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DRKSDE1 men plain clothes Immediately all

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|| The Immortal Sning presents
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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,
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Archive name: drksde1.txt (caution rape snuff anal vore)
Authors name: D-ring (ServerSurfer@hotmail.com)
Story title : Releasing of the Dark Side Eros Part 1

This work is copyrighted to the author 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Releasing of the Dark Side Eros Part 1
(caution rape snuff anal vore)
by D-ring (ServerSurfer@hotmail.com)

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you,
leave now.

This is what could happen if I let go of my carefully
nurtured real life persona. I'd like to say that I
conisder most of the acts written about here as A) sick,
B) illegal and immoral, C) anyone practicing what happens
here should be castrated, and D) It's a damn good read
to jack off to. Read on.....


I was never a sick person, I was always self-controlled,
all my friends thought I was boring. So for a practical
joke they got a hypnotist to hypnotise me. I thought it
was to help with losing weight, I'd put a few pounds on.

The hypnotist put me under, but the instructions he gave
me where set by my friends. The gist of it was that I
would losen up and go out and find what ways to mkae my
self happy. From the moment I was given those instructions
life became hell, at first I didn't realise what was going
on, but after a few months my restraint got less and less
and my, errr... I guess you could call it darkside took over.

I am writing now, everything that I went through, all the
terrible, terrible things I did before I was caught. I must
warn you, these that I have written down make me sick to
the stomach, but I need to tell what happened to find
forgivness and to understand............................
I awoke from the deep hypnotic trance slowly, the hypnotist
talked me out of my slumber. I looked around, the
hypnotist, sorry she preferred to be called hypnotherapist
was smiling.

I remember I liked her smile, but somewhere deep inside, I
heard wouldn't it be nice if sliced off that smile and kept
it. This seriously freaked me out, because all my life I
had thoughts like those, but this time thethought was
louder. I left with smile and a thankyou not feeling any
different, except I fancied a BigMac so I assumed hypnotism
was just a con.

How wrong could I have been. I got to McDonalds, it was one
of those rare times of days when no one was in, except for
a seventeen year old on the counter.

"Hi," I smiled "Could I have a BigMac meal please." I
asked, somewhere not so deep inside me wanted add, made
from your sweet virgin flesh. I quickly suppressed that
thought. The told me she was alone for five or ten minutes,
so she would have to cook the burger herself, she hoped I
wouldn't mind waiting.

I went and sat down, while she went into the kitchen.
Moments later I got up, went to the kitchen and slapped the
girl. She was shaking with anger, "Who the HELL do you are
mister?" she shouted angrily.

The vioce inside me took over, "Eros bitch, now on your
knees and suck my cock." She, for obvious reasons refused,
I had no control of my self, I just punched her then while
she was reeling from the puch put her on the hot grill and
proceeded to fuck her tight pussy, (though I found out she
wasn't a virgin). She screamed and struggled as the her
back was burnt. I lifted her Mcdonalds top and played with
her tits, while he fucked her. To her credit she hadn't
passed out, but had gotten past the point of screaming, so
I turned her over so that her tits got cooked, while I
worked on her puckered virgin anus. She was screaming and
struggling again, so I pushed her face onto the grill while
a chewed some of the flesh off her back.

Minutes later I was fucking a corpse, I shot my load and
pulled out. I used a cloth to wipe up my shit covered dick
and put it away. I grabbed a knife and cut her cooked tits
of and made my self a bigmac. I then walked out, leaving a
five pound note on the side. It was the BigMac I had ever
had. Now the voice deep inside was not the disturbing
voice, it was the voices of raason, control, and guilt, all
of which Eros my new alter ego ignored blissfully happy.

I went to work next morning, as me and not Eros, somehow I
had suppressed the entire incident. My day went as normal,
I filed forms, and made tea as normal, my friends quizzed
me on how the therapy went, "I don't think it worked, I
don't feel any different."

Then that afternoon, two police cars pulled up outside, two
police officers, two men in plain clothes. Immediately all
pretenses of having forgotten left, and for the second time
Eros was in control. He walked to the kitchenette our floor
of the building shared, grabbed the strongest looking bread
knife and went down stairs to meet the policemen.

My manager Pete joined me in the lift. "We've got visitors"
was all he said about the policemen. I got out of the lift,
walked to reception, and immediately slit the throat of the
nearest police man. It actually took two attempts.
Forutnately his colleagues were too stunned to respond. I
fell upon them with murderous rage, breaking bones, and
stabbing everywhere I could. I got hit once, but when all
was said and done, I stood surrounded by four very bloody
dead bodies.

"Oh! My god," screamed pete. He blubbered something about
them being there because of a burgalry last week, then
started screaming. The receptionist was also screaming, I
hated screaming, it spoiled my feeling of hapiness. So I
cut the vocal cords of my boss. He collapsed, at least I
think I cut them, he stopped screaming. I considered raping
the receptionist, but Jean was too old. Instead she got up
and ran, but I deftly throw the knife, and the handle it
the back of her head sending her sprawling. I had intended
on being fancy, but her unconscious was just as good dead,
because it meant I got a chance at breaking her neck.

I waited for her to come round, she started screaming
again, but after three attempts at twisting her neck, she
stopped. I, Eros had learnt in one day, how much it takes
to slit a throat, and break a neck, as well as the previous
day where I'd learnt that BigMac's could be a lot better.


When I write I can feel him surface, but it still helps to
write, the doctors tell me they might release me soon. I
think it's too early, he's to strong but they need the room
on the pysciatric ward. I'll write more tomorrow, maybe you
can read it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of the
hands of children. They should be outside playing in the
sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sorry to Kristens collections, I'm a first time writer
and needed a tamplate to help lay things out.

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