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This story is copyrighted by me, Shon Richards.
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"L is for Lemonade"
By Shon Richards

John walked into the bedroom, called by his wife
Sara. The room was light by candlelight and his wife
was lying on the bed wearing her black peignoir. She
had a stack of printouts in her hand.

"What's the occasion?" he asked as he unzipped
his pants.

Sara smiled. "There's this story-

"-I want you to read," Alex told his wife
Marilyn. His arms wrapped around her from behind.
She melted into his embrace, and took the papers from
his hands.
"This Lemonade is too sour," Nicholas began to
read. He stopped when his wife kissed his stomach.

"Keep reading," Wanda asked. She pulled down his
underwear and his manhood was waiting for her.

Nicholas continued. "He said, 'what it needs is
to something sweet-"
"-to counter it," Belinda read out loud. Her
boyfriend was pulsing inside her. It was so hard to
read with him making love to her, but she wouldn't
have stopped for the world.

"Keep reading," Eric hissed in her ear. "I want
to know-"
"What happens next," Rebecca said.

"You shall," Victor assured her. "I just wanted
to make sure your bonds were tight." She was secure.
He took his place between her thighs and placed the
story on her pale belly. Victor's fingers went to her
sex and stroked softly while he read.
"'What do you recommend?' she asked, knowing full
well what he was thinking. It was an old joke of
theirs, but a good one."

Carol paused, thinking she heard something on the
other end of the phone.

"Go on," Thomas, her husband hissed. Even though
he was three states away in some dark hotel room,
Carol could feel his desire.
"'Something very sweet," he said. She smiled,
expecting him to place a little on her arm and then
kiss it. He smiled because he intended to surprise

Yolanda looked at her husband. His ebony skin
glistened with sweat as he packed the dirt into the
pot. She noticed the bulge in his pants was very
prominent. She certainly had Carl's attention now.
Soon, they might have to continue the story inside,
away from the neighbor's eyes.
"He took the pitcher of lemonade and lifted it
above her head. Tipping it, he smiled as she
screamed. Only she could laugh with outrage. Only
she knew him well enough to know he did it out of

Ursula and Xavier laughed. Xavier laughed so
hard; he lost his balance from leaning over Ursula's
shoulder to read the monitor.

"I would not think it was so funny," Ursula
warned. Her smile betrayed her.

"I'll keep that in mind," Xavier laughed. "Read
the next part before decide to take you right here."
"Right here?" Ian asked.

"Yes," Louise said. Her hand was under the
library table and her fingers were around his cock.
"You keep reading, and I'll keep going as well. No
one is watching."

Ian pulsed in her hand. "That's debatable.
Besides, who's going to clean up?"
"'I'll clean it up, I promise,' he said to her."
Ophelia shivered as Jacob did something with his mouth
on her buttocks. "He took hold of the hem of her
dress and began to lift. The dress was clinging to
her skin, soaked as it was with bad lemonade. She
thought fleetingly about the waste of lemons but she
reconciled herself with the idea that it WAS too sour.
This would be much more fun."
"Fun is good," Amy said.

"Hush," Howard said gently. Their bodies never
ceased their motion. Entwined the melded and moved as
one. Howard read from the wall where they taped the
stories. Amy clenched her thighs as he found his
place again.
"The dress pealed from her body as he lifted the
hem. She shuddered, enjoying the slow striping that
touched every part of her skin. No bra and no panties
meant she was being revealed completely by one simple
action. To him, she looked like a Goddess being

Geena moaned, and Scott stopped reading
temporarily. He thought this writer was good, but the
sound of his wife in pleasure was better. Geena was
sitting across from him, her fingers busy as she
masturbated on the couch.


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