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DRKSDE2 video cameras but how much was

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|| The Immortal Sning presents
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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,
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Archive name: drksde2.txt (caution rape snuff anal)
Authors name: D-ring (ServerSurfer@hotmail.com)
Story title : Releasing of the Dark Side Eros Part 2

This work is copyrighted to the author 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Releasing of the Dark Side Eros Part 2
(caution rape snuff anal)
by D-ring (ServerSurfer@hotmail.com)

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you,
leave now.

This is what could happen if I let go of my carefully
nurtured real life persona. I'd like to say that I
conisder most of the acts written about here as A) sick,
B) illegal and immoral, C) anyone practicing what happens
here should be castrated, and D) It's a damn good read
to jack off to. Read on.....


After my two day spree of killing, that had followed Eros's
liberation by hypnotherapy, I decided to head south, before
they finally work out it was me. Both McDonalds and my
office had video cameras, but how much was caught I don't
know. I was pretty sure there was enough to catch me,
because cameras had caught me entering and leaving
McDonalds at least. At work I would have been caught
walking through the car park.

Eros was subdued as I bought my ticket, in cash, and
boarded the train. My first stop was going to be a short
journey to the Bradford. I had an ex there
and somehow it seemed right if my soul and body where to
be damned for a mass murder, she be included in the list.

So the train set off, and so did the alterego's mind. He
was enjoying planning the slaughter, though he decided
killing them all would stop being fun. He had a list of
countries to visit, some you would expect some you wouldn't
ever imagine. But that's for later on.

After a short twenty minute journey to the Bradford Inter-
change. I got off and went down the escalators into the
city. My plan was to do this while she was at work. I had
always enjoyed a challenge and I suspect this is why Eros
didn't do things easy. I knew how much security they had at
Abbey National House, but it was all part of the fun.

I went around the back, and ducked through the goods gate.
I followed the railings around to the area where everyone
went for cigarettes. There were three or four people there,
I knew cameras were watching, but he gambled that they
wouldn't pay attention. I went up to one bloke standing on
his own, and started a conversation. During the
conversation I picked his Security ID badge from his jacket
pocket, and under the pretense of having to get back to
work I went inside the side entrance, flashing my badge to
the half interested security gaurd.

I went upto the third floor, which was like a call center,
my girlfriend worked here, her name Samantha, and I took
a seat where I could watch her discreetly. I got a few
hi's welcoming me to Capita, and how's it going, but
no realised I wasn't meant to be there. After about an
hour and a half she got up, and went into the toilets.
I had been watching the toilets and knew no one else was in
so I followed, feeling like a hunter, stalking my prey.

Inside the toilet I listened to her pissing. She flushed
the toilet and came out. She was shocked to see me, to say
the least. She slapped me across the face, called me a
pervert for following her into the toilet. I slapped her
back. I deftly pulled a knfe, a small army knife he had
bought from a teenager, and cut her across the cheek, only
slightly, but enough to draw blood and a cry of anguish
from my frightened ex.

I hit her, then wrapped carpet tape around her face, I put
the tape around her wrists too, I lifted her and hooked her
arms on a coat peg, her feet struggled for purchase as she
regained consciousness. I grabbed her left leg and pulled
it to the side, and taped in place, her leg was bent at the
knee force her pelvis out. I did the same to the right leg.

I played with the knife about her body, she whimpered
everytime the blade touched exposed skin. He spoke to her,
whispering in her ear, "I'll give you a choice, you can die
or your daughter can die. I'm only going to kill one of you
what is she twelve, thirteen. Just ripe for the picking."

Samantha struggled against her bonds, panic flashed across
her face. "I'll make it simple, scream out once for your
own death, twice for hers." Samantha tried to scream, but
couldn't get more that whimper out. She did this several

"Sam, that's cheating, if you scream more than twice I'll
kill you both. Now what's it going to be?" She whimpered
once. "I was hoping you'd say that." Eros walked over and
blocked the door so no one could get in. I used the knife
to cut off her clothes, I did it roughly so that she was
scratched and cut by the blade.

Eros started eating out Sam, she struggled but was moaning
just the same. He brought to climax, obviously she felt
that if she played along, he'd let her go. Instead Eros
took the knife and pushed into her anus. I was surprised
the tape didn't break the way she struggled. Eros left the
knife in, then he grabbed the tops of cubicle and started
doing pull ups, then he pulled down his zip,

He did pull ups again, using the motion to rape the woman.
Someone banged on the door, but went away. He climaxed at
the same time she did. "See you enjoyed that," I said, she
just blubbered and whimpered. The floor was now covered
in blood, so he pulled the knife out. "Right there's some=
thing I always wanted to do, and I guess now is a good time
to do it. Just relax it will all be over soon." He grabbed
the knife and slice across her stomach several times.

She struggled, but to no afffect. Eros shoved his hands
inside and played with her organs, parts fell out, but he
just carried on. Eros looked into the dying womans eyes,
"You know if you hadn't of dumped me, this would all be
different. This is it for you, but your daughter's time is
just beginning." Her eyes widened, she stuggled, weakly now
though. She was close to death and didn't have any real
fight left in her. Eros looked her in the eyes, "Don't
worry I won't kill her, I'll just torture, and rape, then
sell her to be someone's slave." Eros stuck his head into
the wound in my ex's stomach, and proceeded to play about
with his tongue. This was all the tortured woman could
take, she died with my head inside of her.

Eros came out, and started cleaning hiself up. He put on
his jacket he had taken off at the start, and proceeded to
unblock the door. He made his way to the lift, but decided
to take the stairs. He left the building through the main
entrance, went to the Interchange and caught a bus to one
of the schools just outside of Bradford City Centre.

He got off, and walked to the gates. It was nearly quarter
past three, and the children would come out soon. he just
hoped he could recoginise Michelle.

He didn't need to, "Is that you Frank, are you alright?"
asked Michelle obviousley worried about me.

"Fine," he answered, "But I'm here because of your mum."

"She working late again." she said, "How come she sent

"Well there was an incident at work. Come on, we'll go back
to my hotel and I'll explain." She followed me to the bus,
and we headed for a cheap bed and breakfast.

He scares me now, he's always there, in my dreams and my
nightmares. But the drugs keep him under control. The
doctor came around today, my trial collapsed because the
police officers beat me up when the arrested me. It's only
a matter of time before I'm released. But until then, I'll
carry on writing this for my own benefit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of the
hands of children. They should be outside playing in the
sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sorry to Kristens collections, I'm a first time writer
and needed a tamplate to help lay things out.

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