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DRESS1 camera thing (like the camera adding


"Playing Dress-Up" (Part 1 of 3)

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

Maxine woke up, turned over to and stared at me as I
kept perfectly still. I was pretending to be asleep, as
I usually did when she woke up this early. It could
mean only one thing. I sighed and opened my eyes.

"I'm tired Max, couldn't we..."

"I know, we agreed, you're too pooped in the mornings.
But I'm never feel relaxed before bed, and well...
It's just... I don't mean to nag " Her voice trailed
off in that sad way that made my sink into my pillow.

"Okay, okay, just give me a wake
up....'kay?" I sighed and turned over, exhausted. I
reached over to her hand, but she pulled it away and
stared out the window. I knew what this meant, as my
stomached grumbled and I gritted my teeth swallowing
my bubbling anger.

"I'm sorry Crystal. I know....." She
said in her best martyred little voice. Times like this
were what made me want to leave her. To smack the shit
out of her. To break down in tears for her selfishness
in even putting me through it. I'd lived with her since
I was fifteen years old and this was the one sick
little kink that I had to put up with.

I got up and sulked into the closet. She watched as I
fetched the paper bag and carried it back to out bed,
as I've done so many times before. I threw it on the
bed bluntly. Maxine flinched at my barely suppressed

"Well...WHAT? " I barked, hoping she'd back down and we
could make love without the fucking bag, for a change,
like we used to,

a long time ago.

"Honey, it just helps know. Please don't be
like this. I love you Crystal. Please don't make it so
ugly, okay? " Maxine said through her salty quivering
chin. I frowned, but was torn. My heart was weakening
seeing her there like that, and though it killed me to
admit it, I knew she was suffering too.

She couldn't help it. This was just what aroused her
the most.

I pulled the contents of the bag out and fumbled out
of my night gown and poured out the bag full of stuff,
in tears.

She knew how much it cost us to play this game. Times
like this, she had a hard time dealing with the guilt
of knowing how repulsed this little game made me.

But her fingers decided otherwise as she gutlessly
avoided my gaze and started gathering up the bag's
contents. She fingered herself as she started dressing


I was never one to take kindly to bullying. I took my
share of it in high school - before I discovered the
fine art of skipping out. Anyhow, with a few more years
under my belt, I just don't have much patience for

In my work, I fought through all the male biased crap
to become a respected talent agent, with several of the
actors and models I represent within inches of stardom.
I can smell my big break coming.

So if I wasn't going to take bullying at school or at
work, I sure as crap wasn't going to accept bullying at
home, of all places. Not after we dropped most of our
savings into buying into our condo, anyway.

" This is a load of crap, " I told the condo board. "
Just because one unit has a leak, it doesn't mean that
we all have to shell out for to replace every roof in
the development. "

Maxine knew better than to try to keep me quiet. She
sat beside me with a little smile, and allowed me to
vent my frustration.

" If we replace one roof, " explained Rebecca Mitchell,
in an icy voice, " we have to do them all. It would
look atrocious to have one roof differ from the others.
We're just not *that* kind of development. "

" It all sounds like a money grab to me, " I continued.
" Mrs. Richards just wants a more attractive roofing
material... and you don't mind a bit, do you Rebecca ?
After all, your son does the contracting work. "

There was muted gasp around the room. No one had dared
question Rebecca Mitchell about this conflict of
interest before. Well, fuck 'em. There was no way I was
going to roll over and spend another five thousand
dollars just a month after moving in.

I mean, Christ, it was like everyone was just too
terrified of this woman to speak against her. I had
noticed the way that the predominantly young white
couples in this community seemed to pussyfoot around
her. To tell the truth, it made me a little sick.

Why wouldn't anyone else stand with me ?

Rebecca was giving me this cold glare. Everyone else in
the room seemed to find sudden interest in wiping the
lint from their pants, and checking the polish on their
shoes. I felt like... well, like suddenly I had a big
red and white target painted on my forehead.

The president of the board spoke again, with that same
icy calmness that seemed to paralyse everyone else in
the neighbourhood. " Well, I'm glad for the feedback,
but maybe we should just put this to a vote now. "

Fucking politics. I guess you sort of expect back room
deals and coercion amongst professional politicians.
But I didn't really expect it here. Hell, this witch
was asking every couple in this development to shell
out thousands of dollars, just so that her friend could
get a nice new roof, and so her son could pad his
pockets. I knew that some of these couples couldn't
afford it.

Paula and Mike Brooks couldn't afford it. Mike had been
out of work the last couple of months. And Paula
wouldn't just let it slip by, I was sure, but I'll be
damned if they didn't raise their hands in favour of
the motion.

Just the previous day, my close friend Kristina
Albertson had complained loudly to me about the dirty
workings of the condominium board, but now that push
came to shove, her hand was raised with the others. It
left Maxine and I as the only people in the room in

" The motion is carried, " announced Rebecca, still
giving me a glare.

I stewed about it for the next week. Privately, a lot
of the people in the condo complex seemed to agree with
us. I didn't really want to start a war over this, but
I got the feeling that some of the people really
wouldn't stand up to Rebecca without someone to lead
the fight.

" I really do admire your courage, Crystal, " Kristina
told me conspiratorially. " Not too many people ever
stand up to the condo board the way you did last
Friday. "

Kristina had been a friend of mine, from the agency,
for years. In fact, she was the one who urged us to
have a look at this community. I think she puts some
effort into playing the part of the office nerd, with
glasses too big for her face, and a just-slightly-out-
of-fashion wardrobe. In reality, she was one of the
best agents around, and could negotiate circles around
most anyone I know.

As much as Maxine had tried to calm me down (a
relationship needs at least *one* level head, and
despite our other little problems, she was it), I was
still worked up about it. Kristina's casual attitude
had me steamed. " Well then why didn't you vote my way?
All it would take is a simple majority, and she
couldn't push us around. "

" I don't think you understand. As a survival tactic,
I'm careful not to piss of Rebecca Mitchell. If you
think that I play hardball, you haven't seen anything.
Some of the stories going around about her... she lives
for this kind of challenge. I'm actually surprised that
she hasn't done anything to you yet."

" Like what ? Hell, she runs the condo board, not the
CIA. "

Nonetheless, most of our neighbours seemed to view it
the same way. Although they were sympathetic, they
seemed to be watching with a morbid curiosity, and were
absolutely sure that Rebecca would put me 'back in


That evening I was still fuming over our spineless
neighbours and the whole Rebecca thing, when I saw
Maxine with that look in her eye. You know, * that *

I sighed and really made her suffer this time for it. I
was tired of defending myself In the outside world and
here she was coming at me from inside too? I shuddered
at what our friends would say at seeing how bizarre
things had become between us. Her appetites were
getting stronger over time.

True, there were only clothes, right? Sure they don't
fit, and I look like a damned fool in them. They were
just ordinary clothes. Clothes of a high school girl,
much like I had been when I met Max.

Okay.... it wasn't the JUST clothes. It's what they

It was about a lie. We spent each day meticulously
avoiding our past. But in our own ways, we lived out
our twisted secret. I did it in my private writing. Max
did it in this sad little sex game.

I felt like a fucking freak show parading around the
bed while she watched. Wasn't this what guys were into?
Well, guys were probably into lingerie, not some
ordinary fifteen year old girl's clothes! I always
believed that living with a woman would help me escape
from typical male perversions.

But as much as I hated Maxine replaying this chapter of
her life, I could never let anyone know her * past *.
What she'd done with me was immoral, but what she'd
down with Lucy was illegal, Lucy being her student and

Maybe the illicit nature of their affair was the reason
that Lucy was still at the centre of Maxine's fantasy
life. Why the clothes in the bag were hers...

not mine.

I just wished that she loved me enough to not make this
everything. Our whole relationship.

I'm not Lucy, I proudly thought as I tearfully I did my
hair in twin pony tails.


The next Saturday, as I tanned out by the pool, the
battle between Rebecca Mitchell and I flared up again.
It both began and ended in a matter of five minutes.

" Hello Crystal, " Rebecca Mitchell sat down beside me.
The woman was in her forties, and had two adult sons
who also lived in the condo complex. The way she
strolled around the grounds, like some sort of a queen,
always picked me.

What picked me more was the way everyone just seemed to
let her get away with everything. And that look in here
eyes. The look she was giving me now was almost the
same look I so often dreaded from Maxine. Her eyes just
glowed with excitement.

Mostly Rebecca's trips were just little indignities.
Like the way she forced Susan Allen to rent a garage
outside of the complex so that no one would have to
look at her crappy second-hand car. Or when Paula
Brooks took some odd jobs around the complex, to help
make ends meet, Rebecca actually forced her to wear
this silly little uniform to make sure everyone *knew*
that she was an *employee* now. The similarities made
me shudder, I mean the whole costume thing, although
Paula's was a real costume, not like me and Maxine's
stuff. Those were just clothes, thank god!

" You know, when you two applied to join the complex, I
wasn't sure that it would really be appropriate to
welcome a couple of lesbians into our community. Some
of the other couples thought it might be politically
fashionable to have a pair of resident lesbians. Well,
I didn't argue with them. "

" How big of you. " I said masking the storm inside.

" Of course, I've had time to reconsider now. It really
doesn't set a very good example, does it ? An aberrant
lifestyle is one thing if the participants keep to
themselves, and don't cause problems. It's quite
another when they begin to make waves. "

" Listen, Rebecca..." I said, my throat going dry.

" I've already listened. I listened to you at the board
meeting. Yes... I think everyone heard what you had to
say. "

I sat up in my lounge chair both fearful and furious.
Her attitude was unbelievable. She just went on
talking, as if I should be honoured to be sitting with
her. She was fully dressed in a smart business suit,
and despite us both sitting on lounge chairs at the
pool's edge, she made me feel like it was *me* who was
dressed improperly.

" Did you know that I'm a lawyer, Crystal ?"

I froze, afraid my body language would show.

" Yeah. I think I heard that somewhere. " I coolly

" It was quite an allegation you made, that I would
support a resolution, just because it benefits my son.
That's almost...

...slanderous, actually. "

Danger. Hell, you'd have to live in L.A. to know how
easily a frivolous law suit can come up. There was no
way I was going to let her know how vulnerable I really
was OR back down, but her words scared me shitless.
You've got to walk on egg shells when talking to
lawyers in L.A., that's for sure.

" Did you also know that I work for the district
attorney's office ?"

" No, I..." hating how weak that came out.

" Hush. I was talking. As I was saying, the D.A.'s
office does a lot of investigations. There might be
one that's of interest to you. "

This was almost funny. What the heck did she think she
could dig up on me ?

" New technology brings about new sorts of crimes. I
began an investigation a few days ago into on-line
pornography. "

Oh shit. Lucy. It's all coming out. She knows...oh god,
oh god.

" It seems that someone calling herself GlamBamMam is
publishing pornography on the internet. You wouldn't
know anything about that, would you Crystal ?"

I had to fight from laughing! Yeah, this was
embarrassing as hell, but thank GOD this was all she
had! I can't believe here I was ready to -

SHEEZZZ!!! * This * was her big secret? Yeah, so I
wrote erotica under a silly name. Half my readers
we're probably husbands of all my best girlfriends, and
maybe some of their wives read it too, so what ? I
felt a flood of blessed relief that me and Maxine had
once again escaped dangerous exposure, and was about to
launch into my boring defence of freedom of speech, but
the queen bitch just rolled right along...

" Yes, it seems that she writes about all sorts of
naughty things. Some of her stories include teenagers,
and blackmail, and all sorts of humiliating things.
Things that go well beyond community standards. Quite
sickening really. "

I frowned, remembering some of my raunchier stories and
seeing the faces of people like Kristina flinching at
my love of humiliation. It could be tricky to explain.
But I had been careful. Always used a pen name when I
posted. Sure, maybe I had let some real life
information slip out once I knew someone online, but I
couldn't believe Rebecca Mitchell had made the
connection. Surely she was fishing and had only
tracked it down to this complex.

She would've already nailed me if she had proof right?

But the threat in her voice was apparent. I didn't know
quite yet what she was threatening to do. I mean, I
couldn't actually be convicted of a crime for writing
this stuff, could I ?

" It would be a shame if this sort of thing became
attached to your reputation, wouldn't it ? I'm not sure
you'd be able to draw many actresses or models as
clients... or at least perhaps not the kind you're
looking for. You could help in casting silly porn
films, or models for dirty magazines maybe. Does that
kind of career move interest you ?"

Rebecca was fishing for a pressure point. If frivolous
litigation didn't scare me, maybe criminal charges
would. If that didn't do it, maybe she could threaten
my career. The truth was, I was more fearful than she
knew... not about what *she* could do to me, but of
what Maxine would do if she found out about my
internet stories.

Some were about.....clothes.

I'd changed the names of course, but Maxine would know
I'd violated an unspoken rule between us. Silence. I
needed her more than she needed me. That's why she got
away with what she did, and I couldn't risk Maxine
finding out that I'd was capable of turning personal
private details our sex life into disgusting little
smut stories! Especially where I'd lied and wrote
myself as enjoying the whole thing! It would KILL her,
and me...

A long minute of silence passed between us. She was
watching me with a tight-lipped, satisfied little

" What exactly do you want from me ?" I spat out.

" Not much. You know, it's a shame we got off on the
wrong foot, Crystal. I'm sure my son Eric would like to
entertain you sometime. In fact, seeing you here now,
all trim and tanned beside the pool, you seem just his
type. "

" Rebecca...You're kidding -

" Call me Mrs. Mitchell... and yes, I know you're a
dyke, Crystal. It's just quite silly this whole
lesbian nonsense, that's all. I've seen Eric looking at
you. I'm sure he could awaken a more natural desire in
you than your usual sordid proclivities. If you'll just
take let him take you out for dinner... then I'll
forget this whole thing. "

My face was burning with anger at the NERVE!!! I
flashed on tossing this cruel monster into the pool,
but I thought better of it. She did, after all, work
for the D.A.'s office.

" Go fuck yourself, you sick bitch, " I spat, instead.

Her expression didn't change. She almost, in a perverse
way, seemed pleased by my resistance. She had this air
of self confidence that I couldn't fucking stand. It
was obvious she felt she'd already won, and knew I'd
come crawling back to ask her son for a fucking date!

And as crazy as it was, I couldn't say I wouldn't.

Okay, so I was a bit rattled. I remembered what
Kristina had told me about this woman. It was no wonder
all the neighbours were afraid of her. This bitch was a
total psycho. But there was no where to run.

I couldn't ask Maxine to move out of this community
just weeks after moving in. Not without a damned good
reason, anyhow. She would suspect something,
especially with her little secrets hounding us! She was
so squirrely and paranoid about people knowing about
her thing for younger gals, she would never accept some
half-baked explanation.

Either way, I was screwed. If Rebecca blew the whistle
on my stories, not only would Maxine never trust me
again, it would only be a matter of time before the
whole Thing came spilling out and people not only
crucified us for our age difference, but Maxine for the
whole Lucy thing. I knew she wasn't a pedophile (or at
least, that's what I convinced myself to believe) but
as a teacher, she'd be toast, and t would be all MY
fault! What the fuck was I THINKING writing this stuff?
Talk about fucking yourself!!!

In desperation, I went to see Kristina. She had
experience here, and she's always been on my side. I
just needed to know how far Rebecca would press this

" She's fucking crazy, " I told Kristina, over a glass
of lemonade. " And I just want to end this fight. Does
she hold grudges for long ?"

" What did she dig up on you ?"

" Pardon me ?" I froze for the second time today, my
nerves were totally shot.

" Yesterday you were gearing up for a fight. Now you're
looking for a way out. I've seen how Rebecca Mitchell
works. She must have dug up something pretty nasty to
get you this rattled. "

I felt my face go white and felt weak and light headed.
So that was it. Everyone else knew.

At the meeting they sat there, knowing exactly how
crazy and dangerous this woman was, but no one would
warned me. Now they were circling to watch how severely
Rebecca would punish me for daring to speak against
her. Thank god Kristina was on my side.

No, that's not right. It's not like the others women
were on Rebecca's side.

It was just the subtle pleasure of knowing that the
beast was focused on someone else. Relief almost.

" Okay, so she has something that'll hurt me bad, " I
admitted, for the first time showing a little emotion.
"I just want to know how far she'll go with this. "

Kristina took a more sympathetic tone.

" It's not that bad, Crystal. She gets everyone
eventually. She just really loves these power games. If
you play along with her, she'll get tired of kicking
you around. Honestly, she'll soon find someone else to
torture. Remember Susan Allen renting that garage, or
Paula Brooks agreeing to wear that embarrassing little
uniform ?

I nodded as my face went flush remembering how the
other women, myself included, got quite a charge out of
Susan having to park outside the complex in a separate
garage and walk in as people smirked, let along poor
Paula's domestic service clothes. Something about the
image of our whole complex knowing about Paula dressing
up like that was strangely arousing to me.

" Crystal, they were BOTH once in your shoes, squirming
just like you! Did everyone talk? Of course, that the
point, public ridicule. But it's over now, and the
most Susan and Paula have to endure is everyone knowing
what they're willing to stoop to, that's all. Rebecca
forgave them and things are fine. "

" Just don't piss her off again. Knuckle under and give
her a little show, and you'll be fine too. "

I stared for a long time at the floor, frowning at her

Play along ?

I don't think Kristina had any idea of what playing
along would mean to me. It would mean going on a date
with Rebecca's son. It would mean flushing my
relationship with Maxine. We were hanging my a thread
as it was.

I couldn't stand the thought of losing Maxine. I'd been
with her since I was a little fifteen year old. She was
like a mother, friend, lover and pain in the ass all
rolled into one. I didn't realise,(clothes aside), now
much I really DID care until I faced actually losing
her. I fought the tears as I continued staring numbly
at the ground.

If I DIDN'T do it, the whole thing would come down on

No, here.

I sighed, knowing I had no choice but to go along so
that Rebecca would lose her taste for blood. Maybe
there was still hope that she wouldn't discover about
me being underage, or learn about Maxine and Lucy years
before me.

It's not easy for me to back away from a fight.
Especially so quickly, before I've even had my chance
to get my licks in. Nonetheless, a few minutes later, I
was walking back past the pool towards Mrs. Mitchell's
condo, just sure that everyone could the shame of
defeat on my face.

I had wrapped a towel around my waist when I went to
Kristina's place from the pool, but I was still wearing
only my bikini top, which made me feel a little
underdressed, standing at Rebecca Mitchell's door. It
reminded me of the way her eyes had wandered over me
appraisingly when suggesting that her son, Eric, might
like me.

" Oh, it's you, " she said, in mock surprise.

My face reddened. This moment was almost more than I
could stand. I was just like all the other women who
lived in the complex, here to kiss Rebecca Mitchell's
ass. On some level, I was already plotting my revenge.
Someday, I'd find a way to take this bitch down.

It was so humiliating and...

made me feel like I was in high school again...

with the other girls laughing at me because I was flat-

and I would just blush, and take it.

Self consciously, I folded my arms in front of me, and
cleared my throat.

" Hi Mrs. Mitchell. Um, I'm sorry about what I said by
the pool..." the shame of submission was heating my

I hoped, belatedly, that Rebecca hadn't actually read
much of the stories I wrote on the internet. If she
read the way my characters get off on being abused and
humiliated, she might assume I was the same way. I also
hoped that she didn't notice the way I was squirming
under her gaze.

" And..." she said, expectantly.

" And I'd really love to go out with Eric, and set
things straight between us. "

" That's a good girl, " she responded, as if praising a
pet for a trick. " I'll have Eric pick you up at

There was a knot in my stomach the rest of the day. The
timing wasn't actually bad. Maxine was off on a
conference for the weekend, and so I didn't have to
make an excuse for going out. My real concern was that
the neighbours might see me. I would just die if anyone
guess what price I had to pay to make peace with the

And, of course, there was the risk that word would get
back to Maxine when she returned on Sunday evening.

So I spent the remainder of the afternoon in nervous
anticipation. I tried to remember if I had ever met
Eric before. Of course, I knew his older brother,
Eddie, who did all of the repairs and renovations
around the community. But Eric... I couldn't connect
the face to the name.

It was silly of me to get that nervous feeling that
people always get before a date. Not that I've ever had
much experience dating. Maxine and I got together when
I was fifteen years old, and so I didn't ever spend
much time playing the field. Nonetheless, I got that
nervous, "what am I going to wear" feeling, like I was
going on a job interview or something.

It was silly too that I showered, and did my hair, and
wore some nice panties for the date. Fuck, that's
embarrassing. Okay, so I didn't know exactly how far
Mrs. Mitchell expected me to go with her son. I hoped
that he would be nice about everything, but I still
couldn't help but think that maybe he would want to
kiss a little, or do some groping or something.

By seven, I was waiting by the window in a carefully
chosen outfit, with a sickeningly submissive feeling in
the pit of my stomach. I couldn't believe what I was
willing to do to keep my secret, just hoping that Mrs.
Mitchell would eventually tire of this game.

He was late. I felt like such a fool, waiting at the
window for a half hour before he arrived. Finally, a
car pulled up, and Eric honked his horn.

This was it. As quickly as I could manage, I scrambled
into his car. I hoped that no one had seen me.

Too late, I recognized him. Fuck. This was the pig that
had been hitting on me the first day that I moved into
the complex. He had been with a couple of friends, and
had made a few comments about how nice my ass looked as
I carried in moving boxes.

I had responded with a few taunts about his language
and grooming skills.

" Hi baby, you ready for our date ?"

" Uh, yeah. Let's go, " I said, betraying my nerves
about being seen by the neighbours. I hoped he didn't
interpret it as enthusiasm on my part.

At around twenty, he was a couple of years younger than
me. He drove a nice sports car, no doubt paid for by
his mother, and looked every bit the spoiled son.
Expensive clothing, jewellery... and now his mother had
even given him a classy girlfriend.

Fuck, I felt like a prize hog... just about to be
brought in for the slaughter.

And speaking of pork, he brought to a barbecue rib
restaurant. Wonderful. men and meat. Just my kind of

No complaints, I promised myself. Anything to get on
Mrs. Mitchell's good side... for now.

So I smiled and laughed politely while he talked like a
fourteen year old about his favourite bands and comic
book characters. He seemed totally oblivious to the
fact that I had brushed him off that first day we met.
I guess he's really gotten used to having things handed
to him by his mother, and he didn't really question it

It was almost two hours before we were out of the
restaurant. It was going to take me a really long
shower to wash away the smell of cigarette smoke and
animal flesh.

As for Eric, now that one appetite had been filled, he
began to work on his next one.

" Yeah, you're not bad. mom says you used to be a
lesbian or something. Was she serious ? "

I almost choked on that. " No. Not 'used to be' - I
*am* a lesbian. "

" Shit - I guess that means you make out with other
chicks. Man, I'd like to see that sometime. "

I wasn't about to offer an invitation. Eric reached one
of his big hands over and began to rub up and down the
inside of my leg as he drove. As much as it gave me the
creeps, even worse was the fact that he hadn't wiped
his hands very well after the restaurant. Little
smudges of barbecue sauce were rubbing off on my legs
and skirt as he ventured further towards my crotch.

And I let him do it. I wasn't submitting to him, I had
to remind myself. This was for Mrs. Mitchell. Somehow,
that made it better.

Hell, I'd rather be bested by a cruel icy bitch like
Rebecca Mitchell than a dumb jerk like her son. I'm
ashamed to admit it, but some part of this really
charged up my sexual imagination. It was stuff that I
probably would have used in one of my stories, before I
was caught, that is.

Eric's big sticky fingers pushed roughly against the
crotch of my panties. I looked around to see if any of
the other drivers could see anything. This was fucking
humiliating, being toyed with by this guy while he
drove around in another of his toys.

" You've got a wet one for me, dont'cha ? "

God no. It was just the white hot shame of the
situation, as my panties thankfully shielded me from
his further debasing prodding! I couldn't control
myself. My embarrassment grew as I wondered if he'd
reveal this little detail to his mother. I'd never be
able to look her in the eyes again.

" Maybe... " I squeaked out, not wanting to argue.

" Unbutton your blouse, " he told me casually. " I want
to see those titties. I've had my eye on those for a
while. "

Could this evening get any worse ? I considered telling
him to turn the car around right then, as his fingers
across my panties seemed less a violation than him
seeing my naked breasts on this mock date! Jesus his
nerve - Not only was I being paraded around town in
his sports car as some sort of prize, but now he
expected me to show him my tits while in public.
Slowly, with shaking hands, I began to unbutton my
blouse. I held it closed, careful not to reveal myself
to other drivers.

Apparently site of my bra wasn't going to be enough, so
to appease him, I timidly pulled my bra up above my
breasts, and opened my blouse just a little so that he
could see. He almost swerved off the road as he
consumed the sight as I felt stupid for being proud
that he liked them this much. The prick was enjoying
this little game.

" They/re okay. Not as nice as I imagined. Let me have
a feel. " He said without even the slightest hint of
awareness for my feelings. I knew he was an oaf who I
wouldn't wipe my feet on under normal circumstances,
but it still hurt. I felt silly and like a depressed
high school girl , sitting there with my boobs on some
bargain rack!

His free hand snaked into my blouse, marking my blouse
with barbecue sauce on its way. I just sat there dumbly
while this guy squeezed my hard nipples between his
fingers, still numb from his insults and angry at my
growing passivity.

" Oh, man. This is too much. I can't wait any longer. "

He withdrew his hand from my blouse, which was a
relief. The relief was short lived. He took the
opportunity to begin to unzip his jeans, and work his
cock out from his underwear.

" Come on. Take care of it for me. "

This was more than embarrassing. Even in the hours
leading up the date, I didn't expect that things would
ever get this far. Now, for the first time in my life,
there was a real hard cock in front of me, and he
expected me to please him. I know that sound
ridiculous, but as I said before, Maxine and I got
together when I was pretty young, and I hadn't fooled
around with guys.

I didn't have to do this, did I ?

Then I thought again about Mrs. Mitchell. That cold
glare she gives. A weird sexual chill wend down my
spine. No, I didn't want to piss her off any further.

I unfastened my seat belt and crawled up onto the
seat. Somehow, I couldn't imagine doing this in a
sitting position, so I knelt there in the passenger's
seat, and brought my face down into his lap.

His cock. Okay, so I didn't have much to compare it
to, but it seemed short and thick to me. I mean, I've
seen magazines and stuff, and all the guys just seemed
to have longer, thinner dicks. Or maybe that was just a
camera thing (like the camera adding ten pounds, or

He groaned as I flicked him with my tongue. I was
delaying putting this thing into my mouth. The whole
idea repulsed me. Not only had Rebecca Mitchell beaten
me, but now she had turned me into a cheap hooker for
her son, blowing him while he drove around town,
showing off his car.

" Hurry it up, baby, I need to cum so badly. "

His big old sticky hand buried itself in my hair as
he pushed the back of my head downwards.

So that was it. I allowed his fat cock into my
mouth, and began to suck it as best I could. I wouldn't
want him telling mommy that I didn't put in an effort.
Fuck, that's twisted.

I began to bob my head up and down in his lap,
hoping like hell that no one in the cars surrounding us
could see what I was doing. I choked a couple of times
as he pushed too hard against the back of my throat.

The car slowed now. Eric had pulled onto a main
drag, where everyone slowed down to check out the cars,
the dance clubs, and the people. I heard a group of
guys hooting and hollering from a big truck as they
passed by.

" Way to go, buddy !" they congratulated Eric, as I
continued to try to get him off.

His breathing was getting short now, and I might not
know a lot about men, but I knew he would cum soon.
Like a true gentleman, he held my head tightly, to make
sure he would cum in my mouth.

" Hey, how are you doing tonight, ladies ?" I heard
Eric's voice. The fucking prick. He was actually
flirting with some women in the next car while I
prepared to swallow his seed.

It came without warning. Suddenly, my mouth was
filling with his bitter load, and I did all I could to
choke it down. He continued to push my head up and down
as I took my first taste of semen.

When he finally released me, I choked and sputtered
as I pulled my head out of his lap.

I should have known better. The women that Eric had
been flirting with were still right beside us, and
watched I retreated from his cock, a thick rope of
sperm and drool connecting my lower lip with his
manhood. My blouse still hung open, and my hard little
nipples were plainly visible.

I wanted to scream, ' No... I'm not just some stupid
cock sucker, who will service any guy who's mommy buys
him a nice car. '

But that's what I felt like, and they could see it
in my face.

And I could see something in one of their faces too.
The passenger. Recognition.

Oh, fuck. This was one of the women that Maxine
worked with. I met her at the Christmas party.

Quickly, I ducked my head back into Eric's lap. I
didn't want to give her time to place me.

" That's right, baby, " Eric cooed. " You get every
last drop. "

I could hear the women from the next car laughing to


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