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DRLEFTY young man and his personality was


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====================\par \tab\tab WARNING!!\par \par Before proceeding any
further, please read the following: \par \par If you can't agree and abide
by the conditions here:\par OR are offended by
explicit sexual content, if you are under the age of \par 18 (21 where
required by law), or if frank discussions of sex and/or sexual\par material
embarrasses or offends you, then please go away! The material below \par
is for mature audiences only.\par \par This story is copyright protected
and is the property of the author, Aaliri. It may be archived on free
sites unmodified as long as the header material remains intact, including
the author's name and email address. It may not appear on any sites that
charge a fee, including those that use so called "adult checks". \par
Please contact the author, Aaliri (, if you\par have
comments, questions, or story ideas. <br>\par
====================\par \par NOTE -- this is an unfinished story.\par \par
Dr. Lefty - The Beginning \par \par (MF+ cons fist voy size)\par \par \par
\tab I'll never forget the day I met Dr. Lefty. He was such a sweet young man. \par Standing tall and golden, with shimmering green eyes and a rich
laugh, he quickly won me over. \par In my eyes, he was an extremely
handsome young man, and his personality was golden. Lefty had \par other
ideas on that matter, though. He was very insecure and did not think of
himself as good \par looking. At any rate, we became friends very quickly
and shared many intimate secrets, most of \par these were not sexual
secrets, though. \par \par \tab Dr. Left had been born with one arm not
fully developed. This resulted in an arm that \par ended just at his
elbow, with a small nub on the end where his lower arm should have been.
It \par didn't stop him from doing anything, and he never felt sorry for
himself. This young man was \par an achiever and a go-getter! Not to
mention that his other arm was absolutely massive from \par being used so
much. Just feeling that bulging bicep and well muscled forearm did
something to \par many of the girls. \par \par \tab There was also another
added delight to Dr. Lefty's anatomy. The stub--I know, \par I know! You
think I'm some wierdo! Let me set you straight on that matter right now.
Dr. Lefty \par let slip during one intimate conversation how useful his
stub was during those marathon romps \par when most penises have long since
gone soft. Holding his stub aloft, a wicked glimmer in those \par gorgeous
eyes, he wiggled the small nub on the end of his stub. \par \par \tab "I
use the stub when I can't go on," he said with a grin. \par \par \tab "Oh
God! Seriously?" I exclaimed. He merely nodded.\par \par \tab A sharp
little rush of excitement ran through me at that. We discussed it a bit
more \par and Lefty revealed he liked to have his sexual escapades video taped. Without any hesitation \par I volunteered. I might never know what
the stub could do to me due to our friendship, but at \par least I could
witness it first hand!\par \par \par \par To be continued...\par \par

\par \par \par }


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