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DRKSDE4 videos from the security system though

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|| The Immortal Sning presents
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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,
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Archive name: drksde4.txt (M F+f+g nc rape snuff vore)
Authors name: D-ring (ServerSurfer@hotmail.com)
Story title : Releasing of the Dark Side Eros Part 4

This work is copyrighted to the author 2001. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial
"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Releasing of the Dark Side Eros Part 4
(MFF, mc, sitcom-parody)
by D-ring (ServerSurfer@hotmail.com)

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you,
leave now.

This is what could happen if I let go of my carefully
nurtured real life persona. I'd like to say that I
conisder most of the acts written about here as A) sick,
B) illegal and immoral, C) anyone practicing what happens
here should be castrated, and D) It's a damn good read
to jack off to. Read on.....

Afer several hours I got to Liverpool, I know I said we'd
bought a ticket for Manchester, but it seemed to me if the
police did know who I was, the surveillance society we live
would have spotted me barding a train to Manchester, since
they knew, or should know I had been to Bradford, it would
be easy to track me. By going to Merseyside, his thrill
trip would last longer.

Anyway we got to Liverpool, I was very conscious of all the
cameras they have on the motorways heading in, so we tried
to drive slowly, avoid speed traps and that sort of thing.
All the way Michelle barely spoke, it was a relief really,
the true me was ashamed but Eros kept reliving the taking
of this girl's innocence.

I parked the car at car park near the dock. Then I went to
a bank machine, I knew it was stupid at the time, but I had
no choice, I needed to buy a car the police would not know
about, I needed knew clothes, equipment, and I needed to
find the right sort of people to sell Michelle to. Plus
Eros was in desperate need of having fun. I withdrew my
daily limit on all my cards, it came to be four thousand.

First I bought me and Michelle some food and drink. I
decided to buy some drugs to help loosen Michelle up. He
wanted her enjoy her body one more time before we sold her.
I took her to a hotel, fed her, cleaned her then had sex
with her. She was really resistant this time.

I started softly like last time, but she was struggling
to not react. She couldn't help when I went straight for
the cunt. I had her coming in no time. I then took
advantage of her orgasm and plunged into the hilt, she
screamed in pain as she was stretched too her limit. Fucked
for a long time, before cumming.

That evening, while she was high, I dragged her with me to
some bars and night clubs. Eventually I found about this
illegal brothel that dealt with young asian teens, but may
be willing take on a twelve year old orphan. I went their
the man in charge was quite a jovial bloke. He offered my
seventeen grand for my former lovers daughter, and he
gave me one of his elder asian teens who was no good to him
in return. Apparently she was fifteen, but had started to
refuse clients, and he'd be happy to get rid of her because
he was having to pay customers not to go to the police.

I took Ming Lee back to a hotel I was staying at. She was
quite mature looking for fifteen, she was very well endowed
breast wisem but other than that she was skinny, and her
face was gaunt. She was as the Jovial whore house owner
very defiant towards Eros's advances. Eventually he
snapped and started beating her. I filled the bath with
hot water and shoved her face in it, holding her under to
stop the screams while he plunged into her anus. She was
very well worn, but considering her profession it was quite
understandable. Her arse was just so perfect he had to bite
those light brown cheeks. He pulled her out of the water,
her face was red, partly from the water, partly from the
lack of air.

He beat her a few more times, then dragged her to the bed.
He lay back naked, and without asking she got to work
pleasuring us. She gave the best head I had every had,
don't get me wrong, Michelle's head was amazing, but it was
because she was so inexperienced, and so tight and lux-
orius. Ming Lee had been doing this since she was eight,
and she had me on the verge of cumming for nearly half an
hour, but she knew how to hold me their, frustrating my
need to blow a load, then she'd back off allowing me to
relax and then she'd be going again. I couldn't believe the
guy had given her to me. I decided to for go plans of
electrocuting her, which had always been something that
fascinated me, and Eros naturally was even more interested.
We kept her, for nearly a week, she dutiful to the endm but
that's later on.

I left Ming Lee to sleep one night, and decided to go on
the prowl. I wanted to get a prostitute cut off her tits.
I wasn't going to kill her, but in Eros's excitment he
forget to treat the bloody stumps on her chest, so she died
while he fucked her. She was good looking as well, about
late twenties I would say, medium sized chest, nice legs.
I went to a closed cafe broke in, and made another tit
BigMac. It's as I was eating it, Eros seemed to disappear
from my mind, and for the first time in days I was alone
without him. He no longer had any control over me, awash
with guilt and self loathing I broke down and cried.

When I broke in, I must have triggered an alarm, becuase
the police came and arrested me. They assumed I was drunk,
or high, probably both, and took me to the cells. I spent
the night there. They had no idea who I was, or what I had
done. At this point I felt Eros return, I felt me mind
corrupting, much in the way I do as I write. Unfortunatly
the police let me go the next morning, immediately I went
to a Burger King. It was early, and the only person in was
the manageress. She was doing book keeping, when I walked
in the back entrance. She was shocked at first, but I
kissed her passionately, and she sort of melted in my arms.

I cleared the staff table she was working at and we had sex
for about half an hour, when someone from the opening shift
arrived early. I did her on the table, while the manageress
kissed the twenty year old. Then I grabbed my knife and
slit the Burger King Mangagers throat, she grabbed it as
the blood surged out. The woman I was fucking struggled
but I held her tight as worked myself and her to climax.
She soon forgot her manager as I worked her cunt with my
tongue. Eros moved up her body, then he was once again in
her, fucking her. She moaned and screamed, and suddenly he
snapped. He cut out her tongue, then cut off her left ear
and sliced across her right eye.

"I hate screaming bitch," he shouted at her, but she was
unconscious. I left before the rest of the morning staff
arrived and found what I had done. This time I took the
videos from the security system though. That evening I left
with Ming Lee, in a second hand Volvo that I had purchased
for five hundred quid, we headed up north, my intention was
to get to Scotland, stay there for a week or two, keeping
a low profile, maybe a prosititute or tow to experiment

It was at a truck stop that my most interesting adventure
happened, there was only one other car there, it was about
ten in the morning. It belonged to a black woman, about
five ten, 34C, but very athletic. She had broken down and
was waiting for her agent to turn up, she was a supermodel,
would be as soon as someone saw her talents. I got chatting
with her, the abruptly Ming Lee hit her over the back of
the head. I put her on the bonnet of the car and stripped
her of all her clothes. She came round, and tried to
struggle, but I held her strong. I found my self saying...

"We can do this the hard and rough way," I smacked her
breasts, "Or we can break you in the easy and pleasurable
way," I signalled Ming to start eating her out. My asian slave did so, willingly to the point where I thought she
was going to cause this black woman to explode. I stopped

"Oh god don't stop!" the woman cried. "Only if you start
sucking my dick!!" I told her, but she shook her head.
"Okay Ming, hurt her." Ming but down on the womans tit, she
screamed in pain as my sex slave all but drew blood. Again
I stopped her. "Suck my dick, and you won't get hurt, in
fact I let her go back to worshipping your cunt." Again she
shook her head when I held my cock over her mouth, touching
her lips. I signalled Ming Lee to start biting down on the
other tit. Almost immediately she took my cock into her
mouth. I pushed Ming Lee down to the womans nether regions
were she once again started her ministrations.

I pumped in and out of the womans mouth, when I was ready
I forced it all the way in, this woman's large lips, and
educated tongue weren't quite as good as my slave's, but it
was enough to my cum over and over again, some in her mouth
some all over her body. Ming left the models cunt and
started licking up all my cum off the black woman. She then
kissed the woman passionatley. "Ming do as you please with
this woman, but kill her when you're done. Better be back
at car in fifteen minutes, I don't want to get caught by
her agent."

I left her to enjoy her self with the black model. I went
back to the car and jacked off for a bit. Fifteen minutes
later my slave returned her hands and face covered in blood
Ming never talked, but her expression told loads. She
kissed me and then finished off my masturbation with some
head. I gave her some stuff to clean up. On the way out of
the truck stop, I noticed the carcass of the model hanging
from a tree, she was cut open all over, and the birds were
now picking at her corpse. I t was strange the model still
had a smile on her face, I guess she died happy.

Last night, I was a hair's breath from killing my doctor,
Eros surfaced and he was just ready to crush the mans
throat. I could feel him planning his enjoyment, and escape
Through our adventures, we'd only done womana, and girls,
I think some perverse side wanted to force a man to be
humiliated too. I guess like many men I had some homsexual
tendancies buried deep he had pciked up on. It won't be
long before I'm out. Apparently there are protestors
outside, they don't like what I've done, can't blame them.
When I feel completely rational, no Eros, I just break down
and cry. All those lives, not just the ones that were ended
but the ones that will continue, with the memories and
physical and emotional scars I left them. Or should I say
he left them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of the
hands of children. They should be outside playing in the
sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sorry to Kristens collections, I'm a first time writer
and needed a tamplate to help lay things out.

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