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Daddies little Girl


I was about 11 years old when my mother and father split up, my mom spent all our money at the casino and she was into drugs,
which made her look bad when they were fighting for custody. So of course my father got custody, I didn't mind I loved my
daddy more than anything. I don't know how it started but when it rained and was scary I would go lay next to him in his bed,
a couple of times I walked in when his cock was throbbing and sitting tightly between his hands. He would make me wait a
couple of minutes before coming in. He told me it was things daddies did when they were all by themselves.

One night we were lying there together and I went into the bathroom to go pee, I found a hustler magazine under the towels
and I started to look at all the nasty pictures. I liked the one of the blonde girl getting her pussy stretched by a huge
cock, it looked like my daddies but my daddies was bigger. The blondes pussy was wet and dripping, and her fingers were
rubbing her clit. As I was looking at the smut I realized I was becoming wet like she was. I was in the bathroom for quite a
while, I must've got really horny because I went back into the bedroom and asked my daddy what they were doing. he quickly
took it away from me and told me he'd tell me tomorrow. Later that night we were both lying next to each other, I was
thinking about those pictures and grew wet once again. My virgin little pussy was leaking out luscious juices, I wanted to
touch my pussy but I was afraid to wake my daddy, even though I wished he would wake up and touch my little pussy. I didn't
know he was up, I could hear him breathing over me, but I kept my eyes closed like I was sleeping, I could feel his hard cock
against the side of my thigh, I heard him say softly. "Look at Daddies little girl, her pussy is all wet, waiting for daddies
big dick.." I could feel him rubbing his cock, and I felt him stop and he hesitated before saying to himself " I don't think
she would wake up if I just pull her panties down." and he did to show my bare virgin cunt, dripping with juices, I was so
horny I could feel the cold air swish against my pussy. I could feel him staring at it, and it made me hotter. I felt his
hand rubbing against his penis again, and he must've been real horny because I felt his finger trailing against my slit,
within moments he opened my pussy lips and ran his index finger over my clit, my body tingled but I don't think he
recognized. I continued to act like I was sleeping, and he rubbed a little harder and rubbed his penis faster. "Oh yea your
pussy feels so good baby.." then I was shocked, I felt his tongue slide inside my slit, and caressing my clit, and sliding
down into my cunthole, he tried to stick his tongue into my pussy, he tongue fucked me the best he could. At this time I was
so horny I opened my eyes and shoved my pussy harder against his face so his tongue could have more entrance "Oh daddy it
feels so good, stick a finger in.." He stopped for a minute "Are you sure baby" I was so wet and horny I didn't care I wanted
his cock in me but I never been fucked. He cautiously slid a finger into my tight cunthole, it took a while and then he began
to finger fuck me. My hips moved vigorously and I moaned with pleasure, screaming out to my daddy to stick another finger in
me. I could feel my juices trickle down my inner thighs and my daddy licked it up.."Ohhh babygirl I wanna stick my dick in
your tight cunthole..are you daddies little whore?" I nodded my head.."Stick your dick in me daddy, im your little whore.." I
could feel my daddy lift himself on top of me, and I could feel his huge head at the entrance of my tight cunthole. He slowly
rubbed his penis up and down my slit, and with two fingers he spread my lips so he could gain better entrance into my pussy
hole. I moaned as I felt him slowly stick his head into my pussy.." Ohh daddy fucked me.." I wanted it all in me, but I knew
it was going to hurt.."Babygirl it's going to hurt a little bit but it will feel better..just let daddy make you feel good
ok" I said ok and he shoved his cock into my pussy, I screamed and he began to pump me, his balls slapped against my asscrack
and his pubic hairs tickled my little clit, I could feel a orgasm coming on, and the harder his penis slammed into my vagina
the closer I came to an orgasm. Finally after a couple of more pumps I felt a wave of pleasure fill my body and I orgasemed,
my body quivered underneath my daddies body. I know he could feel my walls tightening around his dick, he continued to fuck
me hard. And soon I felt him tense up and I felt something hot squirt into my body, he continued to hump as this happened but
not as fast as he was, he moaned my name and squeezed my thighs, then he stopped. He pulled his cock out of my throbbing
vagina and rolled over, pulling me on top of him. We lay like that all night, he told me he loved me being his little whore
and that I made him feel good, I was happy to make my daddy feel good, he makes me feel good too.

Written By Bethani Hernadez.


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