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DUNE movie over ten twenty


"Dune What Comes Naturally" {Jeanette} (mf MF voy cheat)

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# # # #

By Jeanette Brennan

"It's a double feature, Mom," I said. "And we have to walk

"All right, Marlene. But when we're here at the lake, you have
all day to talk to George; I don't think it's healthy to spend
half the night with him. The movie is over at ten twenty. Be in
the house by eleven."

"Oh Mom!" I think spending time with George is perfectly

"If your father were up here this week, he'd ground you for using
that tone of voice with me."
The second feature looked boring. So George and I left after
five minutes and walked back by way of the beach. He started to
unbutton my blouse.

"Not here!" I said.

"Nobody can see."

"You hope." We both looked around. He took my hand and led me
toward a hollow in the dunes. Sitting there was much more
private than standing on the open beach. Soon, George moved his
kisses from my lips to my breasts. I soared away on the
wonderful feelings, but not so far away that I missed George's
fumbling at the belt of my shorts. When I started to bawl him
out, he hushed me. Someone was talking on the beach.

Listening, we could tell that they were doing more than talking.

"Nobody can see," said a man's voice. I looked at George, but he
was still listening. The sounds got more interesting, and George
finally slithered up to look over the top of the dune.

When I joined him, the couple were lying down with the man's back
to us. We could see only a little of the action in the light of
the quarter moon, but the woman's sighs and moans showed that she
was appreciating it. Suddenly the man rolled over toward us and
lifted his hips to push his trunks down. I got a glimpse of his
long, stiff, organ while he struggled with his trunks, and
another while he knelt between the woman's legs. Then she
grasped it and guided it into her.

I was shocked, as well as aroused, by that eagerness. I looked
away, and the man was rhythmically rocking on top of her when I
looked back.

Her hands rubbed up and down his back, and she pushed herself up
to meet every one of his thrusts. Suddenly, she clutched his
butt and all but screamed. He shouted something himself, and
their motions got jumpy. After they stopped moving, George
pulled at my hand and we slid down into the hollow. He didn't
try to stop me when I got dressed.

"Please stay," we heard the man say.

"I can't," was the reply in a voice I suddenly recognized. "I
told Marlene to be back by eleven."
The end.
Dune What Comes Naturally
By Jeanette Brennan
Copyright held by Uther Pendragon

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