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DRESS3 sucking and licking her toes


"Playing Dress-Up" (Part 3 of 3)

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

It was a god awful hot summer day, and if circumstances
were different, I would've been enjoying it by the side
of the pool. Maybe I would've gossiped with the other
women about the latest humiliations that Rebecca
Mitchell had inflicted on some poor neighbour of ours.
And it would have been funny...

... if it weren't for the fact that Maxine and I were
now the subjects of this gossip.

There was no way to know how much of the story Rebecca
or her sons had told to our neighbours. They probably
wouldn't know the whole story. I doubt that anyone ever
did. There might be rumours about my 'date' with her
son, Eric, but I hoped that the details hadn't been
filled in. Maybe the neighbours had seen the way that
Maxine and I, each in turn, had come to Rebecca
Mitchell's condo just the previous evening, with the
look of surrender on our faces.

And maybe the neighbours had seen Maxine walk with
downcast eyes to the condo of Rebecca's older son,
Eddie, while I remained anxiously behind, serving the
queen her tea and rubbing her feet like a goddamned
servant. But no one could know what went on between
Eddie, his friends, and Maxine.

Not even I knew the details.

She came home smelling of beer, and piss, and unable to
express the degradations they had inflicted on her. I
could imagine the taunts as she revealed her almost
middle-aged body to them. I could almost hear their
laughter at the sag of her breasts, and the little
extra flab on her rear end. They must have been
merciless to her. I could see it in her eyes.

More than any of that, it was the unspoken damage to
our relationship that kept us in painful silence. The
secrets we had guarded so closely were falling away,
and even with all of the love we felt for each other,
we couldn't stash all of the secrets back into a paper
bag in the bedroom closet.

Rebecca was closing in on the truth, and there was only
one shot out of this whole ugly mess...


My last friend Kristina, was the only person around
here who Rebecca Mitchell paid any grudging respect to.
In a perverse way, Kristina probably considered her
and Rebecca friends, although I think she's kidding
herself a bit. I didn't doubt Kristina would use all
her skills to try and bail me out , the question was,
how much slack Rebecca would cut her when It came to
me. Even Rebecca praised Kristina's merciless
negotiator instincts, and I'd heard Rebecca brag that
Kristina made sure never found herself on the losing
end of a deal.

Tonight, she was going over Rebecca's on our behalf.

That was my last hope. Kristina.

If Rebecca Mitchell would leave us alone, and let us
repair our crumbling relationship, I'd call what she'd
done to me and Max even.


The phone call came while Maxine was having a nap. It
had been over an hour since I saw Kristina crossing the
complex to visit with Rebecca Mitchell. I waited
anxiously for her to emerge, but she didn't come out.
Instead, the phone rang.

" Hello, " I said quietly, trying not to wake Maxine

" Hi... it's me, " it was Rebecca's voice. " Look,
maybe you'd better come over. I think we can work
things out. "

The tone of her voice was unreadable. It was almost
like she was whispering, and I couldn't tell if she was
actually in a mood to forgive and forget.

This was it. I closed the door quietly as I left our
condo, and began the walk to Rebecca's place. Across
the wide courtyard and from the patios surrounding the
pool, I could feel the eyes of the community following
me. Twice before, I had taken this humiliating walk to
beg Rebecca's mercy.

I'd been as humble as I could. I called her Mrs.
Mitchell. I accepted her little verbal jabs without
protest. I had even spent the greater part of our last
visit together gently sucking and licking at her toes,
hoping to distract her from her purpose.

Now I stood at her doorway again, and found it slightly

I heard a voice coming from inside. I quietly walked
in, my breath quickening. I heard the voice again,
coming from the living room, and realized it was a bit
muffled. It sounded like Kristina's, but I wasn't sure.
I swallowed dryly as I stepped into the living room.

Nothing could have prepared me for the scene inside.

It definitely *was* was Kristina's muffled voice, but I
couldn't see her. Rebecca was fully dressed but the
atmosphere made me feel I was walking in on someone
having sex.

Even the lights were dimmed, and it took my eyes a
moment to adjust.

I could see Rebecca was sitting on something, but I
couldn't see what. Rebecca raised a finger to her lips
for me to remain silent, and shared a conspiratorial
smile I didn't return as Kristina prattled on, I now
realized, located somewhere behind Rebecca. It wasn't
the tone of a confident skilled negotiator, but the
private intimate tone of someone desperately working to
please another.

Rebecca moved slightly to one said, and I finally saw
Kristina. She held a ridiculous position, crouched on
her feet, with her arms held rigid at her side, her
body forming a human stool for Rebecca to sit on.
Kristina, the stool, was totally nude, except for her
large black glasses, which looked even more ridiculous
on the embarrassed negotiator than they normally did.
Kristina's glasses were more than a little fogged up as
she grunted from her new position, sweat tickling her
chin from the strain of keeping this unnatural

All the colour drained from her face looked over and
saw me there for the first time. The word betrayal
didn't even come close as Kristina's eyes went wide,
her mind desperately wondering how long I'd been
standing there. How much I'd heard. How deeply she'd
fucked me.

I looked over to the older woman. Then to Paula. What
the heck was Paula doing over here too? Apparently,
just standing at attention in the darkness of the far
hallway, wearing the silly little uniform that for
some reason always made me blush. She didn't look me in
the eye.

I could tell by the look in her eyes, Kristina was
revealing the sordid details of my inner most private
secrets with Maxine. Kristina was using them to curry
favour with the older woman, the same way she'd
revealed Paula's secrets to me, I numbly realised.

Now that she had savoured the betrayed look on my face,
the complete sense of despair, Rebecca was ready to
reveal the rest of her game. She spoke to me as she
started to unfasten her pants.

" Crystal, I know this couldn't have been your idea, to
send poor Kristina here on your behalf. No, you know
better than that. She must have decided to come
herself. "

We were all just silly little toys to Rebecca. Fuck.
Three grown women, all under her command. The one I had
trusted to defend me was lowest of all, displaying her
body in a position that just screamed of submission.


" No, my dear Crystal, " Rebecca continued. " After the
way you salivated on my toes last night, on your knees,
while my son abused your lover... well, I just know
that *you* wouldn't be stupid enough to ask Kristina to
intervene. "

A moment of doubt came. Maybe, Kristina was in the same
boat as Paula and I.

I couldn't, wouldn't, believe she'd do this to me
voluntarily. Yes, she was a bit two faced when with
Rebecca, but so was I when savouring details of Paula's
humiliation. It's so easy to do when the focus is on
someone else. Why was Kristina just kneeling there like
that? I winced at my embarrassed friend as we exchanged
an awkward glances. What the hell could Rebecca
possibly have on her ?

Rebecca was wearing a smart business suit today. I
watched impotently as the grey trousers dropped down
her long legs.

" I thought you might appreciate watching this, little
Crystal. After all, you are a lesbian, aren't you ?
It's a shame that poor Kristina isn't, but I'm sure
she'll do her best. "

I was aware of my own heavy breathing. Yes, I'm a
lesbian. On top of that, in reading the stories I wrote
on the internet, Rebecca must have known about my
arousal at humiliation. It was like she planned this
whole thing around my own kinks, and now I was having a
hard time controlling my excitement.

Kristina's body was so amazing. I couldn't tell you how
many times I had imagined what it would be like to take
a lover like her. My own age. Sexy. Confident.

Now I stood by while Rebecca Mitchell squirmed out of
her silky panties, and positioned herself over
Kristina's face, guiding her to the floor, on her
back. Rebecca knelt down, her knees aside Kristina's
shoulders. Like everything was for Rebecca, this was
just a display of power. She watched me for reaction as
she lowered her crotch onto my friend's face.

I was shaking despite myself. I don't know what aroused
me the most. It could have been the thought of being in
Rebecca's position, with lovely Kristina at her mercy.
Maybe it was the thought of Paula Brooks, standing At
attention in her silly little uniform. Or maybe...

maybe I imagined myself in Kristina's position...

... under Rebecca. Serving her the way I knew I could.

The thought burned through my body, and I could barely
stop myself from rubbing my crotch while I watched the
scene unfold.

Sweet victory this must have been for Rebecca, to
defeat me so completely, and yet know that I couldn't
control my arousal at the twisted scene she had

" She's really not bad for a straight girl... one might
even think she had a little experience. Have you been
giving her some lesson, Crystal ? "

Yes, this was all directed at me. Rebecca Mitchell
watched me with that same cold, amused expression she
had given me when I had been at her feet, rubbing and
licking her toes. Her toes had squirmed in my mouth.
Only now, it was Kristina doing the licking, and me
doing the squirming as I watched.

" But truly, Crystal, you should be thanking your
friend. In her misguided attempt to defend you, she
revealed all of your little secrets to me. Now that I
understand your... uh... problems, I feel obligated to
help guide you to a healthier lifestyle. You're going
to be so much happier once I'm calling the shots. "

The mixture of emotions was bubbling in my chest. I
felt betrayed. I had trusted Kristina with every awful
little secret, and I could see in Rebecca's eyes that
she now knew them all. She was amused, and smug, and
oh so condescending. She had all of the power. I feared
her, and hated her, and in a strange way, I needed

... like I had felt about Maxine.

And blending all of these intense emotions was the
underlying, uncontrollable arousal of the scene before
me. Rebecca had read my stories, and she knew every
little twist that would make my pussy tingle.

Like the cruel little twist she gave to Kristina's
swollen nipples, as she ground her body into my
friend's face, and rode her like a cowgirl. Kristina
let out a little gasp of pain that almost made me feel
good, given her betrayal of my trust. As if reading my
thoughts, Rebecca continued to stretch and pinch
Kristina's breasts as she told me what was revealed.

" Mmmm... yes. She told me all about Maxine's little
fantasies about younger women... how she goes after
little girls in their teens, when they're most
vulnerable to her sick lesbian advances. "

I wanted to argue, to scream. I wanted to spit on her
for talking like that about Max like that. What gave
them the right to judge? That what I wanted to do,
furious at her words, but I just kept listening to her
cruel words.

" Then she told me all about little retarded Lucy, who
Maxine abused when she was her teacher. My goodness,
even I was surprised by that. Imagine the scandal... a
teacher in a special education class takes advantage of
a young girl with mental problems. "

No... it wasn't like that. Lucy was smart. Aggressive.
She just had a speech problem. A little stutter. A
lisp. The way she was making it seem was sick and
perverted I swore to myself I wouldn't listen to one
second more...

" But that isn't the end of it, is it, my poor little
Crystal ? No. She makes you do such dirty little
things. "

Shut up, Rebecca. I silently fumed.

" You can deny it all you want, but your face tells me
everything. Don't fight it. For her little schoolgirl
fantasies, she carefully and compulsively makes you
wear this poor retarded little Lucy's school clothes.
She makes you act like.... "

"....a little retard, doesn't she ?"

Her eyes bored into me, but I looked away.

" How does that make you feel crystal? That's not what
Kristina tells me is the worst of it. Playing dress-up.
I mean, sure, that's kinda sick, humiliating and
demeaning. Who wouldn't feel like garbage after you've
sat there dressed like a joke while she tries to
visualize you were....a little retarded girl. That's
what you don't stack up against, isn't it Crystal ? I
mean, knowing your fat dyke girlfriend can only buck
through her orgasm like a pig if it's lispy little Lucy
lapping at her fat old clit. She clearly can't even
visualize you out of the picture anymore, can she? She
may as well put a bag over you face, paint a zero
across you, ask you to just step aside...

while she lets you know who she'd really rather be
with, love, touch, abuse,

or grind her fat ass into the face of, isn't that right
princess? "

I stood there in shock, dripping wet and angry as hell.

" uh....yeah...." I whispered as the blood flooded my

" So, my brave little girl is gonna tell that mean old
pedophile bitch to get the fuck out of town before I
post last nights photos of her being my son and step-
daughter's human toilet last night all over the
complex. If that doesn't work, my little girl will
threaten to file criminal charges against her. My cute
little victim is going to go home and deliver these
threats, because she knows deep inside what a filthy
rotten pig her abuser was. My little girl do that for
Rebecca, won't she ? "

" Yes, ma' am. " I said, tasting the bitterly honest
words in my mouth.

My eyes went from Rebecca as she rocked back and forth,
to the woman beneath her. God, I hated Kristina at
that moment. Every little whimper of anguish she let
out was music to me. I became engrossed in the way she
gasped to get air as Rebecca pushed herself roughly
onto her smeared and blotchy looking face. I welcomed
the image of Kristina's unnecessarily large glasses
foggy and painfully bent downwards under the force of
Rebecca's thighs..

" But don't worry, dear. I'm taking care of you now. I
won't let Maxine touch you like that ever again. A
little girl like my Crystal need a grown lady's help,
doesn't she ?"

" Yes ma'am, " I repeated, my face on fire. What choice
did I have, since I knew I'd never be able to look at
Max the same way again, even if I still lived her ?

Besides, the way she made it sound...

" Good. I'll do you both a favour, " she paused to
groan, as Kristina worked hard to bring her to orgasm.
"Maxine will land on her feet. She will, of course,
never be allowed to come back here. I couldn't, in good
conscience, allow her to stay around the young
neighbourhood girls... what, with her appetites..."

I wanted to cry, but she was watching me, and I just
couldn't. I didn't know Who I hated more, her for
making Maxine sound like some sort of monster, or
myself for no longer protesting.

" I don't suppose you'll be able to handle the condo
payments alone. No matter. I'll see that the condo
board buys back your unit, at a suitable depreciation.

The mention of money seemed to bring her closer to
orgasm. She paused in her little speech as she
concentrated on her impending climax. Rebecca closed
her eyes. I watched dumbly, unable to look away.

" As for you, my dear. I feel a special bond with you.
I'm going to have to make sure that you're taken good
care of. "

Her body began to shake, and for some reason, in that
moment, I desperately envied Kristina's position. It
just would have seemed more fitting.

" Oh, god, yes... my dear... I'll keep you very close
indeed. "


Everything changed so quickly. I wasn't even around
when Maxine moved out of the complex.

I was having tea with Rebecca, and she was giving me
the same satisfied smile she had given on the first day
I had come to her doorway. I tried to smile and chat
while Paula served us, but I couldn't get Maxine out of
my head, or her expression when I told her.

We might not have been able to repair our relationship
anyhow, I tried to convince myself. There was just so
much emotional baggage tied up in our secret life

Besides, Rebecca would have torn her apart. I was
buying Maxine her freedom. That was all that I could do
with my love for her. I tried to think that, I really
did, but I knew otherwise. I knew I was full of shit,
just like Paula.

I told myself I had to do was stay behind, and play
Rebecca's little power games. That I had no choice. It
freed me to know I was a victim yet again, only this
time to the games of another woman. And god, she knew
how to play them.

She knew the perverse thrill and revenge I'd taken
seeing Kristina gasping for breath after Rebecca rode
her face. Her hair had been plastered tot he side of
her head, and her face was slick with Rebecca's juices.
As she sat up, her glasses tumbled off, so bent were
they by the violence of the ride.

She also seemed to feel my eyes flash brightly while
watching her inflict her little indignities on Paula,
who seemed to be around her house on a nearly full-time
basis, looking miserable in her silly little uniform.
Today she had even denied her servant permission to use
the washroom, and I could see in Paula's face how hard
she was trying not to pee herself while we drank our

I dawdled a while, sipping my tea as slowly as I could.

I know it's cruel. Paula's eyes were pleading.

But it's what Rebecca expected, and I was playing her
game now. Paula let out a little whimper as she finally
lost control, and streams of urine began to dribble
down her bare legs.

Part of me winced at my poor neighbour in sympathy, but
we chuckled as we finished our tea nonetheless,
grateful to be even one step up the ladder.

That was the game. Right now, I was on Rebecca's good
side. As much as I resented her new role for me that I
was just a poor, stupid victim of Maxine's sexual
appetites, I was desperate to stay in her favour as
long as I could.

Even Kristina was back in her good books. Sure, she
would have to do a lot of sucking up to regain her
position at Rebecca's right hand, but it was all about
the struggle. This was the part that Rebecca liked
most. She wanted the other women to play against each
other for her favour.

I'm ashamed to admit it...

... almost more ashamed than I was about...

...well, you know...

... but I'm even *jealous* of Kristina when I see her
together with Rebecca.

They laugh together, and I can't help but think that
it's about me. Maybe Kristina is sharing more details.
Like the way I had begun to lisp from arousal when I
told her about our sick sex games.

She was probably telling Rebecca that I *like* playing
the part of Lucy.

God, I'm jealous of the easy way she talks to Rebecca.
Like, despite everything, she's still just a step or
two above me in Rebecca's eyes.

And, worst of all, in my disturbing little sexual
fantasies, I'm even jealous of the way that Rebecca had
chosen to let Kristina lick her that day. I could do
better. I know I could. It's stupid, but I just wanted
to do anything I could to get Rebecca on my side. I'd
be a great little brown nose. Really I would, I heard
myself thinking.

About a week later, after staying in Rebecca's guest
room, with Paula cleaning up after me, I finally
learned her plans for me. To keep me close.

" I really think you need a healthy, long-term
relationship, my dear. Wouldn't you agree ?"

" Yes. " As if there were any other answer.

" Something a little more traditional. Yes, that's the
word. Traditional. "

There was a cruel gleam in her eye. I waited for the

" I talked to Eric, and he says he's willing to give
you another try. You see, my dear, I always have to
look out for my sons. It's about time that Eric settles
down a bit. I've even talked to him about looking for a
nice, steady girl to marry. "

Marry ? I tried not to reveal my distaste for her son.

" Of course, nothing changes overnight, my dear. I
expect he'll still be getting something extra on the
side. Even my older boy, Eddie, does some of that. But
the goal is stability. If he has a nice girl at home,
who is always willing to please, I'm sure he'll be much
happier for it. "

I tried to hold back my tears.

" But, Mrs. Mitchell, I'm a..."

" lesbian ? Nonsense. After you have a couple of
children, you'll know that it was all a mistake. Don't
worry, my dear. I'll take good care of you. "

Why did that please me so much ? Being under her thumb?

" Things will be wonderful between us. Think about it,
my lovely girl. You'll be family to me. You can come to
me for anything. Why, I'll be your mother-in-law. Over
time, I'll teach you what it means to be a good
daughter-in-law. Now come and give me a hug. "

She was flushing away my sexual identity, but more
than that, I was losing that part of myself that was
different, independent, intelligent, passionate. I 'd
learn to hate and fear that part of myself, and push
it away forever. The old Crystal cringed inside as I
pitifully fell into her arms.

It felt so good to hide in something. To regress. To go
back to ignorance. It was the feeling of sexual
deviant self hatred in exchange for motherly approval.

I tried to hold onto that feeling for as long as I
could. This was my way onto her good side, maybe even
permanently. Maxine would be washed away forever.

And so I became a sperm receptacle for her son. I mean,
there's no delicate way to put it. Rebecca wouldn't
give me permission to go on birth control, and Eric had
me pleasing him at least twice a day. I tried to get
him off with my mouth a lot of the time, or let him cum
on my face or tits. But at night, just before he went
to sleep, he liked to climb on top of me, and fill me
up with his seed.

The irony wasn't lost on me.

For, deep in the middle of the night, at 3: am, when
all was still, I'd know. I'd know who I really was,
and how I'd betrayed every personal and social Idea I
believed in just so some creep could use me as a sperm
ash try. Yes, I could pretend, fight it, deny, cry,
hate, scream, or just plain glaze over in denial,

I was a dyke.

Eric's dyke.

My whole fantasy life was filled with images of Lucy,
and Maxine. Sometimes I fantasized about Kristina. Or
Paula, in her uniform. And humiliation. Lots of
humiliation. From Rebecca, or Maxine, or whoever.

In reality, and more humiliating that any of my
fantasies, I was just a silly little fuck toy Rebecca's
immature, piggish son. Eventually, he'd get me
pregnant, and then I'd have to marry the stranger who
pumped his seed into me every week.

Even when we weren't having sex, life with Eric was a
fucking nightmare. I'd work a full day, and come home
to make dinner for him. No matter how much I cleaned up
after him, the condo was still a mess. The idea of
having kids in this place made me sick.

Then I'd just disappear, like Eddie's wife had, into a
life of domestic chores, and pleasing my man. No one
really knew Amy. She didn't have any opinions. She was
little more than a household appliance.

So when Eric brought some friends home on a Saturday
night, a few weeks after I moved in, I wasn't in the
mood for his shit. So far, I had held my tongue, hoping
to stay on Rebecca's good side. But this was too much.

" Hey babe, I'd like you to meet Randy, Frank, and
Kevin. And this is Kevin's girlfriend, Trish. I figured
we'd have a little fun tonight. I told Frankie how good
you're getting at blow jobs. And Trish won't let Kevin
do her in the ass, so I told him that he could do you.
She just wanted to watch. "

I'd been holding my temper so long, that I just let him
have it.

" No fucking way, you horrible little pig. There's no
fucking way I'm letting you share me with your friends.
You can give Frankie a goddamned blow job yourself, if
you're so fucking eager to get him off. There's no
fucking way that your mom would let this happen. "

Then I was out of there. On my way to Rebecca's. She
had told me "you can come to me for anything," and I
was ready to cash in. This was too fucking much.

I pounded on Rebecca's door, and was surprised that
Paula answered. Normally, she would have been home with
her family in the evenings. There were other voices
from inside too. When I stepped in, I found that
Rebecca had quite a few guests.

Their eyes fell on me as I entered the room. They were
the women of the neighbourhood. There were nearly a
dozen women here.

My face went red. I had tried to avoid most of my
neighbours recently. After all, they had heard the
rumours. They knew that Maxine had moved away. They all
knew that I was living with Eric now. What they must
have thought of me...

" Hello Crystal, " Rebecca greeted me. " We were just
taking about you. "

I flushed further as the women around the room laughed.
Even Kristina was laughing. All of these women were
above me in Rebecca's little hierarchy. I could feel

" I just got a call from Eric. He told me you might be
on your way. "

I didn't know what to say.

" Can I... uh... t-talk to you in private ?"

The women laughed at my involuntary stutter. God... how
much did they know ?

" No, my dear. I'm entertaining. We can talk right
here. "

Tears began to well up in the corner of my eyes.
Rebecca looked so predatory right now. She was in her

" I... um... " I couldn't keep from stammering. All of
these women were making me nervous, and they were just
waiting for me to screw up. " I need you to t-talk to
Eric for me. "

" My poor stupid thing... I already told you that I
just talked to him. He said that he wanted you to help
him entertain some friends. Is that too much to ask ?"

I looked around the room. Why was no one stopping her ?

" B-but, he want's me to have s-sex with them. "

I can't believe I said that in front of all the other

There was a long moment of silence, broken with a few
chuckles from around the room. Rebecca finally spoke.

" I'll tell you what, my dear. If you're a good girl
tonight, I'll talk to Eric for you. How's that ? Why
don't you go to the upstairs washroom and get cleaned
up a bit..."

" But I..."

" No arguements. Get freshened up a bit, Then you can
come down and socialize. "

I felt like I was walking into an ambush. Slowly, I
retreated from the room, and went upstairs. The women
were watching me a giggling. God, that made me horny.
The humiliation in front of these women was almost a
sweet taste in my mouth after weeks with Eric.


As soon as I hit the light switch in the washroom, I
could feel my legs weakening beneath me.

On the counter...

... it was the paper bag.

I could barely catch my breath. How the hell could
Rebecca have it ? Had she used it as one final piece of
leverage on Maxine ?

Quickly, I closed the door behind me. Somehow, I was
afraid that someone would see me here with it.

Then it hit me. I knew what was expected.

I caught my reflection in the mirror. I could see how
heavily I was breathing. A rush of sexual emotions was
coursing through my body. They were feelings I never
thought I'd have again.

Slowly, I reached up and wiped the hair out of my face.
My lips were spread seductively. I could feel my pussy
growing moist.

Obediently, I began to braid my hair into Lucy's pig

Normally, I would have let Maxine dress me. Like a
doll. But this was a part of Rebecca's humiliation. I
would debase myself voluntarily. Right beside the bag
of clothes, she left a pair of scissors, a razor and
some shaving cream.

Once my hair was up, I began to shed my clothes. I knew
what Rebecca wanted. My nipples were swollen from my
smallish breasts, further evidence of my arousal. I sat
at the edge of the tub as I trimmed and then shaved the
hair off of my pussy.

She wanted me to play the part of a little girl. As
sick as the games between Maxine and I had become,
Rebecca knew how to take it that step further.

Inside the bag was the familiar clothing.

It gave me a sexual charge just seeing them. I couldn't
help but rub my pussy as I chose an outfit. Young.
Innocent. That was the look.

I looked myself in the mirror again. I briefly wondered
if I should practice my lisp, or the halting,
stuttering manner of Lucy's speech. No. It wouldn't be
necessary. That was beginning to come naturally.

Then, fighting against every logical impulse in my
being, I pulled open the bathroom door and began
towards the stairs. They would see me as I came down,
dressed in these silly clothes. Even Paula, in her
ridiculous uniform, didn't come close to this kind of
shameful display.

My stomach was turning, but my pussy reminded me why,
no matter how much I complained, I always went along
with this power game.

The first laughs came as they saw my stupid little
skirt, and out of style sneakers. It took every ounce
of strength to keep descending those stairs. I couldn't
look at them. My face was glowing red, I was sure.

" Why, you look lovely, Lucy. Why don't you come down
and show the ladies your outfit ?"

" Y-yes, ma'am, " I answered.

Every eye in the room followed me. I glanced up at
Paula to see her hiding a smile.

The humiliation was almost too much. I could feel a
little orgasm coming my way, without even touching
myself, and I fought to hold it back.

I stood beside Rebecca.

" Now, you said you wanted me to call my son, isn't
that right ?"

" Um... y-yes, pl... please... mommy. "

Oh god, that felt good. She would be my mommy-in-law
soon. And I would always be her little Lucy.

" While I dial the phone, be a good girl, and pull down
your panties for me, Lucy. "

My hands were shaking badly. I didn't want to be in
this position, in front of all of these women. But it
gave me such a rush of sexual energy to reach forward,
and squirm out of the little panties that used to
belong to Lucy.

Rebecca's hand raised up the front of my skirt, and
gently rubbed across my bald pussy. She was touching
me... right in front of all of these women. I could
feel my slickness on her fingers.

" Hello, Eric, " she finally spoke into the phone, her
hand exploring me as she talked. " It seems that our
little Crystal is upset by you sharing her with your
friends. "

A pause. My pussy was sending waves of pleasure through
me as she negotiated the way her son could use my body.

" Yes, dear. I tried to calm her down. I'll tell you
what... we'll set some ground rules to make her feel
better. Let's keep it down to one friend at a time...
yes, the others can watch, but if anyone wants to use
her pussy, they'll have to use protection. "

My body shuddered towards orgasm. I felt like such a
fool. I should have know she would side with him. All
the while she kept touching me. My body could take no

" ... yes, yes, in the ass is fine... that's good,
dear... I'll send her right home as soon as we're done
with her... I think Kristina wanted a turn..."

My eyes locked on my friend, and then I disappeared
into my pleasure.


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