

After watching the late news, Ed could no longer keep his eyes open and he
turned in and went to bed. Sleep came quickly for him. He closed his eyes
and he was out for the count.

As rapidly as his sleep came, the dream returned again. He was at his friend
Harry's house and Harry was giving his brother Ralph a party for his 18th
birthday. Harry and Ed went way back together, having first met in 2nd
grade. When Harry sprained his ankle during softball practice, Ed carried
him all the way to the Hospital. That was just the kind of relationship they

As the dream continued, Ed greeted several people he knew and sat on the sofa.
>From across the room, he saw her. Tina was a real beauty, soft brown hair,
brown eyes, firm sloping breasts and nice rounded hips. She was wearing tight
jeans that outlined her sexy hips and a yellow sweater with a large pink
butterfly on it.

She was holding her daughter's hand and walking towards him. Her daughter's
name, he remembered, was Ann. Ann was only four years old and she was a
little tiger, quite a handful to take care of, especially for a single
mother, which Ed assumed she was, since he never saw her in his dreams with
another man. What the hell, it was his dream anyway. As they approached Ed,
he moved over on the sofa to make room for them.

Tina asked Ed if the seats were taken. He told her that they weren't and
gestured for them to sit down. Tina sat next to him with her thighs touching
his. Her soft flowery scent wafted towards his nostrils and he could feel
the heat from her hot body next to his flowing through her jeans into his
shins. It was a very arousing situation.

"Hi! I'm Tina and this is my daughter Ann," said Tina looking deeply into Ed's
eyes, "Are you one of Harry's friends?"

"Um, yes," he stammered, "My name's Ed. Harry and I go back a long time. In
fact, we went to the same grade school."

"Wow, what a small world," replies Tina, "Harry's my second cousin, so I guess
that makes us friends through family."

"Yeah, I guess so," answers Ed. He is mesmerized by Tina's beauty. It is
more than just physical beauty. Tina exudes an aura that is probably
possible only in a dream.

After another ten minutes of small talk, Tina tells her daughter, "Go find
Uncle Harry and let mommy have some private time to herself. Okay, Ann?"

"Okay," she says with puppy dog eyes and a little pout, which last all of ten
seconds before she runs off yelling, "Uncle Harry! Uncle Harry! Where are

Tina laughs softly and moves closer to Ed, putting her arm casually around
his shoulders. She takes his hands in hers and again looks deeply into his
hazel eyes. Her hands are warm and inviting. They both sit back on the
sofa, their bodies melting toward one another as they begin to embrace. As
their faces and lips move closer together, Ann suddenly runs towards them
holding a black box with red glowing lights. It emits an annoying loud
buzzing sound...

As Ed opens his eyes, he realizes that the buzz is coming from his alarm
clock. His dream is over. Why does it always end that same way, with their
lips just fractions of an inch apart?

"Man," says Ed to himself, "I can't even have a good dirty dream. I don't
even get to first base in my fantasies, for Christsakes."

Ed's shower this morning took a little longer than normal. He felt tense,
uptight. It must be that damn dream, he thought. I wish I could just let go
of it.

He stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel from the rack. Finishing up
his bathroom routine, he realized that he was going to be late again. Since
he was always the last to leave, his boss overlooked his lateness, but he
tried not to make it a habit. This dream, though, was ruining his sleep

The ride to work on the subway was uneventful. The only good part of being
late is that the trains are a little less crowded. There's nothing like
getting packed in like a sardine next to some jerk who never heard of
deodorant and ate from a garlic patch for breakfast, just before smoking a
full pack of cigarettes. That's a great way to start the day! Not today,
though. Ed even got a seat and took a little nap, waking just as the train
arrived at the Pennsylvania Station stop.

The day went by pretty quickly for Ed. He was going to a party tonight that
his office was giving to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company's
founding. He was really looking forward to seeing all his friends and
associates from all over the country. IBE was sparing no expense to make
this gala fabulous. They were even flying all their personnel from their
sales offices nationwide to New York for the party. The party was being held
at a five star hotel in the financial district. Black tie required.

At 4:15 Ed called it quits for the day. Taking the train home, he picked up
his tuxedo from the cleaners and walked the two blocks to his house.

As he was dressing for the party, he wondered how the evening would turn out.
Would he have a good time or be bored out of his skull? Should he have
gotten a date? Oh well, it's too late for that now.

He called a cab and arrived just as the party was starting. The hotel was
really extravagant, with a string quartet playing in the lobby for the
benefit of the arriving partygoers. A large blue and white banner
proclaimed, "IBE 25th Anniversary Celebration". Ed looked around for someone
he knew. He saw Terry Townings from Accounting waving to him, so he went
over to her.

"Hey Ed, how ya doing?" asked Terry, giving Ed a peck on the cheek, "This
place is incredible. And the food...Mmmmmm."

"Great, Terry," replied Ed, "Good to see you."

Terry, just like Ed, loved good food. Ed couldn't figure out where the food
went on her, though. She'd had three kids and looked like she had just
stepped out of a fashion magazine.

"Sorry, Ed," said Terry, "Gotta go. I see Milton over there and he dances a
mean Lambda. See ya!"

After talking to a few more friends and catching up on some office gossip, Ed
got a drink and sat at an empty table. It was then that he saw her and almost
spilled his drink.

She was an incredible vision. Her beautiful brown hair hanging just past her
shoulders was accented by her stunning red evening dress with a plunging
neckline showing off her rather large breasts and a dangerous slit up the side
revealing sexy black stocking clad legs.

As he stared at her, he realized that she was the girl from his dream. She
looked over at him, smiled, and started towards his table.

Sweat began to break out on Ed's brow. He just couldn't believe it. He
blinked a few times to make sure that his eyes were really seeing what he
thought they were seeing.

"This cannot be happening," he said to himself, "My mind must be playing
tricks on me."

When his dream girl reached Ed's table, she asked him if the seat next to him
was taken.

Ed replied, "No, please join me." He smiled nervously.

"My name is Tina," the woman said, "I work in the Marketing department. Who
are you?"

"Uh, Ed. My name's Ed," replied Ed incredulously, "What did you say your name

"Tina. Tina Merry. Do you work for IBE, Ed?" asked Tina.

"Yes, I'm in charge of product development for the new line. I'm surprised we
haven't met before." stammered Ed, trying to regain control of himself.

"Well," said Tina, "I'm pretty new to the company. In fact, I'm kinda new to
New York. My daughter and I only moved here two months ago from Minnesota."

"Oh, you're married," said Ed, disappointed.

"No, my baby's father and I are not together. It's a long story and this
isn't the place for it. Maybe another time," said Tina with a smile.

"You said you have a daughter?" inquired Ed.

"Yes, she's four," said Tina, "I have a picture of her somewhere." She
rummaged through her purse and brought out a leather wallet with a plastic
insert for photographs.

Tina handed Ed a picture of herself holding her daughter's hand. Her daughter was the little girl from the party in his dream. Even the clothes matched his
dream. Tina was wearing those jeans and the yellow sweater with the pink
butterfly on it.

"She's beautiful," said Ed. "What's her name?"

"Ann," replied Tina.

This is just too weird, he thought. Maybe I'm just dreaming again. I'll just
pinch myself and see if I wake up.

"Ow!" said Ed quietly, now realizing that he was indeed awake and that this
was not a dream. My god, maybe Joey was right! No, I'm being silly. I'm
sure that there's a rational explanation for all this, thought Ed. He
wondered if maybe it was a full moon tonight.

After breaking the ice, the conversation between Ed and Tina flowed smoothly.
They discovered that they had many things in common, including their tastes
in music and art. Before either of them knew it, the party was over and it
was time to leave. Ed looked at his watch and was amazed to see that four
hours had passed since the time Tina had sat down next to him. It seemed to
him that only thirty minutes had passed. They had lost all track of time.

As Ed walked with Tina towards the lobby doors, he tried to think of a way to
delay the end of the evening. He was having such a good time that he didn't
want to let it end.

"Would you like to stop somewhere for a cup of coffee or something?" Ed asked

"I'm sorry, Ed," replied Tina, "But I've got to get home to Ann. My sitter
has to leave by midnight. It's a school night and her mother will kill me if
I'm late. Why don't you come home with me and I'll make some cappuccino?"

"Sure. I'd love to."

They caught a cab together and cuddled in the back seat. Ed still couldn't
believe that this girl was real. He kept waiting to wake up.

The cab pulled up to Tina's Park Avenue apartment and they got out.
Generously tipping the cab driver, Ed took Tina's hand and they proceeded to
the bank of elevators, giggling like school kids.

Tina lived in a beautiful old building, with most of the original wooden
molding painstakingly restored by hand. The salmon colored marble walls
reflected the light from the ornate overhead chandeliers.

When the elevator reached the 16th floor, they exited into the spotless
hallway, turned right and headed towards apartment 16A. When they arrived at
her door, they noticed a small folded piece of paper taped to the door.
Smiling, Tina took it off the door and read it.

"Tina," she read aloud, "I took Ann for the night and sent your sitter home.
I'll call you tomorrow. Love, Mom."

They entered Tina's spacious apartment and Tina locked up, guiding Ed onto a
comfortable tan loveseat.

"Give me five minutes to change," said Tina, "I've gotta get out of these

"No problem. Take your time," said Ed.

As Tina went off into the bedroom to change, Ed surveyed the beautiful
apartment. The creme colored walls accented by the pastel green borders
looked like the work of a professional decorator. The furniture, all
tasteful and rather expensive-looking was comfortable, yet functional. He
began to feel at ease, like he somehow belonged here, or had been here

Tina reappeared in the doorway, wearing an open black satin and lace robe
over a low cut black satin nightgown, with black matching panties just
visible underneath. She looked like a goddess, with her breasts just peeking
out from her nightgown. They looked much larger now than they did before.
Maybe it was the way the nightgown accented them. His eyes traveled down her
body to her silky smooth legs and professionally pedicured toes and the
bright red nail polish on each toenail.

"I hope you don't mind me getting this casual," purred Tina, "I just wanted to
be comfortable. Why don't you take off your jacket and tie and loosen your
shirt a little while I make the cappuccino?"

Tina disappeared into the kitchen while Ed made himself more comfortable on
the loveseat. He could hear the strange sounds of the cappuccino maker
coming from the kitchen. A few minutes later, she reappeared carrying a tray
with the cups, sugar, and all the paraphernalia associated with the sweet
coffee beverage.

Tina handed a cup to Ed and he tasted the sweet milky coffee. Mmmmmm, how Ed
loved cappuccino. Tina appeared to be enjoying it as well, sipping from her
cup and leaving a moustache of cream on her full sexy lips.

She smiled and seductively licked the cream from her lips. Putting down her
cup, she moved closer, her robe falling farther open, until her body was
pressing against Ed.

Ed looked up into her beautiful brown eyes and brought his face up towards
hers. As their lips met and eyes closed, the electrical circuit was complete
and their love current began to flow. Their arms reached out to embrace each
other as their tongues intertwined. Ed could feel the heat rising from
Tina's body and could smell the scent of her arousal over the sweet rosy
perfume she wore on her warm skin.

His hands found her breasts and began to explore them under her sexy robe.
Tina leaned back and the robe fell away leaving only her sheer satin
nightgown between Ed's fingers and her skin. Her nipples began to harden
under his manipulation and stand straight up through the fabric of her

While Ed was busy with Tina's breasts, he felt Tina's nimble fingers begin to
unbutton the remaining buttons on his white shirt. Undoing the last
fastener, she removed his shirt, pleased to find that he did not wear an
undershirt. Her fingers moved over his nipples, teasing them to tautness.
She then kissed each one, letting her tongue play over the erect flesh,
before moving back up to continue exploring his hot mouth.

Ed followed suit and gently pulled her nightgown over Tina's head exposing
her luscious breasts with the little pink gumdrops on them. Ed savored the
texture of her nipples, gently sucking and nibbling on them, while letting
his hand roam up Tina's left leg toward her waiting love box.

Ed eased his hand underneath Tina's panties and parted her wet slit with his
fingers. She moaned as he began exploring her love hole with his fingers
while continuing to suck on her breasts.

Tina reached over and undid Ed's belt and opened his pants, sliding them to
the floor. She slid her hands under the waistband of his underpants and was
amazed at how large and hard his erection was. She began stroking it gently.

The silky feel of Tina's pussy and the sensations that her warm hands were
sending up and down the length of his cock was really exciting Ed. He needed
to taste her. He had imagined going down on her many times, even though his
dream never gotten that far, and now, here he was actually getting ready to
do it!

Ed rolled off the loveseat and knelt in front of Tina, drinking in her beauty,
watching the rhythmic rising and falling of her slightly reddened chest as her
arousal regulated her breathing. He took hold of her black satin panties and
pulled them down, exposing one of the most beautiful pussies he had ever seen.
It was clean shaven and glistening with excitement. With his hands he parted
the lips and looked inside, marveling at the beauty of her vagina. His mouth
began to water as he moved in to lick up and down her fountain of love.

He could feel her body tense up as his tongue touched her in her most private
of places. He licked up and down the slit and then settled on her clitoris,
coaxing it out from it's little fleshy hood, and planting his tongue directly
on it's sensitive tip.

Tina cried out in ecstasy as Ed's tongue worked her love button. Wave after
wave of passion flowed through her body, coaxed out of her by Ed's tongue.
Ed could feel her body begin to tense up and felt her orgasm coming. All at
once, she called out and came on his lips, leaking her hot love juice into
his mouth. Ed savored the taste of her passion as she rode the wave back to

Exhausted, Ed got back up on the sofa while Tina pelted him with kisses,
telling him how incredible he made her feel. Tina guided his legs onto the
loveseat and, in one quick motion, removed his underwear. With a look of
determination on her face, she lowered her lips to his cock, taking the whole
thing in her mouth.

Ed was thrilled with the sensations attacking his joystick. Warm, wet, and
velvety smooth, Tina's tongue glided effortlessly over the sensitive skin of
Ed's cock. Tina sucked gently, hollowing her cheeks like her best friend
told her to, giving Ed the best blow job he's ever gotten in his life. He
could feel the come begin to boil up in his balls.

Tina must have sensed it too, because she grabbed the base of his cock and
removed her mouth, stopping his impending orgasm.

"Not yet," Tina whispered, straddling Ed's body with her knees. She gently
lowered her body onto him, her moist pussy enveloping his cock like a
well-oiled keyhole accepting the right key. A sigh escaped her lips when she
pushed down firmly, filling up her pussy with his whole big cock.

Tina began a steady up and down rhythm and Ed used his muscles to meet every
stroke. Her pussy was even better than her mouth; the hot wetness bringing
him to a new level of excitement that he had never experienced before.

Tina's deep moans now accompanied each downstroke and it was obvious that she
was on her way to her second orgasm of the night. This knowledge, combined
with the incredible sensations emanating from her pussy, pushed Ed over the
edge. Just as he felt her pussy contract into orgasm, he shot his seed deep
into her vagina.

Tina collapsed on top of Ed and he wrapped his arms around her. They lay
that way for what seemed an eternity before getting up from the loveseat,
hand in hand, and retiring to the bedroom, where they fell asleep in each
other's arms.
The next day they both called in sick for work. After Tina called her mother to have her keep Ann for the day ("I can't talk now, Mom. I'll call you
later!"), they spent the rest of the day making love and exploring their
newfound love.

"Tina," began Ed, "Do you ever dream?"
Author's Note: As always, I'm very interested in any feedback that you, the
reader, may have. Any posted reviews are welcome, or you can E-mail me at
Special thanks to Peter for proofreading this story for me.


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