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DRESS2 sucked the first her toes

"Playing Dress-Up" (Part 2 of 3)

By Orestes


This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

I wasn't quite sure how Maxine had found out about my
date with Eric. It could have been through her friend
at work, who had seen me with him. It could have been a
neighbour who had seen me all dolled up, climbing into
his car. Hell, maybe the condo queen, Rebecca Mitchell
had started a rumour that had found its way to Maxine's

That would be just her style. First, she coerces me
into a date with her son, then she makes certain that
Maxine finds out about it.

I'd been at it all night explaining it all through my
tears, and boiled inside knowing that I'd let Rebecca
Mitchell push me into the mistake of a lifetime. Even
while furiously pleading for Maxine forgiveness, anger
was burning a hole into through my chest. I swore I'd
screw Rebecca up as badly as she was messing with me
right now.

" Okay, Crystal even putting aside your stupid
behaviour last night, which is far from over, by the
way, I still don't get it, why would you let her bully
you over some silly writing you do on the internet ?
That's all she knows about, right? " Maxine asked

" Ooohhhh GOD. You didn't - blab about what went down
with Lucy, did you? Jesus Crystal, please SAY you
didn't..." Maxine blurted out in panic. The question
would have been insulting before last night, but it
still was not something we spoke of unless absolutely
needed, being the shamefull little mess between us.

" NO, and I can't believe you'd have to even ask.
Thanks you very much." I said pouting.

" So, you wrote some internet stories. Big deal. I
still don't get how you could... " Maxine asked less
to me and more no one, still reeling from the whole
ugly mess.

These were the questions I dreaded most. I'd never
wanted Maxine to see my writing. She wouldn't
understand. I just knew it.

It's sick stuff, if I say so myself. Mostly emotional
humiliation. The characters in my story were a sad
collection of neurotic, submissive young women, who
enjoyed being pissed on (figuratively and literally) by
their lovers.

Fantasy stuff.

Except that if you read between the lines, it's all us.
Maxine would see it in a second. She would see the
recurring themes of a older women dominating younger
female lovers. Twisted little games of power and
humiliation. Mother-daughter incest. And worst of all,
the recurring clothing situations in my stories she'd
recognize in a second.

She would smell who they're really about all right, and
would be deeply humiliated and understandably hurt by
my betrayal of our most private sexual lives. My
stories mirrored, in a strange way, the guilt and power
that Maxine and I had played since the beginning, when
I was a screwed up teen with self-esteem issues.

In reality, we had long grown past these beginnings. In
my fantasy life, though, we were still suspended there,
and all of my feelings of awkwardness, stupidity, and
guilt were fresh on the page. But worst of all, the
clothes stuff in my stories pointed to a darker real
life secret, one that neither Max nor I could ever let
Rebecca discover, no matter what.

The *Lucy* situation.

" She threatened to prosecute me for publishing
obscenity, " I tried to explain. " She threatened that
my reputation would be ruined, and no one would want me
as an agent. "

Maxine shook her head. She knew I was holding something
back. " That's just stupid, " she scolded me. "You
aren't that nave, Crystal. Are you ? You aren't dumb
enough to put flush our whole relationship down the
toilet over a few threats from the D.A., are you ?"

I shrugged. There was no way I could make her
understand. Yes, I knew I was stupid. I was stupid for
thinking that I could keep this from Maxine. Stupid to
agree to go out on a date with her son. I was stupid to
stumble in that night, with barbecue sauce on my
clothing, and the taste of sperm in my mouth.

But my concern was real. I would have done anything to
avoid digging up the buried emotions from the beginning
of our relationship, and what happened before it. My
stories would do that. If Maxine read them, I doubt if
she'd ever trust me again, let alone our relationship.

Then her anger came, replacing the fear, I was relieved
that it changed her focus. "That high and mighty bitch
has crossed the line now. This is blackmail. It's
prosecutorial misconduct. I'll have her disbarred. I'll
have her fired. Hell, I'll sue the bitch. She can't
just go around screwing with people this way."

This was the Maxine I loved. Fiercely protective. Even
when I couldn't count on myself, I knew I could count
on her. Yes, I would still be in trouble for my part in
this, but her anger was now directed at Rebecca. I
melted into Maxine's arms, and cried softly. Yes. I'd
screwed up again, but she would make everything better.


The next day at work, I had lunch with Kristina. She
wore the most ridiculous looking bell-bottoms today,
and carried around this big colourful backpack.
Combined with her oversized wire-framed glasses, she
looked more like she belonged in junior high than in a
talent agency. Of course, she closed two deals before
lunch, so I didn't really have a right to criticize.

" Eat up, Crystal. I'm paying, remember ? "

" Yeah. I'm just a little nervous. "

" What about ?"

" Rebecca Mitchell..."

My friend laughed brightly. " Oh, her. Just forget
about it. I talked to her last night, and she seems to
be all done torturing you. Just don't piss her off
again. "

" You were talking to her ?"

" God, yes. It's just a little fact of life. As long as
I'm living in her neighbourhood, I visit her every
week. I suck up a bit, listen to her brag about her
latest conquests. You know, just basically stay on her
good side. You gotta know how to choose your battles. "

It's a bad sign when an aggressive negotiator like
Kristina is ready to roll over without a fight. It
didn't help my nerves. Maxine was going to call the
bitch from her office today and give her an earful.

" What's up, kiddo ? You still look upset about this. I
know it's humiliating to be beaten by Rebecca, but now
that it's over, you can just forget about it. "

" I don't think it's over yet, " I admitted.

" What do you mean ? " she asked casually, crumbling
some crackers into her soup.

" I think Maxine is going to confront her about it. "

She shook her head in disbelief. " Haven't you gotten
your fill yet ? Get it through your head... Rebecca
Mitchell is a nasty bitch, and you really don't want to
fuck with her. "

" I'm not the one behind this. I mean, yeah, I'd like
to get even with Rebecca eventually, but I've had my
share of her for now. Max is the one who wants to hire
a lawyer and sue. "

Kristina laughed out loud at this one. " Let me get
this straight... after challenging Rebecca over a silly
condo issue, and seeing how badly she punished you for
it, you *really* want to escalate this onto her turf.
She's a goddamned lawyer, Crystal. She's not going to
be intimidated by legal threats. But can you imagine
how pissed off she'll be ? You won't get off with a
night on the town with l'il Eric this time. "

My face went bright red.

" You know about the date ?"

" Of course. I told you that Rebecca brags to me about
her conquests. She tells me everything. So far, I'm the
only one around the complex who hasn't pissed her off.

" I can't believe you'd still hang out with her after
what she made me do. " I said, giving her my best hurt

" Come on, Crystal. You know I love you to bits, but
there's no way I'm going to war with Rebecca Mitchell.
Trust me, you're better off with me in her corner. At
least I can give you a head's up if she's planning
anything *really* bad. "

" uh...Kristina? How much worse could it possibly get

I asked the question, but my nerves were already
telling me the answer. Within the matter of a week,
Rebecca Mitchell had dug up my erotic writings, and
used them to force me into an act that made my stomach

Now her sights would be on Maxine. I knew that she
wouldn't stop. Not until she found out about
everything. With that knowledge, she would destroy

" If you really want to know how bad it can get, "
explained Kristina, " all you have to do is look at
Paula Brooks. "

" But I thought you said..."

" Yeah, that if you didn't piss Rebecca off again, that
she would leave you alone. I said it, and it's mostly
true. Paula is just in a vulnerable position. She has
to rely on Rebecca's kindness because she can't afford
pay her condo dues. When you saw Paula dressed in that
stupid uniform to do work around the complex, that was
just the tip of the iceberg. "

" But why ? I mean, she's doing what Rebecca wants. "

" Yes, but her husband is too proud to go along with
it. He gets drunk, and calls up Rebecca with insults.
Of course, he's just making it worse for Paula. "

The angry tone in Maxine's voice echoed in my ears. My
god. She was going to make things a lot worse for us,
too. " So how bad did it get ?"

" Do you really want to know ?"

" Yeah. "

" Well, when Paula was over to clean my house last
week... "

" Wait a second... why was Paula cleaning your house ?"

" That's part of it, silly. I'm on Rebecca's good side.
So she rewards me by making Paula do little chores for
me. You know, to spread the humiliation around a
little. " Kristina shrugged.

" But ...don't you feel kind of guilty? I mean, Paula
*is* one of our friends after all, right? "

" Hey, she made her bed my agreeing to wear that silly
little domestic uniform of Rebecca's to begin with,
didn't she? Besides, were still friends. Ask her and
she'll tell you, I promise. " Kristina smiled.

" Anyhow, Paula and I got to talking when she was over
the other day. When we got onto the subject of our sex
lives, she got really quiet. "

I waited for the punch line. Kristina was all too eager
to deliver.

" You see, she doesn't have *permission* to have sex
with her husband. She needs to phone Rebecca and ask.
Rebecca uses it as a way to punish Paula's husband for
his harsh words. Of course, that just makes him

" Oh my god... "

" Once, when I was over for tea, Paula even asked
Rebecca for permission to go to the washroom. Rebecca
made her wait until we were finished our tea, and she
had cleared table. Once Paula was out of the room,
Rebecca laughed about it, and told me that sometimes
she even made Paula almost pee herself, just to prove
who was boss. "

She watched me for reaction. All in all, she was still
taking this rather lightly, as if we were discussing a
the latest episode of one of those voyeur tv shows. She
just got a kick out of watching the action.

" So you see, you just have to get on her good side.
Suffer through her little humiliations, suck up for a
while, and before long, you'll have Paula coming over
to do your laundry and dishes. " Kristina paused,
staring at me.

I was stuck on that guilty image of Paula parading
around in her little outfit doing my laundry, when
Kristina's words brought me back.
" I really hope you can stop Maxine from making this
worse. " She said firmly.

I hoped the same thing. As soon as we were back in the
office, I tried calling Maxine. Damn it, she wouldn't
answer. I had that sick feeling you get when you're
just inching over the edge of that first long drop of a
roller coaster.

I spent the rest of my day with that same suspended
feeling. A part of me dreaded going home, but I just
needed to know how bad the damage was. Nothing could
have prepared me for the note on the door.

' I'm over at Rebecca Mitchell's condo. Meet me there.
Love Maxine. '

This was bad. The previous night, there would have been
nothing on earth that could have convinced Maxine to
sit down with the 'Condo Queen Bitch', as we both
called her now. There could only be one explanation for
this change. Rebecca had something.

" Good evening Crystal. Why don't you join your
girlfriend on the sofa, " Rebecca greeted me, with the
same serpentine smile she had given me that day by the

Max looked blank. I walked to her unsteadily, hoping
that she would look in my eyes, but there was nothing.

" We've been waiting a while, little Crystal. I'm
afraid we didn't have much to talk about. You see, I
wanted to wait until you were here before we discussed
terms of surrender. "

" Surrender ? " I repeated.

" Yes, little one. You know what that tastes like,
don't you ? "

The taste was suddenly fresh in my mouth.

" Cut the crap, Mitchell, " Maxine said with false
bravado. I could feel her hand trembling beneath mine.
"What the hell do you think you can hold over my head

" I handle all sorts of investigations at my office.
Saddest of all are the ones where a teacher abuses the
trust given by a student, don't you think ?"

The knife was already in place. It had been for years.
Rebecca was just giving it a little twist.

" Please, " I began to beg. " You don't understand..."

" You'd do best to stay quiet, girl. Don't tell me you
need another date with my son to remind you what your
mouth is for. "

My face went red. I wasn't sure how many details Maxine
knew about that evening, and I wasn't eager to reveal
any more.

" As I was saying, Maxine, I view these cases with
sadness. That's why I'm so diligent in tracking down
the offenders, even when years have passed. Certainly,
it can be painful to dig up the past, but then...
there's nothing saying I can't enjoy my job just a
little bit. "

I began to cry. Of course, this is exactly what Rebecca
wanted. There was a little glow in her eyes as she
watched me. My sobs intensified. If this is what she
wanted, I would give it to her. Anything to make her

" Now you're wondering what I want from you. Aren't
you, Maxine ?"

There was a dark, hateful look in Maxine's eyes. " Yes.

" That'll be, 'Yes, ma'am'. " Rebecca returned the cold
stare to her adversary.

" ......yes, ma'am, " Maxine choked out bitterly.

" Nothing more, really, than I asked of your silly
little friend. Just a little gesture of your goodwill
toward me and my family. This time, I think I'll
arrange a little something for my older son, Eddie. "

Everyone knew Eddie. He was the contractor who did all
of the maintenance work for the condo development. At
just under thirty years old, he was married and already
had four children. His wife, Amy, was a shy little
thing who no one knew very well.

Eddie did enough talking for the both of them. He was
loud, ignorant, and had a reputation for screwing
around. He spent his days hanging about the complex
with his work buddies, drinking beer and leering at the
young women.

The thought of Rebecca forcing Maxine into any sort of
a situation with this guy was revolting.

" Please, " I tried again. " This is my fault. Let

" Sush, girl. You'll learn to mind your manners yet. "

Maxine squeezed my hand. " Okay. I'll do it. "

She was defeated. I knew the feeling. Rebecca Mitchell
had done it to us both now, and all I could think about
was getting through this without losing Maxine. If
Rebecca wanted to, she could make this very ugly.

" Good. Eddie is having a few friends over to watch a
football game tonight. You can go over and provide them
a little half-time entertainment. "

Maxine stood. Dropping my hand. This was sick. Maxine
wasn't the kind of girl these guys would want. She had
the full figure of the nearly middle-aged woman that
she was, and though I loved every curve of her, she
wasn't the kind of woman that Eddie's twenty-something
work friends would drool over.

They might even cruelly mock this conservatively
dressed mother figure who was forced to lewdly parade
her body before them.

I looked pleadingly at Rebecca again. It should be me.
Crude clods like these would like my slimmer body, even
with my modest B cups. Of course I'd be revolted by
what they'd probably do to me.

But just please not my Maxine.

Rebecca held me in place with her eyes as Maxine
slumped out the front door. I desperately wanted to
follow her. I wanted to stop her. Or help her. Or
something. I even began to stand, my heart racing,
before Rebecca's voice cut me off.

" No, no, my dear. They only need one girl tonight.
Don't you worry. If you keep pissing me off, you'll get
your chance. But tonight, let's be friends. Nice and
civilized. Go and make us some tea, will you ?"

This was insane. The woman I loved was being forced to
'entertain' a group of men, and I was supposed to drink
tea with the woman who arranged the whole thing.

She was smiling at me. Just begging me to resist.

I stood and tried to catch my breath. I so desperately
wanted to walk towards this smirking woman and beat the
living shit out of her.

Instead, I turned and walked to the kitchen.

Who was the last one to serve this bitch tea, I
wondered. Paula Brooks, probably. Wearing her silly
little smock. I wore no costume today. Not that I
didn't know the feeling I fumed furious at the thought.

Paula wore hers for Rebecca. I wore mine for Maxine.
But I was nothing like Paula, was I?. That poor girl
was in much lower class in Rebecca's mind, I
stubbornly pouted. The ugly similarities, somehow,
while I was boiling water for tea, burned hot behind
my face. When I climbed into those clothes for Maxine,
and tied my hair up into little pony tails, and...

god, the lisp...

the humiliation washed over me.

Now, as I set up a tray of tea cups and biscuits, I
could feel that same sense of repulsed regression, of
furious surrender... only this time from Rebecca. And
so much stronger.

Goddamn. The way my body reacted, I might as well have
been playing dress up with Maxine. I hopelessly fought
to erase the lurid images flashing through my mind. Of
those damned fucking clothes, and the nightmarish joke
I became while parading around in them.

I swallowed my anger and struggled to hold the tray
steady as I crept back into the room. I was so afraid
that I would drop something. She would punish me
further for that. For anything. I just needed to please
her. Get on her good side, just like Kristina said.

" That's a good girl, " Rebecca said in a condescending
tone that made my skin crawl. " Set it down and pour me
a cup. "

She could see my nerves. That twisted little smile of
hers never left her lips. She just kept on talking.
God, how she enjoyed her little conquests.

" I guess you're wondering how I know about your
lover's little indiscretions in school, hmmm ? Oh, come
on, Crystal... I'm sure you want to know. "

I nodded weakly.

" It was your stories, actually. You didn't think I
spent all that time digging them up, and then not
actually read them, did you ?"

I frowned.

" Sick little details. mother / daughter incest themes.
Quite a little kink. At first, I thought Maxine might
actually be your mother. Too literal an interpretation,
I'll admit, but you do ramble on about it quite a lot.
No, it's just a substitute relationship. Age
difference. Power exchange. Am I getting warm ?"

My body was. I had never shared these stories with
anyone in real life. Not even Max. My sick little
fantasy life had been safely tucked away in cyberspace,
until Rebecca Mitchell came along. Just hearing her
talk about them gave me little shivers of humiliating
arousal, despite my pure hatred of her.

" Then there was the student/teacher theme.... " she

And then she paused.

God, this was killing me. It was torture. She expected
me to listen to her little tale of glory, all the
while, it was killing me not knowing what those pigs
were doing to Maxine. Just finish your goddamned story,
I wanted to yell at her. I needed to know how she found
out about Lucy.

" I had a stressful day at work today. As I imagine you
did. Nothing quite compares to making a court
appearance. For me, the stress always gives me sore
feet. "

She stretched out her long legs, as if to display her
high heels, and watched me expectantly.

I flashed on my little costume. In the bedroom. With
Maxine touching me for the first time... again... and

I dropped to my knees in front of her.

" Oh, goodness. Are you going to rub my feet, dear ?"

" Yes, Mrs. Mitchell, " I said, as calmly as I could
manage. " please, don't let me interrupt your story. "

Fuck. Why was I suggesting stuff, adding even? I was
even acting like this was voluntary! The arrogant
bitch! Like I really enjoyed being on my knees in
front of her, I fumed as I stared at the shoes sadly.

" Oh yes... I was telling you how I figured out about
Maxine and her student. The student/teacher theme
appeared again and again. I thought it might be you.
The student, that is. But, do you know what I found ?
Maxine never taught classes in your school. Isn't that
strange ?"

I bit my lower lip as I pulled off her shiny black
shoes, leaving her bare feet in my hands. I just wanted
to know how much she knew. Had she actually tracked
down Lucy ? I urged her on with some gentle rubbing.

" But the details in your stories... they're so
specific. A girl in ponytails. She speaks with a lisp.
And her teacher is very much the physical match with
Maxine. Well..."

I rubbed harder, as if trying to squeeze the
information out of her.

" Mmm... that feels good. My lovely little Crystal. You
were just born to rub feet. "

My face went red. She was delaying again.

" Then it struck me. It's not you at all. Of course,
you write the girl in first person... almost in
excessive detail. What she wore. The way she braided
her hair. The way she talked. She kind of shoes she
put on. It was too specific... like a sexual fetish.
This was Maxine's lover, not yours. "

God, she was so close to the truth. But not quite

" I don't know who she is yet, Crystal. It might be
difficult to track her down. Does it surprise you that
I was bluffing a little ? That Maxine is probably
letting my son do unspeakable things to her right this
moment, on an empty threat ?"

I wished it was empty. We both knew different. The fact
that I kept rubbing her feet, with a tenderness that I
rarely even gave to Maxine, was proof of that.

" Of course, you know I'll track it down. It's just a
matter of time. "

I felt the last of my anger melt into submission as I
nodded my head passively as I rubbed her aching feet.
Did Paula do this for her, I wondered. Did she feel as
dirty doing it as I did ?

" It would probably make it easier for me if you told
me all about it, hmmm Crystal ? There's so much detail
in your stories. The clothing especially. Does Maxine
have a little bit of a clothing fetish ?"

" ...do you? "

My heart was beating out of control. She was so damned
close to the answers. I knew that I wouldn't be able to
resist her for long. If she asked me enough, I'd
eventually tell her the answers.

Right now, I was hers.

Then I did the only thing I could think of to stop me
from revealing our secret to her...

anything to take her mind off of Lucy...

Slowly, while she watched with that devilish smile, I
brought her foot closer to my face...

and sucked the first of her toes into my mouth.


I must have been shaking pretty visibly, because
Kristina took this look of concern, and helped me in to
her apartment.

" I guess it didn't go too well..."

" God, I need your help, Kristina. Please help me out
of this. "

She looked down over her glasses as I spoke, with a
serious, almost owl-like expression.

" I haven't told you everything. Maxine and I have a
secret. We've always had this secret. Rebecca is so
close to the truth, she can smell blood. It could be
*really* bad if she finds out. "

" Just let it out, " Kristina said, with an
understanding tone.

" I first met Max when I was quite young, " I told her.

" I know that. You already told me. What were you,
eighteen ? " she asked.

" No. Much younger. Illegally younger. "

"Uh...okay.....*how* much....younger? " she cautiously
asked, the tone of her voice thickening.

" Fifteen," I blurted out. I waited for that crisp
laugh that Kristina always had at her disposal, or the
sound of her sigh of relief that she was OKAY with it,
with me, with the whole dark ugly mess. Wanted for that
sound -

- but didn't get it.

Kristina looked down as if carefully gauging her words.
I could tell she disapproved, and I felt like I'd been
kicked in the stomach. Telling her felt like a mistake.
I just needed someone to help me through this. Someone
on my side.

" Look, that's in the past. It doesn't matter what I,
or anybody else, thinks. You two are a legal couple
now. let's just forget about it, all right? " she said,
mustering up her best false compassionate smile.

" That's not all. I'm telling you this because I need
someone I can trust. If Rebecca got a hold of this, she
could have Max thrown in jail, even after all this
time. There's one more sick little secret. Maxine was
involved with one of her school students, long before
she met me. The girl was young. Max knew it was wrong.
It was a violation her trust as a teacher. "

" They had a passionate fling. Then Maxine got
transferred to another district, and she forced herself
to break things off with Lucy at the same time, " I
revealed to her. Kristina stared in shock at what I was
telling her about her prim and proper neighbours.

" Max used to teach a special education class, and the
girl has a lisp when she spoke. I never met the girl,
but I could tell that Maxine still held a place for
Lucy in her heart. We sort of....well....she never got
rid of some of the girl's things. Clothes and stuff. I
know, it sounds a little weird, but she just sort of
drifted into it, over time..."

" Crystal, are you telling me you dress in her clothes?
" she asked incredulously.

" No, no, nothing like that. Well, sometimes. Not all
of them. I know, it seems strange, but it helps to get
Maxine aroused. Just sort of role playing. And we don't
do it every time, I promise..." I said my voice
trailing off.

" It's a bit...well.. odd... for a woman would have a
clothing thing, isn't it? That sounds more like
something guys would be into," she said. I could just
about see the brand new images of me flashing through
her eyes as she avoided my gaze.

" It's not about the clothes Kristina. It just a way
for Max to work through her guilt over her old lover,
and if that helps her..." I tried.

" Honey, that's bull. It's a way of being cruel to you,
that's what it is. She isn't even there with you, she
just pretending you're another of her teen aged
conquests, doesn't that strike you as pathetic? Doesn't
it make you outraged and hurt? I mean, Christ, it
sounds like she really is a bit of a pedophile. "

I said nothing, tears forming in my eyes.

" Kristina, it's my idea sometimes. She doesn't *make*
me either. It just helps me to excite her."

" God Crystal... I don't want to sound harsh, but this
is really sick! It's unhealthy for both of you. " she
continued. " I'm not going to even get into Maxine's
pattern of preying on young girls, let alone abusing
mentally handicapped students for her own selfish
sexual gratification! "

" Lucy wasn't mentally impaired, she just lisped,
that's all." I said desperately.

" Well, excuse me. That makes it all right then. "
Kristina said. " Don't look at me like that. If you
didn't want my opinion, you shouldn't have told me
about this. You can't expect me to approve of her

" Kristina, we've known each other for years now. I
know you don't understand, but if our relationship has
meant ANYTHING to you in the past, then....I need, WE
need your help. The only person I've loved since I was
15 years old could be sent to prison, all 'cause some
bitch wants to turn our lives upside down, and you're
the only one who has any leverage with her. Will
you.....help us? " I tearfully pleaded.

Kristina looked at my watery face, and I finally heard
that sweet sound of her sigh, the one I'd longed for
from the beginning. She looked piercingly into my eyes,
holding me by either shoulder.

" Okay, Crystal. You know I'm on your side. But this is
damaging. Really damaging. You're totally right.
Rebecca would destroy Maxine with this information. But
if you want me to help you, you have to tell me the

...all of it. "

I nodded, all of my defences gone by now.

" If I'm going to go to Rebecca Mitchell, and tell her
that I'm on your side, I don't want any surprises. I
mean it. If she digs up one detail... from your
stories... wherever... that you don't tell me, I'll
walk away."

" It's too embarrassing, " I began. But I needed her so
badly. I needed someone to be strong for us. "When
Max... dresses me up... and reaches up my skirt... and
fingers me... she wants me to lisp, like Lucy did. "

This was dirty. No one should ever know this. I felt
dirty, and uncontrollably aroused, just revealing these
details to Kristina.

Could she see it ? Could Kristina see how just saying
the words was affecting me ?

I began to speak again, telling her how Maxine explores
my body. How she likes me to pretend that no one has
ever touched me before. I told every detail of the
little conversations between student and teacher that
we had rehearsed so many times.

It wasn't until I was half way through telling her that
I realized that I had begun lisping...

like Lucy...

and it felt so good, that I didn't want to stop.


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